A Series Of Unexpected Events

IC Time: May 10, 2007
Location: Forks - Outskirts: Dirt Road
Synopsis: Natalia returns and shocks Ramona.
Submitted by: Ramona

Sand and gravel flies as Ramona navigates her Chrysler 300 around a turn and onto the road towards the humble town of Forks, Washington. Coheed and Cambria blares on her radio and the windows are down as she dares to speed past anything sensible. And with no seatbelt, too! In the back of the car is a variety of music equipment — amps, a few basses, and lots of speakers.

Natalia has been skulking around in the forest surround Forks since she'd arrived in the little town, waiting for those familiar scents to cross her path, or anything that would draw her attention, and a car racing at unsafe speeds, is certain to arouse her curiosity. The woman jumps down from a tree she'd been lounging on, which is well ahead of the barreling car, and leans against it, watching the vehicle speed with unhindered crimson eyes.

Ramona sings along, slightly off key, as usual, but achieving perfect timing with each word. The movement ahead catches her eye, but it's not a concern. If someone is dumb enough to get in front of her car, she figures she'll let them. Hey, maybe if they died from /natural/ causes the Volturi wouldn't get mad if she finished them off. Smirking to herself, she applies more pressure on the gas. The car jumps ahead, speeding right into a pothole. Dirt roads aren't exactly in good shape after all of the rain the area exhibits. The tire protests under the pressure and pops. A flat tire. The car skids to a stop the rest of the way, Ramona cursing furiously.

Natalia really can't help the bark of a laugh as the car hits a pothole, the expression on her face is full of amusement as she approaches the now stopped vehicle. A grin, faintly malicious in it's manner, spreads across her face as she takes in the vehicle. She doesn't stop her walk, not even when she finally see's who the driver is. In fact, that grin of hers probably grows wider as she leans against the side of the vehicle, waiting for Ramona to exit the car.

Ramona pulls her cell phone out of her pocket, ready to throw some money at the problem to make it go away. In the meantime, it looks like she's walking. She throws open the car door, aware of the visitor, but not of who it is just yet. "I don't need —" she begins to hiss, turning her head to greet the visitor, who is clearly a vampire, based on the scent. Wait. That scent was oddly familiar, but nothing she's experienced lately. Almost like something from another time and place. A mere second later, Ramona lays her eyes upon Natalia.

Her hand immediately comes to her forehead. "I didn't think I was capable of hallucinations anymore," she murmurs to herself. She blinks once, twice. Natalia's still there. So she says the only words in her mind at the moment: "What the /f#*@/!?" Ramona takes a step back, appearing frightened on moment, skeptical another, and finally, just shocked.

Natalia waits, patiently, quietly, as Ramona exits the vehicle and goes through all the necessary stages, though she's still grinning, and it's clear by her shaking form that she's attempting to hold back her laughter. "Nice to see you too, Ramona," she says, her voice as clear as the day that she'd last been seen by the coven. "I was hoping for a reaction, but, truly, you've exceeded my expectations, as per usual, I forgot how you amused me," the woman offers, her eyes settled upon Ramona, dancing in laughter.

Ramona crosses her arms defensively 'cross her chest, her gray eyes narrowed into slits. "This is unreal." She gazes across the vehicle at the other woman without a grin on her face — her lips are pursed firmly before she slowly pockets her phone and then with a sudden abruptness, jumps onto the top of the car and peers down at Natalia. "You forgot a lot more than that, if you are indeed still in existence. Which apparently you are. Where the hell /were/ you? And why show up now?" she asks, tone accusing and fiery, sounding not unlike a sullen teenager.

Natalia barks out another, harsh, laugh. "I assure you, my dear, I am perfectly real, unless you have a very good imagination," she gives, walking around the vehicle, towards Ramona. "I was keeping you safe, of course. The Volturi were after us, I lead them away. I found you as soon as it was safe," the older vampire points out, amusement still colouring her tone as she speaks.

Ramona still remains on top of the car, eyeing Natalia as she moves around. "Oh, of course. It's now safe after seventeen years?" she says with a brow quirked, scowl on her lips. "That's a pretty long time. Maybe not in your book, but I'm only fifty seven years old!" She waits a beat. "We thought you were burned. Dead. You could have at least sent a letter!"

Natalia tilts her head, watching the 'child', though Ramona truly isn't a child, save in comparison to Natalia's age. "It was never safe before now. You know they would track down any letter I could send to you, thus defeating the reason for my departure," is pointed out, though the words are, essentially, entirely false. "Would you have had me put you and the rest in that sort of danger?"

"If you haven't noticed, we already put ourselves in danger by becoming a human sensation. But you probably don't know about that." Ramona jumps down in front of Natalia, her tone dry. Despite her skepticism, Natalia's words do seem to be softening her a slight bit. "So where were you? Lev tried looking for you. He was pretty messed up. The band helped, and his new little creation did too." She rolls her eyes. "Not that I care what he does nowadays."

Natalia smiles. "Of course I've noticed. I was able to keep an eye on you, to the extent that was possibly, when your little band made into papers and the like," she gives wit a dismissive wave of his hand, before she quirks a brow. "Creation? Hmm, how I look forward to meeting this new creation of his. I expect he'll be in for a shock when he see's I'm still alive, and kicking," she sounds awfully smug, though she blatantly ignores the question as to her location.

Ramona paces in front of the shorter, older vampire. "So you were living close to humans, then? It's good to know you didn't turn into one of those vegetarians," she snorts. "Do you? She's… interesting. He's absolutely in love with her, you know." Ramona seems almost triumphant for a moment, as if she wanted to say something — no matter how insignificant — to hurt Natalia the way she'd hurt Ramona by leaving. "So it might not be much of a homecoming."

Natalia smirks slightly. "Eat an animal? Only if necessary, I really do prefer humans," she gives before the look in her eyes, and on her face, changes. She no longer has that smug expression, more like a hint of jealousy. "Her? We'll see about that," her tone is confident, her expression is not, but the new vampire's presence does not suit Natalia, and if she doesn't suit her, she won't stand for it.

"Were you in the states?" Ramona persists, determined to find out her whereabouts. "Did you live with another coven?" She halts the questions to elaborate on the current situation. "Guess so. He lives with her in some cabin. I left," she adds casually. There's a spark in her eye when she adds, "So did Ginny. As such, Donny rather tried to kill me last month." She goes 'round the car to inspect the tire. "So we've been one, big, happy family."

Natalia hmms slightly before answering the question. "I was all over. And no, Ramona, I didn't join another coven," she gives with a shake of her head. "Perhaps you would have all been better if I'd stayed, despite the threat of the Volturi, sounds like half of you have lost your heads," the woman's eyes examine Ramona for a moment as she speaks. "I'll look forward to paying Lev and his little mistress a visit," though Lilly and Lev probably wouldn't look forward to that visit, judging by the tone of voice. "And Donny, tried to kill you? That won't do."

Ramona shrugs her shoulders. "It won't do? Why not?" Ramona shrugs at the tire, at a loss of how to fix it. She'll call someone soon. She turns around and looks at Natalia squarely. "I don't think you understand. We're not together anymore. I don't care that he tried to kill me. It's everyone for themselves, now. Maybe it was because you left, I don't know. We just all changed and how it is now is what's best for us." Ramona's tone grows quieter. "I can't say I'm not glad you're back — because truly, it's amazing to see you; but you're not going to fix anything."

Natalia growls, a low, feral growl. This did not suit her. "I will fix only what should be fixed," like Lev's fixation with this new vampire. "If the rest of you choose a solitary lifestyle, it's certainly not up to me to force everyone back together again. I'm not all the kings horse and all the kings men, and I'd be foolish to try, when it's so clearly obvious that you're content on your own," she pauses in her little speech, before she does offer a true smile. "It is a delight to see you, again, you don't know how I've missed you all over the last few years."

Ramona 's guarded look returns again. "Did you?" She weighs a decision in her mind, then asks: "So exactly how did you determine it was now safe? Do you have a contact with the Volturi or something?" It's difficult to let her strife go… it's still sinking in that Natalia actually exists instead of a pile of ash somewhere in Houston or elsewhere.

Natalia smirks. "Of course I did, if I didn't I wouldn't have found you, would I?" she questions, her tone challenging Ramona to say otherwise. "When they stopped following me, I knew that I could, somewhat safely, return. So I did, and then it took me a little while to find you…" a shrug is offered.

"Tracking skills not what they used to be?" Ramona teases lightly, getting out her cell phone again and connecting to the internet to search for a car repair service as she chats with Natalia. "You must be wondering what we're — I'm doing in this podunk town."

Natalia laughs. "Hmm, no, though you can wish they weren't," she points out with a shake of her head, back to being amused, though not in a malicious sense. "I am, of course, what would draw a coven of vampires to this tiny little town, it's more like a hamlet, really. You can't freely hunt without fear of exposure, so, why here?"

Ramona leans against her silver car. "Well, initially, we came to find out about the resurgence of wolves. Turns out their a different breed, 'ccording to Lev and some others. Basically, we just wanted to stir up a bit of trouble. There's some coven here that seemed rather fun to threaten, vegetarians that date humans and stuff. Buuut, lately the Volturi's been in town, so nothing's going on in terms of trouble-making." She eyes Natalia. "That could change." Ramona continues on with her story: "So I'm not really sure why I'm still here. I… might be putting together a coven of my own. I have some followers."

Natalia nods, listening, like the good little creator that she is, or was, at any rate. "Wolves?" she snarls out at the end of the words, quick to recall her first run in with the canine-creatures. "There's more than one kind? And you're still here?" her voice practically questions the sanity of the Krinov's for still being around. "And a coven of vegetarians, human dating vegetarians? That could be quite delightful, play a few games with them. Who're the humans?" her brow raises in a questioning tone, curiosity killed the human, perhaps. Finally, her words come to rest on the talk of Ramona starting her own coven. "Oh, really? That should be quite interesting. You're going to make me a grandmother, then?"

"Sure. They pose no threat. These ones don't really /do/ much. I've purposely picked fights with them and they run, run away. It's quite fun!" Ramona pauses. "Well, two packs, at least. The main pack is from the indian reservation in La Push. The others are in Port Angeles, I think." She finds a suitable auto repair for her car and bookmarks the number. "Only one human. Her name's Swan, Bella Swan. And how delightful is this? I met her dear cousin in the woods last night. I wanted a snack, but I spared him. He could be a fun plaything, considering his accidentally connections with the Cullens. That's the name of the vegetarian coven," she explains. "And grandmother? Mmm. I dunno. I had a human in mind, but the idea of a newborn is ever so cumbersome."

Natalia hmmms. "Vegetarian vampires and two packs of wolves. The vegetarians sound far more amusing, really. It'll be fun to mess with them and their little human, actually," she gives with a crooked little grin. "I presume, than, that the one human, this Bella Swan, knows about us? Or is the vampire just dating her for fun until he decides to leave?" is enquired, trying to determine how much fun she can really have with these Cullen's. "A coven, with a human? That could be… interesting, to say the least."

"She knows. She's scared of me. It's rather fun!" Ramona chirps. "It's good to know you haven't changed. Much." Ramona gives her creator a once over before turning away. There's people to warn and things to do now that Natalia's back. And there's her car… "Look, I'm staying at the Bowen mansion on the north side of town. You'll be able to find me. And if you've updated into this century, we're now using cell phones… so here's my number." She recites her number. "I gotta run. Got a meeting with my agent later, you know."

Natalia takes the number and nods. "I'm sure I'll see you around," is given with a laugh as she tucks the number into a pocket before she turns on her heels to head back into the woods. Time to go find Lev and his new little mistress.

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