IC Time: May 8th, afternoon
Location: Cullen Backyard
Synopsis: Some play in the backyard goes serious as Jacob explains why he would support Bella's change
Submitted by: Bella

(End of a scene chatting out on the back patio, banter and teasing)

Jacob returns after a moment, dressed, looking a little bit worse for wear as some of the thorns and brambles and bushes and twigs and things have had their way with him while he was vulnerable. He's still blushing, taken aback by all the compliments. "Maybe I should just stay a wolf.", he says, smiling his crooked smile. "It makes it hard to talk though — and I'd miss all of you." He looks at Bells and the rest, "Thanks guys… it's nice to know I'm not a monster… I mean, to be reminded."

"He's going to change," Alice tells the pair a few moments before Jacob reenters the group. She grins at Esme, making a face. "I.." Her face screws up thoughtfully. ".. don't think so. I've seen it on TV?" Alice adds helpfully. To her, this counts.

Esme nods at Bella. "Of course we will, one of them," she excludes herself from this, "will have to go hunting with you for the first bit, of course, until they're certain about your control," is offered with a nod of her head before she sends a smile to human-Jacob. "Good to see you clothed, Jacob," is given with a slight laugh. "And… I don't remember what it tastes like either, so," she trails off, shrugging.

Jacob's words cause Bella to look up to him and she finally smiles again, "Of course you are not a monster Jacob…I never thought you were." Hello…Fiance is a Vampire. She moves over to him as he approaches and motions for him to lean down so she can give him a kiss on the cheek. Now she wouldn't do that if she was a monster now would she?

Jacob blushes just a little more at Bella's kiss. He really wasn't expecting that. She's never kissed him, even in passing, except perhaps one other time — and that was kind of his idea. He turns serious for a moment, looking between Esme, Alice and Bella. "I'm going to miss you, most of all Bella." "I know, I know, you'll still be Bella — but you can't tell me you can go through that without some… changes. I hope when you come out the other side, you still feel — you still feel like I deserve a kiss, now and then — even if you can't give me one." He clears his throat and finds his bare feet suddenly interesting.

Alice looks decidedly comfortable, despite the context of everything. Alice was rather hard to faze. She perks up when she remembers something, "Bella! I found this great nail polish color for you - it's this pale, soft blue. I was thinking I could paint your nails with it. You /have/ stopped biting them, like I said to, right?"

Alice eyes Jacob. "I suppose I could paint your nails, too."

Esme awws slightly as Bella gives Jake a kiss on the cheek, before she offers a smile. "Oh, Jake, we do adore you," she gives, sounding very much the mother that she is. Though as she speaks she gets to her feet to go give a light kiss to Jake's other cheek (presuming he doesn't run away screaming). "You're the best wolf I know, Jacob black, and you're certainly no monster…" if Jake was a monster, what would that make the Cullen's?

Well it sorta needed to happen, Bella couldn't really deal with Jacob thinking himself a monster and what better way to show him? She steps back quickly after the kiss is given, just a quick peck. Bella tries to smile away his concerns, "It will be me, hopefully less clumsy and a diet more like your wolf diet, but it will be me." She assures him though she smirks, "I better be little less clumsy or I am gonna ask for a refund." She says in a low voice, obviously joking. At Alice's question, Bella curls her fingertips into little feast to hide the chewed ends. "Well…Not as much?" She says apologetically before smiling as Esme gives Jacob a peck as well.

Jacob laughs with Bella a seocnd, "A refund? Excuse me, I don't want to live forever because… if I have to trip over my own feet for an eternity it's just not worth it. Geez, Bella — if you're still clumsy after becoming a vam…" He has trouble saying it, "… after the change then… practice, you know, after a few hundred years of dance lessons or something you'll get much better…" He says, "There's just one reason I /want/ you to become a vampire, bells… don't take that away from me. It's all I have."

Alice trots over to Jacob to add to his kisses. As both his cheeks have already been kissed, she gives him a loud smooch on the tip of his nose. Of course, to do this, she has to slide out of her flip flops, push a deck chair next to him, climb onto its highest point, and get on tiptoe. But hey, anything for love, right? Right.

Oooh. Rejected. Esme returns to her seat, slumping in the seat as she previously had. It still looks entirely uncomfortable, but, she is not of the human variety, thus, uncomfortable is of no matter to her. "We'll get right on making sure you get a refund if you turn out to be clumsy as a vampire, Bella," is offered with a laugh and a shake of her head.

Bella starts to laugh too with Jacob before she realizes his discomfature over it and she holds her hand out to him, "I was joking Jake…Sorry…I know this is hard for you, just trying to keep it easy." She cants her head at him, a curious look in her gaze for him as he admits to a reason for wanting it, "Why? What reason helps you accept all this?" She steps out of the way as Alice comes in for her kiss, a little smile on her lips, before looking over to Esme, "Well…like Jacob says, I will have an eternity to learn some grace." She says with a faint smile before looking up to Jacob again to hear his answer.

Jacob smiles at both Esme and Alice first, kicking his foot in embarrassment at their kisses. These… these Cullens are the best family he's got, besides his dad — and his dad doesn't show love this way. It throws him, but he also needs it, in his way. "Bella.", he says, dropping his voice, "The one reason I have for you being a vampire… and the thing that I'm learning about the rest of you that actually makes me … happy, in spite of the fact that you smell so bad…" He breaks of for a moment to give a little snort. "The one good thing is we never have to say… goodbye." "I won't lose you like I did my mom." "Ever."

"Aw!" Alice beams up at Jacob and his little speech, then turns her golden eyes to Bella, curious to see her reaction.
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Esme awws. "You're so sweet, Jacob," she gives before getting to her feet to give the wolf another motherly peck on the cheek. "Stay as long as you'd like, but I have to be going," she notes, before darting around to Bella to give her a light (for a vampire) hug. "Make sure you get some sleep soon, Bella. I know Jacob will make sure you get to bed at a decent hour, won't you Jacob?" she enquires, looking up at the 'son' that's not really hers.

Jacob tilts his head, "I'll look after her.", he says — has he ever done anything less. "I'll see you tomorrow then, or… sometime." He looks a her softly, yeah, nothing else needs be said there, Jacob is becoming quite close to certain vampires, and of course, is already close to certain, will-be-soon vampires.

Bella listens to Jacob's response quietly, frowning a touch, "Oh Jacob…I will never want to leave you on purpose. You will be in my life as long as you are a wolf, as long as I am a vampire." She promises him before turning to Esme as she gives her a hug, and she returns with a one armed hug of her own. She nods to Esme, "of course Esme…" She says softly, though her gaze is still on Jacob, sympathy in those chocolate orbs.

Esme smiles and picks up Carlisle's discarded shirt. "I need to go get the cheese stain out of this before too long, it just wouldn't do for it to be stained," then she'd have to buy him a new shirt, considering she already wears half of his anyway. "Alright. You two take care. Bella, you can go home or crash here, we won't mind horribly, well, Rose and Jasper might, but…" another shrug of her shoulders and the woman is gone and in the house, very little left to mark the fact that she was there at all.


Jacob tilts his head, "I'll look after her.", he says — has he ever done anything less. "I'll see you tomorrow then, or… sometime." He looks a her softly, yeah, nothing else needs be said there, Jacob is becoming quite close to certain vampires, and of course, is already close to certain, will-be-soon vampires.

"I will see what Charlie's up to tonight, I think he was going over to Sue's for dinner." Bella says on the subject of where she will sleep tonight, "If it is not a trouble…" She suggests and glances towards Edward's Room. She looks back to Jacob again a serious expression on her face as if she is thinking over the words he had said. "What do you remember of your mom?"" She finally asks.

Jacob has to think about that, "My mom…", he says, a bit staggered by the question. "I remember her being solid. She was always there, I remember her teaching me to read… I remember how much time she took, trying to teach me to ride a tricycle…" "She was a very dedicated Mom… I'm sure they had troubles, but they never let the kids know." He blushes a little at Esme, "Thank you, Esme, for your family." "Stay safe…", he says, fervently.

Bella watches Esme leave before looking back to Jacob as he speaks of his mother. "I am sorry you lost her Jacob…I am trying not to think about losing my own parents. Will I be able to see them again afterward? Will it even be safe to for awhile." She shakes her head a bit and looks down to the deck, "Or would it be easier to just 'die'."

Jacob says, "I don't think it would be easier to die… don't let go of them Bella, even if they want to let go of you at first. It's worth having them in your life — it's worth it, even if it's only in a smaller way… don't let go… don't give up on them. Not Charlie… not any of them. I'd fight for them. I'd give anything for just 10 more minutes…."

Bella watches Jacob with an intensity to her own gaze and nods to his concerns, "It is not about what I want Jacob, but protecting my family. The volturi are sticklers about keeping this secret. Not a single member of this family had contact with their human family after their turning. Maybe that was just because of the Newborn stuff…" She gives a little shrug at that and looks down at her feet, her face somewhat troubled.

Jacob says, "You're afraid you'll rain doom on them… by exposing yourself and what you'll become?"
"I suppose so…I can't exactly tell them. Mom surely wouldn't cope and I think Charlie would try to drag me away or something. He isn't exactly fond of Edward like he is of you. He would love an excuse I think." Bella says with a little shrug, "And if they couldn't keep their mouth's shut about it, what would the Volturi do? I would rather be dead to them, then them being dead to me."
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Jacob says, "Its worth the risk Bells. Families are supposed to share risk anyway. If they do become interesting to the Volturi — the Cullers will help you hide them — not that it has to happen that way, but if it did…."

Bella shuffles her foot on the deck, her brow tight as she thinks on his words. "I suppose we will see how things go. I…well Esme showed me this picture of when she was a human…she didn't look…all that different. Enhanced might be the best word. You know those makeover shows? Like that…someone pretty and plain comes out looking gorgeous. Her spirit looked the same as well, you could see the same look in her eyes…I am hanging on to that image to carry me through the other side. Once everything settles…we might have to leave for a time, maybe go up north if I can't control myself."

Jacob nods, "I'll go with you if I need to. I can't stay if it's a long time — but the pack can do without me for a little while in a pinch." "I don't know what you'll need from me Bella, but I'll be there for you. I'm still keeping my promise."

"Jake…" Bella starts, entreaty in her gaze as she looks up at him, "What if I can't control myself with you? You are mostly human…they complain of the smell but what if I am so out of control it won't matter? It would kill me if I did anything to hurt you." She says almost pleading as she looks up at him, "I may not be able to tell you to get away, you will have to listen to them, especially Jasper, alright?"

Jacob says, "Of course I'll listen, Bells — but the other side of that is I'm pretty hard to actually hurt… and if they can restrain you for just a second, a split second, I can get away even if you mean to kill me. Have you forgotten that we Shifters are faster than most of the vamps… you might want to hurt me, and no hard feelings there, but it will be… very hard for you to actually permanently damage me."

Bella listens before nodding slightly, flinching at parts about hurting him. "I just hate to risk it Jake, what if they can't hold me back? They keep telling me newborns are strong and wild…I am sure I will get over it in time, especially with so many helping me…" She says with a nod of her head, though she doesn't look so sure. It is this period she is most worried about, her price for the change.

Jacob seems very confident, "I know you Bells. I knew you before they did. You won't hurt me… and if I'm wrong about that, I'll have time to get away." He swaggers a little bit, "Come'on Bells — you don't want to risk me? What is it you think I do every night, chasing after vampires… on patrol? You think that's just for fun do ya?"

"I don't want to let you down Jake…I hope I can live up to your expectations of me." Bella says in a low voice, her gaze not quite meeting his. She glances up at him at his light teasing and shakes her head, "But I don't know them, you are special to me Jacob."

Jacob says, "Bella… on the day — you're going to have enough to worry about. Don't add me to that, it might really mess you up. Just, just trust me."

Bella takes a deep shaky breath. Its a debate they have had before, but it is her main concern. Hurting those she loves. Hurting those that mean the most to her. Will she be like those monsters in the field last year. The ones the Victoria created to kill her. Finally she just nods, "I will try not to Jacob…I suppose I got a little bit of time yet to think about all this and make sure things are ready for when I do change."

Jacob swallows hard, "If… if you really don't want me there, I can stay away. It would be one of the hardest things I've ever done for you but if you ask…" Everything in his manner and body language now begs her not to ask it, but he's ready if… if she does

Bella flinches at the look he gives her and she looks down for a moment, her mind trying to work out a compromise, "I just want you to promise…that if Carlisle or Jasper say I am not safe, you will stay away until they say I am. This is going to be hard enough I think."

Jacob shrugs, "Not as hard as you think… maybe." "There's a part of me that doesn't want to watch you… die."
Jacob says, "So if they tell me to leave,it might be easy."

Bella gives a shaky laugh, "Yeah, me niether…" She shakes her head a bit and looks down to the ground, "I am told it is very painful…the process, you shouldn't have to bear witness to that Jacob. It could make Edward more irritable than normal…" She says the last with a force laugh, trying to make light of it.

Jacob smirks, "You mean, more than his normally irritable self? Bells what do you see in this guy?" Jake laughs.

Bella arches a brow at him, "Do you really want to listen to me expound on the virtues of my beloved Jacob?"

Jacob says, "Yes… please expound on my virtues.".

Bella can't help but smiles as she twists the words around a bit, "Well you are annoying, phase at such innapropriate times, so very stubborn…" She teases him in return, finally a smile brightening her eyes again.

Jacob adopts an equally sarcastic tone, "Thanks honey bear, coming from you that means so much.", he claps his hands together and flutters his eyes like a 1950s romance. "I shall always remember your kindness to me in this, our darkest hour."

"And commited, the best friend I have ever had, strong, and has a huge heart." Bella continues after his rejoinder, a smile still on her lips. "It will be alright Jacob, you will see…we will see it through." Now she is trying to comfort him it seems.

Jacob says, "Bella, if we don't do this, you're dead — and the Cullens too." "This is probably the best way through — its horrible but…" "I can see the right of it now."

Jacob puts up a hand, "That doesn't mean I'm 100 percent okay with it, and there's /still/ the treaty as my last hope — but I won't let the Volturi take you… ever."

"We just have to make sure the others see before its time…" Bella replies as she holds out her hand to him, that plea in her gaze again, "Maybe the bonfire was an overture in that direction…I don't know." She shakes her head a bit and nods to his concerns, "I have no choice even if I wanted another one, but I don't."

Jacob nods, and smiles his little half smile, "I gotta go Bells… you can't fault me for trying to make an escape plan. You could run you know, just run." But then, she'd never have any peace Jake. Poor Jacob Black, he's really caught in something too old for him. It's not always that simple. He starts to walk away, confident as ever.

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