Unexpected Meeting

IC Time: April 11th, 2007
Location: Outside Cullen House
Synopsis: Bela meets someone unexpected while getting some fresh air
Submitted by: Bella

Kiri is standing at the edge of what passes for a driveway, again completely still in the foggy misty morning. She's facing the house, though her eyes are closed. The occasional breeze blows her hair about her in wistful flurries. She's not wearing a dress today and even has shoes on. Occasionally she breaths, so she can get the scents in the area.

The front door of the house opens, and a lone figure steps out on the porch and looks around. Of course her human sight doesn't notice the still figure in the foggy mists. She zips up her heavy coat and glances over her shoulder at the house before taking the steps out to the front yard. Her steps are hesitant as if she really shouldn't be out here, but sometimes a girl just needs to get some air. Step out of the gilded cage. No other Cullen is 'visable' but they are no doubt around or she wouldn't have gotten this far.

Kiri opens her eyes at the sound, but still doesn't move from her spot. Watching the girl curiously she lets her own senses scan the area surrounding the young lady. Apparently satisfied, her eyes close again, though she does take in another slow deep controlled breath before going perfectly still once again.

There is a ringing sound and Bella draws a phone from her pocket, looks at the caller and sighs as she holds it up to her ear. "Yeah, hey mom…yes I made it back alright…Sorry I didn't call you sooner…" And on the call goes as Bella walks down the lane, not really watching how far from the house she goes, "No, it was not you mom…you know how you were like you were engaged…" The words on the other end causes blood to rush to her cheeks, "Mom!" She gasps, a hand coming to her face with embaressment, "Thats it mom…I am hanging up…no really…" She taunts her mom before pressing the button to stop the teasing words of her mother. She stands there just shaking her head as she looks down at the phone.

Kiri doesn't open her eyes, she's very keenly aware of where Bella is. Her sense of hearing being finer than any other sense she has. She slowly smiles at the conversation. As it comes to a close , Kiri opens her eyes and regards the lady once again, not too many feet away. She moves. A shrug, and speaks. "Hello Isabella." She still doesn't move from her spot, and her lips turn up into a genuine smile.

Isabella remains standing there musing over the conversation as the cool moist morning air cools the fire from her cheeks. The words so softly spoken do cause her to snap her head up and drop her phone at the same time. Her breath stops for a moment before her heart starts beating faster to make up. "Hello…" She finally chokes out as a response, her gaze flicking back to the house only briefly before focusing on the woman in front of her.

Kiri doesn't move with the blurring speed of her brethren, except in the shortest of bursts. The grace, however is unparalleled as she flits from 0 to 0 in a blink. Arriving at Bella's location already bent and picking up her phone. Straightening with a normal speed she holds it out to the young lady. "Do not be afraid. I will not harm you." She too glances at the house, very aware of the impeding potential for disaster.

Bella's hand is slow to raise to take the fallen phone back, a silver iphone from the looks of things. She is careful not to touch the woman's hand, recognizing her quickly as a vampire, though unsure of her 'abilities' other than the usual. Her gaze follows Kiri's gaze toward the house, the look in her gaze willing someone to look out the window this very moment. As with much of Isabella's life there is no such luck. Finally she looks back to Kiri as she slides the phone into her jean's pocket, her hand sliding in with it. "Of course not…" Alice or Edward or any one of the Cullens would surely be here by now if she were. "I…should get back." She says in a shaky voice, one hand raising to indicate the house, but otherwise staying rooted on the spot.

Kiri nods slowly, her friendly smile slowly dissipating. "Alice might well, if she didn't have anything else to gain by our meeting without endangering you." She takes a step back from Bella. "Edward… however. I don't think it matters if I was The Goddess herself." She glances towards the house shrugging, "Which begs the question. Where is Edward? I need him."

Bella watches the woman's movements with wide eyes, there is definately a touch of fear mixed with uncertainty. The eyes widen a touch more at the talk of Alice. What could Alice gain by not stopping this meeting? Doubts and questions touch her features, though she tries to keep them under control. She seems to relax by incriments as the woman steps back from her. There is subtle frustrated motions in her pocket. This was easier on the other phone, she knew exactly what to press. "He is out…" She pauses biting her lips a bit, "He is around…If you want I could pass a message to him for you." She is trying to sound pleasent, polite, but there is a definate edge to her voice.

Kiri's smile returns slightly, amused by the situation. "I think the message has just been delivered. I think Alice can provide the rest." Her eyebrows raise however. "Though if you really want, I can give you a phone number to pass on to —- whomever? I'm sure they will ~all~ curious." She reaches into the back pocket of her jeans and retrieves, yep, an Iphone. Activating it and sliding her finger across it she presses a single button and holds it out for Bella to view - it displaying a phone number. Her eyes are on Bella at this point, "Stop being afraid Isabella. When Aro acts it will not be like this, you will never see it coming."

Bella's fingers just tense around her own uncooperative phone in her pocket. "Sure…I can do that." She responds as she looks over the phone number, her lips moving unheard as she repeats the number in her mind setting it to memory. "I will let them know…" She says as her gaze tilts back to Kiri's face again. The assurence is met by a cough of a laugh, one that holds little humour in it. "Well easy enough for you to see, your life doesn't depend on you being…well…um dead." She responds eith an edgy note to her voice.

Kiri takes yet another step backwards as the iphone blanks itself and she returns it to her back pocket. She rolls her eyes slightly, "I think you can attribute that entire situation to Edward's stupidity." She glances towards the house briefly, "But a promise has been made now and in the presence of all the Three. There's no backing from that." Again another step backwards as she slightly turns away from you, "Like I said, Edward's stupidity, or perhaps his Love for you. Sometimes they are the same thing." She smiles at that thought, nodding mostly to herself.

"And I do not intend to break from that promise." Isabella says with more self assurence then anything she has said since this conversation begins, "We are just waiting for the right time…when it will not make…am impact." With several newborns already in the area, and other activity, don't want to cause more ripples than need be. Her jaws tighten at the insults of her Edward, "He isn't stupid…" She says through tightened teeth, her fingers balling into fists in her pockets. Ok so Edward has done some stupid things. As the woman starts to head back down the path, Isabella remains rooted on the spot still, not willing to turn her back on the woman.

Kiri says, "I know. College, Edward said." She smiles, shaking her head, "So defensive and protective." Her smile fades and is replaced by a serious expression, "A shame, it had to be a promise." She turns quickly at this point and flits down the driveway in short bursts, from tree to tree like blinks between time. She's quickly out of sight after the first couple, if you manage to pick out where she appears between flits."

Bella gives a clipped nod to those words, though there is almost a flicker of defience to her look as well. This is something they disagree on, the when. 4 years of college, then what? What will be the next excuse and she gets further and further away in age from him. Physical age at least. She watches the woman disapear before she runs back to the house.'

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