A Deal With The Devil

IC Time:Evening, May 21.
Location: Castle Volterra, Dungeons.
Synopsis:Caius presents Abbey with the terms of a treaty.
Submitted by: Caius

Inari flits down the stairs as usual. No trays this time. A torch in one hand and a bag from McDonald's. Yep, eve
Volterra has one. She still disdains the use of the bright overhead lights. In her jacket pockets are a couple of
plastic soda bottles. She pauses to peer at both cells silently before glancing to the watch on her wrist - a new
shiny techie thing. "Midnight snack?"

Abbey lifts her head slightly and blinks while peering towards Inari and hums faintly before smiling and nods to
her. "Hey there.." She offers while shifting some while she eyes rest on the bag. "Like you really have to ask?" She
chuckles softly. "Thanks.."

"That smells revolting." The menacing whisper comes from the stairwell, where Caius descends gracefully, surrounded
by his Guard. "After much deliberation, she-wolf, I have the terms of our treaty outlined."

Inari freezes as she hears that voice, but only for a moment. She quickly squeezes the bag through the bars and
reaches for the sodas to do the same but they are just too fat. She shrugs and she smiles at Abbey and withdraws a
couple of straws. Normally she would just open the door and pass everything through, but not with Caius here she's

Abbey shifts so she's stands and moves on towards the front of the cell, the robe that Inari gave her she still
wears. She takes hold of the bag and then the straws before blinking and looks to Caius watching him a moment. "Oh
come now.. Its not that bad." Much better then the smell of human blood but she'll keep that to herself seeing how
he says something about the treaty. She sets the bag and straws down on the floor, a hand then takes hold of one of
the bars while she tilts her head and blinks at Caius. "Alright.. Do you have a copy that I can read?"

Caius gives Inari a sidelong glance, the barest nod of acknowledgement. From a pocket of his robes, he produces a
scroll of vellum, upon which the particulars of the treaty are written. He went "old school" for this one. "Burn the
rubbish when you are finished or we'll never get the smell out."

Inari nearly beams as Caius nods, even the barest bit. She quickly recovers and firmly presses her lips into a thin
line. "I'll burn it Master." She doesn't meet his gaze but instead uses the vellum scroll as an excuse to focus on,
tilting her head slightly as she backs away from the two slightly. "A treaty. That's good news?"

It is not long before Chelsea makes her way into the dungeons. She is dressed all in black leather today, giving her
more of a goth than Angelic look today. Dark make up around her red eyes, making the brightness stand out more
today. She just moves to lean against the wall until her 'services' are needed.

Abbey smirks a bit at the comment about burning it, well sure, if she only had her lighter and her smokes. Her gaze
settles on the scroll, watching it while she tilts her head before she looks back to Caius's face, her pale gaze
resting on his. "Hopfully it is good news." She offeres to Inari before a glance is sent towards Chelsea as she
hears more movement.

Inari grips one of the bars with her right hand, leaning slightly against the cell. Her eyes flicks up at the
stairwell as shadows precede Chelsea's entrance, appraising her new look for the day. "You look very nice Chelsea."
There is not so much a friendly smile on her face as she greets Chelsea but a comfortable one. Returning her
attention to Abbey and Caius she nods unnecessarily, "Better than what you originally thought."

Terms of the treaty:

This agreement binds the Volturi and the Shadow Stalker pack of the Children of the Moon, any and all future members
to either organization and their descendents, in perpetuity.

1. The Volturi and the Shadow Stalkers will cease and desist all hostilities to one another. All past grievances
will be considered resolved and no redress will be allowed. This is to establish tabla rasa, or blank slate, upon
which, the future relationships will develop.

2. The Shadow Stalker pack recognizes their status as vassals to the Volturi. The Shadow Stalkers retain the right
to determine their own leadership, reward and punish their own members, relocate as desired. The Volturi will not
interfere in the daily life of the Shadow Stalkers pack.

3. The Shadow Stalkers will surrender a minimum of one hostage to the Volturi, to reside in Volterra and answer for
the behavior of the rest of the pack. Said hostage will be treated as a guest with reasonable freedoms and
restrictions to be determined. Poor behavior on the part of the hostage or on the part of the pack may result in
termination of these freedoms and comfort. Should the Pack renege on the agreement, the hostage's life will be

4. The Volturi and the Shadow Stalkers agree to make common cause with the other against any outside threat
considered to be a clear and present danger.

5. Grievances between the Volturi and the Shadow Stalkers will be settled in Volterra under the auspices of a

6. Grievances between the Shadow Stalkers and other vampires will also be settled in Volterra, with the caveat that
the Shadow Stalkers retain the freedom to defend themselves from harm. In the absence of an immediate threat to
their lives or wellbeing, disagreements will be brought to Volterra.

7. Children of the Moon that are not part of the Shadow Stalkers or the indigenous wolves of La Push, Washington,
United States of America, are not covered by this treaty.

8. The Pack will make no further attempt to gather evidence for exposure of the supernatural to the mortal world.
Both parties understand and recognize the need for secrecy among mortals and both will work to ensure that the
secret of the existance of vampires and werewolves is not revealed. There will be no further threats of exposure,
implied or actual.

9. The Shadow Stalker pack is free to recruit or turn new membes as its Alphas see fit. Newborn werewolves and new
members of the pack must be brought to Volterra within two years of their creation or joining. Likewise, the entire
Shadow Stalker pack must travel to Volterra at least once a decade to renew oaths of fealty.

10. The Shadow Stalker pack may request a meeting with the Volturi at any time to review the terms of the treaty due
to unforseen circumstances.

Caius waits while the vellum parchment is read. "I trust the terms are not unreasonable."

Abbey takes hold of the parchment and reads over it, her gaze linger on a few things as she recalls the talk with
Aro the night before. Even with the scroll in her hands she can't help but wonder if they will actually uphold there
end of it as well, or the fact that she may never get to actually run free again. Not that she is not mind you. She
clears her throat and glances back to Caius, a slight nod seen. "No.. Not unreasonable. I do want to go over it with
Aset before going any further though." If he doesn't like that idea, to bad. Aset knows more about this stuff that
she does so she rather he read it as well.

Inari leans forward slightly before turning her head to look into the cell she's in front of. "How can he sleep? He
sleeps a lot too." She chuckles slightly. She tilts her head the other way curiously regarding Abbey as she reads
the scroll. She realizes that if Abbey can read it, she probably can't, it being in English, or worse Italian.
Detaching herself from the cell she turns to place the torch she's been holding in a socket, trading it for the
unlit one.

Chelsea smiles at Inari's compliment and inclines her head to her, "Thank you Inari…" She says in a low voice, her
mind naturally going to check the bonds on the other Vampire. No doubt looking for the curious one she had noted
early. She glances between Inari and the wolf and a slow smile touches her lips, "I thought you were the Alpha and
yet you defer to the male?" She asks the woman before she casts her attention to Inari and her bond to the wolves,
tapping away at that bond as well, subtly and slowly.

Caius nods, "Of course. Feel free to peruse and ask questions." He folds his arms, watching.

"Well.. When all you do is pace around in a cell all day you come up with ways to pass the time. One of them is
sleeping." Abbey offers with an amused tone to Inari. A glance is offered towards Chelsea and she smirks. "We're in
a pack.. We talk to each other about what is going on before doing it." This is something major after all, and even
if she agree to it Aset still needs to know about it. She looks back to Caius and nods slightly. "When his awake
we're go over it.."

"Of course." Caius nods. "I will leave you with your… meal." His upper lip curls with disgust at deep fried fat
and salt. Ick. The ancient nods again to the two remaining vampires and departs.

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