IC Time: Evening, May 3
Location: The Volturi Base of Operations, in Forks
Synopsis: Connor presents himself to Caius and offers a gift. An invitation is made.
Submitted by: Caius

Connor cannot believe that he is actually walking into a zone that is within a hundred miles of the Volturi, much less a continent that has Caius. He would be sweating if he were human, for now his hands are simply shaking a bit. He seems to calm himself as he passes by a few of the Guard and then knocks on the door, waiting for admitance.


The voice comes within the room serving as Caius's office. The newly purchased manse is sparesely furnished, but some servicable pieces have been found. The desk is adequate: an antique cherrywood piece that has recently been restored. The chair is leather and high backed, the kind used by corporate execs in big, corner offices. An ultra-modern laptop sits on top of the desk, a generic screen saver running.

The ancient steeples his long, white fingers. "Connor. Imagine my surprise when you turn up here, of all places. Seeking company of others with your unusual lifestyle, are you?"

"Yes, m'lord. I thought this would be a safe place to seek refugee, and outside Europe as you had demanded. Unfortunately, it appears to be a rather dangerous location. Far too many wolves for my taste. I actually have come to make a…gift." As he speaks, he actually bows deeply before he takes a few steps closer to the ancient.

A gift. This piques Caius's interest. A welcome change in fact. He beckons, indicating that Connor may present this token.

Slowly, Connor removes a few high quality images from his brief case and puts them down on Caius desk. He then takes a few steps backwards before he says softly, "I believe that these are images of two wolves that are not of this Native American brood. Further, I sent these pictures to several of my sources…and they found /nothing/." He remains quiet after that, waiting for the reply.

Caius flicks his filmy red gaze over the pictures. If he recognizes them, he gives no indication. The ancient keeps his features an inscrutible mask. "No identification of any sort?" he inquires.

"None. Nothing. It is ridiculous if you don't show up in the American intelligence agencies, Interpol, or Mossad. I find the chances of this happening mean either they are nobody, which we know is false, or they are very careful. Either way, you can see my point." The vampire continues to stand as he watches the Ancient very closely.

Caius nods slowly, "Indeed. This is most curious. I was informed, recently, that the bookstore in town is owned by a werewolf. We also have the address of a home owned by them. They must exist on paper, at some point." He pauses a moment, considering, then nods again. "Very well, Connor, you are forgiven. Your banishment from Europe is rescinded, so long as there are no further breeches." Caius knows how this game works.

Connor remains quiet for a few more moments before he bows his head again and says softly, "You are too kind. I am here to do whatever the Volturi want of me. Rather nobody survives such things."

Caius is pleased with the younger vampire's homage. "It has come to our attention that many of our kind have chosen to settle in this little village. Why that is the case remains a mystery to us, but the situation is tenuous at best and with the added catalyst of the werewolves, it could very well break down entirely. We have never before restricted a vampire's hunting territory or the creation of new vampires. But it becomes necessary in this case. Therefore, while there are so many of our kind here, there is a moritorium on hunting in the Forks area. Also, any vampire wishing to create another from among the humans in this village must first seek permission from us, in Volterra." He pauses, smirking. "Naturally, this applies to the hunting of humans. If you wish to hunt normally, go to Port Angeles, or preferably Seattle. So long as I read no stories about large amounts of animal carcasses mysteriously drained of blood being found, I care not if you kill a few rabbits or chickens."

"So you have basically made Forks the second safest city for humans? After your capital, of course. Hmmm." Connor seems to relax a bit before he says in a soft tone, "But I do understand your message and the…power…behind it." A few seconds break before he adds in softly, "And if, one were to decide to give in to their natural instincts…would the Volturi ever look at them to such a degree as to recruit them?" And for now, Connor's eyes are on the ground and his entire body is as rigid as a statue.

The corner of Caius's lips turns up, ever so slightly. "That would depend on the qualifications of the individual in question. Loss of control, the inability or unwillingness to follow rules…" He shakes his head. "These are not qualities we look for in members of the Guard. However.." he pauses again. "Were the individual in question to have enough positive qualities, we might be persuaded to come to an arrangement. Still, laws without teeth quickly become ignored. We may need an example to be made."

"Ohhh…of course. I do love speaking of hypotheticals." Though, if anyone had even a single brain cell they would clearly understand what he was meaning. He takes another few moments before he adds in softly, "Well. Then, I would think someplace like Seattle or…somewhere more populated?" The head raises a bit before he crosses his arms over his chest.

"There will be a celebration in Volterra, in a few months, to mark the anniversary of the formation of the Volturi coven. Naturally, we expect all of our dear friends to attend." Caius changes the subject. "Of course, there will be a great many friends in Volterra for the festivities. But if you were to come sooner, were there some request you would make of my brothers and I, we would be able to give the matter our full attention."

"I appreciate that consideration, m'lord. I believe that I have many things to attend to before I am going to visit Italy. I must say though, being able to visit Europe again is quite a pleasant thing. I wonder. Perhaps I should visit…London. Oh, almost certainly." A devilish grin creeps onto the younger vampire's features before he says, "You know. I do have much to thank you for. But, for now, I should be departing. If there are any other animal-we, werewolves that are of interest, I can monitor the situation…"

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