Of Crayons And Crazies

IC Time: 5/21/2007
Location: Forks - Outskirts: Wide Clearing
Synopsis: Mi'raj meets his first vampires as he arrives in Forks.
Submitted by: Mi'raj

The night has finally engulfed the city, and surrounding forests, in darkness. Rains mist down from the heavens causing the forest, and even this clearing, to come to life with all manner of creatures. Moving through the large tree stumps and detritus is a tall being, the darkness hiding his appearance as he dodges the beams of moonlight which erupt through the clouds in the sky. His steps are light and graceful, though he whispers silent curses to himself, many of them also cursing unnamed vampires he has come across in other countries.

A Newborn is already there. Sitting upon one of the many tree stumps, Lilly is softly humming as she's… wtf? Coloring? Yes, the Newborn is coloring. She has a coloring book open on her lap, with a box of crayons at her feet. Currently, she's using the color red (which also matches her eyes), while a light blue is stuffed between her lips. If another vampire approaches, she either doesn't care, or doesn't notice.

Mi'raj catches the scent of the vampire, his eyes peering through the darkness as he spots it. He circles slightly, not to attack but rather to come from the front so he himself is not attacked. His moves graceful as he approaches the vampire, now noticing a young girl with…a coloring book. He stops some yards from her and stands there for a fraction of a second before saying, "Hello." his vocal tone mellow, soft, and he smiles while he says it.

Lilly no doubt has noticed Mi'raj, but she just colors along as the crayon in her mouth bobs ever so slightly. Only when the male vampire speaks to her do her fingers stop in their motion of coloring a 'My Little Pony' as her crimson gaze lifts to focus on the man in front of her. "Hello," is her murmured word as her fingers lift to pluck the crayon out of her lips, "Would you like to color as well? It's quite… calming."

A light rustling can be heard as the leaves dance amongst the trees in an unnatural way. It's quite out of the ordinary the way the rustling moves from tree to tree, until Natalia Krinov drops down from a branch and onto the ground below. She looks between Lilly and Mi'raj, tilting her head to the side before standing upright and striding towards her newborn (yah, she's claimed Lilly, shush).

Mi'raj begins to respond, however the movement in the trees distracts him for a second. He does not move as Natalia makes herself known, but instead backs up a few free to give her room, and to give himself some room if the need arises. He turns his gaze back to Lilly, "No thank you. I am quite calm as it is." his eyes glance over the girl quickly, taking in her appearance and her odd behavior while his mind comes up with various reasons, though none of which he wishes to share. Instead he simply watches, waiting to see what will happen with the introduction of the new female.

Lilly does not seem surprised to see Natalia just drop from the trees, though she does close her coloring book now as the crayons are placed back in the carton. "This is my friend," she speaks in regards to Natalia, before her eyes drift back to Mi'raj, "And I am Lilly. Are you new to Forks? Where do you hail from?" Those two questions out of the way she glances to Natalia, "Hey."

Natalia offers a bit of a bow towards Mi'raj. "Natalia," she gives with a smile. "Lilly's… grandsire, I suppose, would work," is offered with the slightest of a headbob.

Looking at the young girl he states, "Egypt originally. Athens is where I call home these days however." his tone stays mellow, taking in the words that this new woman is a friend, though he continues to be on guard, ever so slightly. He nods to Natalia, taking in the two names, and offers his own out of courtesy, "Mi'raj." he says, with a smile, "Nice to meet the two of you. May I inquire as to the lands you call home as well?"

"I was born here, raised here, and killed here," are Lilly's soft words as she looks between Natalia and Mi'raj, before smirking a little. "Yes, Natalia is my Grandmother. Her creation… created me. We are family in a way." Oh! A stray crayon. Picking up the color pink of a crayon, it's tucked behind Lilly's ear for now. "I'm going to Volterra soon with my Coven leader and a few friends though, so that will be my home soon."

Natalia shrugs, faintly. "Russia, born, raised, had a family, and killed," she gives, though, oddly, the last part of that is said more joyously than the one about having a family. "And, yes, my former-mate is her sire, so, grandsire, I guess, is the best way to put it."

Nodding as you speak Mi'raj's posture changes quickly with the mention of Volterra and he absentmindedly mutters, "..the Volturi.." under his breath before composing himself before smiling again, "Italy is a wonderful country, I spent some time in Volterra as well, though not long." he turns to Natalia, "Never personally been to Russia. Though I have met some in my travels from there, hearty stock those Russians." he gives a slightly tilt of his head towards her.

"Natalia, you better snatch up Lev before his and Rosalie have a thing… I don't think you understand how… attracted he is to her, and I think even a lil her to him." That crayon is plucked from her ear now as she picks up the box, "Take him, and keep him out of trouble, my interests lie else where…" A laugh from her at this, "And just so you know Natalia? We never slept together. I just wanted you to know that… maybe it'll help things between you two, or something. We only kissed, and even that was limited." Finally she looks back to the male vampire. "The Volturi ain't that bad, I have a good… friend… who is one. His name is Aldo."

Natalia smiles at Mi'raj's comment. "Aye, the Russian's are, Lev's Russian as well," she gives, chuckling lightly, before she actually does laugh at Lilly's comment. "Oh, no, no no. She's too good for Lev, I'm sorry. Have you seen Miss Hale? She's far too good for Lev," is given with a dismissive wave of her hand.

Mi'raj eyes Lilly as she goes on with her little outburst, in his mind narrowing down more theories on her behavior as he grins slightly, "They are not too bad if you give them what they desire, that is true." he listens in on the two talking, memorizing names, for future use, especially the 'one that is too good' Ms. Hale and stands there as still as possible for a moment before saying, "When do you plan on going to Volterra by the way?"

Lilly gives a dismissive wave of her have, to Natalia's dismissive wave of -her- hand. "If you say so." That's all she speaks on that subject, before moving her eyes back to Mi'raj. "Soon. A couple of days maybe. I'm going, my Darling Aldo is going, and my coven leader Alexander, and my friend Anastasia. If I find others who want to go, I'll invite them as well. More people for me to be with, whom I already know."

Natalia smirks. "I do say so, just looking at Miss Hale, it's obvious that she's far too good for my… for Lev," she offers with a chuckle as she leans against a tree. "I suspect you'll… err… enjoy yourself… in Volterra," it's obvious by the tone of her voice that she doesn't believe her own words.

Looking around Mi'raj says, "Interesting. If it is your first time you will enjoy it immensely, especially if this horrid place is what you called home." his words hold no malice, just stating a fact, "The warmth of the sun, the hillsides. All quite breathtaking. I came here because others told me of it, but I do not see why anyone would live her on a permanent basis. Lack of sunlight might be an incentive, but not worth the poor selection of humans, and the gloom." he listens to Natalia's words, catching the slip, though he will not barge into that discussion.

So, it's a trio of vampires! Lilly is sitting on a tree stump with a coloring book and crayons at her feet, apparently having been coloring. Natalia is somewhere nearby Lilly, and further away is Mi'raj. Lilly has her hands in her lap as she stares at Mi'raj now before giving a jerk of her head. "I heard rumors of a possible ball. I'm excited." And then to Natalia she looks, "Call him your Lev, I don't care Natalia, really. We were not a good match, and I am very.. very happy now. I'll be even more so once I leave here, I think. No more rules about hunting, I'll be spoon fed." A flash of a grin to her Grandsire at this. "Meals on Wheels, yeh dig?"

Natalia shrugs. "I didn't mean to, Lilly," she gives with a shake of her head, tilting her head slightly towards Mi'raj. "We're not allowed to hunt around here anyway, too many vampires, apparently, turning everyone into a meal," is offered faintly by the Russian woman.

"A ban has been placed? The Volturi I guess?" he shakes his head slightly, "I think my time here will be short, while I understand the need for them I dislike being policed these days." he moves ever so slightly, coming to stop by a large stump, "And a ball you say? That might be interesting. I might attend it as well. I am sure Aro would enjoying having my company again, though I doubt the others will." his mind flashes back to Caius and his behavior.

So, a trio it is… Wonder if they mind a fourth?/ That's Donovan, Mr. Imaginary Friend to Aldo Siferetti who'd jogged ahead to investigate the scents up in the distance. Aldo wasn't terribly far behind, and soon the two vampiress' and the male within the clearing would be able to tell that they were not alone. "Look it what we have here.. Even more vampires in Forks," Aldo offers as he glides into the area from the Log Yard. First his crimson gaze comes to rest on Mi'raj, and how could it not? The man had something about him. Natalia was next, and the first thing that came to Aldo's mind was… /Boobies!/ Donovan chimed in with a grin as he danced around to get a better look at Nat. The apparitions antics couldn't help but bring forth a grin from the newcomer, whose eyes inevitably came to rest upon Lilly. "Friends of yours, Kiddo?"

"I have never met.. this Aro person, just Caius, and I speak with him at times on the phone…" A glance to Natalia, then back to Mi'raj, "So…." and 'so' is all Lilly speaks for then Aldo comes walking into the clearing, a small indignant sniff from her as she straightens her form just a little bit more. "I do not see a kiddo here, so there fore I cannot answer your question. Why not ask them yourself, eh?" Yeah, she seems a lil upset with Aldo, wonder why…

Natalia tilts her head as she sees Aldo. The elder vampire gives him a scrutinizing look before she nods. "Yes, a ban on hunting humans in Forks, go to Port Angeles or Seattle, is what I've been informed of," is noted with a little shrug.

"Aro is the more controlled one, though beware, he schemes. Caius and I, well he wanted me dead so there is no real love there…" he stops as the new vampire makes his appearance. He looks him up and down, noting the friendliness in which he converses and mentally begins to work out escape plans, a little paranoid, yes, but he is new to this area, "I am Mi'raj." he says looking at Aldo, "And we only just met." he offers up the information plainly, nothing really going on so no need to be deceptive in the least.

/Oooo… What's that all about?/ Donovan wanders, and the apparition leans forward only an inch from the vampiress' face as he tries to get a read on her. Aldo smirks at Natalia then, removing his eyes from Lilly after another second passes. /Probably noticed you staring at that one's jugs./ chimes Donovan, and Aldo realizes that once again he was doing just that. "Yeah, yeah… I heard a little something about that," he comments on the ban, and a smirk is quick to form on his face. "Too many vampires… Getting careless and threatening the species, you know? You'd think our kind would be smarter…" he offers with a light shrug before his hands, which had been clipped to his pockets at the thumbs move swiftly through the pockets of his sports coat to fish a cigarette and lighter. The stick held tightly between his lips, his crimson eyes focus onto Mi'raj as he lights the tip. "Aldo, Mi'raj…" the vampire starts, and the apparition accompanying him looks to the Egyptian vampire as well. /Hey… That name seem familiar to you at all, Aldie?/

As the conversation moves away from her, Lilly picks up her coloring book and crayons before standing from the tree stump. A kick to it has it up rooted as she lays her coloring devices in the hole in the ground where the roots were. With that done, she rolls the log over her now secret hiding place for her coloring book and crayons, before retaking her seat. There. Aldo is ignored for now, kinda, she does look at him every so often though.

Natalia offers a polite nod towards Aldo before she looks at her grand….daughter? Something? "I should hope you'll say goodbye before you leave, Lilly," is given with a light shrug of her shoulders. "I should be off, though, you three have a good evening.

Mi'raj watches the display of strength and just shakes his head, newborns. He looks to Natalia and she begins to leave, though his attention is also caught by the pause after his name from Aldo, "Yes. Mi'raj. Formerly of Alexandria, Egypt." he looks the man up and down for a moment, "Do I know you?" his mind skips back to his past, all the vampires he has met, but Aldo is not coming up so he stands there, quite still, and just watches for any hint of negative reaction.

Aldo shakes his head as he exhales a plume of smoke, his lighter audibly snapping shut then before it is swiftly returned to his pocket. "No, you don't know me… Unless you do. I dunno, I'm bad with faces," he offers, eyes closing as he dips his head ever so slightly so that the rim of his hat hides them from view. /Egypt.. That's where it was from. This guy killed his maker, I think… Maybe, was let off./ Donnie's words cause Aldo's head to lift suddenly and he looks to Mi'raj with a quickly forming smile. "So, what brings you to Forks?" he asks, starting to make his way closer to the other man, only to swiftly change course and turn to look directly at Lilly. "I think you're mad at me," he tells her, apparently amused.

"First off," Lilly begins, "Don't ever call me kiddo again…" Her crimson eyes finally flick to Aldo as she stands from her seat as she begins to slowly walk towards him, "And secondly… don't you -ever- go to La Push again. Can you agree to these terms, Darling?" Mi'raj is forgotten for now, all of her attention focused on the Guardsman.

"Others I met on my travels suggested I visit, it is my first time in North America, and Forks. Though it looks like I am not missing much…this place is not like Egypt, or even Greece. I do not see the allure it has with our kind." and with Lilly's outburst he idly makes himself look around the dark clear. Thinking to himself she needs to learn to calm down he keeps a close eye on her from his peripheral vision. He studies her movements closely and then, seeing no real threat, turns his gaze away, giving the two some privacy with their conversation.

Aldo blinks at Lilly when she mentions La Push, and breathes a laugh at her when she seems to be trying to tell him what he can and cannot do. "Look, baby girl… I'm Aldo Siferetti," he tells her. "I go where the mission is. I bend to no rules save those of my masters. I lasso unicorns, break them, and ride majestic on the winds of tomorrow." Someones got an ego. /Putting it on a little thick, eh? You're not THAT great…/ Donnie chimes. "Shut up," he says, and quickly clears his throat to mask his insanity. Luckily, the words had been loosed in a huff and were barely audible if at all to begin with. "I agree to jack," he tells her, and then takes another drag. "Except that I owe you a bit of thanks," he adds, and tilts his head from side to side as he steps a bit closer to Lilly, invading her bubble. "Thank you, so much… Lilly. Lady Lilly," he continues as he moves to try and place a hand on her hip. When Mi'raj speaks, Aldo's eyes are still glued to Lilly's as he responds. "It's the lack of sunlight… Other than that it's really just a wolf trap. They're all over these parts," he offers to the other manpire.

Lilly listens to Aldo's words, and her bottom lip actually curves down a bit as he continues to speak. When he tries to touch her, she gives a smacking of his hand away from you. "You really don't care, do you." Care about what is hard to say exactly, but with a blur of movement she has put some distance between her and Aldo as she focuses her gaze a Mi'raj. "Forks doesn't have much, except a lot of vampires, and a lot of wolves. Don't ever go to La Push, it's their turf."

"Wolves? Of course they are all over. This is the Pacific Northwest, according to my research there are numerous types of canines, of the lupine variety, within the area." Mi'raj has no idea that Werewolves actually exist, he has a large repository of knowledge on them, from Nadir, but thinks they are but stories, "I do agree with the lack of sunlight, but to be policed like this, it is not right. Though who can argue with the Volturi?" he gives a smile, the brightness of his teeth cutting the darkness slightly, "La Push..the adjacent reservation." he stops himself before he drones on about the primary exports and other services.

Aldo huffs as Lilly flees from him, and then a heavy sigh flows from him. "Seriously…? I don't care? How much time have we spent together over the past few days? You think I go telling just anyone about missions that are entrusted to me, and expected to be kept hush hush?" /Dude, what're you doing? You're playing right into it… Aldo Siferetti! Remember? Ride majestic on the winds of tomorrow!/ Aldo clears his throat and shakes his head, "Whatever… I don't even know what you're mad about," he scoffs, and gives a wave of his hand. She was making him look bad in front of the new guy… /He has lost all respect for you now./ Again, Aldo wanted to punch his imaginary friend, but forced a smile none the less as he looks back to Mi'raj and chuckled. "Sorry about that, I… She's… Anyway," he gives up trying to explain. "Werewolves, man… Where have you been? And… No one," he offers about the Volturi. "That's La Push, alright… Hostiles everywhere," he says with a tsk.

Lilly gives a sigh to Aldo's words, before the Newborn is by his side and her arms wrap around his own if he allows it as she hugs tight next to him. Her crimson eyes are upon Mi'raj now, "My name is Lilly, I'm… several months old to this life, but I still suffer from mood swings." Her cheek to Aldo's bicep now as she stares at the other man, "That is why I'm going to Volterra as well, to be in a safe environment while I finish this first year."

"This place holds more surprises than I thought. Werewolves you say." his mind quickly goes over every aspect of the Werewolf, with his mind it takes just a fraction of a second, and then he looks back to Lilly as she speaks. Crazy is the word that comes to mind as he simply smiles and nods towards her. "La Push is their land. Interesting, very interesting." all this information gets stored for later but for now Mi'raj moves slightly, going from one stump to another, one not so far away. He looks to Aldo, "And whom might you be on a mission for? If I may ask?" his curiosity peaked slightly.

Aldo shrugs lightly at Mi'raj, and a laugh is breathed. "Yeah, that's for sure. First wolves I ever seen in my life was here… They're bastards to fight. Never seen anything faster than one of…us," he explains. "But I'm still here," he adds, crediting his ego again before sliding an arm around Lilly when hers wrap around him. Aldo smiles then at the Newborn, and mock-bites at her before looking back to Mi'raj. "Yeah, nice and safe in Volterra…" Aldo trails before his grin broadens considerably. "Where I work."

Lilly gives a grin and a soft sound to Aldo's mock bite in her direction, one of her hands moving to rest on his chest while the other wraps around his back. She has sucessfully snuggled her way into the vampires side and arms, her face turning the slightest bit to nip at his body before looking back to Mi'raj. "Aldo here is the one who is taking me and my friends to Volterra. If you decide you want to revisit.. we're leaving…." A glance to Aldo at this, "When are we leaving baby?"

( Ah, one of the Volturi right before me, I best kept my thoughts of them to myself. ) o . "Ah, like I said before. Beautiful country around Volterra." he looks to Lilly and nods slightly, "I would not mind visiting for the Ball, as I stated before. However I am unsure if I would stay in Volterra, old wounds and all." he smiles at both of you, "But I would not mind the trip back, it would allow me to also visit my lab in Athens, gather a few needed things and such." he watches the intimate nips, his eyes shift slightly at it but then he regains himself and looks to Aldo, awaiting an answer to Lilly's question.

Aldo shifts his body toward Lilly a bit more, and his other arm joins the first around her and he picks her up before setting her down on his opposite side. "We, darlin'… Are getting out of here tomorrow morning. First thing," he tells her, and smiles broadly showing off his teeth. "You, me, Italy… It's gonna be one helluva good time. The blood flows like wine there, and it always comes right to your door," he says with a chuckle. "Besides, I can't wait to show you off," he muses with a wink before looking again to Mi'raj. "You should definitely come by, buddy. If only for a little while… I'm sure most have already forgotten about that little mix up earlier in your life." /Yeah, just like they forgot that you've sentenced some of their friends./ Aldo chuckles at the apparition's words.

Lilly gives a grunt as she's lifted by Aldo then set to his other side, though to his words of them leaving tomorrow she gasps! "Oh man, oh man oh man, OH MAN!" A squeal of glee from her at this before her hands give a sharp clap. "Oh /man/. I have to find Alexander, and Anastasia, and.. and.. is that all I mentioned?" A small popping of her lips as she looks up at Aldo at this, before her arms simply fly around his neck as she hugs him to her. "It's going to be a great time babe, a great time." Yes, her attention has been diverted in only that Newborn way, poor Mi'raj left to witness her hugging on Aldo.

Mi'raj nods to Aldo, "I think I might. I cannot stay here, at least not without some things from my lab. And it is just a stones throw from Volterr…" he cuts off his words at the mention of his 'mix up' as Aldo puts it, the killing of another Vampire, especially your creator is a little more than a mix up. But he composes himself and watches the display of affection, this time allowing his eyes to roll, "I do not want to get in your way mind you. I remember how it was to be newborn." he eyes the couple, seeing if they catch on to his words and their meaning.

Aldo winces when Lilly goes wild. He'd forgotten how young she was, and how much she now more than ever reminded him of one of those stupid, yet strangely often amusing high school dramas from the Disney channel. "Oh man!" he shouts as well, though this is more to do with the sudden ringing in his ears as he shuts his eyes tight and then gives a head-shake to clear it. When hugged, he chuckles and squeezes Lilly back, "Yeah, definitely… Jeez, what'd you do bite a kid rolling on a sugar high today?" he asks, still thoroghly amused by her antics and a light pat is given to her rear before he looks again to Mi'raj. "Yeah, it's a crazy time, that's for sure… You know, Mi'raj, if I'd ever caught the bastard that turned me when I was a Newborn… Oh man," he offers with a wink as he sways lightly back and forth, taking Lilly for the ride. "Would've opened him up like a can of sardines."

The moment of glee has passed for the Newborn as she just keeps that one hand of hers to his chest while the other wraps around his waist. "I suppose that makes me different from you both," comes her soft voice now, "I don't hate Lev for turning me, if I was not, I would not have met my vampire friends, or Aldo here…" A smile up to him at this before she gives a soft peck of her lips to his jawline before she refocuses on Mi'raj. "I am glad you're coming, even if you're not going to stay at Volterra… I think Forks could use a few vampires going away for a bit. Let things settle."

Mi'raj sees the twisted human of Aldo and says, with a slight hint of satisfaction, "I melted mine into a puddle of goo before setting it on fire." his facial features do not change at all as he says this, Nadir had it coming. He nods slightly to Lilly, "I think it could too, especially if the Volturi has stepped in. I did not know this before I came here, they need to find a way to pass on information like this, make it more available." he stops a moment, he turns his gaze to Lilly, "I see your creator allows you to run free. Mine kept me prisoner for over a hundred years. So he got what he deserved in the end. Probably one of the reasons Aro allowed me to leave Volterra unharmed.

Aldo lifts a hand to Lilly's cheek when she mentions his name, and when the peck comes he's on top of it and makes sure to return it in the brief moment that her face is near his. "Yeah, well… I didn't ask for this," Aldo states with a light shrug. "I'd probably've been a lot happier as cattle," he can't help but admit, though he does continue to grin at Lilly. "Not that being in good enough shape to actually do…something…to you isn't worth the price of immortality," he says suggestively with a wink. Again he looks to Mi'raj and breathes a laugh. "Love it when a story ends that way… I think I'll probably go out in a similar fashion… I can only hope though, right?" Then there it is, that flash of the masochist, or is it the sadist? Likely both.

Lilly lifts her hand to his own hand on her cheek as she closes her eyes to the touch, a soft sound from her as she simply seems to focus on Aldo for a moment before reopening her eye to Mi'raj. "Wait, what?" A furrowing of her brow, "What did you mean about, when I'm a Newborn, I'm busy doing what?" A glance to Aldo, then back to Mi'raj, then back to Aldo. "What did he mean?"

"I have to admit, I was tricked into this life. Though…it is what I was bred for." his tone taking on a darker sound as he says it but then he looks up at the two of you, "The hour grows late, and I must feed…especially if we have a trip." he grins slightly at Lilly, her naivety somewhat amusing to him before he turns slightly, "Oh I am sure you will figure it out. Aldo might be able to help you a little." his eyes dart about, and then up to the stars before determining the quickest way to Port Angeles, "The ban is only on Forks correct? What about..La Push or Port Angeles?" the thoughts of meeting a werewolf tempting his inquisitive side far to much.

"La Push is pretty much off limits as well," Aldo offers to Mi'raj, and he can't help but smirk as he observes Lilly's reaction. "So is Port Angeles. You wouldn't want to go to La Push anyway… Trust me, they really don't like us there… Not that that really keeps me out though to be honest," the manpire chuckles, again smiling to Lilly. "Killing, feeding, ummm… Wigging out? The list is really so long…" he comments amusedly before shrugging. "Catch you later, Mi'raj… Remember, tomorrow. Though you could always try and hitch a ride with anyone else that's headed there if you miss that one. We've got eyes alllll over," he notes, his eyes still on the Newborn. "You are so adorable," Aldo tells Lilly then, and Donovan laughs.

"The Volturi would rather you hunt in Seattle," comes Lilly's voice as she points in the direction of the major city. To Aldo's words she gives a pouty frown, "I'm missing something, aren't I?" Hey, she's only sixteen afterall. Gazing at Aldo for a bit longer, she does then look to Mi'raj. "Travel with us, don't be late, eh? We'll meet here, then travel together."

"Ah, but it would be like leaving China without visiting the Great Wall. My curiosity is peaked. I will simply take a look and then dart off to Seattle then." he turns slightly and nods his head at Lilly, "I will be here, and ready, by the time you decide to leave." he once again flashes his smile, amazed slightly as none of his charms have worked on the young girl. He nods to Aldo as well, "Thanks for the heads up in regards to Port Angeles." and with that he darts quickly, yet gracefully, into the the trees. Letting loose with his speed he is gone in an instant, not even the sound of limbs bending under his weight is heard before he is gone.

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