The Theatre Guild's First Meeting

IC Time: April 30, 2007
Location: FHS Auditorium
Synopsis: The club's first meeting ends with a funny improv scene.
Submitted by: Morgan

One has to wonder… is this theatre thing even going on tonight? First of all, all but one door to FHS is locked. After gaining entry, the auditorium doors are closed, and the lights over the audience are off. However, there are voices near the stage, and after a moment, the curtains rustle on the left side and a teenaged girl drags out a table, followed by an older woman, who carries out some chairs. The older woman can be recognized by FHS students and community members alike as Mrs. Higgs, the theatrical arts teacher at the school. And for those that might know, the girl, Morgan, is a junior that started attending FHS in January. She sits on top of the table and nervously peers toward the doors to the theatre. "You think we should turn the lights on? I wonder if anyone's coming. I mean, I guess the sign wasn't that good. Was it?" she peers over her shoulder to the adult, but she's gone back stage. Morgan's back slumps a little. "Okay. Waiting game."

Heels click through the disturbingly quiet hallway, growing louder by the moment, getting nearer to the auditorium. A blond head peeks in to the room, scanning it for a few moments before she opens the door all the way to let herself into the room. Bev's steps leading towards the stage are significantly quieter, only a few quiet clicks giving the teen away. "Hello? This is the theater thing, right?" she questions with an upraised brow aimed in the direction of those at the front.

The door opens once more, and a young sophomore slips in. She makes her way slowly toward where people might be sitting, shy and timid as her blue eyes move about the room. Once Katie reaches the third row or so, she slips down the aisle to sit in the center, slumping down into her seat.

Anastasia hesitates, barely inside the auditorium, a gig bag slung over one shoulder and a small amplifier filling her left hand. "Geez… is this the right auditorium? Didn't think Forks High had more than one," she murmurs.

The sound of a voice focuses her attention instantly on the stage. A small smile comes to her lips, accompanied by a nearly whispered, "Bingo." She starts toward the stage at a casual walk, noting another figure just entering from the school proper. "Hi, Bev!" she calls softly, giving the blonde teen a warm smile. "Here for the theatre?"

Morgan scrambles to her feet as the blonde pokes her head in. "Oh — yep! It surely is!" Morgan's voice is pretty loud from the stage, and it helps that the room echoes. She takes the narrow stairs on the right side down to the seats and stands rather awkwardly waiting for the people to flow in. The woman with the amplifier gets a bright look from Morgan and she holds up a tenative hand to wave. "Sorry about the lights. Mrs. Higgs is turning them on," she says sheepishly, rocking on her heels and peering at the small crowd. "I'm Morgan Carwin, and that's…" The lights flood on, and then a moment later, Mrs. Higgs walks out and peers at the crowd, a hand on her hip. "Mrs. Higgs," Morgan finishes. "And I had the idea to start this club 'cause the Forks High School club isn't all that popular. I mean, Mrs. Higgs said there wasn't enough people in it last semester to even put on a full-scale play." She leans against the orchestra pit near the first row. "So, introductions?"

Trenton a moment aver Anastasia arrives in the theater, the door is flung back open. Trying to move the door using only his back is Trenton, though it impossible to tell anything of his features as he is hidden behind what looks like a large garbage bag full of… something. On top of this teeters a large and plain looking plastic tube about four feet in length. There is a grunt from behind the bag as the man attempts to move through the entrance with it. Thankfully it is a double-door… "I am never making deals like this again," he mumbles to himself as he desperately tries to make his way down to the stage.

Beverley spins as her name is called and casts a smile towards Anastasia. "Hey," she greets with a little wave. "Yah, see if I can't put some of my love of the arts to work, y'know, maybe I'll get out of this town with a bang," she gives with a wink and a light laugh. At Morgan's commentary Bev offers her a smile. "Beverley McKinnon," she gives with nod of her head before she finds herself a place in which she can take a seat, waiting for things to get going.

Katie listens to the girls that were here before her, trying to make an effort to remember their names. When it comes to her, she clears her throat, but ends up speaking quietly again. "Katie. Uhm… Maguire. Katie Maguire." She doesn't have much to say really, the new girl.

Stacy grins at Bev. "Break a leg!" she calls. Only the sound of the rustling garbage bag alerts her to the person behind her, and she turns to look worriedly at the man struggling toward the stage. Setting her amp down on the fore-end of a seat, she settles her gig bag an inch behind it and moves to assist. "Can I help, sir?" she asks, stooping a bit to take hold of the teetering plastic tube before it can fall, if she is in time…

Kyler is uncharacteristically shy in his arrival, only vaguely aware that he's arriving late. He doesn't announce himself or anything… In fact, he approaches obliquely, looking rather puzzled as he slides in a side door of the theater, having passed through the strange mazes of hallways that all theaters seem to have in common. For once, he's actually cleaned and pressed. Or at least dressed in fresh clothes. Although some effort may have been made to tame his hair, that was something of a lost cause. Already, it's sticking up in curls and tangles as he peers around the auditorium, eyes bright with curiosity. Eventually, since it seems like the thing to do, he slinks to a chair at the edge of the audience, surprisingly docile for anyone who knew him, though few if any of those currently present do.

"Oh, the props," Morgan says, getting up to go help Trenton, but seeing someone else do so instead. She smiles gratefully and then turns an eye to Kyler as he sits on the outskirts. "Ohh, good, a guy. I was worried for a sec that the girls would have to play guys. Come on over! I'm Morgan, this is Beverley and Katie… and I dunno their names." She props herself up on the edge of the orchestra pit. From the stage, Mrs. Higgs, who has a very loud voice that sounds like she smokes at least a pack a day calls: "If you can make it up to the stage, that would be great, otherwise, please leave them down there."
Morgan grins. "For improv. But first, I guess, what is everyone interested in doing? Or I guess… what's your talent?"

Beverley looks up as she hears the introduction from the new girl. "Hey, you're new, right?" she questions, flashing a smile in Katie's direction. That smile, however, is short lived at Stacy's words. "Good thing that that's just theater jargin, I have no intentions of breaking any bones today," she offers with a laugh before her attention turns to Morgan. "Anything onstage, singing, dancing, acting…" this, however, is said quietly, though.

Trenton hears a voice asking about helping, though Trent has no idea who it belongs to, or if they're even speaking to him. Given the proximity of the voice it's probably a safe assumption. "Yeah, grab that thing," he responds to the Stacy's offer, just before she stops the tube from falling over. "Thanks," he says in a severely insincere tone. Trent doesn't bother giving his name. He plans on dropping this stuff off and leaving. Finally making it to the stage, Trent takes the easy option and decides to drop it off in front of the platform. Panting, Trent sighs and takes a front row seat, merely to relax for a second.

"I..I don't act or anything. Or dance. I just sing and play the piano. I've never done any acting. So no experience. I played keyboard in the school musical, though?" Katie's voice remains quiet. "I…don't know about doing improv stuff though."

"Here, I'll get this," Stacy offers, carefully taking the tube's weight and beginning to lift it clear of the bag. "Can you handle the bag by yourself? If it's too heavy, just set it down and we can gang-lift it after I get this deposited on the stage, 'kay?" she suggests. At the introductions, she glances back, then finally speaks as she turns toward the stage to deliver the long tube. "I'm Anastasia Ravenwood, but Stacy is easier. I mostly sing and play guitar." She smiles to Katie's reply. "Fellow musician? Cool! I play keyboard myself, but I'm not as good with it. And I've been working on my slide guitar technique, but I'm still not so good."

Kyler blinks vaguely as he is addressed, and looks over his shoulder, nervously. He's a scrawny, effeminate guy, sure…but hey, he /is/ a guy. So he perks an odd little smile and slinks out of his chair, wandering over at her direction. "Hello, Morgan, Beverley, Katie, and…whoever." He starts out a bit quiet, but gradually becomes more outgoing as he continues. "I'm Kyler. Or Ky. Whichever," he offers, for anyone who might be interested. "And I…well, I've never done any acting. I'm a pianist, mostly. Also…" He ponders this a moment, and then beams a sudden, huge grin, as though at some private joke. "You could say I'm something of an amateur acrobat. But not at the same time. Not yet, anyhow."

Morgan smiles at Katie. "Oh, it's okay. Improv's a lot of fun, but since you're more musically talented anyway, you don't have to participate. We have a piano in the wings that we're getting out, just to see how everyone is and stuff. Not that it matters, I think this group is more for fun." She drops her voice a few octaves, "Though ol' Higgs can be kind of hardcore." Morgan peers worriedly over her shoulder, but indeed, the teacher seems to be getting out more stuff. She does appear in time to scutinize Trenton for a moment then bark: "You! Props-boy! You'd be a /great/ Danny for Grease. Do you act?" She begins to come down the stairs. Morgan, meanwhile, has fallen silent calculation the group assembled. "K, so we've got four 'voices.' Two actresses, and three musicians. And an acrobat. Er… that's too many, hold on. Well! You get the idea. We've got a pretty musical group. Maybe we could focus on some musicals with small cast requirements. And Kyler, just what do you mean by acrobatics?" Mrs. Higgs chips in on this: "Why don't you demonstrate for us?" she rasps.

Beverley listens quietly to all the introductions and the responses to Morgan's question as per the talents of the group. Otherwise the teen just sits. "A musical could be fun," she offers with a slight shrug of her shoulders.

"Musicals? Hmm." Stacy moves to reclaim her bag and amp. "I've never acted that I can remember, but I'm willing to learn. Not sure how much call there is for guitar in theatre, so I'm all for being flexible." She grins at Kyler. "Though I don't think I could do acrobatics." Her nose twitches once or twice as she looks his way, but she says nothing more.

"Musical would be okay." Katie rises from her seat. "I can get the piano, if you want? It's an upright on wheels, right?" That is what most schools use, after all. Without waiting, she climbs up on the stage to go and assist.

Kyler ponders Morgan's question for a moment. "Well, like…what do you call it…the balance beam? And what are those things called… The bars, where they swing around and stuff…" Probably talking about the parallel bars, there. He glances aside at Stacy and grins back, ignoring the nose twitch in favor of the friendliness. As Mrs. Higgs calls for a demonstration, the grin dies slightly, and he glances around at what suddenly seems an awful lot of people. "Weeeeellll…" He ponders a moment, thoughtfully, "I've never performed 'on demand', so to speak." That doesn't stop him, though. After his brief hesitation, he pulls himself to his feet, looking around the auditorium, thoughtfully. With a sudden hop, he jumps to one of the chairs, and then onto the backrest, balancing for a moment on the backrest before casually walking up the row of seats, occasionally having to recapture his balance. He glances up toward the ceiling, and then starts toward the stage, moving from seatback to seatback and occasionally jumping to skip a row as he speaks. "I could probably have fun up there," waving vaguely to the pipes and such that are normally used to hang curtains and lights. "But I don't want to scare anyone. I usually work in trees." He beams, as he reaches the end of chairs and hops to the edge of the stage. Or the lip of the pit, if there is one and it's down. Thus arriving at his destination, he scratches the back of his head in a slightly embarrassed gesture, and grins again.

"Yep, it's back there, feel free!" Morgan says cheerfully to Katie. "Once she gets it out, maybe we can try a little singing for those that can, and maybe Anastasia could chip in on the guitar? A little different, but it could work." Mrs. Higgs chips in after Trenton's reply. "Sounds like a plan. I want Katie on piano, then the arobat on it, and everyone else pitching in." Higgs eyes Trenton again, "And you stick around for improv. With hair like that you /need/ to be in one of my upcoming shows." Morgan turns her head to watch Kyler, at first, looking a bit skeptical, but quickly becoming dumbfounded. "That's pretty crazy. I guess you took a lot of gymnastics and stuff?" She eyes the pipes. "Heh, you're kidding, right?"

Beverley chuckles. "Had I known it'd be a musical thing…" she shrugs quietly, deciding there's enough musicians that she's not to be added to that, undoubtedly Katie and Stacy are a hundred times better'n her anyway.

Having started to doze off in his chair, Trent is startled by the sound of Mrs. Higgs voice. His eyes pop open and he looks to the source, finding out that he's the one being talked to. It takes him a moment to reply as he tries to put together what she said, his mind still ready to fall asleep. The question hits him and he raises his brow in surprise. "What? Ha. I don't think I'm quite cut out for a high school play." After her comment on his hair, Trent's hand unconsciously moves to touch his head. Is his hair really that prominent? "Alright. I'll stick around. No guarantees, though," he responds, dully. Trent's just too lazy to get up and walk away at the moment.

Katie pushes out the piano slowly, moving from end to end so she can steer it in the direction she wants it to go. These things don't exactly turn easily. "I don't know if it's really safe to have someone up on the piano, doing acrobatics. I don't think it is..what if he falls? Or falls on me?" She turns back then, for the piano bench.

Caught staring at Kyler's acrobatics in amazement (or shock), Stacy recovers her wits after a moment, and her guitar case and amp after another moment, and moves to the stage to set up. It's not a long process, thankfully, once she finds a convenient floor-mounted electrical outlet, and a moment later she's tuning her Les Paul "clone" and standing off to one side of the stage, awaiting the music. "Hope I know most of these songs," she says, with a grin to Katie. "I'd hate to toss off a solo for 'Comfortably Numb' only to find out we're not even rockin'!"

Derek walks into the Auditorium very late it seems. "I'm sorry, I just now got off work, did I miss the openings?"
Kyler glances thoughtfully over the people gathering in the auditorium, but then beams at Morgan and her response. "And stuff," he practically chirps, quite cheered by her reaction. As Morgan eyes the pipes, his gaze brightens, glittering with the look of one who's been Challenged. "Oh, I don't kid about that stuff. If you can balance on the ground, you can balance in the air. Those might swing a little more than I'm used to, though…" He glances over at Katie as she speaks, and then bursts into a cheerful giggle. "You can't really do acrobatics on a piano, silly. You'd tear it to pieces." He beams, "I think she wanted me to play." He hops from the place he'd been balancing, and takes a seat, propping his feet up in anticipation of Katie's performance.

Higgs looks confused for a moment at Katie's response before her leathery face cracks into a smile. "No, no, I meant he should play it. Although, there has been a performance or two where I've had actors jumping over the piano… back in the day. Anyway, if you can, give this a try. It's Sinatra's "New York, New York," adapted for the piano. Everyone know the lyrics? If not…" She throws song books randomly at people — Morgan manages to catch her square in the chest. The older woman beams at Trent. "I knew you'd stay." Morgan climbs onto the stage and joins Katie, motioning to the others and blinking at Kyler. "So have you ever considered the circus…?" At Derek's arrival, she waves. "Hey, come on up. We're doing some musical performance."

Derek nods and he walks down to the stage and climbs onto it. "Musical, I'm not realy good at singing but I could give it a try."

Beverley squeaks slightly as she's hit in the shoulder by the incoming book. The book hits the ground with a small thump, which the teen picks up before focusing her attention on the pianist and the rest up on stage.

Katie settles herself in at the piano and dances her fingers along, checking a few octaves. With a wince, she looks up at Ms. Higgs. "It's a little out of tune. That should really get fixed." She takes the sheet music and spreads it out however, and starts playing the introduction easily.

Trenton remains oblivious to much of the chatter around him. At Higgs's comment, Trent clears his throat and decides it wouldn't be worth it to respond. Apparently though, somebody's going to play some music on the piano. Folding his hands behind his head, te takes a moment to glance around around and catches sight of Stacy's guitar. He blinks and raises a brow. Not quite what he expected to see here.

Kyler blinks a little as he realizes they're actually going to be singing. So much for being relaxed. Slowly, he starts to slink from his chair, looking around at the various club members filtering toward the stage. He glances back at Mrs. Higgs just in time to see a book flying toward him. With a reflexive hiss and what actually seems a momentary look of fear, he dodges the tossed book, eyes narrowing vaguely as he watches it fly by and fall to the floor. It's really only after the fact that he remembers that most people consider this to be Rather Odd Behavior. He glances around, as though checking to see it anyone noticed, and then just slinks off for the stage, leaving the book behind. "I'm not a circus freak," he adds, for Morgan's benefit. Of course, that must be either a lie or a misconception on his part. He certainly isn't normal, by any stretch of the imagination… For now, he settles into the back of the group, moving his lips and pretending to sing to avoid letting anyone know that he doesn't know the words. Cause he's not touching that book. Nope. No sir.

Morgan and Mrs. Higgs, the leaders of the group, are leading everyone in a song on stage to check out how well the group can perform together. Morgan can sing, but not that great. She's more interested in acting. She sings in a soprano vocal range and finishes up the song. "Nice job, Katie. I couldn't really tell it was out of tune… guess it hasn't been used in awhile." She shrugs, and then glances at Kyler. "Er, sorry. I /like/ circuses." She eyes the abandoned book and shrugs. "Um, anyway… how were we?"
Higgs smirks. "The voices need work. The piano's out of whack, but the musician was decent. Why aren't you in my performing arts class?" she asks Katie sharply.

"…Er, okay. Should we try improv then? Sorry, I'm kind of new at this whole starting a club thing. How about the people that don't want to act — Katie, Kyler, and Anastasia — yell out a scene and then me, Beverley, the new guy, and the props guy can act it? Ready when you guys are!"

Beverley squeaks slightly as she hears her name, having been paying far too much attention to Katie and her piano playing. Ooh, right acting out scenes. The teen gets to her feet, and settles herself so that she's in a good location for scene acting.

Katie doesn't sing with the others. She focuses on the sheet music before. When the song is finished, she turns to face Higgs. "Uhm…I wasn't really offered that class. They put me in band, and choir, and then all the normal classes. I just got here a few days ago." She remains behind the piano, though. YEP. Katie is sittin' this one WAY out.

Derek nods as he steps forwards. "Can I do a line from a play insteed? I have on e all picked out too."

Kyler looks around, vaguely relieved that he wasn't asked to sight read anything. They can discover his skills later…with something memorized. When he's told that he doesn't have to act, a bit of his old grin returns and he shrinks back a little, letting the actors take the stage for the improv section. Given his personality, it wouldn't be unlikely for him to eventually catch on. Then again, explaining improv to him would be rather tedious for a try-out setting. He ponders a scene for a moment, and then beams. "How about a park?" Yep, that's his suggestion.

Trenton musters enough interest to try and listen to the song. By the time it's done, Trent is sleeping yet again. It was quite pleasant… Though yet again, as the song ends, Higgs' voice pulls him from slumber. Soon after this point he hears Morgan say 'props guy' and 'act it'. He stares at the stage with an annoyed expression for a moment, but sighs reluctantly and stands up. "Fine…" Trent pulls himself out of his seat and walks over to the long, plastic, white tube. Picking it up, he rests it over his shoulder, all the while looking quite disinterested in the whole thing.

"Park?" Morgan blinks at Kyler for a moment. "Um, any other suggestions? Characters, situation?" She looks helplessly to Katie or Stacy for additional suggestions before she spots Trent with the white tube on his shoulder and then flips into a angry-sounding tone. "So you brought the tent?! I wanted to sleep under the stars!" she whines, going to the bag and picking up a flashlight. Mrs. Higgs looks thoughtfully at Katie. "Well, that can be arranged. What's your last name?" As the scene carries on, she looks to the non-participants. "Should out scene changes whenever you see fit. Make them work for it."

Beverley watches Morgan and Trent for a second, before she jumps in, standing near Trenton. "Why would you want to sleep under the stars?" she questions in an incredulous tone. "All the bugs and the… Eww! What if there's snakes?" her voice is whiny now too as she glowers in Morgan's direction.
"Uhm, Maguire, ma'am. I wouldn't mind changing out band for your class, if you have one second bell. I don't know that I do much good in band, really. But I don't like acting. Would I have to act?" Katie shifts on the bench. "I just want to keep biology first bell. Just so I keep that class in place, I don't care what the others do."

As Morgan angrily speaks to him, Trenton thoroughly becomes confused. "Uhh…" He glances at the tube over his shoulder and examines it. In no way does this thing look like a tent… After only another second or two, though, Trent realizes what she's doing. Why in the world did he agree to this? After Beverley chimes in, Trenton looks at his tube again. "Oh, uh… Yeah. Besides. I already have it set up." He plants the tube long-ways up onto the ground.

Kyler blinks and tilts his head with a kittenish, half-puzzled and half-amused expression. It takes a moment before his eyes light up wtih understanding that Morgan has begun the scene, and his face lights up into a slow grin. He glances aside, and then hesitantly offers, mixed with a tinge of laughter, "Morgan's terrified of tents." Katie's conversation with Higgs is lost on Ky as he becomes fascinated by the fledgling scene. After a moment, he grins to himself and looks over at Derek. "Psst, new guy! You're /parched/. Really thirsty. Dying for water." Beam.

Derek guess this is like who's line. he loves that show. he falls to his kneels and starts to crall on the ground. "water, I need water, what I wouldn't give for a cool drink of ice cold water!"

"Oh my gosh, you are /such/ a girl, I don't even know why I call you my sister sometimes!" Morgan says vehemently to Beverley, marching past her with her nose up as she eyes the "tent" warily. Kyler's comment causes her to frown. "Only because my /sister/ collapsed one on me," she hisses, eyeing Beverley. Derek's arrival into the scene gives her a bit of a surprise. "Oh no! We only have soda," she says lamely, getting a glare from Higgs. Mrs. Higgs responds to Katie while watching from the corner of her eye: "Second hour I teach choralation. It's basically a singing class that's more freeform than choir: we let students play the instruments and occassionally do some group dance, which isn't required. If you are interested, I'd love a pianst; I personally ain't fond of the piano." As evidenced by its lack of tune, apparently.

Beverley opens her arms out in front of her, motioning at her outfit. "What did you expect?! A boy when mom brought me home from the hospital? Seriously!" she exclaims with a smirk and a roll of her eyes before crossing her arms in front of her as she tosses Derek a 'water bottle' pulled from the bag of props. "Play nice," she states in her 'sisters' direction. "And it's not my fault you decided you wanted to have a pillow at 2 in the morning, thus, causing the tent to collapse…"

Katie ohs softly and nods. "Yes please. I think I'd like that much better than the band class. Can we change it? Do I have to have my parents sign a slip? Because I want to change it." She watches the others, head tipped to the side. Yeah. That is definitely not for her.

"Both of you be quiet." For some reason, Trent is much more enthusiastic about that line. "I'm going to go… err… find firewood." He isn't really dedicating himself to acting, but he's doing the best he can. It's not like him to pretend to be somebody else. He reaches into the bag and pulls out a random object. It's a volleyball. "Here we go. It's a special round.. wood.. Burns better." He plants that on the ground as well. "Somebody find a lighter."

Kyler covers his mouth, stiffling a giggle, though it shines through merrily in his eyes as he watches the commotion his comments create. It's rather like playing puppets when the puppets can have ideas of their own, isn't it? He watches the delightful chaos, and then peers at Trenton. Suddenly, he calls out, "Trenton! It's not round wood, it's a beehive, silly!" Now he really can't contain the laughter, and lets it out in a series of half-stifled giggles.

Mrs. Higgs smiles, revealing straight but slightly yellowed teeth. "Fabulous, Maguire, fabulous." Now Mrs. Higgs can go flirt with Mr. Heymore in the staff lounge while Katie plays the piano for her choralation to sing along to!" She reverts her attention back to the scene, "Good inputs, Gymnast! I like it. Danny," she calls out to Trenton, referencing him to the character in Grease, "more prompt. There are no ums in real life!" She claps for effect.

Morgan, meanwhile, plays along with her "sister," Trenton, and the thirsty dude. "You started it when you /kicked/ me through my sleeping bag! You know what Ashley? Dad didn't want me to say anything, but you're ADOPTED!" Morgan gives it perhaps a bit too much drama.

Beverley huffs, paying little attention to Danny, or the log/beehive. "You were SNORING! You're like a saw! A saw, Elizabeth!" she states, loudly, and in a very huffy tone. "And you're lying, you're the adopted one. Neither mom nor dad have red hair," she gives in a snotty attitude, a smirk given towards her sister. "You're a /freak/!" sibling love, gotta love it. "And, cuz," she addresses 'Danny' now. "That ain't no log… that's a beehive…"

Trenton is suddenly aggravated at many things. First, Kyler's input earns him a glare from Trenton. This glare is averted at Higgs as she announces his acting failures and gives him a new nickname. Where the name comes from is completely unknown to him. Despite the fact that there's a 'beehive' on stage, Trent merely looks between the two performing their overly-dramatic act. Only until Beverley mentions the 'beehive' does he respond. "Oh no. A beehive." His tone almost seems to border on sarcasm. "I'll uh… get rid of it with my be repellent." He reaches into the bag and pulls out a wrench. He pretends to hold it like some bug spray and 'sprays' it at the volleyball.

Kyler is a little startled as Mrs. Higgs comments on the 'game', and then grins to himself and ducks his head. He was just having fun really, but he doesn't mind the compliments. Instead, he continues to watch the scene play out, avidly taking in how his little contributions have affected the scene. Trenton, however, fails miserably at reacting to the beehive. For a moment, he blinks, and then casually comments, to no one in particular, "You know, I've seen people near beehives before, and they seemed a bit more…upset." He ponders a little, and then brightens. "Prop guy must be a superhero or something." That's Ky-logic for you. "Hey, Prop Guy!" he calls, cheerfully. "The sisters are in danger! Better save them from the beehive…"

Mrs. Higgs remembers that in her excitement, she didn't answer Katie's question. "Yes, there's a form in the main office that requires my signature and your parents'. Then turn it into the advising office. Hopefully you can be situated by Friday," she says with another smile. "You sure you don't want to jump into the scene?"

Morgan seems to be having fun with the soap opera-esque drama between her and Beverley. "…It can skip a generation," she states, suddenly quiet, dropping her eyes and kicking at a "rock" — a ping pong ball. At Kyler's suggestion, she eyes the volleyball and pretends a swarm is coming at her. "Urrgh! Oh /no/! Ashley is allergic to bees!"
Beverley blinks slightly but nods, frozen for a moment. "Oh god! BEES!" slow to react, clearly. Bev jumps behind Morgan, attempting to keep her sister between her and the beehive. "Don't let them get me, Lizzy! Please?!" she whines, looking to her 'older sister' in a pleading manner. "I don't wanna die, Liz!" Yah, she's having too much fun.

"Oh, yes ma'am. I'm sure. Thank you though. I will get the form filled out, and have you sign it, then take it to my parents. I think I would like that much better than band." Katie gives the woman a tiny shy smile, then rises. "I should get going. My mother was going to pick me up.."

Trenton let's out an annoyed groan and yet again glares at Kyler. He's considered kicking the ball at his face, but he can't kick and would probably end up breaking a light or something. More likely he'd hit one of the girls. "I'll get rid of it for you," he says to Beverley with as much enthusiasm as he can muster, which doesn't amount to much. "I've..," he struggles to think of any line, "developed an immunity to bee stings." Trent walks over to the ball and picks it up with his hands. "Go attack… uh… Attack the evil wasps, bees." With that, he brings his hand back and overhand launches the volleyball in Kyler's general direction.

Kyler is giggling hysterically at the ideas the girls have come up with. At least he's not jumping up and down and clapping his hands, right? At any rate, it's all quite funny until the volleyball gets lobbed at him. He at least has enough sense to stop laughing as he ducks out of the way with sudden speed, letting the volleyball bounce harmlessly off the wall behind him. Harmlessly to Kyler, that is. He won't vouch for where the rebound takes it. "Now that wasn't very nice!" he comments, though there's still an edge of laughter to his tone. "Hm. Maybe you aren't a superhero after all." He glances over at Mrs. Higgs, with sudden wide-eyed innocence. "I think he might be a super villian bent on world domination." Did we forget to mention that Ky is incorrigible as well as annoying? Cause yeah, he is.

Morgan goes out of character for a moment to bid Katie a farewell. "Oh, and there's a sign up list…" she points at the table and then hops back into the scene. "Oh Ash! I didn't mean to say all of those terrible things! Oh! Look, Danny's getting rid of them. I'm glad we brought him along after all, even though he's a creeper," she stage-whispers. Mrs. Higgs has been watching Kyler with a frown. "Acting is serious business! Excessive giggling will not do. Anyway," she glances at her watch, "The school's closing up in above five minutes. I'm gonna have to have you kids scoot outta here. Wonderful job everyone! Just great! And Danny, with a little practice, you'll be Greased Lightning in no time!" Morgan approaches Beverley after the scene. "Hey, nice job! That was a lot of fun. You too, guys," she offers to Trenton and Kyler. "I hope you come next week!"

Beverley doesn't have time to put in any more poses before Mrs. Higgs calls it a wrap. Thus, she starts laughing. "I'm sorry, but that was a hilarious little scene," she gives, flashing a smile towards Morgan as she waves a goodbye to Katie. "You're fun to act with," she notes. "And you too," to Trenton, since she's still not certain of the prop-guys name.

Given the right powers Trent most likely could be a supervillian. With the scene over, Trenton stuffs his hands in his jacket pockets. Mrs. Higgs' comment sparks confusion again. Danny? "Greased…?" He interrupts himself before finishing the question, not really wanting to know the answer. As the others offer their praise and appreciation, Trent smirks into a very small grin. "Yeah it was… It was fun…" Certainly more interesting than sitting around his shop all day. "Well. See you later." He puts the things back in the bag and crouches down to pick it up again. Once he gets it up, he struggles to hold it in one arm as he grabs the tube and teeters it on top again. Miraculously, he gets off the stage and begins to walk out of the theatre without dropping it. He doesn't forget the volleyball. "It's Trent, by the way. He echoes throught the theatre, before finally disappears throught the double doors.

Kyler looks back at Mrs. Higgs, not at all alarmed by her fussing. "Sorry," he responds, entirely unapologetic. He does at least attempt to hide some of his laughter behind his hand. When he finally manages to get himself under control, his eyes still glimmer with cheery good humor. "I'm glad I decided to come," he comments, in response to Morgan. "You guys are just great." He cuts his eyes to Mrs. Higgs, and then sends her a charming grin. Or what he presumes is a charming grin, but ends up looking just a touch creepy. "You too, Ms. Hugs! You're just the volleyball's knees." His southern accent gets a touch more pronounced on that last line, and he follows it up with another little laugh. "I'll see y'all next week." And off he goes, scampering out rather more confidently than he had entered.

"Higgs," the older woman barks back at Kyler, looking a tad confused on his volleyball comment. "Now, hurry and get out before the janitor has my neck. Nice job there, Carwin. Try and get more people next time, alright?"

Morgan nods, looking pleased. "Sure thing. Maybe I'll put up some fliers in La Push. And thanks, Beverley, you were too. See ya Trent!" she begins to walk down the steps herself, heading for the side door. "'Bye then!"

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