Prima Venari

IC Time: May 20th, 2007
Location: The woods outside of the Cullen residence.
Synopsis: Edward takes Bella on her first hunt…
Submitted by: Bella

Edward 's eyes move to Bella as he says, "Ok…so…ready?"

Bella's hardly notices Esme leaving as she is distracted by Edward, her body leaning into him, longing in her eyes, perhaps confusing one hunger for another. "Yes…" She practically purrs as she leans up to kiss him again. Oh how easily distractable she is.

Edward says softly as he pushes away, "Bella…focus." He releases your hand and takes a step down out of the window. His hair fluttering in the wind as he falls to the ground. Edward lands with a silent thud as he looks up at his wife on the second story and says, "Come on down."

Bella bites her lip, looking chagrined as he pushes her away again. Her lips then go to her lip as she registers the different sensation of her new teeth. The taste of venom in her mouth. At first she is so distracted she hardly notices that Edward has left until she hears his voice again. She walks to the edge and looks down at him incredously , "Really?" She asks and finally looks down at what she is wearing. She growls low in her throat and looks over her shoulder before removing her heels and dropping down beside Edward. She lands in a low crouch, which causes a rip of the hemm of her silkin skirt, amazement in her eyes and she grins up at him. "Too easy…"

Edward blinks at the grace and beauty of how Bella lands on the ground. He takes a step back from her as he presses his lips into a fine line. "That was…beautiful." He grins as he says, "Lets see if you can keep up." As he turns Edward is gone in a flash. However to Bella's new senses, she can see him running this time…he is running faster then she is yet she can see him moving. His legs moving. The muscles in his body moving as he runs towards the north. As he begins to dodge the trees back and forth he begins to make it towards the river behind the Cullens house. Edward leaps over the river with ease, as he lands on the other side.

Bella smiles at his response, before he runs off. It takes her a moment to start, mesmirized by his movements. When she does start to run, well the speed may not match, but the strength that pushes her sets her to longer strides. The River causes a moments hesitation, but as she sees her beloved on the other side she takes a running start and leaps across the water, doing a flip over him before landing on the far side of him with a grin. Of course the other seam of her dress has split up the thigh on the other side. She looks down at the delicate fabric, "Did Alice think I would be going to a ball when I woke…" She starts before she notices the smells around her, stirring the burning in her throat. She lowers into a crouch as her red eyes scan the woods around her.

Edward 's body goes tight. He reaches out to take Bella's shoulder, "We are still close to humans. Lets head north. If you can catch me I will give you a kiss." He smirks and is suddenly off! He begins to dodge in and out of the trees with ease, and goes in between a few them on purpose it seems in an attempt to slow you down. All the way, Edward is keeping his attention all on Bella.

At his challenge her eyes focus on him again, "I will hold you to it husband…" She responds as she chases after him. She easily dodges the trees though they do slow her down a fraction, keeping her a few lengths behind him, catching up, then dropping back again before suddenly she stops and looks down at herself with a slow grin,then starts to run again, "I don't think I will need the refund…"

As he stops, Edward crouches down now. He lifts his nose to the air and says, "Come here Bella."
Edward has partially disconnected.

Bella runs a few steps past Edward before she realizes he has stopped. His words call to her and she is quick to his side, hardly a second in time passes before the thought becomes action. She watches him curiously awaiting further instruction, her gaze caught by his face and features. Her fingers reach out to him before she takes a breath and the scents fill her nostrils. The forest around her and its myrriad of aromas and then…something else. Blood. Bella puts a hand to her throat as her nostrils flare and her eyes widen.
The scents of the forest are wide and many. The trees. The flowers. The moss. The fecal matter of the animals. The animals. And the two humans who happened to be this far out from the world. Edward says softly, "I want you to close your eyes. I want you to find the deer that are close. Allow your senses to lead you to it."

Normally, Edward would sense the humans yet he himself is thirsty and quite taken back by Bella. Her change. Her grace. He says softly, "Tell me what you sense."

The scent of the animals touch her, but then something stronger touches senses and her nostrils flares again. "Blood…hunger…heartbeats…" Bella murmurs in a voice deep with desire, a desire calling to her even as she starts in that direction, slowly at first before she starts to pick up the pace. Her hunger driving her as well as pure instinct. This is what she needs, the desire calls to almost as strongly as Edward does. She runs in a crouch of a wild creature, silent and stealthy.

As he cocks his head to the side, Edward was expecting Bella to go in the direction of the deer. He does not move for a moment. He closes his eyes and expands his mind out to it's full potential. When the thoughts of the humans hit his mind. Edward's eyes snap open and they go wide! He is off running at full speed to get in front of Bella. He hisses, "NO BELLA. Not them….not here."

Bella's focus is on her prey, the blood pulsing in their veins, their heartbeats. There is a vague sense of something chasing her but the smell is so enticing, so strong that the venom is pulling in her mouth. Then Suddenly Edward is in front of her and she lowers into a crouch hissing, "Move out of my way, they are mine!" She says in an angry hiss, her hands splayed out like talons, seeming prepared to fight Edward for her prey.

As he calms his voice, "Bella…remember who you are…we do not eat humans. You knew that…focus on my voice. The control." He does not move yet keeps his position. She may be stronger then he is right now yet he is faster. He most likely will dodge any attacks she tries to land.

Bella goes lower in her crouch as she looks at Edward then past him. She makes a feint to one side then another before growling in frustration, "My throat burns Edward…." She says in a pleading voice, though there is a waver in her voice as if the words were making an impact, fighting against instinct. Another drift of wind brings the smell stronger to him and she looses a moment of reason and charges Edward head on.

Edward 's eyes go wide, as he does not move. He makes an attempt to stop by reaching out and grabbing her. However, she being a newly raised newborn. She is twice as strong as he is and Edward is suddenly body slammed by his wife! When he is hit he goes flying through the air and through a tree! The bark snapping and twisting and breaking like thunder.

Edward makes a loud thud and grunt as he slides to the ground. He whispers, "If you love me Bella…you won't attack those humans." He whispers holding his back from the ground.

The moment she sees Edward flying she looses the hunt and goes running to where she threw him. "Oh Edward…" She calls out horrified as she reaches for him. The Venom seeming to turn to bile in her mouth as she reaches out to him. Her fingers are trembling as she touches him, currently fighting the hunger for those humans nearby, though her concern for Edward has overridden it for the moment.

Edward 's black eyes fall on Bella as he whispers, "Come on." He stands up and grunts slightly before he takes his wife into his arms and picks her up with such speed. He tries to run her away from the humans and deeper north where there are mostly likely not going to be any humans.
Bella doesn't fight it as he picks her up, she buries her face in his neck, trying to let his scent override any others around. Her body is tense as a taut wire ready to snap and her arms hang tightly around his neck. "I didn't think it would hit me like that…I wasn't ready, I will be more prepared next time." She whispers, though perhaps she is speaking to herself. She looks up at Edward's face suddenly, "Don't tell them…" She says suddenly worried of what the family would think of her near slip.

As he continues running, he smiles and says, "You had more control then I expected Bella. A newborn would have not cared if you took my head off and kept on running for the humans. You stopped…that shows very powerfully control. More then…" He doesn't say about the humans he has killed as he continues running.
"I thought I hurt you…if I was controlled I wouldn't have attacked you like that." Bella says in a self disparaging tone and tucks her head againt his neck once more, trying to breath in his scent again, trying to let it cover the other scents coming into her nostrils. The further they get from the humans the more her trembling fades, though her body doesn't fully relax.

Edward nods slowly as he continues running, the swirl of green and brown becoming one, "Yes. You did hurt me yet that is why I allowed you to hit me. It was in attempt to snap you out of it. It worked…you controlled that…it is ok Bella. It is expected…any human might set you off for the next week or so."

"What if I hadn't? What if I had been alone?" Bella shakes her head a bit, "I won't ever leave the house with you or Emmett…That is all there is to it." The fastest and the strongest. She nods her head as if that has been decided. Once she was had them as protectors against others, now she must have them to protect others from her. Her thoughts go down this path for a time before another rich scent fills her nostrils and her body tenses in his arms again, "What is it…" She asks in a whisper, confused by the difference in scent but worried it might just be another human.

Edward 's eyes soften, as he comes to a stop. He crouches down as he whispers, "a very large deer. In fact…" He closes his eyes and sniffs deeply, "That is I think a buck…400 pounds…and very healthy."

As he crouches, Bella's own feet touch the ground releasing him as she drops into a crouch beside him. She wrinkles her nose at the scent. Oh it burns her throat, sets her venom to pooling in her mouth but it wasn't so strong as the humans. Well not until he mentions what it is. Anger flashes in her eyes them and she lowers herself into a deep crouch and before he could say much else she is working her way through the woods. "It shall die…for you…for Carlisle…" She whispers. So it perhaps this is the reason she careened off the road.

Edward 's eyes widen as he follows behind Bella, and allows her to take the lead. He runs behind her and allows her new found insticts to take her over. As he runs behind her he whispers, "Go for the throat."

If Edward's words register Bella doesn't make note of it. Her gaze takes in the buck, her nostrils flaring. This wasn't the buck that crashed her. Too big, but it will do to sate her hunger, her anger. She is almost crawling in her crouch before she leaps at the creature almost a gutteral sound coming from her throat. Her leaps upon the creature's back, her hands grabbing for the antlers which of course causes it to buck and bellow.

As he watches his wife take down her first prey, he leans against the tree. He runs a hand through his hair and allows her to feed first. She will need it more then he does since she has gone through the change and it could set her mood right.

Well it perhaps is not as neat affair as it could have been, the creature wild under her before she sets her teeth against the back of its neck, ripping out fear and skin to get to the blood beneath. The bite slows down the creature until its legs collapse beneath it paralyzed in pain. She falls with it, her nails digging into it's hide to get to the juice vessels beneath it, splattering her dress with blood and gore as she feeds. When finally she is finished she looks up to him, her face splattered with blood. "More…" She hisses.
As he nods slowly, "Feeling a little better?" As he closes his eyes he takes a deep breath inward. His head turns northward as he says, "Do you smell his family? Tell me what do you smell? Focus on the smell of the deer."

"More…" She repeats to his question, still crouching like a wild thing over the carcass of the deer. She looks northward for a moment before another scent catches her from the west and she closes her eyes, her nostrils flaring at the scent. "Different …not like that first smell…not like the deer…" She says in a whisper as she moves from the carcass and follows the trail of the scent.

Edward shakes his head, "That is because it is a fawn. A buck and fawn have different smells." He starts to run in the direction. The fawn and it's baby are running now away from the predators scent.

Bella moves slowly through the trees and eyes the fawn, then looks back to the buck then back to Edward, "Hardly seems worth the effort…" She mutters before a richer scent distracts her. Something to Edward might smell faintly like Jacob, like wolf. Her gaze sharpens as she moves through the trees toward the source of the scent.

Edward 's eyes move to the fawn as he smirks softly. However, when the scent hits him he says softly, "Bella…lets start off slow….please." He continues to follow her in an attempt to change her mind.

"I am hungry Edward…thats smells so much better than the buck…" Bella says in whispered hiss of a reply as she crouches walking low through the woods, occasionally pausing to sniff the air. There is definately a draw here, something more vital than that buck. She finally gets close enough that she can hear the heart pumping, the breath in its chest.

Edward nods slowly as he says softly, "The wolf is about 500 feet to the left behind the tree. It is drinking some water in the small watering hole." He motions for her to go and get it. He adds "Be careful please."

She barely hears Edward as she darts through the brush and rushes toward the wolf. She runs into side on and knocks it from its feet before a fight ensues. Surely she could just finish it off quickly but she seems to enjoy the fight as well. Silk is shred from her body, though no marks lay upon her flesh. After a time she finally puts the creature out of its misery and takes the kill, ripping it to shreds as she tries to get to the juicy core. Only once she has fed does she look down at /what/ the creature is and she jumps back to a nearby tree with a look of horror on her face.

Edward walks through the bush, as he says, "Whats the matter?" As he looks down at the beast.

Bella nails dig gouges out of the tree as she looks at the corpse of the wolf, "Jacob…" She whispers.

Edward smiles softly, "I would have told you it was Jacob Bella….it was a normal wolf. When Jacob is in his wolf form I can still read his thoughts. This animal did not have thoughts…just instincts>'

Bella looks up sharply to Edward for a moment, still horrified until his words touch her mind. "But it could have been…I can't read its thoughts." She looks down at the corpse though and notices one rather significant difference, "The size…its smaller…." She murmurs as her mind works through the process. "Do they smell different as well?"

Edward nods, "You have no idea how bad they smell. We will see him soon enough. Do you feel full? I am still hungry. Why dont we find something on the way back. I do beleive I owe you a…wedding gift." He grins playfully, "We have a meadow to stop by in."

Bella finally does relax at those words, those magic words that finally distract her from her guilt. "Ah yes you did promise…" She says with an almost feral grin and 'dressed' how she is, well the wolf did half Edward's for him at least in the removing clothes department. "I could eat some more, but I am not burning as much anymore…" She takes a leap that brings her to his side.

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