A Painful Reminder Of The Rules

IC Time: April 15, 2007
Location: Dew Drop Inn & the Harbor
Synopsis: Kiri and Jane meet and discuss paying Aset a visit; they find Abbey instead.
Submitted by: Abbey

Kiri steps inside nodding to the child like vampire, "Hello Jane." She turns to slowly survey the room, glancing at the blanket on the floor. "Accommodations not to your liking?" She smiles slightly, knowing the feeling. "Well. How about we get you updated so you can take care of things and get back home then?"

"So eager to see me go, Kiri?" Jane asks in her childlike voice, tilting her head to the side. "A shame. But I can't say I like this dinky little town.." She wrinkles her nose. "I don't see why you stay here." Gesturing to the couch, she says, "Sit, and tell me everything."

Kiri raises her eyebrows at the couch, but moves over to it to perch slightly on the arm of the couch, looking about as natural at it as a bird perches on a bonfire. "Everything? That would take far too long." She glances at the drawn curtains and shrugs, "I stay here because Caius and Aro want me to." She smiles turning back to Jane. "You could just go home and I will handle things, if you like?"

Jane makes a face. "No. I was sent here to do my duty and I will do it." Jane takes a seat on the bed, crossing her legs. "Tell me the necessary information, then."

Kiri speaks slowly and carefully, "The necessary information is …. we have a pack of shifters here in Forks attempting to blackmail the Volturi into … well into what, I'm not sure." She shrugs as if she's helpless to fathom the actual rational behind it, "This one particular wolf is named Aset and has in his possession videos depicting various supernatural beings and their acts. Some of those videos he handed over. Caius wants the rest." She smiles slightly. "Sounds easy enough?"

Jane bounces up and down, causing the mattress to creak complainingly. "Ooh, yes! Finally, I can have some fun!" Jane claps her hands and positively beams at Kiri. She looked like the child of an angel, except for those vivid red eyes. "When do we pay him a visit?"

Kiri chuckles slightly whilst shaking her head. "You want me to come along?" She rolls her eyes, "I could have gotten exactly what Caius needs without you, so I'm not quite sure he sent you to begin with." She leans forward slightly, using her knees as leverage for her hands, "Probably methodology, no doubt. He likes to make sure people understand exactly what they are facing."

Jane smiles sweetly at Kiri. "I'm sure you could do a good job. But can you inflict fear in the hearts of man, vampire, and wolf? Can you make them beg, can you make them promise to do anything as long as you'll stop? Can you do.. this?" Jane extends a hand, palm down, and then turns it upwards. Kiri would begin to feel a sudden tingling sensation that gradually became pain, real and agonizing. She smiles wickedly, then lets it fade. "No. I didn't think so. There is a certain job I do very well, and Caius likes to play towards our strengths. I figured you'd like to come.. hear him scream. It's always such a /nice/ sound."

Kiri shudders as she gulps in a lung full of air to begin screaming, only to let it out as a wavering sigh. She smiles slightly as the pain subsides. "Oh. I'm not much inclined to watch him scream, though beg is good." She nods slowly, holding up a finger, "The female, however, screaming would be very good, yes." She stands briefly lifting off the arm of the couch to settle down into the couch proper, folding her legs at the knees and leaning back. "It's not going to be that simple, however."

Jane smiles slightly, a rather scary sight. "Sometimes, actions speak louder than words." Then she tilts her head. "There's a female? I thought it was just one, this.. Aset, was it? Is she his pack?"

Kiri shakes her head in the negative and then nods it in the positive, "There are three, to my knowledge. The female is the alpha. The Caucasian male is a pack mate. The Egyptian looking one… I am not sure, but I just label him as a lover of the alpha's. That would be Aset." She folds her arms across her chest defensively, "I've been inside their residence. Hard to miss once you know what scents to look for and it's a virtual…. terrorists nest. Blueprints, chemicals, and other such devices." "I don't know enough about most of them to actually find them separately, except perhaps one. The alpha. I know where she works." She purses her lips slightly, "It would probably be far better to engage them outside the residence, as I would suspect it's set to blow and cover their tracks."

Jane nods. "I was thinking that, too. Perhaps I can ask Demetri for some help.." She ponders this. "I've learned some tracking from him, I'm not at all bad. So if he's not available, I can try my hand at it. We can start with the female. Perhaps she'll tell us where the others are, after a little.. convincing." Jane shows all her teeth in a grin.

Kiri nods slowly, "Oh. I'm sure she will, if she knows." Kiri smoothly rises from the couch, shrugging, "The problem with her work place is that it's fairly public. The docks down by the harbor." She turns to regard Jane, "So your tracking skills might come in handy yet. We can start there either way."

Jane nods, and lifts herself off the bed. She takes her black cloak and drapes it around her shoulders, pulling the cowl over her head. "Let's."

Kiri flits to the door, with just a slight blur, and opens it for Jane, standing to the side. "So we shall."

Jane walks to the door at a normal, human pace, a little smile resting on her lips. She walks through the door and into the hallway.


With the afternoon starting to settle over the harbor Abbey is on her way home, she worked another shift to get some more money in for the pack seeing how they are going to be leaving. At the moment she is making her way down the pier with a burning cigarette in her lips while she dials in a few numbers on her cell phone. She pauses a moment and smirks while half hitting the phone against her hand a few times, of course it doesn't want to work now, damn thing. Many of the other workers have left or are further back on the docks busy working at the moment as well.

Standing at the top the stairs of the boardwalk where they descend into the harbor proper, Kiri holds out her arm and points for Jane's benefit. "The one with the cigarette in her hand and banging her cellphone about. That would be Lee, the Alpha." She glances at the diminutive form beside her, or at least at the top of her cowl. "She's bound to pick up our scents momentarily."

Jane is the diminutive figure, clad in a black cloak that covers most of her body. She smiles up at Kiri, then makes her way towards the wolf in question. Jane looks to be about twelve, and has a sweet, childlike voice which she uses now. "Hello, miss, can I have a moment of your time?"

Abbey lifts her gaze towards the sudden voice that is before her and she blinks at the form there. Her pale gaze curiously watches Jane before her gaze narrow as she picks up the scent from the child. Great.. A little child that is a leech. She huffs a moment and is about to say something though lifts her head and sends her gaze towards where she catches Kiri's scent. Her jaw clentches slightly before she rolls her shoulders and pockets the cellphone. "I suppose I don't have a choice in the matter?"

Kiri nods very slowly at Abbey, "I would truly recommend cooperating with Jane to the fullest." She takes the few steps to put herself at Jane's side still holding Abbey's gaze. "The repercussions of not doing so will haunt you for the rest of your life, however long that might be." She shrugs slightly, "Then again, cooperating might too if you live long enough."

Jane smiles sweetly up at Abbey, offering her small hand. "Let's go somewhere private and talk," she suggests. Jane is a girl of few words - she lets Kiri do most of the talking.

Abbey looks to Kiri a few moments, there isn't fear or anger in her gaze is just calmness there. To the offered hand she doesn't move to take it. "Lead the way then.." She says with a simple tone, its not like she can make a scene here after all. Another drag is taken from her cigarette before she flicks it to the ground as the ashen smoke curls into the air.

Kiri breaks her gaze from Abbey's to scan the immediate area. Apparently coming to a conclusion of some sorts she begins heading towards what looks like a warehouse. As she leads the way she keeps her thoughts and words to herself. She reaches for the padlock barring her entry and simply twists it off till it snaps and falls to the floor, then opens the door for the two behind her. She isn't much smiling this late afternoon.

Jane makes her strides longer to catch up with Kiri, casting a glance behind her to make sure Abbey was behind her. She pushed the door open, stepping inside the pitch dark room. Her eyes quickly adjusted.

Abbey the thought of running actually enters her mind as she stands there a moment, though Kiri knows where they live. Her gaze drifts up to the sky a moment watching it before she follows after the pair and into the warehouse. She watches the two, wary it would seems, her eyes taking on a slight glow in the dimly lit place.

Kiri closes the door promptly and immediately turns and walks down the nearest wall in the pitch darkness. It's suddenly pierced by bright light as a door open right next to her and a human male begins stepping out of that room, dressed in a security guard's uniform. Kiri reaches out with a casual seeming gesture and simple extends her arm in a blur. There is not quite a sickening crunch as the guard's head snaps backwards and he begins to slump to the floor. As he does so, Kiri simply pushes him back into the room and shuts the door. Turning to face the other two. "We're quite alone now."

Jane takes a few more steps into the warehouse, then turns to face Abbey. "We are here to ask you about your pack mates, wolf. You have one chance to answer this question, and answer it truthfully: where is Aset?"

Abbey blinks as she watches Kiri and frowns while shaking her head."You didn't have to kill him.." She knew that man she could have told them it was alright and to just leave. She takes in a breath and looks to Jane while lifting a brow. "Aset?.. I have no idea where he is.. Why do you want to talk to him?" Its truthful and then again it’s not, she has general ideas where Aset is at any point during the day but she refuses to tell them where he is.

"He's not dead, Lee. That would be a waste. Maybe later. Depends on how hard you make Jane work, and how thirsty that makes her." Kiri crosses the few feet to join the two of them, frowning slightly. "Please stop being evasive. It will only make it more difficult and Jane more thirsty." She glances back towards the door, "And jeopardize that man's life.""

Jane smiles up at Abbey, the very picture of angelicness. "We can do this the hard way, Lee, or we can do this the easy way. You get to choose."

Abbey has never done anything the easy way.. "You two can think whatever you like, but I don't know where he is." She states with a thin tone. It'll take more than doing something to her and that man for her to give up Aset it seems. "Why do you want to talk to him?" Is questioned again.

“Okay. Let me rephrase the question for your feeble intellect." She moves forward a step to play herself just ahead of Jane and to the right of Abbey, "Where and when is the best time and place to engage him in a nice conversation?" She glances towards Abbey's hands where the cellphone may still be or have been, "Or maybe you could just call him and ask him to meet you somewhere?"

Jane gives Abbey another one of her sweet smiles. "You really want to listen to what the nice lady is asking you, and choose your answer carefully."

Abbey smirks at Kiri and rolls her eyes slightly. "How about never?" She questions with a thin tone. A glance is offered to the cell phone. "Sadly I never got his phone number. Bit hard to call him don't you think?" Her gaze turns to Jane and she just smirks at her. "I don't listen all that well I guess."

Kiri takes a few steps backward, raising her eyebrows, "I don't really believe you don't have his number. Whatever do you do when you get frisky? Sit around and wait?" She moves closer to Jane, sighing slightly, "I think you're beginning to piss Jane off." Kiri's stance is one of defense to the practiced eye. She's choosing to protect Jane from what she knows is about to come, if necessary.

Jane lifts her hand, palm down, slowly curling it upwards. She concentrates. A tingling sensation will begin to wash over Abbey. Then it will intensify, bit by bit, into pain that seems to cover every inch of her skin.

Abbey peers at Kiri and just grins at her. "Oh.. I think of you when I get 'frisky'.." She says with an amused tone before shrugging and sighs, getting tired of this it seems. "I don't care if I'm pissing you or her off.." There is a pause while she watches Kiri take up a defense stance and lifts a brow. "Expecting something?.." This is questioned before Jane starts her magic so to speak. At first Abs just looks at the girl, the only thing showing that she actually feels anything is the clentching of her teeth. Though as the pain starts to grow it starts to get harder for her to deal with it, her eyes close while her head lifts and her hands ball into fists while she trying to deal with it, but even she will have a breaking point. "Funny trick.." Is offered with a faint breath escaping her.

Kiri maintains her defensive posture, keeping an eye on Abbey. "You aren't pissing me off, trust me." She glances briefly at Jane before bringing her focus back to Abbey, "This is the part I rather enjoy. When people figure out Jane can break them as easily as crushing a flower petal." She shrugs, reigning in her growing delight in watching Abbey suffer, "How do we find Aset, Lee?"

"Think of this as a warning, wolf. You might have survived this time.. but next time, I won't be so merciful." Those are Jane's parting words, as she walks out of the warehouse with Kiri. Somewhere, the guard stirs, still alive.

(The actually part where Jane used her powers more on Abbey was not RPed out. Jane could not break Abbey though so she and Kiri finally left and Abbey made her way homewards.)

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