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IC Time: April 12, 2007, evening
Location: Treaty line on HWY 101
Synopsis: Bella and Edward go to tell Jacob about the wedding with Alice and meet with Lorelei.
Submitted by: Bella

Edward holds his hand down to Bella as if he can sense she needs to get out of the house. His eyes move to Rosalie as he snorts and turns to hide his smirk as he says to Bella, "why don't we head into town." He looks to his "favorite sister" Alice and says, "You can come too if your bored. We are going to see Jacob."

As Carlisle leads Esme out of the room, Bella looks a touch relieved. Well it is never good when parental types say they 'need to talk to you'. Brief reprieve really. Bella takes the hands held out to her and rises neatly to her feet. There is a nod to the words, "That would be good, I could use some fresh air…" And the girls not tormenting her with parental and sibling snickerdoodles! The mention of the name Jacob causes her to drop her head to his chest for a moment before nodding and looking up to him, "Yes, I would rather he found out from us…"

Alice grins at Edward. "I'll come with you guys, sure! Just let me get changed. Meet you in the foyer in two minutes?" With that, she zooms upstairs to change.

Edward nods and says, "It will take less then Alice two minutes to get dressed. We can start walking to the car." He moves his hand down to hold Bella's as he smiles, "He needs to find out soon. We will need to explain to him what is going on."
Edward takes a deep breath inward, as he says, "What are you in the mood to take? The Volvo, or Lexus?" As he begins to walk towards the car. His fingers move to lace in with Bella's as he looks over at her.

"Of course it will…Esme gave us two minutes to get ready the other day. I swear she forgets I am not one you yet." Bella says with a grin at her fiance, her fingers intertwining with his. The smile faulters at the reminder of their current mission. She knows how Jacob feels about her, feels about the 'change' she wants to go through.

Alice is the last one out of the house, but more because she wanted to give Bella and Edward a few moments alone than because of any slowness on her part. She comes out of the house, dressed down in a loose purple sparkly t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Of course, they are /designer/ jeans, but no one but Alice knows that. On her feet are a pair of yellow sneakers with flourescent rainbow laces. Running to catch up to her brother and Bella, she suggests, "We can take my car," meaning her yellow VW bug.

Edward 's eyes look towards the bug as Alice comes up behind him and he stops walking. He gives Alice a side glance and presses his lips into a fine line, "Must we? Does it get to 80 miles an hour without falling apart Sis?"

"Darling, Alice likes driving even faster than you do, of course it goes over 80 miles an hour whether I wish it did or not." Bella replies with a faint smile to her lip, tilting her heat to rest against his shoulder for a moment. She gives a smile to Alice , "You look cute in that." Bella says as she walks toward the garage.

Alice sticks her tongue out at Edward. "Nyah. Bella's right. Rose took out the engine and put in a better one. It just /looks/ dingy, so I can drive it around Forks without being stared at. It can hit 120 without trying. We can take your Volvo, though, if you'd rather."

Edward looks towards Bella and smirks and says, "If Bella says it's worthy. Then…you drive." He moves to open the door for Bella. As he says, "I will let you two girls sit up front." Edward begins to crawl into the back seat.

"I will not admit to it being worthy…but I am sure you will appreciate the …speed." Bella says with a roll of her eyes as she sits down in the passenger front seat, quickly buckling in. She then turns to face both Alice and Edward. Really anything but the road that is about to zoom by her head. She extends a hand back to Edward as she settles in, "I suppose we should call Jacob to meet us somewhere?"

Alice grins as she gets into her car, patting the hood affectionately. She scoots her seat forward a bit so Edward has some more leg room. Looking at Edward in the rear view mirror, she smiles sheepishly. "Sorry, brother. These things aren't really made for people with long legs." After buckling her seatbelt, she eases out of the driveway and onto the road. "Yes, Edward, use your shiny new iPhone and warn Jacob."

"I don't think it is best I call him. I also don't think it is best we go into La Push Alice. I think we should drive to the border and call him from there. This way we can meet with him and anyone else he wishes to bring with him." He slides his phone from his coat and twirls it over his fingers and hands it out for Bella to take.

Bella bites her lips at Edward's words, drawing her legs up on the seat as best she can. "Well…it is just a marriage announcement, not a battle…I mean, we have been engaged for nearly a year now, he had to know this is coming." Bella says in a quiet voice and looks to the phone as it is passed to her, before taking it from Edward's hands. "I am sure he will be fine…" She says, really sounding like she is trying to convince herself, though she doesn't quite dial the number yet. She glances up at Alice hopefully, "Any warnings you care to give right now would be great…" Of course, forgetting at the moment the mental black spot with the werewolves.

Alice smiles sympathetically at Bella, patting her shoulder. "I can't tell you what he's going to say, but he loves you, Bella. He just wants what's best for you. It'll be okay."

Carlisle pages Edward, Alice, Bella, Esme, and Rosalie: She doesn't have problems screaming the name though. When I am in trouble.
Edward says calmly as he looks out the window as Alice drives, "We are telling him about everything. He needs to know about the change. He needs to be made to understand why it needs to happen."

Forks - Highway 101: Out of Town


For northbound drivers, the exit to La Push comes up quite suddenly after the steep northeasterly turn several hundred feet back. The sign is in brown, listed as a historical site and land belonging to a Native American tribe, the Quileutes. For southbound traffic, signs indicate that Forks is coming up very quickly. Aside from the noted exit signs, the highway here is a long, peaceful stretch, bordered by evergreen trees and ferns. It's a simple two-lane highway at this point, and drivers seem to glide along at a relaxed pace. When the rain pelts down particularly hard, it isn't uncommon to see drivers pulled along the side of the road, waiting for conditions to improve.
OOC Note: there are significant distances between these areas. Please type 'look distances' to learn more.


Edward says as he watches the town fly by in a swirl of colors that he still picks up every detail on everyone person's face they pass. "We will explain to them about the threat we have and that you will be changed after the honeymoon. When your back with the family where Carlisle can help ease the pain with the plan we have discussed."

Alice sighs, turning onto the road leading to the border and waiting where there might as well be a big red line painted. 'NO VAMPIRES PAST THIS POINT', and all that. Instead, it looks like a normal stretch of road. Alice turns to Bella and Edward. "I'm sorry I can't tell you anything about how he'll react.."

Bella nods to Alice, "Of course, I forgot…" She lowers her gaze for a moment, "If it was not going to all end well you would have told me by now…" Yes he could freak out and tear her to shreds, but that thought is ever so brief and she shakes her head to dismiss it. "He will be fine when we explain it." For the rest of the trip her eyes remain on Edward's face, trying to settle herself. "After the honeymoon?" She asks with an arched brow, "Now Edward…" She starts before glancing at Alice and blushing a bit and dropping her gaze. The the trip ends and she looks up again and to the sign. "I suppose I should call him now…"

Edward waits for Bella to get out of the car, before he does and says, "I don't expect he is going to take it well." Edward expands his thoughts to their full range out here to catch anyone out coming just in case. He runs a hand through his hair as if he is ignoring the "Now Edward…" comment and sighs.

Alice sighs and looks out the car window, her hands toying with her rhinestone-studded belt. "He's usually a reasonable, friendly guy.. but no one is reasonable when it comes to love. I just wish he'd find someone other than Bella to love."

Bella slowly uncurls herself and gets out of the car, still holding Edward's phone in her hand. She glances up to Edward as he ignores her protest, jaw tightening for a moment before she shakes her head and walks a little ways from the car, just to stretch her legs from the horrowing ordeal. Number is dialed, a message bank voice might be heard on the other end by the vampires, "Hey Jacob, its me Bella.. I am on Edward's phone, forgot mine at the house. We are at the…border and hoping you could meet with us. Just give us a call when you get this message."
Lorelei arrives from La Push.
Lorelei has arrived.

Alice , Edward, and Bella are at the border. Alice is in the driver's seat of a VW bug with faded yellow paint, Edward in the backseat, and Bella is standing right outside the car, having just left a message for Jacob with Edward's cell phone.

With a slight grunt, Edward gets out of the car. As he leans against the yellow bug, Edward turns his head sideway and says, "We are about to have a guest shortly. It is not Jacob. She is close." His amber eyes falling on Bella. He crosses his arms over his chest watching her intently as he does not seem to budge in her protest.

The scent of wolves is easy to pick up when wolves are on patrol, and with things going on lately Lorelei figured she better check out who was at the edge of the lands. She is making her way out from the tree line, in her human form and clothed as well. Her bright gaze drifts towards the car as she catches sight of it, which makes her smirk faintly. A faint huff escapes her while she moves onwards so she can speak to them. "Evening.." Is said her gaze turning from Bella, to Alice and then Edward.

Bella turns off the phone and walks back to the car to hand the phone back to Edward, "We will talk later." She says under her breath to him before his warning causes her to glance toward the treeline, stepping to the side of her protector. When the woman appears Bella leans forward around her shield and manages a bit of a smile, "Evening…" She replies in kind with a little nod of her head.

As he turns to face the woman, Edward nods to her and says, "Good evening. I trust Jacob is not with you. A shame…we were looking to speak with him. Do you know where he is this evening?" Edward steps slightly to the side to allow Bella to see, however he is still remaining in front of her and easily within arms reach.
You paged Edward with 'Want to give Carlisle another nudge? He might have noticed in the multipage spam?'
Alice gets out of the car as the scent of wolf starts to waft in, closing the door behind her and coming to stand next to Edward and Bella. "Hello," she greets the werewolf cheerily, smiling.

Lorelei glances back to Bella as she speaks first and offers her a slight nod. "Hi.." She offers along with a slight wave, rather friendly like. "He wasn't with me so I'm not all that sure.. An he wasn't in wolf form or he'd know about you being here by now." This offered while she nods to Alice. "What did you need to speak with him about, perhaps I could help you?"

Bella just stands a step behind Edward, but slightly to the side. "Of course, well I just left him a message. Do you mind if we wait here for him?" She asks cordially of the woman in respect of the treaty in place. "Well it is rather personal, we much rather speak directly with him about it first." Bella continues before glancing back at Alice , then up at Edward.

As he turns on his charming voice, Edward takes a step towards the wolf and says, "We would like to extend a wedding invite to him, and your entire trip. Bella and I will be married in 6 weeks, with a 2 week vacation. We would be honored if Jacob, you and your "tribe" joined us."

Alice raises her eyebrows, and steps on Edward's foot. Luckily for him, she's not wearing her spike heels. She turns to Lorelei. "Excuse my brother, he doesn't know how to act around civilized people. Can you pretend you just didn't hear any of that? I think Bella wants to tell Jacob first."

As Edward answers Lorelei, Bella's eyes just go wide, "Edward! We talked about this…" She hisses under her breath, sure that he can hear her even if he does seem to have a problem with 'selective' hearing sometimes. She sighs and steps forward, trying to move around Edward and nods to Alice's words as she looks to Lorelei, "Please don't tell him if you can…keep it from him. I would rather tell him myself, I am sure you understand."

"I don't see the issue Bella. You said yourself he will take it fine. He knows it was coming we have been engaged for some time. We just have decided a date." Edward's amber eyes turn to Lorelei, as he points his foot downward to stretch it. He gives Alice a flat look before he continues, "I think they all need to know. We would be honored to have them at the wedding."

Lorelei blinks at Edward and smirks while she watches him a few moments before she looks to Bella and ahs a moment. "Seems your friend there can't help himself huh?" She questions softly before she looks to Alice and smirks some. "Its alright.. I won't tell him. But I do hope you tell him soon Bella." She offers with a friendly sounding tone.

Alice smiles at Lorelei. "Also, we're having a party at our house, while our parents are away in Prague. Stop by and bring the pack, if you like. We'll have lots of food and drink and music."

Lorelei has partially disconnected.
Bella casts a look to Edward for a moment, jaw still tight for a moment. Her own words coming back to haunt her. "Well yes I did say that…I just think…well he is a good friend, it would have been /polite/ to tell him first." She gives a thankful look to Alice for the foot stomping knowing she would just break her foot if she tried. She blinks at Alice as she hears about the party, having come in too late earlier to catch the details. She recovers quickly and looks back to Lorelei, "Yes, please come. I am sure it will be fun if Alice is organizing it." Only a faint tone of dismay there. Alice will probably want to go Shopping before hand.

Edward nods and shrugs, "If Jake has an issue with it. He is welcome to stop by the house any time he wishes to speak to me." His eyes move to look back at Lorelei, "Alice does throw an amazing party."

Lorelei sighs fiantly as she catches a part of what Edward said. "You actually want me to believe you.. /you/ would be honored to have us at your wedding?" She questions with a faint tone. A glance is offered to Alice curiously. "Your inviting us to a party?.." She huffs softly. "I'm sure you would enjoy explain it to him.."

Alice nods at Lorelei. "Yes. A party. It's going to be a big party. You're our allies, and Jacob is our friend. Therefore, you are invited to the party." Alice's tone isn't condescending, but friendly, and firm.

Alice nods at Lorelei. "Yes. A party. It's going to be a big party. You're our allies, and Jacob is our friend. Therefore, you are invited to the party." Alice's tone isn't condescending, but friendly, and firm.

Edward smiles and says, "Alice. Why don't you take Bella back. I need to get some air." By air Edward is starving and makes an attempt to be polictically correct.

Bella glances up at Edward before looking back to Lorelei, "Yes, we want you at the wedding. You are our friends, you are welcome to our home." Well at least /her/ invitation isn't meaning to rub Jacob's nose in it. At the odd words from Edward, Bella looks up at him curiously before her gaze focuses on his eyes and she just nods. "I will see you back at the house later, try not to ruin your shirt, Esme bought that for you special." She says with a pleasent enough smile on her lips as she leans up and kisses his cheek, "We will talk later." She whispers.

Lorelei watches Alice and smiles some before nodding. "Alright.. I'll see if anyone else wants too go along." A slight nod is offered to Bella, though she isn't fully sure on the friends part, she's had plenty of runins with vampires lately and isn't to thrilled with them to say the least.

Edward 's hand wrap around Bella's waist. He gently pushes her in towards him as he whispers, "I know. I know I am jerk and how could I." He moves into kiss her, his passion and love for the woman could be clearly seen by a blind man by the way they are kissing. "I love you." he whispers. He releases her and looks over at the werewolf, "Good night."
Edward turns away from the border and is gone in a swirl of colors.

When Edward grab's Bella and draws her to him, well pretty much nothing else exists in that moment. Her heart starts pounding away at an eratic beat that no doubt Alice can hear. Her eyes flutter close as he kisses her, a kiss that just melts away her anger. The words barely register, though she gives a faint little nod. "I love you too.." She finally replies and stands there a little breathless and flushed as he disapears into the bush. It takes her a moment to remember there are others around her and she quickly turns around , trying to let her loose hair cover her flaming cheeks. "Sorry…" she mumbles.

Lorelei watches Bella and Edward a few moments before she glances off back towards the forest and huffs faintly. "Ya that's fine.. Did you want to go and wait for Jacob, or was you leaving as well?" This questioned to Bella as she looks back over to the others.

Alice smiles at Bella. "It's up to you, Bella. I can't go with you, but if you want to go wait with Lorelei, you can. I'll be here or at home when you're done.. whichever you'd rather." She rests a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Well I left a message with Jacob, I suppose he will come around when he gets it." Bella replies before she pats her pocket and looks out to the direction Edward left, "Curse it, I gave the phone back to Edward." Bella smacks the side of the car in frustration, then draws her hand up with a hiss of pain, rubbing at her hand, "I suppose I should go back with you Alice, Carlisle doesn't want me away from the house too long, with all that is going on." She says before looking back to Lorelei, "If you see Jake, could you send him over, you are of course welcome as well."

Lorelei tilts her head and nods while turning to head back and head homewards. "Sure thing.. I'll let Jacob know and I'll tag along." Someone will need to be there when Jacob hears the information after all, specially if Edward is there. "You two take care, alright?"

Alice smiles at Lorelei, giving her a respectful nod. "Thank you for talking with us. We'll see you soon." She turns back to the car, opening the passenger side door for Bella before walking around the car and getting in herself.

"You too Lorelei, I hope to see you again soon." Bella says pleasently before she moves back to the car, steeling herself for the journey home before getting into the car and buckling herself in. Really she wishes there was a five point safety harness in the Cullen vehicles.

Lorelei gances back to the two before she slips back into the forest, heading off to try and figure out where Jacob is.

Jacob Arrives

Alice and Bella were in Alice's little VW bug with faded yellow paint. Alice was just about to turn the key in the ignition, with Bella in the passenger seat and Lore some ways away from them.

Jacob howls. No, not the bone chilling wolf howl that makes vampires nervous. A human approximation. He sounds rather like a kid on Halloween. The chuckle that follows leaves no doubt who it is, to those with sensitive ears. "Wait… I'm sorry, I didn't get your message until now. It said it was from Edward — I didn't check it." He shrugs.

The howl causes Bella to look up from her seat, her hand goes to Alice's hand to keep her from speeding away. "I think Jacob finally got the message…" She murmurs before unbuckling her seatbelt and looking up to Jacob with a half smile, though there is a look of trepidation. "Sorry about, I got out here and realized I left my phone at home. Maybe I should have used Alice's instead?" She suggest with a touch of forced amusement.

Lorelei lifts her head at the howl and glances backwards to catch sight of Jacob going towards the car. She turns and starts to head back over, taking her time at the moment.

Alice jumps. Gah, she was not expecting that! She takes the key out of the ignition and gets out of the car, coming around to open the door for Bella. Apparently Bella can't open her own doors. Or Alice is a gentleman. Your choice. "You could've just shouted, Jacob," she grumbles good-naturedly.

Jacob nods, "I could have, but that wouldn't have been as.. fun." He catches Bella's look and waves at the approaching Lorelei. "Is everything all right?"

Bella blinks up at Alice as she finds the woman at her car door and nods to her before getting out and looking over to Jacob, "No, no…nothing's wrong. Well not really." Well ok, there are lot of things wrong. Bella shakes that out of her head, "Well, I didn't want you to hear through gossip and all. We…um…" She glances to the woods where Edward left a few minutes ago before looking back to Jacob. She stands up a bit taller then, trying not to look so nervous, "We set a date for the wedding and I wanted to give you an invitation personally."

Lorelei waves back to Jacob. "Naw.. Its all alright." At least for now. She'll let Bella explain everything though.

Alice stands next to Bella, a hand on the other girl's shoulder. Her golden eyes watched Jacob cautiously - there was no Sight to help her react and prepare for his reactions. Alice was blind.

Jacob knew this day would come. But did it have to be now, today? He closes his eyes, looking like he might just bolt — or faint — or something. His right hand twitches noticeably and for an instant, he lets the heat take him — only an instant. Then, just to prove to himself that he still has control over /something/ he calms himself. He leans in close to Bella to whisper something so quiet only she can hear — and then tilts his head waiting for the answer. He smiles at Lorelei, suddenly glad that some part of his other 'family' is here. He'll need them more than ever now.
Jacob whispers: Are you sure this is what you want? Last chance…

Lorelei glances between Alice and Bella before looking back to Jacob and offers him a soft smile back. Well Edward told her so she already knew, still she's glad to be here for Jacob knowing it can't be easy on him.

Alice hears the whisper, but pretends not to, golden eyes lifting so that she stares at the sky. La la la. Her hand never leaves Bella's shoulder, a comforting granite presence.

Bella just stays next to the car, perhaps leaning on it for support since there is no Edward here to support her, the hand on her shoulder having at least /some/ calming effect. She bites her lip as watches Jacob's reaction, a flicker of fear/concern in her eyes as she notices the twitch in his hand. Not fear of him, just fear that she might hurt him with this. That he might run away again. Her own hands ball up into fists at her side with the tension. She blinks at the whisper then looks up at Jacob sharply, "Yes, I am sure. I am commited to Edward and this is the only way…" She says only wavering a bit. "We hardly have a choice anyway…" She says as if trying to soften the 'blow'.

Jacob replies through his teeth, "There's always a choice.", he says, echoing some earlier words. He takes a deep breath. "You keep making it harder for me to keep my promise. But I'm going to keep it. I'll always be close… in case you need me." He looks her in the eye and then squeezes them shut. A tear falls, unnoticed by him as he says. "I love you Bella Swan — and because I love you I can say this. Go. Go to him and be happy." He starts to back away, perhaps for safety's sake in case he can't hold on to his human form…

Lorelei eyes Bella and Jacob a few moments before she move forward to try and tries to set her hand against his shoulder to show that his not alone. She can just imagen how the next few days might be around the pack, not easy that's for sure.

Alice wraps an arm firmly around Bella's waist, helping her see that she's not alone. Alice will be behind her, whatever choice she makes. She smiles sympathetically at Jacob, but knows she can't help him now.

"Not when I love someone as much as I do Jacob. Not when me not doing this means my death…that it means his death. Think of Sam and Emily…what would Sam do if Emily died? That is how I feel about Edward." Bella says with just a bit more passion in her voice, "If I don't do this now /they/ will kill me. They may well kill Alice and Esme and every one of the Cullens for protecting me." She shakes her head and sighs, dropping her gaze from Jacob's as she feels the hands about her waist and she leans a bit against the petite Cullen. Finally she looks up, "Even without all that…I wanted to with him forever from the first moment I saw him, before I knew who he was, before I knew of the Volturi…" So he infuriated the hell out of her back then, well he still does sometimes. This really is an old argument, "I love you Jake and I wish that was enough for you."

Jacob reminds her, "You knew me first." "We've come a long way from mudpies." He manages a smile, clinging to her last sentence. Love. Love is always enough. Just hearing her say that, just hearing it again, does wonders for him. He nods. "For you, for the Cullens…" He looks at Lorelei, "For everyone but me…" "I… I'm not going to run. I promised.. I just need… I need some…" and he dashes away, a wolf in his place. Long moments pass in silence and then… the low, long, hair-raising howl of a single

Love. Love is always enough. Just hearing her say that, just hearing it again, does wonders for him. He nods. "For you, for the Cullens…" He looks at Lorelei, "For everyone but me…" "I… I'm not going to run. I promised.. I just need… I need some…" and he dashes away, a wolf in his place. Long moments pass in silence and then… the low, long, hair-raising howl of a single wolf, mournful midnight song of old. This time, the howl is real.'

Lorelei stays quiet, here only for support for Jacob, anything she might say wouldn't be good to hear most likely but that's only because its a spur of the moment deal. She blinks and looks to Jacob, a slight frown offered and she soon sighs as she watches him run off and then hears the howl. Her gaze turns back to Bella and Alice. "I'll make sure he'll be alright.." Somehow..

Alice reaches out and squeezes Lorelei's arm. "Thank you. Please do that." She turns to the human girl, gently steering her towards the car. "C'mon, Bella, we have to go home now."

There is a half smile given at the childhood memories Jacob brings up. "Yes we have." Bella says simply, sympathy in her gaze. Simpler times when Werewolves and Vampires didn't exist. The biggest worry was a boy tugging your ponytail. The words do strike those heart cords that do beat for Jacob. They may not be as strong as Edward's but they are still there, intertwined, a softer melody. She nods to his words, unable to speak anymore, a pained look on her face as he runs away. She hardly even notices as Alice steers her into the car, her own hands reaching for the seatbelt harness out of habit.

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