Kyler Indoors

IC Time: May 14, 2007
Location: The Cullen House
Synopsis: Kyler visits the Cullen house, and then Edward and Esme talk about the future.
Submitted by: Alice

Kyler would have accept Jasper's invitation quite enthusiastically, in spite of the whole Esme and Bella-bunny incident. After all, they can't get mad at him for showing up when he was invited, right? Right. At any rate, he chatters relentlessly as he follows Jasper, about nothing in particular. It's mostly gossip about the forest creatures that live around his tree. Most of them he has named, and if he's to be believed, there's a regular animal soap opera going on in his little patch of the forest. "But then Henry got back together with Stacy, and everything was fine. Well, except for Lulu. She was rather disappointed to be cheated out of her dinner, but I suppose that's the way it goes when you make a habit of making dinner out of your mate…" He trails off, blinking a little as they come into sight of the house. "Wow, that's a big house," he comments, suddenly less certain that this was a really good idea. "It's like…a castle or something. You know, except for no alligators. The trees are nice, though. They'd look good with some decorations…" He glances aside at Jasper, then hastens to add, "But I'll be good. No decorating the trees without permission." Just wait and see how long he manages to keep /that/ promise.

The evening of hunting down irritated grizzlies and other such large game has left Jasper feeling satiated and content. Having the chatty Kyler along for the trip made it quite enjoyable since he himself is a rather close-lipped person. It seems as though that side of himself is slipping away slowly the more time he spends around who he's soon coming to view as a younger brother almost. Jasper smiles and glances over towards Kyler who goes speechless for a short moment before replying, "It's okay. Maybe you can help Alice decorate the trees for the wedding. Last time she took strands with lights on them and wrapped them all around the trees. They glowed for a very long time and led the way to the house." Jasper jumps up to the porch and quietly opens the door, looking behind him and motioning Kyler forwards. "No one is home right now, so you'll be fine. Come on in. I'm sure you could stand to make us of the facilities." Despite being immortal, taking at least a shower or a bath are still required. Jasper slips off his dirty boots in the foyer and pushes them off to the side.

Kyler probably should take Jasper up on the offer of a bath, given that he kind of…lives in a tree and bathes in a stream. However, he's a bit too busy getting excited about the idea of lights in the trees to take note at first. "Ooh! That would look /great/. I bet if you put the lights in the trees, you could hang glass from strings around it, and make rainbows everywhere!" That's a bit ambitious, but his creativity won't be stopped by such a small thing as the laws of nature. It's only as he steps forward that he realizes how filthy his shoes are, and for not the first time that day, he copies Jasper by kicking off his shoes before slinking cautiously inside. "Facilities?" he questions, distractedly, as he explores the entryway curiously, sniffing and peering at anything he deemms 'of interest'.

Jasper shakes his head with a grin and heads on into the house, leading Kyler to the bathroom. "I'm sure you'll have plenty of fun but before that, you get a bath and I'll go grab you some old clothes. I know Alice has to have some jeans and a shirt that will fit you." And with that, he heads off, more worried about how to dispose the dirty clothes that Kyler will have left than actually leaving behind an unsupervised vampire in the house.

Kyler peers at Jasper, blinking a few times. "But…I don't want different clothes…" he protests, meekly. But then, he doesn't want to get kicked out or anything, so he just shrugs a little. It isn't until Jasper's gone until he realizes the real significance of what Jasper said. "Alice…Hey wait, I don't want /girl/ clothes!" Too late. He grumbles a little, but fortunately is soon distracted by the wonders of the bathroom. He doesn't go indoors very often, and even less often does he venture into a bathroom, so there's definitely lots of interesting trouble to get into. The first thing being to search out all of the interesting jars and bottles of different types of soap, opening them up and sniffing at them. One particularly interesting scent eventually grabs his attention, so he pours a little out on his hand. Of course, he soon realizes that by combining the soap and the water in the sink, he can make…joy of joys…bubbles! This could get ugly really fast. Or beautiful, if you're of Kyler's opinion.
He should have that when the he sees the bubbles leaking out from underneath the door that it meant nothing good. He cautiously opens the door and watches in horror at the massive amount of bubbles that cover the bathroom. "K-Kyler?" This has got to be the most speechless Jasper has been in a century.

Kyler blinks and looks up as Jasper enters the bathroom. On the bright side, he's smelling quite a bit better, all covered in bubbles. On the not-so-bright side, the bathroom is pretty much covered in bubbles, with Kyler at the dead center of the chaos. After a moment, he gives a wide, nervous grin, because no one can be mad at you when you're grinning, right? "It's fun, look!" To cheer up Jasper, he scoops a handful of bubbles and then blows at it, causing bubbles to float violently into the air, followed by a round of cheery laughter from Kyler. "Isn't it pretty?"

Jasper quirks an eyebrow, still quite speechless. Words have fled him. His mind is a perfect absolute blank. The only thing that runs across it after he's had the chance to recover is, 'Alice is going to kill me if Esme doesn't first.' Which is true. Though Alice would probably only smack him on the back of the head while Esme would actually get mad. And a mad Esme was the scariest thing Jasper had seen in his entire existence. It's a good thing that Kyler is so carefree and seemingly innocent. Jasper can't stay mad for too long with the laughter of his younger friends enjoyment echoing off the bathroom walls. Jasper pinches the bridge of his nose, giving an exasperated smile before chuckling. "I should have probably explained beforehand. Usually when we use bubbles, we try to keep them in the tub. That way, we can play and stay clean all at once." Jasper then sets the clean jeans and shirt outside down in the hallway and reaches inside the closed cabinets, quickly pulling out a towel and closing it before any suds can get in. "Here," he replies, tossing the towel towards Kyler. "You dry off and get changed while I go get a mop and bucket. I'll be right back."

Kyler remains just a bit nervous until Jasper manages to speak again. During the long silence, his gaze twitches several times toward the empty space between Jasper and the door frame, but it's a bit too narrow even for Kyler to make an escape. So he continues to grin until Jasper relents and smiles back. It isn't until Jasper's talking again that Kyler relaxes a touch, "What's the point of bubbles if you have to keep them in one place?" he wonders, catching the towel. "They're /supposed/ to float around. That's the point." At least in Kyler-land, that's the point. Either way, he abandons his soaked clothing without any shame, and by the time Jasper returns with the mop and the bucket, he'll have found the clothes in the hallway and pulled them on. Thanks to the drying off, his hair is crazier than ever, but he doesn't much seem to care. "You know, being clean is fun. I should try this more often."

Jasper reaches out with a fond smile and tousles Kyler's wet and wild hair. He really does remind him of a younger brother with his childish ways. Even if he is a vampire, Kyler does fit that mold well. "It looks like you could stand a haircut. But only after we get you all settled." He chuckles and says, "You like trees, yes? Then we'll fix up a very nice tree." He leads the way to the dining room and begins talking along the way, gathering up a pencil and large drawing paper from a cabinet. "I love a good project to sink some time into and Emmett loves to exercise, so I figure we could build you a tree house." Dark golden eyes glance over towards Kyler as he settles himself down in one of the plush chairs. "I know you like sparkly things. Would you like lights in the tree or…?"

Kyler blinks a little as Jasper suggests a haircut, and actually…hisses a little. Then he catches himself a little and smiles sheepishly. "I don't want to cut my hair. It looks stupid short." Where he got the idea that it looked good long is anyone's guess. Either way, he's quickly forgetting the bit about cutting his hair when Jasper starts talking about a tree house. "A house…in a tree?" He ponders this for a moment, and then gives an uncertain smile. "I lived in one of those once, I think. Not for very long. Some little tiny people came in and started screaming, and it was kind of annoying so I moved." He follows Jasper into the dining room, padding happily along in his bare feet. "Tree houses can be awfully hard to move when people find it, though," he points out. Though the mention of lights piques his interest, as evidenced by a characteristic head-tilt. "You could put lights on it?" After a moment, he brightens. "Ooh. With lights, it'd be all sparkly, even at night, wouldn't it?" See, /now/ he's excited.

Jasper is sitting at the table besides Kyler, a pad of drawing paper out in front of them and a pencil busily sketching along the surface. They're talking in low tones, heads down, about this and that. It looks like they're actually drawing a tree house from the looks of it. Jasper looks up right before Alice and Esme walk through the door and offers each a smile and a wave. "Hello!" He seems in much higher spirits than usual. "I hope you don't mind, but I brought a friend home."

Alice parks her yellow VW bug in the garage, taking the key from the ignition and getting out. She shuts the door behind her and then heads into the house, humming lightly under her breath. She has just been shopping, so she's brighter than usual. The occasional sun today has her in a long-sleeved sparkly top and designer slacks, a yellow floppy hat on her head. "Honey, I'm home!" She calls into the house as she drops her keys onto the foyer table. "A friend?" Alice tilts her head, looking at Kyler. "Hello there." She smiles.

Esme's Mercede's isn't far behind Alice's VW as she pulls into the garage and cuts the ignition. The woman steps out of the vehicle, a single bag in hand, it appears to continue a shoe box. "Friend?" she questions, before her eyes settle on Kyler… maybe they shouldn't have found him.

Kyler is actually wearing some of Alice's clothes, supposedly. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Apparently, he was too much of a shrimp to wear any of the boy clothes Jasper had available. Either way, he's quite cheerful as he watches the sketch come together, grinning from ear to ear. "Ooh. That's amazing. You gotta teach me how to do that…" he comments, grabbing for a pencil and scribbling a little stick man on the edge of the paper. He's quite careful not to spoil Jasper's drawing in the process, however. He's so distracted that he doesn't hear the car drive up, and is oblivious to Alice and Esme's approach until the door opens. He looks up, glances at Alice with a half-hearted smile that dies as soon as he sees Esme. He stares at her for a brief moment…then he drops the pencil and disappears. Well, not literally. He's under the table. But it was an impressive retreat, either way.

Jasper actually grins, a huge smile. "Of course I'll teach you. You're going to help me design it, aren't you?" He looks up at Alice and winks at her, in a very playful mood, until he begins registering the emotions rolling off of Esme and Kyler. And that's right around the time that Kyler disappears. Slowly, he sets down his pencil, and then leans forwards, looking underneath the table. This isn't the way he'd hoped things would pan out when his family arrived home. "It's alright, you know. You apologized, so it's going to be okay, I'm sure." His dark golden eyes flicker up towards Esme as he asks hesitantly, "…Right?"

Alice blinks a few times, then bends over a little to view Kyler properly. In a perfectly normal tone of voice, she asks Jasper, "Jazz, why is your friend under the table?" She notes him wearing her clothes, and a single eyebrow raises. Then she shrugs. Those /had/ been in the Goodwill pile, and this friend seemed to be making Jasper happy, so Alice had no problems with that.

Esme crosses her arms and does not even take another step away from the entrance into the house, in fact, she's still quite in the doorway, staring between son, daughter and Kyler. "Why?" she questions, simply, schooling her voice so that it doesn't sound mad, annoyed, angry or otherwise.

Kyler looks vaguely panicky when his under-the-table ploy fails to work. He holds a finger to his lips as jasper talks to him, shushing him before he even really understands what he said. In response, he just hisses a whisper. "Didn't work the first time, it's not going to work now, causeshehatesmeandshe'lldohorribleevilthingsand…and…" Right about that time, he looks over his shoulder to see Alice peering under the table, and with a squeak he skitters out from beneath it, ducking behind Jasper. He peeks out, notes that Esme is between him and the door, and then starts trying to look for alternate exits while still keeping an eye on Esme and Alice. It would help if his eyes worked independently. Unfortunately, they don't, which makes the whole process a lot more awkward.

"Well…" Jasper begins, looking back under the table and replying, "Because we hunted together. He's kept me company all day long today. I figured I would return the favor and at least let him clean up and rest a bit." He reaches into his pocket and withdraws a small thumb drive. "He also said he got into a bit of a disagreement with you and Bella and this was taken. He gave it back and apologized, so…can we get along?" He looks behind him and smiles a bit nervously towards Kyler, reaching up and patting his shoulder. "No need to panic. We're the vampires who talk before biting."

"I'm sure we can get along, Jazz." Alice smiles at Jasper, and then behind him to Kyler. She tries to arrange her features into some sort of soothing, calming expression. Raising a single eyebrow at Jasper, she gives him a split-second, 'Your friend is slightly batty, perhaps more than slightly' look.

Esme quirks a brow at Jasper. "I could bite first, if you would prefer," she notes, baring her teeth in a wicked little fashion, which is a very differant side of Esme than what is normal. The woman doesn't move, instead she watches, warily, leaning against the door jam.

Kyler isn't terribly comforted by the pat to his shoulder. Probably because of Esme's words. "Jassssperrrrr…" he whimpers, and though he's mostly concealed behind the other vampire, his eyes still peer out at Esme, warily. "She doesn't want me here but she won't get out of the way. What'm I supposed to do?" he murmurs. Somehow, in the space of an afternoon, Jasper has managed to become Kyler's most reliable source of advice. Go figure. "Will she stop looking at me like that if I go out the window, do you think?" Knowing Kyler, going out the window might very well involve breaking it first, so that's probably not a very good game plan.

Jasper's lips narrow in a frown as he reaches up and tousles Kyler's hair with one hand. "Going out the window wouldn't be the best of ideas. I think that would make you even more of a target, since I'm not here to hide behind." He glances over towards Alice and gives a sheepish shrug of his shoulders. What can he say? Having Kyler around is like having a younger brother to take care of. It's almost as if he can relive a part of his humanity this way.

Alice lifts her hand to rest it tentatively on Kyler's shoulder, not wanting to scare the poor vampire. In her most soothing, do-not-startle-the-fawn voice, she says, "It's okay, Kyler. It'll be just fine." She's not entirely sure what's going on - she wasn't a witness to the events earlier - but Kyler is Jasper's friend, so Alice will do her best to make him feel at home.

Esme stands quietly, ominously, in the door frame. "If you break my window, I'll personally ensure damage," she gives in a very, very low tone, possibly even inaudible to the vampires, who really knows. "I did not make this place to be broken on a daily basis…."

As he walks around corner of the house, Edward has arrived by the backyard. He sensed a new set of thoughts and ran in a blur to corner. As he walks into the house, his hands stuffed into his pockets. He walks up behind his mother and says in his velvet voice, "Esme." His black eyes fall on the stranger first before he looks towards his family. He gives Jasper a nod, before looking at Alice with a raised eyebrow.

Kyler looks up at Alice, wide-eyed and slightly dazed. He's a little too stressed to do any of the usual human things, and he doesn't blink or take a breath for some long moments after her hand touches his shoulder. Eventually, he tears his eyes away from Alice to look at Esme, and eventually to Edward when he appears. And apparently that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Or at least the straw that broke any bit of bravery Ky might have left. With a sudden vampire speed, he snatches the paper Jasper had been drawing on from the table, and runs away. Not for the window, since that would be risking Esme's wrath. Instead, he heads for the stairs. There's gotta be plenty of places to hide on the second floor.

Alice glances towards Kyler as he takes a run for the stairs. "Jazz, maybe you should go after him.. soothe him a bit." She pauses, then adds sensible, "And if he goes for a window, just open it first so he doesn't break the glass." Alice grins at her husband, then answers Edward's unspoken question. /He's a friend of Jazz's. Seems harmless enough, but Esme doesn't like him. Not entirely sure why./

As he raises a second eyebrow to express his surprise, Edward runs a hand through his hair and says, "The man is terrified out of his mind. He did not want to go through the window. He thinks he is going to incur your wrath Esme." Edward can't help but smile softly as he leans on the other side of the door frame next to his mother. The very idea of Esme having wrath amuses Edward for a brief moment.

Esme bites her tongue, quite literally, before she turns just enough to see Edward. "Hello, Eddy," she greets, politely as she moves away from the door jam, though she doesn't move into the room any, she backs out. "Stay DOWN STAIRS!" she yells as she watches Kyler leave. "Or so help me God, you will be deader than you are now…" she mutters under her breath, scowling after the errant vampire.

Jasper immediately gets out of his chair, nodding at Alice's comment. "That's a very good idea," he murmurs, leaning forwards and kissing his wife on the cheek. "Broken glass is definitely not the best idea right now." And with that, he's gone, moving in a flash up the stairs.

Kyler freezes on the stairs at Esme's bellowing voice. Wide-eyed, he stares down at her from his stance. Rather than stay put, however, he glances around at the downstairs, looking for a better option than remaining out in the open. Given the choice to either ignoring Esme's threat or face Esme's wrath, he really can't seem to make a decision. Instead, he's left standing on the stairs, shifting his weight nervously from foot to foot. "You're not a nice lady," he murmurs, eventually, deciding to compromise by sinking down a little on the stairs. "I want my tree."

Edward 's eyes move towards the stairs, yet Edward jumps slightly when Esme raises her voice. It is not a trait he is use to as he cocks his head to the side. He says softly, "Ummm…he is rather hard to read."

Jasper reaches Kyler and quickly scoops him up, making a quick dash for the window. It doesn't take him a second longer to open the window and then leap out, placing Kyler down upon one of the many tree limbs. He gives the teenager a sympathetic smile and says, "We'll work on your house later. I promise." He then gives Kyler's hair an affectionate brotherly tousle before heading off himself, disappearing into the woods.

Alice smiles briefly as she hears the exchange between Jasper and Kyler. She's glad Jazz has someone to take care of. A smile still on her lips, she walks over to Edward and Esme, giving both a kiss on the cheek. "I need to go work on some last-minute wedding details. You two know how to find me if you need me." And with that, she heads up the stairs, into her and Jazz's room.

Esme is about to beat a hasty retreat when Jasper takes off. "Don't leave on my account," she states, but misses, working on returning her tone of voice to calm, sweet, Momesme. She succeeds, to an extent, before she sends a wave after Alice.

Edward blinks, "So…ok that was interesting." He runs a hand through his hair and sighs softly. He moves to the chair and sits down. He would say bye to Alice yet he knows when she is in planning mode there is no talking to her. "Esme…do you have a moment?"

Esme nods at Edward's question. "I always have a moment for you, Edward," she gives with a smile as she makes her way to a seat across from her eldest son. "What do you want to talk about?" she questions, truly curious.

It's really rather adorable the way Kyler clings to Jasper as he's scooped up. He hides his face in Jasper's shirt, and doesn't look up again until he's safely in a tree, with Jasper tousling at his hair and talking to him. He blinks a few times, and it's hard to know if he even understood Jasper's promise. He whimpers vaguely as Jazz disappears, but then glances back toward the house. Without another word, he beats a hasty retreat. Someone won't be leaving their tree for awhile.

Edward sighs, "I have so much on my mind. I don't know where to start." He leans back in his chair, "The biggest concern for me right now is Bella. Do you know of Micah? He is one of the wolves that I can only assume are under Jacob."

Esme nods, listening. "No, I hadn't heard about that. I've meant to go visit Bella, but I've been a bit busy," she gives with a shake of her head. "What happened?" she questions. The thoughts in her mind change from a muddle to a state of 'if he hurt her he is a dead wolf walking', Esme's been very protective of Bella lately.

Edward smiles softly, "He did not harm her…physically. However, he told Bella some hurtful things. He told her that she would break Jacob if she married me. This had her quite upset. I left Jacob a polite voice mail asking him to speak with Micah. Yet, a part of me would like to speak with Micah myself and make it clear that Jacob has a mouth of his own." He sighs softly, "Bella fell asleep crying. I could tell she had been. I could smell the tears on her cloths."

Esme hmms, her anger from the scene with Kyler bubbling up again. "He should learn to mind his own business," she states, hands balling on the edge of the dining room table, leaving delicate finger indents in the table, though Esme doesn't seem to notice it. "There'll be no more arguements to be had tomorrow. You'll be married, and if he dares so much as to try to interfere, I'll make sure Emmett and Jasper interefere with his attempts…"

Edward sighs, "I want the day to be perfect for Bella. She is torn with this and…I do so want to marry her." He smiles softly. He shrugs, "I have no issue with Jacob being there. In a way he has accepted in his mind that Bella has chosen me. He hates every ounce of it yet he has accepted it. I just am upset with Micah to do this so soon to the wedding."

Esme nods. "It will be perfect, Edward. Everyone will make sure of that. I won't let anyone ruin your wedding day," she gives, reassuringly, moving her hand away from the indented part of the table, attempting to place it atop her sons, in a very motherly fashion. "Jacob, as much as he doesn't like the idea, he'll be okay with it, he is okay with it," her words are certain, there's no question in her mind that Jake's as okay with this as he can get.
Edward nods slowly, "The next thing is…the honeymoon. I know I should not have waited so long to ask yet focusing all my attention on Bella." He looks down at your hand and is relaxed by your touch. His black eyes looks back at you and he says, "May we use your isle?"

Esme tilts her head, and chuckles, amused. "Of course you can, I was already intending to send you two there for your honeymoon anyway. I'm sure Bella will love to have her honeymoon there, especially since she'll be married to the love of her life at that point," is offered with a happy smile.

Edward chuckles, "I had hoped it would be ok. Thank you Esme." He reaches to pat your hand with his free hand. "That means…Bella." He sighs and looks into his lap and leans back in his chair removing his hand from your touch. "She will want to be changed when we return."

Esme smiles. "Of course it's okay, Edward. I want you two to have a nice, quiet place to go for your honeymoon, and where else is better for that than the Isle?" she enquires with a slight little giggle. Of course, at Edward's next comment, Esme nods. "I'm sure she will, but that's okay, Edward. It'll have to happen eventually. Bella's ready for this."

Edward sighs, "I…I know. I am not ready for it. Yet I feel if we don't do it shortly when we return our cousins could break down the hammer upon us. I would never want that for us. I know Bella does not either. I just wish I could somehow change that from happening."

Esme tilts her head, listening, letting her caramel waves drop down to one side. "What can I do, Edward? If there's anything I can do to help you prepare for this, please…" she trails off. "They know that Bella will be turned, there's no pressure, really, to turn her, but it's better to do it sooner, rather than later," is offered.

Edward nods and says, "I know. Carlisle has come up with a theory that we might place her in a drug induced coma. That way she might not feel the pain as much? We will have to address the matter more when the time comes." He shakes his head, "However lets handle that when it is time. If it is not my place please tell me but…how are you and Carlisle doing."

Esme hmms. "Yes, let's cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm sure whatever you three decide on will work out quite well," she gives with a nod, before she smiles. "Of course you can ask. We're, oh, you know," lovey, is the word that comes to her head, but she'll not say that out loud to her son, as she thinks upon the little mudfight from the day before, between her, Carlisle and Alice.
Edward smirks and says, "A mudfight? I won't ask." He chuckles as he runs a hand through his hair, "I am a little nervous for tomorrow."

Esme laughs. "Oh, your father started it," she waves with a dismissive hand, though she easily thinks of the mud in all their hair, and the mud she put down Carlisle's shirt, in the end, how they came home, covered completly in mud. "You're getting married, Edward. Do you remember how nervous I was when I married Carlisle? Or how nervous he probably was? It's normal when you're marrying the love of your life."

Edward nods and says, "I hope she does not think I pushed her into this. I told her once that I would not change her or…or make love to her until she was my wife."

Esme chuckles. "Oh, Edward. Bella loves you. She wants to be with you, as a wive should be with her husband," she gives, offering a gentle smile towards her son. "Don't worry about Bella, Edward, I think she's more worried about you, actually."

Edward snorts, "She has no reason to worry about me. I am hers for now and ever more."
Esme laughs. "Oh, we all know that. It's very obvious that you're quite in love with her, and it's very sweet," is noted. "It will work out. Of that I am very, very certain," and Esme's rarely that certain of anything.

Edward nods and says, "I know. I just feel like it is the calm before the storm."

Esme shakes her head, gently. "It's not, Edward, it will be fine. Please, for once, just trust your mother," she requests, canting her head to the side.

Edward stands and says, "Ok I have much to do before tomorrow." He walks over and leans in and kisses you on the cheek. "Thank you Esme." And he is gone in a blur!

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