Time's A Changing

IC Time: May 18th, Afternoon
Location: Cullen House/ Borderline
Synopsis: Bella's last days as a human and what led up to her Change.
Submitted by: Bella

Things have been decidedly quiet on the western front, or whichever direction Bella and Edward's room is. They had their night and it seems that will be it. Bella even went out to have lunch with her parents before Renee left today and is only just now returning. Upon seeing the wreck the guardian sped the rest of the way up to the house. She is out of her car and into the house quick as a shot, stumbling over the doorway as she comes in "Carlisle! Esme!" She calls out in a panicked voice.

Esme should appear entirely panicked as she makes her way down the stairs, upon hearing Bella's cry. "It's okay, Bella," she gives gently as she moves to pull her daughter into a light hug. "Your father just got into a minor accident, but he's fine," is noted with a slight nod of her head. Good thing Bella hadn't seen Esme at the moment that she showed up on the scene.

Bella is quick into Esme's arms, not bothered by the pressure on her bruises in her worry. "But how did he get in a wreck in the first place?" She asks in a panic as she looks up to her mother. She is used to the dexterity and surity of her family while driving no doubt. "What happened?" She asks breathlessly.

Esme gently holds Bella, taking care not to cause her bruises to bruise. "It's okay, Bella," she shushes, she's had her time to get over the panic… and probably break a few things in between. "I think he just wasn't expecting the deer, Bells," she gives, only now remembering that they'd left his car, and the deer out on the road.

Bella looks up at Esme's face as if trying to guage if she is telling the truth, "Really truely?" She asks in a voice that makes her seem like a small child for a moment, the concern evident in the phrase. She takes a breath and embraces Esme as tight as she dares before releasing her once more. "I just never…everyone just drives so sure. Edward doesn't even watch the road half the time."

Esme nods and rubs her hand along Bella's arm for a moment, before loosening her grip on her daughter. "Really truely, Bella. He's fine, trust me," the last two words can be taken in more ways than one, but it's all in good ways. "That, that may have been the problem. I don't know exactly what happened, Bella, I was out at the Line."

Bella finally starts to relax, though her heart is still racing. "Well good…the car looks a bit of a mess though. Think Rosalie can fix it up?" She asks as she tries to focus on more practical concerns, perhaps to distract herself over how Carlisle wrecked in the first place.
Esme shakes her head slightly. "Probably not, it's totalled, and the door was completly removed from it's hinges," she states gently as she moves to sit upon a couch. Esme herself looks a little bit haggard, at least her outfit and hair does, though many things could have contributed to her appearance. "We'll get him a new car."

"Was he trapped in the car?" Bella asks as Esme tells her about the door. She just shakes her head a bit at the thought of it before looking distractedly out the door to the garage and back again, "Well he can borrow the guardian till he gets a new car if he wants, I rather doubt I will need it for the honeymoon." Though she still looks troubled over the fact that Carlisle got in a wreck in the first place.

A shiver runs up Esme's spine at Bella's question. "Yes," she gives, her voice has dropped a good several octaves as she recalls the scene she drove up on earlier in the day. "I'll let him use my car, if he needs it, it won't take long to get a new car in," she gives, shaking her head as she works to return herself to her calm nature. "Sorry Bella, we should have cleaned up out there."

Edward walks into the livingroom and says with a tightness in his voice, "Yes…that would been better then my mind wandering." He walks over to his wife and leans in to kiss her. "Hello my love." His eyes fall on Esme as he asks, "Is he ok?"

As she hears her husband's voice, Bella looks up with a look of utter relief on her face just to see him safe. She went out for lunch with her parents and is just returning, having seen the wreck on the way in. She stands up on the balls of her feet to meet the kiss, her fingers going to his cheek as she looks up at him lovingly before settling against him to let Esme answer his question.

Esme nods at her sons question. "He's fine, he walked out unscathed," she gives, though her thoughts don't ring true with her words, she simply shoots a look towards Edward. A little cut, Edward. Your father doesn't want anyone to know, she thinks for her son's benefit.

Edward cocks an eyebrow and says, "What happened?"

Bella just slips her arms around her husband as if just thinking of the accident makes her want to hang on to Edward all the more for the moment.

Esme shrugs, lightly. "I never asked him," she gives, nevermind that the crash was a good while ago, she just didn't have the opportunity to enquire. "Just do Bella a favour, and be careful when you drive," she requests, playing the moment she heard to the moment she pulled up to the car. A phone call, garbled words on his end and panic on hers, her holding the phone to her ear as she sped towards the scene, and squeeling to a stop, followed by her, leaning down in the mud, stomach flat on the ground, before she pulled the door off the car and helped her husband out of the vehicle, seeing the cut upon his leg. As this all replays in her head the expression on her face changes from what it was to a grimace, she does look like she would be sick, if she could be.

Bella gives Edward a nudge to the side, "So yeah, listen to your mother, try driving under a hundred miles per hour and with both eyes on the road." She says with a firm nod of her head before she notices the look on Esme's face, "Are you alright?" She asks with concern as she reaches a hand out to Esme, "He is alright, you said so yourself…"

Esme attempts a laugh at Bella's words, though it's a harsher laugh than is typical for Esme. "He's fine, Bella, I promise," she gives with a nod of her head. "Had he been human we wouldn't have been so lucky, though," she gives, again working on schooling her features, she didn't want to worry her daughter.

Edward runs a hand through Bella's hair as he wrinkles his nose at Esme's mental onslaught of images. "Are you still meeting up with Jacob before we leave for the honeymoon?"

Bella bites her lip as Esme's response, getting a shiver up her spine at those words, before she looks up to Edward and nods, "Yeah, I need to talk to him about Charlene…and her boyfriend." Bella says with a sigh in her voice, "I don't want him to do anything too rash…don't think I can wait till after the honeymoon."
Long distance to Emmett and Rosalie: Bella points at Rose, "It was her idea!

Esme smiles as the topic changes, this is a subject she prefers much more than the previous. "You should, Bella, last time I saw Jake he was… smitten…" she gives with a light giggle and a happy smile. "So was your cousin, by the way. Seems her and.. her boyfriend, I think, well, their relationship appears to be on rocky ground."

"Yeah, it is, Charli is…completly smitten with Jacob…and she actually seemed a bit scared of her boyfriend…" Bella responds quietly, "So they just need time to work things out…but I think I should make sure Jake is ok…"

Edward looks down at his watch and says, "You better get going dear. I am sure Jake will want to spend as much time as he can before we leave for the honeymoon tomorrow." He smiles place a hand on your cheek and leaning in to kiss Bella gently.

Edward looks down at his watch and says, "You better get going dear. I am sure Jake will want to spend as much time as he can before we leave for the honeymoon tomorrow." He smiles placing a hand on your cheek and leaning in to kiss Bella gently.

Bella heads off and its not the sound of the guardian that leaves the garage.

Edward 's head snaps as he hears his wife steal the Beast. He frowns and says, "I am going to talk with her when she gets back. Not even married to me a week and she snuck out with it." He shakes his head slowly. "Knowing Rose she put steel beams in the doors and frame."

Esme chuckles as she hears Edward's words. "Oh, you had to know that Bella would take it as soon as she had the chance," is given. "She likes that truck, more than she does the one you bought her," is noted with a laugh and nod of her head.


You walk over to Forks - Highway 101: Out of Town.
Forks - Highway 101: Out of Town


For northbound drivers, the exit to La Push comes up quite suddenly after the steep northeasterly turn several hundred feet back. The sign is in brown, listed as a historical site and land belonging to a Native American tribe, the Quileutes. For southbound traffic, signs indicate that Forks is coming up very quickly. Aside from the noted exit signs, the highway here is a long, peaceful stretch, bordered by evergreen trees and ferns. It's a simple two-lane highway at this point, and drivers seem to glide along at a relaxed pace. When the rain pelts down particularly hard, it isn't uncommon to see drivers pulled along the side of the road, waiting for conditions to improve.
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Edward has arrived.
Rosalie has arrived.

Run run run. Stop. Sniff. Run. Sniff. Rose heads for the Reservation just as fast as her legs will carry her. Edward is faster, she knows that. But she has her nose. It isn't the smell of Bella that hits her. Its the smell of human blood first. Her legs surge forward before she can process it, the scent turning her into the huntress she is. However, Rosalie has more sense than all that. She makes herself stop, hold onto a tree, and take a real good whiff. Then sends it to Edward. "I found her. She's bleeding. Be prepared. Angle up toward the road east of the 14 mile marker. I'll meet you."

There are faint skidmarks on the road and a trail into the brush where Bella's truck rests against a tree. At first there doesn't look to be too much damage. A dented fendor, some buckling of the frame until people come closer. A branch pierces the windscreen into the driver's side of the truck. When you get closer it looks like a branch has pierced through into Bella's right shoulder/Chest area and her leg is pinned by the crumple of the car at that point. There does not seem to be much blood but perhaps Edward's medical training would pick the location of the branch as rather a bad place to be and removing it could well kill her.

As he stops, his head turns towards Rose's thought. He is off in a blur as he runs as fast as his feet will carry him. His legs begin to burn as he runs and runs and runs! He crosses out over 101 so fast, if there were a human around it might only look like a ghost because his figure would be gone in a blink.
Edward bursts through the bushes and suddenly stops as his eyes fall on the truck. He whispers. "No…no." He runs towards the door. His eyes fall on Bella. He is frozen again…

Rosalie busts through the trees on the other side of the truck from where Edward comes out at exactly the same minute. "Glad you got my message." Rose's face is stern as she comes up to the truck. She opens the passenger door, and climbs in on the seat next to Bella. "We're here Bella.." Her voice is calm and gentle, almost wooing. But her gaze is hard on Edward. Her message clear. You have to do it.

Rosalie busts through the trees on the other side of the truck from where Edward comes out at exactly the same minute. "Glad you got my message." Rose's face is stern as she comes up to the truck. She opens the passenger door, and climbs in on the seat next to Bella. "We're here Bella.." Her voice is calm and gentle, almost wooing. But her gaze is hard on Edward. Her message clear. You have to do it.*re*

Edward hisses. "No." He looks into the window, "Bella…I am going to get you to Carlisle. He will…he will make you better. I…I need you to trust me. Can you hold on for me baby…" His voice wavers as he chokes some, "Please." He moves with lightning speed behind the truck and takes out a hacksaw from the back. His arm moving in a blur the branch is broken off instantly. He leans in and does the same inside the truck that is attached to Bella. He does not pull out the branch in her however.

Bella's face is paler than ever and she already looks dead. Though at the words spoken at her eyes flicker open and she looks to Rosalie. Her pupils are dilated, her skin cool and clammy, it is obvious she is in a bit of shock. "I am sorry…about the truck…" She says in a half whisper, shallow breaths between words. She blinks as she hears Edward's voice and turns her head to look at him slowly. "I am sorry…" She whispers again and looks down at the branch, crying out and fainting again as the branch is broken.

/Dammit Edward! You are going to risk her when you could bite her here? The truck won't run, and if you risk carrying her, you could kill her! THINK!!/ Rose stares at him, then looks at Bella. "Shhh. I can fix the truck. But when you wake up, I /so/ want to hear you tell me I am right.." Rose smiles until Bella passes out again, then looks at Edward.

Edward 's growls softly, "Damn it Rose. Carlisle and I have planned for this…well not this. My venom is in a needle in my room. He was going to place her in a coma so she could not feel the pain…she could still be saved." He has gone through medical school twice, "We can get her back. I just need to keep her level with me. Get out. We are gonna run together keeping her in the seat."

Rosalie sighs heavily. "I can't run as fast as you, and I think you're being a damn MORON! But I'll do what you want.." She reaches into the glove compartment of the truck and pulls out a small toolset she had put in there. Immediately, she climbs out of the truck and removes the bolt on the seat at the passenger side, then passes the tool to Edward, extending it out.

Edward nods slowly, "Lets get her there."

Luckily Bella is unconscious for most of the movie around, though there are whimpers of pain from her as she is shifted.

Forks - Cullen Residence: Foyer

"CARLISLE" in the distance can be heard. It's Edward's voice in the forest! "Coming in the house…Bella is mortally wounded!"

Bella is carried in by Edward, the remnents of a branch piercing her right chest/shoulder region. There are some abrasions on her left knee, but not looking particuarly bad or bloody. She looks as pale as death already from the pain and shock of her injuries. By time they get to the house she is semi conscious again and just looking up at Edward's face to focus with shallow breaths. "It will be ok…" She mouths the words, a faint whisper.

"EMMETT…get out of the house!! Go get the truck. Mile marker 14. You'll see it!" Rosalie is yelling too, as she helps Edward. "Get it before it gets attention!"

Carlisle was about to head up the stairs when he hears the sound of Edward's voice. Putting aside his own discomfort he races towards the pair, "Lay her down son." From here he can tell the wounds are serious. "On the floor. Lay her down." he instructs. Looking around he then calls out, "ESME!!! Grab my medical bag with haste!"

Esme freezes for a fraction of a second as she hears Edward, but as soon as Carlisle speaks, Esme's out the door, in a flash. She returns within moments, bag in hand. Upon seeing Bella she eyes, and shakes her head, before handing her husband his bag.

Edward has Bella in the truck seat, carrying her with Rose on the other side. His body is trembling as he begins to rock on his heels back and forth. "Carlisle…what do we do? Do…do I get the needle?"

Bella shifts a hand to her chest, a look of confusion touching her face as she feels the branch there. Her breath is weak and shallow as she tries to figure out what is going on again. Definately a dazed look to her. "It hurts Edward…remove it…" She whispers as she squeezes her eyes against the pain, her shocky gaze shifting up to her husband.

Rose has stopped breathing, in order to not be tempted by Bella any more than she already is. Once the seat is put down, she does run upstairs to make sure Emmett is gone before returning downstairs. For now, she is quiet. Emmett went to get the truck. Things are under control.

Carlisle examines Bella for the moment then shakes his head. "Son.. You need to do this now." he looks up at him. "She won't last much longer." Really this isn't something anyone needed to happen before a honeymoon.

Edward 's body grows tense as he says, "Get ready to put her in the coma then." He is off in a blast of air as he runs up to his room. When he returns, his hair all tossed into his face he is holding a needle in his hands. It is filled with liquid…his venom that he has collected from himself.

Esme slips away from the gathering group, into a bit of the backdrop, though still there if they need her, at any point in time.

Bella looks between the faces hovering over her face as they speak of her, as if she were someone else. Confusion touches her face as her gaze focuses on Edward and he disapears from view, "Edward…don't leave me…" She whispers trying to reach out to him, her fingers reaching for his arm as he returns. As she notices the needle her eyes widen and she shakes her head. "No…just remove the branch.." She whispers, starting to struggle to get up now. She really doesn't like needles and that is a BIG one!

Edward kneels down next to Bella, "It's time Bella…I…I don't have a choice. Carlisle is going to make it so you don't feel any pain…well that is what we hope." He places a hand on your cheek and whispers, "I love you so much…please…come back to me….come back to me when it is done>" He waits for Carlisle to tell him to inject the venom into her heart.

Carlisle opens his medical bag searching through the contents. First wrapping a thick band around her arm he ties it snuggly. Bringing out a vial and needle he quickly puts in the correct dosage. Putting the vial back in the bag he quickly thumps out the air bubble. "Bella… It's time to just sleep," poking the needle into her arm then plunging the liquid inside. Placing a hand upon her wrist, "Do it now son!"

Bella is trembling with the fear and pain, though her eyes are focused on his face as he leans into her. "I'm scared Edward…" She whispers as tears come to her eyes, "Don't let me go…" She murmurs as Carlisle starts to give the drugs her eyes widen at the prick of the needle and she just clings onto Edward , "I love you…" she whispers as she feels the drugs take hold before her body slowly becomes slack and blessed unconsciousness takes hold of her again.

As his body tightens up, he leans in and kisses his wife gently on her lips. He leans back on her haunches and stabs the needle into her heart. He pushes the venom into her heart and he lets drain into her body. He is clearly trembling.

Carlisle knew this had to be hard for him, "Bring her inside so I can get this branch out of her." He moves away from the truck looking at his shirt. Pulling it off and tossing it into the garbage can. "That needs to be burned," he winces slightly at his own problem before walking the stairs to head back into the house. "Esme.." he looks towards her, "The stuff I bandaged my leg with. Bring it to Edward's room."

Rosalie just stays back out of the way.

Edward nods slowly as he says, "Yes father." As he gentle picks Bella up, he looks as if he is carrying a pile of egg shells. He is trembling a great deal as he says, "Where do I put her…I can feel her body growing tense. Are you sure she is not feeling it?"

Esme turns her head to her husband as her name is said. A nod of her head is given and Esme is up the stairs and in the master bedroom before anyone could blink. It's not very long before she's in Edward's room, with the gauze.

"Your bed." Carlisle tells him then limps inside the house.

Forks - Cullen Residence: Edward's Room

Edward moves Bella into his room, as he sets her down on his bed. He kneels down next to her by the bed. His eyes watching her intently.

Rosalie has nothing to do, really. She just kind of stands there. So instead, she decides to start the bonfire. She starts it by pouring lighter fluid all over the thing, then torching it.

Edward takes Bella's hand and begins to stroke it slowly.

So the vigil begins. Bella lays there still as a corpse as the venom slowly courses through her body with each sluggish beat of her heart, spreading the the venom throughout her body. Whatever torture she is suffering there is no evidence in her 'sleeping' form.

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