IC Time: May 4th, Morning
Location: Helena's apartment
Synopsis: Emma comes to explain and apologize for biting Helena
Submitted by: Helena

Emma having followed Helena's scent from various places, finally locking onto the strongest she's ended up here, at door….nervousness permeates through poor Emma as she brushes her fingertips against the door, leaning in to sniff to confirm this is her destination, laying her ear briefly against the door before she tentatively, very tentatively knocks, wrapping it with the back of her knuckles.

So Helena lives in a converted Garage at her parents place for now that has been turned into a studio apartment. She is known to be helping her dad look after her mother (in her spare time) though she tries to keep to her own space as well. Within those walls is a racing heartbeat that seems to spike at sound of the knock, "I am not feeling well dad, I will come down later!" She calls out in a strained voice.

Emma leans in close to the door, pressing her forehead against it, sighing. She knocks again, this time louder. Resigned she stays where she is, nose scrunched against the door, forehead burning against it. "Please don't be afraid." It's not quite a normal voice and not quite a whisper. "We need to talk." There, that was louder. Maybe she heard. "Please?"

There is silence at those words, a long silence. Breathing and heartrate seem to increase for a time. Fear? Anger? Well it is finally is the latter that won out. Helena finally opens the door sharply, anger in her rich brown eyes. Her skin looks florid with fever, her eyes bright with the same and she is wearing a bathrobe. Her bitten ankle is wrapped and smelling of a variety of antiseptics, poultices, and the like. She opens her mouth to ask a question but there are a dozen all fighting for first place on her toungue. Her hand just gripping the door handle as she looks at Emma with accusation in her eyes. "What did you …what was that…Damnit…I don't want to know…" She curses and moves the door handle in order to slam the door in Emma's face.

Emma is looking and dressed much as she was the last time you saw her, and the first for that matter, though much worse for the wear. She's dirty and smelly, though the scents don't bother her being mostly fish and bunny entrails. She looks down to the ground as she feels the pressure releived from her nose and forehead. Her eyes are looking at you through her lashes but she doesn't move otherwise and lets you vent, not even attempting to say anything till you move to close the door. "We still have to talk…." Her voice is soft and pleading.

The door pauses in its swing, her hand trembling on the doorknob. Helena stands there for a moment as if just trying to keep control of herself, her anger. Finally she releases the doorknob and walks into her apartment, leaving Emma to follow. Helena stands in the middle of the room, a fresh pepperspray in hand. "Talk then." She says in a clipped voice. "I have been sitting here for a day trying to figure out what happened and I can not think of anything that makes any rational sense other than I am going crazy, so talk."

Emma looks up, taking in Helena's appearance and demeanor. Stepping into the room with the minimum required effort, she swings the door shut behind her with just the right amount of force to produce an almost inaudible *click* as it shuts. "I'm very sorry. I panicked and I didn't know what else to do and then the others came along… I didn't have time…" Everything is said in a quick blur of words, almost jumbled together.

There is definatly a visable trembling from Helena and it very much a mix of anger and fear. She can't quantify this, can't set into a neat little box. She snorts at the explanation, "Panicked?" She asks incredulously, "I am hotter than any human has right to be and still be conscious and I can't get my heart to stop racing, no matter what I have tried to do on both accounts…The wound is clean, my heart is…was healthy."

Emma doesn't move from her spot just inside the door. She smiles weakly as your self diagnosis. "There's nothing wrong with you." She adds in a shrug, "Nothing that will kill you anyways." Now she moves, taking a few steps towards you, "But you do need to calm down. Anger and fear will trigger things." She offers this as an explanation, her frown coming only after she realizes how lame the advise probably is to you.

"Calm down?! You…you were there…then there was a wolf…" Helena says before the nature of the words click in her mind, "Trigger?" No she doesn't like the sound of that, not at all. She takes a few steps back until her legs hit a chair and she drops down into it. Her mind whirring about that word combining with what she saw. "What have you done to me?" She finally hisses out at the woman, one hand clenching around the arm of the chair, the other still holding on to her paperspray.

Emma lets herself fluidly fold into a sitting position on the floor - resting her chin within her hands, elbows on her knees - the rest of her sitting Indian style on your floor. "I bit you…." She drops her face into her hands and scrubs at it slowly forcefully. Her next words are slightly muffled by her hands, "The first thing you need to know is that you can't tell anyone. Anyone. Not even family." Okay, maybe she's getting ahead of herself, she hasn't even told her what she is yet.

"Tell anyone? I am still trying to think of what to say that makes sense to even me. I have even tried cold baths, the strongest antipyretics, antibiotic cocktails…I am this close to calling the CDC." Helena practically hisses at the woman, her words coming fast. "There is no explanation I can give that where even I wouldn't send myself to a padded room." She is still trembling there, there is a fight of willpower to keep her emotions in check, not even realizing that it is keeping other things in check too.

Emma releases her face from her hands, peering at Helena carefully. "Listen to me very carefully." She drops her hands to rest on her ankles, elbows still on her knees, "You have been bitten by a werewolf. I. Am a werewolf. There is nothing wrong with you. And you cannot ever. Ever. Tell anyone. Or they will hunt you down do things that are probably worse than killing you." She tried to keep her voice calm and level, but a bit of forcefulness and exasperation trickles out.

The words send Helena leaning back quickly into her seat as if she had been slapped. Yes they fit with what she saw in a way. "Werewolves don't exist…you got to come up with something better than that." She says though even as she says the words there are things that click into place. She closes her eyes hands clenching tighter on arms of the chair and there seems to be a faint shimmer about her before it fades. There is a deep breath as she tries to settle her mind on what she has seen, what she has heard. When she finally opens her eyes she looks at Emma directly, hate now in her eyes. "Why me?"

Emma stares at your feet for a few moments, "Because you saw. Nobody can ever know, and….. I …. panicked. I couldn't talk to you…." She trails off shaking her head. "Normally… we can change back and forth as we will, but on full moons, we have no control over the change." She glances up at you once again, to your face this time, "Emma is very sorry. Emma should have just kept going and let you think you imagined the whole thing."

Helena brings a hand to her forehead as if trying to rub the images from her mind. She gives a vague hand gesture at the apology, "Well that would have been nice, crazy has got to be better than this." She looks down at her ankle than backk to the woman, "So what now? I am a doctor for f'ks sake, what the hell am I supposed to do now?" The language just getting a little more colourful with each question. Again she just seems to be vibrating, trying to contain her anger, her fear as she sits there.

Emma wrinkles her nose, holding out her hands as if to ward you off, "For now. You need to learn to control your emotions. If you get too excited you will change and you don't want to do that near people. It can hurt or even kill them." She doesn't use her hands to get to her feet, just shifts and raises fluidly with her legs, all lithe muscle and takes a few steps towards you lowering her hands, "Please calm down. Emma will try and tell you everything you need to know and introduce you to a pack that will help take care of you. It will be ok."

The words actually seem to settle her at first and she takes a few deep cleansing breaths, just closing her eyes again. "Tomorrow I will wake up…and this will all be over…" She murmurs to herself, perhaps the only mantra that will keep her calm at the moment. Then the further warning causes her eyes to flash open and she looks towards the main house then back to Emma, "My father…my mother? They need my help around here, I can't just leave them. Damn…I turned down a position in a prestigious hospital just to be here for them and now I can't….what f'ing irony is that!" She jerks up to her feet, needing to release the energy somehow so she paces the small room. She blinks down at Emma, "Pack?"

Emma smiles at the mention of a Pack, nodding, "Yes. Werewolves were meant to run in packs. It's how we hunt, usually." She shrugs, her eyes following you back and forth as you pace. "You don't have to leave your parents, you just have to learn a lot of self control." The smile on her face fades slightly, "We are meant to protect people and that's what we do. We don't hurt them." She glances towards the door as she picks up movement past it, long before a shadow plays against the crack at the bottom. "The Pack here in Forks has very old and wise, and kind members. Emma is far too young to help you much."

"Hunt?" Helena asks before holding up her hands to forestall her telling her anything else. "Maybe I don't want to know that one yet." Helena pauses at the end of her pace and turns around to face Emma. "What do I need to know….now? I think you best give it to me that way or I am not sure I am going to keep hold of myself…" Her brain is still working out the details no doubt, trying to figure ways around it, trying to rationalize it. "Can I still be a doctor or am I going to be…like you…like what I saw?" She finally asks making a vague gesture out the window to the woods beyond.

Emma says, "On the full moon, you will be a wolf, most of the time, if not all." She shrugs apologetically, "You won't have to change unless you want to any other time. Though you will want to." She glances down, again still being apologetically, "You will not age, you will heal very very fast and your senses will be very keen, not to mention stronger and faster." She says all this to the floor, a little less apologetic, since they are what she considers positive attributes. "And…you will not worry much about hot and cold."

At this point Helena kicks her out. (IE Thunderstorm kicked out Emma's connection)

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