The Park

IC Time: May 23, 2007
Location: Forks - The Park
Synopsis: How to contact Volterra???
Submitted by: Carlisle

Forks - Public Park


This park has been fitted into where a logging clearing once was, which is evident by the perfect square cut the clearing makes through the forest, and the remains of old woodchips and hollowed out stumps here and there. To keep the area safe, a painted wooden fence bordered the forest, keeping small animals and wildly growing plants out.

The park offers plenty of recreation for both children and adults. A paved sidewalk borders the entire park, and leads up to a children's play structure and a sporting area for older children and adults.

The play structure looks to be handmade from wood and old tires, creating small look-out areas, shelters, and bridges for the children to romp across. There's a tire swing and a long, twisty slide. There are plenty of benches for parents to sit at while their children play.

On the other side of the park, there's a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and a tennis court. The tennis court has many cracks across its surface; the concrete needs to be replaced.


The skies are overcast without rain on this breezy afternoon. The usual sounds of kids laughing on the playground and the random talk among parents. Settled upon a bench that sits off away a bit surrounded by drowned flower bed is Carlisle scribbling into his journal.

Emma approaches from the park entrance this time, not from the forest/fence line as she did last time. She occasionally stoops to brush her fingers against the ground, but as she enters the park she doesn't bother.

Smiling slightly she begins to meander towards Carlisle. She doesn't pay too much attention to the others in the park, apparently focussed on the task on hand. Stopping a dozen yards or so from him, she calls out politely, "Doctor Cullen?" She knows it's unnecessary but she goes through the motions, never-the-less.

Carlisle caught her scent once she entered. He recognized it being the one that now lingers around the hospital. Still writing within his book he stops once hearing his name. Moving the bookmark to keep his place he closes it tucking it away along with his pen, "Hello Miss Emma." he turns his gaze to meet her own also offering a bright smile.

Emma takes a few more steps closer, not exactly wary, simply cautious. Once she has the distance a bit more narrowed, she takes a seat in the grass. The wetness doesn't seem to bother her much. "I need to talk to you, if I might." She doesn't push the request, leaving it open to be taken or left. Okay, she pushes. "It's kinda important."

Carlisle watches as she has a seat within the grass. "Of course," he nods his head straightening himself just a little bit. "What's on your mind?" he asks a little surprised she says that she /needs/ to talk to him.

Emma seems hesitant for whatever reason, but eventually she leans forward slightly and lowers her voice. "Emma is trying to help some friends. And to do that… I.. /We/ need to contact the Volturi." There she said it. She doesn't seem to have the courage to meet your gaze and access your reaction to that request and simply leaves it at that, twisting her hands a bit nervously in her lap.

Carlisle lifts a brow at her words. He had to let this soak in for a moment so he glances away towards the playground watching some of the kids. "Why may I ask do you need to contact them?" his gaze falls back upon her, "And why me?"

Emma looks up, smiling tentatively as she didn't just get denied. "Well. They are holding some friends of ours and I refused to negotiate with them, but some friends of mine want to try again." She frowns, chewing on her next response a bit choosing her approach carefully, still watching you. "Because they came to your house. And… Emma figured you might know how to, then." Admitting to spying on a vampire coven's residence isn't exactly her idea of getting what she wants, but she has to try.

It would be common knowledge that the Volturi would come to visit Forks and also his household. "Which friends might this be?" Carlisle asks needing a little more information before deciding wether or not to help. "Why did they capture your friends?"

Emma hmmms quietly, to herself as she contemplates that. "The friends are Abbey and Aset." Now she glances down as she doesn't have an answer to the next question. "I don't know. They attacked them in La Push and just took them?" It's almost a question or maybe just a hope there isn't some valid reason, she brightens slightly as she comes up with a counter that's useful, "That's why we need to contact them, to find out why and work something out. We need them back, they are very very very important." She smiles hopefully, eyebrows raised.

Carlisle has to look away for a brief moment. He recalls hearing about Abbey visiting once with Jasper and he has heard about Aset too. "I can help you get in contact but I don't think they will be reasing them anytime soon." Of course he knows why but he wasn't going to allow it to become public knowledge.

Emma leans forward suddenly very interested in what Carlisle has to say. Shrugging she also continues to smile, trying to keep the vampire at ease. "My /friends/ don't seem to care about that little detail and I tried to tell them that already. Emma is just trying to give them their chance before they do something really stupid."

It seems Helena has gotten off shift a few hours early. Well it was a slow day, so she offered to pull a double on the next night instead. As per usual she is jogging from work to home, running at a humanly quick pace but she makes it seem rather effortless as if sheis holding back. As she rounds the park she notices the familiar forms of her two 'bosses' and slows down.

Carlisle wonders if she meant her friends doing something stupid or the volturi. "Has the Volturi mentioned wanting anything for their return?" he asks also trying to dig for his own information. As the scent of the newpup hits him he looks towards Helena with a light smirk.

Emma frowns, not expecting to be handing out information as a result of this encounter. She doesn't have to smell Helena to feel her presence and straightens, withdrawing her hands into her lap, looking a bit like a child with her hand in the cookie jar. She quickly recovers though and uses the time wisely, "The Volturi have said that nothing I have to offer would be good enough for their release and possible execution, but still invited me to come to Volterra and speak on their behalf. I refused." She glances over her shoulder towards Helena, "For obvious reasons. So No, they haven't asked for anything."

The sounds of their quiet conversation prick her ears and as Helena approaches certain words stand out against others. That damned V word. Her dark gaze shifts to Emma as nears, a brow raised questioningly before her eyes settle on Carlisle. "Dr. Cullen." She says in greeting to the Vampire, a bit more relaxed around him today then she has the last few days at least. She slides her hands in her pocket as she comes to a stop a few feet away glancing between the pair, "I hope I am not disturbing anything…" I hope I am. She thinks and glances to Emma, worry in her eyes that she will try to go to Volterra.

Carlisle looks for a moment between the pair. His golden eyes rest upon Emma, "Going to speak on their behalf could be dangerous. Emma you seem like a great person and I understand that you want to help them but you have someone else to consider now." he motions a hand towards Helena, "She needs you to be here and guide to her. Getting involved in the affairs of the Volturi can only make trouble for yourself."

Emma frowns, but not at Carlisle, at Helena. "I /was/ making progress." she admonishes Helena. Turning back to Carlisle she's set to start over if need be, sighing deeply. "Emma told you, it's not for me. Emma has already been down that road. It's for Brian….." She drops her gaze, doing that a lot lately, staring a the grass. "I don't want him to do something stupid. He's a beta, he won't have a choice. I'm trying to /give/ him choices." Her voice is pleading.

Helena nods to Carlisle's words, with an air of being glad someone else could tell her that. So perhaps her worries are no longer founded, but with only a week to the full moon she is really more nervous than normal about it. At the mention of Brian, Helena looks to Emma curiously, "So they got a hold of you?" She asks with a heightened level of interest, "Well don't make me do something stupid either…" She says in a low undertone of voice to Emma.

Carlisle stands and reaches into his back pocket. Going through his wallet he sits back down. Finding something he then takes out one of his personal cards, of course it's an older one so the phone number listed for

him is no longer valid. Turning it over he writes down a number that normally can at least get you someone in Volterra, "This is the best that I can do. He will need to ask to speak to Caius." holding out the card he waits for her to take it before putting his wallet away.

Emma snatches the card with a quickness, beaming with delight. "Oh thank you!" She's even too excited to worry about Helena's reaction/paranoia. Rising to her feet with a simple fluid exercise in pure athletic toning far beyond what any human could do she turns to beam at Helena as well. Okay. She pauses now, toning it down to just a normal smile, tilting her head a bit in concern at Helena, "Emma told you. I'm not leaving. I promised, and you made them promise not to take me anyways." She keeps the card tucked safely in the curled palm of her hand, however. Away from any attempt of Helena's to take it.

Helena reaches out to grab the card just as Emma would expect, though her hands are not as quick as Emma's. The /older/ woman finally nods to Emma and settles her hands back in her pocket again. It is an odd pairing. This mature doctor under the direction of a girl who looks at least ten years her junior. There is uncertainty displayed by Helena around her that she never has shown at work once she settled back in.

Carlisle checks his watch then looks at Emma, "Is there anything else?" Not that he wants to cut it short but he does have someone to go see rather soon.

Emma turns back towards Carlisle, shaking her head quickly. "No, Doc. This is great. Thank you again." She tucks the card somewhere nobody is likely to go, or hasn't yet anyways. "If you ever need anything from me, just let Helena know." She's beaming again.

"See you at work Dr. Cullen. If you need to throw me on some extra shifts this week I am game…I just need those days of we talked about starting from the 29th…" Helena says to her medical boss before glancing uncertaintly at Emma, "Is that long enough ahead if the event is on the 31st?" She asks of Emma, using vague tones should anyone overhear them.

Carlisle nods his head giving them both a wave. Tucking his journal beneath his arm he moves down the sidewalk and towards the parking lot.

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