Waking Up Is Hard To Do

IC Time: May 20th, 2007
Location: Bella and Edward's Bedroom
Synopsis: Bella wakes up a new woman…er Vampire
Submitted by: Bella

There has been very little movement over the last day. Faint twitches now and then. Movements so faint only Vampires might notice them, surely no human and likely not even Jacob. Sometimes the breathing would change slightly, the heart rate increase or slow down, but she remained still through it all. Though suddenly something does change. Her heart rate suddenly increases to a frantic galloping beat, one beat hardly discernible from the next. Her lax fingers stretch out in a spasm before relaxing quickly again, bringing in the control once more.

As her heart rate quickens, Edward's head snaps up and he is kneels by her side. He reaches out to take her hand yet when she moves he stops. His eyes moving to her face, Edward's own body grows tense. He stops breathing as he runs a hand through his hair.

Esme has been quietly coming in and out of Edward's room over the last few days, as she does just as Bella's heart rate quickens. The woman turns her head, just slightly, to look at the pair, nodding faintly in her son's direction before she moves to stand near the wall, away from the couple, but there if they need her.

Her hands tense out again, fanning out on the silk sheets as the heart rate seems to quick even more racing towards the end, towards the last beat. Finally her own silkin form arches from the sheets, detaching herself from the world around her. Her mouth opens in a silent scream at the pain suddenly focusing in at that one spot in her chest, that racing heart.

Edward 's body shoots upright, as he reaches out to Bella. He does not touch her, yet makes every attempt to keep her from falling off the bed. He whispers softly, "It's almost over Bella…focus on my voice. Come back to me…focus on it and look for me….come back to me." He reaches a hand out towards her, yet lets it fall to his side and says, "Please…"

Esme watches, silently, for a bit. "You can hold her, Edward," she whispers, her words nearly too quiet to be heard by even the best of ears. Outside of this, Esme stays quiet and still, watching.

The speed seems to pick up even more, battering inside her chest until suddenly it stops. Then gives a dull beat. Then a quieter one. The last fight for her heart. Then Silence. Her body lays still and silent for a moment, relaxed. No pain, no sound. She seems to remain like this for some time as if scared to move in case the pain should come back.

As he looks at Esme, his eyes go wide. He moves to sit next to Bella on the bed. He moves to place a hand on her heart and pauses before he does…he whispers, "Bella?." He moves his face closer to hers, his black as night eyes looking scared to death, and his eyes holding more baggage then JFK. "Bella?"

Esme stands, with baited breath as she looks towards her daughter-in-law, waiting to for the girl to open her eyes. "She'll be okay, Edward," she gives, though remains away from where Bella would be likely to see her. Esme wants Bella's first sight as a vampire to be Edward.

Finally her mouth opens again to take her first breath. Then she feels the warm hand over her heart and her hand reaches up suddenly to grip his wrist tightly to pull away the unfamiliar touch before she opens her eyes and looks upon the face of her beloved. Confusion touches upon her features and she doesn't let go of his wrist right away.

Edward 's body tenses, as he blinks at Bella. "Bella…" He chuckles softly, "Your hurting me. It's me…Edward. I…I am your husband. You are Isabella Cullen. My wife.." He cocks his head to the side, "Do…do you know who I am?"

Esme takes the few small steps back that will allow her to lean against the wall, watching, yet not truly watching at the same time.

At the his words Bella instantly releases his wrist and lets her hand fall back to the bed for a moment. The confusion remains on her face for a moment before a curious look of wonder slowly replaces it. The hand that had gripped his wrist now comes up to touch his face. At the last line she gives him an almost amused expression, overlayed by relief. "My Edward." She whispers as her fingers trace curiously over his face, feeling the true nuances of his features. It is then that she feels the presence of another in the room and she sits up quickly in alarm before her eyes fall upon Esme's face and her mouth falls open before closing again.

Edward 's eyes grow soft, as he reaches out to touch your face. "My Bella." The black rings under his eyes seem to gain a little light. He goes to take her in an embrace when she moves suddenly. "Its ok Bella. It's Esme…she barely left your side. We all barely left your side."

Esme casts a warm smile towards Bella. "Hello, Bella," she greets with that same, tender smile she reserves for all of her children. Of course, Esme doesn't know how different she and the rest of the family may look to Bella now that she's no longer human. She takes the few steps towards Bella, moving her hand to brush at the girls hair. "We were all keeping a close eye on you, Bella, we're very happy that you're awake now."

Bella's red eyed gaze shifts slowly around the room, pausing with a childlike curiosity as she sees something old in a new light. Lights, grains of wood, dust motes. Edward's voice brings her attention back to him and her fingers touch upon his face again. She flinches at the touch of her hair, her hand flicking over to grab Esme's wrist, before her gaze shifts to the woman and she quickly releases it. Her instincts and reactions working on overdrive at the moment. She then takes her second breath and looks quickly to Edward, "I know…" She whispers as her gaze flicks over his features, the vision of his face before her being compared to her dim human memories.

Edward 's hand moves to touch Bella's face. He is not that stone hard, cold blood creature any longer. His skin is as soft as a baby's arse. His skin is warm and smooth. He says softly, "How….how do you feel?" His eyes move to his mother looking very concerned before he moves his black eyed gaze back on Bella again.

Esme still holds that loving smile on her face as she pats one of Bella's arms. "It's okay, Bella," she gives gently, before turning and nodding towards Edward, still smiling. "You'll need to take her hunting soon, Son. Let her look in a mirro first, though," is given with an amused wink.

"You…are warm." Bella whispers in confusion, not using her full voice yet. Maybe scared to, maybe just too used to the quiet. Her other hand reaches up to Edward's face and she leans up to his face for a kiss. Though Esme's words pause the action. Food, Hunger. A hand goes to her throat as if only the words reminded her of it, the tickly thirst. Then her gaze settles on his own eyes, "You have not hunted…" She says her voice accusation, admonishing.

Edward 's face leans into Bella's touch as he closes his eyes and he says, "No…I am ok." He grumbles, as he stands up and walks over to his desk. He takes out a hand mirror and walks back over to the bed. " Now…you will see yourself differently Bella…yet…well. To me you look as beautiful as the day I met you." He holds the mirror out for Bella to see her face.

Esme shakes her head at the two before she moves quietly towards the door. "Edward, the both of you need to go hunting before too long," she gives, pausing at the door long enough to see Bella's reaction to herself in the mirror.

Bella sits up on her knees as Edward goes to retrieve the mirror, a longing and hunger in her eyes for him. When she sees the face in the mirror she actually panics at first and flies out of the bed to stand in the corner of the room in a crouch. Confusion touching her features at the stranger she saw in the mirror. She looks to Esme for a moment before Bella's figures touch upon her own newborn face and she moves back to Edward and the mirror, now with a more curious look. She touches her own features, watching her reflection do the same before she focuses on the eyes and looking quickly away. "Can you bare it?" She asks as her fingers touch under her eyes. So beautiful she is, Bella…yet more than Bella. But those eyes, they are not hers.

As he smiles softly, Edward reaches up and tucks a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "You are as beautiful as the day I met you. Yet…" He smirks, "You might give Rosalie a run for her money when she sees you." He looks over at his mother, before his amber eyes fall back on you. "How do you feel? Does anything hurt? I…I know your a little overwhelmed yet…it will be ok. We all are going to be here with you through your adjustment."

Esme chuckles, quietly. "Bella, you're perfectly wonderful, still, don't forget that," she says, just on the inside of the door. "And I hope that you're as graceful as you are beautiful," otherwise Bella may be right in wanting a refund.

Bella crawls back to Edward, having just finished looking at her reflection. She closes her eyes at the touch behind her ear, then opens them quickly, her hand placing over her heart. There was no fluttery reaction to that touch, no blush to follow it. She opens her eyes quickly and looks over Edward's face, her fingers resting on each cheek. Despite the lack of heartbeat she is amazed at the love she feels for him, the love she feared would not be there when she woke up. She leans in to kiss him once more, that hunger seeming to override everything else at the moment. That curiosity.

Edward 's pulls Bella away as he gasps loudly. "Bella…slowly. You…well you just woke up." He says softly, cocking his head the side, "You should hunt…" He looks at his mother, "Should I get Carlisle first…I have never really done this part…well with her at least."

Stupid is as stupid does some would say and instead of resting Carlisle went hunting alone. It gave him enough time to think and try to resolve a few issues floating around within his mind. Gladly it seems his son has been too busy perhaps to notice. Arriving home he first showers then rebandages his leg which is healoing slower than it should be but that is due to his lack of staying off it. Once dressed he walks out of his room and towards Edward's tapping on the door gently.

Esme chuckles and averts her gaze away from her children before she looks at the door, she knows Carlisle's there before he knocks, of course, this is Esme, and he is her soulmate. Quietly, the woman pulls the door open and casts her husband a bright smile. "She's awake," is given as she moves to step out of Carlisle's way.

Bella pouts as Edward pulls away, looking rather dejected, looking worried. "I want to kiss you before this passes…I want to feel your warmth before my focus turns." She finally says as she reaches out to him. Obviously worried that any moment she is going to turn into a rabid newborn vampire that she was expecting to turn into. She snorts as he gives his other excuse, "You should hunt…" Much in the same tone as the 'seatbelt' scene. At the knock on the door, Bella jerks back into the corner again, dropping down into a crouch at the unexpected noise. When Carlisle enters she looks at him for a moment in awe, the same look she gave Esme. After a moment she straightens up and looks a bit embaressed before slowly moving to the bed again, "I am awak…" She starts to repeat, but its the first time she has spoken outside of a whisper and the chiming sound, the music of her voice surprises her and she puts a hand to her throat in surprise.

Edward 's hand goes to reach to for Bella as she moves. He is sincerely surprised by her movements because he can't read her mind. He cocks his head to the side and hmmms softly, "Was I this jumpy when I woke?" He looks towards Carlisle. Do I take her now to hunt or should I take someone with me on her first run? I am…well kind of clueless."

Carlisle steps inside at first looking at his wife. Touching her cheek gently he then looks over towards the other pair. Once Bella jumps over to the corner then moves back to the bed. "You have to understand what she is going through son. You see your wife died and is now reborn into a brand new world." Examining Bella a moment longer from afar he looks at Edward noticing all his advice from the previous night obviously fell on deaf ears, "You need to hunt for yourself before you can take her on her first hunt. I told you to be prepared. Thanks for listening to me." he says flatly, "Do what you want to do." Turning he limps out of the room and heads for the stairs.

Carlisle heads into the hall.
Carlisle has left.

Edward sighs softly as he looks towards Esme, "What was that about?" He raises an eyebrow, "Did he expect me to leave my wife?"

Esme smiles gently as she moves to pat Edward on the shoulder. "It's okay, Edward. You should have gone to hunt before she woke up, but I think he knew, deep down, as did I, that you weren't going to leave her. Just make sure you both go hunting, and soon, you both need it."

Bella looks with confusion around the room for a moment before she moves to Edward's side again, "I…am ok, we could hunt together. You could show me how…" She says in a whisper again, her fingers at her throat as all the talk of hunger is reminding her of the tickle in her throat. As she nears Edward though she is once again distracted by him, his scent, his look, his radiance and leans her body against him.

Edward nods slowly, as he moves to take Bella's hand. He looks at his mother, "I…I think I upset him. Will you speak to him? I…I did not mean to upset him. He…something is off with him. I could not sense what…I am a bit…" His eyes move to Bella, "Distracted." He places a hand on her cheek, "We will be ok. I will watch her…" He begins to move her towards the window and looks over his shoulder at Esme. "We will be back as soon as we can."

Esme nods. "Go, take care of Bella, show her how," is given. "I'll look after your father," is offered before Esme makes her way out the door, finally.

Esme heads into the hall.
Esme has left.

Edward 's eyes move to Bella as he says, "Ok…so…ready?"

To be Continued…

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