The Wedding

IC Time: May 15 & 16, 2007
Location: Cullen House: Backyard
Synopsis: The wedding of Bella & Edward.
Submitted by: Alice

"Are you excited?" Alice asks, a smile in her voice. She finishes zipping up the gown, turning Bella to face the full-length mirror in her epic closet. "You look beautiful," she says, her slender hands teasing curls out of Bella's hair.

Bella feels a bit like Bride Barbie at the moment. She gave herself over to the work of Alice, eyes mostly closed through the whole 'ordeal'. Some part of her jittery through the whole process, tapping fingers, bobbing her feet. "Well I wish we had eloped. I am just wondering how I am going to make it down the stairs in these shoes." She says though the words are not truely heartfelt, just the words of a nervous bride. She finally opens her eyes and looks at the woman in the magic mirror. That mirror that shows a beauty where Bella thinks there is none, "She is beautiful…" She murmurs.

"She is you," Alice says simply, smiling. She'd brought over a step stool so she could properly attend to her life-size Barbie. "I could always carry you," Alice says, only half-teasing. She glances at her watch, then speaks. "It's time."

Bella lifts up her hand and watches the woman in the mirror do so as well. There is a little gasp from Bella as it suddenly connects and her knees wobble a bit, her breath quickening. "Oh Alice…" She says in a whisper tilting her to look to the pixie vamp, "It's really happening is it?" She asks in a shaky voices before she motions with trembling fingers to a folded hankerchief, wrapped around an antique pendent. A gift from Carlisle from HIS mother. "Can I wear that today?"

Alice nods and smiles, unwrapping the pendant from the kerchief and smoothing out the chain. She lifts it up, unclasping it and draping it around Bella's neck, then clicking the clasp shut. It's moved to the exact center of Bella's chest. Then she leads the nervous bride out of the closet, out of her room, and into the hall.

And so it begins. The guests have begun to file in to the backyard, taking seats in the appropriate section, talking softly amongst themselves. The four string quartet warms up off to the side. There's the faint sound of windchimes coming from the trees, where they have been hung from the branches.

Within the house, Alice stands with the bridesmaids and the bride herself, waiting patiently for the cue from the quartet that will signal when to head outside. "Breathe, Bella. In through your nose, out through your mouth," she tells her friend.

As he walks out with his father, Edward is holding his stomach as his amber eyes fall on the guests arriving. He whispers softly to Carlisle, "I think I could vomit." He does his best to put on his signature smile as he nods to a few of the people closest to him. He begins to make his way towards the front of the crowd. He seems to have a little bit of a lost look in his eyes, yet oddly happy. He knows where he is to go because Alice told him.
Emmett stands quietly up front on the short, raised platform in his snazzy suit, watching the guests file in. Yes, he's officating the wedding! How nice. Except this platform… it /is/ Bella, perhaps it was not a great idea. Let's hope she doesn't trip coming up.

Charlie is in the house with his daughter, dressed as sharply as most of the men attending the wedding. He stands near the door, watching people come in, glancing back at Bella and waiting for the cue. He doesn't look comfortable, but he's there and it is his daughter's wedding. "You look beautiful, Bells."

Renee is here, of course. She's dressed in an elegant peach gown with capped sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. Around her neck is a strand of simple pearls. Phil is seated in the first row, reserving Renee's spot next to him and watching her small, forgotten purse. Renee's face is flushed with exictement as she darts between the house and her seat, searching for her daughter and examining the guests, greeting people when necessary, and in general, looking excited and slightly frantic all at once. She slips inside to join her daughter and Charlie, pausing dramatically as she enters. "It really did all come together nicely! She does look beautiful." She beams at Charlie, sharing a rare shared "parental" moment.

Carlisle lifts a hand giving his son an assuring pat upon the back. Of course he will eventually join him up front once he seats his wife. Looking for her among the others in line, finding her he gives her a quick kiss to her cheek. "Good thing he can't faint." he whispers lightly with a chuckle.

Jacob Black is among the first outside the family to arrive. Flanking him as he walks a little sullenly nervous to the 'bride's side' are two other pack members. Standing together as they are, they present an imposing moving wall as Jacob finds his reserved spot. It's only after he works his way through the tightly packed chairs in his row that he allows himself to relax a little. Is that a smile? Well, it's not his customary relaxed one, but it'll have to do. He's tense, no doubt about it, as if he's holding some internal force at bay by effort of will.

Regina is seated on the bride's side, next to her grandmother, a lifelong resident of Forks. Some might recognize the young woman on sight, either from the newspapers or from knowing her years ago, when she lived in Forks as a child. The daughter of a powerful US diplomat, Regina is accustomed to being in the public view. Despite her obvious blindness, she carries herself with the dignity of a queen, a hand resting on her grandmother's arm. She chats lightly with those around her, renewing some old acquaintences perhaps. Lingering discreetly in the background is an intimidating looking man in a black suit, her personal security.

Morgan comes in with a few other girls from Forks High School. Sure, they were all a few grades behind Bella, but they knew her and those strange Cullen kids, too. Or at least knew of them. Dressed in their Homecoming gowns, they come in and try not to stand out too much. Morgan stands somewhat awkwardly near the back of the bride's side, looking for a place to sit.

Bella stands next to Charlie, her arm tucked into his. Perhaps the only thing keeping her upright at this moment. Trembling and weak in the knees. Well what bride isn't at this moment? She looks up to her father and manages a tight smile, "Thank you dad…you look rather handsome yourself today." She teases him, trying NOT to sound too nervous but failing really. There is a mix of relief and nervous just at the fact she doesn't know what will happen today, she won't know what can go wrong, or what does. She doesn't even know who will be standing beside her at the altar. She looks through the window, trying to see her family through the crowd, trying to see her beloved, but the way is blocked by the mutltitudes. "Did you invite the whole town Alice?"

Esme places a gentle kiss upon her husband's cheek, taking a moment to straighten his scarf, vest and suit jacket. "I suspect he already would have if he could," she whispers back with a light laugh as she makes her way towards her seat. She's bright and smiling, of course, and that smile is offered to those who are in attendance. Towards Edward, she gives a reassuring, yet happy, smile. Esme's lavendar dress swishes as she walks, perfectly matched in colour to her husband's vest and scarf.

Amaya is sitting towards the back. She doesn't really know Bella or Edward, but they're classmates, and thus she decided to attend. Her dress is simple black, and ankle length, with a small jacket over her shoulders.

Charlie looks down as Renee enters, looking up briefly. Awkwardly. "You look nice too, Renee. It's good to see you again," he says, offering his ex-wife a smile. It's good that they can get along, for Bella's sake. As Bella compliments him however, he clears his throat and slips a finger into his collar. "You thank Alice, she's the one who picked everything out for me. This suit probably costs more than my flatscreen.."

As he walks up to the raised platform, Edward looks at his brother and says in a very soft whisper meant only for his ears, "Thanks bro." He turns to look out over the guests, and Edward's eyes lock onto Jacob instantly. His body slightly gets a bit tense, yet when he sees that Jacob is making an attempt to be 'polite' his body goes back to it's relaxed stance. Edward brings a hand to his stomach and takes a deep breath. "Calm…cool…collected." He whispers to himself as he gives a wave…a nod…and a hello as guests arrive.

Kate arrives with one sister on each arm. Dark-haired Inari is vivid and bright with excitement, while strawberry-blonde Tanya's brow is ever so slightly furrowed. The three sisters find a place for themselves in the groom's section, which is looking rather barren at the moment. Spotting Carlisle, Kate flutters her fingers in a wave to the Cullen patriarch.

Emmett just offers Edward one of his crooked grins as he approaches the platform, tilting his head just slightly as his brother whispers. /Chill, bro. You'll be out of here soon enough. It's your fault for wanting an official wedding./ His eyes scan forward, settling on a few guests - curiously on Regina - and then up the aisle. There's only one particular bridesmaid he's looking for, and it's a woman who he's barely seen all day long.

Trenton yawns very inelegantly as he stands near the outskirts of the wedding area. Having no nice clothes to wear and too cheap to buy any, he wears his regular clothes. There is only one thing on his mind right now. The reception. There better be food and drinks or Trent is going to be angry he wasted his time. He hasn't found a place to sit yet, and simply shoves his hands inside his coat pockets while watching the myriad of people find their seats and everything else they happen to be doing.

Carlisle helps his wife be seated in her place. "You look ravishing my darling." he says kissing the top of her hand with a smile. Turning he joins Emmett and Edward upon ghte raised platform. Noticing Kate wave towards him, he gives her a nod of acknowledgement. "Just relax son." he says lightly to Edward.

Mitch Anderson stands off to the side, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, though this is admittedly quite difficult when there's a thin plume of white smoke originating from the general area of his mouth and drifting off into the sky. He hasn't been able to decide whether he is a guest of the groom or of the bride, and has elected to take a third option and simply not sit. His reasons for being here at all are not readily apparent - he doesn't know any of these people. More than likely he's just bored.

A few members of the Volturi guard can be noticed on the groom's side, near the back. They smile when noticed, but for the most part remain quite still, having already added some gifts to the gift table.

Among the chatter of the various guests, the quartet's sound becomes more organized and clear. It seems that they are done preparing, and they play the note that signals to the bridesmaids that they should begin to head out into the yard.

Jacob notices Edward's regard and raises an eyebrow at him. He sits up just a little straighter with his eyes alight. "Yeah, relax.", he says under his breath. He's determined to out-do Edward by keeping it more together. "Completely in control. I got this.", he says, turning his attention now to the goings on. Esme and the rest of the Cullens get a warmer smile. Jacob chuckles a little as his gaze slides off Edward onto something more interesting.
page Rose Charlene Bella=Bridesmaids will be carrying bouquets of blue roses, with sprigs of freesia and lavender mixed in.

Anastasia drifts in behind Morgan's small crowd of Forks girls, a small and relaxed smile resting on her lips. One eye narrows at a faint whiff of something unpleasant, but after she notes Jacob and the two others with him the faint squint vanishes. Finding a seat near the back of the groom's section at the edge of the aisle, since it has more empty chairs, she settles in to watch the ceremony. Noting Alice, she tosses her a grin and a quick little wave, but doesn't immediately spot Esme.

Morgan quirks a brow at Mitch and the smoking and brushes past him, spotting Trenton. "Hey, props guy," she offers, tapping his arm in case he didn't notice her. "You got a date?"

As the music begins, Edward nods to his best man. His mentor. His father, "I am father." He folds his hands in front of him, and spreads his feet slightly apart. He lifts his eyes towards the expected entrance of his wife to be…a soft smile coming to his face at the thought of it. His 'wife to be'…

Regina falls silent as the music changes, tilting her head toward the sound. Her elderly grandmother whispers a description of the wedding party, their finery and the scenery. "… and /blue/ roses…" Can be heard a bit /too/ loud before the old woman lowers her voice.

Esme smiles at her husband's words and nods. "I could say the same, Love," she says in a low voice as she takes her seat, in the front row of seats on the groom's side. Jacob, naturally, gets a smile when she see's him, though she remains in her seat once she's seated, content to simply watch the proceedings.

Charlie nods as Renee as she says that he must be proud of Bella too - and he is. This Edward may have issues, but he obviously makes his little girl happy, so he'll begrudgingly give his blessing. "I've been good. Been really busy at the station," he answers Renee, glancing out the doorway. "Phil out there?" At the sound of the quartet beginning the music and the bridesmaids preparing, Charlie nervously glances towards Bella, elbow twitching towards her.

Bella stands between her human parents, rather glad for their physical support right now as well as emotional. As the march begins to play, Bella breath catches in her throat, her hands clench on the arms of each of her parents. "Keep me from falling?" She asks in a weak shaky voice. She steps in place, trying to get out some of her nervous energy before she looks to the bridesmaids that have agreed. It is to Rosalie her gaze rests and a thank you is mouthed to her before she looks out to the waiting crowds once more.

Carlisle folds his hands in front of him. Once the music begeins to play he grins looking over the gathered crowd. Noticing Jacob out among the guests he offers him a nod. It's a nice gesture that he made it reguardless of any mixed emotions. His golden eyes lok towards the back waiting to see his daughters walk down the aisle.

Kate leans forward from the second row to tap Esme lightly on the shoulder. "Hello, Esme," she says in her smoky voice. "Your sons look quite handsome," she nods her chin towards the platform, where Emmett and Edward stand. Irina adds brightly, "That color looks lovely on you." Tanya remains silent, brooding a little.

Trenton is surprised as he hears a familiar voice. At the feel of being tapped, his attention is turned toward Morgan. "Uhh…" is his first response to her question. Is it customary to bring a date to a wedding? Trent wouldn't know. He's never been to one. "No," is finally said after a long pause. "Honestly, I'm surprised I'm even here."

Renee nods her head. She answers the small talk almost automatically; the upcoming ceremony is almost surreal to her and is distracting her from answering as attentatively as she might. "Oh, good, good. Yes, he's saving my seat — oh!" As the music cues and Bella grabs her arm, she lets out a joyful, nervous laugh. "My goodness, it's starting already!?" Pause. "Oh, Bella, you'll be wonderful. Don't you worry about falling." She draws in a breath and waits for one of the most memorable parts of her life to occur.

Amaya simply quietly watches, nodding a greeting to some of her other classmates.

Esme turns her head, just slightly, as Kate taps on her shoulder. "Thank you, Alice worked really hard to make sure everything was perfect," she gives with brilliant, prideful smile as she speaks of her daughter, and the entirey of her family. Though as she speaks, her eyes wander, eventually settling upon her husband. "And thank you, again, Alice picked it out," she responds with a nod to the Denali's.

Charlene is inside the house, watching Bella and her parents, with occasional glances to the other bridesmaids. She's quiet and reserved not saying much, rather enjoying the surreal feel of the wedding, even if its not hers. Occasionally she fidgets with the bouquet she has, adjusting the freesia till she gets a glare from Alice and stops messing with it. She has a big smile as she returns her attention to her cousin, Bella, and her parents.

Rosalie gives a faint smile to Bella and a nod at her mouthed words, then turns to take the lead, finally stopping out and moving down the aisle to the music. Her steps are graceful, of course, but she doesn't look around at the guests. Her eyes are only upon the man at the front who watches for her from the podium.

Charlie is reassuring, though his gaze stays on Renee a little too longer than necessary, though now Bella has the crook of his elbow. "Don't worry, Bells. We've got you."

Jacob turns on his real smile now, for Bella and her parents. They'll need him now, more than ever even if Bella is the only one who really knows why. He makes an effort to try and catch their eye as he settles relaxes into his seat, prepared for the long haul, as it were.

Emmett nods to Carlisle as he approaches the front, grinning at him. His golden eyes move back to the aisle as the bridesmaids come down, locking his gaze on Rosalie in her gorgeous dress - although they're all dressed the same, Rose out-classes them all, by far. More than a few eyes watch her walk down the aisle and Emmett grins wider.

Morgan nods to Trent. "Yeah, I was surprised to see you too." …But the ceremony is fast starting, and she's just standing around, so she ducks into a seat, gesturing towards Trenton. "C'mon, it's starting! You can sit with me, if you want. I don't know many people either," she whispers.

Edward 's hand comes up to his head, as he looks down for a brief moment and whispers to his brother and father, "Hard to think with all this…" As he refers to the on slaught of people and their minds. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and wavers a little bit where he stands. Anyone looking at him might assume he was nervous because of the wedding. He whispers so softly one might not hear it with the music, "Here they come…" He opens his eyes and looks the instant Rosalie steps out into eye view.

Lorelei glances around all the ones here while he mind wanders now and then. She really didn't plan on comming, until Jacob basicly had to drag her out of the house, but here she is quiet and putting on a friendly face to any she runs into. She clears her throat a moment and looks over to Jacob, whom she sat next too unless she was told to sit elsewhere that is. "Lots of people here.." She offers with a soft tone to the other at her side, this was mostly the reason she didn't want to come all the people that would be here.

Trenton raises a brow to Morgan's answer. He doesn't come off that anti-social does he? Trent thinks about it a moment. Oh wait, yes he does, and yes he is. Sighing, he flops down in a chair next to Morgan and immediately sits back. A glance to his left reveals Amaya about two chairs down. "Hello… uhh…" What was her name? "book…. girl."

Bella closes her eyes as the bridesmaids make their march down the aisles. Right now she is just focusing on breathing and not fainting. She can do that surely. In and out, in and out. The comforting words of her parents cause her to open her eyes again and she looks up to each of their faces in turn before looking out of the window once more. "Can they play the music a little faster…" Something to keep up with her racing heart.

Noticing a familiar whisper nearby, Stacy glances toward the bride's section. Spotting Morgan and Trenton, she smiles impishly and tosses them a quick little wave, mouthing, 'Hello, Props Man!' As the band strikes up the beginning of the first song, she looks back to watch the procession up the aisle, not missing Rosalie in the lead… too pale and too lovely to be human. She watches her thoughtfully for a moment, then lets her attention focus on the rest of the procession.

Alice follows Charlene out of the kitchen and onto the lawn, walking with slow, measured steps. In her hands is a boquet of blue roses, with a few strategically placed sprigs of freesia, tied with a blue chiffon ribbon. A vibrant smile is on her pixie-like features, and she turns her head to smile at Bella. "Everything will be all right, Bella," she says to Bella, her voice pitched low.

Charlene follows with the other bridesmaids, in an easy gait, somewhat set to the rhythm of the march being played. She's holding a bouquet of blue roses, with sprigs of freesia and lavender mixed in. She has a bright smile on her face as she make her way down the aisle with the rest. She does pay attention to the guests, finding them a varied and interesting group. She moves into position behind the other ladies on the bride's side with a curious glance at the groom's side. On cue, the music flares a bit louder, and more majestic…

Carlisle eyes move from Rosalie to Esme for a moment just admiring her from afar. He couldn't help briefly recall their wedding and how nervous he was that day. Giving her a quick wink. Looking over towards Emmett and Jasper both looking very well in their tux he offers them both a smile before returning his attention back to the procession down the aisle.

Esme smiles as she catches her husband's eye, where his thought's wander, hers have already been, for at least a few days. It takes a few more moments before she can manage to drag her attention back to the aisle and the bridesmaids currently making their way down them. Soon it will be Bella's turn.

Jacob nods to Lorelei as he prepares stand any minute now, "Yep, lots of… people…." He says as he turns to Lorelei, missing Charlene's and the rest of the bride's maids as they match past him, distracted as he is by Lorelei, "I'm sure glad I'm not up there — I can't do crowds like this… I hope Bella doesn't ask me to say anything."

Kate whispers to her sisters, "It's starting! Here she comes!" Irina, Kate, and Tanya all turn in their seats to watch the procession, making complimentary noises at the blue gowns and boquets. Carmen and Eleazer hurry to take seats in the third row of the groom's section, apologizing quietly for being late.

Regina keeps her face turned toward the procession in the aisle, even though she cannot see it. Appearances and all. Her grandmother continues to whisper to her, describing the scene before her. "… and /so/ handsome!…"
Charlie moves forward after the bridesmaids have continued their procession, checking Bella and Renee to make sure they're ready before he proceeds. "Breathe, Bella," he says through a grin.

Emmett just continues to stand, watching the procession - watching Rosalie - with squared shoulders and stance.
Edward 's hands drop to his side, as he smiles at his sisters and nods to Bella's cousin. He turns his head towards the door the music changes and his lips curl into his signature charm smile…here she comes.

Amaya grins at Trenton, "Amaya. And Hello. She turns in her seat, so that she can see him, and nods a gretting to Morgan as well.

Lorelei grins to Jacob, a soft chuckle escaping her. "Ya well, if she does you better.. Or I'll make you." She says with a faint murmur to her friend. Her gaze turns towards the ones walking down the isle while she shifts slightly, head lifting to glance behind them curiously.

Bella looks up sharpy as the music changes. Her cue. Her breathe is held for a moment before the reminder of her father and she releases the held breath before taking in another. She steps through the door, her heal catching on frame, but the support of her father keeps her upright. She closes her eyes for a moment to regain some semblence of composure before opening them on the crowd now looking at her. She freezes until she finally sees the one face she has been looking for since she woke this morning and her heart triple beats and finally she moves forward down the aisle, cursing that slow steady beat of the music.

Regina moves to rise, along with the rest of the guests, as the bride makes the procession. She smiles serenely, inhaling the fragrences of the flowers.

Trenton continues to lean back in his seat. "Oh right. Hi… Amaya." Agian he hears the words 'props man' and quickly looks to the source, spying Stacy sitting not far from them. He socializes a good once or twice a year. How do people know him? In response, he smiles and waves to Stacy, though the actions are very obviously forced. He turns to see what's happening in the wedding. As he spies Bella walking down the aisle in her dress, he reluctantly stands. Well he has to admit, it's better than the one he was going to sell her.

Stacy grins as she spots Alice in the parade of bridesmaids, tossing her a fingertip wave and a little nod. For a long moment she watches quietly.

And then the bride appears, and everyone's standing up… so she stands, too, staring. And smiling, offering Bella a quiet wave of her own, not caring if Bella sees it or not.

Amaya stands with the rest of the guests, and nods in responce to Trenton.

Esme gets to her feet, at the appropriate moment, to watch her future and forever daughter make her way down the aisle, towards Edward.

As his eyes fall on Bella, Edward forgets to stop breathing. He forgets to stop blinking as his eyes light up as he whispers, "Wow." He folds his hands in front of him as he watches her with the intensity of someone who just fell in love for the first time.

Kate rises in synch with her coven, each arm still linked with one of her sisters. Inari impishly lets out a wolf whistle, and giggling, Kate swats her. "Shush!" She murmurs to her sister, her voice low. "This is a Dramatic Moment!"

Jacob turns now as the music starts to stand, smooth his jacket, and watch the bride make her way past him. As she does, his gaze falls upon the waiting bridesmaids for the first time. One, in particular, Charlene, captures him. A slow breath in… out… in…. a tilt of his head and then, Jacob stands stock still. Not ridged or stiff, in fact quite the opposite. A radiant grin develops slowly on his face, worry lines desolve and his whole being looks lighter, as if some great weight has been lifted from him. His eyes melt into a tender softness that lasts only … a few slow heartbeats. A blink… and then another. And the world becomes very different, for Jacob Black. He staggers, hit by the emotion of the moment /and/ by his best friend's big moment at the same time. It's too much. He can barely remain standing. His breath, still held, seems to be secondary to something else, something new breathes in him now — something wonderful.

Alice notices Anastasia's fingerwave and gives her a subtle nod and a smile. She walks up the steps leading to the platform, giving Emmett an impish grin as she turns to stand across from Carlisle, Edward, and Jazz.

Rosalie is a bridesmaid. She does what bridesmaids do. She watches the bride, holding her flowers and smiling. Well. All except for those little looks she shoots toward Emmett.

Bella's dress is a pleated chiffon working well to blend a style of some olden edwardian era with a more modern cut. Her hair in curls covered in flowers and a veil that partially obscures her face. She marches along side Charlie, just out of tempo with the music, willing it to hurry up in her head. When only feet seperate her and Edward she barely waits for Charlie to release her before she is holding out her hand to Edward. Suddenly the world narrows in on him and him alone.

Charlene fixates on Alice as they draw closer to the podium, her attention between the woman before her own feet. She quietly takes up a spot behind Alice and her family, raising up on tiptoes just slightly to catch sight of the groom, managing to shift just a bit so she can actually get a look at where Bella will end up. She still has that radiant smile on her lips and is obviously very excited, hands clutching her bouquet perhaps a bit too tightly.

Jacob says in a low whisper, "Who is that?", eyes looking at Charlene now. No. He refocuses with effort on Bella. Can't miss this. Must go through the motions… He leans a little toward Lorelei, looking for support.
Once there is only a foot between Bella and the steps to the podium, the quartet tapers off into silence. Now the air is only filled with the quiet murmurs of the guests.

Renee is in her seat, eyes already beginning to gloss over with tears of happiness as she watches her daughter. She had managed a wave to Esme and Carlisle beforehand, but now just stands watching, holding in her breath as the music stops.

As his smile gets bigger, his eyes shift to Jacob for an instant. He chuckles softly and says to his father, "Well that is interesting." His eyes move to Charlene as he turns his attention back to his life. The woman who is his life has just become his life even more. He mouths to Bella as she makes her way towards him, "You look beautiful." As she stops in front of the steps, his back straightens slightly and his eyes move to Charlie.

Morgan catches Stacy's wave and gives a bright smile and a wave of her own. She notices Amaya too — a student at FHS — and she grins. "Nice dress." The ceremony begins and she quiets right up.

From afar (to Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Edward), Bella grouphugs and gives thanks…wow.
Lorelei stands when the others do and so forth not about to do anything off the book or what not. She glances to Jacob to see where he is looking at an shrugs slightly. "Dono.." Is offered with a soft tone back while she lifts a hand and lets it rest against his arm to show that its all alright.

Charlie proudly takes his daughter down the aisle, helping her step up the platform in her dress without stumbling, but it's a moment's hesitation before he releases her. He turns towards her and squeezes her elbow gently before giving Edward a pointed look, removing his grip from Bella and moving to take his seat in the front row on the bride's side - next to Renee.

Emmett gives Rosalie a sidelong glance, golden eyes sweeping down her. Edward is probably getting some very uncomfortable mental images right about now. At last, Bella is at the front with Edward and the wedding can move forward. He clears his throat, a loud, booming noise.

"Thank you everyone for coming this evening," Emmett booms across the yard, voice carrying throughout the audience as he begins. "We gathered together here in the family to celebrate the love which Bella and Edward have for each other, to give social recognition to their decision to commit their lives and accept each other completely, to learn how to help and understand each other, to build a family, and together, to travel through life."

Amaya grins, "Thanks. It's the only dress I have that fits, so despite the color…" She shrugs, "Then again, I knew a girl who'se wedding colors were black and pink, so I guess black's not that bad. I like your dress, too."

Edward 's hand takes Bella by the elbow. He whispers to her, as Emmett begins, "You look…you look like the sun on a summer morning. Your breath taking." He suddenly remembers…breathing and his body begins to move again. The guests have seemed to melt away from Edward's world as their thoughts seem to turn into a buzz because all of his attention is on Bella. His eyes locked on hers, his own body slightly trembling.

Esme takes a seat at the appropriate time and trains her eyes forward, though she does have a difficult time keeping them on the bride and groom and off her own husband.

Rosalie stands there quietly, watching her fiance now, being completely still. She is really trying not to ogle him or distract him. He does have a job to do!

Carlisle smiles once Bella makes her way down the aisle. /~ Just clear your mind son. Nothing matters but this moment with you and your new bride ~/ he passes along in thought. Glancing towards his wife briefly he shoots her a grin noticing her longing looking at him. 'I love you' he mouths towards her before glancing back towards the others.

Bella manages a smile for Edward's nervous compliment, "Alice does good work…" She whispers in reply, trying to relax her ownself with a bit of a joke. Her own trembling fingers wrap themselves in Edward's hands and even Emmett's booming voice cannot distract her. It takes a few moments to remeber to breathe and finally settling in somewhat steady rythm. Her gaze shifts briefly to her parents, then to her soon to be parents as words of family are mentioned, a smile given to Esme before her gaze is once again captured by Edward.

Alice stands as still as Rose, moving briefly to wink at Jasper, who stands across from her. Her fingers absently twirl the blue chiffon ribbon of her boquet in her slender fingers.

Morgan nods her head. "Yeah, this is my homecoming dress, I don't dress up a lot…" she whispers 'cross the aisle to Amaya. She admires the bridal party… how do so many of them look so gorgeous? Forks will for sure be the next LA soon.

Emmett pauses for Edward and Bella to take hold of each other, eyes sweeping the crowd again before he continues the speech. "If anyone would like to say anything to change their minds, I ask that you please keep your mouth shut until after the wedding is over," he says with a grin, eyes flicking between his brother and soon-to-be-sister. "I would like to take a moment and pause for both Bella and Edward to recite their vows. Edward, if you would, please."

Esme's smile only brighten's as she catches her husband's mouthed words, which she mouths right back towards him, flashing him the bright smile that is reserved especially for him. Towards Bella, Esme nods, a reassuring nod and a smile, towards her almost daughter.

Jacob looks like he's about to stand, he's got something to say. NO wait. He's sitting down again. "Just messing with ya…", he says with a smile, "Carry on.", his voice is soft enough not to interrupt anything.

Amaya whispers herself, and nods, "Yeah, same. And I'm not much of one for dresses when I do." She shrugs, and follows the other guest's lead on what to do and when to do it.

Trenton yawns once again, though this time he has the decency to make it a silent yawn. Girls talking about dresses near him sure aren't helping cure his boredom… Sitting, he leans back in his chair once again. The only thing that keeps him from walking away are his thoughts about the reception. In fact, he completely looses focus on whatever the guy giving the speech happens to be saying at the moment and begins to drift off.

Rosalie turns to look over the crowd gathered, checking to be sure no one intends on getting up. When Jacob rises, even that little bit, she tenses, eyes locking on him. Even once he sits, her gaze remains there.

Renee smiles at Charlie as she watches Bella and Edward begin the vows. She holds Phil's hand tightly and has kleenex ready in the other hand.

As his eyes move to Emmett, Edward can't help but smirk at his words. He nods slowly as he eyes focus on Bella's once more. He takes both her hands into his and he speak in his velvet baritone voice, " Many people spend their lives searching for their soulmate, their one true love. Some people are lucky to find the person they can truly call the better half of themselves, while others spend the rest of their lives searching and never finding. I am happy to count myself among the lucky ones, because I certainly found you.

I love you, Bella. I know that you are the only one for me, my one true love. I am happy and I am grateful that you came into my life, that where others have spent their entire lives looking for the one, I have found you. And now that I have found you, I shall never let you go. I promise you, Bella, that I shall hold you and cherish you and give you my heart, that I shall support you and care for you. Faithfully, I shall always stand steadfast at your side with your hand in mine, regardless of what life would bring to us. I take you now as my wife/husband, and I shall remain so for the rest of my life." He leans in to kiss her but stops because he can't yet…
The Volturi guard watch with a lack of much emotion at all.

Charlene glances towards Jacob and his friendly antics briefly, smiling. But only briefly before she returns her attention to the moment of vows, almost pressing between Alice and Rose a bit to get a better look, her breath catching as she watches the love pouring between the couple before Emmett. She's never seen Bella or anyone for that matter, so struck.

Amaya reaches over and pokes Trenton in the shoulder as he yawns and begins to drift off.

Morgan stifles a giggle as Trenton is poked. He deserved it. She focuses her attention on Edward and, like many women in attendance, becomes instantly charmed. She looks onto Bella and Edward with upmost admiration, dreaming distantly of her own 'Edward' that she might someday get married to.

Stacy has to bite her lip, seeing Trenton dozing and subsequently poked out of the corner of her eye. Her eyes return to the ceremony, mostly, to watch as the vows are spoken. The movement of Jacob is caught out of the corner of her eye, and she notes Rosalie's glare planting him back in his seat. She looks at each for a moment, a tiny smile coming to her lips. Interesting…

Trenton is pulled out from his dreamy thoughts of food and champaigne just in time to hear the vows. Yay… Blinking, a few times and yawning again, Trent tries his best to stay awake. He rights himself in the chair and listens to them exchange their overly-tender words of love.

Bella tenses as Emmett starts to speak the line of 'objections', closing her eyes. If she can't see the objectors, they don't really exist now do they? Then his further words cause her to look up to him almost thankfully before she looks back to Edward, her fingers tightening in his as he is directed to say his vows. Tears well up in her eyes at the spoken words, though she manages a soft laugh at the wife husband line. As he leans in to kiss her, she rises to her own toes to kiss him in return before she notices him stopping. Confusion at first before she smiles sheepishly and drops back to the ground once more. Oh Yes, her vows.

"From the moment I saw you I was caught by you, by your eyes, by your voice, by your very essence. I became connected to you in that moment, our two hearts became one. My first true love, my heart song. My moon and my stars. /The sky was lit by the splendor of the moon So powerful I fell to the ground. Your love has made me sure I am ready to forsake this worldly life and surrender to the magnificence of your Being./" The last bit said as if reciting a poem, "And so I give myself to you, to love you and to cherish you for all of time."

Jacob is giving the proceedings his full attention now, eager to hear the vows even if his gaze is wandering just a little off center to Charlene now and then. Were she to look, she'd see another struck figure, standing out in his radiance, utterly struck in his own way.

Jasper leans to the side and smiles distantly, watching the vows with interest. He's happy that this is finally taking place. It's been an event that should have taken place long ago in his opinion. To see both his brother and soon to be sister so happy… Jasper gives a tiny sigh, his smile widening. This is shaping up to be a rather perfect evening.

Emmett just continues grinning at his brother and Bella, dimples forming. "Well, folks! This is the part where I would normally say 'do you promise to cherish and hold,' but they've both taken care of it themselves, it seems." There is a pause as he turns towards Carlisle slightly, "Carlisle, the rings, please." He motions towards Edward, so his father gives his brother the rings.

Kate makes a show of dabbing at her eyes with a handkerchief, though of course, no actual tears were shed by Kate. She was, however, quite moved by the vows, as were her sisters.

Lorelei blinks faintly out of a daze while peering around quietl and then over to Jacob to see how he is doing. See, she is awake really. She clears her throat softly while she tilts her head, still watching.

Rosalie turns her attention back to Emmett and the couple, once they are past the vows and Jacob is keeping his butt planted in his seat. No need to play bouncer.

His eyes are lost in her's as he chuckles and leans in and whispers to Bella, "The family is so happy. I wish you could know…if this doesn't end soon Alice is going to explode. By the way…" Edward stops as he considers telling Bella about Jacob's imprinting on her cousin but stops and says, "I love you." Edward does not seem to hear the directions from Emmett.

Carlisle is lost in thought just listening to the exchange of vows. It took a moment to realize Emmett asked him for the rings. Patting his coat his eyes widen as if he may not know where they are before grinning he reaches into his front pocket pulling out the rings. Being careful not to drop them he hands Edward the rings.

Charlene has trouble looking away from Edward and Bella, bosom aching with the emotional charged energy surrounding the couple. Look away she does, like a breath of gasping air she looks out over the crowd and catches Jacob's struck gaze. She blinks confused a few times but smiles slightly to be polite. Turning her attention back towards the ceremony her expression becomes slightly worried and she manages to take one hand off her bouquet and tugs at dress. "Who's that?" she whispers, though she gives not other helpful information.

Esme beams proudly at her family, standing up for Bella and Edward, her gaze moving from one person to the next as she gently rings a handkerchief, the perfect shade of lavendar to match her dress. Of course, as Carlisle pretends to not know where the rings are, Esme starts to look terribly concerned, patting around in her little purse to see if maybe he'd given them to her, though once he does pull them out, she laughs quietly, and stops panicking.

Stacy feels herself smiling as the vows are spoken, and she can't stop. Not even if she wanted to. Her eyes drift to Alice, barely noting the tapping foot. Mirth crinkles the corners of her eyes just a bit more before her attention comes back to the ceremony itself.

Trenton listens to each Edward and Bella speak their vows. He smirks… Though, it's not his usual, cold smirk. Rather, it turns into a soft smile unbecoming of his character. Eyes are averted from the two and toward the ground, before he coughs and shifts back into a reclining position in his chair, again convincing himself that he only came for the food.

Bella steps closer to Edward once the vows are spoken. Can they kiss yet? Tears sparkle like diamonds on her lashes, though most the crowd would not see them hidden by her veil. She can't help but grin at his words, "I am not far behind her myself." She whispers before taking a breath as she leans in closer, "I love you too…" She whispers.

Edward jumps slightly when Carlisle gets his attention. He nods to his father, "Thank you Dad." He takes the rings and places his ring on Bella's finger. His eyes never leaving her's as if he knew her hand by memory. He waits for Bella to take her ring.

Jacob momentarily jumps as Charlene looks his way. She noticed me. His smile, already impossibly radiant, goes nova. A single tear escapes, overwhelmed by the moment as Bella says the words… to someone else, and yet, somehow, it's all right.

Alice tilts her head to the side just the slightest bit at Charlene. A single dark eyebrow goes up. "Who's who? I need more details, there have to be at least 100 different someones here," she murmurs gently to Charlene, trying not to move her lips too much.

Tears fall freely from Renee's face — happy tears! She smiles through them and blots her make-up frantically with her tissues. "Did you ever expect this would happen so soon? It feels right though," she whispers very softly to Charlie.

Mitch Anderson has been standing behind the chairs on the groom's side this entire time, remaining silent because he doesn't have anything in particular to say or anyone to say it to. He watches the wedding quietly, calmly, and impassively, in stark contrast to most of the audience. His cigar has long since burnt down to a stub, which he extinquishes with two fingers and shoves into his pocket. In deference to the crowd, he doesn't light another one.
Bella fumbles a bit with the taking of the ring, her fingers still trembling. She allows him to place the ring on his finger before she takes his hand in both of her hands and shakily places his on his finger. Looking down to focus on the act so she doesn't drop the ring, there is a slight fumble but in the end the ring is securely in place.

As the ring is placed on his finger, Edward seems to know what Emmett is going to say next. He pulls Bella into him, and leans into kiss her. His hand coming to her face, touching it so softly he pulls her face to his as his lips touch hers before Emmett can get the next part out. He continues to kiss her as if they were the only two people in the room.

Charlene gives up on getting anything out of Alice at such an important moment and instead tries to refocus on the ceremony as her favorite part is coming up. She steals a glance towards Jacob anyways, she has a few moments to spare, right? Again she blinks as if looking into the sun. She smiles back at Jacob a purely natural reaction. Bewildered, she shakes her head to clear it e turning back quickly to see what she missed, hopefully nothing.

Emmett grins at Carlisle as he fumbles jokingly for the rings and watches as they're passed. Edward and Bella slip them both on and Emmett launches into the final stretch of his speech. "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." He pauses, canting his head at the two of them. "With these rings, you are joined for the rest of time." And that is meant quite literally! "I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. You may now kiss the—" Annnnnnd Edward jumps the gun. "Oh, forget it. You're married!"

Rosalie sees the way that Charlene looks, following her gaze, and looking at Jacob. Oh. Holy crap. She looks between the two of them, then back to Emmett, whispering to Charlene. "That is Jacob Black. I think you should dance with him at the reception."

Carlisle smiles and claps his hands for the new couple once they kiss.

Morgan rises and claps enthusiastically.

Esme applauds, her bright smile brightening more, if that were even remotely possible. The woman does her best to, you know, look like the rest of the crowd and not pull her son and FINALLY her daughter, into a hug.
Amaya laughs a bit as Edward rushes a head, but quietly, and applauds as well.

Lorelei glances from Jacob to Charlene and then back to Jacob and grins faintly. "Oo." She says with a playful tone while she stands and claps with the others around them.

Renee stands up and manages a small laught the the kiss — she isn't used to seeing her daughter like that! She claps nonetheless, maybe one of the loudest of all.

Regina and her grandmother applaud, when the others do. They murmur to one another, approvingly.

Bella fings her own arms around Edward's neck as he grabs her up, her lips pressing passionately to his as if noone else was around. The world held only them and their overbounding love. Tears of joy stream quietly down her cheeks as she holds on to him. As they pronounced married, there is no change in her posture just a smile on her lips that Edward would feel. She might breathe again at some point, but she is in no hurry.

Trenton decides not to bother clapping, he merely watches the two as they kiss. There is a grin on his face and, very quickly, h

Alice lets it all out and bounces! She would clap her hands, too, if they didn't clutch the boquet so tightly. She grins at Rose as she points out Jacob, though she doesn't realize the implications just yet. She's too busy rejoicing.

Charlie hesitates before clapping with the rest of the crowd, looking uncomfortable with Edward not being able to wait to kiss his daughter.

"Okay, okay, get a room, you two." Of course, that's Emmett, mumbling to the pair of them making out on the stage. He gives Rosalie a sideways glance and jerks his head towards the house with a wrinkled nose and a snort. You, me, later. Without the clothes.

Jacob is /aware/ of the attention he's receiving, dimly. But his sun shines for Charlene at the moment, he rests his head in his hands like a schoolboy and sighs. "Wow." "Look at her.", he elbows Lorelei.

Jasper applauds happily, grinning and shifting back off to the side. He's almost the happiest he's ever been, blissing out on the feelings of wellbeing and love flowing out through the ceremony. This is definitely one of his favorite moments.

Edward 's hand comes to wipe a tear away, as he continues to look into Bella's eyes, "Hello Mrs. Cullen."
Trenton decides not to bother clapping, he merely watches the two as they kiss. There is a grin on his face and, very quickly, he realizes he's glad to have come; and not just because of the reception. However, this thought is pushed back once more, and he tries to think of something else. Though, even for him, it's hard not to keep smiling.

Charlene doesn't clap but she bounces slightly behind Alice and Rose, grinning. She turns away in self preservation, saving her mascara, before she sheds any tears. She sucks in a few deep breaths to take back control, stepping away from the exuberant clique surrounding Bella and Edward. Still beaming, her attention wanders back to Jacob and that absolutely dazzling look of adoration he's been giving her, at least she thinks it's her. Her smile fades at the pure dedication she sees there, not sure what to make of it. As she meets her eyes again, however, she begins smiling again, not even consciously aware how brightly she's returning his.

Morgan glances towards Trenton and Amaya. "That was /so/ cute!" she says enthusiastically. "I mean, I don't really know Bella too well, but I'm happy for her." Her eyes wander around the yard. "I wonder where the food is? And the open bar…" she says impishly.

Rosalie applauds slightly, her gaze remaining on Jacob. Oh my. This is interesting. She looks back to Emmett just on time to catch his glance and laughs, throwing her flowers at him.

Bella is still looking into Edward's face when finally their lips part, taking the chance to get some air before she smiles up at him. "Hello my husband." She whispers, though the soft sound carries all her love for him. Her arms still tight around his neck. Someone should probably remind them of the crowd at somepoint, then Emmett's words do remind her and she looks up with a blush bright on her cheeks.

Emmett clears his throat one final time to announce the continuation of the wedding into the reception. "If everyone would make their way over to the reception area," there is some pointing across the yard where a dance floor and concessions have been set up. "We'll get this party started!" He catches Rosalie's bouquet with one hand, grabbing her wrist with the other and grinning. "We've got food over there and an open bar… and sorry kids, to ruin your fun, you will be carded before receiving drinks."

Edward 's eyes blink as he looks over at his brother. He chuckles and says, "Listen I don't need to hear what your doing tonight. I have my own plans." He turns and looks out over the crowd and smiles. He does not let go of his wife as he looks towards his mother. He says softly for her enhanced hearing to hear, "Thank you Esme." His eyes move to his father, "Thank you Carlisle." He pulls Bella back into him and whispers in her ear, "We can try…but there will be rules."

Alice moves down off the platform, walking down the steps and into the aisle to begin the wedding party's procession back into the house. Before she walks too far down the aisle, though, she beckons a hand to Esme for her mother to join her in the wedding party's procession.

Rosalie is caught by her fiance, but grins at him, leaning in to kiss him quickly while waiting for everyone to shift that way. She lower her voice to whisper to him.

Carlisle walks after Alice waiting for Esme to join him. Once she does he takes her hand, purposely deciding he will talk to Edward at the reception.

Amaya stands and heads over towards the reception area.

Morgan follows along after Amaya.

Esme smiles at her family before walking at a quick human pace to her husband's side, where she wraps her fingers with his. She says nothing, simply casts him that loving smile of hers.

Regina rises with her grandmother,moving toward the reception. She is met by her personal security guard, who murmurs something to her. She nods to whatever he says and takes his arm.

Bella looks up to Edward as he speaks of trying and rules and she just beams, "Of course of course…" She grins and leans up to him to give him another kiss, a bit briefer then the last. "I suppose we should go sign the paperwork before someone stops us?" Got to make it all paper legal as well. She walks alongside Edward following the wedding party back into the house briefly before the reception.

Emmett steps to the side to allow the rest of those on the platform to take off for the reception area, ready to pull Rosalie into the house. As she lowers her voice and whispers to him, his gold eyes snap to the crowd and on Jacob. After a second, he just grins back at Rosalie. Good!

The Cullens have made quick work of the yard. The seating for the wedding has been cleared away, replaced by a dance floor. Upon the platform is the string quartet, warming up to get ready to play. The bride and groom stand in front of the platform for the receiving line.

Edward stands with his wife, his arm around the small of her back. He seems much more relaxed then he did, as he places his signagture charming smile upon his face. He looks over at Bella and whispers, "You think the first part was hard?" He chuckles as he awaits the line.

The pair escaped for a brief interlude and Bella returned wearing a pair of white designer sneakers under her dress instead of high heels. She needs all the advantages she can get for a night of dancing. "As long as you are by my side I will be alright…" She returns as she looks up at him lovingly.

Carlisle is towards the front of the line behind his wife. One hand clutched to hers he smiles brightly to the pair. First he hugs Bella giving her a kiss on the cheek then he gives Edward a hug. "I'm proud of you both." he says then turns looking down the line, "Have fun." he winks back at the bride and groom.

Esme smiles brightly as she stands by her husband's side, her hand never leaving his as she pulls Bella into a one armed hug, placing a kiss upon her daughters cheek. "Welcome to the family, officially, Bella," she gives with a smile and a nod, before she gives her son a hug. "Congratulations, my Dear. You're both very lucky," she offers as she continues to stay at her husband's side.

Alice twirls by herself on the dancefloor, though there isn't currently any music. After the song inside her head ends, she dances lightly over to Bella and Edward, pressing a kiss to each of their cheeks. "You look beautiful, Bella."

Edward 's lips curl into a small smile as he looks towards his parents. "I have something to tell you both in a bit. Or speak to Rosalie." He accepts their hugs and thanks them with a warm smile. He pats the small of Bella's back and says, "You will be fine Mrs. Cullen. Yet I have the Advil ready for you. I think every man here wants to dance with you tonight. I get the first one…yet something tells me. I won't get you for the rest of the evening." He smiles at Alice and winks at her, "You don't look so bad yourself Sis."

Standing near the very end of the recieving line, attired in a dress of pale green, is Natalia Krinov. She waits, with a gentle smile upon her face, watching the newly wedded couple.

Regina moves to the receiving line, after family and close friends. She keeps a hand on her grandmother's arm, who guides her through the crowd. Discreetly in the background is an intimidating looking man in a black suit, her bodyguard.

Amaya is in the tline, on the middle-back end. She shuffles along with the pace of the line.

Tonight the former leader of the Krinov Coven is in attendance. Lev has his hair pulled back from his face, his normal crimson eyes are covered with brown contacts. Dressed in black slacks with a pressed white dress shirt, with a black suit jacket. On his ffet are black dress boots. Resting his hands behind him, slowly he begins to look around at all the decorations.

"Why did I agree to a reception…wait, noone asked." Bella replies in an edgy whisper at the mention of the forced tortur…dancing she is about to endure. She looks up curiously to Edward as he speaks to his parents, "Esme already knows about the truck Edward…" She says before leaning in to the embrace of them both, "Thank for supporting us this day, it means so much me.." She murmurs to the pair, even if any resistance they might have had at all crumbled years ago.

Natalia lets her chocolate coloured eyes wander around the yard, taking in all the decorations until the settle upon Lev. For a moment she takes in his outfit, his overall appearance, though she turns her attention back to the recieving line, moving at the appropriate pace with the rest of the line, intent on doing what is appropriate and traditional, and expected.

Alice turns to the next person in line and smiles at them. "Mrs. Olson, I'm so glad you could make it." She turns to face her brother and her sister-in-law. "Edward, Bella, this is Marjorie Olson. She's lived in Forks all her life."

Edward 's amber eyes fall on Mrs. Olson. He smiles and bows his head to her, "Mrs Olson. Thank you so much for joining us on our special day. We are very pleased you could make it out. If there is anything you need please let us know."

A late arrival makes his entrance in the form of Tiernan Bowen, impeccably dressed in an all black Hugo Boss suit, a white silk tie, and shiny black patent leather dress shoes. With his dark hair, dark eyes, and 6'4" stature he makes quiet an engaging sight, even if he is showing up late. It's his accessories that will probably cause a few upturned noses. On his right arm, is his lovely daughter, Darcy Bowen, dressed to match (even though she couldn't convince him to wear zebra print shoes), and on his left is Ramona Krinov. Darcy looks about as happy as any one would expect her to be to be at the most repugnant wedding in the history of the world, her jaw clenched ever so slightly and her arm tucked stiffly into Tiernan's. They make their way swiftly, yet maintaining dignity, to the end of the line to await their turn to congratulate the happy couple while Darcy tries to catch Ramona's eye around her father's large form.

The grandmotherly lady giggles like a school-girl, patting the arm of Regina, her granddaughter. "Why, Bella, you look so lovely! And you've gotten so big. I remember when you were three or four, playing with my garden hose in your under…"

"It was a /lovely/ ceremony." The blind young woman on her grandmother's arm interrupts smoothly, attempting to save the bride from those embarassing childhood stories. "I'm sure you don't remember me from so many years ago, but I am Regina Quinn. Congratulations to you both."

Bella takes the embrace from Mrs. Olson, holding her hand out to Regina in turn, "Thank you for coming to the ceremony Ms. Quinn, I think I do remember you from the summer when I was eight I believe…" And she goes on to recount their meeting giving a squeeze of the hand before releasing it to accept the next person.

Ramona wears a white satin dress trimmed in dark red with matching knee-high red leather boots. Not exactly classy, but it works. "At least we didn't have to watch the ceremony," Ramona hisses to Darcy. "And… well, well. Look who else showed up!" She juts her head toward Lev and Natalia, her brows raised. "And no Lilly? Hmm, I do wonder." Ramona's gray eyes roam the yard. "I wonder if there will be karaoke later. We could practice our new song…" she smirks.

Alice grins at Mrs. Olson and her story, telling the pair, "We're so glad you could make it. Feel free to help yourself to anything at the bar or buffet." Charlie is next in line, pulling nervously at his tie and shifting from foot to foot. Alice smiles warmly at him. "You both know the next guest, I hope."

Charlie uncomfortably tugs at his clothes waiting his turn. Walking to his daughter he hugs her tightly, "A father is never ready for this." Holding on for a moment longer he reluctantly lets go, "Save a dance for your old man." Squeezing both her hands he turns to Edward, "Welcome to the family son." he holds out a hand to shake his then gives him a rough pat to his shoulder.

Regina tilts her face in Alice's direction as the petite woman speaks. "Thank you." The old woman and her granddaughter move down the line, pausing to give the parents of the bride and groom their congratulations as well.
As he nods respectfully to Charlie, Edward takes a half a step back to allow his daughter to shine. He chuckles when Bella's father pats him on his shoulder. That is a big step for Charlie and nods his head, "Thank you Charlie." He runs a hand through his hair shifting his feet slightly as if Bella's father still made him kind of nervous.

Bella smiles as her parents are next in the line and she leans in to the embrace of her father, "Thank you from keeping me from falling Dad…" She whispers in his ear, tears springing to her eyes, just dusting her eyelashes without falling. "I will definately save a dance for you though your feet might regret it dad." She teases him.

Carlisle walks to the side with his wife. Watching the line of guests he then grins giving a few of them nods. "Emmett and Rosalie are going to be fashionably late," he whispers to his wife.

Lev moves along with the line allowing an elder couple ahead of him. Looking along the line he at first notices Natalia and then further he notices Darcy with Ramona. "Grand.." he mumbles to himself but offers both a polite smile and nod of the head. Keeping his hands resting at his back he walks along.

Esme smiles at her husband's comment, giggling lightly at his words. "Leave it to them," she gives, shaking her head slightly in amusement. "Oh well, it is Bella and Edward's day."

Darcy snickers slightly and leans to peer around Tiernan at Ramona, "Guess there was a classless whore convention somewhere else this weekend?" she arcs an eyebrow, smirking and then looking over at Lev to stick her tongue out at him. Then Daddy Bowen steps in, "Darcy Lillian!" he hisses at her, looking down disapprovingly, "What did I tell you about the required conduct?" Darcy glares back at up at him, nose wrinkling slightly and then heaves an irritated sigh. "Like I even wanna be here…you jsut wanted to keep an eye on me and Ramona." Then she sticks her neck out to wink at Ramona, "I took the liberty of putting your bass in the back of the Range Rover with my guitar…" Then before Ramona can reply another irritated comment from Tiernan, "Girls! That's enough!" Like being surrounded by children, eh Tiernan?

Edward 's eyes move to fall on Darcy as his lips press into a fine line. He sighs softly, as he turns his attention back on the next person Alice will announce.

Rosalie finally arrives, coming out of the house, grinning widely. She drags her fiance Emmett behind her, holding his hand as she pulls him to the end of the receiving line. They both look at bit like the cat that ate the canary, laughing at some private joke between the two of them.

Alice smiles at Amaya as she notices the girl behind Charlie. "Glad you could make it, Amaya," she says to her schoolmate. "Edward, Bella, this is Amaya Mitsu, and her brother and father. Amaya goes to Forks High."

Amaya smiles and politely nods to both bride and groom, reaching out to shake first one's hand, than the other's. "Edward, Bella. Congratulations!"

Emmett is dragged out by Rosalie, other hand moving to tuck his tie back into his suit vest, winking at Rose as she laughs. "Do we need to eat?" he asks her, sounding pathetic. Really, do they /need/ to eat? They can pretend to not be hungry, because they're just going to have to hurl it back up later. Oh well, the couple that pukes together, stays together…

Bella smiles to Amaya, holding out her hand to the young woman. "I am glad you could make it, I hope you enjoy the reception." Bella says formally before looking to the next person in line. Being the centre of this much attention is definately showing a little strain on the new bride.

As he looks at Amaya, he bows his head and smiles, "Thank you for coming and joining us on our special day." He does not shake her hand as he says, "My palms are really sweaty. I hope you understand." He places a hand on his chest and bows to her slightly. His eyes fall on Emmett and Rose as he mutters, "and you told me and Bella to wait…your like rabbits."

Ramona shrugs. "Orrr, Lev kicked her out when Natalia came back." She motions to Lev's former mate standing 'cross the yard. "But yeah, it could just be a convention." She inches up as the line moves, eyeing Bella and Edward. "She's /still/ human?!" she whispers to Tiernan and Darcy. "The guy's a masochist, really." She digs through her purse and applies a coat of cherry-red lip gloss without a mirror. "Oh! Good thinking, Darce."

Alice waves to the next guests in line, a very familiar trio of shockingly beautiful girls. Alice announces them for Bella's benefit. "This is Irina, Kate, and Tanya Denali. Our cousins." The Denali sisters smile brightly at Edward and Bella, though Tanya's smile seems forced. After getting an elbow from Kate, Irina speaks. "Congratulations, Edward, Bella. It was a beautiful ceremony."

Charlene has snagged a champagne flute from the kitchen after Mother Nature made a call and is now headed outside. She curiously peers around, obviously searching for somebody. Absently she takes a sip from her glass and begins mingling outside the procession line, still searching.

Natalia gets bored, and eventually comes to the conclusion that she doesn't even know the bride or groom, and thus, ducks out of the recieving line, making her way towards Lev, instead. "Knock knock," she greets with a laugh and shake of her head, casting a smile towards Ramona as she spots the younger Krinov.

"I heard that," Emmett calls to Edward in a sing-song voice, grinning like a madman and wrinkling his nose at his newlywed brother. /Sweetheart, you can try, but you're never going to be *this* good./ With those silent words, Emmett pulls Rosalie in and kisses her temple. Thankfully, he and Rose don't need to walk the reception line, having been in the ceremony, so they stand off to the side for the moment.

Regina is guided to the buffet area by her grandmother, who immediately starts making a huge plate of food. "Reggie, you need to eat. I swear, you are going to blow away here." The busybody, Marjorie Olson fusses. "And can't you send your watchdog away? He's frightening people!"

Regina simply smiles sweetly, letting her grandmother be herself. "Geoff is doing his job, Nana. And he doesn't make nearly enough money to put up with me." She inhales sharply, "Is that mustard potato salad?"

Edward 's eyes fall on his cousins as he smiles broadly. He says in his baritone velvet voice, "It is always a pleasure to see you my dear cousins. It was very kind of you to join us on this special day. I hope we can speak before you leave." He pats the small of Bella's back to give her some emotion support as he looks at Tanya. "I am glad you came." As if he knew she did not want to see this with her own eyes.

"There they are." Carlisle nods towards Rosalie and Emmett with a chuckle. Looking to Charlie as he finds a table and sits to idly talk to Renee and Phil. Glancing to his wife a moment. "Anyone you wish to talk too?"

Esme keeps her hand firmly linked with her husband's, not that she's worried about him disappearing in the crowd. "Hmm, I suppose I shouldn't ask what they were up to," she givs with a wink as she allows herself to be lead. "I suppose we should endeavour to talk to whomever we can, but, I'm content. Take the lead, My Love."

Rosalie laughs at her brother's words, shaking her head. "Think we'll be as bad as them when we get married, dear? All excited for the wedding night and such?" More giggling as she is pulled in close to Emmett. "We have to stay in the line, or this will never end."

Bella looks up to the Denali sisters and offers a polite smile herself. "Thank you..I am glad youi could all make it. It is good to meet more of …family." She says as she holds her hands out to them to shake them. "Alice did a wonderful job arrangeing everything…she was so amazing."

Darcy makes a little 'ooh' face towards Ramona, snickering slightly as both her eyebrows arch upwards. "How gloriously 'The Hills'. We don't need digital cable, we could just watch the drams of the rest of the undead population of Forks." She pauses in her snickers to look up at Tiernan with a slight frown, "No, I'm not being serious. Don't even /think/ about cancelling our cable." They're making their way closer and closer to the front of the line and Tiernan tries a little harder to rein in his daughter, and his…whatever, Ramona. "You two had best put on your polite faces and think of something /nice/ to say or I'm going to burn down that house and move us into a hovel in the woods." His face is stern as he looks first at Ramona, who he knows he has limited influence over, and then next at Darcy. Any one watching or listening probably feels some compassion for Tiernan's plight right now.

Amaya grabs a small plate of food, and, not immediately spotting anyone she knows, simply sits at an out-of-the-way corner and nibbles at her food while watching those other party-goers.

Alice laughs her tinkling laugh. "Thank you, Bella."

Tanya nods her head at Edward, murmuring briefly, "I'm glad to see you so happy, Edward." Kate twiddles her fingers in a wave, Irina echoing the gesture. Then the three women move off to make a show of filling their plates with food.

Alice directs her attention to the next person in line, someone whose CDs she had aplenty. "This is Lev Krinov, and his guest..?" Alice lets her voice trail off questioningly, as she doesn't recognize the woman with him.

Edward 's eyes fall on Darcy, as his lips press into a fine line. He turns his back and crouches down as if he is tying his shoe. He looks down and says softly as the line continues, yet those with enhanced hearing most likely would hear it. "Darcy…I trust you are going to behave…please. This day is very special to me. You are here for Bella and I am grateful." When Edward makes that kind of request he knows something as he stands up, and turns around back to face the crowd. He chuckles and says, "Can't have my shoe untied. I dont want to fall down when I dance with my wife."

Lev still in line looks to the sound of a voice. "Hello Natalia," he greets her with a light smile and nod of his head. Shifting along still with the line. Hearing his name he turns offering the pair a warm smile, "Lev Krinov and this is Natalia." he says lightly. "Congratulations upon your big day." he offers them both a polite bow from the waist before moving along to the side.

Natalia smiles and moves to shake the hands of both the bride and the groom. "Congratulations, to both of you," she gives, offering a slight dip of her head, like a bow, but not. Once they've gone through the line Natalia smiles. "It's been awhile, how have you been?" she questions.

Carlisle notices Amaya sitting off by herself. "Be right back darling," he says giving Esme's hand a squeeze then approaches the girl. "Miss Amaya," he smiles brightly to her. "So glad you could make it. How would you like to start your job shadowing on Monday?"

Charlene mingles through the people waiting in the procession line, still carrying a now half empty glass of champagne. She seems slightly frustrated after a few minutes and heads back towards the raised pedestal where the ceremony took place, taking a seat in one of the folding chairs and works on finishing the glass of champagne and keeping an eye out for somebody, apparently.

Regina ends up being deposited into a chair, her white cane leaning against it and an enormous plate of food in her lap. "Now, Reggie, you just sit here and eat. I see Edna Frank over there and I just simply /must/ tell her about the Carlton daughter." Mrs Olson is apparently, an unapologetic gossip.

"I'll be fine, Nana." Regina smiles indulgently, tolerant of her grandmother's fussing. Hearing that someone is seated near her, the blind girl inclines her head toward Amaya. "Hello. I hear it was a lovely wedding." She jokes lightly. "I am Regina Quinn… or Reggie as they used to call me when I lived here."

Esme returns the squeeze of her husband's hand before letting go and looking about the area, before she finds herself a place to sit and look all properly 'mother of the groom' like.

Edward 's eyes fall on Lev as he says, "Thank you Mr Krinov. My wife and I are very grateful you can make it. Please make yourself comfortable." His eyes fall on Natalia as he places a hand over his heart and bows slightly at the waist. He leans in and whispers to Bella, "How are you doing my love."

page Ramona=What last name does Ramona use, for band things? Would she be Krinov as well?

Bella looks curiously to her husband as he bends down to tie his shoes before her concentration lifts back to the line as it keeps moving. She inclines her head to Lev and Natalia, "Thank you for coming to support us this day." She says politely, not seeming at all bothered by their nature or presence. The wandering of Charlene gets her attention and she looks curiously to her cousin, before trying to follow the cousin's searching gaze, but the action is cut off as the next person is presented up the line. She looks up to Edward at his question and whispers in reply, "Wishing Alice didn't invite quite so many…do you know who Charlene is looking for?"

"Forget it, pops," Ramona shoots back, listening to Natalia and Lev's exchange with the bride and groom. "False niceties aren't my thing." She shrugs off Tiernan's elbow and wanders over to the humans' buffet table, which smells repungent, but there's a cute young guy standing around that might be fun to play with. She chats with him for a few and then appears bored — she gives Darcy a shrug and cuts out of the backyard and heads towards the woods. "I might be back later," she mouths.

Amaya smiles in responce to Carlisle, "Dr. Cullen! Thank you, and I would like that very much. Again, thank's for offering me that opportunity." She smiles again, turning and nodding to Regina, "Amaya Mitsu, but either Amaya or Ama works. Nice to meet you!"

Alice gives a little finger-wave to Darcy as she draws close enough to be announced. "This is Darcy, and her guest..?" Again she gives that questioning trail to the end of her words, giving a polite smile to the man she doesn't recognize.

Esme watches the interactions at play for a bit, before she rises to her feet, mingling with the crowd of those who've already been through the recieving line. The appropriate greetings are given, hands are shaken where it's appropriate, though nary a human hand is touched by the woman. Eventually she makes her way towards Charlene. "Hello, my dear," she greets of the teen, smiling in her direction, while still keeping an eye or both on her husband.

Lev finds a table away from many of the others. Being a gentleman and to not make a scene pulls out a chair for Natalia. "Well as to be expected," he mutters lightly then walks to the bar to order them both a drink. Walking back to the table he sets on in front of Natalia, "For appearances." he mentions then sits down.

Natalia takes the seat offered to her from Lev, nodding at the comment on drinks. "Of course, something you always did remember to think of," she gives with a slightly dismissive wave of her hand. "Lilly is leaving," she gives quietly, as if it's an entirely expected comment on her part.

Darcy 's shoulder droop noticeably as Ramona leaves and she pouts, causing Tiernan to comment for the millionth time, "I do wish you'd take that thing out of your lip, pet." Dar scowls up at him and then re-arranged her face into a slight smile, not acknowledging Edward's request other than with several rapid blinks as she puts her skeletal hand out for Bella to shake. Ms. Heroin Chic looks over at Alice and smirks slightly, "Oh this is my father, Dr. Tiernan Bowen. He doesn't get out much, do you dad? This is Alice." She gives his arm what looks like a little shake, but she's actually grabbing him with bruising force. "The dress is hot shit, Bella. You clean up nice." Facepalm. If Tiernan could turn red, he would, "How nice to meet you, Alice." He responds, trying not to grit his teeth.

Carlisle was about to greet Mrs. Olson but chuckles as the woman quickly retreats to gossip with a friend. Leaving Amaya to speak with Regina, he makes his way over and has a seat with Charlie, Renee, and Phil. Watching everyone for a moment in silence.

Charlene glances up at Esme as she drains what's left of her champagne glass, trying not to look like she is actually caught do anything wrong. It's a wedding, after all. "Uhmmm Hi Mrs. Cullen." She smiles at Esme, though Esme doesn't hold her eyes for very long, they are already searching past her, keeping an eye on the recession line, figuring he must have to go through it at some point. "Very nice wedding…" she almost murmurs in automatic mode.

Esme watches her husband move towards the Swan's and Dwyer's, before returning her attention to Charlene. "Are you looking for someone, my dear?" she enquires with an upraised brow. "Alice, I believe, planned the whole thing, she's quite magnificent at things like this, actually," is offered with a bright smile.

Rosalie moves up in the line, pulling Emmett along with her until they get closer to the front. She grins up at him, turning her back to him and holding his hand behind her. "Be good, Emmett."

Lev spins the glass lightly on the table, "Good.." he says flatly about Lilly. After dismissing her the day before he really cared less what she does. Looking along the line he notices Rosalie with her fiance no doubt. Deciding that he /must/ at some point try to say hello during the evening he glances back at Natalia, "So what made you decide to come here?"

Edward 's eyes fall on Darcy. He takes a half a step back and allows her to see Bella. He knows very well she is not here for him. He says with a polite smile, "Thank you for coming Darcy." His eyes fall on Darcy's father as he nods and says, "If there is anything we can do to make your time with us more comfortable please let me know." He looks over at Charlene and he he hmms softly, "She is looking for…" God now is now is not the time for this to happen. He simply states, "Jacob."

Emmett just makes an exasperated sigh as Rosalie makes him stay in the line and they progress, pinching her butt quickly. Hey, she's the one who put his hand there! Finally, they get getting up to Bella and Edward after many. "'Sup, Bella. Welcome to the family," he says, with a genuine grin. He catches her question who Charlene is looking for and he glances at Edward. /You didn't tell her yet?/ He just smirks. "She's looking for Jacob, I bet," he mutters quickly to Bella, winking. "You should have seen the googly faces he was making at her, I thought I was gonna be sick."

Natalia chuckles, gently. "Appearances, of course. As the new resident in town, I should be curious as to the big huff over a wedding," she gives, nodding her head. "And, I suspected you might make an appearance as well. Dare I say, you do clean up quite well," her words are highly formal, and articulated to the point of near perfection s she gently toys with the glass that now rests in her hands.

Regina smiles graciously, with a dignity that far extends her years. "A pleasure to meet you Amaya." She tilts her face toward Carlisle when he speaks to Amaya, then shifts her attention back to the younger girl when it appears as if the doctor has left. "Is that a German accent?"

Charlene frowns worriedly at Esme. "No. No. Of course not." she says in a defensive tone, flushing slightly as her eyes slide past her again. "Yes." She changes her mind, with a frustrated frown on her face. This time she does take her eyes off the procession line long enough to look Esme in the eyes, "Jacob. Jacob Black. Do you know where he went?" She flushes just a tad bit more, "I really want to talk to him…" Her voice trails off , as do her eyes once again, not wanting to miss anything.

Edward 's eyes narrow at his brother as he rolls his eyes, "No you big ape. I didn't tell her yet. Now is not the time to tell her." Edward moves in towards Rosalie. "You do look beautiful sis. Again…thank you for everything."
Darcy actually sticks her hand in Edward's direction when Bella's done with it, and smirks wickedly, "No problem, any excuse to party." Tiernan Congratulate the both the bride and the groom heartily and even smiles a little wryly at Edward before muttering just loudly enough for him to hear, "I don't suppose you have a muzzle that would fit my charming daughter, do you?" Luckily for all the guests, Darcy is too busy trying to overhear what Lev and Natalia are talking about to overhear the comment. She attempts to wiggle her arm out of Tiernan's grasp but fails, and he marches them both off towards the buffet table.

Esme hmms gently at Charlene's words. "I'm afraid I haven't seen him yet, Dear, he'll make an appearance soon, though," is given with a nod of her head. "It's his best friends wedding, after all, he wouldn't miss the reception for the world," Esme notes, quirking a brow as she watches the teen flush. "Why don't you come and join your family," she gives, before turning so that her dress whirls around her and she makes her way to her husband's side, where she places a gentle hand upon his shoulder. She exchanges pleasentries with Bella's family as she sits at her husband's side, leaning over to whisper into his ear. "I must say, Love, you do look incredibly handsome, this evening."

Rosalie tries to elbow Emmett when she sees where the conversation is going. She forgot to tell him we weren't telling her yet. Oooops. She was /distracted/ people! "Well…the cat's out of the bag now, Edward, you might as well tell her." She gives a hug to Bella, then leans in toward Edward to get one as well. "Thank you, brother. And Bella, you look wonderful."

Lev lifts the glass to his lips taking a sip of it's contents. Unfortunately it has no taste for him, "I was invited." Briefly he does watch Darcy with a wicked grin lifting his glass as if toasting her. Sipping the liquid again he sets the glass down. "I take it you did talk to Lilly?" he asks lightly trying to make it look like a casual conversation.

Natalia nods. "Yes, I ran into her not that long ago. Or, I suppose she returned home, as I've been staying there. It was very nice of her to let me stay at her little place," is given with a smile as she makes the same attempt her former mate does.

Well Bella wasn't overly suspicious of being told Charlene was looking for Jacob, well not at first. Well they are of similar age, Jacob is cute. No harm there surely in having a dance or two tonight. Then Emmett's comment causes her to arch a brow and she looks from Emmett to Edward quickly, "Tell me what?" She asks of her now husband, even as she is automatically offering her hand to the next person in line, Rosalie. She looks to her looking rather confused, "What does everyone know but me?"

Charlie is still rather uncomfortable in his tux. "Esme you look charming," he greets her once she joins her husband. Looking at Carlisle before standing he playfully punches his shoulder. "Don't forget now you and are fishing tomorrow afternoon," standing he again tugs at his collar. "Pardon me while I go get some food and a drink." he makes his way towards the buffet table.

Amaya grins, and shakes her head, vocalizing with something similar to humor in her voice, "No, actually, although most assume that. Including Oliver. Long story. In short, though, not actually an accent."
"Oh, um, oops?" Emmett actually doesn't look embarassed or sheepish at all and in fact grins at Rosalie and Edward, so he just tells Bella. "Jacob imprinted on your cousin," he says lowly, just between the four of them, glancing back towards the table that Charlene is at with their parents.

Charlene gets up, glancing at her empty glass. Instead of moving to join her family, she heads back towards the large glass doors that lead back into the house, still keeping an eye out for Jacob, though the expression on her face is beginning to become one coming to her senses and perhaps realizing she imagined the whole thing. Her lips a thin line she picks up the pace to get inside and swipe another glass of champagne.

Carlisle looks as Charlie then chuckles nodding his head, "Looking forward to it." Looking back towards his wife he just nods whispering back, "That is only because you're beside me." Slipping an arm behind her he gives her a light hug.

Alice raises an eyebrow as she overhears Emmett. This was news to her. "Seriously?" She murmurs quietly, looking to Rosalie and Emmett. The rest of the guests have already shaken hands with the bride and groom, so the Cullens are relatively alone.

At a signal from Alice, the band begins to play music for the guests to dance to. They start with a rather upbeat tune.

Edward lets out a deep sigh, as he mutters, "Thank you for that Emmett." He looks towards Bella and says softly, "I was going to tell you when we were alone or at least not in line. Jacob is most likely off rehearsing what he is going to say to her. I knew the moment he saw her come down the isle."

Esme smiles at Charlie's words. "Thank you, Alice picked out everything," she gives with a smile and wave of her hand, as if it is truly nothing, though she knows that Alice went to a lot of work to put this together. At her husband's words, Esme giggles a sheepish little giggle and moves enough to place a tender kiss upon his cheek. "I'm certain it's the other way around, my love," she responds.

Regina ohs, "I apologize. I didn't mean to embarass you." The blind girl carefully tastes the food piled onto her plate. Unfortunately, most of it has blended together. "So how are you aquainted with Edward and Bella?" she asks.
Rosalie keeps her voice quiet, being it is just the five of them there now. "I talked to him about it. I told him not to be a fool and just blurt it out. I have already told her to dance with him. She is interested. And he knows, and will ask her to dance too. I don't know where he is."

Darcy finally achieves the act of wriggling out of Tiernan's gasp as a pack of eligible young women who would love to be married to a /DOCTOR/, even if he is a psychiatrist with a whacked out daughter, descend on him. She makes her way towards Lev and Natalia, inviting herself to have join them as she throws her bony body into a seat and grumbles. "Who's a girl gotta disembowl around here to get a DRINK?" Chraming, inn't she?

Lev rises as Darcy joins them. "You are underage Darcy. The brides father is the sheriff," he tells her sitting back down once she has a seat. "Though they do have punch," he grin wickedly, "Shall I go get some for you?"

Natalia tilts her head slightly as she watches Darcy. "Hello, Darcy?" she questions as she hears her former-mate speak her name. "I'm Natalia Kri… just Natalia," she gives, not sure what last name she is to use anymore.
Amaya grins again, "It's okay, most ask. You're not embarassing me at all. Well, actually, most just out right ask what country I'm from. Olie- Oliver, a German exchange student- is the first one who assumed it was actually a German accent. And…" She trails off, "Sorry, I'm long winded." She shrugs, and her tone shifts back from slightly applogetic to happy and whatnot, "Classmates, only. Yourself?"

Carlisle stands up once the band starts playing. Placing his left arm around to his back then holding out his right hand for hers, "May I have this dance Mrs. Cullen?" he bows slightly at the waist towards his wife.

Bella looks between the faces surrounding her, her mind trying to piece together what has happened. She holds her hands up to forestall anymore speech from her family as she closes her eyes for a moment. She takes a deep breath before opening her eyes and looking to each one in turn before looking for her cousin yet again in the crowd, then back again, "MY cousin?" She shakes her head a bit before looking around the crowd to her Aunt and Uncle before putting her hands to her face, "On my wedding day? Could he have picked better timing…anyone else?"

Esme truly can't help the giggle that escapes her as she places her hand in her husband's and curtsey's in a formal and old fashioned style. "Always, Mr. Cullen," she gives, smiling brightly at her husband, her eyes trained on him.
Emmett actually looks smug about the fact that he managed to surprise Alice; that's not such an easy feat. At Edward's words, he just shrugs. Why dance around a subject? That's no fun. Besides, shouldn't Bella be happy for Jacob? Now he won't be such a pest around the house… although, Jacob /is/ practically the only wolf he can get along with. "He'll be back." Emmett says confidently, nodding. "I'm sure he's just a little freaked out or ran to tell his pack about it."

Charlene disappears into the house through the glass doors, with just a single backward glance towards the lawn. Her attention is now focussed on getting to the kitchen and hoping there's still champagne there for the taking.
Edward nods slowly, "I did not want to worry you Bella. Your cousin is just as confused and…curious about it as well. I am sure he will be back." He looks at her and says, "This could be a good thing for…" He reaches out to take her hand, "Us."

Darcy wrinkles her nose at Lev slightly, "It's a wedding, doesn't that mean every one gets to eat, drink and be merry? I'll passon the punch, though, thanks for the gentlemanly offer." She turns her eyes on Natalia and purses her lips slightly, making her cheeks look even more hollowed out. "Charmed. 'Mona pointed you out to me earlier and gave me the impression that you might be new in town but that you're a reoccurring cast member in the melodrama." Dar smirks slightly.

Rosalie nods in agreement with Emmett. "Right. It will be fine, Bella. You know when it happens, it happens. He doesn't do it on purpose, and he doesn't get to choose who or the location. It's a good thing, Bella."
Jacob appears out of the milling crowd. "Bella?", his voice is soft but it carries nonetheless. His face invites a conversation but he doesn't want to intrude on her thoughts. She'll seek him out in her own time, he just wants to let her know she's here. He smiles to the others and nods his head in greeeting. "Hey… everybody.", he begins slowly.

Regina chuckles, "Oh, don't apologize." She finds one of those rose-shaped mints that are at every American wedding and nibbles on it. "Well, my Nana has lived here all of her life. My mother and I lived here with her when I was very young, like preschool through fifth grade, I think. My father was assigned to the middle east, then. Bella spent summers here and we used to play together as children. I haven't her husband, though. Their family didn't live here then."

Carlisle leads his wife to the dancefloor. Resting his right hand around to the small of her back he takes begins to dance with her, "I wonder what everyone is talking about." Eyes resting to the gathered group around Edward and Bella. His smiles grows as Jacob finally makes his appearance.

Edward 's eyes move towards Jacob as he says, "He is here. Why don't you speak to him while I do my best not to beat the hell out of my brother." He looks at Emmett and smirks playfully. He turns his eyes back on his wife and says, "Really…I will see you for the first dance which I assume will be soon."

Lev would laugh at the 'reoccuring' comment from Darcy but instead rises to his feet. "Pardon me as I go get Darcy a drink," he says taking the moment to allow them to talk. Moving towards the bar he orders a drink then briefly glances towards Rosalie listening as the music begins to play.

Esme walks at her husband's side, letting him lead her onto the floor, where she places her hands as is appropriate. "That's a good question," she gives as she easily glides into a dance with her husband, as if it were second nature to her. "How beautiful Bella looks, I'm sure, and how well Alice did with arranging everything," she nods her head as she speaks.

Bella listens to the words of her family before taking a deep breath and looking up to Edward, "Yes, I suppose…but Uncle Swan is not going to be happy…" She says as she looks to her Aunt and Uncle before Jacob's presence gets her attention and she nods to Edward, beckoning her 'friend' over. 'We need to talk' is mouthed to him.

Natalia chuckles slightly. "Reoccuring, perhaps, I suppose that it's quite my fault for some of the drama," she gives as she pretends to take a sip from her glass. "Has Ramona informed everyone of my return from death, or just a select few?

"I'd like to see you try it, mental-boy," Emmett taunts Edward good-naturedly with a grin as he moves to pull Rosalie away towards the dance floor, since perhaps Bella and Jacob would like to talk more privately.

Jacob joins Bella, looking at her with entire paragraphs in his eyes for a long moment. "UHm… yeah, so…" "Hi.", he says with a little shrug. "I kinda wanted to tell you myself but I guess Edward is blabs… nothing new there.", he smirks. He looks around for Charlene for a minute and whispers something in Bella's ear.

Darcy starts twirling a curl around her finger with one hand and toying with the end of her tie with the other as Lev gets up, "No, I don't think so. But I was out of the country until a few days ago, so I'm not sure." Dar looks over at Jacob with her nostrils twitching slightly, momentarily distracted by the smell of wolf, and then turns back to Natalia, "So did you come in and send the trailer trash scurrying, or what?"

Amaya nods, "Ah. I haven't actually been here that long, only moved here a month or two ago form Wisconsin. Still getting used to not saying bubbler."

Edward 's eyes follow Bella as she moves to speak to Jacob. He rolls his eyes as it figures he blames him. He didn't say a word to Bella. He walks over to Alice and leans down to pick her up in a hug and twirl her around once. As he sets her down, "Alice…thank you. You truly are amazing." He motions to the entire scene of all 132 guests enjoying themselves.

Natalia quirks a brow, slightly. "I presume you mean Lilly?" she enquires. "No, Lilly opted to depart of her own accord," the older vampire notes with a smile and shake of her head. "I should hope I had nothing to scare her away, she was awful nice, letting me use her home."

Rosalie draws a deep breath. "Alright. Let's go dance. Come on, Emmett. And when those two start dancing, and get caught up in the wedding stuff, I will keep an eye on Jacob and Charlene. Let's go." With a grin, she grabs his hand and heads out to dance.

Alice wanders away from Bella and Jacob, letting the two have their privacy. She giggles with glee as Edward picks her up, grinning up at her brother. "It's all for you and Bella, Edward. Nothing less for the two of you. Once Bella's done with Jacob, you two should cut the cake."

Regina ahs, "Wisconsin. Sounds cold." She chuckles. "Forks may have rain, but at least it doesn't snow as much." She tilts her head, hearing the music. "And a live band too. Very nice."

Edward 's nose wrinkles at the thought of cake. He mutters, "Yeah…you want to torture me don't you. You have the bucket in the downstairs bathroom ready I hope." He walks with Alice towards the cake, his eyes moving towards Bella as he does.

"Let Jake take care of himself," Emmett says softly to Rosalie as they make their way towards the dance floor. As he drags her behind, he takes a moment to glance around at the various guests before turning and bringing Rose close to dance.

"It wasn't Edward Jacob…He /tried/ to keep it from me." Bella responds not sounding quite happy about that as she glances over to Emmett and Edward. She is silent for a moment as she looks at Jacob before shaking her head a bit and looking down, "Are you sure about this, there is no mistake?" She asks in a neutral tone. She doesn't look like she has decided quite yet about how she feels about this. As he leans in to whisper she listens quietly to what is spoken. She looks at him silently for some time before she starts to slowly nod and raises her arms to embrace him, "This is gonna get weird…but…have fun, good luck with Uncle Swan." There is a faint snort at the last bit, much like when Charlie found out Edward and Bella were getting married and relied on Renee to stop it. "We are forever friends Jake…this, will probably make things easier."

Carlisle watches the eyes of his wife, "She looks very beautiful and Alice did a wonderful job. Everything has gone splendidly." Dancing purposely over towards Emmett and Rosalie he calls out to his son, "Great job on the ceremony Emmett and you look lovely Rosalie." he gives them both a bright smiles still swaying with Esme.
Esme is danced towards Rose and Emmett, smiling the whole way as she never takes her eyes off of her beloved. "It's all gone delightfully well," she gives with a nod of her head before she directs her eyes towards Rose and Emmett. "Your father is right, my dears. Emmett, you did a wonderful job officiating, and, Rosalie, you look simply wonderful."

Lev watches as Rosalie is pulled to the dancefloor. Thanking the bartender he takes the drink back towards his table. Setting it down in front of Darcy, luckily she may never know it is non-alcoholic. "I know isn't Lilly just a devils angel," he settles back down within his chair taking another sip of his drink. Of course he will regret this later but one must keep up appearances in the midst of humans.

Alice laughs softly at Edward. "It's tradition, Edward. It'd look bad if you didn't do it. Besides, Bella will like it. It's supposedly a very tasty flavor." She nods to the little figurines on the top of the cake. "D'you like them? I had them specially made."

Darcy 's nose wrinkles and she opens her mouth in surprise, her brow creasing slightly in a frown. "Lilly? Nice? Are we talking about the same hunk of offal? That girl is the definition of self-imported brat." She cuts short her usual rant on the failures of Lilly when Lev returns and takes the drink, sipping at it with slight grimace. "She's something, alright. Oh, Lev I tried to bring you back a present from the Motherland, but Tiernan insisted that they wouldn't allow uranium on the plane."

Jacob smiles, seemingly satisfied. He lets out a long breath. "The pack is sure… there's no mistake in it.", he shrugs, letting his smile grow as he remembers the moment yesterday. "I… well, we'll just see.", he says "Sometimes, all you need to know is that there's someone out there for you, even if they don't see it the same way — just knowing is enough.", he looks between Edward and Bella. "Course… I don't think I have to explain that to you guys.", he tilts his head, "I'm so happy for you now Bells. I understand what you were trying to tell me all along. You and Edward I mean, because now I have something to compare it to." "I… I knew you first, but he knows you better. You were always a mystery to me Bella… until I found someone just like you did. Now, I get it."
Natalia offers a polite smile. "I've never had a problem with Lilly, save for a few minor details," like laying claim to her former mate. "Though she's really no concern of ours anymore, she's left," is stated with a dismissive wave of her head, before she nods towards Lev, upon his return to their little table.

Edward 's eyes fall on the figurines, "They are beautiful." He looks down at his stomach and places a hand on it. He hasn't changed in nearly a 100 years but jokes, "By that scale it looks like I have gained some weight." His eyes move towards Bella and Jacob as he checks on his wife before standing next to the cake. "She will like it. Your right…"

Rose twirls on the floor before being pulled in close to Emmett to dance. At the compliments from her parents, she smiles and replies.."Thank you. You both look lovely as well. Are we all ready to eat cake?" Her gaze moves to take in the cake table, then around at the crowd, eyes finally resting on Lev a moment.

Emmett grins as Carlisle and Esme dance their way over, nodding to Carlisle and Esme's words. "Alice had given me a script, but I improvised. A little." As Rosalie mentions cake, Emmett gives an exasperated groan.

Charlene has not one, but two glasses this time. One she sets on the window sill, somewhat stashing it in hopes it might still be there later. Exiting the house, she has the one glass. She's not peering about anymore, but carefully makes her way towards the reception area, her eyes mostly on her feet, and the glass to her lips more so than not taking tiny sips.

Amaya grins, "Yeah. In the winter. Overly hot in the summer, too. And there were a few times in the winter when we went without the sun for weeks, a few times months, and then, in the summer, there's so much sun one burns. Yeah." She nods, "I haven't actually seen a live band at a wedding for a while, it's typically just DJs, sometimes with some live music at the beginnig, but typically…

Lev just chuckles lightly, "How sweet…" he comments to the gift idea from Darcy. His eyes however meet Rosalie once she looks his way even if briefly, "Where did Ramona go?" he abruptly changes the subject as he scans the crowd. "I know that I saw her earlier."

Regina finds another of the sugary rose-shaped mints. Yum. "At least it wasn't raining today, though that is supposed to be good luck for a wedding, I thought." She listens to the music for a moment, "Now, if there is some boy that you want to dance with, please, don't wait on my account."

Edward 's lips curl into a soft smile as he says to Alice, "Jacob has accepted Bella and I. His new 'love' has shed some light on how Bella and I feel for each other. It's enduring…I have to say…yet a bit unnerving." As Charlene exits the house, "I hope she can take it." His eyes move towards her. "She will be introduced to much when he tells her. And he will tell her I suspect."

Bella can't help but smile at Jacob's words. Well at least it isn't some newborn daughter, an adult cousin? This she could probably cope with. She embraces Jacob before looking back to Edward, "I suppose we have more duties to tend to…if you would excuse us." She follows her husband to the cake and gives a curiously look to the cake, then to Edward before she grins. She will have her revenge. Let him eat cake.

Darcy smiles maniacally for a moment at the news of Lilly's departure is announced to her, her cheeks dimpling slightly. "Well I'll drink to that! Although I'd prefer a nice hot A- to the punch." She takes another drink of the punch, though this time without grimacing, before shrugging in Lev's direction. "Iunno, nightmares to make real, people to eat. She gets a little tired of Tiernan trying to keep a leash on her." She jerks her chin towards her father, who is dutifully picking at a plate from the buffet and conversing with one of the local doctors. "Where's Donny? Avoiding the racket that band is making?"

Carlisle wrinkles his nose to the thought, "Maybe a bite for appearances. Some might wonder why none of us are eating or drinking."The trouble with food is that it tastes like nothing, maybe like bread gone stale. Once it looks like Edward and Bella are heading for the cake he stops dancing, "Let's go watch this." he smirks leading his wife along by the hand.

Alice smiles slightly at Edward. "I'm glad to hear that, Edward. It is a welcome change, I think." When he mentions Charlene being introduced to things, she frowns slightly, then turns her face back into a smile for appearance's sake. "Well, he can tell her his secrets, but he'd better not tell her ours." Bella approaches, and she smiles at her sister-in-law, then raises her voice. "They're about to cut the cake!" She calls to the guests.

Jacob follows Charlene's progress in his direction with careful interest. Somehow he knows not to go rushing at her. Time will bring all things together that should be so. For now, he is content to follow the others for dancing, catching Charlene's eye, he hopes, with a smile that needs no explaining. That will have to do, for now.
Esme laughs, a musical laugh, at the thought of Edward eatting cake. "Oh, let's," she gives as she twines her fingers with her husband's, smiling in his direction. "Alice did an amazing job with this, it /looks/ delightful," or, it would look delightful, if she thought food could taste good.

Before Bella gets to him, "Tell me sister. Do you tell your husband everything?" He leaves it at that as if food for thought. His hand extends to Bella as she arrives to her. He leans in to kiss her as he whispers in her ear. He looks at the cake and even though his nose wrinkles his lips turn into a charming "FORCED" smile. Cake…too bad no one can read his mind. He moves to pick up the cutting knife and waits for his wife to place her hand over his.
Amaya gives a theatric shudder, complete with sound effects, "No thanks. I'm perfectly fine here." She takes a mint for herself, "Yeah, that's one good thain. Although I thought it was more the rainbow at the end that was sposed to be good, not the rain, so much. Although I'm likely wrong."

Charlene looks up at Alice's announcement. Catching site of Bella first, then Jacob she pauses and slows as she meets Jacob's eyes. She looks quickly away, though there is the hint of a smile. Caught up in the tidal mingling of people towards the cake, she lets it carry her towards the next stage in this wedding rite. This time she at least keeps an eye on Jacob occasionally to make sure he doesn't dissapear, her expression thoughtful.

Bella smiles sweetly at whatever is whispered to her, "Yes, I know." She replies as she places her hand upon his and looks up adoringly into his eyes. She loves him even if she is a little mad at the moment.

"Something about rain on the morning of a wedding day indicating a fruitful marriage." Regina laughs lightly. "All of these old wives' tales you pick up. Speaking of old wives, do you see my Nana? If there's a circle of old ladies wearing hats, she'll be the one in the middle."

Emmett just sighs at Rosalie's whisper to him, looking as if he's about to be sick. "Seriously?" He just beeps her nose as he pulls her towards the cutting table, off to the side.

Natalia crinkles her nose vaguely at Darcy's words, if nothing else, she was raised to be a refined woman, even if it was a hundred plus years ago," is given before a slight shrug is given. "I haven't actually spoken to her tonight," she gives towards Lev. "She probably got tired of waiting, I don't know," is given as she turns to watch the cutting of the cake.

Jacob too, allows himself to be carried along. He doesn't make a special effort to fight against the crowd that is headed for the food. Still, he remains Jacob, in spite of the recent events — and so he can't help being excited about the cake. "What flavor is it?", he asks someone passing by, "The cake I mean…" "I hope they don't run out, some of the… that is, some of my friends are here and we eat a lot." He chuckles.

Rosalie grins up at Emmett. "Yes. Seriously. Eat, drink, and be merry. Here we go…" She moves with him toward the cake cutting ceremony, waiting with her arms wrapped around him.

Lev watches the ritual from his seat. Really he never understood any of this type of thing. At least he and Natalia never actually got married. The thought bring a smile to his face as that seems rather amusing.

Edward cocks an eyebrow, as he considers the fact she will enjoy that and says outloud, "In our bed if your not nice my love." He grins playfully at her. He pauses and looks out over the crowd, and his hand presses downward. He leans in and kisses Bella's neck as he places a small piece of cake on her plate, and a small piece of cake on his plate. He lifts his plate in his hand and swallows hard. He is fighting very hard to keep his face smooth. He takes the cake and waits for Bella to take hers and twine her arm around his so they can feed each other their cake.
Carlisle wraps his arms around Esme from behind watching this. "She should shove it all ove rhis face." he whispers lightly into her ear. Giving her a kiss on the cheek he chuckles at the thought.

Amaya ahs. "I've never heard that one, actually." She looks around, "Yeah, she's the one that walked over with you than went off, right? She's at about ten o'clock."

Darcy polishes off her drink and stands up, pushing the chair back in with her foot. How lady like. "Well, it's been a slice comrades, but I'm probably going to hurl if I have to watch this emotion fest much longer." She reaches into the front of her dress and pulls a car key out. Astounding that she could even hide something that small in her 'cleavage'. "Maybe I'll stop by for tea and crumpets now that the trollop is gone." And with that she slinks off towards the exit, trying to keep from catching Tiernan's eye. He probably wouldn't appreciate her taking off with his car. Which is obviously why she's doing it.

Regina nods, pleased at the direction given. "I hope she's having a good time. She may forget to fuss over me for a moment." The young woman tilts her head back toward Amaya. "I've only recently come back to Forks. Nana doesn't know what to do with herself."

Bella picks up her own plate and looks up adoringly to her husband, her arm twining around his. "I love you Edward, for today and Evermore." She says before she indeed extends her hand to smush the cake over his face. Well at least very little actually got in his mouth. So it could be much worse. She can't have her wedding bed messed up!

Esme places her hands over her husbands, chuckling lightly at his words. "She should, that would be quite amusing," she gives, with a smile as she leans against his solid chest. "Perhaps we should have cake at our wedding, so that I can do the same to you," she gives, quietly, laughing as she watches the result of the cake feeding, laughing as her son wears his wedding cake.

Natalia smirks slightly as she see's Lev's smile. "You're just glad we never married, aren't you? I was married once, I don't care for a repeat," she says, her voice rough over her words as she speaks. As Darcy leaves, Nat sends a little wave and a polite smile.

Charlene doesn't find this part of the ritual as exciting or romantic as the vows and the rings. She idly shifts her way through the mingling crowd, protecting her glass of champagne as she works her way towards Jacob, or his last known position. As she glances about to get her bearings a slightly perturbed Carl Swann, her Father, casually takes the glass from her surprised hand and bends down to kiss his daughter on the temple, "A few more years, Charli." he murmurs to her. A roll of her eyes is his response from Charlene as she quickly moves on, somewhat miffed, till she sidles up next to Jacob, clearing her throat.

Alice giggles from about a foot away, having given the couple a bit of space for the cake feeding ritual. Her face is lit up with happiness to see her family so beautiful and happy. And of course, all these human traditions give her a sense of satisfaction.

As the cake is smashed into his face, his body relaxes and he lets out a big laugh. He goes in to feed Bella her cake and says, "You are my life now. I love you until time ends." Edward waits for her to open her mouth and then allows her to get some in before he smears the rest over her lips and cheeks!

Rose laughs as the pair wear their cake, and no doubt, Emmett cheers them both on, and if it were his wedding, he would be calling for a food fight.

Carlisle laughs as the pair both smear cake all over the other. "Sure darling we should have cake," he smirks hoping she won't mind it in her face as well.

Esme chuckles. "You know I'll make sure that no cake gets on whatever suit you wear," she points out. "I can't say the same for your face, Dear," she notes with a mischevious little grin.

Lev watches as Darcy leaves rather glad to see her go. "I'm not the marrying type," he says watching as the bride and groom smears cake in each others face. Looking over at Natalia for a moment, "Lilly left because I cut her loose. Did she tell you that?"

Jacob turns to Charlene as she clears her throat, "Hi.", he manages a little shyly. "Uhm. I'm Jacob.", he says. Sometimes the most important moments in a life, begin so simply. He offers to take the champagne she's been protecting and hold it for her. "Charlene, right?", he says. "Did you hear any of that… stuff that's going around about me and…", he decides to stop there and let her talk, since she did seem to want to say something.

Bella can't help but laugh at the retaliation and licks her lips once she swallows down her bit of cake. She is still giggling when she reaches for a napkin to help clean his face, "I suppose it is about time we started the real torture, eh?" She says with a glance to the dance floor, "Or is it too late to escape?"

Edward beams at his wife, as he takes a step back. He looks for a napkin, as he does not speak holding what little cake did get into his mouth. He takes a napkin and gives one to Bella, before he begins to wipe off his face and spit the cake in his mouth into the napkin while doing so before he speaks, "All is fair in love and war Mrs. Cullen."

Natalia laughs. "Neither was I, Lev, unfortunately, that was not an option," she offers, crinkling her nose. "I went back to Russia," she states, non-chalantly, as if her return to Russia means nothing at al.

Amaya laughs at the cake smearing, and relays to Regina, "Edward and Bella are smearing the cake on each other's faces." She then 'ah's at Regina's explanation, "If you'd like, and she wouldn't mind, we could hang out in the park or something, sometime? Give her some free time, if she'd like."

Charlene is busy searching Jacob's face for a few long moments before she drops her gaze. "Yeah. Uhmmm. What?" She laughs nervously smiling as she lifts her gaze again, "Stuff? No…. Rose said I should let you ask me to dance…. Is that what you mean?" She shrugs realizing she just spoiled that, slightly flustered she looks away again. "What am I , 12?" she mutters to herself.

Regina shakes her head ruefully, hearing about the cake smearing. It's a bit undignified, compared to the state weddings she's attended, but they're high school kids, not major political figures. "I would like that, Amaya." The young woman smiles. "But do you see the big man in the black suit trying to be discreet? Has no neck and looks like he plays for the Seahawks? That's Geoff. He's my… well, personal security. I know this sounds odd, but my father… he has some conditions. Geoff is one of them. He'll be tagging along, wherever I go. I did talk him out of doing background checks on acquaintences, though. So, it's a partial victory."

Edward 's eyes move to Alice as he looks towards the dance floor, "Are we ready for that. Do you have what we discussed set up?"

Carlisle whispers lightly into Esme's ear, "Or your hair." he chuckles playfully. Moving to her side he twines his fingers again with her hand. "Edward is glowing," he smiles proudly towards his son.
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Carlisle whispers lightly into Esme's ear, "Or your hair." he chuckles playfully. Moving to her side he twines his fingers again with her hand. "Edward is glowing," he smiles proudly towards his son. Giving his wife a kiss getting a known signal from Alice he makes his way to the platform grabbing a glas sof champagne before going for a mic, "May I have everyones attention."

As Emmett moves off to do Bad Things to the marital car, Rosalie is left standing by herself near her family. So, to pass the time, she takes up the position of guard dog, eyes sweeping over the crowd, checking that no apparent kids have alcohol, that there is no one getting drunk and fighting…that kind of thing.

Jacob is quick to reassure Charlene with his eyes that she's not spoiling anything. "I was hoping we could dance, yeah.", he says with a little more of his confidence returning. "But Edward and Bella get the first one, and then she has to dance with family, and then I think we finally get the dance floor. I don't know how that all works." He admits.

Esme laughs, again. "Or your hair, Beloved," she whispers in his ear, though she's forced onto her tip toes to whisper the words. She gently squeezes her husband's hand before letting it go and taking up a glass of champagne of her own. Her eyes dart towards her newlyweds, befor fixating back upon her husband.

Lev looking over Natalia, "I haven't been back in Russia.. In a very long time." He kind of misses his homelands and probably should someday visit them again. As someone draws his attention to the platform he holds onto his glass.

As the Music is cued Bella joins Edward nervously out on the dance floor. This is combining her two least favorite things in one package…Dancing and Spotlight. "Don't let me fall…" She whispers up at her husband, her fingers already trembling at the anticipation of doing suck a thing.

Natalia nods, gently. "It's changed, a lot. I have great grandchildren," she points out, shaking her head and rolling her eyes. "Not that they ever saw me," is offered with a dismissive wave of her hand, the other still toying with the still full glass before her.

Amaya looks around, "Yeah." She turnes back, "The way I figure, though, as I have no intention to harm you, I might as well ignore him. Right? Not to insult him, or anything, though." She shruge again, "Meh. My background's clean, other than some ISS due to an idiotic teacher in second grade, so if it might let you have something for future negotiations, you can let him." She turns her attention up towards Carlisle, then.

Edward 's lips curl into a smile, as he says, "I don't know what is going on." He looks towards his father, "I think it is time for his best man speech." He holds Bella close to him as he turns to pay attention to Carlisle.
Charlene nods, grinning at the ritual explained, "Couple alone. Mother/Father, and others can join in then - they keep switching off… Mother/Father-In Law, Best Man, etc." She lets her explanation trail off, giggling slightly. She catches the mood as almost /everyone/ turns to watch the Bella and Edward dance - yes this is one her more favorite parts to watch. She stands up on tip toes and shift to get a better view. Glancing at Jacob she whispers, "Come on." she begins moving to the edge of the dance floor to get a better view, smiling at he sight as it comes into view.

Anastasia lurks near the back of the crowd, swapping quiet greetings with those around her or who come by. At the announcement, she looks toward the stage, anticipation lighting her eyes. "This should be interesting," she murmurs.

Carlisle smiles towards Bella, "I promise the dance is right after this my dear." Holding onto the mic he walks along the platform slowly. "For my son Edward and his new bride Bella it was love at first sight. Edward and I have spoken many long nights about her. Of course Bella has brought her own magic into his life and into our family. She has become like a daughter to Esme and myself. Welcome to the family Bella! We have installed safety nets." he winks playfully with a light chuckle. Edward my son! Your mother and I are very proud of you and you have chosen well for yourself." he smiles brightly to the pair, "Remember that love is everlasting. To the bride and groom!" he holds up his glass then takes a sip toasting them.

Esme smiles, pridefully, at her husband's truth filled words, nodding as he speaks. She lifts her glass at the appropriate moment to toast to her son and daughter-in-law, before pretending to take a sip of the champagne in her glass, though the liquid only touches her closed lips, she never really takes a sip.

Lev lifts his glass politely, "Here here!" he calls out drinking down the last of the liquid within his glass.
Jacob moves with Charlene to get a better view of the dancing too. He watches with the others, but perhaps not as raptly, his attention seems to be on his companion as he nods to himself and joins in the toast as he ought, so many different steps to this occasion, "Seems like a lot of work to get married…", he commments looking around at all the preparations and people. "… but I guess if you only have to do it once…

Natalia quietly lifts her glass to the toast, before taking a sip of the liquid, nodding in the direction of the bride and groom.

Amaya toats, then sits quietly and listens, continuing to talk with Regina.

Stacy accepts a glass handed to her and lifts her glass as Carlisle proposes his toast. She takes a tiny sip, with effort, at the appropriate moment.

"It's beautiful…" Charlene breaths. She's aptly watching, smiling as Bella follows Edward's lead across the floor. She no longer has a glass but is too absorbed to catch much of the toast, only glancing towards Jacob as quiet chuckles erupt from the onlookers over Carlisle's net joke. "Are you going to dance with Bella?" she asks shyly of Jacob.

Edward 's hand come to his heart as he place its over his chest. He bows his head and closes his eyes as he says softly, "Thank you Carlisle." He opens his eyes and looks towards his wife as everyone raises her glass and he leans in to kiss her.

Rosalie raises her glass of punch to the toast, remaining quietly off to the side. Unlike the other members of her family, she takes a few gumps of the red liquid within. Take one for the team.

As he looks down at his wife, he lifts her slightly onto his feet. His hands embracing the small of her back as he says softly, "Remember the very first day I played this for you?" He begins to move gracefully side to side as Bella's feet rest on his. His right arm extending outward as he begins to slowly move around the dance floor with her.

Lev stands up slowly, "Pardon me a moment Natalia. I need to speak to a friend." Moving around the gathered group off to where she stands at the side, "Hello Rosalie." he greets with a light smile. Looking towards Edward and Bella as he figures they are about to dance. "Once it's proper may I have this dance?" he asks her, "If your fiance wouldn't mind of course."

Jacob thinks on Charlene's question, it's a good one. He nods lightly, "If she asks me to I will. I guess she has a lot of family to get through first… not that I'm not practically family." He looks Charlene in the eye, "Bella and I can dance later…", he says, "Plenty of time, still, for that." "You're the one I'm worried about… I can't let you slip away into the crowd without at least asking." "Will you?", he says, offering his arm in an honest and very personal gesture that stands at odds with all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds him.

Natalia nods and waves a vaguely imperious, dismissive hand towards Lev. She, however, doesn't move from her seat, opting to watch the dancing, instead of partaking.

Rosalie turns toward Lev as he approaches her, giving him a gentle smile. "Lev. I'm glad you could come." She glances back the way he came, "Looks like you brought company with you. I thought your…family…was all..moving away? I don't recognize the one." Her eyes move back to him then, grinning. "Of course I'll dance with you. I don't have to ask permission."

A soft smile comes to Bella's face as she seems to melt into Edward's arms. She says softly, "As if it were yesterday." She lays her head on his chest, as she closes her eyes and gets lost in the embrace of her husband and 'her' song.

Carlisle settles the mic back into it's place. For a moment he stands watching as they dance with a genuine smile. Heading off the platform he goes towards Alice, "May I have this dance my sweet daughter?" he asks. Looking across towards hsi wife he gives her a wink before glancing back to Alice.

Amaya just stays at the table, avoiding the dance floor.

Esme steps off the dance floor, permitting her family to have their dances with each other. To Carlisle she gives a brilliant smile, nodding as she steps to the side.

Charlene stares at Jacob, Edward and Bella forgotten. "How do you do that…." she asks, almost angrily, but both her hands reach out, almost helplessly to take a hold of his arm with both her hands, not so much in a formal manner but a comfortable and friendly one. The contact elicits a slowly growing smile. "…talk to my heart without saying anything?" She draws herself closer to Jacob, nodding. "Love to dance with you Jacob Black." She's pretty much beaming by now.

Alice smiles warmly at Carlisle, offering him a small hand. "Of course, Carlisle." She steps closer, swaying slightly to the melodious music.

Lev smiles as she accepts his invitation. After leading her to the dance floor he begins their dance together. "That is Natalia," he explains to her lightly, "Seems she wasn't killed afterall. No.. She decided to disappear to Russia for thirteen years." Briefly he looks towards Natalia then back to his dance partner. "Anyway enough about her or me. How have you been fairing Rosalie?"

Edward 's eyes close, as he melts into his wife. The world disappears for him and it only becomes him and Bella. His body moving elegantly with the music in and around the floor slowly.

Jacob leads Charlene gracefully to the dance floor, spending his efforts not on himself, but on her. The path he chooses through the crowed, the careful matching of her steps are all chosen to help her look confident and poised. The usually difficulties of moving through the crowd, the hasty 'excuse us..' and the stepping on of toes is avoided. "Well now, that wasn't so hard.", he says, beaming at something Charlene said, "I.. I've always been good with people, able to make them feel comfortable without really trying." "But I guess, you're the exception to that. You're the first person I've ever met that…. that makes me /want/ to try." He says, dropping his voice. He shrugs, "Weird… I know, but…" He doesn't say anymore. He doesn't feel he needs to. Just a smile will do.
Carlisle smiles at Alice as they sway to the music. "You did an excellent job with everything. I'm very proud of you," he tells his daughter his eyes resting upon her own. "So have you decided what movie you'd like to see?" he asks reminding still of their pending father'daughter day. "Wait we decided on the pirate one. When would you like to go?"

Jacob ammends that a little bit, "Well, I mean… there have been others but… maybe it runs in your family." He chuckles.

Rose is led to the floor to dance with Lev. "Wait…what? Natalia? As in…./Natalia/? Your mate, right
Amaya moves to a table closer to the dance floor, excusing herself from the others at her table. She sits down again, content to watch.

Rose is led to the floor to dance with Lev. "Wait…what? Natalia? As in…./Natalia/? Your mate, right? I thought you said she was dead?" Her head shakes slowly, and she attempts to answer his question. "I've been well enough. Same old thing, don't you know. Never ends. And you?"

Charlene follows after Jacob still holding onto his arm with one hand, flushing slightly at all the adoring attention from somebody she's never met. Smiling, never-the-less she positions herself easily enough sliding her hand more firmly into his and stepping closer as his other hand settles on her waist. Waiting for the right moment in the music for Jacob to begin leading. "Why?" she breaths as she peers up at him, almost as confused as she is delighted by it.

Alice beams happily at Carlisle. "Thank you, Carlisle. I just hope everyone is enjoying themselves. You made a lovely speech." She purses her lips thoughtfully, then answers his question, "The movie releases on the 25th. We can go to the midnight premiere, if you want. I bet people will be dressed up in costumes and things." Alice grins.
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Lev lifts his shoulders into a shrug, "Was rather a shock to me too." Not that he was expecting to ever see his former mate again. "I'm a loner… Is how life goes for me. I was told Lilly is heading to Volterra. Not sure what Natalia is planning at this point. Not really sure about myself either."

Carlisle chuckles at the thought of people dressing as pirates. "We could do that indeed. We'd have to shop earlier that day then. I don't know many shops open that late in Port Angeles."

Jacob grimaces, "Well, that might take a little explaining.", he begins, looking out at the crowd. "I… I need you to know that I don't want to put any pressure on you." "… and I can't exactly say what I need to say in front of all these people." "Let's just say… I'm hoping your heart will learn to talk back, if it wants to." He says, content to dance and Charlene a moment to digest his words.

Esme simply smiles as she finds herself a place to sit at one of the tables near the dancefloor. She's content to watch the goings on on the floor in front of her.

Amaya continues to quietly watch the dancing.

Rosalie hmmms softly. "I think that is a good plan. Her heading to Volterra. Will you let me know when you know for sure?" Her head lowers, her voice no more than a whisper to even the vampire in front of her. "You aren't thinking of leaving again, are you? I don't like that idea. I .. I'd like to talk to you again when we aren't in the middle of a cornfield."

Charlene loses her shoes, rather intentionally early on, trying to keep up with Jacob and his fluid grace, it taking a lot of her concentration but less and less as she learns to let him handle the intricacies and work around her little mistakes. Laughing quietly she shakes her head, grinning slightly exhilarated, "Oh it's talking.." is about all she can get out as she concentrates on matching Jacob's surprising grace. "…. and talking." she mutters breathlessly as he spins her gracefully around to avoid another couple. "Ok." is her simple response as she grips his hand tighter.

Alice grins at Carlisle and nods. "We can shop until the stores close, then bring everything home and go back out to the theatre afterwards," she suggests to her father. Her golden eyes wander for a moment, and she catches sight of Rose with Lev. She doesn't let her face change, simply bringing her gaze back to Carlisle.

Lev nods his head, "I will let you know." As the dance is finished he politely kisses the top of her hand. Bowing from the waist it's obvious he is from a different time. "When all of this is over. I'd very much would like to talk to you too," in the end a hint of his russian accent shines through slightly.

Carlisle also notices the one Rosalie dances with. "Who is that?" he questions towards Alice missing his earlier introduction. Surely he can tell it's a vampire by the way he carries himself. "Is that Lev krinov?" his eyes fall to Alice wondering if he should be concerned.

From afar, Rosalie grins. Close enough. Yeah. Alice and Jasper were pretty sure he had the hots for Rose.

Jacob's smile at Charlene's simple, 'Ok' spreads from him like a wave of happy. A fine start! He finishes the dance and the couple make their way back into the crowd. There, he leaves her for a moment — too much of a good thing might be smothering. He turns his attention to the family of the hour, taking some time to mingle and greet the Cullens personally.

Rosalie steps back from Lev at his bow, dipping into a proper curtsy. "I will look forward to it then. I will look for you in our normal place, then? Two days from now?"

Esme pretends to take another sip from her glass, offering a motherly nod towards Jacob as he finishes his dance with Charlene, a smile dancing across her lips.

Alice nods at Carlisle's question. "Yes. Member of the band Crimson Delirium. I have some of his band's CDs." She assumes Carlisle knows the details of Lev's visits to the house, and she knows Rose can more than take care of herself, so she lets the subject drop. "Did you hear about Jacob and Charlene?"

Lev smiles then nods to her, "See you then." backing up he then turns on his heels. having half the mind to just leave on his own, insteadn he heads back towards Natalia, he couldn't just leave her alone here with those she doesn't know. "Seems like the party is winding down. May I escort you home?" he asks not really caring to stay until the happy couple departs for honeymoon bliss.

Natalia looks up as she hears Lev's voice and nods, rising to her feet. "Might as well," she gives with a polite nod. "I presume that that was one of the Cullen's?" she enquires with an upraised brow, shooting a curious look in Rosalie's direction.

The song tapers off into an ending, and after a few moments of silence, the band begins to play a jaunty, upbeat tune.

Carlisle just nods his head to this about Lev. Once Jacob and Charlene ar ementioned he looks back to Alice, "No what happened?"

Jacob's natural first stop is Esme. "Hi Esme…", he says "Many happy returns on this special day and congratulations on your new daughter.", he says, his enjoyment from the dance with Charlene still lingering in his eyes. "I… I don't really know how to thank you for… for everything.", he begins. "I lost my mom… you know, I was so young. I never expected to find… well, someone she would have approved of, I'm sure… so soon." "You… and your family don't have to put up with me.", he continues with a shrug, "The fact that you do, well…", he can't say any more than that, just now and has to turn away for a second. "Thanks." A deep breath.

Amaya's dad comes up to her, with her little brother in tow. He quietly says something to her, and she nods, offers a quick farewell to anyone around her, and then the family leaves.

Rosalie moves off the dancefloor slowly, watching where Lev goes, getting one more look at Natalia, know that she knows who the woman is. She watches the two of them as they prepare to leave.

Esme gets to her feet, so that she's at a slightly more even height with the wolf-boy. "Jacob, you know that we care about you. I'm sure it can't have been easy on you, having not had a mother figure for so long," she offers, with a faint nod of her head. "I hope you know, Jacob, if you ever need anything, I'll happily be here for you, whatever you may need. You are like family, Jake," she stops, trailing off as she finishes her words.
Lev offers Natalia his arm politely then leads her away from the party. "That is Rosalie Hale. She is engaged to Emmett Cullen," he explains as they make their exit.

Alice leans close so only Carlisle has a chance to hear her. "Jacob imprinted on her. During the ceremony. Rose noticed it first, she and Emmett told me and Bella a little while ago. Sure changes things, doesn't it?" Alice quirks an eyebrow, before beginning to move more quickly as the tempo of the music changes.
Anastasia drifts to the edges of the reception, to mingle with some of the other guests there before ultimately withdrawing.

Jacob smiles, "Actually, there is something I need.", he looks over to Carlisle for his okay. "May I have this dance?", he says — a little nervous actually, about the answer.

Carlisle listens to this with a nod, "It does indeed." he notices Esme speaking with Jacob. "Come on let's go talk to your sister," he leads Alice over to Rosalie. Looking across to Jacob he just nods with a smile knowing what the question must be.

Esme laughs. "Of course you may, Jake," she gives as she makes her way towards the dance floor. "What is it, Jacob? You know you can ask anything," she offers, smiling.

Alice bounds happily over to Rose. "Rosie! Hi!" She greets her sister enthuiastically. "May I have this dance?" Alice grins up at her taller sister, offering her a slender hand.

Rosalie watches Lev and Natalia until they are gone…and only then does she realize her father and sister have joined her. "Oh…sure Alice." She gives her sister a distracted smile as she heads out to dance with her.
Jacob leads Esme to the dance floor with just as much care as he did Charlene, although it's a bit unnecessary. Esme is plenty coordinated. He's more nervous this time though, because this is one partner who might… just might, be a challenge. If it works, though, it'll be spectacular. Two skilled dancers can be a sight to see.
Esme smiles as she see's her two daughters prepare to dance, and flashes a loving smile towards her husband, before she moves into a dancing position. "What's your question, Jacob?" she enquires, her curious golden gaze upon the wolf.

Alice leads Rose into a spirited foxtrot, her feet following the steps without hesitation. Yes, she and Jasper often switched places when dancing, so Alice would know the man's part of the dance.

Jacob dances, a bit surprised by the foxtrot. But, then again, it's a fun challenge. He does his best to keep up with Esme, for whom this song is probably more familiar. "There's one you won't find on my MP3 player.", he smiles.
Esme falls easily into the steps of the dance that she's quite familiar with. "It's a very nice piece, actually, I suppose if I kept track of the music I listened to, this would be on my list," she offers as she effortlessly moves through the steps.

Rosalie laughs as she dances with sister, keeping up with her easily, and throwing in some extra steps to make it look all pretty and flashy.

Alice grins, easily following along with the added steps. At a dramatic moment in the music, she manages to dip Rose, making it look fairly effortless despite the fact that Rose was head and shoulders taller than her. She pulls her sister back to her.

Edward finishes dancing with whomever he was dancing with as he takes a moment, to step to the side and look over at his wife. He then begins to scan the crowd for his family to see what they are doing.
Rosalie is dipped, taking it in stride as she laughs with her sister. "You are far too good at this. It makes me question who wears the pants in your relationship with Jasper."

Jacob calls over, "That's an easy one — they both wear pants."

Carlisle can't help but laugh at the sight of his small pixie daughter dipping his other one. Standing off to the side alone for the moment, he just watches in silence.

Esme laughs, loudly, as she hears Jacob's comment. "If you'll excuse me, though, Jake," she gives as she steps away, giving Jake a smile before she moves towards her husband. "Hello, Dear, would you mind if I stole you away from the kids and danced with you?" she questions.

Alice giggles at Rosalie, amused at her comment. "Well.. we take turns, pretty much. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays Jazz gets the pants. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends, the pants are /mine/." She nods, still grinning.
The jaunty song winds down, to be replaced by another one, this time more recognizable. It seems to be "In The Mood", if the first few notes are telling.

Jacob laughs, "Does that mean if I come over on a Tuesday, Thursday or weekend, I have to see Jasper without pants?"

Edward 's lips curl into a soft smile as he watches his family. His eyes move over towards Jacob as he looks for his newest interest. He hmmms softly as he runs a hand through his hair.

Rosalie laughs at Alice, finally pulling away and giving her a formal curtsy as the music changes. "Thank you for the dance, dear sister."

Alice returns Rose's curtsy primly, though Jacob's comment catches her in mid-curtsy and she begins to giggle. "Yes, on those days Jazz wears kilts," she says with a grin as she straightens. She blows a kiss to her sister, "Anytime, Rosie. You're an excellent partner."

Carlisle smiles to his wife, "I'd be delighted." he heads to the dancefloor with his wife.

Esme smiles as she laces her hand with her husband's. "You're speech was wonderful, my beloved," she gives as she rests her hands upon her husband so that they can dance to this particular song.

Jacob smiles at his partner too. Handing her over to Carlisle smoothly, "Thank you for the dance, Esme." "You're so smooth…", he winks.

Rosalie moves off the dancefloor to wait off to the side. She looks around for Emmett, then shakes her head. Poor Edward. His car is going to be a mess.

Edward 's eyes fall on Rosalie as he smiles, and he begins to make his way towards his sister. He extends his hand to Rose and says, "May i have this dance sister?"

Carlisle excuses himself for a moment from the dance with his wife and waves his hand towards the director. Requesting a song in his ear he smiles as the song changes to 'At Last' a request for his wife. Walking towards her he pulls her close letting the world around them for the moment goto black.

Rosalie reaches out her hand for her brother, smiling softly. "I would be honored to dance with the groom." Her hand is placed in his, and she allows him to pull her out onto the dance floor.

Edward 's lips curl into a smile as he says softly, "Shall we show them how it is done."

Rosalie blinks at her brother, then beams at him. "Oh? You want to show off with me, do you?" Her voice lowers to a whisper. "We'll bury them."

Edward 's lips smile a bit brighter as he nods and says, "Well you know Mom and Dad are getting old." He takes her hand and places his second one on her waist. He begins to move with Rose around the floor in elegant and meaningful strides.

Carlisle excuses himself for a moment from the dance with his wife and waves his hand towards the director. Requesting a song in his ear he smiles as the song changes to 'At Last' a request for his wife. Walking towards her he pulls her close letting the world around them for the moment goto black.<repo>

Esme smiles as she nestles herself comfortably into her husbands arms, nestling her head upon his shoulder, a peaceful smile upon her face as she does. "What a perfect day," she gives with a sigh before she takes in a deep, pleasent breath, her eyes closing, trusting her husband to lead her.

"They are getting a little old, aren't they?" Rosalie moves close to him, taking up a perfect position to dance with Edward. She allows him to lead, watching his eyes for clues as to what he is going to do next. And together? They proceed to bury Esme and Carlisle.

Edward 's lines are elegant, as they make every attempt to dance better then Esme and Carlisle. He releases Rosalie and extends his arm above her head as he twirls her in a perfect figure 8.

Carlisle isn't in a contest right now with the dancing. Watching his wife he smiles brightly, "Perfect day with the perfect woman at my side." Dipping his wife backwards he kisses her throat before bringing her back upright.

Esme chuckles slightly. "Again, my love, I'm certain you have it the wrong way around, I have the perfect man at my side," she gives, her eyes opening wide as she's dipped, a light giggle coming from her as she's pulled upright. Her gaze settles upon her eldest children, who get a bright smile, though she's certainly not in any contest either, let them outshine her and her husband tonight.

Rose is on a contest though! She spins perfectly around Edward, even in her heels. She is actually grinning, laughing with him as they dance. Her steps are light, like she's floating.

As a laugh escapes his lips, he lifts Rosalie up off her feet, and pulls her close as her dress flutters around as he spins around once. He sets her down and dips her back. He looks down at his sister and says, "What you have done Bella I can't express in words Rose. I know we have had out differences and most likely will have more over the years yet….thank you for welcoming her into the family as you have. I was worried this was going to be hard for you today."

Carlisle spins his wife out and back towards him. "Let's go say goodbye to the guests that are departing," he kisses her lips dropping his hand to take her own.

Esme smiles as she watches her family, before returning her husband's kiss with a loving one of her own. "Of course, my dear," she gives with a nod of her head, twining her fingers around his and moving to say a farewell to the departing guests. As they pass the dancing siblings, she smiles a bright, pride filled, approving smile towards them.

Rosalie laughs as she is lifted into the air, blinking in surprise, then settling in closer to her brother as the dance continues. "You know me, Edward. There are some things I just don't show. There is no point to being morose today and ruining this for either of you. What is going to happen is going to happen…"

Edward brings her back up as the music ends, and smiles softly, "I am still grateful. With the next stage…its going to be hard on us all. I know your wisdom will help her in that."

Esme and Carlisle give their farewells to the guests before the couple return to their family, hands linked as they walk. They stand, watching Rose and Edward until the end of the dance. Esme's smile couldn't be broader as she watches.

Edward 's eyes move to Bella as he looks to Rose. "She will want to be changed after the honeymoon."

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