Clowns And Magicians

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Location: Forks - Waffle House
Synopsis: Bella has dinner with her dad at the waffle house and meets Aldo
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Forks - Waffle House


Despite its rather unimpressive outside appearance, the Waffle House is kept clean and neat inside - the windows are spot free, the countertops are sparkling, and the floor isn't sticky. A sign indicates that groups should seat themselves - there are mostly booths and a few tables situated around the restaurant to accommodate everyone. There doesn't appear to be a specific non-smoking section, a usual crowd of older men are usually gathered in clusters in tables in the front, leaving a haze of smoke filtering throughout the restaurant. The menus are printed on large, laminated paper sheets (waffles and steak are the specialties), and the waitresses are friendly, but to the point. All in all, this chain seems to be run much like a family diner.


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Within the waffle house things seem to be a little crazier than normal, as a man, obviously not one of the locals dressed in a very expensive looking casual suit and a cowboy hat stands near the center of the large main room entertaining those that make their way in and out. Opening his dress coat, he gestures to the empty space to one side, and then repeats the motion as he reveals that there is 'nothing there' in the other side as well. In the next moment, he's pulled spun around in a circle, his toes pointed upward as his heels slide across the tile floor and when he opens both sides of his coat at once what seems like a hundred quarters falls to the floor. "Thank you, thank you! For my next trick…" he begins, reaching into the inner pocket of the left flap of his jacket, producing a balloon….

It might be a bit late, but well you take what time you can get when your Dad is a busy cop, you are preparing for a wedding and going to school and this is the only casual dining open after 10pm. Bella walks in with Charlie and they go to one of the empty booths bear the door, "And seriously dad …the clown was rapping! All because I made Edward dance with her!" She says as they enter, Charlie shakes his head with a chuckle, "She never struck me as a clown type, but it sounds like she got your goat Bells…" Bella rolls her eyes and scoots into booth, "Of course everyone thinks its funny…" At the clatter of coins onto the floor they look over to the 'magician' "Didn't realize the waffle house has added entertainers to their menu." Charlie murmurs to his daughter.
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Aldo seems to be more entertained by his antics than most of the waffle house staff, but the customers seem to enjoy it enough.. Likely the only reason that they haven't yet asked him to leave. "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Call to you from all corners of the world to bare witness to the magic…of Aldo Siferetti!" he exclaims, lifting his hands high as he stretches the balloon before blowing it up. When Bella and Charlie enter the waffle house, the magician moves swiftly to their table, apparently quite eager to show off to the two new audience members. "Hello little lady," he offers with a grin, and an eyebrow waggle that is far too familiar. Charlie won't be liking that. "And good sir," he says then, looking to the older gentlemen. "Isn't that illegal?" he jokes with a laugh before backing away from the table. One hand disappears into his coat again, taking the balloon with it and with what could only be described as a 'magical touch' he brings the hand back into view. The balloon animal is impossibly complex, and actually bares a striking resemblance to a donkey, or a dog, whatever. "For the lady," Aldo offers then, smiling as he leans close to Bella, offering her the 'toy'. "Legal yet darlin'? I've got a fast car," he tosses her way before swiftly leaping back from the table to offer a bow to the rest of the waffle house.

Really Bella has had enough of performers for the day. Rapping Clowns. Surely it couldn't get worse than that, so she just picks up the menu, content to just look for what she wants to order, hiding away. Well of course it doesn't work. Really shy people are like people who don't like cats, cats ALWAYS tend to seek them out. At the greeting at the table, Bella grimaces, but looks up to be polite. Charlie arches a brow at the performer, "Now now sir..she is my daughter…" He says in a warning tone. She really is trying not to look at him. As he moves in close she can almost feel the coolness of his skin and she blinks at him as the 'dog' lands in front of him, her breath catching in her throat for a moment. "So does my Fiance." She replies in an even tone, looking rather directly at him now.

Well, that was unexpected. Usually women with fiancees were the first to jump on the gravy train driven by such a handsome devil as himself. What was this girl's problem? "Whoa! My only weakness… Sub-zero termperatures," he says, his body contorting then as he shrieks as quietly as possible, screeching as he bends his arms and knees before pulling them inward as he 'melts' to the floor. Ah, got to love acting, it's one of the only things that humans do right, and Aldo has learned from the best… All hail Jim Carey. Lifting his right hand he reaches back and takes hold of his back collar, giving it a yank and in doing so he pulls himself swiftly up to his feet. "Round of applause for the young lady and the strapping young gentleman far too young to actually be her father," he calls out, clapping his hands for the lovely pair. Hopping up onto the counter then, the man crosses one leg over the other and steeples his fingers within his lap. For whatever reason it is, Aldo seems to be far too content to stare at the pair as they look over their menus, a firm grin ever present and disturbingly still upon his face.

Bella's fingers are still wrapped firmly around the menu in her hands as she watches the man warily. Does she suspect? Is she just put off by his acting? The heart rate is definately up a bit. Fear or anger? "Ch…Dad…I could save you some money and I could make you these at home…" She finally says but Charlie is already caught up in the routine, quite amused at the drama. "But ain't nothing on TV this time of night Bells, this guy is at least good for a laugh." Bells just sighs and raises the menu up as he draws attention to her. Not her day at all. "Alright…just a waffle then and a vanilla milk shake.." She says as she slams the menu down on the table and reaches for her bag as she glances up toward the countertop and the 'man' there.

Everything about this girl seems contrary to what he's experienced with most people, young women in particular. Sure, his antics are looked at as incredibly fool-hardy by his fellows, but they are a different breed entirely, they know he's a monster. They also know better than to trust him, for he would turn on them in an instant if they broke the laws to which they are all slave. No, this young lady…with the fiancee, she was different somehow. Everyone looked at him, almost enthralled, but the expression on her face half-hidden by the menu was anything but admiration. "Well, ladies and gentlemen… I have enjoyed my time here with you this evening, but alas I must be off. Perhaps someday we shall meet again. In fact, here is my promise to you… If you permit it I will put on a grand magic show for you, and take you in as part of the act! How would anyone here like to experience the greatest of magicians secrets?" he wonders, glancing around with a raised brow. "The art of making a man, or a woman! Not to discriminate… Disappear!" he offers with a broad smile as he throws his arms out to either side of himself in a dramatic grand gesture. "The name is Aldo Siferetti, and it has been all my pleasure." This said, he leaps from the countertop and starts to make his way for the door, his head turning as they remain focused on the girl until he has set foot outside. It seems as if Charlie might have to settle for re-runs of The Honeymooners for entertainment tonight… Again, or so it seems until Aldo's head pops back into the diner. "Oh, one last thing before I go. Does anyone know where I might find the Cullen residence?"

It is a phone Bella pulls out of her bag, but before she can dial it, Charlie looks over at her, "Who are you calling at this hour?" Bella manages her best fake smile smile for her dad, "I didn't get a chance to say goodnight…" Charlie just laughs and shakes his head, "They are all probably in bed by now, wouldn't you hate to wake up the good doctor and his wife?" Bella's hands tense on the phone as the man starts to make his exit and walk past her. "I will call his cell, not the house line dad…" She says with a girlish laugh, though her heart is racing. Charlie just leans back and rolls his eyes. "Young love…" He teases and looks up as the waitress arrives. When the man turns back to the to waffle house and queries a couple of the locals in the diner of course glance at Bella and her dad. She of course pointedly looks back to the menu, still clutching her phone in one hand. Charlie looks up to the man curiously, "Well I can't rightly give out addresses sir, but if you want a message passed I am sure Bells here can do it for you." Bella looks up to her dad and hisses "Charlie…" Under her breath and grits her teeth before looking up to the man, "Yeah, I can take a number for them to call you." She has been doing a lot of that lately.

Oh no, no no no, that's not what he'd had in mind. A phone call? Well, that would ruin the surprise… He had been informed that Edward could read minds, but still, a formal telephone call? So not the vampire way, not at all. Aldo squints his eyes ever so slightly, the gazes of so many of the patrons of the waffle house having rested onto Charlie and Bella send off a million and one red flags. He knew that there was something 'different' about that girl, and her resistance to his charms? Oh, it was almost a no brainer that she'd spent at least some time around vampires. "I see…" is offered to Charlie, and his grin quickly broadens as he slinks back into the diner and approaches the table. "Thank you very much. If you could simply give them this number, I would be…very grateful to you…Bells," he offers, his grin broadening even further as he finally has a name to put to this oh so innocent face. "Let them know that their cousin from Italy is very eager to play 'catch up'," he explains before reaching into the pocket on the inside of his dress coat, retrieving a business card with his name Aldo Siferetti and a number where he can be reached. Setting the card upon the table, Aldo taps it twice for emphasis with his pointer finger. His gaze seems to be locked onto the girl's, and for a moment there it almost seems as if he was smiling at his next meal rather than someone whose help he had hoped to acquire. Charlie is suddenly offered a curt nod, and a brilliant smile. "Thank you again," he says, looking to Bella once more with a lingering gaze as he slowly begins to head for the door. "Thank you both.."

It is a new age for vampires, why have the great wordy confrontation…when you can sms. Bella might be afraid, but she is not gonna go hide in a corner. Not while all these other people are here, while her dad is here. It is pretty clear Charlie doesn't know /what/ she is about to marry from her reactions as well. "Bella if you don't mind." She responds as he uses the familiar term her father used. She nods stiffly to his request, "Do not worry, I will not hesitate to to inform them. I could call them right now if you would like." She says as she raises her phone with a tight smile on her lips. As he leans into place the card on the table , her gaze does lock with his and the pace of her heart rate quickens. Charlie gives a nod to the man, "No problem sir, Sorry about Bells here, she isn't normally so rude…" He gives a look to her daughter, who just tries to give a placating smile in return, "Just been a stressful day dad like I said…"

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