Bonfire At The Beach

IC Time: May 03, 2007
Location: First Beach, La Push
Synopsis: The Quileute's have a bonfire at the beach
Submitted by: Esme

The sun is low in the sky and a breeze rolls off the steel-colored sea as the evening sets in. Luckily, the day has been thus far rain free, although clouds lurk on the horizon, looking heavy with impending rain. The rain clouds seem to be no worry for the Quileute drummers, setup on the beach facing the bonfire pit. They wear traditional Quileute outfits made of skins and natural fibers and have a minimal amount of paint and feathers present for flair. The drums they carry are handcrafted and extremely unique, all of different sizes. The group is a mix of ages and currently stands socializing and laughing.

Closer to the fire, one of the female elders roasts corn cobs over the fire. Off to the side, there's a long table with salads, hamburgers, and beans ready to eat. A fair amount of people mill around, some off in trios and couples along the beach, some near the bonfire. There are still a lot of seats right near the fire; it's not too cold out today and being close to the fire is a sure way to sweat.

Lorelei can be found at the moment down near the fire helping with the corn roasting. With some of them done she is carrying them in a tray over to the table with the rest of the food on it. A faint hum escaping her as she moves along. Her gaze drifting over the area as she takes in who all might be around, checking for a few it seems.

Rebecca arrives rather accidentally. No, that wasn't quite right: she was in the water, a comfort-zone for her, and surfaced about a mile away. Putting her clothing back on, she had crept along the shore toward the celebration, her hair dripping a cold stream of water down her back. She gazes upon the crowd curiously and very hesitantly, not getting very close. She stands in the bush between the parking lot and the beach, looking a bit forlorn.

Alice arrives with Esme and Bella, the trio having arrived in Alice's beat up old yellow Volkswagen bug. After parking, Alice scampered onto the beach, her feet in red flip-flops, her toenails painted to match. With Bella on one side of her and Esme on the other, the three women began to walk towards the flickering fire.

Esme steps out of Alice's vehicle and links her arm with Alice's, looking around as if she'd never seen the place before, though if she had, it's been a really long time. The matriarch of the clan's flip-flop covered feet, similar to Alice's own sandals, slap against the ground as she walks at a measured, careful pace.

Amaya is sitting on the sand with a corncob, far enough back so that she'd somewhat hidden, cast into shadow by the shadows of those nearer the fire. She's just quietly observing, for now, and not just the people, but the scene in general.

Ellis is dropped off in the parking lot. Yes, dropped off with the assurance that the driver will be back to pick her up later provided there's no phonecall to inform her otherwise. Awkward might be the best way to describe her walk from parking to area surrounding fire. A glance here and there, looking to see if there's anyone she knows very well. Perhaps, just perhaps, in order to avoid them?

Ramona didn't park in the beach lot, she parked somewhere off the road, well-camouflaged by the trees. The last few times she stepped foot on the native lands she got into some trouble and this time she's just hear to listen to the music. Or so she told Stacy. Presently, the blonde steps foot on the beach from the direction of the parking lot, smirking slightly. "Interesting outfits. I'm dimly reminded of Halloween," she mutters to Stacy. Her eyes scan the crowd for any familiar faces — she has in her gray contacts, so no worries there.

The lone human of the 'Cullen' trio, Bella, is definitely dressed more for hiking then a day on the beach. Sturdy boots and jeans, a little pullover jacket against the cool night air. She walks alongside the vampires down the familiar path to the beach, but never leaving the side of Alice or Esme. She looks a little tense as she approaches. While they might have an invite…well it is a big thing for them to be here.

Tom is loitering near the bonfire, working his way though a cheeseburger and staring at the flames for no readily apparent reason. He appears oblivious to the heat.

Stacy approaches the beach beside Ramona, her smile fading a bit at Ramona's comment. "Oh, don't be mean, Ramona… it's traditional, mostly. Just think… an art like this, surviving nearly unchanged for so many centuries. I'm sure it'll be incredible." She looks toward the fire, a wider smile coming to her lips as she recognizes a trio of women, two young and one just a bit older… but she remembers who she is with, and doesn't call out to the Cullen party.

Lorelei after talking to a few people near the table she wanders on back towards the bonfire, pausing near by where Thomas is. "Hey." She offers with a smile. "Having a good time?" This questioned while she glances off looking over a few people before glancing back to Thomas.

The heat of the fire hits her strongly as she gets closer, and she lifts a hand as if to wipe her brow, though of course sweat was not possible. Her golden eyes sweep from one side of the beach to the other, catalouging the various people, recognizing a few. She considers waving to Anastasia and Ramona, but doesn't for the time being. Who knows how prickly Ramona might be feeling. Instead, she waves to Amaya, who she recognizes from school. "Hey!"

Rebecca watches Ellis as she walks in, and then the Cullen’s with Bella in between. She giggles to herself — how strange! Gaining some confidence, Rebecca calls out to Ellis from her place in the bush. "What's going on here? So many bodies!" She tilts her head and takes a tentative step through a thorn bush, which would seem painful, but she doesn't seem affected.

Amaya finishes the cob, and heads back towards the fire, both to properly dispose of the now empty cob, and likely to grab a new one. As she's waved to, she looks up, and waves back, "Hey."

"Bella, are you hungry?" Esme enquires of the teen as she looks about, having spotted the table of food and the corn cobs. "We didn't feed you while you were working your calculus did we? I'm so sorry," she gives, taking Bella's hand in her own, intent on keeping close to her family, as much as she can. Sure, just another outing to the beach, for most people.

"Yeah, I'm betting on it," Ramona says flatly back to Anastasia. She seems to remember her 'purpose' in being here so she forces a smile. "Wow, sure are a lot of food choices here!" She glances toward the fire and the long food table, but knowing her, she had a double-meaning in mind. "…and look. Old friends!" Ah, Lorelei and Thomas. Her eyes glint impishly for a moment before she considers the Quileute elders standing nearby, appearing rather unfriendly.

Ellis blinks towards Rebecca given the question that seems to be directed towards her of all people. A hand raises towards her chest in that silent question of 'me?' even as she goes to answer. "Oh some tribal show thing…" she explains idly, leaving it sound like she's not nearly as fascinated by the chance to catch it as she really is.

Bella looks up from the fire as she hears Esme's voice, the question only then reminding her she hasn't eaten. "Oh well…there is food here, Jake said there would be. It's ok Esme…" She gives a smile to the woman before looking around the fire for that familiar face amongst the crowd. She nods to the familiar faces as she finally leaves Esme and Alice's sides for the food table, though she still keeps an eye on things.

The elders are indeed looking less jovial than usual. They stand with their heads bent, looking in the direction of the assembled Cold Ones now and then. They break apart after a moment, some shaking their heads heads, other looking thoughtful, as if wanting to offer a chance of sorts. The drummers begin to practice in small groups.

Thomas smiles and nods to Lore, saying, "Yep. The food's fantastic, you've got a nice fire going, we get to see a nice traditional festival, what's not to like? How are you holding up?" He flops down onto a seat, apparently having grown tired of standing.

Alice walks with Bella towards the food table, making a show of piling her plate high with various foods. Her countenance was rather bright as she made chit-chat with the others arrayed around the food table. "Do you recognize a lot of these people, Bella?" Alice asks, canting her head lightly to the side and gesturing to the gathering at large.

Rebecca blinks and peers at the performers and back to Ellis. "Well, you don't seem very excited," she reasons in her soft voice. "Were you forced to come here?" She makes her way out of the brush and onto the stand, her dress rather torn from the vegetation. She smiles tentatively at the other young woman and nervously wrings her hands, looking over her shoulder worriedly now and then.

Lorelei chuckles softly and nods while her gaze drifts off towards the forms of a few vampire, her gaze lingers at Alice and Esme before she looks back to Thomas. "I've been alright.. Marshall's been working late hours so other then that I can't complain."

Esme is close beside Bella and Alice and puts only the minimal amount of food on her own plate, some salad, maybe a cob of corn, but she doesn't want to waste much of the food that the tribe has put together. Esme does, however, catch some of the looks sent towards the Cold Ones, and offers to them a smile and a nod.

Ellis gives a cursory glance over the other girl, but simply shrugs a shoulder in reply. "I… came for the food?" she replies, though its nothing near sincere, rather a hastily thought up reply after quick glance came up with food as an excuse. Certainly no right minded teenage girl would be here because she was -excited- about seeing such a thing. In nature no less. Right…

Stacy does indeed know Ramona well enough to get her double meaning, following her gaze across Thomas and Lorelei, to the Quileute elders. "They look so dignified, traditional dress or not. I'm glad we got to come," she says, softly. "And don't let those two goad you… we're here to enjoy ourselves. Oh, and we're probably outnumbered three to one, too," she adds, speculatively.

Bella nods to Alice pointing out various Quileutes that Jake would have introduced her to, some she goes to the college with, others she has met around town. She absently goes down the buffet table putting a bit of this or that on her plate. She lets her gaze shift over to the Elders and she gives them a nod in greeting before looking back to Alice and Esme, "Well so far so good, eh?"

Amaya is a teenage girl, and is here because she's excited. Although the food isn't bad. Ama grabs a second cob of corn, and heads back to her semi-secluded spot.

"Oh. Good enough reason, I guess. It's uh, smelly," Rebecca says blankly, following Ellis she should move. "What's your name? Do you go to high school here?" she rapid-fires the questions one by one.

Ramona pouts her lips slightly. "Good point on the outnumbered thing. Though we could just hit the ocean and swim under far enough; they can't hold their breaths," she murmurs to Stacy, walking closer toward the fire, but not /too/ close. The food smells disgusting and fire in principle is kind of scary. She does, however, try and send a cutesy finger-wave in Lorelei's direction, smirking slightly. Afterwards, she turns to Stacy. "So, I haven't talk to you lately, but I got a warning from a certain ruling body the other day about hunting." Sounded normal enough if it was overheard.

"Ellis," she replies idly, seemingly content enough with standing where she is and chatting with someone she doesn't know, though an eye is kept out for any she may. "Can call me Elli if you like though," she adds with a nod, "And yeah," for the school bit. "Over in Forks. What about you? I don't think I've seen you around before…" Curious.

Esme chuckles lightly at Bella's words. "We haven't been attacked, yet. I should certainly hope that that isn't going to happen. This is a peaceful gathering," is given with a firm nod as she turns so that she can face the drummers, still keeping close to her family.

Alice finishes piling her plate with food, and grins at her companions. "It looks harmless enough to me," she says to them, a smile on her lips. "Shall we sit by the fire, or over by the waves?" She asks.

Rebecca shakes her head. "No, um, I don't go to school. It's not compatible with me, so I just hang out in the woods and stuff. Sometimes the laundromat, yeah, it's nice in there at night." She smiles shyly. "Generally, I just try and stay out of their way."

Ellis ohs idly as her attention is drawn out over the crowd once again only to be brought back towards the other with her answer. "Not.." Blink. "Compatible…?" Its half a question, the comment not quite computing in her head. Another confused blink. "Their?" Right… Weird much?

Stacy can only shake her head at Ramona's fingertip wave at Lorelei. "I can't take you anywhere," she murmurs. "And yeah, I heard from a little bird that there was a ban on hunting maybe going into effect. Looks like it's gone and happened. Makes me glad I don't hunt around here. I'm wondering about the specifics, though. Care to fill me in later? My little bird's flown the coop, so no more news there."

Lorelei glances around the area, and when she does she catches sight of Ramona now. She smirks a bit and grumbles faintly to herself. Of all people to come back here Ramona just had to. "Hey Tom.. Stay near the fire alright?" This said more of a statement then an actual question though. She doesn't need a repeat from what happened a while back after all.

Bella grabs up her plate and nods to Alice, "Um…" She looks at the fire for a moment, her brow tightening for a moment before she nods toward the shoreline, "The waves are fine…" Though she gives a little shiver as she walks towards the shore. She glances towards the faces in the clearing, her attention drawn by the drummers and dancers which of course…make her miss the driftwood in her path.

Esme ponders Alice's question for a moment. "Let's go sit by the fire, we'll be able to see everything better," she notes, nodding her head slightly at this, canting her head to the side to hear Bella's response to Alice's enquiry. As she waits, Esme sends a wave towards Anastasia, obviously recognizing the other from previous encounters. "If Bella wants the waves, that works too. Will you be warm enough, Bells?" she enquires with an upraised brow.

Rebecca blinks back at Ellis, for a moment seeming confused why she wouldn't understand before her thin shoulders raise in a shrug. "Well, I'm new to the area and uh, I'm actually kind of a runaway, so… yeah." She shifts her weight, not sure of what else to say.

Amaya continues to just sit there, munching on her corn and listening to any snatches of conversation she can catch, while also watching the drummers and whatnot.

Alice smiles at Esme and Bella, apparently amused at their opposing decisions. "Well, do rock paper scissors or something and figure it out," she suggests teasingly. She gives another wave to Amaya, who's all on her lonesome.

Thomas nods to Lore silently; he wasn't about to move anyway, and in any case his mouth is full of burger. He follows Lore's gaze, spotting Ramona and wincing. Although she seems to be leaving him alone lately, he's still a bit wary around her.

There is some scrambling as the drummers get into a triangle formation facing the bonfire. The sun has begun to set making for a nice backdrop for the group. The head drummer bows to the crowd and then sings a lyric in Quileute before beginning: "Spirits, grant me the strength of eagles wings, the faith and courage to fly to new heights, and the wisdom to rely on his spirit to carry me there." The first song begins, a song of rain. How suitable, considering the impending clouds.

Amaya is typically all on her lonesome during social events. She nods in response to the wave, although, with the shadows, it may not be visible. She scoots closer to the fire, still staying at a good distance, however, as the song starts.

Ellis ohs as if the information that was just divulged were the most normal thing to hear, there is, however, question in her hazel eyes as she gives Rebecca a closer look over. "Well.. um…" What does one say to that besides ask why? "You have somewhere to stay?" she inquires suddenly feeling more awkward with the conversation than she was before.

Bella actually manages to recover from her stumble without faceplanting which is a fair miracle. At Alice's suggestion she just arches a brow at her. "That’s not a fair game…" She teases before she pauses and looks back to the bonfire as the crowd starts to gather. So here she remains halfway between the water and the fire. "Don't mind me…"

Esme chuckles. "It would be fair against me, Bella, I don't have any disposition towards cheating," she points out with a wink. "Though if you prefer the waves, the waves work, so long as you're warm enough," she notes, placing a hand on Bella's shoulder to spin the teen towards the waves. "Though you really should socialize with some of your friends," Esme points out, giving a nod towards Amaya before her attention is caught by the song.

Ramona scowls at Stacy, sending her a side-long glance. "What did you say? Did you say you were no longer interested in being the lead singer?" she presses, her lips remaining in a little smirk. She does, however, get over the conversation, switching back to the subject of the Volturi. "You never told me about that bird. Well, this was no bird. He had a whip made of —" Alright, the conversation was getting a little out of hand, and the drumming had started. She watches it disdainfully after seeing Lorelei's reaction, which isn't as excited as she might have hoped.

"Yeah, the woods and the laundromat," Rebecca says back with a grin. "Though I got into some trouble at the laundromat, and the wolves in the creatures in the woods scare me." She begins to walk a little closer to the fire, peering at the girl who looks like she's all alone.

Lorelei smirks as she watches Ramona and Stacy talk, her eyes roll slightly while she looks off, her arms folding in front of her while a grumble escapes her. "Why does she always have to show up?" She questions Thomas with a soft tone.

Alice grins, and plops down where they are, halfway between the waves and the bonfire, settling her plate next to her. She looks interested as the song begins, and sways lightly from side to side, listening intently.

Amaya nods in response to Esme as well. As Rebecca looks towards her, she somehow manages to not notice, continuing to watch the fire.

"Different bird than yours," Stacy replies, in an undertone. "Besides, do you know how hard it is to find you lately?" She shakes her head and finds a seat to listen to the drummers. "Look, we'll talk later. Someplace with fewer ears."

Ellis ohs. Right! Because that makes perfect sense. Not! But then the girl is moving and Elli is left blinking after her. Then again that performance she's trying to show so little has started and its that that draws her attention for now.

Bella glances back to the fire and looks relieved when Alice makes a decision for them all and drops down on the to the sand beside her. She sets the plate on her left knee to make it easier to eat since her right hand is bandaged. "Sorry, not a fan of fires…" Bella finally admits with a little shiver that has little to do with the coolness of the air. She settles into to eat and listen to the entertainment, her gaze occasionally shifting around to look for someone as she does.

Esme laughs a loud, bellish laugh as Alice settles herself on the ground. "Apparently our decision has been made," is given as she plops down next to her daughters with a chuckle. "Quite alright, Bella, now we know," she offers with a smile as her gaze darts about the beach, eventually coming to rest upon the entertainment.

Rebecca stops moving when Elli doesn't follow. "C'mon, friend." Wow, that word sounded foreign. She smiled in spite of herself, "Don't you want some food or something?" Her voice is quiet, so it might not be heard over the drums, which are growing pretty intense.

Thomas shrugs. "Damned if I know. Maybe you should ask her," he jokes. "Although she doesn't seem like the talkative type. She seems to be leaving us be at the moment though, a favor we should probably reciprocate. Grab some food, have a seat, relax, maybe things'll stay calm."

"Oh yeah. About that, I kind of went to Northern California for awhile. Darcy got on my nerves and now /she's/ gone, so I didn't see the point of being here. But alas, I'm back. I can tell you're happy to see me again," Ramona says with a bit of a smile tucked in the corner of her mouth. "But please excuse me while I… er, get a better listen on the music." Before Stacy can caution her not to, Ramona waves her way back toward the beach where the Cullen trio sits, kicking up some sand as she arrives behind them. "Hello! Funny meeting you here." She eyes Bella.

Ellis huhs, blinking after a moment when she realizes that 'friend' is supposedly her once the words finally tunnel into her consciousness. Hazel eyes are dragged away from the musical performance and back towards the girl she'd been talking to. "Oh.. um.. yeah. Food." That. Yeah. "Probably not a bad idea she agrees," moving to follow after the other girl in the general direction of the table where the food is spread.

Lorelei smirks as she hears Thomas. "Oh.. I could do that, but know how we act around one another I don't think that is such a great idea.. You know?" She questions with a shake of her head. She lets her gaze follow after Ramona as she moves off to talk to the Cullen’s and Bella.

Bella manages a smile to Esme and gives a one shoulder shrug, "Just…history.." She manages to admit to the woman in a quiet voice as she picks at the meal perched on her knee. "Everything seems to be going well…maybe..ya know, you all will be able to visit more often…" She starts before Ramona approaches and she sits up a bit straighter, just a little tense. "Not really, My father has been friends with the locals for sometime, perhaps I should be the one saying that?"

Esme shifts slightly closer to Bella as she sees Ramona approaching. "I don't see how it would be funny," Esme gives, politely, "she's out here enough," she offers with a chuckle and a faint nod. "Maybe, but I expect that this will only be a one time thing. The fact that it's even occurring is… huge…" is offered, with a smile.

Rebecca seems rather surprised that Elli actually agreed and sort of followed her. She beams and waits for Ellis and then tags along after her toward the food table. On the way there, she catches a drift of the wind and is caught-off guard by a strong canine scent. She stares at Lorelei and then frowns. "That's weird," she says audibly. She peers at Thomas and then shrugs. Maybe some people didn't bathe.

Ramona rolls her eyes at Bella and to a lesser extent, Esme. "Not lovergirl, obviously." She raises her eyebrows and makes a motion with her head toward Esme and Alice. "Well, good for you guys," she says after Esme explains its significant. Her tone indicates she doesn't care much. "So I'm guessing you guys didn't get a visit from the Volturi," she says, feeling safe enough to mention the name since they're farther away from the fire. "Since you're the /good/ ones."

Thomas laughs. "Good point," he says to Lore. "But I guess we have to try, in the interests of keeping things civil. Wouldn't want a repeat of last time you two met, now, would we?"
Ellis has disconnected.

Bella does not move, though she is tense at the approach of Ramona. "Bella is my name." She says with a slight edge to her voice, though trying to keep it under control. Obviously not a fan of other nicknames. "We are here together as a family, it means a lot to me and I hate for anything to ruin it." She says in a low voice to the woman. At the mention of the Volturi her hate races just a little bit more but she looks down at her plate instead of responding.

Esme crinkles her nose at the mention of the Volturi. "Of course we did, likely one of the first stops on their ridiculous list," she gives with a dismissive wave of the hand that's not holding onto her plate of food. "They came to speak to Carlisle, and had a… gift… for Bella," she notes, before her gaze turns to her future daughter. "It's okay, Bella."

Lorelei ehs faintly at Thomas. "I suppose.. But then are meetings have never ended well." She mutters out faintly as she watches Ramona still from her spot. "The moment she tries to do anything though.." It won't be a pretty sight tha's for sure.

Ramona raises her eyebrows very high at Bella. "Ruin it? Please! Do you actually think I care /that/ much about you all that I'd want to try and ruin your night? When there are so many /others/ I'd rather do that for?" She turns to Esme and tilts her head. "Really? They have a list?" Her brow furrows a little bit. "A gift? Why?" She blinks, not up-and-up on the current event with their coven, it would seem.

Seeing that Ellis inched away, Rebecca now stands near the fire, suddenly alone in the crowd. She freezes up, eyes going wide. The fire was behind her, tons of people all talking and laughing — blood flowing — in front of her. She makes a run for the outer circle, probably physically bumping Lorelei with her shoulder as she tries to run by erratically.

The drummers have by now played a few consecutive sets and break to get some food. Some of them have mighty appetites! Better get the food while you can. Cheers go around for the performers.

Esme simply offers a light chuckle. "Oh, I'm sure they do, though don't quote me on that," she comments on the Volturi. "And, yes, they sent a wedding present for her, lovely, if not rather large," she gives with a crinkle of her nose and shake of her head as her eyes watch Rebecca make a rather speedy exit from the main group.

"A wedding? For her and your… er, son?" Ramona glances in Bella's direction and then nods. "Oh yeah. Well, that seems logical, except for one thing, which I'm sure you're going to cure?" She's not trying to check up on Esme so much as she's just curious. "When's the wedding and stuff? And are you staying in Forks?" She doesn't apologize for her rather rude inquisition.

Esme nods. "Yes, Bella and Edward," she gives with a bright smile, obviously pleased for the situation. "And, yes, he'll take care of the slightly problem, afterwards, he wants the wedding, and she'll give him what he wants. As for when. Soon, within the month, it's looking like," she responds, all non-chalantly. "And the last is a family decision that has yet to be made," she doesn't seem offended by the questions, at all, probably used to or expecting them.

Ramona listens to Esme with minimal emotional reactions besides a nod. "Interesting. Well, I'm glad to hear at least some people are stepping up and taking care of their newborns." The conversation was slightly risky for public, but nothing outrageous if it happened to be overheard — and the chances of that were slim, since Ramona dropped her voice by several decibels. "That doctor was turned," she adds conversationally. "She wouldn't tell me by who."

Esme nods. "She'll be well taken care of, for as long as she's a risk, and beyond," she notes in a certain tone before she grimaces. "Yes, I'm… aware. Regretfully, I walked upon that particular moment. I don't know the name of the person who did it, but…" she shrugs slightly, setting her plate off to the side, clearly she has no use for the food.

Ramona clears her throat, trying to act casual, but clearly affected. "That person? So it wasn't Lev, then?" Elizabeth had hinted that it might have been, which of course, royally pissed Ramona off. "Anyway, I wonder if the Volturi will flip out about that. Oh well."
Esme shakes her head slightly. "No, it wasn't Lev, no one I'm familiar with," she responds, keeping the conversation vague for the sake of any prying ears. "They don't really have a choice in the matter, though, do they? What's done is done, she's been turned, we can't go back in time and change that," is pointed out in a low tone.

"True. Well, it doesn't matter to me either way if someone gets in trouble. S'long as it's not me." Ramona turns back toward the crowd and finds the back of Stacy's head sticking out. "Well, I'll let you get back to your family so I'm not /ruining/ anything," she says to Esme in a friendly enough tone, though she slips in a snide comment in response to what Bella said to her earlier toward the end. "Night." She stalks off toward Stacy, about to suggest they may as well leave.

Once she escaped the crowd, Rebecca runs for the forest and doesn't look back.

Esme simply chuckles, again, nodding. "No, I suppose it wouldn't be of much concern if someone got into any trouble," is given with a smile. "Have a good evening. I'm sure we'll be seeing you about Forks," is given as she turns checks to see if Bella's warm enough before turning her eyes to the bonfire.

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