An Overdue Apology

IC Time: April 5.
Location: Round Meadow- Forest
Synopsis: Carlisle looks for Stasia in the forest, to discuss recent events.
Submitted by: Stasia

They say that the month of March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb and this seems to be the case for Forks as
well. The afternoon has been mild, even with a bit of sunshine closer to noon. But as the evening approaches, the
clouds have begun rolling in, hinting at a promise of more rain after dark.

Moving like a wood nymph among the trees, Stasia easily navigates the dense vegetation of the deep forest. So adept
is she in this environment that her passage scaresly disturbs the grass, let alone leaving an obvious sign of her
passage, like a footprint. High above, a golden eagle makes a lazy circle of the forest, its eyes noting any change
in the area from above. A bit of Stasia's consciousness is present in the raptor and she negotiates this information
along with what her own senses tell her. She is hyperalert, patrolling for any sign of the vampire who swore to kill

Moving swiftly through the forest, Carlisle takes to the trees hoping to gain a better view point. He wasn't out to
just enjoy the forest, nor was it a hunting trip, at least not one of his usual hunting trips. Leaping down to the
forest floor he begins to look around with the hopes to find the one he seeks.

"I didn't expect to find you out here, Dr. Cullen."
The voice comes from above. Perched like a leopard in the trees, Stasia peers down at the Cullen patriarch. With the
extra eyes, she spotted the other vampire from quite some distance away and moved to intercept. The young-looking
girl is certainly in her element. Even by the high standards of her kind, when it comes to stalking in the forest,
there are few better than she.

Carlisle can hear the voice; by the scent he could tell it was one of his own. Not feeling threatened he lifts his
head up towards the trees, his golden eyes scanning among them looking for the owner of the voice. "I've come out
looking for you, Stasia. It's been a while since we have last spoken."

"Indeed it has," Stasia agrees. She shows no interest in coming down from the trees at this point. There is also a
level of wariness in her eyes that wasn't there, the last time the two spoke. "I'd have thought that Alice would
come. But I suppose your seer already knows that I'm not dead yet. Why are you here, Dr. Cullen?" Yes, there's a
definite edge to her voice, a hint of betrayal.

It seems he has had to do a lot of damage control as of late. Carlisle has been far too busy with work and it is
showing through more than just family. "First off I'd like to apologize for not coming sooner. I heard about
everything that has happened. You extended your help and got rid of the vampire known as Joyce, helping us to
protect one of the humans we are protecting." He flashes one of his usual brightening smiles towards her, "On behalf
of the family and myself, I'd like to thank you for what you have done."

Stasia inclines her head, peering down at the fair-haired doctor. She nods in acknowledgement of the gratitude, but
doesn't return the smile. She's waiting for more, it seems.

Carlisle watches her knowing it was going to take more than this, "I know we haven't been very helpful lately. I
really can't give excuses for everyone else, but as for myself work has kept me away and extremely busy." Tucking
his hands into the pockets of his wind breaker, "We all owe you for your help. I hope you can forgive us for the
lack of response."

"What are you planning to do about the one we allowed to leave?" Stasia asks pointedly. "I earned an enemy, acting
on your behalf. By the appearances of it, a far more dangerous threat than Joyce was. What are you going to do about

"We will help track and destroy him." Carlisle assures her knowing this would be a good test for Rosalie, since she
wants to be a protector in the family. "Since we protect the one Joyce was after, he has also become our threat as
well. I offer you our protection."

Stasia nods once. "He's not in this part of the forest. At least to the extent of my range." She doesn't look -
quite- willing to trust him yet. Trust is something that doesn't come easily to young Stasis, especially when it
involves other vampires.

Carlisle nods his head, "What does he look like?" Trust is something that has to be earned, over the decades he has
had to learn this in many ways. Being the accepting one of many without weighing the pros and cons this might

"Older appearing. Grey hair, red eyes. I am not sure how old he would be, in human years, but older adult." Stasia
speaks slowly. "His name is Mitch. I believe he was military, in life. He carries himself as such."

"Ok," Carlisle responds committing the description to memory. It could be possible he will just go away; he will
know to be aware if he shows up. "The Volturi are in Forks," he passes along this tidbit of information, "Until they
hear all the details. This won't abide well by them."

"I knew they were here." Stasia inclines her head. "What do you mean?"

"You have spoken to them?" Carlisle questions before going further with an explanation.

Stasia shakes her head. "No. I've heard others mention that they are here. I have no cause nor reason to speak to
them." She says firmly. Briefly, her lips pull back in a snarl, but she recovers almost immediately. The Volturi
make her nervous.

Carlisle sighs lifting a hand to run it through his hair. "You killed another vampire; they won't look to nicely
upon that action. I plan to speak to them though and explain the situation," he tries his best to assure her of this
at least.

Stasia's eyes widen and this time, she does snarl. "When. Exactly. Were you planning on telling me this, Doctor
Cullen?! I suppose this explains exactly why none of your family could be bothered to help me! Quite convenient,
don't you think? I kill your enemy for you and face the Volturi afterwards." Her body posture moves to a threatening
one and her gold eyes glitter dangerously.

Carlisle stands just watching her, "I only learned of things just recently myself. Stasia, I can't change what we
haven't done within the past. I am here now and offering our help." The threatening stance is noted, his golden eyes
just watching to see if she would be foolish to make such a move. "You will not face them alone."

"Spare me your apologies. Your Alice knew exactly what she was doing! I'm angry that I was foolish enough to fall
for it!" The angry young vampire hisses. "And if it comes down to protecting your family or protecting an outsider,
I know exactly who will end up with the short end! I was a fool to ever put my trust into any of you!"

Carlisle obviously can tell this is hopeless, "If that is the way you feel, then good luck to you." It seems the
rest of the family could have helped to prevent this from happening. Knowing he will have to speak to the family
more about this it seems they now have someone else to watch out for, "Arrivederci!" he turns to leave.

The vampire snarls something in response that is probably not meant to be a compliment. She disappears into the
trees, furious…betrayed.. and beyond that, terrified. There cannot be much time.

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