IC Time: May 18, 2007. Twilight
Location: State Park south of Forks
Synopsis: Emma starts negotiations with the Volturi.
Submitted by: Emma

"Want you take me to-funky town! Want you take me to-funky town!" Aldo Siferetti, Volturi Guardsman exits the treeline of the forest only to happen along the path that runs by the stream in these parts of Forks in what appears to be rather merry spirits. A little jig, he dances, struts, and moonwalks along the way, seemingly oblivious to anything else that might be going on in the area. "What? You don't like that song? It's a classic!" the vampire exclaims to no one, and shakes his head in disappointment as he releases a huff. "You're crazy… Alright, how about this one?" He clears his throat. "Some folks were born-maaade to wave the flag! Oooo that red white n' blue. But it ain't me-no it ain't meee! I ain't no senators son so-o-o-on.." He pauses again, and narrows his eyes, the grin that'd been firmly planted on his face faltering. "Jesus Christ, man… If it isn't David Hasselhoff, then you don't like it. You're impossible…"

There is another out in the forest today, Theresa is merely wandering, enjoying all the trees and plants that are around as she has a conversation or two with a few in the area. Her gaze slowly drifts over the path she is on while she takes in the scents as well, and she pauses as she picks up one and humms faintly. She tilts her head glancing one way and then another before she turns and starts to make her way towards where the scent of a certain wolf caught her attention. Another scent on the passing breeze back her cringe though, Aldo is around it seems. It doesn't take her long to hear him at least and she grumbles faintly to herself. A few flowers upon a tree that she walks back curl up upon themselves as they seem to feed off the sudden anger that escaped Theresa.

It doesn't take Emma long to figure out the scents aren't really travelling together. Deciding on approaching the male, she picks her way towards him, coming up behind him from the path, which she steps onto. She doesn't much like the other scent, recalling the civilized hostility from that female vampire. The direct anger driven male seems the easier of the two. She doesn't try and hide from Aldo as she steps onto the path behind him, far away to not be a thread, but also far enough for her to make the head start and easy lead if she chooses to run. "Hey!"

"It's not unuuusual to feel loved by anyone… It's not unusual to have fun with anyone! And when I see you hangin' around with anyone. Da da-dada. It's not unusual to see me cryyyy… I wanna die," Aldo sings, snapping his fingers as he continues to dance around, looking more than a little goofy. "You remember the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince? Man, I loved that show! I wish they'd listend to me when I suggested turning Will Smith… Volterra would be a lot more fun." That's when the voice of another reaches his ears, and with a deep breath he took in the scent of the werewolf. "Ahhhh…" he breathed, tilting his head as he glanced back over his shoulder, his crimson eyes coming to rest on Emma. "Well, hello there," he greets the dog, only to smile oh so broadly as a chuckle escapes him through closed teeth. "What can I do fer you today, little lady?" wonders the vampire, who clasps his hands together behind his back and slowly begins to approach. If he noticed that Theresa was there it didn't much show in the vampire's expression, nor his mannerisms.

Theresa has relaxed some by the time she actually catches sight of the pair, its takening a bit longer in walking though as she didn't want to go rushing onto the scene just yet it seems. She tilts her head once she sees them and pauses while a faint humm escapes her. "Well hello!" Is suddenly heard as she smiles and wavies towards the pair with a polite friendly tone. "My my.. Didn't expect anyone else wandering on through the forest today!"
Emma leans against a tree, folding her arms across her chest, watching Aldo approach. The smile on her face just begins to split her face as he keeps coming. Her eyes flick to Theresa with a 'Oh god. Not her.' look before returning to Aldo. "You can tell me where Abbey and Aset are, and not run away into the Ocean this time."

Aldo chuckles softly at Emma's question, and his shoulders shrug lightly. "Why would I run away this time? From what I can tell… You're out here alone. Please, you think I'd really tuck my tail between my legs if the odds were even?" The vampire continues to approach, moving to close the gap between the werewolf and himself as much as possible. A glance is sent toward Theresa, and the Guardsman sighs softly, shaking his head. /Figures, right? You finally get one of them alone and here comes Ms. Granny Panties…/ "I know right?" Aldo says aloud to the apparition that suddenly appears for his eyes only not far from Theresa. "Hey there… I don't need any back up you know," he calls out to the vampiress. "Though if you want to put on something skimpy and wave some pom poms, I wouldn't have a problem with it." Smiling more broadly, especially as he notices that Donovan is amused, Aldo returns his gaze to Emma. "Aset, and Abbey… Aset, and Abbey, yes… Yes, no.. Yes, wait……." The vampire strokes his chin lightly before shaking his head. "No, don't know where they are right now," he finishes with a still grin.

Theresa tilts her head while she glances from one to another, she lifts a brow as she hears Aldo and glares daggers at him. She has the sudden urge to make a tree fall on him, over and over again.. A slight chuckle escapes her while she glances around before moving over to a tree and jumps up with easy so she is sitting upon a branch, and she looks right at home. "Oh.. the wolves?" She suddenly questions, amusement seen dancing across her bright red eyes while they drift to rests on Emma. Seems she knows something.

You say, "Since when is a wolf ever alone?" She snorts, unfolding her arms and walks towards Aldo, coming to a stop face to face with him, still grinning. "Don't waste my time. Emma has other things to do." She ignores Aldo and peers past him, up into the tree. "Seems you are the one to talk to, and not…" She drops her gaze for a split second to Aldo "…Mr. Personality here."

Aldo chuckles softly at the daggers that he feels upon his back. Oh how he loved tormenting the more uptight members of the coven. "Yes, she would be the one that is more open to…talking," he agrees with Emma's assessment. "Though I've always said that mouth could be put to so many better uses," adds the vampire with a snicker. With Emma's gaze resting on the other vampire, Aldo decides it is time to move, and move he does. In a blur of speed the male vampire quickly circles around behind the werewolf, and his whip is quickly unfurled and given a swift swing toward her legs in an attempt to capture them. "Yeeehaa!"

Theresa hums faintly while she shrugs and tilts her head. "Oh.. I might.. Aldo acts like a child to many times. He tends to be kept out of the loop.. Which is why he is in trouble at the moment actually." Ok,so he isn't but she can make him think he is. She lets her gaze rests on Emma. "Are you Emma by the way?" Is questioned now. "I've been sent to speak with you.." The movement from Aldo is picked up and she just blinks. "Aldo! Stop.. She is not to be harmed.." Unless she needs too that is..

Emma still remembers how to jump rope. She turns to follow the vampire, not quite as fast as he is in this form, but fast enough to catch site of the whipe coming at her legs. And while he might be fast, the whip isn't nearly as fast as Aldo. She grins, and skips with one leg, then the other, unfolding her arms in the process preparing herself for the next round, keeping her eye on the whip more so than Aldo. "Don't make Emma take off a piece of you."

A whip is only as fast as the hand that commands it, but apparently Emma's guard was up a lot better than the vampire had expected. Theresa's words, coupled with Emma's dodging of the whip seems to cause Aldo's eyes to narrow slightly, though he smirks at the werewolf's words. "I'd like to see you try," he says, and for emphasis the whip is swung toward the werewolf yet again, but as he does so he throws his body forward to try and tackle her to the ground as well. Not to be harmed, maybe, but Aldo wasn't listening if that is the case.

Theresa blinks and smirks faintly before shakeing her head at the side, a faint sigh escapes her. "Maybe it will teach him a good lesson.." If another wolf tears his other arm off maybe? She doesn't say that though because she doesn't know about that little part after all. For the moment she just hands back and watches.

Emma loses her smile in an instant. Leaning forward and leaping towards Aldo, space erupts outwards and she gains mass, her clothing exploding into confetti as a growl erupts only briefly from a human throat and instantly transforms into in inhuman snarl as she uses both the momentum of her shifting, and its added mass to her advantage and meets Aldo head on, jaws snapping at his throat.

/That's more like it, Aldo. Now, be quick about it less she make you dinner!/ Aldo didn't need Donovan to tell him that, and as the wolf pounces toward him he throws an arm instinctively before him so that Emma's jaws have something other than the flesh of his neck to clamp down on. The werewolf's momentum and mass throw him to his back, and a soft grunt escapes upon impact. "Stupid wolf," he snarls, and is quick to try the same tactic that he'd used on Abbey when she had done much the same as Emma. So predictable, these wolves, always going for the throat… The whip is deftly moved to try and wrap around the creature's neck to secure her against him tightly.

Theresa sighs as she watches the two. "Dammit.." Is said while she shifts on the branch, her hands folding in front of her. "Can you try not to kill her?.. Caius and Aro have quesions for her.." Perhaps that will keep Aldo from killing he wolf. Still she watches curiously at the sight of the fight before her.

Emma doesn't stop moving, she's done this before and is likely thinking the same thing as Aldo. Stupid Vampire. So Predictable. Letting her momentum carry her past Aldo she immediately twists around already snapping at the hand wielding the whip her legs bunching and already beginning to reverse her momentum in the other direction about to begin picking off pieces of the prone vampire one chunk at a time, if necessary, still moving.

Aldo releases the whip from his grip as the jaws snap toward the hand wielding it. These Children of the Moon were every bit as dangerous as he'd been told, and ever since his fight with Abbey and Aset had left him more than a little injured he'd been itching for a rematch of sorts. With another deft movement, Aldo's hand slips into the left cuff of his sportscoat and a serrated knife is quick to join the fight. The first swipe catches him off guard, and a squirt of venom stains the grass, but the second attack he is ready for and it is met with a slashing of the knife toward one of the wolf's four legs. "C'mon, dog! Gimme your best!"

Emma lets her momentum take her past Aldo again, not even whimpering as the knife catches one leg with a slash, her jaws are aiming for the ankle she's passing in an attempt to firmly grasp it in her jaws and use her momentum and mass as a fulcrum as she twists and comes to a stop to sling the vampire into the woods off the side of the trail, hopefully slamming him into a tree.

Aldo laughs, "Ha-ha!" as the knife slices into one of Emma's legs, and he seems to be getting a handle on the fight just when her fangs clamp down onto his ankle. Narrowing his eyes as his entire body winces, and a hand lashes out to grab hold of the fur of Emma's neck. The momentum carries, as planned by the Child of the Moon, and he does go flying into the woods, but not without violently ripping a tuft of fur from the lowly dog. Beneath his speed and weight a smaller treep is snapped like a twig before a larger one stops him cold and his body slumps to the ground at the tree's roots. "Ow…"

Theresa watches the two before she shakes her head and takes in a unusable breath of air. Her eyes suddenly narrow while her hands grip at the tree branch she is upon. For a few moments nothing is heard or felt before a few trees sound like they are 'groaning'. Roots appear from the ground, a few moving quickly to try and grab hold of Aldo's and then Emma's legs, while others curl upon the ground to make it impossible to move without tripping over them it seems. "Now.. Will the children please stop?" She questions with a suddenly thin tone, her eyes seeming to glow greeen for a few moments if either of them bother looking at her.

Emma promptly sits on her haunches yelping once. She's more amused than hurt though, her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth lolling, ears perked as she regards Aldo. Yeah, she's laughing. She retrieves her tongue and growls, still on her haunches. The message is pretty clear and is along the lines of 'Had enough?'. She was going to trot over to Aldo's whip and chew on it a bit before the trees started interfering. With a shimmer, Emma goes from four, to two feet, not getting too much taller in the process, however. "What the fuck?" She stares angrily at the trees, then at Theresa as she speaks. Nudity doesn't seem to bother Emma one bit.

Aldo chuckles softly as he returns Emma's gaze, and his smile broadens considerably more when he receives that unspoken message that seems to relay one of his own. He hadn't come here to kill her, and while Theresa may think that he is in trouble back at Volterra for some reason… Phase one of his mission has finally come to an end as he finds himself bound by the roots of the tree. "Ahhh, Theresa.. Let me go this instant, or else I am going to let Caius know that you are quick to use your strengths on your own," he says with a grin sent toward the vampiress. It's not as if he hasn't done the same in the past, but…that was different. "Let me go right now. I promise not to…kill the stupid wolf."

"You made the trees mad." Theresa says while she jumps down with ease and grace. She smooths out her clothing before she starts to move towards Emma, her bright gaze settled upon hers as her arms fold neatly in front of her. The roots start to go back under ground as she relaxes though. "Now.. Caius and Aro have sent me here to speak with you Emma.. I'm Theresa of the Volturi Guard. Caius said you would be willing to trade yourself for your little friends.. He wants to know why." A gaze is sent towards Aldo and she eyes him thinly. "Tell him.. I will tell Aro that you nearly killed the wolf that he wants to speak with." She states while the roots suddenly tighten there hold on Aldo, in other words she has you, Aro beat Caius.. HAR. She lets Aldo deal with that thought for a few moments before the roots let him go as well and slink back into the ground as if they was never there. While she doesn't know of Aldo's mission she is on one of her own, one that Aro sent her on infact.

Theresa has her attention now. "I'm far more useful, that's why." Emma doesn't move from her spot, though she does eye the whip mischievously for just a moment. "Unlike Abbey and Aset, I can hear all wolves, not just my pack." The wound on her leg is already closing, the remaining and healing scar not visible where wet blood still slowly oozes down her leg. "Send them back and I will help the Volturi locate Children of the Moon around the world."

Aldo growls at Theresa's words, and pulls against the roots of the trees even as they tighten around him. "You little witch, you let me go right now!" he snaps, eyes narrowing dangerously, though for whatever reason the grin on his face seems reluctant to move. "You have no idea of what you're doing… I wasn't going to kill her. That was not my intention at all," he explains, breathing a sigh as he slumps back against the tree trunk. Donovan appears then in a flash, and takes a seat beside Aldo. /This is why upper management should fill more of you blokes in on the grand scheme of things…/ "I know, right? But…again, maybe what she's doing is another part of the plan…" /Maybe so, but it does not matter. You have what you came for, so we just need to get out of here without losing that and we're all set../ the apparition notes into Aldo's ear as he points to the tuft of fur still clutched within the visible vampire's grip.

Theresa hums faintly at this and nods a moment while she takes out a card holder and pulls a fancy pink with pale blue flowers on it card out and hands it to Emma. "This is my phonenumber.. Give me a call tomorrow. I must speak with Aro about this." A glance is offered towards Aldo as she hears him watching him a few moments before offering a sweet smile. "My dear Aldo.. I would never harm you." Unless told to that is. "I'm on a mission and so are you.. An if you wasn't going to kill her then why did you attack her?" She doesn't expect an answer from him though. "Call me later.. We can go hunting alright?"


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