Of Churches And Cemetaries

IC Time: May 03, 2007
Location: The church and the cemetary
Synopsis: Esme pays Father Vincent a visit, before running into Carlisle.
Submitted by: Esme

Sunday is by far the busiest day of the week around here, as Father LaRoe runs both the morning service, and an evening service. At least by noon, there are only a few people still filtering out, but by that time, Vincent has politely excused himself, retreating from the main part of the church for a quick lunch. He sits now in his office with his sandwich and glass of water, pleasantly munching away in anticipation of the afternoon's work. Even as he eats, however, the doors of the church remain unlocked, and his office door remains wide open, as an invitation for anyone who might need his attention.

No sound can be heard outside the church to prove that Esme really did arrive in the area. In fact, the woman is oddly quiet until she hits the inside of the church, where her the heels of her white shoes clack against the floor. The vampire has opted for her Sunday best, it would appear, wearing a light, summer dress in white, with a matching, 3/4 sleeve cardigan. She doesn't make it very far in the church, stopping just inside the entrance, at the aisle between the rows of pews.

No doubt if Vincent knew how often vampires and werewolves lurked in his church, he would be shocked. Fortunately, he doesn't know that such things even exist, much less how often they've taken to visiting him since he arrived in the town. In spite of the crunching of lettuce, he does hear the footsteps in the entryway, and puts down his sandwich. His pauses a moment, listening, but eventually abandons his lunch, standing and walking in his careful way toward the front of the church. He appears on the other end of the church from Esme, smiling in a friendly way, one hand still resting against the wall. "Did I hear someone come in?" he queries, curiously.

Esme does not, in the least, appear surprised by the Father's entrance, despite being off in her own world as she looked about the church. "My apolagies, Father," she gives, her voice chiming across the room, "I did not mean to intrude on what is, undoubtedly, your lunch hour," is offered with manners better left for the early to mid 1900's.
Vincent smiles quietly, appreciating the sentiment but dismissing her concerns with a wave of his hand. "I take lunch in the odd moments when I am not needed here. I'd invite you to join me, but unfortunately I only made preparations for one." He walks toward her end of the church, using first the wall, and then the pews as guidance. "Is there something I can help you with?" he asks, with the same friendly half-smile.

Esme smiles and waves her hand in a faintly dismissive manner. "No worries, Father, I will be meeting my husband later for lunch," she gives with a light chuckle. "And… I don't," she pauses, thinking over her words for a few moments, "no, I don't think there's anything you can help me with. I simply thought I'd step inside. It's a beautiful building," she points out, before she remembers that she's neglected to introduce herself. "I'm Esme Cullen, I should have introduced myself earlier."

Vincent smiles quietly, "So I'm told," he replies. "Though it's more beautiful still when filled with God's children." His face brightens with recognition as she gives her name, "Oh! I do believe that I've met your husband, Mrs. Cullen. I'm Father LaRoe. Or Father Vincent, whichever you prefer," he says, with a quiet laugh. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Esme takes a few unnaturally quiet steps further into the church, closer to Vincent. "Undoubtedly you have, unless one of the boys has stopped in, but you couldn't mistake Carlisle for one of our sons," she gives, laughing again. "It's very nice to meet you, Father LaRoe. You're fairly new in town, are you not?"

If Vincent is unnerved by the silence of her approach, he doesn't show it. He remains, as ever, friendly and open. "Oh, yes. I've been here just long enough to learn the church. There seem to be a large number of very…interesting people here. But my work here has been a joy, so far."

Esme finishes her approach, which has become slightly louder, but only barely, as she seems to tiptoe through the church. "Forks is filled with interesting people, I must admit. I suppose that's what happens when you get a small town, though," the woman shrugs slightly.

Vincent chuckles faintly. "I suppose," he replies, thoughtfully. "But I wasn't here a week before a young man came in asking me to perform an exorcism. I haven't heard from him since, so perhaps it was a joke… But he certainly didn't seem to be joking." He gives a one-shouldered shrug. "In my experience, Forks is particularly odd, even for a small town."

Esme arches a brow before laughing. "You never know what will happen in this quaint little town. It used to be less odd than it is now," she points out with a lopsided grin. "Forks has just managed to get more then it's fair share of the unique and odd individuals," not like she isn't one of them.

Vincent smiles quietly. "Perhaps. But so far, I feel blessed that I've been called to such a unique little town. Forks may have more than its fair share of unique individuals, but it also has more than its fair share of just plain nice people. I can't think of a single instance of a person being less than completely pleasant. That's not something that every little town can boast of."

Esme offers a smile full of pride as the father talks about her current town. "Of course. My family and I have been quite lovely to have moved to Forks, we're all quite glad, I think, to be here," she gives with a faint nod of her head. "Out of curiosity, where were you before you came to Forks?"

He never made it into the church today. Instead Carlisle bypassed and went to the cemetery instead. The only reason might be because the sky is overcast but he is sitting upon a stone bench looking towards one of the graves. Head lowered it seems like he might be spending a moment in silent prayer.

Having recently exited the church, Esme follows the strong and familiar scent of her husband to the cemetery. Upon entering through the gates she quietly makes her way so that she's somewhat near to Carlisle, but no closer than a few trees back, allowing him whatever time he may desire.

Carlisle gets up carrying a single rose laying it between two headstones. Squatting down he cleans off a bit of grass from one of them, "I hope you both know she is safe. She wanted me to lay this rose here so you know that she loves you." he speaks lightly as if they might be there. "Not even death can break the binds of love." he smiles rising back up to full height. Stepping backwards, "No one knows but I married my first wife on this date many years ago. I also watched her die upon the same date many years later." Pulling out a picture that has faded but you can still just see the face of a woman. My dear Lucia, I never really knew how to love you or really tell you about myself."

Esme listens, though she tries her best not to, as she slips behind the tree she stands next to, so that she'll not visibly be caught eavesdropping, for all that it's pointless. The woman remains inhumanly quiet as she moves, though likely not quiet enough to prevent her husband from hearing her.

"Why didn't you ever find love again? Watching you die was the hardest thing ever." he sighs though stops a moment listening. Carlisle just grins lightly though doesn't let on he might suspect she is there, "I almost gave up too. I found new love that surpasses what we had my Lucia. She knows you are part of me." he puts the picture away into his pocket. "Giving up on love would have been wrong. People come in and out of our lives for a reason. I know that Esme was meant for me the moment we met. Since the first time we met actually. Fate sealed it by bringing us together and even though I was scared I opened my heart to a wonderful woman." he smiles brightly then carefully walks to the tree she hides behind. Silently he tries stalking around to come up behind her by wrapping his arms around her waist.

Esme is caught quite off guard as Carlisle starts talking of them, bringing a bright and love filled smile to her face as she listens, no longer trying not to eavesdrop on him. Whether or not she knows he's coming up behind her doesn't matter, as she's quick to turn herself in his arms once caught. "And people think I'm the hopeless romantic," she gives, still smiling from ear to ear. "I think I know where I learned it from," is noted as she taps her finger on the tip of her husband's nose.

Carlisle smiles towards her, "I guess you now know what this day is for me."

Esme smiles and nods. "It's an important day, my love. It's good that you take the time out of your day to recognize that," she notes with a sense of pride to her voice. "I wish I could have met her."

Carlisle takes out the picture showing it to her, "She was a mortal I saved from the Volturi. They tempted me with her, to kill her and drink her blood. But… Things went differently of course. I never told her the truth about myself. I don't know how she would have acted with the information. I faked my death but I watched her from afar. She grew old and I was the doctor she last saw. Right before she died she recognized me and thought I was there to take her to heaven."

Esme smiles softly as she looks at the picture. "She was lovely, Carlisle, and a very lucky woman, to have known what it is to be loved by you," she offers, chuckling. "I can understand how she never fell in love after you. You, my dear, would be a very difficult act to follow," she pauses, thinking over what she would say next. "It's good, she recognized you, it probably gave her peace to see you again, and to see you as she remembered you."

Carlisle nods his head taking her by the hand, "I'm happy that I can talk about this with you. It does show that we can talk about anything." he smiles brightly. "I have been thinking though. I'd like a second honeymoon for us and I was wondering if maybe we could goto England. Back to where I originate from, surely it has changed but I do know the old church is still there. Only if you want too of course."

Esme twines her fingers with her husbands. "You're a mind reader, Carlisle. I was thinking that we should go to England. I'd love to see where you grew up," she notes with a nod of her head. "And, you know that I'll follow you anywhere you want to go. All you have to do is ask," the woman takes an unnecessary breath. "A second honeymoon, to go with our second wedding. I love the idea."

Carlisle smiles looking into her eyes, "I would like that very much. It will be nice to see it again and even more special with you there." Lacing his hand with hers, "I've been wondering. Do you think this life we have will one day cease? As it goes we live forever but I been wondering if we really do. Is this our hell to live forever on earth you think?"

Esme can only offer a shrug at his question. "My love, if this is our hell, to live forever, than heaven must be pretty fabulous," she offers with a smile. "I've lived a better life in this one than I did in my previous one," is noted. "I've lived more, loved more, fallen in love, every moment of the day…"

Esme chuckles and gently squeezes her husband's hand. "I'll follow you anywhere, and if it's home you want to go," she nods, smiling as she takes a few small steps towards the exit.

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