IC Time: April 7th
Location: Cullen Residence
Synopsis: The Cullen women get to talking… hilarity ensues
Submitted by: Esme

Rosalie sighs, sitting up to rise. "You aren't listening to me, Carlisle. He needs to turn her, soon. Before they can get back. Or I might lose Emmett. Or you Esme. What then? How do you think this family will fit together if because of Edward's stubborness, one of us loses our mate? How do you picture that being?"

Carlisle turns around on the couch then stands up, "I am listening to you, Rosalie." Facing her fully he watches her eyes, though taking a moment he fixes his shirt that half tucked into his jeans after shifting on the couch. "I am planning to talk to Edward soon as I see him."

"Please don't think I'm being selfish here. I'm really trying not to be. I don't want her turned any more than Edward does, but we don't have a choice. Sooner or later, we all keep saying it. Given what is going on, it needs to be sooner." Rosalie rises, arms folding across her chest as she paces. "You should have just made me the family assassin when we started. We should have someone who can just be brutal and have no conscience. And that is me."

Esme quietly makes her way down the stairs, and looks between her husband and her daughter. "Rosalie's right," she offers, walking to Carlisle's side. "About turning Bella, it will need to be soon," Esme speaks, gently. "And, it's necessary to admit that she could have been a very good protector," she refuses to use the word assassin to describe her daughter.

Alice enters behind her mother, her arms jingling with an assortment of bracelets and bangles, her earrings joining the noise-making: they were small silver bells. "I'll change her, if Edward chickens out. It's surely not as romantic, but it's necessary. And I don't think Bella minds who does it, just that she becomes one of us. But.. what about the treaty?"

"La protezione suona molto pi meglio!" Carlisle agrees with his wife, not realizing that he rattled it off in Italian. Once Alice joins them he nods his head, "Edward needs to turn her himself. The only other option he has is to watch the love of his life grow old and eventually pass away." For a brief moment he looks away the words catching within his throat, "If he takes her away. Then they can't say we broke the treaty since it isn't won't be in Forks."

"I don't think it matters where she is bitten. If she is bitten at all they consider it a breaking of the treaty." Rose continues her pacing, slowly, slower than human pace. At least she stopped flipping the channels with the remote. "No matter what you call it, protector, assassin…concept is the same. The problem is we don't have one in our clan. The Volturi do. We…we could have made me one. I'm …" Her voice trails off before she continues. "I feel no regret for what I did. I tortured those men, for hours. And I feel no regret for it."

Esme nods slightly. "It would be far more suitable if Edward would turn her, but he's so stubborn," she gives, offering a sigh at the mention of the Treaty, though she makes no comment. "You did what you felt was necessary, Rose. And I really do dislike the thought of you going out there and willingly doing that, even if we could use someone with that skill set," she gives, keeping her gentle gaze upon Rosalie.

Alice says, reasonably, "If we're going to change Bella, we need to talk to Sam. Maybe we can briefly re-negotiate the treaty, make an exception for Bella." She tilts her head, peering curiously at Rosalie. "Do you really want to be our sword?" She asks, apparently finding a new word for it.

Carlisle with many different thoughts racing through his mind, props himself against the arm of the couch knowing that it is a fact that Bella needs to be changed, even if he ends up doing it himself. "Protecting is different than assassinating. I would agree that you and even Jasper would be good for the job."

"I don't know that I want to be! But I know we clearly need one, and don't have one! Look at the situations in the last few years. James, Victoria, now this. We don't have a tracker. We don't have anyone brutal. Its only going to get worse as we get bigger as a clan, and other clans feel threatened." Rose shakes her head. "I don't know. I don't know if you can even 'train' someone to be a tracker or if it just happens. But we are pretty exposed here."

Esme settles herself upon the couch, tucking her feet up under her as she does. "I suppose we could talk to the Quileute's," is given, with a nod. "They have to understand that this could get to be a much too dangerous situation for Bella, at least with her remaining human," to Rose, Esme offers a gentle smile. "I understand, and you've got a very good point, but that doesn't mean I have to like it, at all."

Alice ponders, tapping a finger against her lips. "I suppose Jazz could help train you.. maybe you two could be our double-edged sword. Your 'twin' is very fierce, too, don't forget. Together.. the two of you could be quite formidable."

"I haven't forgotten he is." Rosalie's voice is quiet. "And I'm not as strong as Emmett, or as fast or smart as Edward. But I don't feel the emotions Jasper would feel. I don't like to think that I'm ruthless, heartless, or cold. But I have certainly proven I can be."

Esme nods as she listens to Alice. "I think… I like that idea just a shade more than you protecting the family. Though I still don't like any of it," is given, before Esme simply sighs at her daughter. "Rosalie, you are not ruthless, heartless or cold. I think you are capable of doing what is necessary for your family," her voice is gentle, but holding a stern quality to it, certain of her words.

"We /all/ have it in us to be ruthless, heartless, or cold. And at different times, we all have been. You can't get a monopoly on that," Alice teases her sister gently, smiling to show the last part was a joke. Her face grew serious again. "But perhaps you might be best suited for this, you and Jasper. The Hale swords."

Rosalie smiles at her sister, just a little. "I'm not a great fighter, by any means. But, maybe, if I could learn to be a tracker, I could do that part of it, then the family can help with the fighting part? I don't know. I don't know how we could do it."

Esme nods as she listens to the conversation between her daughters. "We'll have to look into how one learns to track, so that you can work on that," she gives, somberly agreeing to Rosalie's idea.

Alice adds, "We probably have allies who can track. Old friends of Carlisle's, different nomads, or something. It can't be hard to learn.. just honing the senses a little bit, learning how to focus them."

Rosalie nods slowly, finally settling in to sit. "I can do that." Her voice is quiet as she sits there, somehow managing to look small. "Well, no time like the present. I suppose I should try to find out exactly, shouldn't I?"

Esme frowns, faintly. "We'll try to find you some sources, some trackers to talk to, see what it takes," she gives. "I want you as well prepared for anything that should come for you as possible. I think, maybe, Jasper should refresh everyone's memory on fighting techniques," the woman gives, hesitantly, despising the thought.

Alice nods, sitting next to Rosalie and draping an arm around her shoulders. "It'll be okay, Rose," she gives, resting her dark head on her sister's shoulder. "Whatever happens, it'll be okay."

"It wouldn't be a bad idea. We should be prepared. If not for the Volturi, for all the wolves suddenly filling up the area. Once Bella is turned, we really should think about moving on. Has anyone else noticed all the wolves and vampires here suddenly?" Rose leans into her sister's hug. "I know we will be. But I worry this is the time we won't be. We can't go forever. Eventually, they are going to get one of us."

Esme shakes her head, fiercly, at Rosalie's word. "Don't speak like that, Rosalie. They won't get any of us. We'll protect each other, keep each other safe, but nobody will get us," she states, firmly. Either Esme truly believes this, or she is doing her best to pretend it could never happen.

Alice makes a face. "I don't want to leave. I like it here. It's only been a few years.. I'm sure we could last longer." She shifts so that she leans against Rosalie, then adds, "Esme's right. We've survived a lot, we're tough. Nothing can bring us down." She lifts her chin.

Rosalie shakes her head. "Don't say that Alice. The problem with being the strongest is that there is always someone stronger. For us, its the Volturi. Or a pack of european wolves. Take your pick." Rose isn't trying to be morose…she's quite serious. She's been giving this alot of thought. In her eyes, the family is in some serious trouble here.

Esme leans against her daydreaming husband for a moment or two, drawing strength from the contact. She doesn't speak, however, she simply listens to her daughters, wishing she could zone out right now, like Carlisle appears to have.

Alice points out, "But we have weapons the Volturi don't. Me, for one," she grins, "And Edward, for another. And Jazz. We've done quite well so far, haven't we? And the Volturi won't destroy us without a good reason, and we have an alliance with the European wolves."

Rosalie nods a little. Now it is her turn to fall silent. She sits there, and just looks between them, eyes finally falling on Esme and their discussion a few nights previously.

Esme looks, again, between her girls, truly wanting to argue Alice's point. "Rosalie's right, we won't be able to win forever. Rose, you'll have to focus your time on tracking, learning to track. We'll all have to learn, or re-learn, fighting," Esme pauses for a moment or two. "I won't let anything happen to any of you," she gives, her words implying her refusal to let any member of her family be hurt, or not return to them one day.

Alice folds her legs under her, getting settled on the couch. "Jazz can teach us to fight again. Maybe Edward can help you learn to track, Rose, he's done some of it. He's seen James's mind.. maybe that will help."

"I hadn't thought of that, Alice. Maybe he saw how James did it so well, how it worked. I know Laurant told us he had amazing senses. Maybe he developed them over time. He might have been gifted, but surely he had to learn some of it, right?" Rose tips her head at Alice. "How quickly can we have a wedding planned?"

Esme sits quietly, this time her attention focused on the girls, thoughts whirling about in her head as her eyes move about the room, going from face to face.

Alice ponders. "Two days, tops. Why?" She asks, lifting a single eyebrow, curious. "Who's getting married?" She isn't sure if Esme or Carlisle even know about Rose's and Emmett's again-marriage.

Rosalie gives Alice a pointed look. "Edward and Bella, of course. I just wanted to know how quickly we can push Edward to bump up his timeline. That's all. Anyone else getting married might have to just … wait."

Esme frowns, still. "Edward is stubborn, he won't want to push the time any, especially with this hanging over his head," is stated with a shake of her head. "Bella would probably jump at the idea, but, Edward…"

Alice mimics, in an uncanny impersonation of Edward, "You have to have a real life, Bella. A full life, with college, and a job, and a family. I can't give that to you." She then rolls her eyes. "Edward takes himself much too seriously. But I can have a wedding done in probably about 12 hours, I have a lot of the supplies already."

"Alright. Well, when we can convince him then, we will be able to push it forward. He doesn't have much of a choice anymore, I don't think. We don't have decades here, or even years." Rosalie folds her arms across her chest once more. "I'm…I guess that is all I have to say."

Esme snickers, quietly, at Alice's impersonation. "Too bad that that's exactly what he'll say. But there are alternatives, if it comes right down to it, if Edward won't turn her… I wish he would, as much as her humanity has made life interesting. Maybe it's a little too interesting."

Alice offers again, "I'll turn her. I've intended to, if Edward won't or can't, since we first ran into the Volturi with her. It's not like she doesn't know or like me. I can't be all smoochy with her, but I can get the job done."

Rosalie nods. "Then we have our plan, I suppose. And once all that is done…we'll see. And maybe we will have a family meeting about leaving. Its getting too crowded here."

Esme offers her own nods. "Indeed, Edward and Bella can get married, they'll go on their honeymoon, she'll be turned, hopefully, or Alice can do it, maybe Carlisle will," she offers, her voice low, quiet. "And figure out what to do from there."

Alice absently taps her finger against the bells in her ears, ignoring Rosalie when she mentioned leaving. She didn't /want/ to leave, so she would ignore any mention of it. Yes, that was the solution. She signed, looking at her feet in rainbow toe socks. "I think this calls for more shopping."

"I don't feel like shopping, Alice. You guys can go if you want to. I really don't want to." Rose settles back into her seat. "I think I want to look into tracking online."
Esme averts her gaze from Rose, who she'd been intently studying. "I'm sorry, Alice, I'd just as well stay at home," she stresses the word home. "Besides, your father and I will be going to Seattle during his time off. I'm sure there will be plenty of shopping to be done then," is offered by the now beaming woman.

Alice grumbles good-naturedly. No one wanted to shop when /she/ did, which was to say, always. "I added some new touches to the computers in the library. They should be entirely touch-sensitive, now," she offers.

Rosalie looks around at her family, moving from face to face. She's still Rose, to be sure, but something has been getting to her, eating at her. Making her quiet and reflective.

Esme chuckles. "You will never cease to amaze me, Alice," she gives, before she moves her arm, requesting, silently, that Rosalie come over to the couch, so that, at the very least, Esme can give her daughter a hug. "What's wrong, Darling?"

Alice tilts her head at her sister, looking slightly like an inquisitive parrot. "Yes, Rose, what's wrong? You look moody enough to rival Edward," she gently teases.

Rosalie rises from her seat and moves to sit with Esme. "It isn't important. I talked with Esme about it some the other night. I don't want to talk about it any more. I told Esme what she needed to case..well..something happens."

Esme wraps an arm about Rose, holding the other tight to her. "Rose, please don't worry. Let Carlisle and I worry about what we need to worry about," she requests, gently. "I'd much rather see your lovely smile than you being so worried. It will all work out."

Alice raises an eyebrow at Esme. "Well, then, /you/ tell me," she asks of Esme, giving her mother a puppydog look. "You don't mind if Esme tells me, do you?" She asks Rose.

Rosalie shrugs her shoulders, looking away. "If Esme wants to, she can. It doesn't have anything to do with anything unless something happens."

Esme shakes her head. "No, I won't tell that much. It's Rosalie's to share," she gives. "And we won't have to worry about it," her gaze rests itself upon Rose. "I won't let anything happen to him, Rosalie, I won't."

Alice scowls. "You can't just leave me out of this! One of you tell me, /please/," she implores, squirming in her seat. She hates not knowing things, especially something that looks to be important.

Rosalie exhales, leaning against Esme. "I just told her..if something ever happens to Emmett, not to let anyone come after me. That's all. Nothing more."

Esme nods, gently. "We know you'd say the same thing if something happened to Jasper," she gives towards Alice. "And I can only hope that you would care about me enough to let me go, if it ever came down to it…"

Alice nods, resting her head back on Rosalie's shoulder. "Well, that's reasonable," she gives. The couch was turning into a puppy pile.

Rosalie looks at Alice, firmly. "That means you too. No matter what you see. No coming after me. No stopping me. No keeping me from doing it. I don't care what you see."

Esme reaches the same arm that was holding Rosalie so that it can hold both girls, as much as possible. "It goes against my every being, Rose, but I won't stop you. I know how you feel," she gives.

Alice nods again, and makes an X over her heart in two swift motions. "I won't. I promise. But I don't think it will ever happen. But if it does, I won't stop you. No matter what I see."

"Thank you." Rose's voice is quiet as she lays there in the puppy pile and closes her eyes. "Ever is a very long time, Alice. We can't live forever. Eventually, even the head of the Volturi will be taken out, given time."

Esme nods faintly as she closes her eyes for a moment, opening them again so that she can study her daughters faces. "Nothing will happen to either Emmett or Jasper," she states, firmly, as confident as she possibly can.

Ever the eternal optimist, Alice stubbornly refuses to believe that Rose is right. Only time will tell which of them is right. For now, she snuggles closer to her sister and her mother.

Rosalie whispers, trying to convince herself. "Nothing is going to happen to Emmett. Nothing will take him away. Nothing is going to happen to Emmett.."

Esme shakes her head. "Nothing will happen, Rose. Both you girls know I won't let anything happen to any of you," she gives, freeing up her other arm and settling it around, creating as much as a hug on both Rose and Alice as possible.
Alice rubs Rose's back. "Of course nothing is going to happen to Emmett. I'd see it, wouldn't I? Emmett is going to be just fine."

"I know you would. I know. Its just this feeling in the pit of my stomach. I know he'd never leave me. I know that. But I just keep thinking of me without him, so that only leaves one option, doesn't it?" Rose hugs everyone tightly, snuggling in.

Esme sighs, quietly, for all that it's still perfectly audible to her family. "That's not an option either of you will ever have to deal with. Emmett and Jasper won't be leaving this family, not in that manner."

Alice says, firmly, "And they won't be getting hurt, either. Not if I have any say in it. And not when you become the ubertracker, Rose."

Rosalie can't help but laugh at that. "Ubertracker? You're putting an awful lot of faith in me with that title. I don't know about all that. But all I can do is try."

Esme chuckles. "You'll do wonderfully as a tracker, Rose. When you set your mind to something, well…" Esme shrugs, "there's no stopping you, so you will be the 'ubertracker'," she notes, smiling a genuine smile.

With a quiet laugh, Rose shakes her head. "Stop saying that. I will /try/. That is the best I can promise the family. I will try. If I can find out how to do it. I know Edward has said he tried, and wasn't very good at it."

Esme smiles, moving her hand in an attempt to gently squeeze Rose's arm. "You'll be just fine, my dear. I have faith in your abilities," though a frown now etches across her face, a barely perceptible frown, but there. It doesn't last long though, as she shakes her head and the smile returns, like erasing an etch-a-sketch.

Alice grins. "Yes, but Edward is flighty, and he relies too much on his gift sometimes. You are much better at concentrating on things than him. You will shine," she says, confident.

Rosalie grins. "Thank you. But don't let him hear you think that. He'll find a way to prove you wrong, or pick a fight with me, or something."

Esme chuckles. "Oh, we won't let him here that, but Alice is right, and he was a little distracted, at the time, by forcing himself to stay away from Bella."

Alice grins. "I won't let him hear a thing. Mum's the word and all that." She chuckles, "I'm glad he got over /that/. He was really insufferable during the stay-away-from-Bella craziness."

"I think he was even more insufferable than I have ever been. And that is pretty insuffereable." Rose grins. "Not that I had to put up with myself or anything, but I've been told. I can be pretty…miserable."

Esme grins. "You're never insufferable, Rose, maybe a tad annoying, but you've never been insufferable," coming from the mouth of a mother, of course.

Alice grins. "We can all be insufferable, Rose. I wouldn't think about it too much." She wiggles her toes in her socks, and lets out a happy sigh.

Quietly, Rose offers up, "I'm glad I have you to be my family. I know I'm difficult sometimes. And I know you all know I'd give up about anything to be human again. But…my human family..for all they gave me…never treated me the way you do. They can never compare."

Esme smiles a sweet, loving smile, in Rose's direction, and Alice's. "My Rosalie, our family wouldn't be complete without you in it," she gives, her voice gentle, yet seeping with the love that she feels for those she calls her children. "And we're all difficult from time to time, there's nothing to worry about in that regard."

Alice beams at Rosalie. "You belong here. With us. It's good we have you," she states simply, leaning against her sister.

"I belong with all of you, yes. I can't imagine being anywhere else." Rose remains snuggled in. "And I have the best sister in the world. And mother."

Esme nods. "Alice is right, you belong here. And I have the two best daughters I could have ever wished for. You're wonderful, loving, caring and kind girls."

Alice grins. "Warm fuzzies everywhere!" She cries, throwing up her hands, then squeaks. "Ack, I'm tipping!" She almost falls off the pile and onto the floor with her exhuberant motion, but manages to right herself.

Rosalie laughs, reaching to grab Alice before she falls. "You know, if Edward or Jasper saw us like this, they would get a mighty laugh. Emmett? He'd just run from the door way and throw himself on top and crush us all."

Esme chuckles as she envisions any of her boys walking in on them like this. "I could see Jasper laughing so hard, it would put a human on the floor gasping for air," she gives, snickering slightly. "And Emmett would be welcome to join, if he doesn't mind the girl talk."

Alice giggles. "I bet Edward would giggle like a girl, and then give us one of his patented Weird Looks. Y'know, like when he gets all squinty?" She imitates it, still giggling.

"Yeah, I can see that squinty look. I'd have to give him one of those blasts I show him when he's being a brat. You know, some image of me and Emmett." Yes. Rose can be a total brat.

Esme just laughs harder as she listens to her daughters. "You two are so mean to your brother," she gives, shaking her head. It's not like it's not something Esme's never done to Edward.
Alice grins angelically. "I'd sing Barbie Girl. Really, really loud. In my head. He /hates/ Aqua. Just one verse of "Come on Barbie, let's go party" and he breaks like a little teenage girl."
Rosalie grins. "You know what else works? Eighties hair band music. You know…Cherry Pie…Pour Some Sugar on Me….drives him insane."

Esme is shaking with the laughter now, attempting not to disturb Rose. "Horrible girls, horrible. Especially your, Rosalie, thinking of what you and Emmett do," she gives, though her tone is rife with ammusment.

Alice chuckles. "Ooh, I'll totally have to try that. You know what we should do? Sing the same song at the /same time/. That would just kill him."

Rosalie giggles, then all out laughs. "Yes! We should do that.." She turns to look at Esme. "Oh. That is nothing. When I'm particularly irritated, it is me and Emmett. In the backseat of his Astin."

Esme snickers. "Oh yes, we should Alice," is given, before she nearly chokes at Rosalie. "Oh, you don't?! That's dreadful, the look on his face must be hilarious."

Alice laughs! "Rose, you're so bad. I should start thinking of Jasper and me, when he /really/ bugs me. While humming Barbie Girl. It will be a killer combination."

"Oh, but I do!!" Edward and Rose are the initial siblings, after all. The rivalry is strongest between them. "I don't do it often, but when he gets snippy at me just for what I'm thinking, when I'm not saying anything outloud, and he's being completely unfair to me…..wham."

Esme chuckles, and coughs slightly. "I don't think I'll be thinking of Carlisle and I… I doubt he would care for images of his parents…" she trails off, the look on her face clearly noting, she'd be blushing right now if she could. "Well, he does deserve it, for prying…"

Alice had stopped laughing and caught her breath just to be started up again. Between giggles, she tells Esme, "Oh just you wait. One day he'll really tick you off and WHAM.. Esme on Carlisle action for Edward!"

Rosalie very nearly chokes. "Oh…ALICE! Yuck! For me to make him see it, that means I have to see it in my head first! That is….no offense Esme, but I'm sure you don't like thinking of us doing that.."

Esme twitches. "No, no… I really don't…. now I'll never be able to spend time with your father, you two know that, right," she states, rolling her eyes and sighing. "Not without you two and your thoughts."

Alice cackles madly, her whole body shaking with laughter, "Too.. funny.. ribcage.. hurts.." She manages to choke out, shaking the whole puppy pile with her giggles.

Rosalie grins then, falling quiet as she snuggles in among her family. She stays that way for a moment before offering.."Thank you both for cheering me up."

Esme chuckles. "One of you two is going to have to explain to your father why he isn't getting any," she mutters, in no way deceiving herself that they can't hear her. "We're here for you, Rose," she gives, at her 'first-to-the-family' daughter's comment. "If you need a laugh, someone to talk to, or a shoulder, that's what we're here for. We're family," she stresses the last word.

Esme's comment just restarts Alice's giggles, which are rather neverending. "/You/ can tell him, Esme. You're the one withholding, after all." Turning slightly more serious, she leans against Rose. "Yes. We are family. And there's nothing we won't do for you."

Once more, Rosalie groans. "You know, we had the house soundproofed so we didn't have to hear who was having….you know..and who wasn't! I really don't need the mental image, or the knowledge that Carlisle isn't…"

Esme is trying to hold in her laughter, but it only causes Esme to shake with the attempt, poor puppy pile. "Oh no, you two," she scolds the girls, "are the one's who have me worried about poor Edward seeing things he shouldn't, one of you can tell him," a grin towards Rose. "What? That Carlisle isn't celibat? He may not be human, but neither are any of you…" she points out, as evil a grin as is possible spreading across Esme's face.

Alice laughs some more. "I thank the soundproofing all the time. As long as you don't do anything outside of the privacy of your room, I don't think Edward will see anything.. of course, until he gets on your last nerve, Esme, and you show him, a la Rose."
Rosalie struggles to get her hands free and cover her ears, all while calling out loudly, "LALALALALALALA!!! I can't HEAR YOU. I know nothing about my parents having…." She won't even say the word, but is giggling up a storm.

Esme cringes. "I would never do such a thing to Edward," she states, before her own giggling erupts and she grins at Rosalie, unable to help acting like the teenager that her daughters are acting. "That we're what, Rosalie? Say it… c'mon, it can't be that bad, you do it, Alice does it, why are your father and I not allowed?" she questions between giggles.

Alice joins in. "Yeah, Rose, say it! Say what Esme and Carlisle doooo. Birds do it, bees do it! Tell it like it is, Rose!" She encourages her sister, still overcome with laughter.

"Noooooooo. I can't say it! I won't say it! They don't do it. Nooooo!" Rosalie laughs, squirming to get away. "You can't make me say it…"

Esme giggles more, such that it's nearly a giggle fit, before she leans towards Rose and whispers in her daughters ear the act that she doesn't want to think of her parents doing. "Say it Rose… you're parents do what? Say it…"

Alice giggles madly. "You've got to say it, Rose! Say it or the wooorld will eeeend!" She cries, clearly giddy from laughter. "It starts with an sssss. C'mon, say it with me now. Ssssss!"

"Ssssssss…snickerdoodle!!" No. Rose has no intention of saying it. None at all. Its bad enough even thinking the word. "Snickerdoodle…snickerdoodle.." And from now on? All sex acts will not be called Snickerdoodle in the Cullen family.

Esme would die from laughter, if that was possible. "Yes, that's right Rose, your father and I have… snickerdoodle," more laughter erupts. "You're going to have to say it sometime. One day, you'll walk in on something…"

It's Alice's turn to shriek, "Ewww! If I see that about to happen, Jazz and I will run for the hills! Rose's shriek would probably shatter glass, if she saw snickerdoodles in action."

"Oh no I won't! No no no!" Impeccable timing, our Emmett has. Just then, he enters the house, grinning. And his grin is only for Rosalie. It is /that/ grin. The grin that says 'I want snickerdoodles, and I want them now'. Quickly, Rosalie scrambles to get away from her family. "I…uhm.. Emmett needs to tell me something."

Esme would be rolling on the floor, if it weren't for the puppy pile. "That'd be a funny sight, Alice, but I think I'd be a little too distracted with your father," she gives, very innocently," she gives, before eyeing Emmett, and Rose. "I don't want to hear any snickerdoodling from you two…."

Alice calls after Rose and Emmett, "Have fun! Make some snickerdoodles!" Glib, that one is. Cheeky, too. Then she keels over with laughter, holding her sides as she shakes.

Rosalie hurries up the stairs, followed closely on her heels by Emmett. "Rose, baby, what the hell are they talking about?" With a loud groan, she answers back.."Don't /worry/ about it. Nothing."

Esme doubles over, laughing, before she looks at Alice, who's doing the same, and starts laughing even harder. "Someone should tell Emmett about snickerdoodle…"

Alice is -this- close to rolling around on the floor with laughter. "Better yet, Rose should /show/ Emmett all about snickerdoodle," she gives, before submitting to more peals of laughter.

Hurrying Emmett along, Rose gets him to their room. Where their door closes with a click.

Esme has already fallen off the couch, and is on the floor, holding her stomach and laughing, loudly. "I have a feeling that that's exactly what Rose is about to do," she says between laughs.

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