Mother Daughter Moments

IC Time: May 03, 2007
Location: Cullen Dining Room
Synopsis: Esme and Bella have a heart to heart
Submitted by: Esme

It is late afternoon and Bella's car is in the driveway so she must be around somewhere. That somewhere is in the kitchen, books spread out over the table next to her laptop. It is nearly time for finals on top of everything else so here she is studying, as if she had nothing else to worry about. Weddings, Volturi, Wolves, Changing…pah…Calculus! Now that is scary.

Esme takes graceful steps down the stairs and into the kitchen, still attired in her Sunday best. "Hello, Bella," she greets as she moves to stand next to the teenager, eyeing the homework that she has to do. "Are you going out to La Push this evening?" she enquires with a smile, her attention partially on the calculus.

Bella looks up at Esme's voice and smiles at her, while some weight still holds on her shoulders she does look a little more relaxed. "I was thinking I should…I am still hoping they will let the family come. They have let Carlisle on lands before and they should know that…well they don't smell good to you all anyway…even if you did…" Cough.

Esme smiles and gently places a hand upon Bella's shoulder before she moves to take a seat next to Bella, pulling the calculus work towards her. "It would be nice if we could go. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see if Jake sends us an invite," is offered, chuckling. "You know, you're free to go, if you want to."

Bella half smiles at Esme pulls the study work towards her, "I think I am about ready for this exam…" She says with a touch of hesitation to her voice. Now she just needs to focus on the exams. Sure that will be easy. "I know..and I needed to tell the family…" She grimaces slightly and looks down, "He wants us all to meet over the Volturi…I sorta mentioned to him that they were concerned about the werewolves." She says in a low voice.

Esme nods as she listens. "You'll do fine, Bella, besides, if you don't get it this time around, well… you'll have other chances," she gives with a light little laugh. "That's probably one of the things that he said he wanted to talk to us about. I hope the Elders will allow us to go."

"Yeah, math has never really been hard, but Calculus is a little different." Bella says with a bit of a shrug of her hand as she draws the homework back to herself. She cants her head up to Esme, "He said they will fight if they have to, but he would rather show them they have the same goals with regard to secrecy. They want to start meeting as a group…with you…instead of me relaying messages." She shakes her head a bit, "Not sure if the bonfire was to start that or not.."

Esme nods as she listens to the soon to be youngest Cullen. "We all have to keep our own secrets, as well as each others. I can't very well go telling anyone that Jake's a werewolf, without them finding out about us," she gives, including Bella in her 'us' statement. "And I doubt it was, Bells, otherwise

"He knows Esme…he trusts us." Bella says with a touch of her bandaged hand onto Esme's hand. She then gives a little smile, "Eddy and I talked last night…He has been worrying about the same fears I had. I told him about your picture…and how you loved Carlisle when you were human and after even more…"

Esme nods faintly. "I trust him as well, Bella, he is, essentially, family," she points out, turning in her seat to look at her daughter. "And what did he have to say?" is enquired, with an upraised brow, truly curious.

Bella actually blushes at the question and looks down at her homework again, "Not much…" She responds, her left hand coming subconsciously up to her lips to touch them lightly at the memory of that 'discussion'. "Well not in words anyway…" She coughs lightly and looks up at Esme sheepishly.

Esme chuckles. "I see, he was… appreciative… of the knowledge?" she gives with a broad smile. "I'm sure that, even as a newborn, you'll always know that you love Edward, Bella. And you won't lose yourself when you're turned. You'll be a little different, but, inside, you'll still be our Bella."

Bella nods biting her lower lip gently, "Yeah…he was worried I wouldn't love him anymore…I think it would be impossible to love him any less and vampire, werewolf, or turning into a damned Easter bunny can't change that." She says with a sheepish grin. The coolness of Esme's hand of course helps with the ache there. Comfort as always. "I see the spirit of the person in the picture in you.."

Esme nods, listening. "If it helps any, I fall more in love with Carlisle every day, from the day he turned me, to today, and on, until I've got no more love left to give," she notes, gently. "And I'm glad I can help you, Bella. I know you're both concerned over it, but I'm certain everything will work out."

Bella strikes her hand to her chest as she looks up Esme, "I think my chest would explode if I was more in love…but I will take your word on it. I just try to think…I am probably more prepared than any other Vampire has ever been for this. I have talked to everyone in the family, Jasper said he would help keep me calm, direct me as I need me. Edward will be my candle…" Well she is at least hopeful.

Esme nods as she listens to Bella's words. "We'll all be here for you, Bella. And you're probably right. You are, likely, the most prepared of any future vampire in our history," she points out. "You've made it a choice, we didn't have that option. I wouldn't change my life for anything, though."

"I have to believe that or I will go crazy before hand." Bella says, though a part of her mind will always remember and fear the newborns as she saw them last year. "I suppose I should get ready for this bonfire.." She says almost reluctantly, "Let me try to get ahold of Jake…I am sure he would be fine…" She says almost reluctant to leave without the others.

Esme nods. "Believe it, Bella, we'll keep you safe," she gives before standing up and giving the teen a light hug. "Go, get ready, Bells. If we hear from Jake before too long, you'll see us, or, at least, I'll be there," is offered with a pleasant nod.

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