Wolf Baiting

IC Time: May 18th, 2007
Location: The Meadow
Synopsis: Meeting in the Clearing.
Submitted by: Helena

So its late evening in the woods outside forks and there is a woman walking through the treeline, visiting this ground where she was taken once before for her first phase, her first hunt. The moon is but a thin sliver of waxing moon over head so the area remains dark. "She said to practice…to experiment…" She mutters to herself as she looks out into the meadow. "I shouldn't be here…this is ridiculous, I don't have to be this…" She continues to mutter as she paces a short path along the tree line.

What happened to the wolves staying in La Push? That's what Lilly is wondering as she's a blur of speed as she races through the trees. Into the meadow she suddenly bursts out, her run coming to a trot, before this Newborn is simply walking along the meadow now, her hair tied up in a high ponytail for once, keeping some order to her locks for her late night run. Nothing is spoken yet from her as she approaches the wolf.

Aldo is not far from the meadow, having decided to perch himself high into the trees encircling the less dense space. Swinging upside down like a bat, his legs wrap around the thick branch that he'd been seated upon for most of the evening, and his crimson orbs decided to glance out into the night at the sounds and scents that would reach his nose with the arrival of this new company. /Hey, there's your girlfriend../ Donovan was right next to Aldo, imaginary as ever, hanging upside down beside him. "She's not my girlfriend. She's just a girl, stupid." /Yeah, but you want her to be./ "Shut up, Donnie… You're an idiot." /Takes one to know one./ "…I hate you." Donovan snickers, and then notices something else and his gaze quickly shoots into the direction of the other scent. /Another wolf… Two in one day! How's that for luck?/ the imaginary friend offers with a sly grin forming on his face. Aldo looks toward Helena as well, his eyes squinting to try and catch a better glimpse. "Interesting… Lets see what happens."

Two newborns in the clearing, one vampire one wolf. Interesting indeed. Helena's little battle with herself comes to an abrupt hald as she catches the scent of the vampire. She does not have the reaction perhaps her kind should have, no violen changing or growls, she simply steps back into the treeline. Her gaze sharpens though as she looks curiously to the woman in the clearing. Her boss is a Vampire, surely they are just as tortured as her, figuring out their place in the world. Though alarm bells are ringing as Lilly gets closer.

"Hello?" No malice is Lilly's words, just a simple greeting as she stops in he middle of the clearing. There is a flaring of her nostrils as she inhales deep, maybe catching Aldo's scent, or maybe not. But there is a light quirk of her lips as she begins to walk lightly towards the treeline. "I don't mean you harm wolf, just enjoying the night. You're free to enjoy it as well, you know." A fast blur as she plucks a dandelion, before lifting it and rolling it against her lips as she waits for a reply.

/So, who do you put your money on? I'd say… Your girlfrien-/ "What the hell, Donnie?" /…Sorry. The chick you are hitting on cuz you want a piece is a Newborn, but the other one is a wolf, and you know what that means…/ "Yeah, I know pretty well what that means. It doesn't look like there's gonna be much of a fight though… Look at her," Aldo states, his eyes squinting a bit as he watches with a hint of disapproval. Donnie quirks a brow, and then 'hums' to himself before offering a sound nod. /You're right, she might be conspiring with the enemy. We should take her out before she becomes a problem./ Aldo chuckles softly at that, and shakes his head. "No, she's more fun alive…" /Uh huh../ The vampire duo, one real, one imaginary continue to watch in anticipation of what's to come.

Helena pauses in her silent retreat and tilts her head, her own nostrils flaring at the scent. She smells different, sharper than Carlisle. Her nose twitches before she steps slowly out of the treetline. An athletic figure she is, slim and trim in a tracksuit and joggers, and a backpack. "I was just about to leave, just…out for a run." Helena says uncertaintly as she looks over the woman before lifting her head as she catches the other scent and her body tenses as she tries to pin point the source.

"That's my friend," Lilly simply speaks to Helena, perhaps having smelled Aldo. "My name is Lilly, I have never seen you around here before… and I know most of the wolves that don't stick to La Push… but you're not Native American, are you?" A twirling of the dandelion, the Newborn's healthy crimson eyes looking at the flower, then back to Helena. "What's your name?"

Aldo scoffs at Donovan, and with a swift motion he drops from the tree he'd been hanging from and lands perfectly straight upon his feet. With a light brush of his sleeve, and a readjusting of his hat the vampire turns his back and begins to walk away from the meadow. Donovan is quickly behind Aldo, whose hands have set standoffishly into his pockets. /W-w-wha? Wait a minute, man… You're just gonna leave?/ Aldo doesn't reply to the apparition as he continues on his way, a tight smirk upon his face now. Donnie wanted to stick around, and walking away was torture for his invisible half.

There is confusion evident on Helena's face as she sees the colour of the woman's eyes, and she lowers herself just slightly, as if to go into a crouch. "I am not native american…" She replies a bit breathily as she looks over the woman before she glances toward where Aldo dropped out of the tree and tilts her head curiously. Her stance goes lower for a moment, lips raising as if in automatic reaction before Lilly's simple question distracts her. "I am…" She looks around behind her, to the sides , feeling suddenly vulnerable and exposed.

A shifting of her form comes, just the slighest bit when Aldo jumps down from the tree. Lilly does not take her red eyes off of the wolf, but she does turn her head to the side a bit when she hears his footsteps moving away. "Don't leave," she speaks in a normal voice, but Aldo should have no trouble picking it up in the otherwise still night. Back to Helena she looks once more as her attention refocuses, "You are…?"

/You hear that? She wants you to stay./ Donovan says quickly as the ghost rests a hand on Aldo's shoulder, causing the vampire to pause in his step and glance over at the fingers that curl there. "So what? She can take care of herself." /What if she can't?/ Aldo scoffs at that, rolling his eyes. "Why're you talking to me like I care all of a sudden?" /You do though, at least a little bit. We both know that./ Aldo laughs at that and swats the invisible hand from his shoulder before turning swiftly back into the direction of the meadow. "I'm going back, but it's only because it's one and a half votes to one.."

Helena seems confused and divided and she looks over her shoulder as if looking for someone, hoping someone would arrive. She finally looks back to Lilly, trying to straighten up from the crouch. "Helena." She finally says simply as she looks to the woman across from her, her body tense now, growing more tense as Aldo approaches. Instincts warring with control. Her lips move in silent words though they may be heard by sensitive ears. /silicon, argon, xenon…/ reciting the periodic table.

Vampire ears are indeed sensitive, and Helena recieves a perk of Lilly's brow to her recitations. "When I was in school," she idly begins, "I remember I made good grades. I did not have very many friends though… I suppose you could have said I was with the smart crowd." A flash of a grin to Helena at this, before she finally looks away from the wolf over her shoulder to the approaching Aldo, a smile to the man… perhaps a little teasing before she looks back to the wolf. "I don't remember much else than that. I should start a diary."

"Smart AND sexy crowd, though…" Aldo offers after a rush of speed brings him into the meadow faster than his previously steady pace could have hoped to. "Where I come from those were the very first people I jumped to make friends with," he comments with a smirk. He doesn't much look to Helena for the moment, approaching Lilly instead only to walk behind her. The Guardsman moves a hand to the vampiress' hip in passing, and after a moment's rest his hand slides along to her lower back before dropping to his side where his thumb hooks inside of his pants pocket. Then with his head tilted downward, and the rim of his hat hiding his eyes slightly from view Aldo peers at Helena beneath the rim. "You're kinda cute…for a wolf," he notes with a grin. /Yeah, that is a nice bod… Shame it had to go to waste, eh?/

Helene definately seems like someone perched on the edge of a knife and unsure which way to turn. So just balancing in the middle. Helena glances curiously at the woman and slowly nods, "Yes..remember who you are…now what you are." She says in a soft voice, a harsh bitter edge to it. She glances briefly up to the sliver of moonlight before looking back. As Aldo swiftly approaches she takes a few steps back and lowers to a half crouch again before she straightens. Instinct warring with her manners and self control. "And you are quite rude for a vampire.

A soft laugh comes from Lilly to Aldo's touching of her form, one of her hands snaking around to her lower back as well to press her fingers into his passing hand briefly before stopping. Then back to Helena she looks, a cant of her head to the wolf, "You remember who I was when I was mortal? Don't weep for me, I love being what I am…" and indeed, her crimson eyes tell the tale of that. A glance to the side to Aldo, then back to Helena. "He is rude, isn't he? I should take him to Rosalie, she would get a kick out of his rudeness. Make me look like an Angel. She would probably comment on a fit pairing between Aldo and myself, were we to pair."

Aldo already had met Rosalie, and the interaction went pretty much as well as expected. She kneed him in his man-bits…and it was totally worth it. At Helena's words, Aldo offers a soft laugh, but doesn't stop there. Bending at the waist, he dips low in a bow as as his hands gracefully extend at his sides in a grandiose gesture. "Why thank you, darlin'… I do try to put my most brusque face forward. For some of us living forever can make you appreciate the more direct approach to matters," he notes with a wink. Looking to Lilly then, the male vampire breathes a laugh. "You think so? Surely, you couldn't possibly be as bad as me…" he offers in teasing before Donovan picks up on something else. /Look at the wolf… She seem like she's freaking out to you? Kinda funny, no?/ "Something the matter with you, wolf-babe?" Aldo wonders as his gaze shifts back to the werewolf and a wider grin tugs at his mouth. "You look…uncomfortable."

The question from Lilly rocks her slightly, blinking as old memories try to connect with the woman before her. "Lilly Carrere?" Helena asks with uncertainty of the woman before she takes a step back. At least Helena still looks like herself, but these red eyed creatures…something about them keeps unsettling Helena in ways she doesn't fully understand. They are not like her Mentor and Boss somehow. Her gaze darts around the clearing anxiously before she looks at Aldo again, "No…fine…I should go." What did Emma say, run…don't fight. She closes her eyes against her own divided mind, murmuring more elements to herself as if trying to overcome her errent thoughts in some weird form of meditation.

Lilly can't help but to roll her eyes at Aldo, he's just so… eyerollable. Still twirling that dandelion in her fingers, she takes an inhaling of the scent, letting it play around her heightened senses before exhaling. That flower is then tucked in her hair near her ear, nothing like a Newborn with a flower fetish. When Helena speaks her birthname, the amusement seems to fade from her face as she regards the wolf a little bit more, with a bit more keenessin her eyes. "Yes. But I am not here, I ran away with my boyfriend." A glance to Aldo as her hand in suddenly in his own as she offers it a squeeze, "That's what I told the police. It better remain that way."

Aldo grows more amused by the moment as he watches Helena, the wolf's obvious uncertainty and discomfort causes him to shake his head. "I really wish I'd run into you instead of that other one from earlier today." he offers with a light tsk. /Would've made things a lot easier most likely, right? Doesn't matter though, got what you had come for…/ "Yeah…" Aldo replies to the apparition out loud, lucky enough that the response fit at least somewhat with his previous words. "Oh, so soon?" he wonders, lifting a brow toward the wolf. "You look so cute in your track pants… Why don't you stick around for a while? I'm sure we can figure out all manner of aerobic exercises between the three of us," the vampire offers before looking to Lilly as he suddenly realizes his hand has been grabbed. "Uh… Boyfriend? When did we talk about this?" /It's cover you moron./ "I mean, yeah… You and me babe," Aldo corrects himself with a clearing of his throat and he smiles oh so brightly back to Helena.

"Of …of course." It is not that Helena sounds nervous, but uncertain. She is but weeks old to this life and well she is still working things out. At the faint threat Helena nods slowly, "Of course, it is probably easier that way. It is a complicated thing to explain." Oh, I won't be around for a few days, I am going to be wolfing about the place. Her gaze perks up at Aldo hopefully as he mentions another one, "Which other?" She asks in a sharp voice, a low growl coming to her throat that she cuts short. She raises a lip at his words as she glares at him, "I rather think I am not up to your kind of athletics."

Lilly continues to hold Aldo's hand, why not, in fact the Newborn has idly started to swing it in a carefree fashion. A smirk to Aldo's fumbling over calling him her boyfriend, before she looks back to Helena. "Aldo, you never told me if we had to be all stealthy like is gathering the items, or if we could take it forcefully." How cryptic as her eyes stay in an unblinking state on Helena's own, then "I'm happy now. It was rough at first, but now I'm happy." A glance sideways to Aldo at this, then back to the wolf, "And just ignore him, he flirts with anything. I saw him once kissing up an arm of a tree."

/Oh snap, did she just dog you?/ Donovan blinks as the apparition leans forward to steal a glance at Lilly. /Maybe she is your type… Probably smarter than you too./ Aldo winces lightly at that, casting a glare toward the unseen figment of his imagination. Returning Lilly's glance then, the vampire chuckles softly and gives her hand a squeeze that's just a little bit more than light, looking to the wolf thereafter. "Oh, just some nobody… Can't remember her name exactly. Think it starts with an 'E'… Might be the same as a James Bond character. I think I thought of those movies when I first read it," Aldo offers with a light shrug of his shoulders, and then he looks back to Lilly with a grin. "It was a hot tree… Don't act like you didn't notice those stems."

Helena looks with a curiosity to Lilly, "I…yes, it is rough…" And she hasn't even been through her first full moon yet. "Not so happy though, I would have rathered things the way they were." She continues before Aldo's response meets her ears and there is definately a reaction to them. Her eyes widen a touch and she slowly lowers to a half crouch again, "Where is my…where is Emma?" She asks sharply to the man, "Was she alright?"

A small hiss comes from her when Aldo squeezes her hand a little more firmly, but then the Newborn just squeezes his right on back to where it would turn the bones to dust on any mortal person. A glance to Aldo now, "I think I'm going to have Caius make us roomates. They should probably remove anything breakable though, cause I'll be kicking your ass all the time…" A glare to the male vampire at this, before she just suddenly grins at him before it finally turns into a soft smile. "Oh. By the way. Alexander is in. He's coming." A wink to Aldo at this before her attention once more turns back to Helena. "Emma? Have I met her? I don't recall. Someone tasted like sour chicken."

Aldo lifts his free hand and snaps his fingers, "Emma! That's right, that was it. Yeah, she's fine… She's a fiesty one too, we had a good tumble. Shits and giggles, you know? Good time." His hand is squeezed then, and Aldo tightens his jaw as he releases a soft grunt. "Ooooh-hohoho," he chuckles out through his clenched teeth, looking again to the vampiress. "You say that like I wouldn't enjoy it.. You know I like it when you take control," he offers with a smug expression and a wink is then offered. Donovan's brow furrows a bit, and the apparition appears again on Lilly's far side. /Alexander is coming? Thats just great… I thought we were going to get to kick his butt./ Aldo doesn't seem to mind so much, or at least it doesn't show more than with the slightest of sighs. "The more the merrier…"

Helena takes a step back as she watches the pair, listening to the interplay between them. Seeing them so settled in her new life. Enjoying it. It doesn't sit right with her it is clear. At the mention of someone tasting like something, Helena tenses, a low growl coming from her throat and a sorta shimmer seems to pass over her but passes as she hisses her mantra, "You kill people? You…grew up here Lilly…how can you even think of murdering people at all much less your neighbors?" She asks with a growl in her voice. She is slowly backing away in that low crouch. "Did you hurt her?" She says in a deep voice, anger rising within her.

Lilly lifts Aldo's hand to her mouth, a sharp bite from the Newborn to the other vampire as she smirks at him. Then Helena speaks her words and the Newborn turns her crimson eyes back on the wolf as she just stares at the female for a while. A silent, silent stare, and then, "I do not think about the killing, just the blood.. the blood." A soft, almost sensual sigh from her at this, "You will understand, one of these days. Even if you're not a vampire." Did who hurt who? Lilly thinks Helena must be speaking to Aldo, for she doesn't speak anything more.

Aldo's jaw drops as his hand is bitten, and a soft hiss flows from him though he looks thoroughly amused in spite of the pain. "Hey now…" he starts before giving the vampiress' hand a firm pull, opting to bring her against him. If this works, he moves his free hand to quickly encircle her waist and capture her against him. "Remember what happens when you decide to get frisky…" he notes, and slowly does his grin widen before he wets his lips, and there is a light waggling of his eyebrows. When Helena asks again about Emma, Aldo turns his gaze from Lilly and then chuckles as he gives a light shake of his head. "Of course not, no…" The male vampire scoffs. "No.." Another scoff followed by a fuller chuckle. "Sort of, a little bit.."

Helena's heart rate has been increasing in this conversation, her breath quickening. There is obvious disaproval for Lilly now. "It's murder, I will never understand that. I am a doctor, even HE restrains himself." Helena growls at Lilly, stepping back lower. The shimer running over her skin again and Helena shakes her head, trying to fight it off. She starts to relax as Aldo denies any harm to Emma, though she is still backing away. THen when he says he does, well the control weakens considerably, "Where is she?" She growls, the voice growing graveling, her gaze sharpening. Her hands tighten into fists, trembling against the change that is fighting to take over.

"Did you get what you needed to get Aldo? I bet we could get some now if we wanted to… and yes, I remember what happens when we get frisky… I pull off your hand…" There is no fight against him pulling her against Aldo's own form, Lilly's temple moving to rest lightly on his shoulder as she just watches Helena's body movement. At the fact that she murders people, the Newborn simply shrugs, "They are food."

Aldo takes in a breath, and his tongue runs over his fangs briefly as venom begins to flow within his mouth which he swallows back in anticipaiton of what may come of Helena's irritability. "Looks like we're not the only one's getting frisky… Do you have something to say to me, wolf? Have something that you want to…do? You certainly look like you do," he notes, and a chuckle that is almost a cackle flows easily from the male vampire, and his hand upon Lilly's lower back begins to rub in circles before exploring farther south of the equator. The picture that is painted before Helena is one of sin, sins of the flesh and of the generally dark-hearted, as Aldo leans his head so that it lays atop Lilly's and his crimson gaze focuses on the wolf. He seems to be enjoying himself, enjoying baiting the Newborn werewolf with every passing moment.

Helena is back up with each step closer to the woods, though each step seems to grow harder and harder as she starts to lose control of herself. These were the kind her maker warned her off and one of them hurt her. Her fingers tighten into her fists, nails biting into flesh, hoping the pain will distract her anger. "I am Helena." She hisses as she is referred to as a wolf. "I am a Doctor." Yes it is clear she is not happy with what she has become, is becoming. Her jaw tightens as she looks at the pair in disgust, "If she is harmed…" She growls the start of a threat though her voice faulters and she drawns her arms to her chest as if she could hold in the transformation.

Lilly moves to wrap her arms around Aldo's waist now, hugging his form lightly to her own. If his hand strays, she either doesn't notice, or doesn't care as her red eyes remain transfixed on the wolf. When Helena steps back, she moves to step forward and to take him with her. "We hurt her," she simply states openly to Helena as her lips give a quirk. "We are going to test on her, and hurt her some more. But you're not going to stop us, are you? You can't even shift. You're just a mortal."

Aldo offers a light nod to Helena as he lifts his head from Lilly's, "If she is harmed, what are you going to do? Really now… You're just a silly girl who is in way over her head.." the male offers with a smirk, and he begins to move forward with Lilly still in his embrace. The way that their bodies glide forward together unhindered at all by their proximity might be awe inspiring, if not a little eerie as well. "Look at you… Right here and now are so afraid. Backing away, crouched low to the ground.. I can smell your fear, Doctor," Aldo states, and he takes a deep breath in through his nose. "Mmmm…" he exhales then, lifting one of his hands to Lilly's cheek and then a thumb to lightly brush along her bottom lip. "You can smell it too, can't you? Almost as good as a healthy adolescent O negative," he muses with a smile.

There are things calling to her that even Helena doesn't understand. The call of the pack. Overlayed with that is guilt at not offering to help her maker, her pack leader. She practically disowned the girl, the life that she now must lead. Because of her…Emma was taken. A snarl comes from her throat and she tilts her head back with a scream that is almost eerily like a howl. Her control has never been really tested except against herself. Never been probed and prodded at. Their taunting finally hits the mark and Helena phases into her wolf form, going through each part of her phase. Woman, Shewolf, wolf. What remains standing is in oversized dark shaggy wolf, what was left of her clothes in pieces around her. She snaps at the air in front of her growling but staying low to the ground, defensive still. She finally moves, not forward, but in an arch around the pair, growling low in her throat.

Turning her face a bit more into Aldo's touch, there is a brief moment when the Newborn is distracted, seeming to daze off into nothingness before her eyes flick back to Helena. And then she shifts, and Lilly gives a squealing glee of triumph as her lips press firmly to Aldo's own for a brief moment before breaking away. "Let's roll," comes her husky whisper to her male counterpart as her arms slip free from his form. Lilly, sweet little barely even sixteen year old Lilly now makes to cover the rear of the werewolf, letting Aldo deal with the fangs of Helena.

Aldo grins braodly, seeming to be oh so proud of himself when he sees the good Doctor transform into her more beastial self. "That a girl," he says, and then looks to Lilly as if to share the smile with her. He blinks then as she steals a kiss, and a laugh flows from the male at that. "Lets," he replies to the vampiress with a sound nod before leaping away from her once she withdraws her arms. In a crouch, Aldo moves a hand to the whip at his side and smiles brightly at the werewolf. "C'mon puppy… Keep those eyes right here," he tells what was once Helena, and cracks the whip loudly for emphasis. "I'm starting to get used to playing with your kind."

Helena eyes are on Aldo that is for sure, she counted him the bigger threat. The one that hurt Emma. The one that hurt her only pack member, her alpha. Even in her reasoned mind these essential instinctual truths, things she has been fighting. She is Helena, She is a doctor. One thing she refused to accept, these have forced her to. She is a werewolf. Alas she is a rather new and inexperienced one, with little practice in this form. Emma did tell her to practice, to experiment, but she fought it. The whip startles Helena and she gives a barking growl at the man, crouching low but keeping his eyes focused on him. She darts in to snap at him, though backs out before getting too close.

Helena isn't the only one who's darting and snapping… for Lilly suddenly makes to pounce upon Helena's back if she manages. It's clear that the Newborn isn't out to seriously hurt Helena… no… but she is ripping at the fur of the wolf, trying to take out handfuls of the coarse fur. And her mouth? Well, Lilly means to draw blood, and with such her face burries into the flank of the wolf.

This is exactly what he'd been hoping for, though it seems that when it comes to these wolves he actually did require a bit of back up if the mission was anything other than a simple kill order. Lilly took perfect advantage of the distraction that he'd presented, and as soon as he notices the Newborn rushing in Donovan is quick to appear beside Aldo, pointing at the wolf. /Hurry up and move in! Secure that trap of hers before she decides to start using it!/ The apparition didn't need to tell Aldo twice, and with a blur of motion he darts forward to try and do exactly that. If things went well both he and Lilly would escape without a scratch. If they went poorly…well, he didn't want to think about that.

Helena is taken by surprise by the newborn, yelping as the hair is pulled from her back, turning her head to try to snap at Lilly, before the motions of Aldo catches her attentions and she tries to charge him, but she is weighed down by the creature on her back. As the fangs sink into her shoulder she gives another howling yelp, trying to shake the newborn off. Caught in between distractions of Aldo and the pain in her shoulder. «EMMA!» She screams in her mind though noone can here her. As Aldo tries to tie of her mouth she snaps at his hands, perhaps scoring a bite before the leather is around her muzzle.

Lilly makes fast work of the task. Once her teeth has laid purchase in Helena's shoulder, the Newborn is drawing out a -huge- mouthful of her blood, to where her cheeks are all poofy. Helena managed to cut deep into Lilly's cheek, but she does not let go of her bite just yet. With another handful of hair, Lilly simply jumps backwards off of the wolf, skipping a bit to give her clearance. She can't talk now, holding that precious blood oh so carefully in her mouth as not to swallow or spill it, as her eyes move to Aldo, trying to make contact with the other vampire.

Aldo growls as his hand is bitten into, and once again he finds that dealing with wolves will always grant one an injury or two no matter what the odds are against. Venom splashes upon the meadow floor, and once the whip is secured around Helena's jaws he gives her a sharp hiss as his expression turns to one of anger. Quickly enough the male finds an outlet for the rage that had welled up inside due to being the victim of yet another wolf bite, and with a secured head he balls his newly injured hand into a fist and throws his strength behind a single punch for her noggin. "Lets get out of here!" he calls to Lilly, having not caught her gaze as his is not yet ready to leave the female wolf less she quickly make him regret it…

Helena struggles with the bonds she finds herself in, her eyes going white around the edges with fear. There are whimpers against the burning pain in her shoulder even if its already starting to heal. When the newborn leaps off her back she tries to rear up, only to be met by the unexpected fist of Aldo meeting her skull and she drops down in a floppy heap in the field. Strength is definately not in her skill set. Speed is, but the silly bint didn't use it to run away as Emma instructed.

The Newborn doesn't have to be told twice, and she's instantly a blur of speed as she's moving from the forest. There is a look over her shoulder to Helena, a bit apologetic at what had to be done… but then she's looking for Aldo, her hands fisted full with wolf hair, as is her mouth full of the blood. Good thing it wasn't human blood, or it would instead be in her stomach.

Aldo lets Helena's body drop, and watches the fallen wolf for a moment just to make sure that she won't be getting up in the next instant only to chase after them. Those wolves…they were extremely fast, but it was a good thing that this one didn't know how to use her strengths to her advantage. "Be seein' ya, Doc," Aldo offers with a smirk before turning in a blur to follow after the Newborn. They'd gotten the pieces that they needed, and all that was left was to frame the wolves for the murders… Ain't life grand? "Lilly, baby, you are beeeautiful!" the Guardsman calls after the vampiress as they leave Helena to her recovery.

In those moments Helena's body heals itself and she transforms back to her human form, still in shock over the night's events. A naked woman alone in the middle of the field. She stays curled up in a little ball for some time before she finally crawls over to the backback to retrieve spare clothes and hightailing it back to town.

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