Two Types Of Wolves!?

IC Time: May 4th, afternoon
Location: Woods where she got bit
Synopsis: Helena goes looking for Emma and finds another wolf instead.
Submitted by: Helena

So Helena was bit two days ago, even had a visit from her 'maker' before she kicked the woman out. A decision she is now regreting, with every minute came more questions, which led to more questions. Internet research only led to even more questions and very few answers that made sense in her mind. So she did what she always did when she had a problem to ferret out. She ran. The Running Doctor, she already gets teased with. The resident that runs to work and back to home, whereever she needs to go in town. But with her slowly changing body, well she has found herself running just that little bit faster, that little bit further until she finds herself in this bit of forest. Her heart rate a thrumming beat, her skin radiating warmth. She pauses in the middle of the path and puts her hands to her hips, her chest rising and falling in rapid succession.

Lorelei is making her way along the path at a rather lazy pace, she's somewhat tired after going on a patrol some time ago and is not making her way homewards. The closer she got to town she figured she would change back into her human form. As she walks along she is pulling on her jacket, her bright gaze drifts towards the movement upahead and she tilts her head while catching sight of the other some distance away.

Helena tilts her head to the sky, though obscured by trees and closes her eyes, letting the wind that flutters through the trees stroke over her overheated face. She just stands there still for the longest time, though her muscles look tense, her jaw tightens. She looks to be working hard on containing herself. "It is not real…" She is heard to murmur under her breath. As Lorelei approaches though she flicks her eyes open and immediately turns to that direction, lowering to a crouch before she even realizes what she is doing.

Lorelei moves onwards, which is bringing herself closer to where Helena is, the scent of wolf is what catches her attention to say the least. She blinks while watching the woman and lifts a brow. "Ah.. Miss.. Are you alright?"

There is almost a faint shimmer about her before she seems to pull back, her hands trembling as she hears the voice. A human voice. The warning filter through her mind as her hands clench at her sides and she tries to straighten up but the process is slow. There is definately an air of confusion about her. "Yes." She says in a clipped voice as she starts to back away to turn up the path. Don't be around humans wright says the warning in her head. Still not familiar enough with the scents to mark Lorelei as something similar.

Lorelei tilts her head and smirks a tad. "You don't look to sure about that." She offers while shrugging. "Can I help or with anything?.."

As the woman continues talking to her Helena looks back to her, looking rather uncertain indeed. "I…" She starts before shaking her head, her hands clenching tight at her side. She closes her eyes again and seems to mouth elements from the Periodic table. Nothing is more like a cold shower than something that boring really. "I was just looking for someone…she…is sometimes on the trail." She gives a faint snort at that, just faintly derisive.

Lorelei ahs and nods after a moment. "I see.. Well that makes total sense." She says while shrugging and starts to move forward once more, meaning to pass the other at some point it seems.

Her heart rate can best be described as fast and somewhat erratic, not having found its rythm yet. Going up when she isn't focusing, coming down as she reigns her focus in. As Lorelei moves to pass her there, Helena seems to stay stock still. More because she is expecting some loss of control then actually feeling it. It takes a few moments before Helena relizes the heartbeat she hears isn't just hers, but Lorelei's as well. Helena's reaction is to jump back, baring her teeth at first before she tries to settle into something more human. Her skin shimmering again, though she is fighting the transformation as much as its fighting to come out.

Lorelei tilts her head and glances to Helena faintly a moment, she pauses while standing her ground all of a sudden. "I don't think you really want to start anything with me miss.." She says with a simple tone. She wouldn't try to hurt Helena but she would defend herself.

"How many?" She finally growls out. Perhaps an odd question at a time like this. Her breath is coming quicker and squeezes her eyes shut as she tries to pull herself back, feeling something happening inside her. Another shimmer, her skin seeming to vibrate before she gets herself back under control just barely, though her chest heaves at the effort. This is not a happy camper.

Lorelei blinks and eyes the other while she turns to face her better. "How many what?" Is finally questioned while she tilts her head as she watches the woman.

"How many have been infected around here?" Helena growls out, walking backwards away from Lorelei to press herself against the tree, using the rough bark to distract her.

Lorelei blinks and shakes her head. "I don't know.. But I'm not infected." She states with a simple tone. "You was bitten?"

Helena goes stock still at the response, not giving a response of her own but there is a glance at her right ankle, bandaged and smelling of antiseptic, though well on its way to healing by now no doubt.

Lorelei glances towards slightly and catches sight of the bandage, a faint ah escapes her. "I see.." This said with a simple tone.

"I need to fine Emma." Helena says, her jaw tight as she leans her head back against the tree. Trying to get some strength from the age old redwood behind her. "She has got to take it back." Helena says though the last part seems more said to herself as Helena looks up to the canopy again, trying to find something to focus on besides the yearnings of her own body.

Lorelei blinks at the name. "I know Emma.." This said softly. "But.. I don't think it can be taken back. Once you have been infected you stay that way.."
Helena looks sharply down at Lorelei, "Where is she?" She asks with a growl before her head cants as some of the words, the phrases Lorelei has used clicks together in her mind. "You're not infected? I can hear your heart…or is it mine…Its like an echo in my head overlaying each other." There is obvious confusion on her face, enough to at least distract her other callings for the moment.

Lorelei frowns and growls right back at Helena. "I'm a wolf.. But not like you.." This said with a faint tone. "I don't know where she is not, but I know her."

Helena holds out her hands in front of her as she hears Lorelei's words, shaking her head. "What…wait…" She squeezes her eyes shut again. Argon, Potassium, Calcium…There are gonna need to be some extra elements added before the day is over. "How many types of wolves are there?" She finally asks and shakes her head, "F'k….this didn't exist two days ago…" She says pushing herself from the tree and pacing away.

Lorelei almost laughs but she holds it back. "Actually it did.. An I htink just two." She watches Helena a few moments. "Didn't Emma explain anything to you?"

Helena's gaze keep on Lorelei as she paces, like a caged animal but needing to release her energy somehow. She really is on the knife's edge with losing control. "There is no evolutionary basis for it, apes I would understand, some throwback…this..doesn't make sense." She says muttering quickly to herself. The question sorta makes her wince and she flicks her hand up to touch her head as if she has a growing headache. "I told her to leave…she told me…it didn't make sense. None of it made sense."

Lorelei shrugs faintly and chuckles. "Well.. Not everything makes sense.. Which your just have to get use to." She points out with an amused tone. "Well.. I don't think she should have left.. Your going to need her help now more then ever."

Helena continues her pacing, the shimer fighting to emerge, she fighting to reign it in. Sweat coats her skin as she works through everything in her mind. More elements get mentioned as she starts to lose control. The Periodic Table wolf. She will be the joke of the pack. Helena sighs and puts her hands up to her head, "I didn't give her much choice." She says with a sigh and looks back to Lorelei again, "I didn't ask for this…I never even believed in the f'in easter bunny and now I have to accept this?"

Lorelei smirks and shakes her head slightly. "Doens't matter if you beleived it or not.. You can't take it back now, this is who you are and your have to come to grips with it one way or another.." She isn't sure how to help her either, its not like with her pack.

"I don't what I am…I just know what I saw…I refuse to become that." Helena says with feirce determination, though the hunger grows in her with every breath. The change becoming harder to fight. She almost seems to be vibrating, her body trembling ever so much. "I will not become some beast that kills people..I refuse to. I am a doctor…" Yep we got some misunderstandings here just a little. No doubt due to some dismissed rumours she had heard , combined with her own mixed up ideas of things.

Lorelei lifts a hand to point at the other. "You can barely contain it now.. Your going to shift and you had best do it far away from humans. Doctor or not if you shift in Forks you will kill someone.. You won't be able to help yourself."

Xenon, Cesium, Barium…Yep steadily making her way through the table, though as Lorelei notes it really doesn't seem to be helping as much anymore. Helena shakes her head at Lorelei, "It is against my oath, I will not kill people…" Oh yes, really rational now.

Lorelei frownsf aintly as she watches the otehr and sighs before turning to leave. "Hopfully you won't.." THis said with a soft tone as she isn't to srue what else to say to the other. "Fine Emma.. Talk with her."

Helena drops to her knees in the clearing, hands clenched at her sides. "I don't know how…I looked for her in town before coming out here." She says with a strain in her voice that is fair indication of the fight going in within her.

Lorelei pauses as she listins to Helena. "Then look out here." THis said softly while she looks back towards Helena while lifting her head as she takes in a breath.
(Lorelei has disconnected.)

Helena nods tersely to Lorelei before taking off at a run again.

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