First Hunt

IC Time: May 6th, 2007
Location: Logging camp
Synopsis: Helena goes to run when Emma only to be led on a merry chase…
Submitted by: Helena

Helena kicked Emma out of her apartment that first day. Not wanting to hear anymore, wanting to deal with this disease on her own terms. The last few days have spent in research, for she has hardly gotten any sleep either. Finally frustration sends her out to the only thing that has calmed her before. Running. Focusing on the beat of her feet falling on the pavement, a beat that has increased to a faster pace with the new beat of her own heart. Her scent could be found a couple days old in the woods and heading into the church should Emma had been looking for her or watching her from afar.

Emma doesn't normally use the hole in the fence here, but rather vaults over the top of it - which she does now, landing smoothly on her feet in a slight crouch - not so much because she has to but because the dirt holds a better scent than the air. Straightening she walks into the abandoned camp a few yards to the nearest stump and takes a seat on it, crossing her arms across her chest, waiting for Helena, who she knows is coming this way to come into sight.

The pace is quick as Helena enters into the logging yard, though as that scent touches her own nose she immediately pauses her trek and lowers into a crouch. Her body, her stance, her face bearing marks of strain, sleep exhaustion. The faint shimmer seems to flow about her, but she clenches her hands at her side and starts muttering some phrases. 'Carbon,Nitrogen,Oxygen, Phosperous, Sulfer, Selenium…' Is she really wrattling off the Periodic Table to keep herself in check?

Emma says, "What are you doing?" as she pushes herself off from her seat and begins walking towards Helena. "Emma thinks you have this calming down thing mixed up with control." She offers a tentative smile, "Calming down is a lot easier than trying to keep control over a tense situation." Unfolding her arms almost as an afterthought, she tilts her head sideways slightly, "Have you shifted yet?"

Helena looks up sharply at the words as they approach, "What?" She asks sharply to the question, "I refuse to become what I saw, I refuse to be what you made me…" Helena says in a harsh voice, trembling with the edge of control wavering there. Each day it has gotten harder, the frustrations, the angers building. She remains in her wary crouch as she looks up at her maker. There is definately a look of frustration in her gaze and she finally turns her head away. There is a very low whispered, 'Help me'.

Emma sighs slowly as she continues to approach, "It's okay. You're not evil and you're not some monster." Emma doesn't get too close not with what she has planned. "You can't stop this first shift. You need to stop trying to." She holds out her hands and arms to indicate the setting, "It's safe here. You need to let it happen on your terms, or you will hurt somebody if you keeps trying to hold it off. It will get easier, but right now you're just becoming dangerous - and I know you don't want to hurt anyone."

It is a cycle that really is just feeding on itself, holding back is causing her to become more frustrated and nore tense and making it harder to control every minute. She stands there still, as if even just moving will set off the entire chain of events. The words of course causing her more strain. She can't stop this, she can't stop this becoming a monster. The shimmer seems to grow about her form, flickering in intensity as she still tries to fight it but with every moment she is losing control.

Emma smiles at Helena as she begins removing her clothes - not that Emma wears much. Her shoes are kicked off and the rest is two pretty simple motions. Blurring and expanding at once with a whooshing as the air vacates where Emma now stands, though on all fours. She lets out a menacing growl directed at Helena, lips drawn back, teeth bared, ears laid back against her head - knowing exactly what will happen.

Unfortunately for Helena she has yet to experience what happens when you don't get undressed first and she really isn't thinking of that. She is rattling off more names off the periodic table, still trying to fight it it seems. Her face is a mask of pain and internal turmoil, though the shimmer grows with intensity every moment and finally she tilts her head back to scream as the phase finally takes her over. Trigged by Emma's change, by the growl. Bits of clothes burst and shred around her as her body expands, changes, metamorphasizes. Once the blur clears a dark brown wolf stands in the place Helena once stood, those same dark brown eyes looking out at Emma. It is a whimper that clears her throat first before she growls, hackles going up.

Emma promptly sits on her haunches, ears flicked forward, tongue almost lolling out the side of her mouth, panting gently, taking in Helena. .oO( <Her tone is amused and satisfied at the same time> That's much better. You look very nice. ) She quips softly at Helena getting to her feet… .oO( I do so hope you can hear me…. )

Helena looks on the verge of attack when the mindvoice sets her skittering back in surprise. Yep she has heard. Her jaw opens to speak, only barking coming out before she snaps her mouth shut and looks at Emma with a tilted head, confusion. .oO( <Her mindvoice is alarmed> How can I hear you?! )

.oO( You'll always be able to hear your pack members when in wolf form. ) Emma begins circling Helena, checking her out, growling approvingly, .oO( Very nice. Indeed ) Emma suddenly takes off, heading towards the field of stumps, leaping over the gate to them with a simple ease. Her speed is not very fast, just enough to start a gentle lope, though a powerful one. .oO( Come on. It's time to really run. )

There are whimpers from Helena as Emma starts to circle her. Her hackles are still up though her stance is low, almost submissive. .oO( How many in your pack? Can you hear the /other/ wolves? Why are there more types? ) It is a series of questions that get rattled off in one moment, all the questions rattling around in her head. She is rather rangy looking for a wolf, much like her human self, tall and thin. Though as Emma starts to run, there is a pause before her better nature takes over. Running…that…makes sense to her. Her run is more than just a lope though and she catches up quickly to Emma.

.oO( It's just you and me Helena ) She bunches her muscles and begins picking up the speed by sheer strength alone, approaches the forest proper, beginning to weave in and out of trees as she makes her way around the outskirts of Forks (Darting past the Cullen residence.) .oO( Abbey's pack is a good 6 or 7 strong. Yes ) She leaps over a tree that has fallen in a recent storm, letting the momentum simply carry her over it. .oO( The Indians are different. Just different. I don't know why. Spiritual I think. )

.oO( Abbey's pack is a good 6 or 7 strong. Yes. I can hear them when they are wolves - but they can't hear me. )

Helena's speed seems to be fluid, it looks like this may well be one of her strengths. Something so familiar in her human form, even more natural in her wolf form, though perhaps she does not look as strong as Emma. .oO( We are the pack? I am…your first? ) She asks in a note of confusion to her voice, .oO( Are you not in a pack? ) The words come slower with each question, as she is thinking through the questions and sending them out one by one now. Undertoned is a feeling of …exhiliration at the running, the feeling of the wind in her coat, the way her body moves. Things she is trying not to acknowledge.

Emma begins crossing some open rolling hills at a gradual uphill climb, opening up as she takes longer strides really stretching, eating up the ground in a graceful paced run. To anyone watching, probably just a pair of blurs rustling the sometimes tall grass they pass through. .oO( My pack was killed off over 20 years ago. Aset asked me to talk to Abbey about joining hers. Their thoughts are different - but I can't find them. I've been looking. ) Suddenly there are dear all about them as their speed and suddeness startled them in all directions - Emma ignores them. .oO( No. No pack for me. Soon. It's a trust and acceptance thing. )

There is still a sense of control to her mind, trying not to give in totally, trying to focus on her humanity even in this form, though with each stride that seems to chip away just that little bit more. Before she can ask another question enters her mind, they are surrounded by deer and Helena stops dead in her tracks as a red hot hunger fills her mind, surrounded by such food. Her tastes have tended to rawer and rawer meat each day and now here she is surrounded by meals on feet. She shakes her shaggy brown head as if trying to fight the hunger growing, building steadily inside of her.

Emma skids to a halt on the slick grass, turning as she does so. .oO( <amused tone> Gosh your tummy is growling. If you want one - you better start chasing. Just make sure you get one before it gets near a road or house. ) Emma slowly prowls towards Helena making herself ready to chase after as well, waiting to see what she decides to do. .oO( <off handedly - teasing> I prefer bunnies. But Deer… big meal )

There are no words for her thoughts at the moment, though again she is trying to fight this aspect, but the overwhelming redness in her mind, the growl of her stomach, the one drawing deeply in her chest. She has put this off far too long already and now the hunger is ready to rip out of her. Though she is like a young pup learning how to hunt when she finally does let loose and bounds after a deer. She catches up to one quickly and sorta pounces it haphazardly. Her teeth sinking into its flank as it screams. The noise actually causing her to let it go in surprise.

Emma lopes after Helena swinging herself around to the other side of the deer she's chosen and as it begins to bound away after being bit in the ass she tackles it, locking her jaws around the neck, tumbling with it a few times till they come to a stop - her teeth slowly clamping down on it's neck, no so much killing it with a bit but strangling it. It slowly twitches till its still. .oO( You have to stop them first - easier to eat them if they /aren't/ running. <teasing tone> ) She releases the deer and sits on her haunches taking the measure of the area with a few snuffles of her shiny black nose. .oO( Go ahead and eat - I'll keep a watch. I'm always on the look out for hunters - even at night. )

Helena growls in frustration as the deer gets away, then at the teasing from her pack leader she lowers herself down and pounces again on the now still form. Her claws grabbing into the small beast. She lowers her head to look at Emma like a beta would to an Alpha when debating over a meal, though hunger does get the better of her and she digs in despite Emma's closeness. Not even relizing when she departs to keep watch.

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