Burning Down the House

IC Time: April 16, 2007
Location: Port Angeles - Bussey Manor and Callaghan Residence
Synopsis: A desperate man proposes a "solution" to an age-old problem that has a fiery end.
Submitted by: Luc

All of the lights are off in the manor, even the porch light. It would seem nobody was home — in fact, even the scent outside is subdued. Luc's car is not in the driveway… yet, he invited over Abbey and the other members of the Shadow Stalker pack tonight, citing it was urgent. If one were careful — very careful to look — they would find a yellow post-it note on the welcome mat with the simple words: 2nd window. And, on closer inspection, the second window on the front of the house is open ajar.

Abbey pauses on the street looking over the house a few moments. For now it is just she, though Finn, Brian, Cain and Aset know where she is and also know they are welcome to come. Brian is working, and Cain isn't talking to her, Finn is being Finn. She makes her way up to the door, pausing while she catches sight of the post-it and picks it up. A faint ah escapes her before she turns and moves towards the window and peer inside. She's quiet and listions sniffing faintly before she lifts a hand and slowly opens the window before slipping inside. Her movements are quiet though, unsure if this might be a trap, after what happened with Kiri and Jane she can't be too sure after all.

The house is quiet. The room Abbey entered appears to be a library, and it's rather large, but a door is open and the warmth and glow of a fire comes from the living room, where the curtains are drawn shut. In the living room, there doesn't appear to be anyone around, though the scent of a wolf — Luc — is in the air. Upon a close inspection, blonde fur sticks out from underneath the sofa…

Abbey moves along as quietly as she can, with the low amount of light here her eyes seems to take on a faint glow at times. Her gaze drifts over the area and she pauses at the door looking at the fire a few moments before she catches the sight of fur. The scent was all over the place so she had a feeling he was here as it was fresh after all. "Luc.." Is said softly before she starts to move closer to the sofa as she wonders what he is doing.

Luc creeps out slowly, and cocks his head at Abbey. If a wolf could smile, he might, be instead he just gazes at her intently, and then looks worriedly to the door to the library, as if to ask if the window was still open. He paces nervously back and forth.

Abbey tilts her head and then looks back at the window, which she left open only because she didn't want to get stuck in the house if it was a trap. She crosses her arms in front of her while watching the wolf pace. "So.. What's going on?" Is questioned curiously. She did want to tell him some things but figured he could go first.

Luc whimpers slightly and retreats to the library, smelling the breeze. He trots rather quickly, tail swishing not with relaxation, but worry. A moment later, a man treads back in the room — from the sounds of it, he had to first make a stop in another room, presumably to change. Luc buttons the top button of a plain white shirt and smiles slightly. "Sorry about that. The house has to look — and smell — empty. The fire's not exactly a good idea, but it's dark outside, and if they come, fire is a deterrent. So, where are the others?"

Abbey watches quietly while she shifts to sit down upon the arm of the sofa. Her pale gaze drifts around the room and then towards the fire. Hearing him return she looks back to him and nods slightly. "Its alright.. I guess you mean the Volturi?" She questions with a rather calm like tone. A faint sigh escapes her. "Brian is working, Finn is doing who knows what, Cain is mad.. An I'm not to sure what Aset is doing but I told them to come if they get a free moment."

"Of course I do. I was going to leave town, but… but I couldn't yet." Luc's eyes are troubled. "It all had to come down to tonight." He clears his throat, "I have to decided if I will stay here at this home, move to La Push, with the other tribe, or just leave." He rakes a hand through his rather messy hair, "I can't help but feel I wasted my time here. …Aset? He's in the pack now?" He arches a brow. "Hmm."

Abbey watches Luc a few moments and just blinks. "I see.." She says softly. "I've already spoke to Jacob about moving to La Push.." There is a pause before she shakes her head. "The guard know of my home already, one was there last week in fact." A soft ah escapes her. "Yes his part of the pack now.."

Luc nods. "Yes, he was a very nice kid." Luc looks rather surprised: "/In/ your home? This is troubling. If they haven't already figured us out, they will. We can't go down this way, we just can't. It has to be by our own hand, Abbey, don't you see?" he says, a strange expression coming over his face. A moment passes. "Well, at least there's strength in numbers. …Beer?"

Abbey smiles some as she hears Luc. "Yes.. His a good man." She offers softly, someone who finally stole her heart finally. "Yes.. She was there.. She told us to run." Is said after a moment. "An.. Sure I'll take a beer."

"I had to get rid of the butler. Didn't want anything to happen to him. So I'll be fetching that beer," Luc says with a bit of a smirk, not one for fetching his own beer, really. "Wait." He freezes. "She told you to run? So, this means they do not. But more importantly: there is an ally for us within the Volturi?" he looks confused.

Abbey chuckles softly. "It’s alright.. I understand." She nods slightly and ehs. "Kiri.. Is complicated.. But she is not an ally." This said with a simple tone while her gaze turns to the fire watching it a few moments. "There is another Volturi guard here, her name is Jane and she looks like a child." Her gaze turns back to Luc. "She has the power to make someone feel large amounts of pain that will make a person, or wolf basically crippled.." She knows firsthand how it feels.

"Ah. So you've been studying them? Very smart, Abbey. Very smart to know your enemy." Luc returns with two green bottles of Heineken. "So, what /is/ the pack doing? Moving to La Push? Leaving? Or something else?"

Abbey smirks faintly. "I didn't have a choice in the matter.. Kiri and Jane wanted to talk to me, but they did more than talk." She says while shaking her head still remembering the other night clearly. She takes hold of the bottle and thanks him. "We're leaving.. I'm going to talk to Jacob and see what his pack says. At the moment we're back down in Forks down in the forest."

Luc tilts his head, picking up on something. "Oh, so you met Jane? She used… Oh, Abbey. I'm sorry." His brow furrows, seeming genuinely sorry for a friend and the pain he presumes she endured. "Are you okay? What did they want? Just to kill you?"

Abbey takes a sip of her beer while shaking her head slightly. "It’s alright. An I'm ok, I suppose." She's trying not to think about it. "They wanted to talk to Aset."

"I knew that guy was trouble! Too aggressive. Too many ideals that won't come true," Luc snaps, after a long swig of beer. "See, he's the first one they went for. Fool." He shakes his head, perhaps a bit sadly. "Abbey, my friend — my only friend — we need to do something about this all."

Abbey lifts a brow while she watches Luc quietly, sorta like watching Finn for a few moments. She clears her throat. "He means well Luc.." This said softly. "What would you suggest that we do about it?.."

"Drink up. You might need to be a bit more… er, open before I explain," Luc says, finishing his own and looking into the fire intently.

Abbey smirks at this. "It'll take more then beer to do that." She offers while taking a few more long sips from the bottle. Her gaze settled on Luc as she ponders what he could possible want to talk about.

"Fine, you're right. That would take too long. In that case —" Luc clears his throat and goes to the fire, opening the glass door without wincing at its warmth, and then sits on the hearth. "I've been saying this all along. You just never /heard/ me. We aren't supposed to exist." He winces. "Either are they. We can't defeat them… but we can go one thing. We can stop /our/ part of the madness. We can make them — the Volturi, at least — leave, if /we/ are gone. And no more chases, that will only end bad. history tells us that much. It will be our choice, and it will have to happen tonight."

Abbey watches Luv curiously a few moments, blinking in fact. "So.. What we leave here and go where? They'd follow after us if they ever figured out what we are. Which I don't think they truly know that we are different then the La Push wolves."

"But they will figure it out," Luc persists, waving a hand, and finishing his beer afterwards. He sets it down forcefully on the floor and stands back up, gazing intently at Abbey. "Well, that's the thing. We're not going anywhere. We're staying here. Don't worry, the fire will cover everything. None of the humans will know." He approaches her slowly and deliberately. "I'm really sorry to have to do this, Abbey. You were the closest thing to a friend I ever had. Still, we must sacrifice ourselves. It is the only thing we can control…" With that, he transforms into a wolf, a ripping sound echoing through the air as his clothes rip as he takes form. He attempts to pin down Abbey.

Abbey watches Luc a few moments before shrugging while she takes another sip of the beer, finshing it before setting the bottle down on a table near the sofa. "Fire.. What are you talking about?" Is questioned while she looks back to him blinking slightly as she looks confused to say the least. "Now wait a moment Luc.. There is always another way.." Though she doesn't get to finsh what she says as he goes for her. So much for them being friends. She scrambles to the side half stumbling in the process as Luc nearly grabs her. A moment later her own clothing is ripped as she changes forms. A thick snarl escaping the red wolf while her jaws snap out towards the other. Seems Abbey doesn't feel the same in this being the only way.

Luc ignored Abbey's questions — he was already too caught up in his sick fantasy to really say anything back, and now… well, talking isn't an option. He dodges the snap and takes an odd course of action, running and jumping over pieces of furniture to secure a spot on the other side of the fireplace that's in the center of the room. From there, he gazes into the fire… and it begins to grow more intense at first, burning fast and crackling. In a moment, it makes its way outside of the fireplace under Luc's influence, catching onto the carpet, and slowly making itself into a rope.

Abbey scrambles about and jumps up onto her paws as she watches Luc jump over the sofa and towards the fire. For a few moments she isn't sure what to do before she is quick to run around the sofa and heads right towards Luc trying to slam her form into his and break his concentration on the fireplace. She doesn't catch sight of the fire turning into the rope and moving to catch the carpet on fire until she's already jumping for Luc. This isn't really how she wanted to spend her night..
WHAM! Abbey's body hits Luc full-force — with a yelp, he lands on his side and rolls over. The fire rope ceases, instead just making its way onto the carpet on the other side of the room as well. The fire is spreading quickly, leaping at the table in the middle of the room. Luc snarls at Abbey, kicking up from underneath the alpha wolf and lunging for her muzzle for a quick nip before trying to get away.
Originally, Finn hadn't been planning on going— but he hasn't been spending enough time with the pack lately, and he recognises this, so he belatedly has decided to slip out after Abbey on her visit to Luc. When he gets to the house he at first thinks he's got the wrong place: it doesn't /look/ set up for a visit— but then again, with the trouble lately, what wolf would want to /advertise/? He frowns, staring at it, and then—
Sudden scent, makes his neck prickle: fire.
He whines, low animal sound of uncertainty, and takes a few steps forward. What's that yellow— thing?
Uncertain, the redhead eases forward a little more, and he's on the bottom porch step before he realizes it's a note. Which he frowns at. Calls, "Hallo?" but rather low, and glances uncertainly towards what he thinks is the indicated window.

Abbey grunts at the impact of hitting Luc and tries to slam a forepaw down upon the other. She feels the nip to her maw and snap out at his muzzle as well. If she could speak to Luc in this form then she would. Her gaze turns towards the fire that is spreading across her room and she shifts on her paws suddenly looking very uncertain of everything. A half howl escapes her, a sound for help from her pack.. Not hat she knows Finn is around. Her gaze turns back to Luc, sadness and anger resting across her gaze before she turns and heads towards the door of the library meaning to leave it seems..

Luc watches Abbey retreat for a moment, but as she approaches the library, he understands her attention and chases her, whining slightly after she howls. .oO( I'm so sorry, but this has to happen. ) His thoughts are somber even as he snaps at her tail as she tries and exit, aiming to pull her back toward the main room, where the fire has now engulfed the table and is spreading across the carpet.

He's unsure, still, but— what's the sound? It's /Abbey/— he'd know it anywhere, and she's— in pain, or in trouble, or it doesn't mtter /what/
Low growl, and he he tries the door
the knob is warm, but doesn't turn under his hands. Frown— but— door— second window?
Ahah! He trots over to it, quick graceless lunge, to give it a shove, and up it slides and he's scrambling in a moment later, already shifting, quick and dirty. .oO(Abbey—!)

Abbey’s tail is grabbed, though dragging her back isn't going to be easy. Her paws push down against the floor while she swings about quickly and snaps out towards Luc's face trying to grab hold of his ear in the process. She can hear the fire crackling and the thick scent of it burning the items in the room which she doesn't want to go back into. /FINN!!.. Luc is crazy, he trying to burn the house down with us in it../

Luc whimpers as his ear is snipped and torn when he pulls away. He loses grip on Abbey's tail in the process and growls. His ears twitch, one dripping gruesomely, as the window is opened and another wolf enters. He panics inwardly, but then realizes it is a good thing… indeed. He turns and gazes at the fire, and within a moment, it churns into a rope once more, extending toward the library, smoldering the walls and couches on the way. He stands on one side of it, trying to put it between him and the two others.

Smell of blood and fear, but they're dampened by the smell of smoke, and Finn gives himself a shake as he lands with a thump on the floor. .oO(/What/) but even as he yelps, mentally, out that disbelieving cry, he's starting forward. .oO(The window's open) it's a picture as much as anything, the flicker of the open window and the feel of a breeze, and then the fire flares up again and he cringes away from it for a moment, despite himself, teeth bared.

As her tail is let go Abbey turns about to face Luc once more. /..But I can't just leave him here.. He really not this crazy./ She starts to step forward once more until the fire roars up between them and she whines out to Luc. Even with the fire between them she leans out trying to grab hold of some part of Luc, though not to harm him, instead to try and get a grasp on him with the idea of then trying to drag him back towards the library.

The room is beginning to become thick with smoke; it burns Luc's eyes and messes with his concentration. The rope of fire burning between him and Abbey falters, especially when he blinks to see her extending through the flames. He whimpers and does not resist, opting to fall limp, paws splayed on the floor. Without his concentration the fire-rope dissipates, but it now burns on the sofa, the table, and across almost the entire carpet, only about 2 feet from the library doorway.

.oO(Of /course/ you can— he's not /pack/) Finn will be ashamed of this later, but just now he dances forward, sidelong and anxious, his eyes stinging from the smoke, to try to get to her. .oO(Didn't you say—) he begins a moment later, distracted and muddled, staring with narrowed eyes at the spreading flames, his teeth bared, panting anxiously.

Announcement: Cordelia shouts, "The sharp, unnatural smell of burning wood seeps from a house in the residential area of Port Angeles… anyone with heightened senses in the area might notice it leads to a home. It appears to still be contained."

Abbey moves to grab hold of Luc's neck once his sprawled across her floor.. If he still does not fight her then she starts to drag him backwards from the fire and turns trying to drag him towards the library as quickly as her paws will take her. It might be a bumpy ride to Luc but she isn't going for him being comfortable at the moment. The fire is moving quickly and she can see it from the corners of her eyes, fear rests in the back of her mind which is something she is not use to feeling. /Now isn't the time to argue dammit! Help me get him to the window!/ If they are lucky there get out of this with just some burnt fur.

Luc remains completely limp, though the fire singes his fur and the pads of his feet. He weighs many things in his mind, heaving a sigh as he does so. .oO( I don't care what happens to me now. Leave me here to burn, I wouldn't care. ) He closes his eyes.

Finn shakes his head, drooling now, anxious— oh /fire/, and he whines, low and pleading, even as he slinks forward again, high-stepping to try to nip at some part of Luc while simultaneously shying away from the ever-closer fire. .oO(Abbey, he tried to /kill/ you, get away from him!)

Abbey can't hear what Luc is saying so it’s all good. She drags Luc over to the window panting as she drops her hold. /Help me Finn or get the hell out!/ She snaps to him before moving to grab at Luc's scruff once more and tries to drag him up to the window seal. /Push him up Finn../ Finn had better help or he won't hear the end of it for a long time. /His scared Finn if he wanted me dead he could have used a gun or ripped my throat out./ Easier way to kill someone then in a fire you know.

Luc is indeed dragged. The giant wolf still does nothing to help it either way, but groans slightly, putting a paw up and touching his bloodied ear and then whimpering. It hurts — as does a burn from the fire that manages to singe off all of the fur on his tail. Listless, he opens his eyes and squints through the smoke, not understanding why he is being dragged. .oO( They are going to take me to the Volturi. I don't care… )

.oO(/He tried to kill you/) he snarls it even in her head, but even as he does he's grabbing at the other wolf's skin, dragging him awkward and no doubt painful, .oO(Doesn't matter if) and then just stops, flinching away from the flames, feeling his fur singe. He does as Abbey says, squirming to do so.

Abbey drags Luc upwards enough and with Finn pushing she tries to shove Luc out the window and to the ground. /I KNOW.. yell latter dammit./ Her fur is singed as well, her paws ache and her lungs burn. If and once Luc is out she turns to Finn and snaps at him now. /GO!/ Is all she says while she leaps out of the window herself and into the cool night air. There isn't much she can do to stop the house from burning. Though with the wolves out at least no one died… Right?

Omph. Luc falls onto the ground with a bit of surprise; he was concentrating too much on the thoughts of his head to be aware of the physical surroundings. Or aware of anything, much — his concentration on the realm of the humans causes him to shift back after the fall. In his human form, his ear has a chunk out of it, and his skin is charred in several places. "Why didn't you let me go?"

Finn doesn't need to be told twice. Leap-scramble and out he goes, landing heavily and quite nearly onto Luc. He snarls at the man, hackles raised, tail up. Darts forward to try to nip at him: he doesn't need words to make his intent, he hopes, clear— get up!

Abbey lands on the ground with a grunt and soon stumbles to the ground. She's sore and achey, and coughing. The wolves eyes close as she hacks and gags for a few moments before her gaze turns to Finn and Luc. She turns slowly moving towards them and snaps at Finn's tail faintly before turning back into her human form in order to speak, be is she's nude now but it'll have to do. "Why? Because wolves help each other Luc.. An I know in your right mind that you did not want to kill me, and you did not want to die.. If you did you would have thought up a better plan." She pause for a moment and takes in a breath. "But.. I swear.. If you ever try that again, or try to hurt my pack I will kill you.. Understand?"

Announcement: Cordelia shouts, "The house on fire in Port Angeles is now visibly burning from the outside and emitting a thick ring of smoke."

Aset has arrived.

Luc groans as Finn nips at him, and lets out a string of French insults at the wolf before he focuses his blurred vision on Abbey. "I didn't want… your help," he says back, slowly moving his left hand up to touch his injured ear. "…and your threat doesn't quite work on someone that doesn't care about living or dying, Abbey. If I am going to go, having you do the honors sounds pretty good to me." Yeah, he's a little depressing right now. It's a little humiliating to be naked on the front porch of your house, which is, by the way, burning down. Oh, and be bitten when you're already down by a disgruntled male wolf.

The Bussey manor is visibly on fire, but the firefighters have yet to arrive. There's a strange scene going on near the porch: a nude woman talks to a nude man, and a bear — no, a wolf — stands among them. It looks like a fantasy/sci-fi film gone wrong, but rest assured, it is happening. The man laying down is burned and bleeding; smoke billows out from the windows.

Finn , although he mightn't understand the specifics, certainly knows the tone. He growls and nips again, and then glares at Abbey for good measure. /Ridiculous/, the lot of them. Stares at the house, and then,whining, eases away from it—t he firefighters will comew soon enough.

Abbey pulls her arms around her chest while standing behind the bearwolf for some sort of cover. "But you had the nerve to try and /kill/ me to? Why.. Didn't want to die on your own?" She questions with a faint tone trying not to get mad though it isn't working. 'I know your scared of the Volturi, we /all/ are dammit but don't go thinking you have all the answers and dying is one of them." She glances to Finn and then back to Luc. She's somewhat burned in a few places herself, another cough escapes her after a moment. "We need to leave.. Unles you want to stay with you really want to die.. If you want to live then you can come with us.."

"I told you. It's logical, it still is… it is," Luc insists, coughing violently and having to stop. He stands shakily, getting away from the house that is spitting ash and smoke at his body. In the distance, a siren sounds, somebody must have called the fire department. Luc looks mildly alarmed, and finally realized he is quite nude. "…Look, I'm sorry. It makes sense in some way, if you've have enough time locked up by yourself for the past forty years." There's no time to be truly depressed. "…Did you drive here?"

The smoke rising from Bussey Manor was bound to draw a lot of attention, and given that he had been visiting La Push looking around town for a proper place for the Shadow Stalker pack to reside he's on the scene far ahead of the police and fire department. The black wolf speeds into the area, his form nothing more than a blurr in the night as he approaches with very little caution as the scent of wolves filters through the distracting screen of smoke. Skidding to a halt not far from the porch, Aset begins to close the gap slowly, his red-amber gaze shifting about to assess the situation. Whatever it may be, the state of the trio sets off quite a few signals, prompting him to change forms. "Hey, what's going on here?" he calls out to the group, his eyes looking to Abbey first, then to Finn, and finally to Luc. "They can't show up and see us like this…" Obviously he speaks of those humans whose job it is to deal with such situations, whose sirens are getting louder by the moment.

Abbey shakes her head while a tired sigh escapes her as she hears the sirens. "Great.. An no I didn't drive him. I guess you got rid of your car?" She pauses and glares at Luc. "Unlike you.. I don't want to die.." Her gaze turns to Aset's voice, some relief seen. "We can get back to the house.. Its not that far and it is easy to take the back streets and allies in the wolf form." She says to Luc, for Aset she shakes her head and will explain to him later. Now she is turning shifting back into her wolf form while she starts to trot away from the burning house. If Luc follows he follows. Finn turns and follows after Abbey, moving ahead of her and towards home.

"No. That is an expensive car," Luc says, fairly insulted. "It's at my place of business," he says, aloof. Aset is regarded with a roll of the eye, but he does do as suggested and changes to a wolf once more — after all, now that he's a bit saner in the mind, walking around naked is a surefire way to get arrested, especially when a house is on fire behind him. He trots after Abbey and Finn with a audible huff.

Aset nods to Abbey when she shakes her head, seeming to get the drift. Now is certainly not the time for explanations, and as she and Finn begin to take off his eyes quickly turn to regard Luc. The roll of the eyes is caught, and Aset tilts his head almost ready to say something before the other man quickly takes the initiative by sliding into his furrier skin. "Come with us," he says to Luc, though he doesn't stick around to see if that will happen. By now the cars are only a couple of minutes from the home at best, and he'd very much like to be long gone before their multi-colored lights flood the area. His body quickly explodes in the blink of an eye, and the large black wolf begins to make tracks after Abbey and Finn.

Abbey smirks as she hears Luc.. /Oh sure, he didn't want to burn the car but he wanter to die in his house. Makes perfect sense to me../ Not that Luc can here her. With the sirens basicly as the house Abs and Finn are gone in the shadows heading back to there home without a glance behind them.

Luc follows the two through allies and backstreets, but balks when they arrive at the home — he whines and steps back. .oO( Well, I guess we need clothes… this could be a trap! They want to kill me and give me to the Volturi. ) A wary eye is cast to the black wolf, in particular.

Aset pushes onward, double-time to try and catch up to Abbey and Finn. When he finally does manage to close the gap between them, he glances over to Abbey, made extra curious by her thoughts. /Ok, so… I'd say now's as good a time as any to fill me in. What happened back there, was it some kind of trap..? I didn't see, or smell any vampires./ he states, his ears folding back against his head as he physically betrays his uncertainty surrounding the situation.

The red wolf pauses near the house, Finn at her side and the pair watch the house sniffing at the air. /Don't smell any vampires, smells like home./ Abs says to Finn and Aset, unknowing if Luc can hear her but she assumes he can not. A glance is offered to Aset, her maw twitching and her fur looking burned in a few places and her paws to some degree. /Luc.. Was scared, he tryed to burn the place down with him and myself in it../ She doesn't add in that Luc actually tryed to pin her down there before everything started though Aset shouldn’t have a problem finding that as its still on her mind.

Luc walks around the house, sniffing carefully, his brow furrowed. It doesn't smell of vampires, but still, he doesn't think he shoulder linger long. He hops onto the porch, obliviously to the silent conversation between the other two wolves.

Aset hadn't stopped moving, his eyes actually shifting color as he comes to understand what had transpired not long ago in La Push. The wolf's mind has been very well trained, generations of time spent with monks of varying disciplines, that all happened to agree on the benefits of meditation, peaceful living, and self awareness had been deeply ingrained within him. None of this seems to stop the wolf from leaping onto the porch behind Luc, and simply throwing his weight into the other with little to no restraint. Abbey could at least sense that he didn't truly wish to harm the other wolf, but it was quite obvious through his actions that he considered it an acceptable outcome… This, as well as that he was quite pissed.

Abbey blinks as she watches Aset and Luc before a sigh escapes her. She isn't sure what to say at the moment. Finn glowers at the two other wolves before moving into the house by going around to the backyard and down through the cellar door. /Aset../ Abs says with tired tone while she slowly makes her way up onto the porch, unsure if she should try to do anything.

Luc is caught off guard, but moreover, doesn't move to defend himself or so much as snarl back at Aset — he lays on his back warily, closing his eyes. .oO( So maybe this is it? I was prepared for this tonight anyway. ) He lays perfectly still, waiting for a bite, a scratch, a snarl. He's not much of a warrior, he /did/ say that, didn't he?

Aset is in his own little world at the moment, and Abbey's tired expression that could only be meant in the cause of making peace doesn't seem to slow the black wolf's advance. A large, heavy paw comes down hard upon Luc's chest as the other wolf simply lays there, prepared to be sentenced. The black wolf's fanged maw opens wide, and clamps down around Luc's throat, holding the other firmly before Aset wrenches the other to his paws. At that point, he casts a look to Abbey and shakes his head a bit, his ears folding back again, a sure sign of his disappointment and perhaps even sorrow. /If he wants to die, he can do that without taking anyone else with him… It's his choice. Next time he tries something… Let him./ Obviously someone isn't too happy, and especially less so given that Abbey had been forced into yet another unneccessary close call. Turning to head into the house itself, Aset transforms back into his human state within the doorway and continues moving inside even as he speaks. "We have plenty of rooms here… If you want to committ suicide, please do it another day. Food and drink are in the fridge… I hope you stay."

/I know Aset.. An I warned him.. But now isn't the time to try and make sense with him. His not in the right mind frame./ Abbey offers while watches Aset before looking to Luc a few moments. She then turns following after Aset into the house and slowly heads towards her room. She is disapponted with Luc, but there is no point getting into it now. If he stays there talk, if he leaves they won't.

Luc waits for blackness to come, but it does not — he feels the tightness around his throat, but still, nothing comes. He opens one eye as the other wolf loosens his hold and transforms back. He's on his feet once again, and he listens with a tilted head, and then reluctantly retreats inside when Aset opens the door in the human form. Once inside, he bolts to a room — he assumes it's Brian's, by the scent, and he knows Brian hasn't been around much. Maybe they will leave him alone. If not, he doesn't seem to care much. He changes back into his human form and grabs some of Brian's clothes — way too rugged for his taste, he'll have to buy some new suits. He collapses on the bed and tries to sleep, his mind a mess of thoughts and emotions. "Colette, I'm sorry."

Aset watches as both Luc and Abbey move past him rather quickly before retreating into their rooms… Though that one looked like Brian's, didn't it? Sighing softly he continues on his way, bypassing the stairs to move into the kitchen where he retrieves a cold one and flicks the cap off with his thumb before downing the bottle. With a deep exhale he remains there for several minutes, just leaning against the counter as he debates getting another beer among other things. In the end he finds himself fishing through the cabinets to retrieve a couple of glasses that are few and far between as of late, and a third of a bottle of whiskey. Finally, he too ascends the stairs and approaches Brian's room to put his ear to the door, hearing the rustling within before it goes quiet. Seemingly satisfied he moves to Abbey's room and knocks softly agains the door before stepping inside.

Abbey caught the movement from Luc and the room he went into, that's interestng. Not that she cares. She's tired and once in her room she shifts back into her human form and pulls some clothing on before flopping down onto the bed. Most of the stuff in hre room is gone save for th ebed and her clothing. Her gaze drifts to the door at the knock and she already knows who it is. "Hey.." Is offered to Aset once his in the room.

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