Torture Aka Shoe Shopping With Alice

IC Time: Afternoon September 9, 2007
Location: Cullen's residence/Port Angeles
Synopsis: Bella returns to the Cullens after a short time away to find Alice waiting for it, then the torture commences as The Cullen Ladies meet up for a shopping trip to Port Angeles with poor Bella in tow.
Submitted by: Bella

Standing absolutely still at the very edge of what passes for a trail, Kiri stares towards the house with unblinking eyes, only a few spots of light visible from this vantage if one is extemly patient. Extremely patient she is. She doesn't move though her dress occasionally russles in the wind. Otherwise she seems like a manequin with a dress on. Her feet are even bare and slightly sunk into the wet dirt there.

It is not the rumble of the long dead Chevy that heralds Bella's return to the house, but the quiet purr of her protective mobile chamber, the Guardian. With knowledge of the Volturi in the region Bella was sent down to Florida for 'her own good'. Well those words rankled her more than anything. After hardly a week listening to her mother and Phil, well 'for her own good' felt like a punishment. Too many questions, too many observances and to be around a loving couple when hers was so far away…well now she returns, pulling carefully up the driveway.

Alice is rarely, if ever, surprised. It takes a lot to get something by Alice, and this time, Bella did not succeed. So she was waiting by the driveway when Bella pulls up - in fact, she'd been there for several hours, though you couldn't tell by looking at her. As fresh and perky as ever, Alice waves to the form of the Guardian and the human within. "Bella, hi!" She calls.

Kiri blinks once as the Guardian goes past her on the driveway, her eyes focusing on the vehicle briefly. Smiling as she recognizes the occupant. The smile fades quickly, replaced by a frown as she realizes the possibilities. Turning smoothly on her toes, Kiri flits back down the trail towards the main road without a second thought, leaving the strange scent for others to deal should they need to.

Well as Bella pulls up the driveway, there is a faint smirk on her lips. She expected this. Of course her image included a scowling Edward standing next to her. So there is almost a touch of relief, mixed with despair upon her face that he isn't there. She returned for him, but she knew returning early would draw out those annoying overprotective instincts. With a sigh she turns off the engine, hands braced on the steering wheel for a moment before she leaves the car, "Hey Alice.." She calls out to her almost sister. Her best friend. Her gaze flitters up to the house, a questioning look upon her face that she doesn't voice.

"Edward isn't here," Alice informs Bella when she notices that look. "But he should be home soon. He didn't know you were coming.. I thought you should be the one to tell him." Alice smiles, the action wrinkling the corners of her eyes. "But I told Esme, and she bought you food. C'mon in - we have the house to ourselves." Alice beckons with one slender hand.

Kiri walks over to Forks - East Russell Road.
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"But you did." Bella states with a half smile, not a question, a statement. "One of these days I will surprise you." It is a good natured challenge she issues, one she has no doubt issued on many an occasion. She quickly crosses the distance between them and holds out a hand to Alice, "Good, I am starving, airline food hasn't gotten any better. I could not bring myself to eat it. I think I could eat a ..mountain lion right now." She declares as she walks up to the house with Alice.

Alice laughs. "Well, we don't have any mountain lion, but we do have pretty much everything else. Esme went a bit, um, overboard with the food. I hope you're /really/ hungry." Alice takes Bella's hand, and starts up the driveway onto the front lawn, onto the porch and into the foyer.

"She always does…" Bella says with a lightness in her voice, an appreciation for her future mother in law. Attention she long ago stopped pushing away seeing how much Esme enjoyed doing things for her. Alice's hand is gripped, the stone cold wrapped in warmth as she follows into the house. "Are things…resolved yet or is Edward going to be really angry?" She can't help but ask as she follows her in.

Alice walks over to Forks - Cullen Residence.
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Forks - Cullen Residence: Foyer


Once one steps through the door of the Cullen house, they are greeted first with the sight of the staircase, a polished affair with white carpeted steps. The whole area is, in fact, a pristine white, from the living room, on the left of the foyer, to the kitchen, on the right. The flooring of this particular room is hardwood, white maple, in fact.
Directly to the left of the entrance there sits a long, white table, on which one can put keys, mail, and anything else they may need to upon entering the house. Directly to the right is a closet, in which coats, umbrellas, and the like can be put.


Alice frowns slightly. "I'm not sure," she said, honestly. "He might have a temper tantrum.. you know Edward. But I doubt it will last long. You know he loves you and he's just going to have to get used to you being so.. independant."

There is a faint nod to those words, distracted for a moment as Bella's gaze shift to the stairs toward his room. "Yes I know…" She murmurs softly in her distracted thoughts before she looks back to Alice, giving another gentle pressure to the hand hold. "He has the option to make me less …fragile. Then I wouldn't have to keep running, hiding…" She sighs softly at this old argument. Despite it, it is clear she loves Edward with every fiber of her being. Quick glances around the house, almost subconscious gestures. Always looking, always longing.

Alice nods at Bella. "I agree, but it's up to him. For now. The family is on your side, if that helps." Alice turns to start into the kitchen, where all of Esme's spoils have been put away into the cabinets in the fridge. "C'mon, let's get you fed."

You go to the kitchen.
Forks - Cullen Residence: Kitchen


The least used room of the house is still entirely spotless, and almost entirely white, save for the stainless steel appliances. White linoleum stretches from the entrance to door leading out back. White maple stretches upwards in the form of the cupboards and a lone island in the middle of the kitchen, which has white formica counter tops. The cabinets are filled with plenty pots and pans, the drawers with all sorts of cutlery, and the stainless steel fridge even has food in it.


Bella smiles a bit, "I know…there are still six months…" Six months till she is no longer a teenager. Six months till her twentieth birthday. She never did like the birthdays. Each year growing 'older' than Edward. Eighteen was hard enough, nineteen was Torture, but there was always a reason to wait. The ultimatims, the newborns, the volturi. They seamed like feasible reasons. And of course Charlie and Renee. She shakes her head, shaking those thoughts from them. Another forced smile touches her lips as she moves into the kitchen.

"Try not to think about it too much, Bella. Your time will come, and then it will all be worth it." Alice gets on tiptoe, and then scowls. "Who decided to build these cabinets so damn high? No one is that tall." Looking a little silly, Alice levers herself onto the counter and gets a plate and a glass out from the cabinet.

Bella looks intent on Alice as she speaks, and well the words do bring a touch of relief to her. If Alice is so sure, then it must be so. She moves around the counter to help with the meal preperations, so used to cooking at home with Charlie. "You would think they would build step ladders into the cabinet doors." She responds in better cheer, holding her hands up so that Alice could pass the supplies down to her.

Alice giggles, passing the stuff down to Bella and then jumping gracefully back to the floor. "Yeah! Especially considering some of us are height challenged. I'll have Esme do it." She pulls open the fridge, and, faster than humans can move, grabs a bottle of juice before it falls to the ground and shatters. "Oops. Esme really stuffed this thing full." Alice stands to the side so Bella can see the full fridge, containing pretty much all food known to man.

As Bella is not particularly tall herself she nods in agreenment, then laughs at the suggestion. "You know the boys will tease us?" She says with honest laughter this time, distracted from her meandering thoughts of her immortality and Edward. Then there is just a look of stunned surprise as the fridge is opened. An item that had been hardly more than a prop before Isabella had become a regular visitor. "I don't know how I am going to eat all that before it goes off Alice!" She says with a sigh, only as to not disapoint Esme.

Alice shrugs. "Let them tease. They already do, anyway. Especially Emmett. And.. well, we can just donate whatever's not eaten. You know Esme, she's not really big on moderation. Maybe next time you can give her a shopping list, or something. That might help." Alice grins.

Bella just looks over the overflowing contents of the fridge still shaking her head slightly in wonder before finally she is reminded of her task by a grumble in her stomach. The grumble quickly followed by a blush of the cheeks and a sheepish look to Alice. "Well I best get a start on it…" In the end she pulls out the makings of a sandwich. Something quick and easy to settle the growl of her stomach. The mention of Emmett does get her attention as well and she looks around, uncertain. Well they could be anywhere, but she has not seen them yet, "Everyone out?"

"Last time I saw Esme and Carlisle they were up in their room, but they didn't answer when I knocked. Rose and Emmett are out.. Jasper went to visit the Denalis for a while." Is it just a trick of the light, or does Alice look a little lonely when she mentions her husband? Shaking her head, she glances at the makings of food. How odd anything but blood seems, now.

Bella does not look wholey surprised that others would be here, silent in the rooms above. She glances to the ceiling briefly, perhaps imagining her own Edward as one of the silent ones. She shakes her head again and continues to make the sandwich. Lettuce, tomato, a bit of sauce, slices of meat. No time for anything extravagent before her stomach betrays her again. The words of Jasper cause Bella to look up curiously, "Everything alright?"

Alice nods, running a hand through her short hair. "More or less. He was having.. a hard time, at school, being around so many humans. He decided he needed some time away from it all. I can't go with him, I'm needed here. So we're apart. I don't like it." Alice sighs.

There is a look of guilt that passes over Bella's face as she listens to Alice, "Because I came back early?" She asks in a low voice, hoping that isn't the reason, fearing that it is. If she had just stayed in Florida, maybe Alice wouldn't have to be hear. Being my friendly protector.

Alice shakes her head, smiling slightly, "No, Bella. Not because of you. With my, ah.. ability.. it's never good to have me too far from home. I mean, I /can/ call and tell the family my visions, but it's not the best solution. It's best for the family to have me here, at home."

Bella's apetite seems to wane for a moment, that moment a guilt. The sacrifices she knows has been made for her. She nods slightly to Alice's words, "Of course…" Another growl reminds her that even if she doesn't really feel like eating, well her body rather needs her to and she takes a dutiful bite of the sandwich, then another before setting it down on the plate. She cants her head to Alice, "Will he back soon? I hate to see you unhappy…"

Alice nods her head. "Yes, he shouldn't be gone too long. Just long enough to get his head together. He always comes back." She smiles, then nods to Bella's plate, "Don't let me keep you from eating."

Bella boosts herself onto a stool at the counter, intent to deal with the ache in her belly. Picking apart the sandwich. Pulling off the crusts first and eating them, bit by bit. Drawing out the process. Hoping her fleeting appetite would return before she finishes the sandwich. She finally cants her head to Alice and gives a half smile, "They always do…" Their men. They leave, they leave this gaping whole, then return to fill it, bringing the warmth of a sun in their return. It is easy to mark the direction of her thoughts and she blushes and tilts her head down again, her hair a curtain over her cheeks.

Alice smiles and pats Bella's shoulder gently. "Yes, they do. If you want, after you finish eating, you can go up to Edward's room and wait for him.. I'm sure he wouldn't mind." Alice suggests, seeing how much Bella missed her brother.

Bella looks up to the hand on her shoulder, her hand raising to cover it. She smiles at the offer and shakes her head. "I think I would go crazy sitting up there alone…" She starts before she gives a little laugh, "And well…I am not entirely sure I want to be alone when he does realize I returned home earlier." There is a plead in her gaze. A buffer? It is not fear of danger that makes her request, but much like a child coming in late fearing the disapointment of her parents. "Unless you need to go somewhere of course…" She says offhandedly as she looks back to her sandwich and starts to pick at the salad now.

Alice shakes her head, "No, my day's all free." Nothing helps planning like precognition. "I'll stay with you as long as you want. Though.. are you sure you want to sit in the house until Edward gets home? We could always go out, and have him call when he gets in. There's going to be a big sale on shoes in Port Angeles tonight." Another point for precognition.

Bella smiles a bit at the response, "Of course it is…" She murmurs, though she looks to have relaxed some from her earlier bit. Breaking off larger bits of the sandwiches as her appetite slowly returns. The suggestion causes her to look up, she looks about ready to take it until the mention of shoe shopping. Then a pained expression touches her features. "You want to kill me before Edward changes me…I knew it!" She teases Alice forlornly before a half smile touches her lips as she looks over that expectant face, "I suppose I could use one pair of shoes…"

Alice giggles, looking mischeivous. "Well.. not exactly. But you need to get your mind off him, at least a little, and some shopping might do you so good. There is not a problem that shopping can't solve!" Alice declares with a grin.

Bella just gives Alice a look of mock despair before a smile breaks the expression. She can not help but smile around Alice when she was in these moods. It was infectious really, even if shopping was just a euphamism for torture for her. "Maybe I could get something…that could distract him a moment. A new shirt or something, something in that shade of blue he likes so much." she says begrudgingly, but with an edge of hope to it. So Alice has broken down the defenses, said the right words as she always does."No heels…" She finally says though with an arched brow, setting her one condition for the shopping trip.

Alice beams and jumps up and down, clapping her hands. "No heels!" Alice promises fervently, grinning widely at Bella as she lets the girl finish her sandwich before they go. "We'll get you something lovely to show Edward," she nods her head firmly.

Bella just shakes her head at the enthusiasm of her friend. That enthusiasm alone will get her through this tortourous experience. How can a person not smile in the face of such joy. So Bella finishes her sandwich and hops down from stool to clean the plate. "My car or yours?" She asks Alice as she cants her gaze over her shoulder.
Alice grins. "We might as well use yours, Edward would protest otherwise," those golden eyes roll slightly, to show what she /really/ thinks of the whole armored-car-for-Bella thing. "I'll drive, though." She starts out of the kitchen, heading back out to the car.

Port Angeles - Shopping District

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Port Angeles)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The smell of the salt from the ocean is heavy in the air here - the district is located only minutes from the water's edge. The district, like most of the city, is picturesque, consisting of red cobblestone roads, medians filled with flowers and verdure in the warm months, and small shops with wide windows and upstairs apartments. The sidewalks are wide and welcoming, bustling with shoppers during the prime times. There are a lot of tourists in this area, but locals can be seen here as well: for many smaller towns, Port Angeles is the closest they can get to a major retail area. During normal business hours and on the weekend, it's difficult to find a parking spot in this district, as the only parking available is parallel parking next to the storefronts.


A simple trip to get shoes turned into a SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA when Esme heard where they were going and ended up tagging along, and then, the trio had run into Rosalie just entering the house. The three Cullen women and Bella had all piled into Bella's car, Rose at the wheel, and headed into Port Angeles.

Alice jumps out of the car from the passenger seat, opening the back door for Esme and Bella. Her hair is slightly out of place from having the window down and then driving at such a speed; she reaches up and tidies it with her fingers. "We're here! Huzzah! Where should we go first? Shoe store, clothes store, perfume store? I hear they have a new jewelry display at the clothes store."

Shopping. Torture is thy name. At least Bella should be spared the brunt of being a clothing guinea pig today now that Rosalie and Esme are here as well. Yes there is relief in having some buffers to Alice's enthusiasm. Even if her thoughts trace down those paths it is a smile she offers to Alice as the door is opened for her and she slides out of the seat. Sure it is her car, but she still isn't comfortable driving it. Bella looks around the streets of Port Angeles as she stretches her legs from the short journey, "I imagine we will go to all of them…" Bella replies with a faint smirk as if it didn't really matter where they started.

Esme chuckles and steps out from Bella's new car, smiling the whole time. "Edward was right, this is an excellent car for you, Bella," she addresses her future daughter-in-law with a bright smile. "Now, Ladies," she addresses her current daughters. "Where do you two wish to start?"

Rosalie drove all the way to Port Angeles, speeding along in the safe little car. "Oh, I don't know where to start. Wherever you want. I'll just following along." She glances around, taking a quick sniff at the air.

"Shoes first! There's a big sale." Alice heads towards the shoe store, practically skipping with happiness. Every so often she cast a glance over her shoulder to make sure everyone was following.

Bella glances up at Esme at her comment about the car before looking over her mobile protection suit. She was uncomfortable with the gift before she found out its features. Just a bit of a leap up from the beat up truck she used to drive. FAR too quiet. Her fingers slide over the reinforced door frame, "It is suitable for me I suppose…" She responds finally with a half smile before looking to Rosalie and Alice, waiting for the torture to begin. Shoes. Well maybe the store would have something other than deathtraps called heels. She musters up some enthusiasm and nods to Alice, "Shoes it is."

Esme can't help the bubble of laughter at Bella's comment. "Well, it is perfectly… appropriate, all things considered," she gives with a smile before nodding in Alice's direction. "Shoe's is a good start. Bella needs some nice new heels," the last sentance, however, is said in complete jest.

Already having high heels on, Rosalie's shoes click down the sidewalk. Maybe she seems a bit more attentive than normal to her surroundings. Or maybe she's just excited to go shopping. "Yes. Let's get into the shoe store. Let's go there first. Everyone in."

Alice gets to the door first. She pulls it open, the scent of new shoes and leather and shoe polish permeating the air, even stronger for those with supernatural senses of smell. Alice holds the door for the three other women, beaming at them. "Shoes!!"

Bella stuffs her hands in the pockets of her jeans as she follows in behind the trio of walking perfection. She gives a little laugh at Esme's teasing and rolls her eyes. "You are all going to be the death of me I swear." She says with a faint laugh of exasperation at their combined enthusiasm over heels, but still she follows them into the shop, though at the first available opportunity takes a seat upon one of those shoe store benches with the little shoe height mirrow at its base.

Esme smiles at all of her daughters before moving towards her favorite klutz, to link her arm through the human girls. "You will love heels, one day, Bella, it's all just a matter of time," she gives, in a soothing voice. "Besides, you need to get used to them, you don't think you'll be wearing flats on your wedding day, do you?" she questions, laughing and shaking her head. "She won't be wearing flats, will she Alice?"

Rosalie takes the door from Alice, letting the three others go in first. "You guys go in first. I left something in the car. I'll be right back. Save the red ones for me." She gives Alice a 'don't argue' sort of look.

Alice nods to Rosalie, "Sure, Rose." Then she moves into the store, looking around eagerly. Of course, she's been here before, many times, but not recently. They've changed the store around some, and loud neon signs proclaim 'SALE!' all over the place. "Welll," she gives, in answer to Esme's question, "I was thinking wedge heels. Nothing /too/ extreme, but.. classy."

Bella looks up at Esme with a bemused expression, "Well maybe /after/ I won't be such a walking disaster." She says with an emphesis on the word. One can only hope that of all those traits peculiar to her, her bumbling feat will not follow her into the next life! Then the Wedding is mentioned. Something she once fought again and now just wanting to set a date. Preferably before she turns 20 this year! She looks to Alice as she answers the question about her wedding day and smiles a bit, "Well maybe if it was a big heel…not those spiky things Rosalie wears…" she agrees reluctantly. She watches Rosalie leave with a touch of relief on her face though she lowers her gaze to hide it.

Esme gives a wave to Rose as she looks about the store. "Excellent idea, Alice, though she'll still need to get used to the heels, not that it'll be too bad, afterwards, our dear Bella will be able to stay upright," she offers, her voice cheery as she looks about the shoes, finding a conservative, cream coloured pair of heels, something Esme would wear on a normal day. "You'll need a new wardrobe, Bella," a fact, of course.

Rose is really only gone for a few minutes. The others aren't even settled in yet. The door opens once more, allowing her entrance. Quietly, she moves to the heels. The big heels, the shimmering ones. After rubbing her forehead, she pulls out a pair to try on. Lowering her head, her lips move fast, voice even lower than a whisper.
Alice walks over to a pair of shiny blue pumps, a few sequins on the toe. She hears Rose, but doesn't respond immediately, waiting until she's bending over to put the shoes on. Then her lips move lightning fast, her voice much too quiet for human ears.

Bella looks between Alice and Esme and gives a self deprecating smile, "Do they come with training wheels?" She asks as her gaze shifts to the death traps lined on the shelves about the store. She hesitantly moves towards the torture devices. There is perhaps just a touch of longing, but much like a diabetic longing for a chocolate bar. They look so nice, but… Then the comment of a wardrobe touches her ears and she glances down at her own clothes a bit self consciously. Would she ever feel comfortable in designer clothes and fancy fabrics. "There a rule against Tshirt and jeans?" She asks with humour at least touching her voice as she looks back to the friendlier members of the clan, though her gaze shifts to Rose as she returns and quickly back to Esme, missing the murmured conversations, "So…um…what do you suggest to prepare me?"

Esme nods a nearly unnoticeable nod at Rosalie's words, before giggling a little at Bella's. "Don't worry, you'll be fine," she gives, smiling sweetly. "Try a pair on," she motions towards the shoes. "A small heel would be best to start with, I think, you can work your way up to the heel Rosalie wears," she gives, before another bubble of laughter. "And you don't honestly think that Alice would willingly let anyone of us out of the house in a t-shirt and jeans, do you?" Not that anyone has an issue with looking the part of the rich, if not slightly eccentric, family.

Rosalie wrinkles up her nose, putting the shoes back. Nope. Instead, there is a quiet ooooooh as she reaches for a pair of black leather boots. With high heels. That come up to her knees. Snatching them off the shelf, she settles herself on the floor to try them on. If she answers, Bella doesn't hear it. "Just go in whole hog for the heels. You'll learn quickly enough." Three broken ankles later.

"Go with something with plenty of support to start out," Alice suggests. "Then slowly increase how high they go, once you're comfortable." Selecting a pair of almost-flats, the heel barely an inch, she hands the box over to Bella. "Here, try these. Walk around the store in them."

Bella glances back to Esme, looking at least a little encouraged by her words, perhaps responding to the maternal nature of the woman. "Ok…just promise to catch when I fall, ok?" She asks with a snort of a laugh, hands digging deeper into her pockets as she turns to face the shelves again. Nope. No way. Not a chance in hell, before or after! Her face is quite open, the reactions to the more extravagent shoes. Finally she pauses, biting her lower lip as Alice offers her a pair to try. One hand snakes out of her pocket to reach for the shoes. She laughs a little at the comment on Alice, glancing over her shoulder at the pixie. "I suppose it will be a small price to pay…" she comments with amusement. She darts a look at Rosalie's suggestion, "I think Carlisle would have to quit his job at the hospital if I did that…" He would be too busy patching Bella up to work decent hours! She then settles down on one of those benches again to put the shoes on.

Esme chuckles. "Rosalie, we really don't want Bella to hurt herself," she gives, with a shake of her head before offering Bella a reassuring smile. "We won't let you fall, Bella, not unless you actually want us to," Esme pauses to think for a few moments. "No, I don't think Edward would like it very much if we took you home broken, would he."
"Oh, she wouldn't be broken. They are just heels, after all." Rose stands up, looking down at the boots. "These would look really good with that plaid skirt we got in Italy…you know, the black and red and white one? That comes to mid-thigh? Don't you think Alice?" Oh yes. Short skirts and leather boots. Such is Rosalie.

Alice grins at Rose and nods. "I do, Rose. And maybe the cropped red halter top? With no back and the tie-in neck?" She suggests, slipping on the blue sparkly shoes and taking a few paces in them. Seeing Bella try on the heels, Alice grinned encouragingly. "You won't break anything."

Once the shoes are on Bella's feet she raises her feet into the air, giving them a speculative look trying to ignore the teasing from Rosalie. Nothing to these really. Barely an inch. She has boots with thicker soles. At the mention of Edward, a faint smile touches her lips. Well she wouldn't mind falling if he was there to catch her. There is a blush on her cheeks at the mere thought of it, causing her to look down to hide her face in a curtain of hair. She takes a few deep breaths and finally rises to her feet, taking a few hesitent steps across the store. There is a stumble as her toe catches the edge of a carpet divide, but she recovers without falling. She pauses for a moment before walking around a bit more.

Esme nods at Rose's comment. "I do love those boots, Rosalie, they look very lovely on you," she encourages, not entirely concerned with convincing her daughter not to wear anything to show off-y, it's not like she's got fashion deffecient girls. The whole while, of course, her eyes are on Bella, not straying too far from her, in case the teen should need to be caught before she goes face first into the floor. Of course, as Bella goes further, Esme stops moving with her, smiling as she watches. "Excellent, they're not so bad, are they?" she questions, before settling her eyes on a pair of pale, strappy heels, that seem to draw her attention. She makes her way over to the very un-Esme heels, and, of course, tries them on. They've got quite a heel, and are made up of a gold colour vaguely similar to the outfit she wore for the masquarade.

Rosalie considers, looking down at her loooong legs, made longer by the heels and the sleek effects of the boots. "I don't know. I don't think Emmett would like me going out with so much flesh showing." YEAH RIGHT. Who is she trying to fool?? "Okay. Getting these." A glance over. "Those look….nice…Bella." Hey. She tried. Turning back to the shelves, Rose goes looking further. "I like the blue ones, Alice."

"They sparkle!" Alice cries gleefully, which is clearly the beginning and the end of it, right there. Alice had a whole shelf in her closet dedicated to sparkly things. Looking over towards Bella, she winces slightly as Bella trips, and breathes a sigh of relief after she rights herself. "How's it going there, Bella?" She calls.

Bella is looking at least a little more confident as she walks back to the trio without any further mishap. So maybe THESE heels are no worse than usual. She shakes her head at Esme, "No, they are not so bad." She agrees reluctantly as she looks down at her feet for a moment. Rosalie's 'compliment' makes her jerk her head up to the woman a bit surprised, "Ah thanks…" She glances back at Alice's exclamation and smiles a moment, "They look great Alice…" Then there is a faint frown forming as she looks at the pixie psychic vamp, "But these aren't the type I am going to be wearing, is it?"

Esme turns her head to eye Rosalie. "I'm sure Emmett would have no prblem with you going out showing so much off… give him more reason to make everyone jealous," she gives with a wink and shake of her head. Alice's words make her chuckle. "I still have glitter on the dining room table from Jake," she addresses towards the pixie-esque girl, though she chuckles more than anything, not even slightly phased that her dining room is glittery. "Excellent, Bella, we'll have to get you those. Do you like that colour? I'm sure they've got other choices if you don't," she gives, the look on her face almost giving the impression of Esme as a little girl, jumping up and down and clapping her hands excitedly.

"They definitely sparkle, Alice." Hearing Bella's words, Rose just can't help herself. Granted, she doesn't try. But really. If the girl is going to leave openings big enough to drive a MACK truck through…"No Bella. You'll be wearing something like…this." Reaching out, she snags a pair of four inch heels, very strappy, nearly nothing to them but silver sequins.

Alice snickers softly into her hand, trying to maintain a straight face after Rose's little comment. She walks over to one of the shelves, and pulls out a pair of wedge heels, white, with plenty of support - the heel is about two and a half inches. "Probably something more like this. But I need to find those in my size." Alice nods to Rose's sequin-heels.

The colour? Bella hadn't even noticed that aspect of the shoes upon her feet. Really she had not looked past their heels. Something bright no doubt. "Maybe…black?" Something subtle, so she didn't stand out to much. She arches a brow at the mention of glitter and Jake, a curious questioning look passed to Esme, but before she could ask about her friend, Rosalie's words cause her to look sharply to the beautiful woman. There is a fleeting horrified look as she glances at the shoes. She quickly looks to Alice, a look of wishful hope that she will refute Rose's claims. Of all the things she has to worry about. Volturi, Werewolves, out of control cars…it is her two left feet that are the forefront of her mind right now. Breaking her neck on her wedding day is. She looks over to the shoes Alice's holds up and well they suddenly look a lot better in contrast. "Ok…yes…" She says trying to convince herself, but not sounding terribly so.

Esme just shakes her head at the two vampires as she takes the shoes off that she had tried on, returning them to the box and then to their shelf. "Those look like good, safe shoes," she gives towards Alice in regards to the shoes she's showing Bella. "Those," she motions towards the shoes Rosalie had suggested as Bella's wedding shoes, "could be your 'after' shoes."

With a wicked grin, Rosalie turns to put the shoes back on the shelf before finding Alice's size and passing them over to her. Suddenly, there is music. 'Yeah you…shook me allllll niiiiiiight long…' In an instant, Rose's phone is plucked out of her pocket. "Hi baby." Pause. "You're where? Right now?" She turns to look at the other three, then clears her throat. "Yeah. I'm in Port Angeles shopping with the girls." Pause. "The park down the street you mean?" If Rose could blush, she would. "I'll be there in two minutes." The phone is snapped shut. "Uhm. Emmett is down the street at the park…and he wants me. So I'll be back in a little while." And out she goes.

"Talk. Right. Enjoy your heated.." Alice pauses dramatically, placing one hand over her heart. ".. philosophical debate. We'll still be here when you're done." Alice grins at Esme and Bella, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

At first the suggestiveness of Rosalie's statements go over Bella's head until Alice adds her own commentary and she looks after Rosalie, a blush bright on her cheeks and perhaps a glint of jealousy. She was surrounded by women who could /be/ with their lovers. She sighs softly as she looks to the 'wedding' shoes once more, fingers rising to touch upon them lightly before she takes a breath and turns quickly away, heading toward the bench to remove her shoes. She glances back up to the 'suggested' after shoes, "Well I suppose when I fall in them I at least won't break my neck after."

Esme laughs, quietly, as Rose leaves. "Rosalie, no snickerdoodles in public," she states, before laughing a bit harder this time. "And don't break anything… this time," the last two words are far too quiet for human ears. Esme turns her eyes on Bella, mothers intuition kicking in. "You are what he wants, Bella, it will work out," she gives, her words full of certainty.

Alice says, backtracking a bit, "Bella, you can't wear black shoes to a wedding. Not if you're the bride. They need to be white, or ivory. Peach, at most."

Snickerdoodles? Bella just blinks at Esme's phrase curiously before shaking her head. Don't want to know. Really it was like thinking of family having sex and well…wrong! She watches Rosalie head down the street for a moment before Esme's last words draw her back to the shop. She reaches a hand out to the woman, "Thank you Esme…some days are harder than others." She murmurs. There is no faulting her dedication, just her patience sometimes. Then Alice's words draw a laugh from her, "Of course white for the wedding…I meant black for those shoes." She points to the low heeled shoes she had tried on earlier. It seems like she might actually buy them.

Esme smiles. "It will be fine, Bella, it really will be," is given with a gentle, reassuring smile. "As for heels, it really can't hurt to have more than one colour of them. Right, you can wear them with everything that way, which will give Alice more reason to shop."

Alice grins, then nods. "Yes, black is a good color. Goes with everything. Though these do come in.." Alice examines the box. "This nice, vibrant red. Do you want red? Ooh, they have a pretty turquiose, too."

Bella seems to relax further at the reasurence from Esme and finally nods to the suggestion of more than one pair of shoes. She could nearly double her shoe quota with this one trip. She wrinkles her nose at the mention of red, but there is a thoughtful look at the mention of Turquoise and finally she nods. "Black and Turquoise." She finally agrees reluctantly. Well she planned to get away with no shoes today. They do have a way of changing her plans.

Esme nods. "Excellent choices, Bella. Though, I don't know, I think red could be perfect, you'd look really nice in red," she gives, smiling. "Alice's decision, though," she conceeds to her daughters fashion savvy, of course.

Alice grins and claps her hands. "Two pair of heels for Bella! Go team." She selects the appropriate boxes, and a box of her blue sparkly shoes. After thinking for a moment, she gets two pair of the 'after' heels, too. "Esme, are you buying those pretty gold shoes?"

"Maybe next time…one step at a time." Bella responds with a soft note of laughter at the suggestion of red shoes. Plain heels to start with, then will /maybe/ branch out, but she did say 'next time'. She finally moves back to the bench to put her own sneakers on, looking up at Alice to hear her declaration on her choice. She laughs a bit and blushes again as she focusses on tying the laces. Then there is time for her own payback, "You really should Esme, I am sure Carlisle would love to see you in them…"
Esme smiles at Bella's comment. "Good, I'm sure we've all intentions on taking you on plenty more shopping trips," she states, looking at Alice for confirmation on her statement. "Either way, black and turquoise are excellent choice, any shade of blue is a wonderful colour on you," is given with a firm nod of her head, before her attention is turned towards those gold shoes. "I'm sure he would, actually," she gives, the tone in her voice full of far too many implications that she won't say, for the sake of the ears around her. With a mischevious smile playing across her lips, she takes up the afformentioned heels.

Enter, stage right! The door swings open and in walks Rosalie. Perhaps she wasn't doing what they all thought. There is not a single hair out of place. She rejoins the shopping as if nothing has happened, like she never left, examining the heels. "Maybe we should have come here last, Alice. So we could get shoes for the outfits."
Alice grins at Rose. "Well, we can always come back. The clothes store is right next door." Stacking all the shoe boxes on top of one another, Alice skillfully manuevers over to the checkout counter, smiling at the clerk. "We'll take all of these, please."

Esme's comments about the blue do have Bella looking out of the shop, hiding her far too hard to control blush. Blue is Edward's colour for her, of course it would turn her mind to him. He likes the shade on her. She nods absently to the woman's words as she tries to give her betraying skin under control yet again. In that moment she lost the initiative to pay for her own purchases, Alice already at the counter. She sighs and finishes lacing up the sneakers and hops to her feet, jamming her hands in her pockets again. Her gaze settles on Rosalie as she returns once more, a curious speculation in her eyes as she looks out the way she came. Surely they needed more …time for what the others were suggesting.

Esme smiles. "That was a fast… conversation, Rose," she gives, before winking at her blond daughter as her own shes get attended to. "Where to next, Girls? A store with nice dresses, for Bella?" she questions, chuckling the whole while/

"Yeah. Emmett didn't really have much he needed to say." HA! Sure he didn't! Rosalie grabs another pair of heels, a white strappy pair, and then gathers her boots to pay for them. "Sure. Dresses. Though really, if we are getting dresses for Bella, Italy would be so much better."

Alice swipes her black card and signs the slip of paper, then, with both hands full of bags full of shoe boxes, she grins. "Well, Italy is always better. That's where I'm getting her wedding gown. But as we lack a private jet, Port Angeles will just have to do."

Bella groans at Esme's suggestion but reluctantly falls in line, ramming hands back in her pockets as she follows the trio. She glances up at the mention of Italy with an arched brow, "I don't think I could face another day of airline food." She gives as her own reason, having just flown back from Florida. Of course there is a multitude of other reasons. She blinks at Alice as she mentions the wedding gown, a bemused smile tugging at her lips, "I suppose I don't have a say in that either, eh?" She asks, not seeming overly upset. She wouldn't know what to pick for that special day. It had other signifigance than a white gown.

Esme simply casts a smile about the group. "Of course italy would be better, unfortunately, Alice is right," Esme heaves a slighty wistful sigh. "Anyway, on to the dresses? I'm sure Edward would appreciate a few lovely little dresses for his beloved," Esme's having too much fun.

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