An Icy Stand Off

IC Time: April 2007
Location: The icy and dangerous Bering Sea, Alaska.
Synopsis: A confrontation on a frozen glacier.
Submitted by: Stasia

OOC Note: The players of Lev, Lilly, Donny and Algernon were not online for the scene. As their character's presence in this scene have a direct effect, we chose to assume they are present and in the background. Chelsea Volturi was played by Cordelia. Demetri Volturi was played by Romeo.

Summary of previous events:

Lilly had approached Algernon, a Volturi Guard whom she knows and likes, and asked him to impress upon his coven leaders that there were some extenuating circumstances surrounding Stasia's involvement in Joyce's murder. She was asking for leniancy, or at least for the Volturi to hear him out. Lilly had convinced Lev to escort she, Donny and Algernon north, following Stasia's trail. Lilly was using her "trump card per story" bit to be able to track Stasia. Which is good, because it's not an easy feat. Stasia doesn't want to be followed.

Meanwhile, Algernon sent to Theresa, informing him of what was happening and where he was going. Theresa, in turn, reported to Volterra. There was enough information to suggest that Stasia is the same vampire that had eluded them years ago, in Poland, during the war. The reports from that event had indicated that Demetri had been unable to find her, describing that her "tenor" had come from several directions at once. He was unable to get a "lock" onto her signal and thus, she escaped. (Demetri undoubtedly got much grief from his fellows over this). At any rate, the description undoubtely points to some "talent" posessed by the newborn and so her information was safely filed away… until now.

So, the Volturi leaders are anxious to determine whether this vampire is the same one and if so, figure out what her power is and acquire her. So, they are sending some "big guns" to this end.

Caius dispatched a second team with the purposes of tracking the group consisting of Algernon, Lev, Donny and Lilly. One task of the team is to ensure that Algernon remains safe. Lev and Donny, members of the Krinov Coven, are not exactly on the Volturi's good side. They are to extract Algernon, should the Krinovs try to turn on him. Their second purpose is to bring Stasia back to Volterra. Because there are now "civilian" witnesses, the team has been instructed to try to convince her to simply turn herself in and return with them to Volterra. This is why they are sending some of their more diplomatic members: Theresa and the newcomer, Inari. If diplomacy is unsuccessful however, then the combat members of the team are instructed to subdue her and bring her back forcibly. This should be the last resort as the Volturi leaders would prefer a peaceful resolution that will be "witnessed" and support the good reputation of the Volturi for being fair and honorable. The second team has been instructed to avoid detection by the Krinovs until the target is in sight, though Algernon is aware of their presence.

So, Stasia leads the two groups on a journey north. She uses many tricks to avoid being discovered: doubling back, crossing water, and finding ways to cover her scent. It could be determined that she has about a 3 week head start. Still, demonstrating amazing tracking ability for a newborn, Lilly is able to follow. She almost lost the trail when Stasia crossed into the Pacific, heading north toward Alaska. But by luck, instinct or skill, she was able to track the over-water progress. Stasia made one stop in Alaska, apparently spending a day and a night in a small mining town, before continuing northwest. Once into Alaska, her path becomes more direct, as if she expected to lose any pursuers while crossing part of the ocean. She skirts the Alaskan coastline, heading into the treacherous and choppy Bering Sea.

Meanwhile, the Volturi group, which includes Demetri, follows… their progress more direct as Demetri can unerringly lock onto Algernon's "signal".

The long northward journey is difficult, especially for vampires that feed only on human blood. With the exception of the mining town, Stasia chose a route that avoided human contact. Upon reaching the Bering Sea, it can only be concluded that she chose to swim. There's no evidence that a boat was taken. Indeed, her pathway is one extremely dangerous for boats: bad weather, unpredictable seas, submurged icebergs… not even the very brave human sailors traverse this part of the northern seas this time of year. The high winds and weather also make an air approach very dangerous.

It appears Stasia was looking for large icebergs, or free-floating glaciers. The one she has chosen is fairly isolated. The presence of submerged ice makes crossing with a large boat nearly impossible, but it would be possible to carefully navigate a small craft. The ice walls are very high, too high for a vampire to simply jump, especially when you can't get a running start. The iceberg almost looks like a giant, frozen castle, with the entire sea as its moat. It's lonely, cold, but undeniably defensible. Once over the sheer ice walls, who knows what the fugitive vampire has waiting?

The scene begins…


The same color that dominates the sky in Forks is also the color of the sky in this far northern corner of the world. The weather is, of course, freezing, but at least it isn't wet and freezing… at least not yet. The heavy grey sky hints that this could change at any moment. The wind carries some moisture, coming off the bitterly cold water and from the ice. It carries the scents of the sea: ice, salt, marine life. It also carries the scent of vampire. Not only the now-familiar scents of the four travellers in their small boat, but a new vampire scent wafts from the large ice-castle in the sea. The water is choppy, making for a bumpy ride on a boat, or a rough swim. The four vampires carefully guide their watercraft closer to the ice fortress, narrowly avoiding a submurged chunk of ice that would have ripped a hole in the hull of their boat. There are three men and one woman in the craft. Algernon appears, at least, to have not been harmed.

Before the boat actually reaches the iceberg, the fugative calls down from the ramparts. The wind whistles and shrieks, drowning out most of the exchange for any onlookers. But it appears that greetings have been exchanged and a general purpose stated. The vampire herelf is not immediately visible, but the ones in the boat are looking up on the walls as they speak. It's uncertain, from the perspective of the onlookers, as to how this visit is being received…. but no shots, literal or figurative, appear to be fired.

Making their way through the water several feet underneath the steely gray waves is a small brigade of Italy's finest, led by their star tracker. Chelsea kicks effortlessly through the water not far behind, wearing naught but a skintight black leotard and fingerless gloves. A pair of hiking boots is strung around an arm as she paddles her way through the water, vision unobscured or affected by the saltly water. She's a bit bored, a bit eager. They'd been swimming for awhile; it wasn't as fast as running, and they couldn't talk. The action, she decided, will heat up soon enough.

Feeling like a lost child, Inari does her best to keep up by following Demetri as closely as she can, realizing he's the one who has been leading them all this time. Her senses may not be obscured but they suck anyways in comparison to her fellows. She's stripped down to just her pants and top, long ago having discarded her boots and jacket, not to mention the now worthless GPS she bought in Port Angeles. She's not bored, and sometimes panicky if she loses sight of everyone for too long.

Demetri swims through the icy water fluidly, effortlessly, far more so than a normal human being would be able to in this environment. Were someone to observe him from above, they would see that the course he is swimming is arrow-straight, never deviating, as though he knows exactly where he is going.

As with the others in her small group Theresa has no problem swiming through the water, as much as she hated leaving her clothing behind she is as the moment only in a thin shirt and shorts, she sees no reason for anything else.

Despite the frigid water and the inhospitable climate, the ocean teems with life. Crabs make their way along the ocean floor, schools of fish can be seen, even the dark outlines of whales can be seen.

Stasia listens to Algernon and Lilly's explaination of why they are here and is about to reply. Her head cants to the side suddenly and she says clearly, coolly, "You're being followed. Who else is with you?"

Chelsea has little appreciation for the wildlife at the moment — the whales go ignored. She follows Demetri still, blindly loyal to his sense of direction, just waiting until the group slows or hesitates.

Inari ignores the whales. She knows better. Last time they had to come back and get her. Not her fault if she's never seen one before! Swimming as close to Dimetri as she can, Inari continues till he surfaces. One surfaced she peers about. She can't make out anything being said but she knows the objectives and knows she doesn't want to be in the combat zone. So - she begins swimming towards the iceberg itself, eventually pulling herself up onto an icy outbreak and peering up the steep wall.

Demetri, on the other hand, seems to be paying the whales an undue amount of attention at the moment - or at least, the area of ocean they occupy. Slowing down, he glances irritably in one direction, then the other, and then back at the iceberg ahead. Appearing to come to a decision after a moment's thought, he continues to swim in the direction of the enormous slab of ice.

Theresa follows along, her gaze drifts towards the fish and then towards the whales, out of being curious more then anything. An like Inari it isn't often one actually get to see a whale alive and up close. Her attention goes back to the others and she catches sight of Inari so follows after her. Once she has surfaced she looks up at the large wall of ice and shakes her head slightly before pulling herself out to stand upon the outcrop of ice next to Inari.

High up on the icy ramparts, Stasia can be glimpsed. And her fierce, gold-eyed gaze is riveted on the spot that Inari and Theresa emerge from the water… even before they have surfaced. She waves off Algernon's explaination and any surprise on the part of the Krinovs, that a force of Volturi simply followed them. Still, the gold-eyed vampire isn't surprised. Some fear is there, most certainly, and her upper lip curls back in response to that emotion. She is also resigned. Sooner or later, this was bound to happen. "The others as well. I know how many you have and if you try to surround me, I'll know that as well." She calls to those on the ice outcropping. "Your compatriot says that you're here to talk." The top of her head jerks toward Algernon. "Tell the others to join you there."

Chelsea emerges shortly after Inari and Theresa, waiting for Demetri before climbing up onto the ice slab and then dutifully putting on her shoes. A vampire's grace and speed doesn't really guard against slipping on the ice. She doesn't speak yet, not until she glipses the target above, along with a gaggle of her allies… and, of course, Algernon. A hand sets at her hip as she listens to the conversation. "She's telling us what to do?" a brow arches with faint amusement before she adds in a more business-like tone: "The ties between the target and the big one…" she speaks of Donny. "There are some feelings there. Otherwise, the ties seem friendly, but perhaps weak," she whispers to the others.

Inari watches Chelsea and the steep ice wall alternatingly. She steps closer to her small group as Chelsea lowers her voice to whispering, hopelessly straining to make out the words. With a slight shrug and a glance out towards the small boat she turns and sinks her fingers into the wall and begins deftly climbing up it, digging fingers and toes in when necessary. Apparently she's pretty good at this, having some experience in hiking and mountain sides where she grew up. She pauses about half way up and shouts an apology to the vampire at the top, "Pardon! I can't hear you! Could you speak up, please?!" It might be comical, if it wasn't true.

Demetri climbs slowly out of the ocean, freezing water cascading from his body as he sits on a small outcropping of ice, gazing upward at his target. He raises an eyebrow as Inari begins to scale the ice, and, with a glance at Chelsea and a shrug, he proceeds to follow.

Theresa gives her head a shake before smoothing he hair back. The voice from the top catches her attetnion and she peers upwards slightly and smirks a tad. "So that is Stasia.. Interesting.." She murmurs faintly as she remembers meeting that one before. A shrug is offered to Chelsea. "She thinks she has the upper hand.." Her gaze turns to Inari and Demetri while she smirks and ehs faintly before she starts to climb up the icey wall as well. Her slender fingers and bare toes having little problem with the ice, seems she's done something like this before.

"Get down from my wall before I drop a glacier on your head." Stasia advises the climbing vampires, in a somewhat friendly tone… though louder. "I said I will talk. That wasn't an invitation to tea. You can talk just as easily from over there." Her jaw tightens and her eyes widen as she spots Demetri. And clearly, there is recognition… not a happy memory, it seems. It shows in her voice when she continues. "Keep invading and this parley ends right now." Stronger now, recovering from the shock of seeing one of her nightmares (or would be, if she could sleep) in the flesh again. "You may take me, but I'll guarantee you that fewer of you will leave here than came."

Chelsea nods to Theresa. "Clearly. Maybe in a literal sense," the dark-haired woman reasons, gazing up at the glacier fortress, "but it would seem very few would stand up for her if pushed. However." Unlike the others, she hasn't started climbing yet. "There's probably a reason she's up there. Not that I don't think you guys can't handle it…" she trails off uncaringly, leaving it to that. Hell if she's taking a leadership role. If this little operation goes wrong she'd rather point a finger at someone else to avoid the brunt of the trouble.

Her crimson eyes travel up toward the glacier at the woman. "Please. We don't take well to idle threats. A talk is in order. Now then… you killed the vampire named Joyce, correct?" She decides to start cautiously, acting as if they would hunt her all of the way here for the puny "life" of some vampire from the middle of nowhere. She smiles winningly, not yet working any of her powers. A glance is given to the others, as if she expected them to take over from there and probe the woman with more or any questions.

Inari is still perched about half way up glancing up at what she can see of Stasia from this vantage and then down at Chelsea. She can't make out the words but she can apparently make something out. "Hey!" She shouts out once again, towards the top of the cliffs above her. "Seriously! I can't hear well." She decides to just talk blindly, what the hell. "We know there were good reasons for what you did, we just need to clear them up!" She climbs a few more body lengths upwards, in simple frustration before she stops abruptly, "Pardon!" The French mind-set/language is so cutely formal at times.

Demetri stops about halfway up, leaning back and hanging by one arm, the fingers of which he digs into the ice. He gives Stasia a slow, lazy wave with the other, and says brightly, "Now, now, this is no way to treat an old friend, now is it? We just want to have a friendly chat."

Theresa pauses along with Inari and Demetri and smirks slightly while she tilts her head to glance to Chelsea before her gaze drifts towards Stasia once more. "I'm sure we can work this out.. We just want to talk after all." Tea sounds like a great idea! "How are we suppose to talk friendly like if where down here and your all the way up there?"

*Idle threats?!* If Stasia wasn't frightened by the gathering…. let alone terrified by the presence of Demetri… she would be outraged by this. Did they think she spent the last three weeks on this giant popsicle doing nothing but picking ice out from underneath her toenails? And she would be perplexed, if not bemused by the apparently deaf vampire… and she thought she'd seen everything. "You being down there and me being up here is precisely how friendly I intend to get." She eyes the Asian vampire. "I know you." A more pointed glare is directed at Demetri. "I know you as well. You tried to kill me." A pause. "Hang on the side or go back down. If you mean what you say, then don't come up any further. Yes. I destroyed Joyce. She was dangerously insane and she and her coven mate had already swore to kill me. I opted not to wait idle for them to try."

Chelsea eyes Inari warily and grudgingly decides to summarize the situation for her. "She is threatening you guys if you continue to climb. I asked her about the killing of the vampire Joyce and she admits." For now, Chelsea reminds herself to speak up. Not like anybody is listening in this frozen tundra. Her tone is cautious and she walks in a circle around the small ice cap, mimicing what she has seen her leaders done during trials, trying to act completely at ease. "Well, we knew that. You, of course, understand that such an offense calls for a trial by Aro, Caius,or Marcus or all three." Maybe not quite so severe, but it would have to work in this place. She turns to her comrades, "What do you suppose we do?" she asks theatrically, and loudly enough for Inari to hear.

Inari eye's Demetri's theatrics with just a slight grin on her face, muttering something about monkeys, probably not realizing it could possibly be picked up. Looking up as she listens to Chelsea's speech she attempts a shrug, it's lost as her posture is one of being attached to an ice wall. Shouting up once again she tries to deliver the gist of the situation home once again, "Aro has extended you an invitation to come to Volterra! Go and talk to him." She opens her mouth to shout another string of syllables but closes it instead and simple strains her ears and gazes upwards at Stasia for a response.

"True," Demetri replies, with a smile that's probably not visible at this distance. "But that was then. This is now. And now, forgiveness might be the prudent course of action; you might just recieve that which you give." He remains in his place, leaning back loosely, casually, as though he does this sort of thing every day.

"Come now Stasia.." Theresa offeres with a friendly tone. "If we wanting to harm you don't you think we would have by now?" She questions with a faint tsk escaping her. "If Aro is giving you an invitation to speak with him I could take him up on it. He does not give those out often.." Her gaze rests up on the vampire upon the ledge, while she hangs with ease from the fingers of a hand, her feet planted withint the ice as well to make sure she doesn't fall or anything like that.

If there is one serious downside to being a self-taught, solitary vampire, it's the ignorance of vampire rules and society…. and therefore Stasia has no idea whether the Volturi are exaggerating about the severity of her crime or not. But clearly it must be a grave offense or why would the Volturi send so many after her?

"Walk away." Stasia replies simply to Chelsea. "I acted in self defense. I'm no threat to you or yours. I want to be left alone. I will voluntarily exile myself to some isolated part of the globe and you'll hear or see nothing of me again. Leave me in peace."

Beneath Chelsea's feet, something big swims by… large enough that the ripples are felt through the ice.

Stasia does seem to relax a bit, now that they have ceased their ascent. "And how do I know that you won't simply kill me when I'm removed from my defenses?" She asks, flicking her gold eyes between the three on the wall. "What guarantees do I have of my safety?"

Despite her words to the contrary, Stasia is a realist. She knows she cannot hold out forever and if it comes to a fight, even if she comes out victorious by some miracle, it will not be over. Her best hope is to simply convince them that she's not worth the effort.

Chelsea flicks a gaze to Inari, her face betraying annoyance. Well, the direct way could work too. It would have to, now. Chelsea is about to speak when the ripple rather startles her. She scowls into the water — what silly creature would think itself a match to the greatest species to walk the earth? Though. That whale looked quite large. Chelsea begins again, her voice more relaxed and smooth. "Oh, but that isn't how things work. I'm sure Aro would be happy to let you be, but he wants to meet you. Perhaps the three even want to thank you — if the vampire was truly as psychochoatic as you say. We cannot speak for our masters; they often surprise us."

Chelsea draws a blank when it comes to the negiotiation and instead, opts for trying to use her power of influencing relationships on Stasia. She fixes her gaze on the other vampiress and tries to convey a feel of relaxation and happiness toward herself. Not trust yet, but simply preference. .oO( Chelsea is only trying to do the best thing for you. She is a good person. ) Chelsea's thoughts concentrate on the message she tries to get across to the target.

Inari rolls her eyes though the entire gesture is most likely lost. Shouting up, yet again, "Are you dense?!" She begins working her way down the wall. "Your guarantee is in what you see before you. A nice invitation. Talk." A few more body lengths down, "Don't make it a mean invitation and the next group you meet a deathsquad!" Still a few more body lengths and she's getting pretty close to the bottom, "Don't insult Aro by refusing and force him to act against his own wishes!" She lets go of the ice wall, pushing away slightly and lands on the icy outbreak, landing in a crouch as she catches her balance smoothly, glancing up at Chelsea who's only several yards away. "This is a waste of time." she says in a normal voice towards the defacto leader.

Theresa blinks as she hears Stasia and is quiet a few moments, pondering what to say. "I promise to get you there unharmed how's that?" She questions while lifting her head. It was her job after all. "We've spoke before, did I give you a reason to not believe me before?" Is questioned with a curious tone. A glance is offered down towards Inari and Chelsea and her gaze settles to the water thinking she may have seen something move.

Stasia focuses suddenly onto Chelsea, her brow furrowed in thought. In spite of herself, the other woman's words are sinking in, making sense. "Can I leave, whenever I want?" Even her tone has changed, less defensive, more introspective, perhaps a bit of the anxiety she's been carrying around these last hectic weeks is showing through as well.

Chelsea shoots a careful glance toward the other three as Stasia asks her question. She then makes a big effort to nod, so she's seen from far awhile: "We're not taking you prisoner. It's just a trip to Volterra, Truth be told, I doubt it's even a trial. As Inari said, it was a 'nice invitation.'" She breaks her glance to look around in the water again, a bit stressed about the sealife since the ripple. A moment later though, she directs another gaze toward the icy fortress, trying again with her relational ties power. This time, however, she goes a little farther, deciding to test if she can make this whole process a bit quicker by trying to tie Stasia to the group at large. .oO( The Volturi are really looking out for the community. It is an honor to be associated with the Volturi. The Volturi can be /trusted/. ) It might be too much too fast, but those whales are creeping her out.

Theresa lifts a brow as she hears Stasia and soon nods, agreeing with what Chelsea says. "I don't see why Aro would give you an open invitation if harm was to become you." She offers with a friendly tone, her deep crimson gaze turns back towards Stasia as she watches her. "I'm sure you've gotten somewhat lonely out here, wouldn't it be nice to go and be around others?"

Stasia's brows furrow tighter as Chelsea tries to expand the bond. It might be too soon. Her memories of that first terrifying flight from one of the Guard right here, is still very strong. It's that gripping, eye-rolling fear that will take a little time to erode… not that Chelsea couldn't speed up the process. As if emphasizing that, her gold-eyed gaze swings to Demetri for a moment (and coincidentally, another ripple is felt from the giant whale swimming under the thin ice) , before going back to Chelsea, the Theresa. "I need a little time." She says, at length. "I have things here that cannot stay." Her voice is fragile now, tired.

Too much too soon. Chelsea grits her teeth as the ripple is felt once more and resists the urge to jump onto the cliff, thinking sudden movements may be a bad idea. She goes back to her first strategy, concentrating on building trust between her and Stasia. After all, Demetri said something about Stasia's past. That would take some work. Chelsea smiles winningly and tries to emit more positive feelings and thoughts about herself into Stasia's mind, this time trying to convey a feeling of friendship with a hint of trust. "I understand. It's difficult to ask someone to just up and leave. I wouldn't lie to you, though — this is a good thing. And Stasia, you said you prefer to be alone. We will arrange for you to have your own room… and the countryside! It's endless and beautiful. You can roam for miles." Within limitations, of course. "So if you could, would you let me come up there with you?" She now jumps toward the side of the cliff, but her hand slips and her dangles by one hand with a grimace.

Demetri nearly loses his grip as the huge aquatic mammal passes beneath the iceberg; he digs his other hand into the cliff wall and presses his body against the ice. "Don't worry, Stasia, you'll have as much time as you need. I've moved on; whatever problems we used to have between each other are nonexistent now!" Whether that's true or not is open for debate, but he certainly sounds convincing.

Things here that cannot stay? Theresa wonders about this while her gaze turns back towards the ice as another ripple is felt. A faint humm escapes her while her grip tightens on the ice with her other hand now. "It is a rather beautiful place to be Stasia.. I think you would enjoy it there, I know I miss it greatly." Though not because of the countryside.

"No. I can't leave the explosives behind. It will take me a little while to take them all down and disarm them." Those words are spoken blandly, clearly a result of Chelsea's work, for Stasia would never so blithely tip her hand otherwise. There is a pause, while she considers. "All right. You may come up." Another pause and she adds grudgingly. "Him, too."

"Explosives?" Chelsea laughs nervously. "Stasia, please tell me where they are lest we could be hurt. We post no threat, we come with no weapons — our numbers were only for our safety and challenge in finding you." She hopes Demetri won't harbor any grudge against her for the last comment. Using her keen sense of smell, she continues up the ice slope, careful to avoid areas that smell particularly of explosive power or TNT. It is more difficult to stay focused on her power now, but it's there, constantly trying to persuade Stasia to trust Chelsea, and to a lesser extent, at least reduce the hesitance and hate she may feel toward Theresa and Demetri.

Demetri climbs slowly and gingerly, paying close attention to the cliff face in the hopes of noticing any explosives before he actually comes into contact with them. He rolls his eyes at the 'challenge' comment, but otherwise doesn't say anything.

Theresa blinks at the talk of explosives? Well this is just great, so that is how Stasia was going to take care of them if they kept climbing. A faint grumble escapes her while she works on climbing upwards towards the top, she's careful though using her keen sense of smell to warn her of anything that make be foul in her path. She isn't in the mood to be in pieces after all. "I'm sure we can help you with that.. No reason you have to do it on your own." She at least tries to be friendly towards Stasia, though later she may be saying a few other things.

Inside the ice fortress, it's obvious that the odd little vampire has not been idle. There are several tunnels carved out of the thick ice, leading into the heart of the glacier. Up on the ramparts, there is a faint smell of kerosene or some other flammable liquid, in watertight containers. And flare guns, kept at a safe distance from the kerosene.

Stasia waits until the vampires have all crossed inside. "They're mostly buried deep in the ice." She nods toward the tunnels. They are small enough that a petite person, like this one, would slide easily. But anyone larger would find it tough going. "You're safe from them. I just don't want to leave anything here." She nods politely to Theresa, eyes Demetri sidelong… but gives Chelsea a hesitant smile.

Chelsea eyes Theresa but decides not to offer to help retrieve the dynamite, no thanks… "Quite right. I'll wait and then we can perhaps bear south back to Alaska for a flight. Private jet, of course." She stands next to Demetri with her arms at her side and the friendliest expression she can muster on her face, though it seems a little fake, for those that know her well. She continues building her 'effect' on Stasia. Assuming the others are there, she waves a hand at them. "Run along, now. We aren't going to hurt your friend."

Demetri reaches the top of the cliff and stands next to Chelsea, making an effort to appear as friendly as possible - although he doesn't actually say anything at the moment, he does give Stasia a warm smile and a friendly nod.

Theresa casts a glance around the place once she is at the top, a thin smirk crosses her lips while her gaze turns to Stasia. "Been busy huh?" Is questioned with an almost amused tone and slight shake of her head. "Come on.. I'll give you a hand how's that?" This questioned with a soft friendly tone still. She is small enough most likely to go crawling around through the tunelles to help disarm the bombs, and it will be a lot faster. A glance is offered towards Demetri and Chelsea while she starts to move on over to where Stasia is before offering a friendly smile to the other. Everyone's friendly see?

As Theresa and Stasia disarm the iceberg, her "last stand" strategy was clear: to lure her pursuers inside (assuming they survived being coated with oil and shot at with flare guns on the ascent up the ice walls) and collapse the ice upon them. The interior is a veritable honeycomb maze, with explosives planted in strategic places, on the supports. There was, if it came down to it, one way out. One tunnel that led down, opening under the water. But the labrynth inside would have made it difficult to find, unless someone knew it was there in the first place.

The gold eyed vampire does not speak much, only to point out where a device was hidden and how to disarm it. She is introspective, thoughtful, wondering why she is doing this thing, even as she does it.

At length, the structure is disarmed and like a true conversationist, Stasia intends to leave no trace behind of her presence. The bombs are not overly complicated and easily disarmed, then carefully packed in heavy, waterproof plastic. Likewise, the kerosene and flare guns are packaged and prepared for overwater travel back to the mainland, where a jet is prepared for the flight to Italy.

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