The Wolf Hunt

IC Time: May 5
Location: The forest surrounding Forks.
Synopsis: The true purpose of the Volturi's reason for visiting Forks comes to fruition.
Submitted by: Caius

Afternoon is settling over the forest, a faint drizzle of rain has fallen over the area leaving the leaf covered paths slick in some areas. A few deer are out grazing in a small field unknowing that something is hunting them. Off in the tres a large form is settled, pale blue gaze resting on the deer watching them for a few moments before the wolf starts to slink forward. Large paws carry her quietly over the grass and leaves until she steps on a twig. A snap is heard and the deer look up before suddely take off. With a grumble the red wolf suddenly takes off racing after the deer as quick as possible. For a few moments it looks like she is going to lose them before one deer falls as it hits a slick patch. The wolf tackles the prey to the ground with ease and a snap of bone is heard before the deer goes limp. The deer really didn't have a chance.

The Volturi Guard are silent shadows in grey velvet cloaks. Tracking the wolf has been exhilerating for Caius, quickening emotions gone dormant in the ancient vampire. Though it has been a thousand years since he hunted these monsters, the knowledge is there. Patterns of natural behavior change very little and when the scent is detected, the hunt begins. It makes little difference if this wolf is the one that offended them or not. One will lead them to another.

Aldo on the other hand has never hunted a wolf before. In fact, he's never even seen one anywhere other than the depiction of a battle between vampire and wolf upon one of the tapestries within the turret of Castle Volterra. Seeing the Old Man so entertained as he lead the Guard through Forks was the only indication he'd had of what was to come. A grin was firmly planted on the younger vampire's face, and as the guard slinked like shadows through the forest the grip upon the wip at his side tightened. If what Caius had said of these beasts was indeed true, this mission was going to be vastly different from hunting down a vampire. Oh, how exciting! Even Donovan looked as if he was enjoying himself as the invisible vampire leaped from tree to tree, far ahead of the rest of the group.

OOC Note: "Donovan" was one of Aldo's friends among the Guard. Aldo himself brought Donovan in when Donovan allowed himself to be seen by humans. Now, Donovan is something of an "imaginary friend". He does not exist, outside of Aldo's mind.

The wolf has no idea that she is being followed, the scent of vampire is far behind her and she is busy with the deer. The wolf grabs hold of the kill and starts dragging it off towards the trees, no reason to leave it out in the open after all and she can make sure the otehrs will get there fair share one way or another. Ears perk forward slowly at the sudden cry of birds in the trees and she drops the kill lifting her head to look over the area. Maw twitching she sniffs at the passing breeze while licking across her maw, something is wrong, but isn't fully sure of just what it is. While Abbey has hunted vampires, she's never been hunted by them before.

The ancient relies on three thousand years of experience and instinct. While it is easy to suppose the Three to be fragile masterminds, Caius was a warrior-king in his mortal days and led vampires into pitched battle for millenia as an immortal. He does not look fragile; he looks like a lethal predator and brilliant commander.

The wolf is detected and quickly surrounded, even as the birds cry out. Caius gives the signal for the combatant vampires to move in, to bait the wolf before the takedown is done. Jane and Alec, also too young to have been present in the early days, can make hunting wolves almost too easy.

Aldo didn't have the experience that the others had, he'd only been with the Volturi for going on fifty years. In the company of big fish, he was determined to show once again why he was allowed into the Guard. Donovan spotted the red wolf from the trees only moments before Aldo, and with a swift signal the imaginary vampire pointed out a desirable route. Behind the wolf is where Aldo landed, as he dropped into a free fall toward the ground only to tuck his body and flip forward so that he touched down feet first into an almost perfectly upright stance. With a whistle, he decided he would get the wolf's attention first as his grin broadened considerably more and the wip at his side was unfurled. "Here wolfie wolfie…" he offered before making a 'kiss-kiss' sound as his lips puckered.

The wolf blinks as she looks around, ears flicking forward while she huffs out while she takes in all the vampire. Abbey shifts backwards a few steps looking rather unsure about this. The wolf moves to the right and then to the left, pacing like a tiger would in a cage before she turns her large head towards the sudden whistle and eyes Aldo. A thick growl escapes her, maw pulling back to bare her fangs as she snaps at the air. If they wanted to strike fear into a wolf it wasn't this one. She pads to the middle of the field, head lowered and hackles lifted while her muscles twitch. Her senses are on overdrive waiting for a vampire to make the first move.

Caius is content to watch for now, savoring the moment. The others of the Guard, seriously experienced fighters to a one, flank out to ensure that their quarry does not escape. To either side of Caius, in near-black cloaks, are the small forms of Alec and Jane. The crown jewels in the Volturi collection wait for the signal to subdue the she-wolf.

As the wolf turns its attention to him, Aldo stiffens slightly once those large fangs come into view. The picture in the castle didn't do these creature's justice… They were even larger than he'd thought. "Whoa…" comes an unsteady recognition of the fact that he might want to keep the beast at a distance, and Donovan seemed to agree as he dropped from the treetops to stand at his conjurer's side. "Nice…doggie?" the vampire offered, chuckling softly as he gave a tight flick of the wrist, sending the wip crackling forward. This sound struck fear into the hearts of many over the years, and there was no reason that it shouldn't do the same to a wolf…right? Just keep her attention on you. The Twins will do the rest. Eh, that's what he was afraid of… Those two stealing his fun. Again the whip cracked, kicking up debris from the forest floor as it struck a meter or so from the red wolf's forepaws.

Abbey hasn't picked up Jane being here just yet, if she did she might actually be scared. Her gaze turns towards Aldo at the sudden crackle of a whip and a deep rumble escapes her. She shifts on her paws and then suddenly runs towards Aldo. The trees are behind him, the ones that lead back to town at least.. If she can get by him there is a chance she can out run them. Her movements are quick, one moment she is one place and the next nearly in front of Aldo. The large wolf leaps froward, jaws opening to snap out towards the vampire trying to grab hold of some part of him in the process. As for the whip, well she doesn't even look at it.

Another attack on the wolf comes from the side. Faster than a cobra, Santiago stikes at the wolf's flank, seeking to sever one of the leg tendons. And another attack, this time from a lithe and lovely female, perfectly coordinated, moves in an attempt to disable another leg. Eager snarls can be heard from the watching vampires as well, awaiting their turn.

Aldo! Donovan shrieks as the wolf darts toward him, the imaginary vampire's words coming in time enough for Aldo to lift his right forearm in front of his face just in time to stop the beast's jaws from sinking into more crippling anatomy. Venom spurts from the wound, and Aldo goes down hard onto his back, and the impact forces a loud grunt from the man. "Ow! What the hell!?" he snarls, his teeth gritting tightly together as he begins to struggle against the powerful jaws of the red wolf. "Little help here, eh?" Use the whip, hurry! Donovan cries, watching in horror as his own existance is suddenly threatened, for if there is no Aldo, there is no more Donnie. At the urging of his invisible mate, Aldo quickly grabs at the whip cord with his free hand and attempts to wrap it around the wolf's neck as best he can to keep its jaws locked onto his arm, and nothing else…

Even with the acid taste of venom against her maw she bites down and shakes her head about hard, trying to break or even pull the arm free from the body it seems. Her pale gaze are narrowed, rage seen if Aldo chooses to even look at her face. Abbey doesn't pick up on the movement behind her until something stabs into her right leg, slicing down into muscle and causing her to yelp out at the feeling. She is quick to pull backwards, trying to drag Aldo with her, but she at least misses the other attack to her leg. While doing this the wip does manage to wrap around her neck, her turns sharply, letting go of Aldo's arm and snaps out towards the hand that has hold of the whip, trying to bite down upon it to make him let go of the weapon. This isn't going as planned..

Caius smiles faintly, watching. A twitch of a forefinger signals another wave of attacks, again from the sides. Others gleefully leap forward, to strike against the wolf's flanks and inflict gaping slashes. Snarls of bloodlust are louder now, the Guard eager to take part. The ancient does keep an eye on Aldo. This is good experience for his attack dog and it's unlikely that "KGB" will be destroyed. Even if he is dismembered, he can be pieced back together. His filmy red eyes move briefly to Jane and Alec. Their time will come soon.

Kicking and grunting, Aldo's eyes are wild as he hisses with mouth wide open at the wolf that continues to tear and rip at his arm. "You stupid animal!" he snaps out as he finds his body beginning to slide across the forest floor as the red creature decides to drag him. "Take it! Just take the damn thing!" he exclaims, moving a hand from the wip at the wolf's jaws snap at the hand that had been keeping it secure. Good old imaginary Donovan moved quickly to assist in that moment, his hands taking hold of Aldo's free hand which he guides to the struggling vampire's captured arm… No one could have forseen what the one known as KGB, The Cannibal, and sometimes simply 'Him' would do, as the man literally tore himself free of the wolf's jaws by removing his own arm in a powerful wrenching motion. If there was a little bit of venom spurting from the wound before, now it is all but spraying.

And just as quickly as Abbey started to attack Aldo she stops, more movement from the vampires coming to attack her most of the problem. The venom hits across her face and she yanks her head back to keep it from her eyes as she lashes out towards another vampires, maws going to bites down hard upon another while they slash across her flanks. She's bleeding and in pain but seems to be fighting harder now, almost as if the pain is spuring her to fight more. This isn't suppose to happen.. She doesn't understand why all these vampires are here, and attacking her.

"Jane." Caius speaks for the first time, indicating for the small vampire to act. He watches the drama, savoring it. It's almost a shame that he must deny himself a new wolfskin for his chambers.

And that's her cue. Jane, who had been standing obediantly at the sidelines for the duration of this little attack, had been waiting patiently for such a cue. She stepped forward, lifting her hands from her sides as a little smile plays on her lips. Jane says not a word, simply concentrates, and the result is the feeling of flames licking at Abbey's skin.

Aldo huffs and puffs breathlessly as he clammers to his feet, covered in dirt and leaves. "Jesus H. Christ! Finally!" he exclaims as he hears Caius call for the Little House of Horrors he calls Jane. That was a close one, mate… At least it'll all be over soon now. Donovan chimes as he makes his way over to Aldo's severed arm, only to toe at it with his boot. Narrowing his eyes at Donovan, Aldo quickly follows his imaginary friend and snatches his lost appendage from the forest floor. "Y'know, I'm really not used to being bait…" he offers to the other vampires, still eyeing the wolf warily as he drapes the arm over his shoulder. "Gotta say, blokes… It really sucks." No sooner than the words pass from the vampire's lips does Donovan notice something fast approaching the group. Duck! the apparition warns, but it is too late… Aldo's body erupts into flames as something strikes and shatters upon him from behind, and a pained shriek fills the air. "YYYAAAAAHHHH!" Arms flailing madly, Siferetti begins to run off into the forest, leaving the scent of burning flesh and a trail of smoke behind.

Aldo has left.

Aset has arrived.

A sudden crying yelp escapes the red wolf as she feels the 'fire' across her form, still she doesn't stop. Her jaws snap out towards another vampire, going to rip and tear at another arm that has gotten to close. Her mind is telling her to stop and run but her hind leg is ripped down nearly to the bone in a few areas and it would be hard to run on three legs away from this bunch. Her gaze drifts over the area and she catches sight of Jane soon enough, it doesn't take her long to figure out why she is in so much pain and she snarls. The large wolf shoves her form forward suddely and in a last dich attempt to stop the pain she is moving to go after the source.. Jane that is.. Her movement is quick but not like it was before while she works on battling the pain in her mind. The fire is smelled but she isn't srue if its an actual fire or if its something else that Jane is doing to her mind.

Of course, Jane, Alec and Caius are well protected. The Volturi has no lack of big, brawny fighters and some of them move to intercept the red wolf's attempt to reach her. The battering comes from all sides, heavy crushing blows, rending and tearing.

The fire, meanwhile, successfully captures Caius's attention. His eyes narrow dangerously. "You." He growls, reveling in the feelings of rage that well up inside that dead place in the middle of his chest. Even as other members of the guard move to engage the second wolf, snarling their challenges, the ancient signals to Alec. The second of the twins begins to concentrate.

Jane doesn't look the least bit frightened as Abbey comes closer, not even a flicker of anxiety comes across her childlike features. She knew she was far from harm, as close as she might be to the fray. A little smile plays across her lips, and Abbey would soon know why: the fire was getting steadily worse.

If one wasn't used to wolves they'd likely hardly notice that the thunderous boom, crackling and loud like the coming of a storm wasn't exactly that. Aset's growl is nearly deafening as it filters through the patch of forest where the capturing of the red wolf is being attempted, and the black wolf finally shows himself, standing many meters from the bulk of the invading group. Fangs bared, impossibly large and gleaming white in contrast to the rest of the shadowy creature's form, hefty paws cautiously carry the beast of a wolf closer into the party's midst. Red-amber orbs, fiery and filled with rage dart from one body to the next as their numbers begin to close upon him, and soon the black wolf is running. Faster than any of those moving to persue him, he was determined to give Abbey a chance as he moved to draw the bulk of the vampires away from his mate.

Thick snarling growls escapes Abbey while she snaps out at the vampires that move to stop her. Not that it does any good as she is stopped before she can reach Jane. The hits slam into her hard and fast and her jaws snap out towards the vampires before the pain gets worse. Even though she has a high tolerance of pain Jane is pushing it to it breaking point. Her jaws latch down upon another vampire and she bites and mauls upon it while trying to back away. It doesn't take long for her to sense Aset near by. ..Run.. Is the only thing she can think about saying to Aset at the moment.

vampires react to the presence of the second wolf, but their goal is not to engage him, but to detain him. To keep him occupied long enough for Alec's gift to work. The Guard works as a single organism, as one cohesive unit. Like harriers, they dart in to slow him down, then out again. And sure enough, a white mist begins moving to the area. The Guard knows how to react to this as well. Their coordinated attacks are designed to move the wolves toward the rolling fog.

Caius smiles coldly, watching.

Jane tosses a grin towards her twin as he works his magic, giggling softly at the approach of the pale grey mist. Jane's fingers are curled as she slowly, gradually increases the pain in Abbey's mind. Occasionally, she increases it quickly only to pull it back slightly, taunting.

Vampires, even this many couldn't catch him if he kept moving. Irisis made the mistake of slowing his momentum, and doing so only got him killed. Amun knew how to fight them, and that knowledge had been passed down and kept close through the ages. Aset's jaws snapped shut over one of the thin metallic rings extending from the case that was firmly pressed against his body, and another explosive was quickly thrust behind him toward the vampires at his back, and before the container could even shatter the wolf had turned into a man. Judging by the distance, he'd only have a second to act before his slowing momentum allowed the creatures to catch up to him. Hand in satchel, a very human arm sent another container shaped much like a wine bottle right after the first… Every good explosion needed to be fed, after all, and the result is a magnificient plume of engulfing flames. I can't leave you… Amun replied the moment he'd returned to his wolf form, though as soon as his feelings had been communicated into the thick blinding mist did his body go.

Abbey can't see the fog rolling into the area, her attention on the vampires that are around her and Jane. Another yelping cry escapes her as Jane turns up the pain and then turns it back down. Her head snaps towards the movement of a vampire near her before another hit makes her fall to the ground. She knows once she falls that if she doesn't get back up they have her, it works the same way during hunts after all. Another hit connects with her head once she's down and she can't gets her paws under her again as her mind is spinning. Once she loses control on holding back the pain it all floods in and she yelps are heard more as she can't stop it. She hears Aset but can't respond to him.

Some of the Guard catch the brunt of the explosion, but others move quickly to their aid. Many modern gadgets have made killing vampires easier, but others, like fire extinguishers, make it possible to end the burning process. Still there will be scars from this as several of the fighters will bear reminders. Remove a limb and it can be re-attached. Burn it, and it's gone forever. Two others race off to find Aldo, if it isn't too late.

The mist engulfs Aset a second or two before rolling over Abbey as well. The remaining Guard form a protective circle around them. Their medical team has potent drugs, tranquilizers that is theorized to be effective against a wolf's metabolism, at least long enough to bring them to Volterra.

"Secure them. Prepare them for transportation." Caius watches to ensure this is done, before looking over the dead and injured. He's been a military commander since recorded history. Losses come part and parcel with war. "We depart immediately." All the better to put this distasteful village behind him for good.

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