Information Overload

IC Time: May 7th 2007, Afternoon
Location: Helena's apartment
Synopsis: Emma gives Helena more information on her 'condition'
Submitted by: Helena

So she sorta enjoyed her little romp in the woods, at least the running part. Not that she would actually admit it though no doubt Emma would have felt it through the link. Though getting back to town proved interesting considering the nature of her clothes. She never thought about what happened to them during the phase. Today though she is back at the apartment behind her parents place, books laid out on her little table. Anything on the lore of werewolves and viral texts on blood borne diseases. She is looking at this from several angles still on how to cure herself.

Emma knocks quietly on the door to the garage loft, sighing slightly at the thoughts running around in Helena's head, most of which is gibberish to her, she simply doesn't have the understanding - never having finished high school herself, never mind any college. "Anyone home?" she calls out without a need to, but makes it look good anyways in case anyone should be watching, also unlikely her senses tell her.

"Come in." Helena calls out, without bothering to go to the door. She knows who it is, even before she knocked, the sense of presence perhaps stronger between because of the tie of 'blood'. She definately looks more in control now that she has phased and fed, gotten it out of her 'system' so to speak. Helena does well have a scientific mind, and even how she regards herself now, she is still looking for some scientific pattern to it. A way of justifying it in her own mind.

Opening the door and stepping inside, Emma regards the makeshift library project. Emma turns slightly and closes the door before walking towards the closest perimeter of research material, her toes brushing a book laying on the floor. Bending down she peers at it, taking a few moments to read it - it is kind of upside down, after all. "What's this? Virus?" She smiles slightly. "We don't have venom."

Helena looks up as Emma enters ever so briefly before looking back down to her words, "Venom? What does that have to do with it. Viruses are most often blood based. Passed into the Saliva, aspirates, into the blood stream. Like AIDS, blood to blood contact or saliva to blood contact. You bit me, broke the skin into the blood and now I am infected." She states matter of factly , obviously this explanation makes it easier to deal with for her.

Emma lets herself fold down into a sitting position, mimicking the traditional Indian position. "Maybe. But I think the infection part is over and now it's a transformation, though you can still infect others." She shrugs, "Emma doesn't know. It was never explained to her. I know more about Indians, than us." She leans forward to peer at a different book for a few moments and ends up scoffing at it, "Evil beasts of the night…. "

Helena looks up from her studies, a slight frown upon her lips, "But only through a bite? Only when I am transformed or even as a human?" She asks before looking back down to her notepad to take some more notes. She pauses for a moment as Emma scoffs at a book, "Well, most speak of transforming only on a full moon, but I take it that is not the case? Though I suppose we were in the waning Moon…or maybe because it was my first transformation." Her voice takes a distant tone as if she is already working on another line of reasoning, "Perhaps a hormonal element to the transformation…"

Emma raises her eyebrows, looking more and more flustered as your questions keep pouring out. She sets the book down blinking, taking a few moments to think through the stream of curiosity. "Emma doesn't know which bite, just assume both - not gonna test it." She lets her gaze rake over some more open books and leans forward to rest a fingertip one a wolf-man picture, "We change when we want to, except on the full and new moons. Full we /have/ to change. New… we can only partially change and look kind of like that…" She shrugs. "Emma thinks it looks disgusting and just doesn't shift then." She looks up smiling, hopeful that she covered some of it anyways.

Poor Emma, she would turn one of the most analytical thinking people in Forks into a Werewolf. The words cause her to tilt up, "So all that…was just because I hadn't tranformed before? That craziness…I should be able to control it now…other than the full moon?" She asks finally leaning up from her book and notices that Emma looks a bit flustered and at least manages an apologetic look, "I am sorry I keep bombarding you…but I need to know when its safe to go back to work."

Emma tilts her head slightly, chewing on her bottom lip. "Well. Some change easier than others when they want to. But ….. fear, anger, strong emotions can force you to change if you lose control - and that's lots dangerous for people around you - cause we're bigger then, for one - so if they are too close…" She glances down at another picture of a wolf-man tearing apart a human, "Plus… if you change angry or scared you might attack first instead of run."

Helena frowns at that news and marks a few notes in the note book. "Perhaps one could use bipolar medication can be used to counter the mood swings." She says but it is clear she doesn't revel going down that path. "Well I felt when I was losing control and there are woods outside the hospital…" Helena says absently before looking back to Emma, "Ah yes bigger…how do you deal with the …clothes issue?"

Emma chuckles, looking Helena over a few moments, "Emma keeps spare clothes in a backpack and stashes it when she shifts - in case I don't have to time to undress." Shrugging slightly she smiles shyly, "Emma doesn't really care who sees her naked or not, but it makes people ask questions." She rubs at her nose with the palm of her hand a few times, "Emma doesn't think medicine will help the mood swings. It would take an awful lot of medicine - and that would make people start to wonder." She looks up as she lowers her hand, "It's more spiritual than anything else…..we came to be for a reason."

"Well…I suppose that can work. I have a locker at the hospital." Helena comments distractedly as she thinks through this little detail. Just focusing on the details. "Yeah, I do not have a major hang up about it but yes, walking down the street naked might cause a few questions." She says with a smirk. The response of the medication cause Helena to wince and nod, "With the increased metabolic rate, I would probably burn through far more than I could account for even if it did work. I will have to think of a way around that." The spiritual comments cause Helena to look sharply down to Emma, "Oh No, not you too. You sound like the f'in Priest. 'This happened to you for a reason' Bullsh't, I am here because you bit me when you were out frolicking. How is there some greater meaning than that?"

Emma laughs leaning back on her hands, eventually ending in a fit of giggles as she nods her head, "That's exactly why you're here - cause I bit you to keep you from running away - cause I couldn't talk to you - stuck because of the full moon." She shakes her head still smiling ear to ear, "But…. we do have a purpose and it's very spiritual. You'll realize then when you meet and talk to some of the older wolves and maybe join their pack." She nods in agreement with her own statement, as her smile slowly but surely fades, just a hint at the corners of her mouth.

This more than anything seems to frustrate the woman, despite that her scent may have been found around the church. She is obviously more scientific than spiritual. Helena rises from her seat and shakes her head, "The spiritual need to eat deer? Oh yes its becoming clearer now…now I see what path I must take, why didn't you say that to begin with." She comments with sarcasm in her voice, her gaze shifting down to the books, "Beasts of the night, that is about all they attest to…demons of a sort ruled by the moon."

Emma wrinkles her nose, shrugging, "Deer for you, bunnies for me." She laughs slightly, "The moon doesn't make our choices for us, just limits them sometimes." She leans forward, resting her hands on the floor, palms down. "Let me ask you something, Doctor. We'll skip the spiritual thing. Have you met any vampires yet?" Emma is very attentive at this point, regretfully so, but she seems to be taking the question very seriously.

Helena starts her pacing, agitated by the turn of the conversation, but not much like the first day. At the question of vampires, Helena stands stock still in place and looks down at Emma, "What? Vampires? You have got to be kidding me, they are just myths and legends…" Even as she says that she realizes the insanity of her statement. Well so are werewolves, "Please say you are joking, I am not sure I could handle another bit of special news this week."

Emma relaxes, sitting back up and laying her hands in her lap, "That would be a 'No.'" She smiles slightly once again, "Well. Sorry. Yes. You'll know when you meet one. So will it." She bites her bottom lip and looks up at you for a few moments, obviously fighting some normal impulse and finally opens her mouth to speak, making sure she's nice and calm and articulate about it. "What ever you do, when you meet one, do not kill it. Ok?"

Helena drops down into the nearest seat and just looks down at Emma, silent for some time. "You aren't joking, are you?" She asks and runs both hands through her hair as she leans back into the seat. "Werewolves and Vampires…" She mutters as she looks up at the ceiling, "Well I suppose I won't have to worry about that, right…there are none around here surely?" She asks with a hopeful edge to her voice, before the odd request filters into her brain. It takes her a moment to process it, "I can kill one?"

Emma says, "Oh yeah." she grins rather ferally, before realizing she's given in to the impulse she was trying to avoid. She smacks herself up side the head and simply shrugs, "But….they are out number us and we don't need to be starting a war. There are an awful lot of vampires in Forks. Some are supposed to be 'good', some not." She snorts slightly, "They are all bad as far as Emma is concerned. Just acts good when it suits them."

Helena leans back at the feral grin, but her reaction to that is stilled by comment on vampires. "Oh goodie…Forks has become some kind of wacky supernatural mecca…" Helena rolls her eyes and rises to her feet again. "I can't F'in believe it…those nurses weren't so crazy after all." Helena says with a sigh, running fingers through her hair again as she paces. Rumors, night time horrors, teasing about some of the oddities about the place, but there was no basis for it, just the jokes of night shift nurses to scare a resident or so she thought. "Well there is hardly some kind of goth fanged cult in town, but I am still getting to know people around here…maybe I missed along with the Werewolves." She says with a snort and looks back to Emma with an arched brow, "Good Vampires? Is that some kind of joke?"

Emma shrugs at the question, "Maybe. But others insist they are. Golden-eyed, and good. I met two. They were /too/ nice. They were even nice to a red-eyed vampire." She scoffs slightly rolling her eyes in the process, "Just don't kill any. There's a big coven of them east of the church and north of the logging camp. We ran pretty close to their house the other night." She purses her lips for a few moments, "And some by the cemetery." She shrugs as if to say, 'I know. I know. Duh'

"Well I suppose red eyes would be a bit of a giveaway…" Helena replies with another touch of sarcasm in her voice, "Any other things I should know about identifying them?" There is a pause in her words, a thoughtful expression on her face as Emma mentions passing near a coven. "Smell? I couldn't place it, but there was an odd tang to the air when we ran past the area, I wasn't sure what it was. There was so many smells, but most just seemed enhancement of the familiar. Dirt, grass, creatures…" She shakes her head in thought as she works this out in her mind. The mention of the Cemetary makes her scoff, "Well funny…"

Emma nods slowly, taking in a long breath of air through her nose in the process, closing her eyes, "Yes. They smell very very very sweet. Too sweet. Almost enough to make you feel sick." She opens her eyes all serious now, knowing these answers very well, "You won't hear a heartbeat, or even their breath if they chose not to breath. And they are cold to the touch."

Fade away…

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