The Aftermath

IC Time: May 5th
Location: Cullen Kitchen
Synopsis: Esme and Bella have a discussion after the mud fight
Submitted by: Esme

Bella is coming from the backyard, her clothes stained with mud here and there, but her bare feet are cleaned. She has been out most of the day hunting for her bracelet, only coming in when the light faded from the skies. She pauses in the doorway as she notes the actions of Esme and follows the directions, "Oh..dear…I promised I cleaned my feet…" She says hurriedly.

Esme looks up and as Bella speaks, and simply chuckles. "It wasn't you, Bella," she gives with a shake of her head as she rolls the sleeves up slightly on her shirt and tucks some of her hair out of her way, what little has fallen out of her uncharacteristic bun. "I suppose you haven't found your bracelet yet, have you?"

Bella relaxes as it turns out she is indeed not the culprit, even if she was pretty sure it wasn't. She has been a bit distracted today. She steps carefully across the floor on her tiptoes around the wet areas to head toward the kitchen to wash her hands up. At the question there is a rather dejected looking shake of her head, "No…in all that mess its probably lost forever…Jake said he could make me a new wolf and maybe Edward could replace the heart…"

Esme smiles slightly. "I'm sure it's not completely lost, Bella, someone will find it and return it to you," she gives with a slight chuckle as she puts more effort into removing the dry mud. "That mud fight, was a bad idea…."

"Yeah…I am sure it will be found…" She responds without much hope sounding in her voice. Bella starts taking out bits for her own dinner, not even bothering to shower first. "Nah, I mean other than the bracelet thing…It was fun. We all laughed and enjoyed ourselves." She says with a little shrug of her shoulders. She leans over the counter, "Alice?" Surely not Esme!

Esme smiles and nods. "I'm glad you had fun, Bella. It's nice to see you so care free," is given by the woman before she casts her gaze up in a sheepish manner, though otherwise she doesn't answer the teens enquiry about who made the mess… that leads all the way up to the master bedroom.

Bella blushes a bit at the comment as she works on preparing a meal, something rather detailed and complicated in its preparation. No doubt to distract herself from the loss of the bracelet. She glances up to see the answer on the muddy feet and can't help but smile, "Oh Esme and after all you told us!" She laughs lightly and shakes her head.

Esme pays little attention as Bella prepares her meal. "Oh hush, Bella," she gives, shaking her head. "At least I'm cleaning up after myself, though I may have to get Carlisle into a little mud fight," she gives with a light chuckle and a shake of her head.

Bella giggles a bit as she is hushed and goes back to her food prep, cutting bits into small slices carefully at least. She oddly is safest in the kitchen, one of her true loves. As she suggests a mud fight with Carlisle, Bella blushes, no doubt thinking of engaging in one with Edward, where she wouldn't mind if they fell in each others arms.

Esme chuckles slightly, only guessing at what would be Bella's thoughts on her comment. "Oh, Bella, just because we may have a little mud fight, doesn't mean we'd do anything that you're innocent ears shouldn't hear," she points out with a laugh.

Bella looks up from her distracted thoughts at Esme's admonishment, blushing all the more. "Sorry Esme…I fear I wasn't just thinking about you and Carlisle then." She admits in a low voice before forcing her attention back to food prep at hand. Finally she sets a skillet on the stovetop to start heating up the cut vegetables and herbs.

Esme chuckles, again. "You were thinking about all the naughty things you'll do to Edward when you get the chance?" she questions with a wink as she gets to her feet, having finished scrubbing from the kitchen through the foyer to the stairs.

Her cheeks manage to go an even brighter shade of red at the suggestion, "Esme!" Bella exclaims, trying not to look away from her food preparation. She gives a little huff and a very quietly murmured yes.

Esme smiles, innocently. "Oh, come on, Bella, you know it's true, nothing to be ashamed of," she notes, coming to stand beside Bella with a lopsided grin. "I know that you look forward to damaging headboards…"

"Yeah, but …you're his mother, nearly mine…" Bella stammers out as she stirs things in the pan. If she could go any redder she would but her skin is a bright florid color already. She coughs and clears her throat, "So when is the next part of the pool going to be done?" Yep change of subject.

Esme nods, laughing. "I am, and I'm well aware of the fact that my children tend to be… active.. in their lives," she notes. "Soon, I expect, within a few days, at any rate," she answers the question, allowing for the change of topic.

Bella nods and looks out the windows towards the back yard. So a few days to try to find the bracelet. She shakes her head of that thought before looking back to the stovetop, quiet for a moment before looking to Esme, "Did I tell you I told Eddy about the picture? Things have been better since.."

Esme nods slightly. "You did. You're welcome, if you think it would help, to show it to him. I keep it in my study," she notes with a soft smile. "You know I'm happy to help in that regards. For both of you."
Bella smiles over to Esme, her blush fading somewhat. At the offer she widens her eyes a moment, looking thoughtful, "You know, I think he would like that…" She says with a nod of her head before turning her attention back to her food, putting all the cooked ingredients together finally for her meal.

Esme smiles. "Give me a second," she gives, before she's out of the room, and back in the blink of an eye. The picture is carefully preserved in a plastic pouch. "Here, Bella," she offers the teen the picture. "Show it to him. Maybe it will help the both of you realize that, you may physically change, but your spirit, your soul, Bella, will remain the same."

Bella is still sorting out the food on her plate when Esme returns, she blinks at the sudden arrival and what is offered. She takes the picture gingerly before reaching up to give Esme a one armed hug, "Oh thank you Esme…I want Edward to want to do this, it will mean more if he does, if he is doing it willingly."

Esme gives Bella a light squeeze, light by vampire standards, at any rate. "He wants to, Bella, I think he's just afraid to. I'm certain he wants eternity with you, and he knows there's only way for that to happen," she points out, not yet letting her soon to be daughter go. "It'll work out."

Bella lays her head against the granite shoulder and nods, "I know he does, I know he is, we shared the same fears though…that picture helped more than I can say. Thank you."

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