Changes At Work

IC Time: May 8th,2007, evening
Location: Forks Community Hospital
Synopsis: Helena notices something special about her boss
Submitted by: Helena

So Helena called in sick unexpectedly nearly a week ago, some viris that had her laid down or somesuch. Only today she is coming back to work. She took even longer in the locker room from her jog into work as if she was trying to put things off, but finally she comes out, adjusting the stethescope around her neck. She takes a deep breath, wrinkling her nose at the assualt of smells to her heightened senses and quickly breathes out again. This definately doesn't look like the overconfident resident that showed up here a few months back.

Carlisle is making the last of his rounds. Writing something in a chart and placing it where it goes. Stepping out into the hall he takes a moment drawing within a scent, slightly familiar but with changes to it. Looking he notices Helena, "Feeling better?" he asks with a bright smile.

It takes a moment to for Helena to realize she has been spoken to, as the unfamiliar scent touches her own nose and she automatically steps back before she attaches the aroma to a face and her mouth drops open then closed for a moment. Shaking her head a moment in a moment of disbelief she finally focuses on his face, "I…um…I think so." Though her quickened heart rate has gotten quicker, her breath increasing as well. What did her maker say. They smelled sickingly sweet, but some were good. Was she imagining the smell here and now? What if he had just treated one and the smell hung. There is definate confusion in her eyes, "Just…a little …tired still I suppose." She says to explain herself.

Coming to a stop a few feet from her. Carlisle just watches her for a moment. "Glad to have you back. I actually just finished my shift." he clicks his pen closed tucking it into the front pocket of his coat.

Helena looks at Carlisle with growing confusion as he approaches and finally takes a step back towards the locker room before looking around as if hunting out an escape route. It is clear she is still getting used to things, to the senses, to the feral instincts it brings out in her. She swallows as she looks up at Carlisle, "Maybe I wasn't quite ready to come back…" Uncertainty with her form, with the smells that touch her bringing out indecision.

Carlisle watches her for a moment, "Seems you have indeed changed." Looking along the hallway he then nods his head. "I would guess you are correct about that… We should talk about it sometime." He could tell that she is now of the wolfkind but of course he wasn't going to make a big deal of it unless she threatens him.

Her breath catches in her throat as he makes the guess of her change, and she ends up stepping back against the wall. Instead of attacking she actually closes her eyes for a moment and she whispers so low an odd mantra that has become hers since she has changed. To focus on something to calm herself. She is actually muttering elements of the periodic table. After a few moments she opens her eyes and looks at him. "You…she was right…" Comes the whispered response as her face shows her working hard on making sense of all this. A week ago none of this existed, they were just stories the nurses would joke about to make a resident jumpy, but her scientific mind never gave in. "You're a doctor…" She finally says in disbelief and oddly…a touch of hope in her voice as well.

"Just as you." he tells her then nods towards his office, "Come on let's go talk." Carlisle knew it would be bad if either of them were to 'air' out who they are within the hallway. "I can help you make sense of all this." he turns heading down the hallway towards his office. Either way he needed to go lock it before he leaves so is up to her to follow.

She does not move at first, feelings of repulsion she didn't understand tried to level to the surface. But maybe he had answers…If /he/ could do this, maybe she could as well. She was told that some of them were good and not to hurt them, was this man one of them. Helena looks up and down the halls for a moment before finally pushing herself away from the wall and quickly working to catch up with the doctor. There have been no complaints of him by the nurses other than she was married, she should be safe. With the door closed behind her she looks up to him, though doesn't move any closer yet. "There is sense to make of this?"
Carlisle sits in the chair behind his desk. "Who changed you?" he asks watching her a moment. Basically he needed to know if she was a feral or part of an actual faction that they will need to be aware of, "Answer that then I will explain."

It was obviously not a question she was expecting and it takes her a moment to respond, "Um…this girl, Emma…I was running and saw her phase, she said she panicked and bit me." Helena did get warned about her running alone, but this was Forks, nothing could happen here. Scoff. She drops her gaze for a moment before she looks up at Carlisle and for a moment caught by some details of his face, his features she never noticed before under the smell. Too perfect. "So its possible?" She finally says with her hand gesturing to the hospital around her, definately hope there in that question.

Carlisle remembers meeting Emma vaguely once, "It is possible." he tells her. Standing up he turns looking out of the window. "I and my family are different than most of our kind. We live what we consider a vegetarian lifestyle. We feed only off animals." he explains, "I have a rare gift that human blood doesn't effect me. So.. That is why I am able to be a doctor."

Helena listens quietly to Carlisle speak, brow raising as he explains his lifestyle, "I suppose blood is blood…but …" Well she seems to be inundated with questions that she can't ask all at once and finally moves to sit down. "I am told, that I may not want to feed on humans but …if I am frightened into a change I could hurt someone." She cants her head at him, "How do you keep control?" She shakes her head and looks down at her lap.
"Many are able to handle it. I have studied this and know a few that might be able to help." Carlisle tells her lightly. Afterall he was raised to kill her kind and his own before being turned. "You have never been a hostile person to begin with and I know you have the heart to want to help other. Just be that person that you are, Helena. Do though stay away from here during the full moon."

Helena nods to his words, calm despite his smell. Despite the now instinctual part of herself that should revile him. He offers her hope. "Full moon?" She starts then nods, "Ah she did mention that I would not be able to control the phase then. I suppose I have three weeks to prepare myself." She gives a little laugh and looks up to him, "It might look a little odd if I am sick every full moon…" She bites her lip before looking up to him again, "Is there a way to change my roster? I don't mind doing extra hours, not as if I am sleeping well at the moment anyway."

Carlisle nods his head, "Who is to know? I do your schedule anyway." Not that anyone is going to figure out her days off happen to be days of a full moon. "Very well if you want more hours. That might actually help me out." he tells her while leaning back slightly within his chair.

"I seem…well I have only phased once. Emma seemed surprised it took me as long as it did. So hopefully…I can keep control of things." Helena looks a little relieved at the mention of the schedule and manages a bark of a laugh and puts her head in her hands. "This is ridiculus…here I am talking to a vampire about scheduling…I just wish I would wake up already and everything was back to normal." She takes another breath, runs her hands through her hair and sits up again. "I suppose…you can tell me when I need to leave if I don't figure it out first."

Listening he just chuckles lightly, "I wish I could tell you that it's a dream. But this is real as it gets." Carlisle lightly runs a hand through his hair. "You never thought about it before now? How often was I in here on sunny days? Lucky for me they are rare things around here. So no one has ever really questioned it. No one will notice you needing time off on a certian time of the month. "Helena.. I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.."

Helena looks over to Carlisle and just shakes her head, "They said you went hiking with the boys, its not like you don't but enough hours in to warrent a bit of time off." Helena says with a huff before looking curiously, "So cloudcover is enough, eh?" She asks before just shaking her head and running fingers through her hair again. "Some of the nurses used to talk about ghosts in the woods and some nonsense, but figured they were just trying to tell stories to make me scared. Time honoured tradition everywhere…freak out the resident."

Carlisle just nods his head, "You see for vampires if the sun shines upon us. We tend to sparkle brightly much like a diamond." Noticing a ray of light peeking through the side of the curtian over his window. He opens it gently sticking a hand into the light to prove it.

There is a look of confusion at Carlisle's explanation and the demonstration has Helena out of her seat and taking a step back in shock, hands out in front of her defensively. "You know Doc…I am not sure I am ready for the ins and outs of everything right at this moment." She says just a bit shakily, though her gaze is caught on the sparkly skin with confusion.

Carlisle puts the curtian back over the window, "It's alright…" peeking out he notices the clouds covering the sun again. Standing up he grabs a set of keys from the desk, "I really must be going to meet my wife anyway."

Helena looks up again as the window is closed and there is only one question that she has left to ask. "Is there a cure for us?" She asks in a quiet voice, hopeful there, a pained look in her dark brown eyes. Maybe she doesn't want to hear the answer outloud but she must.

Carlisle stares down a moment as he plays with the keys. "Cure? I've been wondering that for over three hundred years. I believe that one day we eventually will pass on to something better. Depending on how we use our time. So.. There is hope."

Helena arches a brow at his response, her lips mouthing 300 years in surprise. She wasn't thinking quite that high. "So not in that time…" She says in a flat voice and slowly nods her head moving toward the door, but doesn't turn her back on him. Just something instinctual there she can't even explain. "Well science is better these days…maybe there is still… hope." She responds in a low voice, but not really sounding like she believes it. "I think I am alright now…I will stay and work the shift."

Carlisle quickly scribbles something on a piece of paper. Walking towards the office door he hands it to her, "My number just in case you need me."

Helena takes the piece of paper, careful not to touch his hands as she takes it. She has just enough to process today. There is a faint wrinkling of his nose as he gets so close. "The …smells will take getting used to…smells I thought I was used to, so strong now. I can smell the salt in the drip lines…the disenfectants…" She murmurs before finally pushing out the door. "Thank you Dr. Cullen for your help." She says more formally once they are in view of people.

"Anytime Doctor Lyons." Carlisle shuts the door behind them being sure it's locked. Heading down the hallway for the front doors.

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