Bitten By Moonlight

IC Time: May 3rd Evening
Location: Woods
Synopsis: Helena meets Emma on the path and gets bitten.
Submitted by: Helena

Emma is prowling tonight. It's cloudy and she knows it's simply a matter of time before the next change. She doesn't much care. She's hot on the trail of a few bunnies, tracking them back to their warren for a fun feast. Leaping from a low branch she begins chasing the first one, herding it deeper into the forest, towards the path. She runs almost silently, dodging in between trees and bushes with ease, taking her time, knowing the bunny will lead to her far more fun than a single catch, pacing it, forcing it to run in abject terror for the safey of its hidey hole.

It is getting dark as Helena gets to this part of her evening Jog. She really just gets distracted, lost in time with the earphones drowning out the noises of the world around her. Just keeping the rythm of her feet on pavement, then the different sounds as it jogs over earth and over fallen branches. As she finally notices the darkening sky she mutters a curse and starts to head back towards the highway again.

The clouds have started to part, revealing the beginnings of a nice bright full moon, low on the horizon for now. A white scurrying blur. A bunny crosses the path kicking up dirt and leaves as it is obviously running for its life and doing a good job of it. Then an amazing site… A girl, well almost a woman, one Helena may recognize from her first day back in Forks… flies through the air crossing the path… and explodes. Her clothes turn into pretty black and yellow confetti as her form changes instantly into that of a really large white and silver wolf, taking up considerably more space than her human form did. Emma's attention is rapt and on the bunny already ahead of her dashing through the woods. She lands in the middle of the trail effortlessly already beginning to lope after it, almost lazily, tongue lolling sideways out of her mouth, and what looks like a grin, if a bit feral in nature.

The bunny jumping across her path causes Helena to start, then hold her hand to her chest, with a little laugh, "Come on Helena…just a rabbi.." She starts before Emma flies across the path after it. Helena stumbles back in surprise at the sudden appearance, "Oh.." She starts as she nearly recovers just in time to get her third shock of the evening. Her eyes go wide and she stumbles back, falling over a log she had just jumped over. Disbelief on her face. She is blinking, trying to clear the 'vision' from her head. "What the F…" She exclaims in a strained voice as she is trying to push herself back up to standing.
Emma skids to a halt a few yards into the forest on the other side of the path. Instantly she whirls around and begins stalking towards the trail where she heard the definite noises of human speech. Her ears are perked forward and her teeth bared. Slowly Helena comes into view as she picks herself up from stumbling over the log. Emma's pale grey eyes shine in the twilight as she steadily advances, still not growling, though one ear lays down slightly at the tenor of the situation. She remembers this woman.

Helena manages to pick herself up off the path, her fingers diving into her pocket to pull out her pepper spray, even as disbelief still reigns on her features. This…does not make sense. She has to make sense of this. Her other hand reaches into her other pocket for the phone that fell out as she fell down and grimaces. Her gaze darts here and there as if looking for a place to escape, shifting up to the trees but the branches are too far up for her to do that. She looks down the path from the wolf as if expecting Emma tobe there. Surely she didn't just see Emma become a wolf. Trick of the moon, trick of her mind. She holds out the pepper spray in one hand and her other hand held out defensively but otherwise she remains stock still.

Emma continues to approach, sniffing at Helena - one paw steadily in front of the other. She doesn't growl or snarl, but does give a little whine - as if in an untenable situation and doesn't know what to do about it. Suddenly, apparently not one to dwell on even hard decisions, she darts forward, feinting to the right and quickly changes to the left and passes by Helena at a blurring speed, taking a snap at her achilles and to continue on past her, as a snarl does escape her, some remnant of exultation at the chase, even if it is a defenseless human who has no idea what she's gotten herself into.

As Emma approaches, Helena starts to back up slowly, though she speeds up as the wolf approaches. "This isn't real…" she murmurs as she backs up only to turn around to start to run. Even as she does that her ankle is snapped and she cries out in pain. Her movements hampered but she does try at least to keep running, a sorta skip hobble limp variant. Her hand tenses around the spray bottle in her hand, gaze darting around her as she tries to head back toward the road way.

Emma immediately whirls around to the other side of the woman, zipping past her to face her, blocking her way on the path, but as the clouds completely part from the moon her body undergoes another change, a violent shuddering shakes her and her form changes once again, to resemble what is easily seen from myth, legend and horror as a half/half wolf/woman - a werewolf. Recovering very quickly, as if the change was normal than a few simple breaths, she springs at Helena, knocking her forward onto the ground onto her back. Resting one massive hand on the woman's shoulder. The words are deeply slurred and difficult to pronounce but she tries anyways, "Dothn be aphraid." Her pale grey eyes are pleading and panicked. A few more ripples course through her body as the full moon finishes claiming one of its own.

Emma immediately whirls around to the other side of the woman, and begins to charge past her to get ahead of her on the path. Instead, seeing an opportunity she rams her shoulder into Helena and knocks her down, slowing as Helena begins to stumble and fall the the ground, matching her speed and momentum to firmly plant a massive paw on her back, pinning her down. She whines slowly, a distressing sound, not a friendly one or an angry one, totally at a loss for what to do. Further down the path, from the dirt road, the faint sounds of people talking, or rather shouting at one another can be heard. This stops Emma's whining rather abruptly and her ears flick forward and her nostrils sniff.

As the wolf moves in front of her again, Helena starts to back up again, not really getting anywhere in her excape. She is knocked back to the ground with a cry, her hands trying to go to brace her fall, though the wind is knocked out of her, but she looks dazed for a moment. The pepper spray rolling from her fingertips into the brush. As she lays there gasping for air she hears the people talking and she tries to find her voice, her fingers digging into the dirt to try to get her away from the beast, fear in her gaze.

Emma freezes as she peers into the darkest hour of the night, the twilight before dawn - her eyes shining down the path towards the voices, already identifying their species and numbers. She lets out a howl of frustration that is likely to freeze any living thing within hundreds of yards, shuddering in frustration as she does. Glancing down just briefly at the woman with very intelligent pale grey eyes she gives a tiny whimper and immediately launches herself down the path and suddenly off it, taking her away from the situation and deeper into the woods.

Helena locks eyes with the creature for a moment before it runs off into the brush. Felt the breath on her face. That kept her shocked in silence for a little while longer before the approaching voices catch her attention again. "Help me…" She calls out in a weak voice at first as she tries to get back to her feet, her ankle aching with the pain of the bite. With tentative limping steps she heads back up the path in the direction of the voices, her spray and phone well forgotten for the path of escape.

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