Breaking Off Volturi Negotiations

IC Time: May 20, 2007 - Night
Location: Forest Southeast of Forks.
Synopsis: Emma breaks off negotiations with the Volturi.
Submitted by: Emma

Emma walks down the path, silently, paralleling the stream. She's barefoot and doesn't seem to mind the things that require most hikers to wear boots. She's not meandering today but also in no rush, her thoughts not quite on her surroundings, leaving her senses on auto pilot - making her way back towards the site she encountered the two Volturi. It doesn't take her long.
Theresa can be found sitting on a branch of a tree, much like the other day. She humms a faint tune to herself while her feet slowly swing back an forth. It doesn't take her long to catch the wolves scent and she lifts her head while slipping quiet and peers off towards where the wolf is coming from.

Emma slows down as she approaches the spot and catches the scent as well, but doesn't stop. Her attention narrows till she spots Theresa and slowly comes to a halt. "Okay. Emma is here. Let's talk." She almost leans against a tree, but thinks twice about it after last night and simply folds her arms across her chest.

Theresa watches Emma and then jumps down, stretching slightly before bowing a moment. "Why hello there.." She offers, her arms fold behind her while she stands tall. "I have word back from Aro and Caius.. Would you like to hear it?"

Emma peers suspiciously at Theresa, but nods and takes a few steps forward, "Of course. Let's here it." She tilts her head slightly, and doesn't seem very accommodating, more like waiting for a fight to break out. "Let's hope it's good news."

Theresa smirks faintly at this and takes in a breath before shrugging as she humms a moment. "Caius is sorry for what happened to your friend.. An Aro says that if you will come to Volterra and put in a formal complaint that they will hear your testimonies, along with looking at the evidence you have to render a judgement against Aldo.. An I assure you they will punish him if you put up a good argument."

Emma rolls her eyes. "Emma is not going to put in a complaint. Emma is going to take care of the problem should it happen again, and 'Aldo' can put in a complaint if he's able to when I'm done with him." She smiles slightly however, "Apology accepted." She drops her arms and sinks her hands into her pockets. "Anything else for this evening?"

Theresa shakes her head at this. "It is not wish for you to do this.. You are better off coming and putting a complaint before the brothers then taking the matter into your own hand. Aro, Caius and Marcus will deal with the vampires. If you take matters into your own hands then that would be bad for you.."

You say, "Emma doesn't expect it to be good for me, and I don't expect putting in a complaint in person to be good for me either, so taking care of it myself is the best way to handle it." She narrows her eyes further, sniffing at Theresa slightly, "Just how stupid do you think Emma is?"

Theresa lowers her hands and shrugs while taking in a breath while she smirks. "I see.." She says with a faint tone and just shakes her head. "Also.. Abbey and Aset will not be released.." Point end.

Emma blinks slowly at Theresa for a few moments. "Then there is nothing else to discuss. We will simply disappear and you should watch your flanks. Because Emma will do what I offered to the Volturi. I will find /all/ the Children left in this world and we will make life hell for the Volturi, till Abbey and Aset are released." She shrugs and takes her hands out of her pockets keeping her eyes on Theresa as she takes a few steps back.

Theresa shrugs at this and sighs a tad. "You are the one that wanted to speak with us.. If you want to speak anymore then /you/ must come to Volterra to speak with Aro, Caius and Marcus face to face." She smirks now, red gaze glittering. "We nearly killed your kind before.. I wouldn't threaten us.."

Emma shakes her head laughing slightly, "It wasn't me or us that attacked you. It was you that attacked us, thrice now." She angrily steps forward, hands curling into fists, "Think about that. A face to face meeting with people like that is a ploy. You've done nothing to show any kind of trust, what-so-ever. Emma is not a fool."

Theresa smirks as she stands her ground while she watches he other, a simple chuckle escapes her. "There has been plenty of trust.. I've not tryed to drag you off in chains now have I?" She questions with a simple tone.

You say, "Chains? You won't need chains if I go willingly. I see no reason to go willingly. To file a complaint? Please." Emma spits towards the side of the trail, "There is no complaint to be filed, since it's obvious you sheep don't do anything without orders to begin with." She shakes her her very firmly, "No. There's no reason to trust you, it's just ploy after ploy after ploy."

Theresa shrugs. "But you didn't offer to come willingly.. An I have no reason to take you other then Aro wishes to speak with you." This said with a simple tone. "I have not done anything to show that you could not trust me.. I've came here and spoken with you and never raised a hand. That should mean something.. Shouldn't it?"

There is a howl in the woods, the approaching scent of Werewolf. «EMMA!» Helena growls,yells in her mind repeatedly as she searches. The clarity to Emma showing that Helena has taken to her wolf form to 'hunt' her down. Even human fears didn't seem to hold back the pack instinct it seems.

Emma stiffens, closing her eyes momentarily. "Helena." she mutters. Opening her eyes she glares at Theresa. "It doesn't count for much at all." Turning away from Theresa she growls low, eyes searching the tree line in the direction she knows Helena is. "Pardon me a moment…" She promptly and fluidly shifts into her wolf form, still facing away from Theresa. «Here, Helena» «Mental Image of surroundings» «Further up the trail where I bit you.». Still in wolf form, Emma turns back around and sits on her haunches regarding Theresa, not being threatening.

Theresa blinks at the sudden howl and growls and lifts her head, her red gaze turns towards where the new scent of a wolf is coming from. Great.. The new wolf is here it seems. With a smirk she nods to Emma and quietly stands her ground.

Relief washes over Helena's mind as she gets a response, «Are you hurt? They said they hurt you when they hurt me!» She yells in her mind though the volume is lessened, part unfamilirity with this level of speech. Her racing increases through the woods until she breaks through the treeline and halts looking between Emma wolf and Theresa. She is a rather leggy shaggy dark brown wolf, lean, built for speed but perhaps not strength. A low growl imminates from her throat as she spots the Vampire. «What /kind/ is she?»

«Hurt? Please. A simple cut. Took it just so I could fling him through a few trees. Good trade.». As Helena burst through the treeline and onto the path she promptly and fluidly shift back to her human form. Again, she apparently isn't shy. "She's the bad kind. But at least not violent." She says to Helena. "Emma will be to the point. You've given me nothing to even make me want to think about coming with you."

Theresa doesn't care that Emma changes back into her human form before her. She chuckles softly and smirks before shrugging. "I'm bad huh?" So be it, she can handle that. "I've given you my word that you will not be harmed.. Have you not figured that out by now?"

Helena crouches low to the ground, her focus on Emma even as the woman turns to human form again. Helena remains as she is. There is a low grown rumbling in her throat but she doesn't advance yet. She is with her Alpha now and will take the commands for once, instinct in part taking some control here.

Emma glances towards Helena smiling slightly, "Oh. Now you want to take my advise, do you?" She chuckles at the wolf. "It's still to run." She adds with concern in her voice. "This one isn't violent though." She turns to regard Theresa once again. "Your word? Okay." She signs and tilts her head slightly, "Lets make the implications of you breaking that very clear, shall we?"

Theresa can be very violent if she wants to be. "An what might that be?.." She smirks faintly while she lifts her head. "I have no reason at all to harm you.." Specially if she is told /not/ to. If Aro or Caius told her too then it would be different.

«You were hurt, you are all I know of this» There are the quileute's but they aren't her pack and THEY are not exactly the same to her. At the request from Emma, Helena drops a bit lower in her crouch and growls low in her voice. She isn't leaving without Emma it seems. She turns her dark brown eyes on Theresa and gives another low growl.

Emma gives Helena a skeptical look. "You should know better than to trust what red-eyed vampire says to you Helena." She swing her eyes back to Theresa. "It goes something like this. If something to our, and by our, I mean wolves, benefit doesn't come it? Not a single wolf will ever trust the Volturi again." She takes a a few steps towards Helena, sighing at her. "I'm sorry." she says to the young wolf. "I know you don't want to be dragged into all this."

Theresa shrugs at this. "I suppose so.." She says with a faint tone and tsks while her gaze settles on the young wolf. "Still.. Aro and Caius will not let Abbey or Aset go without talking to you face to face.. An even then they most likely will not. Right now Aro expects to see you for the problem with Aldo, but.. You could always bring up why you feel you will be a better prisinor then them."

Helena bobs her wolfen head at Emma, her shoulder given a twitch where she had been bit though it has since healed. She starts to move, but only to pace back and forth along the tree line, though her gaze remains settled on the pair. When Emma speaks to her again she pauses and gives a low whimper «No, but you are my pack, I am starting to feel I have no choice.» She says across the link before she tilts her head with confusion at Theresa's words. «Those you worried over?» Though her hackles go up at the last words and she crouches again and looks to Emma. «You said rescue, not exchange.»

Emma grins at Helena and chuckles with a bit of delight, "Emma is so flattered that everyone thinks I can storm a Volturi Castle and retrieve them." She shakes her head in wonder, "Micah thinks the same thing." She turns back to Theresa still grinning, "Why should Emma give you three prisoners?" She tilts her head the other way sighing, losing her grin. "Still can't think of a reason to. You've about erased any reason Emma might have. Give me one and we can go from there."

Theresa shrugs now and then turns and starts to move off. "Very well.. I will let them know you do not wish to speak with them.. We shall deal with the wolves we have." She states with a sudden thin tone. Her phone is pulled out and she starts to type a message into it. "My number has been changed.. Good luck trying to get in touch with me later wolfie." She says with an amused tone. The vampire moves with ease and suddenly leaps into a tree. Seems she is leaving.

Helena settles at Emma's response, her gaze turning onto the Vampire now as she lowers into a crouch with her hackles up, occasionally twitching her shoulder. «You go and talk and yes…they have three instead of two. Nothing gained, nothing solved. You stay safe here.»
Emma flicks her gaze to Helena and back to Theresa as she leaps into a tree. And back and forth a few more times, the frustration slowly being painted on her face. Angrily she glares up at Theresa, "Yes. You go back and tell them why you couldn't give me good reason. My number is still the same." She walks towards Helena a few steps and shifts with a quick and fluid shimmer into her silvery white wolf form, nuzzling Helena. «I'm sorry, Helena. We need to hide you now. Protect you.»

Theresa pauses in the tree and glances towards Emma. "I gave you all the reasons I could.." She states while pocking her phone and just smirks while huffing faintly. An then she turns gone in the blink of an eye back into the forest.

Helena looks with narrowed gaze at the departing vampire before she looks to Emma. As Emma switches to form Helena approaches finally, moving around her as if to inspect her. She returns the nuzzle and looks to Emma with a tilted head. «Me? You are here, I do not need to roam anymore. I will go back to human now.»

«You will need to roam at least 3 days a month, Helena.» Emma turns as you do, keeping the missing tuft of hair as out of sight as best she can, somewhere on her hind quarters. «But yes. Stay among people, never alone. And go to La Push those three days. They will protect you.» She decides to sit to keep it out of sight, works better, slightly amused at your inspection.
There is a tuft of hair missing from her own shoulder, Emma might notices as Helena inspects her. «I went to…practice as you said. THEY were there, they said they hurt you and then they taunted me into changing.» Helena says with a low whimper in her voice and she lowers to a crouch at the memory, fear overlaying her mindvoice. «I had to find you, find what they did to you.»

Emma growls slightly at the mention of them hurting Helena, « -mirthful chuckling- Oh Helena. I didn't say to practice. I said experiment if you like. You're so curious that the only answers you accept sometimes are your own.» She sniffs at Helena nudging her with her nose briefly, «And you run, next time. You're fast. Faster than me. You can outrun them, easy.»

«I healed.» Helena responds before trying to turn her shoulder, trying to scratch the area her hair was pulled before doing the doggy thing of scratching it with her back foot. «I am sorry, I did not expect them there. It is where you took me to hunt before. I should have run but I couldn't, they said they hurt you…then they surrounded me.» She gives a tremor of fear of that memory, lowering her head and giving a little whimper. «I will run next time…they are fast but I think I am faster.»

Emma shakes her head side to side in a very human gesture before lowering her head to the ground crouching and laying her paws over her eyes in a very comical imitation of 'What am I going to do with you.' «Don't talk to them. Just run.» She lets one paw slide off her face and nuzzle blinking up at Helena, «Really. They are up to something, don't let them do it.»

Helena looks at Emma curiously before amusement flitters over her mind. «Stay and teach me, I will listen now, I promise. I thought they were like Carlisle, but they smelled differently. I knew one when she was young…human. She is not like me…I am Me still, she is not her. She is a murderer now and happy to be so.»

Emma wuffs, and covers her eye back up. «No…. The Cullens are unique. Never met any like them, except one.» She lets both paws slide off this time and sits up, shaking herself vigorously removing dirt and dust as best she can. «Still. They are up to something. Something more important than us.» She stretches after her fluffing attempt. «Emma will have to hide too, but I like La Push.»

«I worried they would tell you they killed me. The girl took my blood, the man took my hair. I paniced and ran back to the city, but…I thought I could still sense you when I had been a wolf. I had to find you.» Helena esplains and looks over her own form for a moment before looking to Emma. At the mention of hiding Helena looks back with a whimper to Forks.

«They aren't that stupid. They know we have a pack mind.» Emma says coolly in her head, already trying to think of reasons for their actions, wheels turning. Glancing sharply at Helena she blinks blankly «No idea what they are up to.» She sits to scratch at one ear briefly, twitching her ear afterwards. «Just stay amongst humans and run if they get you alone. They won't violate their own laws.»

Emma is an extremely gifted telepath, though she wouldn't know it was unusual. She can hear the thoughts of other Children of the Moon, especially her own pack, at far greater distances and regardless of form involved. She can mind-speak in any form as well, though hearing her may well depend on the form and gifts of other pack members or some other bond of closeness.

«Then you can to. Come stay with me, we can keep each other safe. You said we are a pack, perhaps I should start acting like it.» Helena says with a firm mindvoice, perhaps taking her position as /mentally/ older?

Emma shimmers and shifts to human form with a rush of air and a slight popping sound. Sighing slightly, frowning in the process. «Emma can hear you just fine like this too, just didn't want them to know that.» She turns and walks down the trail towards her pink backpack where she dropped it off before meeting with Theresa, glancing back at Helena. «You still need to be in wolf form, I think, though.» Bending she begins unzipping the pack and pulling out some very simple light clothing - shorts and a top. "You went quiet too soon though, I couldn't pick up your trail. I'm sorry." She seems to be evading the living arrangement discussion.

«Yes…I …feel something when I am human, but like a thought you can't reach, can't grasp. When I am like this it becomes crystal clear.» She watches Emma switch back to human form for a moment before looking back down at her form, then back down the trail with a feeling of Chagrin. It seems she still hasn't gotten into the habbit of carrying extra clothes.

Emma withdraws an extra long Winnie-The-Pooh tshirt that she uses for emergencies and holds it up appraisingly. "This might work for you, but we should probably run closer to home, first." She begins tucking it all back into her pack and closing it up. «I can stay with you, if you like. Not sure how much I can teach you. Was hoping to have Abbey and Aset for that.» She sighs once again, glancing back at you, "Better together than apart if they come looking."

Helena sniffs in derision at the shirt before finally nodding to Emma. «It will do, I will remember.» She responds as she finally moves to follow Emma, not changing just yet as she follows behind Emma. She won't admit it , but she is starting to enjoy running in this form. «Yes, together. You can teach me more than I know Emma, but if you go I will have noone. The others don't change as we do.»

Emma makes sure all the various pockets of the backpack are closed and secure before shifting herself back to wolf form and grasping the back in her jaws. «There are others like us. They are at La Push too. Brian, Cain, Luc.» She begins loping towards the stream away from the path where any silly humans might be out for a night jog or something. «We will have to go there on the Full Moon. The Indians will understand.»

«I felt like someone was watching me when I couldn't find you. Was it them? I couldn't see, but I smelled more of us in Forks, unfamiliar.» Helena asks a faint note of accusation in her voice. She runs alongside Emma, her loping run giving evident she isn't running at full speed. «Have they always been wolves?» She asks of the indians before running close and nudging her lightly, «Why do you not want to share lodgings? You ignore everytime I ask.»

Emma splashes through the stream and up the other side, «Watching you? I don't know. I don't know of any wolves in Forks, Port Angeles…. but they should have all moved to La Push.» She slips around a tree and begins to pick up some speed as the forest darkens with the canopy over head full and thick, cutting off even the moon. «I don't know much about the Indians, but I suspect Micah would.» She nearly stumbles over a log at your last question, scattering a pair of rabbits in the process «I said I would. Better for us to stay together -she seems embarrassed mostly- Just havent lived in a house in a very long time.» She offers the last as an excuse or explanation.

Helena bounds easily through the trees, that thrill of running underlying her thoughts. She might settle into this life after all despite her words. «Well, then we are even Emma. You teach me about being a wolf, I help you settle in as a human again.» Helena says matter of factly as if Emma owed her and she owed Emma those little feets.

Emma begins picking up more speed, bunching her muscles struggling to give you a fair run. «Emma thinks you have the harder task. -her tone is serious, the underlying thought very humorous-» As she approaches an open field on the outskirts of Forks, Emma lets loose and still probably loses ground to you rather quickly in the wide open space, a pair of blurs heading from one treeline to the other.

As they reach the open field and Helena feels the urge of the race in Emma, she howls and lets loose. Her strides eating the ground beneath her feet and it is not long before has passed Emma and whenshe gets to the next tree line is waiting, eyes bright with merriment at the chase as she looks to Emma. «I have never shied away from a Challenge…» Well of the non supernatural variety anyway.

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