Mud Fight

IC Time: May 13, 2007
Location: Forks: The Park
Synopsis: Alice, Carlisle, and Esme get into a mud fight.
Submitted by: Alice

After having a conversation with Bella his next stop is the park. Carlisle is sitting upon a bench talking on his cellphone, "That is right just go to the counter. Tell them your name and the ticket is waiting." he smiles, "Not a problem see you soon." Putting his phone away he looks out towards the playground watching a few of the kids playing in the yard.

Alice is, of course, there as soon as Carlisle decides he needs to speak with her. She is, in fact, on the swings, pumping her short legs so that she soars higher and higher into the air. Her spiky hair whooshes around her head as she goes higher and higher. Luckily, she's clad in designer pants today, so her skirt doesn't fly up and expose anything private, like her Disney Princess underpants.

Carlisle sits waiting until she has arrived. "There you are my little pixie." he chuckles patting the bench next to him. "The wedding has been moved up to soon as her mother can get here. Will that be a problem for you?"
Alice grins and shakes her head. "No, it's not a problem at all. I saw what happened not long ago, and have already started preparations." She jumps down from the swing, feet thudding lightly on the ground, trotting over to him to join her father on the bench.

Carlisle nods his head, "She is getting restless and worried. It seems someone has told her that Jacob isn't alright with things. Of course I explained she should just talk to Jacob herself."

Alice furrows her brow. "Really? Do you know who? Someone wanting to make trouble?" Alice shrugs. "Well, talking to Jacob is the sensible thing. She should do that."

Carlisle shrugs his shoulders, "I don't think so really. He was just looking out for a friend. Bella was rather upset but her spirits were lifted after a conversation."

Alice smiles, resting her head on Carlisle's shoulder. "That's good. She just needs to be reassured every so often, that's all. Not surprising, given the circumstances."

Alice smiles, resting her head on Carlisle's shoulder. "That's good. She just needs to be reassured every so often, that's all. Not surprising, given the circumstances."

Carlisle smiles then nods his head, "So.. I still owe you a movie and shopping. I know you've been busy with the wedding and Jasper since he has come back."

Alice grins up at her father. "It's good to have Jazz back," she says happily. "And I have much wedding stuff to plan!" Alice waves her hands expansively. "But I looked to see what was playing, and there's Spiderman 3, or we can wait and see Shrek the Third, or the third Pirates of the Carribean movie. Which do you want to see?"

Alice and Carlisle are sitting on a park bench off to the side. Alice's head is on Carlisle's shoulder, and they're talking softly.

Carlisle drapes an arm around his daughters' shoulders, "Any of them are fine with me." of course he silently hopes for the Pirates movie. "We can go anytime you want. Just name the day and time."

Esme was just going for a walk as she happened across the park. The woman freezes in her steps when she see's the rather adorable father daughter moments. After a few moments she slips into hiding, into the trees, where she quietly climbs up to one of the lower branches, though, undoubtedly, the leaves rustle slightly as she climbs.

Alice turns her head as she hears the leaves rustling, her brow furrowing. "Did you hear that?" When no other sound cuts into the air, she shrugs, turning back to her father. "I'd like to see the Pirate movie. I like pirates, and Jack Sparrow is almost as hot as Jazz."

Carlisle laughs at that, "Almost as hot as Jasper? Will we need to take you a dribble cloth then?" Of course he can't help but poke fun just a little bit, "Though the girl that plays Elizabeth isn't too bad to look at." he smirks with a playful wink towards his daughter.

Esme laughs, quietly, probably not quietly enough, as she manages to catch Carlisle's words. And it's probably a good thing that she's got really good balance, otherwise she'd have fallen out of the tree, again.

Alice giggles at the comment about the dribble cloth. "No, I won't need a dribble cloth, thank you." She grins widely when Carlisle mentions Elizabeth. "Yes, especially in those corsets! Corsets make breasts very impressive," she says, slightly loudly than necessary.

Carlisle just chuckles though hearing something only make his smile brighter. "Maybe.. I should get your mother to dress like her, that might be rather entertaining." Of course he slightly tilts his head in the direction of the noise, as if he wouldn't know when his wife is present. "Could you see your mother as a blonde like Rosalie?"

Esme does hear Alice's comment, loud and clear, and her balance is no longer of any use as she starts laughing, loudly, and the loud thump can be heard as Esme lands, back first, on the ground below the tree. Naturally, this does not stop Esme's giggles, interupted by all out, boisterous laughs as she lays in a ball, holding her sides. Of course, Carlisle's comments don't help any, as she'd just managed to sit upright when he speaks, and now she's laughing, again. I'm not… going… blond," she says between laughs.

Alice bursts into giggles as she hears Esme begin to laugh. She leans against Carlisle as she laughs, a high, bell-like sound. "We got her to come out!" Alice cries victoriously.

Carlisle laughs hugging Alice close to him and nods, "I prefer you the way you are! Though…" he grins wickedly. Standing up he brings his daughter up to be balancing over his shoulder, "Time to fly my little pixie." he runs towards his wife and spins around keeping an arm around Alice as he does.

Esme leans herself up against the tree, firmly deciding it's safer than attempting to stand upright when her family is being as crazy as they are. And she's proven right, as Alice goes flying and Esme starts giggling again, watching. It's truly a good thing that she doesn't need to breath.

Alice laughs delightedly! "Wheeee! I'm a flying pixie!" She flaps her arms around, giggling like a maniac. She swats halfheartedly at Carlisle, even though she hardly wants to be put down. It's like her own personal roller coaster!

Carlisle laughs spinning her around still though slipping in the mud he lands upon his rear. Letting go of Alice he laughs, "Great now my new pants are all dirty." Going to stand up he slips againt this time going forward his face directly into the mud. Looking up his face now muddy, "Bah…"

Esme laughs more as she watches Alice's reaction, and then Carlisle slips, and Esme laughs, harder. "Aww, c'mon, mud looks really good on you," she states, taking a handful of the stuff and aiming to bury her hand, mud and all, in her husband's hair. "Mud is very hot."

"Eeek!" Alice squeaks as she almost falls into the mud puddle, moving away at the last second. Her giggles start anew as Esme puts a mud treatment in her husband's hair. "Yes," Alice says solemnly. "Mud is totally this season." With that, she picks up a handful of mud and smears it on the top of his head.

"Oh you think so?" Carlisle grins lifting up his hand rubbing it into his wife's hair as well. Balling up some mud he then sends it sailing in Alice's direction. Though sliding towards Esme he reaches out to try and wrap an arm around her waist.

Esme laughs as Alice proceeds to give Carlisle a mud bath, before she gets a handful of mud in her hair. "Carlisle Cullen!" she gives, giggling as she speaks. "Do you know how long it takes to wash dried mud out," Esme scolds playfully as she moves her mud covered hand to streak more mud across her husband's face, giggling the whole time.

Alice goes, "Eeep!", edging away from the mud ball. She manages to dodge most of it, but when it lands, it splatters on her new red leather boots. "Noo, my boots! I just got all the mud out of these yesterday! Ooh, I'll get you for that!" Alice takes up a handful of mud in each hand, squishes it together, and hurls it at Carlisle's perfectly put together outfit.

Carlisle laughs pulling Esme down into the mud with him. As Alice hits his clothes, "Hey!" he laughs then let's go of Esme then stands up this time stalking towards his daughter. "Come give daddy a hug!" he smirks.

Esme squeaks as she gets pulled into the mud, though she doesn't argue as she takes up one handful, and lobs it towards Alice, aiming to hit her daughter in the chest. Another handful is taken and thrown at Carlisle, when his back is turned. "

"Ack!" Alice cries as she's besieged with mud, trying to dodge without success. She gets splattered right across the chest, her peasant blouse getting thoroughly stained. Seeing as she couldn't get that /more/ muddy, she grins and opens up her arms, hugging Carlisle. What he might not know is that her two hands are once more filled with mud, which she smears on his back.

Not that this really matters anymore, Carlisle hugs his arms tightly around his daughter. Rubbing his muddy face against the side of her clean one before lifting up a hand to plaster a mud ball right into her hair, "Love you pumpkin." he kisses her cheek then turns darting away quickly laughing.

Esme laughs as she gets to her feet, filling her own hands with mud as she does. As she doesn't make it quick enough to catch them both at once, Esme darts over to Alice and places one mud-filled hand in the pixies hair, before darting behind Carlisle to wrap him in a hug, her last mud-filled hand coming up, hopefully getting mud right in her husband's face, giggling as she does. So not stealthy, Esme.

"Aaah! My HAIR!" Alice screeches with woe, hands flailing around as she deals with the epic blow. "Anything but my hair!" She cries, then purses her lips thoughtfully, "Or, well, not anything. Anything but my BOOTS. Hair is second." Scooping up handfuls of mud, she cries, "This is revenge!" One gigantic ball goes hurling into Esme's hair, the other straight towards Carlisle's precious scarf.

Carlisle let's Alice go laughing trying to dodge the mud. Reaching a hand down to the ground he then reaches around his wife smacking her on the rear. Shortly afterwards he sends a mudball at Alice's red boots. Pulling his scarf off he throws it towards the side then his jacket along with it.

Esme offers her sweet and innocent smile towards Alice, for all that it probably doesn't look all sweet and innocent. "Eek! Not in my hair, Alice!" she squeels as she tries to brush some of it out, only making it worse, but then, of course, her rear is smacked and she jumps, laughing harder. Reaching down she grabs another handful of mud and reaches over to grab the back of Carlisle's collar, and dump the mud down the back of the shirt, before she runs behind Alice and attempts to smush a handful of mud onto the back of her shirt.

Alice jumps into the air to avoid Carlisle's mud ball to her precious boots. Her landing causes some more mud to splash up. Squawking, she pulls forward so Esme can't get mud down her shirt, but a bit dribbles in. When Esme tries to hide behind her, she giggles. "Yanno, that'd work better if you weren't taller than me, Esme."

Carlisle leaps feeling the mud go down his back. Running towards the pair he goes for a playful tackle to the ground.

Esme offers her husband an angelic smile, along with a "I didn't do it," in that sweet tone of hers, although she clearly did. As Carlisle comes running towards them, Esme doesn't move out of the way.
Alice sees Carlisle coming, in more ways that one, but doesn't move to get out of the way, either. She does, however, brace herself, holding onto Esme.

Carlisle wraps an arm around Alice's waist though turns himself to grab onto his wife with the other arm. Going to his knees he tires pulling them both down with him, "Think it's funny huh?" he laughs now covered head to toe in mud.

Esme eeps as she's used by Alice, and further eeps when grabbed by Carlisle, though this is more of a giggly eep than any other. "It's very funny," she gives as she's easily pulled down. "You are very adorable when you're covered in mud."

Alice makes a choking, gagging noise. "Ewww! You two aren't going to /kiss/ or anything, are you?" Yes, Alice truly views Carlisle and Esme as her real parents, and treats them as such. She rolls around in the mud, giggling. Her outfit was well and truly muddy, though luckily, Alice could get a stain out of /anything/.

Carlisle of course now has to kiss his wife. Leaning close he kisses Esme on the lips just for show in front of his daughter. Though as she rolls around in the mud, "Now look who is all dirty!" This couldn't be a happier moment than being covered in mud with his wife and daughter.

Esme giggles at Alice's words, and at Carlisle's response to her words, though she's certainly not complaining about it. Once she does see her muddy daughter, Esme just grins and sits on her butt in the mud. And she was in one of her nice beige oufits. "And you were complaining about getting covered in mud?" she questions with a bright smile and an equally as bright laugh.

"Aaaah! GROSS!" Alice shudders and covers her eyes with both muddy hands. "Stop it! Stooop! You're not supposed to do that in front of your CHILDREN!" Alice whimpers, spreading her fingers apart to peek briefly through.
Carlisle laughs just shaking his head, "Oh no.." he looks at his phone laying in the mud. Picking it up holding it with two fingers, "Rosalie will be mad…" Getting up he then slips again his phone flying backwards and he lands upon his back.

Esme just grins at Alice. "Oh, Alice, you know, you're very lucky that you have parents who are as deeply in love as we are. It sets a good example for you and Jasper," she gives with a laugh, before cringing as Carlisle goes backwards. "Carlisle," she questions, her voice rolling over her husband's name, "I thought you were supposed to be agile…"

Alice makes a grotesque face. "That's all well and good, and I know that, but I don't want to SEE it! It's yucky," Alice says primly. Her hands go back over her face, leaving tracks of mud on her cheeks.

"Well mud is slippery." Carlisle laughs getting up again and walking through the grass. Picking up his jacket he does his best to wipe off his hands. Picking up the phone as it begins to ring, "Hello?" he grins with a laugh, "Umm… You don't want to know. So you able to get your ticket?" he asks, "Good.. We will pick you up." hanging it up he wraps it into the clean part of his jacket."

Esme giggles, slightly. "Well, yes, but…. you're not supposed to fall backwards. I'm sure I was the one who got to do all the falling," she points out, chuckling as she does, laughing harder as Carlisle tells the person on the other end that they don't want to know something. "Alice, you've lived with us for how long… this should be common by now."

Alice giggles at her mother. "Yes, but it's still gross! It's /always/ gross!" She cries vehemently, wrinkling up her button of a nose. She glances over to Carlisle as his muddy phone buzzes. It seems to be a call from the hospital, as he says a few words, hangs up, and then looks regretful.

Esme smiles and plants a kiss upon her husband's lips as he leaves. She then turns her smile on her daughter, it really is a smile that's all lovey dovey, too, now cute. "It's not gross, Alice…"

Alice nods vigorously. "It is! It's gross, it's yucky, it's icky!" She made a face, sticking out her tongue and wrinkling up her nose, squinching her eyes into little slits. "The /idea/ is fine, but if I have to witness it.. ew!"

Esme giggles, again, from her seat in the mud, her beige pant suit is now very brown. "Aww, Alice. At least you know your parents are very much in love with eachother. Wouldn't it be worse if we weren't and you never got to see that?" she enquires with an upraised brow.

Alice furrows her brow, tilting her head to the side. That's hard to imagine! But she takes a moment and thinks about it, and then nods. "Well, yes. It would. But it's still gross!"

Esme tries to imagine her not being so very in love with her husband, and fails. "Well, there you go, gross or not, you at least have positive role models on a loving relationship," one that probably seems like their still courting, some days.

Alice grins, and nods her agreement. "That's true enough," she tells her mother. Then she glances down at the two of them, deeply muddy Cullen women. Oh, dear. Grinning at Esme, she suggests, "Should we go home and clean up?"

Esme crinkles her nose as she attempts to run her hand through the dried mud in her hair. "This is going to be a bit on the difficult side to get out," she gives, shaking her head before she nods at Alice's suggestion. "Yes, we should probably go and clean up…"

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