Heard It Through the Grapevine

IC Time: April 8, 2007
Location: Forks - Public Park
Synopsis: Ramona learns something about Theresa in exchange for some important information.
Submitted by: Ramona

The roar of a motorcycle — though not a large one — echoes throughout the park as Ramona arrives, not wearing a helmet. She parks it by leaning it haphazardly against a post and then gazes into the park, a hand on her hip. It's near dusk, the lights are not yet on in the park though. She seems to be looking for someone.

Theresa is here, wandering along one of the sidewalks while humming along to a song that is being played on her MP3 player. An while she catches the sound of the motorcycle she doesn't pay it a lot of attention, its just a normal thing here after all. She seems a bit lost in her own world, up until she catches the scent upon the wind which finally does make her head turn and her gaze drift towards the motorcycle that she is now closer to. A faint humm escapes her as she searches her mind for a name to go along with the scent.

Ramona looks relived to spot Theresa — she rushes over at a human pace and smiles at the other woman. "I've been looking all around town for you! This is only the second place I looked, but still. Whatcha listening to?"

Theresa hums faintly while pulling the earbuds from her ears, the song Sober by Pink playing at the moment. "Oh a bunch of different songs at the moment." She offers while lifting a hand to reach into her jacket pocket and turn the player off. "So.. Why or why would you be searching for little 'ol me?" This questioned as she watches Ramona finally figuring out who it is now that she is closer.

Ramona can indeed hear the song, and manages a quick wince at the sound of Pink's vocals. "I had a few suspicions that I need confirmed, and I was thinking you might be interested in something I found. Something very tragic and startling indeed." She cants her head toward the bench, "Fancy a talk?"

Theresa doesn't seem to care that Ramona doesn't like the choice of song that she has playing. A faint humm escapes her now while she nods a moment. "Sure.." Is offered while she turns and starts moving towards the bench. "So.. What things have you found out?" Is questioned before she takes a seat upon the bench.

Ramona gives Theresa a once-over, seeming to ponder something. A question is at the tip of her tongue, but she ignores it and instead complies with the other vampiress's questioning. "It's been on its way through the grapevine for weeks now, so I'm sure you know, but that murder of the vampire in the woods… I know who did it." She waits, studying Theresa closely.

Theresa hums faintly as she leans back upon the bench, one leg crossing over the other at the knee while her hands fold neatly upon her lap as she watches Ramona. "I've heard something happened in the woods.. I've even been out to check it to see if I could find anything.. Fire has a way of hidding just about everything though." She says while a faint tsk escapes her. There is a blink while she peers at Ramona and lifts a brow, pondering a moment. "Very well… Who did it then?"

Ramona seems rather satisfied at Theresa's response — her brow lifts in an almost amused fashion and her lips purse together, but she says nothing for a moment until she is asked again. "Well, first let me tell you how I found out. I sure wouldn't be very creditable if I just started spewing names, would I?" .oO( I don't have a good record with her coven, if she is who I think she is… ) "So I dropped by Lev's to see if he was still with the slut, he was, 'cause she answered the door. I decided to wait for him, and while I was waiting, I made some small talk about the recent news from the woods. She said she was there."

Theresa ahs softly and nods while watching Ramona a few moments and offers a slight smile. "Please.. Explain away." She offers while lifting a hand to look over her nails a moment thinking she needs to repaint them. At Lev's name she ohs a moment as if she's heard it before. "She?" Is questioned curiously while lifting a brow to look back at Ramona. "Which she?"

"What do you mean which she?" Ramona's 'brows slant downward instantly, her face not hiding her surprise. "There's more than one?!" She forgets about the whole murder thing for a second.

Theresa blinks at Ramona at the surprised look she takes and she huffs a moment. "My dear.. You have feelings for Lev? My my.. what a funny place this is." The older vampire seems rather amused for a moment, her eyes lighting up even. "Are you talking about Lilly?.. I met her.. She's such a child." This said with a shake of her head showing she isn't to thrilled with the newborn for her own reasons.

Ramona hisses, "I don't have feelings for Lev. Unless you're implying I have daddy issues," she snaps. Which, she probably does, but that is a plot for a different time. "Yeah, I was talking about Lilly. Wow, you already know quite a few people in this town, hmm?" She runs a hand through her hair idly. "Lilly didn't think it was a big deal, being a newborn and all, and she told me who did it."

Theresa watches Ramona and seems to grin as her reaction and humms. "I see.. Of course not.." She says with an amused tone now. "Well I do get around.. And ask my own questions." A faint humm escapes her as she listens to Ramona, pondering a moment. "So she told you did she?.. Very interesting.." There is a pause before she goes on. "So, are you going to share this name with my by chance?"

"Maybe. I thought it could be an exchange. Although, I do realize you could easily just get it out of Lilly, so I'll make it easy for you," Ramona responds slowly. "Just answer me this, and I will tell you. Are you Volturi?"

Theresa ohs faintly and she just smirks while watching Ramona, didn't the other already know that? A faint sigh escapes her. "Yes.. I'm with the Volturi Guard." Like she cares if Ramona knows, many vampires will find out after she goes to question Esme and her little family after all.

Despite the fact that she may be the last to officially know, triumph can been seen on Ramona's pale face. "Hah! I knew it from the first time we talked. Oh well, as long as you're not here for me." She pauses for a moment, "Alright, well then, you might already know this and be humoring me with all of your odd little dectective-ish questions, but it was the tree frog. Er, Stasia. Stasia did it."

Theresa chuckles softly and shrugs. "As long you follow the rules and do nothing wrong, then no.. I'm not here for you." Though Caius will still know who told her the information. "Stasia?" Is questioned with a curious tone. "Can't say I know that one.. Lilly refused to tell me the name the other night."

"Lilly wouldn't tell you?" Ramona mocks a look of anger. "Can't you like, burn her for that?" she looks hopeful for a moment before going on. "You haven't met Stasia? Oh. The funny thing about this is, she's one of the humanist. You know, she eats animals only. As you might guess, she hangs around the Cullens an awful lot, last I saw the big one gave her a cellphone to use and stuff. Anyway, she's a real pain in the ass. A disgrace to our kind… and very, very insane. She threw a tree at me once."

Theresa smirks. "I wish I could do things that easily.." She says with a faint sigh escaping her at the thought. "I'll deal with her later though.." Her gaze rests on Ramona as she talks about the Cullens and she hums slightly. "Emmett?" Is questioned after a moment a faint sigh escapes her. "More of these so call animals eaters.. Great.." She huffs and makes a face at the thought. A hand lifts and she taps a finger to her cheek. "I'll have to try and find Stasia and question her.. Do you know anywhere else she may hang out?"

Ramona sighs inwardly. Bargaining with the Volturi? So not her thing, but if it was getting an enemy in trouble? …Maybe it could be her thing. She nods her head, puts on a serious face, and complies. "I didn't get his name, or I just didn't care. All of the Cullens are extremely rude, save for maybe Alice, who has showed a surprising amount of kindness — or maybe just stupidity." She pauses, "Oh, yeah. If you head into the woods south of the highway past the dirt road, she'll be in there. Not quite by the nature center, off the path over by the cliffs. She calls them 'her woods.' Can you believe that?"

Theresa puts this to memory on where to find Stasia. "Her woods?.. That is amusing.." She says while shaking her head. "I'll go looking for her later on I believe." There is a pause while she watches Ramona, pondering something before she goes on. "I don't suppose you'd have any idea why she would kill one of her own kind?"

Ramona shakes her head. "That, I don't know," she admits honestly. "But I can speculate. She's against killing humans, but she had no problem taking out a superior being. She's probably thinking she's some kind of protector — like those Cullens. She can't kill /food/, but she can kill another one of our kind? It looks to me like she's a hero for the wrong side." She pauses for a moment and asks, "So, what will you guys do with her?"

Theresa ponders some things as she listions to Ramona, finding it all very interesting. She lets her gaze drift off over the park while she taps her finger to her cheek once more. "That I can not say.. it is not for me to decide." This said with a simple tone. "The leaders will make the decision on what is to be done with her." Well its the truth, she just does what she is told after all.

Ramona replies bluntly, "That sucks. You have to do the dirty work but you don't get to decide? Being on the Volturi sounds even less fun than I thought." She smirks. "So you're like a cop and the ones sitting around doing nothing are the judges?"

Theresa looks rather amused as she hears Ramona, a simple chuckle escapes her. "I suppose that is one way to look at it.. But when I'm told to do something I do enjoy my job." She says with a happy tone at the thought. "Oh well… Thank you for the information, Ramona. I will make sure the others know how helpful you've been with this subject."

"Really?" Ramona looks bright for a moment before she ahems. "Er, no, that's okay. You don't have to tell them." That would totally ruin her bad-ass reputation! "Just make sure Stasia pays for what she did to the poor woman. Lilly said she didn't know the lady that got killed; she wasn't a vampire from this area. But still, justice shouldn't be left in the hands of the insane."

Theresa grins while she watches Ramona. "Oh no, not at all… I will make sure they know…" She states with a simple tone as she slowly stands up from the bench, stretching as she goes. "Don't worry… We will take care of Stasia for her problem makings… And make sure that vampires know it is not going to be taken lightly." Specially with Jane and others now in town to back up the threat.

Ramona looks slightly crestfallen at the news that her name will be shared, but the smirk that curls on her lips indicates she's quite happy with the meeting, overall. "Good. I was just doing what anyone would do," she states with a shrug, still smirking. "I better get going, too. Later." .oO( That should teach her not to throw trees at Ramona Vogel. )

Theresa watches Ramona a few moments and lifts a brow. "Right… Everyone has a reason for doing what they do." She says with a soft tone. "It was a lovely conversation Ramona.. Do take care." Is offered while she starts to move down the path once more, her MP3 player getting flicked back on as she goes.

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