An Exercise In Influence

IC Time: April 26.
Location: Castle Volterra, Italy
Synopsis: Stasia arrives to Volterra and meets members of the coven, including Aro. Meanwhile, Chelsea continues binding Stasia to the Volturi.
Submitted by: Stasia

The flight to Italy passed without incident. For her part, Stasia kept mostly to herself, quiet and contemplative. She took a window seat, leaning with her head resting against the glass, gold eyes sightlessly staring out over ocean, then land, then ocean again and finally, the coastline of Europe. Though she answers direct questions, in an equally direct but not unfriendly manner, she volunteers nothing. Her mind, at some level, struggles against the artifical bonds imposed by Chelsea, even if she is not consciously aware of the fact. Overall, she seemed exhausted, mentally and physically and if vampires could sleep, she probably would have been unconscious shortly after takeoff. In lieu of that, she seemed to "check out", daydreaming or even "zoning out."

After the landing, Stasia was directed to some guest quarters and given opportunity to freshen up. Her own clothing, old, worn and even neatly repaired, just won't do. So, replacements have been found and laid out in the opulant chambers.

The situation is in a delicate stage and the Volturi have done this often enough to not make foolish blunders. She will not be allowed to wander the castle alone, so an escort has been chosen. And in this situation, a friendly face is preferred. So, Theresa is assigned to look after the newcomer and waits outside the chamber door while Stasia bathes and dresses. The rest of the Guard has been curious about this new arrival and the circumstances surrounding her visit. Many have found some excuse to pass by the hallway, hoping to either get a glimpse or hear some of the story from Theresa.

Presently, the door opens and Stasia emerges. She cleans up very well, actually. Her brown curls are in an artful tumble, gold eyes peering out from beneath dark lashes. Her jeans-n-sweatshirt combo has been exchanged for a lovely Italian-designed spring dress. The soft moss green silk chased with gentle earth tones complements her features nicely. Her tiny feet are encased in designer leather sandals that probably cost as much as a small automobile.

Theresa has actually said little to anyone pasing by asking questions, why? None of there business at the moment. She's changed her clothing and gotten cleaned up as well. A silk shirt of jade green and a ebony black knee length skirt along with black heels. Her hair is pulled back neatly and she has makeup one from the looks of it. She is looking in the compact to make sure her hair is in place as the door opens and she closes it to look towards the door. She tilts her head and offers a smile while nodding. "Afternoon Stasia.."

Stasia closes the door quietly behind her. "Hello, Theresa." Her voice is a soft murmur, as if afraid to speak too loudly in the large hallways of the ancient castle. "The dress is beautiful. Thank you." Her wide, gold eyes peer around, looking very much like a lost and overwhelmed tourist.

Theresa offers a lovely smile and nods while she pockets the compact and stands up straighter. Her hands smooth out at skirt while she moves over to the other and looks over the dress. "Oh yes, it is very lovely.. Fits you perfectly my dear."

"Someone has excellent taste and an excellent eye." In spite of herself, Stasia twists her hips a bit, to make the skirt twirl. "I understand that Aro will see me shortly. What should I expect?" She asks this, suddenly serious.

Theresa grins slightly and winks at Stasia. "Your're welcome." This said with an amused tone, she is rather happy in her role of picking out clothing. "Well, make sure to show him respect. He expects it from everyone." At least she gives him and the other leaders respect, but it was beat into her at a young age to do so when she was still human.

Stasia grins ruefully as Theresa admits her part in choosing the dress. A hand nervously rakes through her hair. "I don't know what to do. I've never met anyone… important like that before. What do I do?"

Theresa ahs softly at this and lets a slender hand lift to tuck a bit of Stasia's hair behind her ear, a soft smile offered. "It'll be alright.. Just relax and be yourself to some degree." She is rather sure that if Aro wanted her dead she would ahve been, or she wouldn't be here walking freely. "Now.. Would you like a tour?"

Stasia nods faintly, "Yes, I'd like a tour. Thank you." Anything to get her mind off of the upcoming meeting. What does one say to someone who has been around for three thousand years?

Theresa smiles and nods while she starts to move along. "You'll be fine, Stasia." Is offered after a moment. Her heels barely make a sound across the floor as she moves along. "The town here gives us everything we need to live here, and no one asks questions." This said while she nods towards a window that shows some of the town.

Stasia follows, a bit awkwardly as she is learning to walk in expensive sandals. Talk about taking the "country girl" and showing her the city! She approaches the window, looking out over the idyllic Italian village below. "But you can't feed here, can you? It is such a small village."

Theresa humms and looks back to Stasia and smiles. "Well.. No, we get are food from other sources. Like vistors to this little place. We never feed on anyone that lives here. Wouldn't make sense."

Stasia nods, thinking of how many humans it would take to feed so many vampires. "And all of you live in this castle?"

Theresa ahs softly at this while thinking. "I suppose so.. I mean unless we have to go off and do jobs. I've been in Forks the past months an so forth."

Stasia considers that. "What sorts of jobs?"

Theresa ohs softly while tilting her head and shrugs slightly as she takes in a slight ineeded breath. "It all depends on what Aro and the others want us to do.. I was sent to Forks because of the numbers of vampires becoming too many. An a few other problems."

Stasia nods in agreement. "There are a lot there. Too many predators. It doesn't happen in nature often; there's usually a balance. But when it does, it can be bad."

"I agree with you.." Theresa offers softly as she turns and starts moving down the hallway once more. "I do expect something major will happen there at some point.. An when that happens I will have to return and do my job."

"If you are the leaders of the vampire world, can you make some of them move?" Stasia follows, somewhat more gracefully than before. "Spread out the population?"

Theresa shrugs some. "That's not for me to decided.. That is for Aro and other others to figure out. I suppose it would be a good idea though.." This said while she ponderrs the idea.

Stasia considers that, "I suppose being around for /that/ long…" She shakes her head. "Three thousand years is almost impossible to comprehend. What will the world be like, three thousand years from now, if we are here to see it?"

Theresa blinks and chuckles softly while tilting her head and takes her head slightly. "Well.. I'm over 300 years old an I saw plenty of things over the years to say the least."

"I imagine so. I am not nearly so old, but I suppose you know that already." Stasia smiles wryly.

Theresa grins faintly and nods while she tilts her head and looks to Stasia. "I had a feeling." This said with an amused tone while she takes in a breath. "Anyway.. I will be there when you talk to Aro.. I will try my best to smooth out anything between you and he.."

The worried expression comes back. "I heard… I was told that he has a talent, that he can read your entire life's memories with touch. Is that true?" Stasia asks, anxiously.

Theresa watches Stasia a few moments before nodding. "Yes.. that is true." She sees no sense in lying to her about Aro's ability.

"Will he do that to me?" Comes the next question.

Theresa shrugs at this while tilting her head. "I can not answer for what Aro will do.. He does what he likes." He is that powerful after all.

Chelsea has arrived.

Theresa is giving Stasia a little tour of the castle and they're discussing the upcoming meeting with Aro. In the few hours since the arrival to Volterra, Stasia has been cleaned up nicely. Freshly showered and dressed in a beautiful green and brown spring dress, she barely resembles the shabbily dressed creature that came off the plane.

"I suppose he can…" Stasia seems worried, if her expression is any indication. "It's just…" She sighs, how to phrase this without being insulting. "I'm a private person."

Chelsea pads into the reception area from an upper hallway. She too has gotten to freshen up, and wears a pair of stretchy leggings under a cyan-colored frock. "Now, that's not true all of the time, dear Theresa," she comments, one brow arched. "The castle is large. There's lots of places to be alone. And besides, she's free to leave at any time!" Her voice may be an octave or two higher, perhaps indicating her 'stretching' of the truth. She tucks a stand of dark hair behind her eye, gazing at Stasia and once again attempting to use her power to try and make Stasia feel like she fits in with the castle and its inhabitants — a relationship with the concept of the Volturi as a whole. "You look just lovely!"

The worried expression smooths immediately into a smile as Chelsea's influence is felt. "Oh, thank you." Stasia seems embarassed at the compliment, one hand twitching her skirt in a nervous gesture. "Theresa has been showing me around and letting me pepper her with questions about my upcoming appointment. I'd been told what Aro can do and I'm trying to…to get used to the idea."

Theresa lets her gaze turn to Chelsea and she smirks faintly, a slight shrug is soon offered. "If you say so Chelsea." She knows better though. "Yes she does indeed. I knew that dress would come in handy at some point." This said with a rather happy tone. She does like to shop after all.

"Oh. Well, don't be uncomfortable. He is not an unpleasant individual," Chelsea responds. She isn't sure how /anybody/ can feel comfortable under that particular influence of Aro, but she could try and make things a little smoother for Stasia. For everyone's sake. Chelsea smiles and gazes toward Stasia, trying to strengthen a relationship with Aro — it's a bit difficult, since they have not yet met. After a moment, she grins at Theresa. "Hmm. That's your dress? Why don't you let /me/ into your wardrobe more often?"

Stasia falls silent a moment, chewing on that. It's hard to resolve her own private nature with what will undoubtely be an invasion of that privacy on one of the highest levels imaginable. Without Chelsea's work, undoubtedly the younger vampire would vehemently object. In spite of herself, her mind manages to come up with some kind of rationalization for it. "I suppose he's seen so many lives," She says slowly, at length, "that after three thousand years, nothing would surprise or shock him anymore." Her gold eyes flick between the two women, "It's time soon, isn't it?"

Theresa chuckles and just grins, a dazling smile of white teeth. "Oh Chelsea you are more then welcome to look into my wardrobe when ever you wish. I think we're abou the same size actually." This is said with a rather happy tone, she truely means it. A faint hum escapes her while she glances to Stasia and tilts her head before glancing to the slender watch upon her wrist. "Nearly there.. Just try to relax alright? No reason to get all stressed out over it." Still she can recall how it was meeting with Aro and the others, it was very stressful.

Chelsea looks genuinely pleased. "I will be taking you up on that offer. Did you hear the rumor that there might be some sort of bal—" She stops, realizing she's getting off topic and getting into gossip. Not good. She turns back to Stasia with another winning smile and nods gently. "You're right, of course, dear," she purrs. "We can even come with you, if Aro allows it."

Stasia doesn't seem to notice the gossip anymore than she noticed the fashion discussion. One might suppose that she has quite enough on her mind. She nods eagerly at Chelsea's suggestion. "I would like that. Please."
Theresa mms softly and grins while nodding. "I did.. I heard some of it a few hours ago actually." The thought of a ball makes her rather happy. She gets to dress up after all. Though she blinks and looks to Stasia. "I don't think he'll have a problem with us tagging along." Hopfully she won't be wrong with this.

"Let's talk later," Chelsea says to Theresa, in an almost girlish voice, regarding the ball. She turns around, back to her 'work' and smiles. "Alright, no problem. He doesn't usually mind the company." She glances at the clock behind the reception then peers at Theresa. "About that time? We should start walking over there, no?" she asks, not wanting to be wrong.

Stasia looks between the two women, somewhat belatedly realizing that they are discussing an upcoming social event. Then she nods once, "All right. I don't want to be late."

Theresa nods to Chelsea, about the ball and about the time. "Indeed.. Let us go. It isn't that far off at least." She offers while lifting a slender hand and motions towards another corridor before them.

The scene moves to the Throne room in the castle.

Aro stands in the center of the room, between two of the marble columns. Light streams in from the windows, but seems to be mainly concentrated on the raised platform for now, as if it might make potential inhabitant of the chairs sparkle in the sun — literally. The ancient vampire has his hands clasped in front of him and his gaze trained near the doorway area, as if expecting someone. Also in the room are Felix and Afton, apparently around for extra support, although they just seem to fade into the background, clad in light tan. Arp angles his head toward Felix, "I do hear footsteps. The door, please? I'd like to greet our guest with graciousness," he says rather cheerfully. Felix obliges, and the door creaks open for the trio coming toward the room.

Stasia walks between Theresa and Chelsea. Though she is exceedingly nervous about this meeting, she does her best to conceal it. Walking alongside her escort, rather than behind, is part of that. Her gold eyes dart up… way up… at the giant vampire that opens the door. Presumably, this is an invitation to enter the room and so she does, looking past Felix to the ancient upon his throne. Trepidation is mixed with a hint of surprise on her features. So /that/ is what a three thousand year old vampire looks like.

She doesn't speak immediately, uncertain of the protocol. And when one is uncertain of what to say, it is best to say nothing.

Theresa follows along quietly, her gaze drifting down the hall and at a few doors before the right one before them opens up. Her bright gaze turns to Felix whom she offers a nod to, thanking him for opening the door. Her attention then turns to Aro whom recieves one of her friendly smile. Once the others have stoped she bows her head slightly. "Good evening Aro.." This said with a polite tone before she lifts her slender hand to Stasia at her side. "This is Stasia." Though she doesn't think Aro really needs her to say this, she is rather sure her dear boss knows who the woman is between she and Chelsea, still it is a polite thing to do.

Chelsea leads Stasia in and smiles. "Evening, master! Everything is as you requested," she remarks, and then leaves Stasia's side to linger near one of the columns, watching curiosly.

Aro doesn't move to meet his guest, but his clouded eyes immediately rove over the woman, and his thoughts go to the information they have about her. However, his outward expression betrays not a thing besides a general rather genuine-seeming enthusiasm. "Ah, Stasia! Wonderful to finally meet you. It was quite some trouble to find you, I understand." He looks to Theresa and then to Chelsea individually and then smiles. "Thank you for making our guest feel most welcome. And look!" He seems near giddy with excitement. Only those that are used to him would know it's his natural element. "She's even wearing a fine Italian dress. So, Stasia. You understand why you were brought here?" He looks at Theresa, "Please, do share what she was told."

Stasia nods carefully. "I do." She tries not to stare at the filmy red eyes or the brittle skin. The enthusiasm in which he regards her attire is curious, but then, she reminds herself of the longevity of the ancient before her and tries to keep her expectations open.

Theresa offers a smile to Stasia while she shifts off to the side some herself, which leaves the other on her own in the middle of the room. Her arms fold neatly before her, a rather normal stance for her while she lifts a brow and grins a moment at the talk of the dress. She knew it would be good for Stasia to have that one. A nod is offered to Aro. "She was explained that her reason for coming here was to meet and speak with you Aro. The reason behind it dealing with the situation around another death, her name was Joyce I believe." She thinks for a moment herself rather sure that was said that night when she and the other finally found Stasia in her ice castle.

"Oh, that's right," Aro says after a moment to Theresa, his smile faltering slightly at the situation, and his hands falling to swing at his sides before falling rigidly at rest. "Well then! Why don't you tell me in your own words what happened? I managed to get a good account from dear Theresa, of course, but I would be interested to hear your side." He pauses and then smiles brightly, taking two or three steps toward Stasia. His cloak meets the floor, covering his feet, and for a moment, it almost appears he is floating. There are easier ways to get the information, but he does like to work with Chelsea to help gain some degree of trust.

Stasia glances briefly at Chelsea and Theresa as Aro moves to rise, apparently looking for reassurance. Her teeth worry her lower lip for just a moment, while she formulates her thoughts. "I first became aware of Joyce and her coven when one of the vampire residents of Forks came to me for help. I was told that this coven had attacked her and some others on a local ski trip. The purpose was to change one of the humans present, one that had been taken under the protection of this other vampire and her coven. Joyce had come to Forks, apparently to make another attempt on the human and I agreed to track her movements. It quickly became apparent that I had been told correctly. Joyce was seriously unbalanced, seeming to drift in and out of a twisted motherhood fantasy. She had found the human girl and was attempting to kidnap her and I chose to intervene. One insane vampire can quickly become two insane vampires. In the end, Joyce left without the girl, but she said that she and her remaining coven mate would hunt me down and kill me, for my interference."

Stasia pauses there, looking to see if there are any questions, before continuing.

Theresa offers a slight dip of her head to Aro once her peace has been said and he turns his attention back to Stasia. She is quiet as she listions to the conversation about what happened with Joyce. She has to side with Stasia there to some degree, if someone said they was going to kill her she might do the same after all.

Aro listens very respectfully, interjecting a few nods and hums, and in general, seeming thoughtful over the whole thing. When Stasia finishes talking he tilts his head. "So, the said coven… I am assuming this would be my dear friend Carlisle's coven, no? They are the only one in Forks at the moment, aside from that… rockband, which I suppose broke off." The word 'rock' seems to leave a bad taste in his mouth, but he moves on quickly. "And it sounds like you were acting in self-defense. Understandable, indeed!" he exclaims, his lips twitching into a smile. "But I am curious about something, dearest Stasia. The verification of your words, of course, and also, your methods and such." Aro waves a hand as if to glaze over the 'and such' those his eyes seem to glimmer with a bit of excitement. "Perhaps it might be easiest if you indulge me in a more simplistic manner?" He steps forward and offers out a papery hand, expecting Stasia to do her own, or perhaps for one of his guards to explain.

"The Cullens, yes." Stasia confirms. Worry lines cross her forehead as Aro offers his hand. She is fairly sure what this 'simplistic manner' involves, but gives Chelsea a quick sidelong glance. Unconsciously, her mind tries to rebel against the artificial bonding she has been subjected to, as such an invasion of privacy runs so contrary to her nature, but Chelsea's powerful gift has had time to do its work. The hesitation is only for a tiny instant, then she carefully accepts the offered hand.

Aro glances at Chelsea, a warning glance without his usual smile, and she nods her head, trying a little harder. Nevertheless, it all seems to work, and Aro's cold, dry hand makes contact with Stasia's, in a way not unlike a handshake. Minus the shake. He smiles reassuringly at the other vampire and his eyes study her thoughtfully, but not in an intiminading manner as he absorbs her thought histories.

The circumstances and mechanics of Stasia's talent is both powerful and complicated. The most recent use of it was at the glacial fortress. Her consciousness was split, divided between her physical body and four external physical vessels: an albatross above the water and beneath, three separate great whales… the most massive being a fully mature blue whale, the largest creature to ever inhabit the planet. The approaching Volturi Guard, swimming beneath the sea were immediately noticed by the whales' echo-location… and through Stasia's memories, Aro can experience that unique sense, something that no human or vampire can perform. At the same time, the boat containing Algernon and the witnesses was tracked by the overhead bird.

But her talent goes beyond simple sensory input and control. For as far back as Aro scans, Stasia has used her talent to simply experience life as another creature, in as many states as possible. Not simply as an observer, but as truly understanding how the creature perceives the world and responds to it. This has given her a truly intimate understanding of how all the natural world fits together, a level beyond any human scientist. She has been several members of a lion pride bringing down a buffalo… at the same time experiencing what the buffalo does at the moment of death. The entire cycle of life has replayed itself over and over again. Birth, of course, is difficult. Her talent requires eye contact. But once or twice she has managed to make contact with a partially birthed mammal and experienced those first breaths after being expelled from the womb… while at the same time experincing birth from the perspective of the mother.

Tactically, there are obvious advantages to the talent. But as a metaphysical experience, it is equally, if not moreso, profound.

It takes but a few moment, but when Aro pulls his hand delicately away, it is clear he has seen wonders: his filmy eyes seem to glimmer with a newfound excitement as he walks a few paces away, into a single sunbeam that shines onto his skin and for a moment, expels prisms of rainbow-light all over the marble before he steps away again. "Very, very interesting, Stasia," he speaks finally, lips into a wide smile that doesn't reveal his teeth — a rather devious expression, really. He must remember his 'intentions,' though. He stops moving and clasps his hands together once more, masking his face into a more somber mode (though try as he might, he can't manage the usual Marcus-style look of void emotion).

"So, from what I could ascertain, you acted with boldness, yes. Deliverance, yes. But I do concur with your original testimony: she was clearly insane." He draws a breath. "In fact, your quick thinking could be an asset to the Volturi. Among other things." A glance is shot at Chelsea again before Aro directs a rather blunt comment toward Stasia: "Tell me about your animal friends, please?"

Stasia hesitates at the question. But apparently she's been let off the proverbial hook, so to speak. She likewise glances at the other women, as the bonding to them is stronger. "That is… difficult to answer, sir." She replies slowly. "Every species I've encountered is different. Each has their own place in the world. They all tend to respond favorably to me. I can usually get wild birds to light on my hand. It makes it easier to establish contact. I can't do that to humans or vampires, though." A pause. "Creatures that would be considered more "intelligent" are different than those that rely completely on instinct. Creatures that raise their young are different than ones that are born with all of the innate knowledge and skills needed to survive. Ancient creatures, like sharks, are different than comparatively younger species."

Aldo has arrived.

Theresa listions quietly to the conversation between Stasia and Aro. She tilts her head while her gaze turns to Stasia while a faint hum escapes her. In a way its like what she can do with trees. She feels them after all and can control them, well to a degree. For the moment she stay quiet choosing to listions, nope, no questions or comments from her, at least for now.

Aro paces, unable to keep his restlessness inside. "I see," he says, with some interest, "But tell me how it works. I have indeed seen what you have done with this particular talent you were given, but how close must you be? It would seem close. And indeed, you must be vulnerable while in the thoughts of another, no?" His brow furrows; a downside, but it could be remedied by another one of his pawns. Er, covenmates. He awaits an answer with a slightly raised brow.

Meanwhile, Chelsea has not remained idle. Now that Stasia has met the ancient vampire, she has tried very hard to strengthen Stasia's ties to Aro.

"Eye contact is required." Stasia replies with less hesitation, a direct result of Chelsea's efforts. "A few meters at most, but once contact is established, I have a range of several miles. The more creatures I have contact with, the harder it is to direct them and the control is not as fine. I also get distracted easier. Eight creatures is the most I've done at once and it was difficult to do more than simply concentrate. My range and duration is likewise affected. I can manage two without really any extra effort. I can separate the senses of both of them and still function without any impairment."

The click of his shoes sounds first within the great throne room of Castle Volterra. The eyes of patrons shift further down the hall, looking toward the man gold-tinted man as he approached the small group lead by one of the Three. His head tilted downward, Aldo's eyes were kept strategically concealed from view, the cowbody hat and popped collar of his shift providing a perfect shroud to keep his face almost a complete mystery…Only the grin remains, always visible, and always hauntingly sinister without much more of the face to guage the expression properly. The words of Aro ring forth through the chamber, and it is not far from Theresa's side that the man comes to a stop amongst the muted whispers of others. He so loved when they gossiped about him… It only meant that he was doing a good job. Hands clasping together behind his back, Aldo wetted his lips as he stood to observe the new peon.

Theresa is getting more curious about Stasia's power the more she hears about it. Her mind wandering somewhat about to her own ability, so much so that she doesn't know Aldo has entered the room until he is near her. With a blink she tilts her head to peer over at him slightly and lifts a brow. When did he get back into town?

"Wonderful," Aro exclaims after Stasia explains the logistics of her power. Her nearly claps his hands together, but manages to contain his excitement with another, "Very interesting indeed." He directs a gaze at the petite vampiress in the borrowed dress. "Now. You've barely just arrived, and surely, it's been overwhelming for someone who prefers, clearly, to be alone." He got that much from her thoughts. "However, I'd like to extend to you an invitation to stay here in our fortress. If it pleases you, I do hope you will consider joining us. Yours actions, to me, signify that you are very like-minded. Here, we like to uphold justice. We like to keep what we do a secret… and we like to minimize our dealings with the human world. You see, we have a lot in common."

The arrival of someone new breaks Aro's concentration on the 'new recruit.' He studies Aldo for a moment, lips turning to a line before he offers, "Aldo! Back so soon? And with good news, I do hope. This is Stasia." He intones that there is something else going on, but otherwise doesn't say an unfriendly word.

The slightest chortle flows softly from Aldo's throat, the sound almost inaudible, and almost as disturbing as the ever present grin upon his face. Stasia Dietzen, he'd read her bio… A killer, according to popular belief much like himself. Oh, he was going to love getting to know her better. "Yes, your eminence.. Sooner than I thought. Apparently things went a lot better than could we'd all…hoped," he says, though even though he appears to be glad, there is the slightest hint of disappointment in his tone alone. "Forks…is a total bore," the vampire offered, as a light scoff flowed from him that he seemed to mask at least fairly well. "I have learned precious little, unfortunately. The place stinks of wolves, though, your eminence… Still, I saw none. I am looking forward to returning, however… There is still something nagging at me, like an itch in a complicated spot…" That said, he looks briefly to Theresa, his grin broadening ever so slightly before he offers her a wink before peering curiously toward Stasia. That is when Donovan speaks to him, and in his mind he can only reply… Sure Donovan, if you like them bite sized… Good thing I do.

OOC Note: "Donovan" is, or was, Aldo's friend and former member of the Guard. When Donovan transgressed on the law of secrecy, Aldo immediately turned on him and handed him over for justice. Now "Donovan" is more like an imaginary friend, or some latent part of Aldo's personality that helps keep him grounded in sanity.

Aro interjects to Stasia, "And we, my dear, have all the answers. I admit to being a bit of a history buff myself — I daresay I could be the best source of information on our kind." His smile widens. "Of course, while such a favor is given to any of my dear friends, I do enjoy a sort of… committment in return. But as I said, take your time in letting me know." Aro casts a meaningful glance at Chelsea, then at Theresa, both of whom have been making the guest feel at home. No doubt Aro meant to rely to Theresa that 'time' was not unlimited in this case.

His gaze fixes on Aldo and then onto Theresa. "Ahh, yes. Our friends, the wolves. Such intriguing creatures, don't you agree? Shame you didn't have the pleasure in meeting one, unlike Theresa has reported." Aro smiles faintly, ever-so-subtly snubbing Aldo. "But such an interesting conversation deserves to take place with the company of my brothers… yes, I do wish to hold off on that." He waves a hand, and then adds: "But thank you, friends."

Stasia nods, uncertainly. She falls silent as the talk moves to other business. But her gold eyes do flick to Aldo sidelong, perhaps a bit warily.

Well ain't she the lucky one… Donovan had noticed the subtlety of Aro's snub, and was quick to pass it on to the otherwise oblivious vampire. Indeed, Donnie, indeed. With a soft laugh, Aldo bows his head at Aro's words, his hands drawing out to his sides to emphasize the bow, though it almost looks a bit commical as well. Caius was so much more fun… As his hands return to his sides, they just as quickly find a home within the pockets of his pants, and the man's overall stature becomes much more casual. Again, Stasia is looked at, and in the instant that his eyes return to her he notices her gaze upon him…causing his grin to grow just a tad. His right hand is like lightning, the movement taking place in the blink of an eye as two fingers close upon the rim of his hat before tipping it lightly to her.

Theresa offers a nod to Aro understanding about the time dealing with Stasia, and the fact that he wanted to speak about the wolves with the others. Her gaze drifts from Stasia to Aldo and then back and she smirks faintly before clearing her throat. "Perhaps he'll get to meet them next time." She offers with an amused tone.

"Aldo is good at what he does. I have no doubt that he will be a prominent figure in this investigation," Aro responds quietly back to Theresa, though his eyes fall onto Aldo thoughtfully before the flick back to Stasia, who has been too quiet for his liking. "So," Aro opens his arms in a grand and rather welcoming gesture, "my offer stands. Come to me at anytime and I can share with you the workings of our world and its turbulent history. My hope is that in return, you might show some interest in joining this wonderful organization." He pauses, wondering if he should add a threat, and decides to just hint at it. Aro lets out a chuckle: "And how great was it that you were cleared of charges, too! I'm sure you were nervous."

Aro glances toward the sitting room to the side of the room after a silent moment. "Theresa and Aldo, if you could please show Stasia to her quarters. I have a meeting with my brothers. Good evening to you all! Farewell, Stasia." Quite suddenly, with the same energy he usually possesses, Aro walks briskly off toward the small door on the side of the room.

"Thank you," Stasia replies. "I was nervous and I will consider your offer." She looks back at Aldo and Theresa briefly. She thought she heard a whisper of a threat, but surely not!

So, that's what you do now? The great Aldo…reduced to an escort. Sounds like you're losing your thunder, mate… Aldo's eyes squint ever so slightly. Donovan always knew how to push his buttons, as his timing was perfect. "As you wish, your eminence," the vampire offered as he gave another light bow of his head toward Aro, his gaze flickering quickly to Stasia then. "Very good…" he offers to her with a bit of a smirk. "I'm sure that he meant to say Aldo is very good at what he does…" Snapping his fingers then, the vampire shifts slightly, passing a glance over Chelsea and Theresa as he turns. "Right this way, little lady… Your room is right next door to mine."

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