Meanwhile at the hospital

IC Time: May 22, 2007
Location: Hospital
Synopsis: Carlisle and Helena talk to Charlene
Submitted by: Carlisle

Forks - Forks Community Hospital: Patient Room


Though the hospital is rather old and the patient rooms are rather small, every attempt has been made to make patients feel like home. The walls in this particular room have been painted a pale blue and accented with generic paintings of the ocean. There is a shade half-drawn across the window, giving the room as much natural light as possible. The patient's bed and equipment is up against the left wall, and a mounted television and a weathered couch are pressed against the opposite wall. Fresh flowers are delivered by volunteer groups almost daily, so the rooms usually have some cheer. A door leads to a bathroom equipped with guard rails for frail patients.


Charlene is laying in the bed, looking like she lost a fight. Her head is wrapped in bandages, well mostly tape. The covers are pulled up to her neck and she's finally dozing off or has been allowed to. Her parents just left an hour or so ago and they've kept her up all night. One of her eyes is black and swollen, the other is fine. Nose looks broken but has been set. She has a book on her belly but isn't paying much attention to it. As the doctors walk in she lowers the book, letting it fall against her.

Carlisle walks in first grabbing the chart with a smile towards the patient, "Hello.. Miss Swan." Reading the name from the chart a little concern grows, "I am Doctor Cullen. I believe you were at the wedding of Edward and your cousin." Looking over the chart he reads about the unjuries then sets it aside.

Helena walks in beside Carlisle, standing back a bit as she listens to the doctor speak to the patient. Her gaze takes in the wounded look of the patient, taking up the chart as Carlisle puts it aside. She glances curiously between them as Carlisle speaks of his son's wedding. There is a brief unsettled look about her which quickly passes.

Charlene blinks sleepily at Dr. Cullen. She manages to focus a bit and winces as she attempts to scoot up a bit, an automatic smile coming to her swollen lips. "Yes. Very beautiful wedding." Her one eye tracks

Helena as she steps into the room, but not for long. Back to Dr. Cullen, "How is Bella? They on their honeymoon yet? I didn't get to meet Edward…" Her voice trails off.

Carlisle smiles with a nod, "Indeed they are on their honeymoon." Looking over to Helena as she joins him, "This is Doctor Lyons. Helena this is Charlene cousin to Bella." Stepping closer to the patient he begins to look her over slowly, "There anything we can do for you?" he picks up the chart once more lifting up the front page reading something. Looking back to Charlene, "So on any medications we need to be aware of?"

Helena passes the chart back to Carlisle with a nod, folding her arms across her chest as she looks back down to Charlene listening to the responses of the Doctor's questions. She does come off as if she is an assistant or underling of a sort.

Charlene starts to shake her head in the negative but stops after the first twist, wincing slightly. Instead she goes for the verbal approach, "Me? No. I don't take any medicines. She reaches for the small glass of water with a straw in it, bringing it her rest on her chest, working the straw into her mouth, "Though whatever you have me on isn't doing much." She takes a long sip of the water, starting to look a bit nervous.

Carlisle reaches out to help settle the cup within his hand. "Are you on any type of drugs?" he asks as if it wasn't already on the chart. Inhaling deeply he knew that Jacob had it right, it was clear she was on something and drugs tends to cling. "There are just standard things we must ask. I can give you something stronger. But certians things should not be mixed."

Helena moves over casually to check the monitors and fluid rate as she listens to the talk between Carlisle and Charlene. Her nose wrinkles faintly as she approaches and glances over to Carlisle with a curious, questioning look.

Charlene immediately drops her gaze, studying the drink in front of her. Now she looks even more nervous and is beginning to look stressed on top of it. She swallows a few times, still keeping her eyes down, "Yeah, but not anything recent." Her gazes raises to watch Helena check on things, preferring the quiet doctor to the nosey one, apparently. "Like a week, maybe two." She beginning to sound a bit sad or forlorn.

Carlisle just nods his head, "Alright…" he scribbles something into her chart. "I'm not here to condemn you about your choices. Just things I need to know so we don't give you something that may cause more harm than good." Setlting the chart back to where it goes. "Anyway can we get you anything?"

Helena glances from Carlisle back to Charlene, "We can get you help if you want Ms. Swan. While you are here, there are some really good counselors on staff." She adds to Carlisle's words in a steady fervent tone.

"It is your choice Ms. Swan, but Carlisle is right. There are certain drugs that can interact badly and we might be limited in our treatment of you."

Charlene actually smiles at Helena, though her eyes are blurry with tears, and chuckles as her voice begins to crack a bit, "No. I don't need any help Doc." She sucks in a nice lung full of air and lets it out in a huff.

The smile disappears as quickly as it came and she sets the cup back on the table beside her, trembling a bit. "It wasn't like that." She seems a nice mix of emotions and a bit volatile in expressing them, probably the ache in her chest's fault. "I'll be fine." She ignores any tears that make it out.

Carlisle watches Charlene for the moment. "If you ever need to talk about anything at all. We are here to listen. Anything you share with us is private information and goes no further." he assures her giving a knowing glance towards Helena glad to see she is rather handling it well to be around a human.

Of course Helena has similar thoughts on Carlisle, especially after her attack. There has been a few days that she has been more quiet and watchful around him and another Werewolf of her variety has been camping out in the waiting room. She quickly turns her gaze back to Charlene and nods, "Dr. Cullen is right, not even your parents need know." There is a sympathetic look to her face as she notices the woman crying and she lays her hand gently on the woman's arm, though speaks no further.

Charlene's eyes droop and flutter closed and her words are pretty much just mumbles, "No. I just want Jacob here." They open just as suddenly, wider and her expression and tone are closer to anger or frustration,

"Where is he?" She blinks at the both of you realizing she just had an outburst. "Mebbe those meds are good 'nough." she slurs slightly after a long pause. Her eyes are still open and blinking slowly till Helena's offer makes it through the fog. "No. Don't tell them."

Carlisle has to think very briefly about this before answering. "He's been helping me at the house. We've been rearranging some stuff out back since the wedding is done. Plus Esme needed help with a few rooms of furniture that needed moved." Not all of it was a lie, he was at the house just not for that reason of course. "I won't tell him that you are here."

There is a mark of confusion in Helena's gaze as the woman mentions Jacob, "Who is Jacob? I did not see him listed on the family sheet." She asks before she hears Carlisle speak on the young man with another curious look. There is a sense that she is missing something in a fog and she can't quite pluck it out.

Charlene blinks sleepily at Carlisle, momentarily confused, as if the fog wasn't bad enough. Narrowing her eyes she blinks some more, though at Helena. "No. You let him in. Put him on the list." She plants her hands firmly on the bed and begins pushing up, ignoring the pain in her side, with the help of the fog it's pretty easy. The book tumbles off towards the side of the bed. "Jacob is the sun. Let him in." Boy does she sound like
those meds are damn good.

Carlisle nods his head then lifts up her chart once more. Scribbling down a name 'Jacob Black' to the list of guests. "All added and I will make him aware that you are here." he explains to her then kneels down picking
up the book. Handing it to her, "Here you are."

Helena looks curiously between Charlene and Carlisle for a moment before her gaze settles on the former, "Well he is not to bring you any drugs Ms. Swan or he will not be allowed to visit again. Taking drugs with the medications you are on could have deadly consenquences." She says quite seriously before touching a hand to the woman's shoulder, "You need to lay back and rest Ms. Swan before you do yourself another injury."

Charlene giggles at Helena, smiling, "Jacob doesn't need drugs. He brings me smiles. Smiles. Not like Terry." She lets herself fall backwards though, slumping and beginning to slide just a bit down into the bed. She lets her gaze slide over to Dr. Cullen. "Thanks!" she half mumbles and half blurts though whether for the book or the visitor's list isn't clear. She doesn't reach for the book and her eyes are beginning to lose the battle to stay open once again.

Carlisle lays the book on the table next to the bed. "We'll let you get some rest," he tells her then walks towards the door nodding for Helena to follow him.

Forks - Forks Community Hospital: Waiting Room


Aside from the employee-only Emergency Room doors, the main entrance to the hospital leads into this cheery waiting room, which serves most of the departments, since the hospital is only a community hospital that does not do many extensive surgeries or handle traumatic emergencies. A round front desk is situated against the far wall, staffed always by an attendant. There are a few skylights in the room over the many cushioned chairs situated in a U-shape around a flat panel television and side tables overflowing with magazines and reading material. The television has been muted, and soft music plays overhead, interrupted only by the hospital's paging system. To the right of the front desk, three elevators lead to various levels, and a long corridor leads down the hall to some doctors' offices. Only two elevators appear to be for public use, the last one has a smaller door and a small sign affixed to it reading "Staff Only." As with any hospital, there are many people in uniforms and in street clothes coming and going here.


"Well we will make sure he gets in then Ms. Swan, now I think you need to rest." Helena says as she reaches over and adjusts the bedsheets around her before following Carlisle from the room. "Do you think the drug use is as old as she claims?" Helena says in a low whispered voice, "I thought I smelled something but I still can't split the smells very well."

Emma is in her normal spot, at least for the last couple of nights. Tucked into the corner of one of the sofas, knees drawn to her chest, watching the almost muted TV. As Helena walks out with Dr. Cullen, she gives them a fairly lengthy looking over, but doesn't seem to get hostile about it. She returns her attention back to the TV after that lengthy looking over, letting Helena do her work uninterrupted by a nosey Alpha.

Carlisle shakes his head slowly, "I think it is deeper than that…" looking over towards the corner he notices Emma. Glancing back to Helena a moment, "Looks like you have company."

Helena nods to Carlisle though seems to keep more space than normal between them as she walks with him into the waiting room. Just a little more anxious the last couple days. As he points out Emma, she looks up to her Alpha before nodding to Carlisle. "There was…an altercation with /your/ type in the woods a few days ago…She is my…other boss." She tries to explain, though her words are a bit awkward.

Emma pays Helena and Carlisle no mind as she keeps watching TV, though her ears are certainly picking up a considerable if not all of their conversation, along with all other kinds of juicy stories this night. The TV is just a front after all. She does flick her gaze towards Helena momentarily at her choice of words, the corners of her mouth just barely hinting at a smile.

Carlisle nods his head looking towards Emma, "Is good to see you again!" he calls to the feral. Looking back at Helena, "Please excuse me I need to be heading home." he smiles then turns limping down the hallway
towards his office.

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