Downpour In The Woods

IC Time: May 12, 2007
Location: Forks - Rugged Ridge Trail: Stream Shore
Synopsis: A bunch of vampires and werewolves find themselves in the same place at the same time.
Submitted by: Alice

It's a downpour! Yes, even in Forks all those clouds must eventually amount to something. It seems as though they have been storing it up for some time now. Sure, there are periods of what would be called normal rain, and yes, it's even a tolerable storm, for the locals — but occasionally for several minutes at a time, it simply opens up into the biting sheets of a summer gully-washer. This, sadly, is one of those minutes, and Jacob Black is pressed forlornly against a tree, trying to stay at least a little dry. "Well… next time I'll have to make sure and send Micah on patrol. I forgot spring was here.", he says to himself, looking up at the sky.

The drowned mutt isn't the only thing the proverbial cat dragged in. Alice, and Jacob, should have the scent of another vampire to delight their sinus cavities soon enough. Another soaking wet vampire. Who curls her upper lip at umbrellas. And even a hoodie, in this event. Darcy's usually untamable mane of gypsy locks hangs around her, pulled down almost to her hips by the weight of the water it's sucked up in the torrential downpour, and half orange. The vampiress is soaked from head to knee (her feet kept invincible within her doc martens), her raggedy t-shirt clinging to her and outlining her ribs and clavical clearly. Her abundant eye make-up is running, but she seems completely unconcerned with the fact that she's so drenched that she might as well have crawled out of a stream. In fact, she's whistling, and there's something jaunty about her usual menacing slink as she walks with silent footfalls rather than her usual deliberate clomping. Just taking a stroll in the woods after he month absence from the continent, that all. Just strolling through the woods and whistling the theme from 'Peter and the Wolf'.

Jacob waves to both who approach, "Hey there…", he says almost automatically as he sees the shapes in the rain. It's probably the case that all of the wet is interfering a bit with his sense of smell, and considering, that might be a good thing — but it also keeps him from immediately recognizing Darcy for what she is, "Who's your friend, Alice?

"Someone who is anti-umbrella, it seems," Alice answers, squinting through the downpour to try and get a better look at the umbrellaless person. She tilts her head, but can only tell that the person is very, very wet. They look vaguely familiar, but of course, Alice remembers Darcy best with her pitbull in tow. Once the other vampire gets closer, she notices the eye makeup. "Darcy?" She hazards, questioningly.

Darcy is just getting into the really exciting part of Prokofiev's 'March' section of 'Peter and the Wolf' in fact, she turns a perfect pirouette and then a grand ecart en l'air (fancy way to say does some cool ballet jump/splits in the air thing). No mean feet on uneven ground in steel toe boots. But then, LE GASP. She freezes like a startled deer as she becomes aware, by OBVIOUS voices and smells, that she's not the only one enjoying the rain. "Idiot…", she mutters, and arranges her emaciated self into something more like her usual Darcy stance. "Wow…I gotta ask, who's takin' who for a walk?" she rasps at Alice and Jasper, lifting one eyebrow and brushing a messy handful of sopping wet hair out of her face as she steps under the semi-cover of a tree to banter.
Jacob chuckles darkly, "I do okay without a leash, you know but sometimes it comes in handy when I get a little out of control." "Want to test it?", he says, teasing a little. He raises his hand, "Hey Darcy…" For he recalls that they have met before. "Alice and I didn't plan this, just coincidence that we happened to be here." He nods Alice's way, "I can see why some vampires would be anti-umbrella… I mean, why would you need one, it's not like you can catch cold."

"I like summer rain," is Alice's explanation for the whole thing. "Though I suppose this would be more 'spring' rain.. still, doesn't it feel all lovely and warm?" Alice twirls happily. "How are you, Darcy? I haven't seen you in an age!" Go Alice with the dramatic proclamations.

Darcy smirks at Jacob's retort and shrugs, "Maybe I'll take you up on that offer." Holding onto a leash would make it easier to keep up with him, after all. "WE can't feel it to catch it, actually." The cold, that is. Dar shovers her hands into her sopping wet jean pockets and turns her eyes, red and free of contacts for once, on too Alice. A little eerie looking out from the black holes that her make-up has made of her already wide eyes. "Ummm…good. I was terrorizing Soviets for the month. Umm.."she's a little awkward at this social thing, especially with someone she's suppose to hate on principal. Wait, make that two some ones. "How're you…? Both of you?"
Jacob shrugs, "I could be better. I feel the cold just fine. The whole world seems to have gotten colder lately.", he says with a bit of a wince. "The pack is intact though, and getting bigger so I guess that's a good… and bad thing.." He says, "School is almost out, it'll be nice to get some sleep during the day…." A yawn adds punctuation to his statement. Jake's been busy.

Alice beams encouragingly at Darcy. "I'm excellent! I bought some new boots." Alice extends a leg to show the pair of them. The boots were originally shiny, though some mud has spattered on them with the rainstorm. However, their beauty is still there to behold. They are expertly made, red leather that encases her small foot and runs up over her ankles to wrap around her legs up to her shins. "You like?"

It's raining. No, /really/ raining. The downpour makes it difficult to see that far in front of oneself, even with superhuman vision. Anyone without an umbrella is utterly soaked, as Darcy, with her running makeup, and Jacob, smelling of wet dog, are proof of. Alice holds a yellow umbrella in her hand, and is mostly dry. The three chat, surprisingly amicably. Lorelei has yet to arrive.

Darcy's lip curls slightly and when that returns to normal her eyebrow lifts, "Aren't you guys worried about communicable diseases? Like mange? That happens when you have too many dogs in one area." More werewolves is not exactly good news for a vampire with her palette. Then Alice shines on like a super nova in a hurricane and Darcy can't help but smirk at her boots. "Yea…they're alright. You're kind of a clothes horse, aren't ya?" Her and Ginny might have something to talk about if they were locked in a room together. Before the mortal combat occurred, of course.

Lorelei is wandering her way on through the path, carrying an umbrella! Seems she rememebred to bring one for a just incase reason. At the moment she is moving along heading on towards where the new voices have gotten her attention. Her bright gaze drifts over the area until she finally catches sight of them. She smirks hearing Darcy's voice and sighs a moment while she moves onwards towards where Jacob is.

Jacob takes Darcy's comment in stride, though it might have been intended to be a little teasing he doesn't let it show that it got to him. "Us… worry about diseases?" He rolls his eyes, "We're a pretty healthy bunch you know, I think the healing thing has somethig to do with it. No, we've never had a problem with that." He looks at Alice's new boots, "Ya know, Alice… on anyone else, I'd say those boots probably wouldn't work — they might be better in say, a hunter safety class — but for you well, it's a good match. Lorelei is greeted very warmly indeed when she arrives, warmest of all really. He calls, "Hey…", with a big smile. Jake loves his family.

Jasper suddenly appears behind Alice in the blink of an eye, his face stoic as he murmurs, "I was delayed momentarily…my apologies." Dark gold eyes flicker over towards Jacob and Lorelei before they dart back towards Alice and Darcy. Meetings such as these always tend to set him on edge.

Darcy is going to be one less 'edge' for Jasper to worry about. She has the overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by hostiles in a savage and uncivilized land. The land of liking humans. She blinks once at Lore's arrival, then again at Jaspers and then shakes her head, her brow wrinkling slightly as she surveys the company she's keeping. Bleck. "Well. It's getting a little too human friendly for me so I'm gonna jet…Uh…yea. Nice to see you?" And with that the sopping wet mini-vamp turns on her heel and begins the squishy clomp off back into the torrential downpour. Not like she can get any more wet, right? She does so at the usual 'for human benefit' pace, not feeling the need to show off to the Cullens. They'll figure out how fast she is if and when they need to, and Jacob already knows.

Alice turns to smile at Jasper, lifting her umbrella so the yellow material covered him, as well. "Hey, Jazz," she greets her husband. "Isn't the rain lovely? I was just showing Darcy and Jake my new red boots." Alice nods to the aforementioned boots, and grins at Jacob and Darcy's comments. "I love clothes!" She tells Darcy emphatically, nodding her spiky head. Then she lifts her hand to wave. "Bye, Darcy. It was good to see you."

Lorelei peers after Darcy and smirks while she comes to a pause next to Jacob. "Hey." Is offered along with a not to the others while she mms softly. Her bright gaze drifts from Alice to Jasper before she looks to Jacob curiously.

Darcy responds to Alice with an over the shoulder wave and a "Yupp, it's been a time."

Jacob grins, explaining to Lorelei, "Yeah, I don't know where they came from either.", he says, throwing up his hands in the rain, "Everyone just kind of appeared like this was some sort of magic dry spot." "Or watering hole.", he says. "Do you know everybody? Everybody this is Lorelei.. brave enough to have polite convesations with Volturi and live." "Hey Jasper… good to see you.", he greets Jasper with a manly punch of the air.

Jasper smiles gently before leaning over and peering down at Alice's red boots. He looks at them carefully for several long seconds before shaking his head. Jasper never has, and probably never will, understand fashion. Leave that to the Cullen women like Rose and Esme and Alice. Most definitely Alice. He smirks at the thought of how Bella will soon be joining their ranks before bringing a hand up and waving to Jacob. "Evening, Jacob. How is the pack?"

Rain, rain, rain! The downpour is quite impressive, making it hard for even those with superhuman vision to see more than a few feet in front of them. The air smells of spring and wet wolf. Lorelei, with her umbrella, has just arrived, as has Jasper. Alice is armed with a yellow umbrella, and she chats with the other three.

Lorelei smirks at Jacob and ehs softly. "I didn't know she was one of them.." She points out after a moment. While she has seen Jasper and Alice around she's never really talked to them. "Great weather huh?" An so far she's not doing to well with it.

Rain, rain, rain! The downpour is quite impressive, making it hard for even those with superhuman vision to see more than a few feet in front of them. The air smells of spring and wet wolf. Lorelei, with her umbrella, has just arrived, as has Jasper. Alice is armed with a yellow umbrella, and she chats with the other three.

Alice smiles and nods at Jacob's question. "Yes, Lorelei and I have met before. Good to see you, Lorelei." She smiles at the female wolf. Giggling at Jasper's thoughtful appraisal of her boots, she pats him gently on the arm. "I bought you a pair to match, Jazz," Alice says brightly.

Jasper is leaning against Alice, one arm wrapped around her waist, chatting idly with Jacob and Lorelei. He smiles kindly at the newcomer and then pauses, looking over towards Esme. His features lighten quite noticeably as he brings a hand up and waves. "Evening, Esme. What are you doing out? Hunting?"

Jasper is leaning against Alice, one arm wrapped around her waist, chatting idly with Jacob and Lorelei. He smiles kindly at the newcomer and then pauses, looking over towards Esme. His features lighten quite noticeably as he brings a hand up and waves. "Evening, Esme. What are you doing out? Hunting?" Then his eyes widen and he casts a frightened glance back towards his wife. Would she really…? Emmett would /never/ let him live it down, and he didn't even want to /think/ what Rose would say.

Jacob bursts out into a low chuckle at Alice's statement, it just kind of trickles out. "You'll look good in those Jasper." He stays near Lorelei as more and more people arive, "Wow, crowded."

As he flies through the forest with unnatural speed, the droplets seem to fall in slow motion around him as Edward suddenly appears next to his mother. He runs a hand through his wet hair, as he cocks his head to the side and hmmmms looking at Lorelei, and then to Jacob. He shoves his hands in his pocket and says broodingly, "Hello."

Esme makes her way through the woods at a fairly normal pace, coming to a stop when she see's the large gathering. "Hello," she greets, casting a smile towards everyone, including Lore. "No, Jasper, not hunting tonight," she gives, though it's likely something she should be doing.

Lorelei blinks while she glances up at the movement and ums faintly while she glances back to Jacob with a unsure look. She's never been around this many vampire before, at least not one she's had to deal with. "Did I walk into a meeting or something?"

Jacob looks at Lorelei with a wide grin, "I don't know, it kind of became a meeting didn't it?" "I have to say I'm a bit uncomfortable with all these people… not, you all…", he says indicating the people around him, "Just not used to so many of you at once." He chuckles, greeting Edward warmly enough with a little wave. "You all have eaten, haven't you?", a casual question in most circles but a deadly serious one in this case.

Alice bursts into giggles at Jasper's frightened look. She actually holds her sides, which is hard when she's trying to hold up the umbrella at the same time. "It was a joke, Jazz, a joke! I know not to buy for you without you there." That was a lesson hard learned after the Tie Incident of '89. How was she supposed to know Jasper didn't like ties that lit up? Alice nods to Jacob's question. "Yes, Jazz and I ate before we came out."

Jasper seems relieved as he nods faintly, squeezing Alice faintly with a grin on his face. "That's…not nice, love," he murmurs, giving Alice a soft kiss on the forehead. Fashion always terrifies him. Always. "And a few deer, Jacob. That's all."

As he shrugs slightly, "And a mountain lion….yet dog has such a sour taste." Edward looks towards Alice and Jasper and gives them a soft smile. He looks back towards Lorelei and cocks his head to the side again with a curious glance.

Lorelei shrugs at Jacob and is rather quiet as she listions and watches.. That is until Edward says his part. She peers towards him, her eyes narrowing fiantly. "Cougars are endangered." This she points out with a faint tone showing she doesn't approve in there choices. "Vampires taste even worse then being sour." And she can safely say that seeing how she's bitten a few.

Esme turns hare dark brown gaze towards Jake for a moment, but refrains from answering his question. "Dog, Edward?" she enquires with an upraised brow and a shake of her head, laughing at the same time.

Jacob settles on the ground, trying to make sense of all the conversations. Wolf on overload, apparently. He digs into his backpack, "I have some jerky here…" he says, "Anyone want some?" "The sun is going down and I'm still wet…" "Good thing I won't be cold… I guess."

Alice grins at Jasper, slowly straightening as her giggles run out. She takes in a breath of air that tastes of rain and wet wolf. Lifting her umbrella so it once more covered Jasper, she smiles at her brother and mother, clearly glad to see them.

Edward leans against the tree, and looks towards Jacob and says, "So Jacob…" He looks at Jasper as a flood of his nerves kicks in and he takes a deep breath to calm himself, "Have you spoken to Bella?"

Esme belatedly quirks a brow at Lore. "And how would you know what we taste like?" she questions… "wait, scratch that, I don't wanna know how you know," is given with a crinkle of her nose.

Lorelei glances at the ones here while shifting to just lean back against a tree, she slips quiet and peers off towards the forest. If Jacob wasn't here she would be leaving, but she doesn't want to just up and leave him here on his own, even around the Cullens. She looks to Jacob and shakes her head slightly.

A glance is offered to Esme and she smirks faintly. "I've dealt with your kind more then once back in Forks.." Mostly Ramona but there was that crazy sword swinging one around for a while that she also had to deal with. She doesn't go into more detail though.

Jacob shakes his head, "Bella, naw, I haven't seen her all day.", he says, looking a little bit intimidated himself, with all these people. "Uhm…I can't stay too much longer, I have to be back for dinner." He says, he's been holding off on saying that, becuas right now, even he doesn't want to be reminded he's still a kid, mostly.
Edward looks at his mother, "I think now is as time as any. He needs to know mother."

Esme crinkles her nose, again. "Hmm, glad we're the nice one's," she gives before she looks about at the incomplete group of vampires and wolves, and then pulls out her phone. It takes only seconds for her to find the number she wants. "I'll be right back," she notes. "And of course, he does, Ed, you may as well," she beckons, slightly before stepping slightly away from the group, not that they can't all hear her end of the conversation, at any rate.
Jasper quirks an eyebrow before quietly looking back towards Jacob. He glances over towards Alice and murmurs, "I think…I'll head for home." The nervousness pouring off Lorelei makes jasper uncomfortable and hopefully leaving will lessen some of the young wolf's tension. Then Edward says /that/…and he definitely wants to head off. "It was nice seeing you again Jacob. Nice meeing you Lorelei." Jasper turns and nods towards Esme and Edward, then presses a kiss to Alice's forehead. "I'll see you all back towards the house."

Edward looks towards Jacob and says calmly as a lake on a summer morning, "Has Bella told you of our Italian Cousins and the pressure we are getting from them on the matter of her…"honeymoon." Edward is doing his best to remain polite and respectful in his wording.
Jacob nods, "She mentioned that last time I saw her, yeah….", he says, "So?"

Esme makes her way towards the crowd, after having a rathe robvious conversation with Carlisle, suggesting that her husband should come and join them. "Sorry, I hope I didn't miss anything pertinent."

Lorelei smirks and shakes her head slightly at the talk of the Volturi. "They've caused a lot of problems lately it seems.." She mutters out faintly.

The rain seems to be easing a bit. Yes, it's kind of fun to be wet, but even nature must take a respite.
Edward runs a hand through his hair and sighs, "I know this is a very sore subject with you Jacob. However, I am more concerned with our treaty. Bella is very stressed with the matter and does not want to cause any strife."
Jacob thinks for a long moment, "I don't know, Edward. I don't think it's going to be a problem, I mean — it's already been brought before the council and they're considering it. I'll let them know of the change — but I don't have to like it.", he smirks.

Edward shrugs and says, "And I don't have to like the thoughts that go through your head of the things you want to do with her. Yet…" He mimics Jacob's smirk, "I don't complain." He looks at his mother and says, "Sorry…" He leans against the tree and goes silent.

Alice smiles and blows Jasper a kiss as he leaves, turning to watch him with a smile on her lips. When the talk becomes more serious, she goes to stand by her family, lifting her yellow umbrella up high so that it covers the heads of Esme and Edward.

Esme moves a bit closer to Alice to hide herself under the umbrella, probably in an attempt to salvage her clothing, as opposed to keeping herself dry, since water doesn't bother her any.

Lorelei glances from Edward to Jacob as she slips quiet during the conversation as it turns more serious. She shakes her head as she hears Edward, a faint huff escaping her before she bites her tongue in roder to keep from saying anything.

Edward will do his best to be around as much as he can. Between Bella and the family I am sure I will be tortured. I will be tired yet just bare with me

Jacob gets up, he's been on the ground with his backpack for a while. "I think I'd better get going.", he says lightly. "Enjoyed seeing all of you but it's time for my dinner." "Stay in touch Edward, Lorelei… Cullens… you know, I don't bite… often." He starts off into the woods.

Edward nods curtly and says, "Goodbye Jacob." He looks over at Alice. He shrugs and looks down at his watch. "Did you send the invitations out Alice?"

Lorelei glances to Jacob before she looks back to the Cullens, Edward mostly for a few moments. She turns and soon follows after Jacob. "Later.." Is the only thing she offers to the Cullens, she isn't about to hang around them if she doesn't need to.

Esme looks about slightly. "I should go hunting," she murmurs, before turning her dark gaze on Alice. "Is it safe, Alice?" Mama Cullen enquires, thinking back on the time in which she did slip up, and not wanting a repeat of that incident.

Alice nods to Edward. "Of course. With the new date." Alice grins angelically. Of course, she knows everything. "Yes. You should be fine, Esme," she says, turning to her mother.

Esme nods and moves to give Alice a loose hug. "I'll see you two back at home," she notes before darting off into the woods at full speed. Full speed for Esme, however, is sadly not as fast as any other Cullen's.
Edward looks at his sister, as he moves out into the rain and looks up. He closes his eyes and says, "Anything I should worry about this week?"

Alice laughs, and shrugs. "I'm not omnipotent, Edward, I can't see everything. You should probably be worrying about the wedding, no wedding happens without drama."

Edward sighs and nods slowly, "It's the level of drama I am worried about. We seem to be a magnet for it as of late."

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