Weasels Taste Just Like Human

IC Time: May 23rd, 2007
Location: Front Porch of Cullen House
Synopsis: A gift for Bella goes terribly wrong!
Submitted by: Bella

Bella has done fairly well so far as a newborn, though except for hunting with Edward or Emmett she has not left the house at least not alone. There is still an air of uncertainty/anxiety about her as if she is worried her control will disapear at any moment that Jasper has likely picked up. The door is cracked open as she hears voices on the front porch and she picks her head out quietly at first. As she sees who shares the porch swing with Jasper, Bella automatically drops down into a crouch at the doorway and a low growl coming from her throat. Her instinct driving from her only human memory of this Vampire.

Jasper leans back and wraps one arm protectively around Kyler's shoulders as he hears what happened to the man who took him in and cared for him. It brings back bad memories of his once near-burning hatred for werewolves. That had changed though ever since he'd come to live with the Cullens. He wishes he could do something to protect his younger friend from the pain he hears so stripped down in his voice. With a sigh, Jasper murmurs, "It is a shame…sometimes I miss the fragileness of humans. Then I remember the war…and a part of me is thankful. At least I won't ever have to watch the ones I love be senselessly torn apart by something as useless as a war for land." The Southern Coven battles don't count in Jasper's book. He didn't ever really grow attached to anyone he killed or fought for then. Even now, he's still plotting on destroying the woman who created him.

As Bella crouches down in the doorway, she would see Jasper and Kyler sitting side by side, talking in hushed tones about their pasts. There is a small teapot filled with blood sitting besides two empty mugs have long since cooled down to a luke-warm temperature. It's grizzly blood, something to keep away the chill of the evening, and help quench the flaming thirst.
Jasper's golden eyes glance down at Kyler as he mumbles, "No. None of us are really her children. Carlisle is the creator for them. Except for Alice and myself, everyone belongs to this coven from the moment they were turned. We came to be apart of this group based on one of Alice's visions." Then his arm tightens around Kyler's shoulders as a low growl rumbles out from his chest. He sends out a wave of calmness, staring hard at the doorframe. He hadn't been here for her turning, so he doesn't know how difficult handling her newborn side will be. "…Good evening Bella."

A vauge jealousy is lit in Kyler's chest as Jasper describes his relationship with the Cullens. "I don't remember my family. Except for Tom…" That would be the less-admirable half of why Kyler was tormenting Bella and Esme. But before that seed of jealousy really has a chance to grow into something ugly, the growl from the doorway startles Kyler, causing him to shrink even closer to Jasper, all but glued to his side. "I thought you said no one was home?" he whispers, in spite of the fact that Bella could almost certainly hear the whisper. Slowly, he looks over his shoulder, trying to catch a glimpse of the newly turned vampire without actually detaching from Jasper's side.

Bella looks over the pair from her crouch, her nostrils flaring as she gets the scent of blood and she looks around with confusion in her eyes which for a moment heightens her state and her growl becomes louder and she eases out onto the porch. Her rubyeyed gaze darting between Kyler and Jasper then seeking the source of the blood, her nose wrinkling at the curious smell of it, though it still lights the fire in her throat. One hand raises as she points at Kyler, her gaze finally shifting to to him. "I am not a bunny any longer…" She says in a growl and she lowers down until her hands touch the ground as if she would launch herself at him. Her attention is again taken by the smell of the blood and she looks around in frustration for it source. So easily distractable at the moment. It takes longer than usual to calm her and slowly her muscles start to loosen and she shifts her gaze to Jasper, accusation in her gaze. "He threatened me…" She hisses.

Jasper's menace is clear, though he doesn't have to hiss. The low rumbling growl is ominous enough to possibly remind Bella of his years of experience dealing with newborns such as herself. "He was attempting to make sure you truly wanted to be a vampire. He lost someone…" Jasper murmurs, his voice losing some of it's heat, "…very important. His mate. And now he has no one. He didn't want that to happen to you." This has to be the longest exchange Jasper has ever had with Bella to date. Her brother in law motions to the teapot of blood sitting on the side table on the porch. "Help yourself. It's barely warm but I don't think you'll mind it much."

Kyler watches Bella warily, ready to take off if the situation should call for it. "Jasper told me. I was going to bring you a present, but things got complicated…" Before he can attempt any further conversation, Jasper decides to get mouthy, drawing a startled hiss from Kyler. "/Jasper/! You don't have to go /blabbing/ to everyone!" With a generous helping of embarrassment and a dash of betrayal, he looks back at Bella with a distrustful gaze. "Anyhow, she was being obnoxious. Being newborn just makes her more so." And then, irrationally, he retreats and hides his face in Jasper's shoulder.

There is a tense quiet as Bella remains crouched, her gaze darting between Jasper, Kyler and seeking the source of blood. Too much input at the moment. In that time her body slowly starts to uncoil and the growl settles down. She actually rolls her eyes at Jasper's words, "If Edward couldn't talk me out of it, what hope did he have?" She glances warily at Kyler, her teeth baring again as she looks at him and actually snorts at his comment on her behavior. "You called me a bunny…" She replies with derision as it was the worst thing she has ever been called. As she nears though the teapot becomes her focus, her nostrils flaring as she tests the air, testing the scent. "It doesn't smell like it should…" She murmurs as she crouches next to the table to inspect the pot, confusion marring her elegent features. She takes another breath so close to the pot and well, smell or not she can't help herself anymore and she grabs up the tea pot. The lid is picked off and tossed into the brush as she tilts the pot itself to her mouth.

Jasper pauses and has the grace to look at least slightly embarrassed at Kyler's scathing tone, bowing his head. He disagrees with the newborn comment, shaking his head and wrapping his arm back around Kyler's shoulder. "Bella isn't obnoxious so much as…" He looks over towards her, arcing one eyebrow as she tilts the pot up, pouring the blood directly into her mouth, and finishes dryly, "…hungry."

Kyler peeks out slightly, curiousity snatched by Bella's attack on the teapot. "I called her a bunny because that's what she was. It's not an insult. Bunnies are nice. If I called her a weasel, now /that/ would be an insult…." He watches with a slight crinkle of his now as she swallows the lukewarm blood, and then adds, "She's not a bunny anymore. But Bella-Kitty doesn't sound nearly so nice, does it?" He looks back at Jasper, somewhat concerned. "If she's hungry, I should have brought her present. I should have just gone back for it…"

Well Bella is not the cleanest of eaters yet, some blood splashes out and as she upturns it to get the last drops out the pot all but explodes in her hands as if she was trying to squeeze more blood out of the kettle. She drops the remains in surprise and darts away from the mess, wiping her mouth with the back of one hand. Her nose wrinkles again as her toungue traces over her lips. "Too cold…old…" She murmurs distrustingly of the blood she just drank, her gaze darting between them. "Stop talking about food…" She hisses in frustration as her hands tense up at her sides.

Jasper watches Bella continue to swallow the blood at a disturbing rate, furrowing his smooth brow until several wrinkles show themselves. Which is a feat for a vampire. It's amazing. For a newborn, she does have rather good control over her thirst. He's surprised she didn't rip up the floorboards of the porch hunting for the source of the smell. "I'm sure you and Bella can come to terms with a proper nickname: one that will work for both of you." Jasper purses his lips momentarily before asking, "This gift…what is it?" He's hoping to god that it's not a human. That's all Bella needs at this moment. "Bella; there's more blood inside if you'd like. It's grizzly bear, but I'm sure we can find you your animal of choice if we try." He then stands, dusting his pants off before bending over and picking up the pot. With slow sure presses of his fingertips, Jasper slowly begins to bend the pot back into it's former shape. "Come on. Let's go inside for now and carry on this conversation a little less…hostilely."

Kyler blinks and looks back at Jasper, blinking innocently. "It's supposed to be a surprise." He glances toward Bella, then back to Jasper with a sudden little grin. "But I caught a weasel, and I saved it just for her. I thought she'd be hungry, and it's hard to control…you know. So I got her dinner." He beams, quite pleased with himself, until his smile falters again. "But it's at my tree." He glances at Bella, taking in the tense hands and darting gaze. "Maybe I should go get it," he comments, uncertainly. But then Jasper suggests going inside, and he just twitches a little. "No. No, that's okay. I'll just go get Bella's present…"

As Jasper fixes the teapot, Bella at least manages to look apologetic at its near destruction. "Sorry about that…I sometimes forget when I am feeding that I am stronger." She looks over to Jasper like a school child about to be punished for a wrong doing. At the offer of more blood inside she glances toward the door before wrinkling her nose, "It…it old blood, I will wait till Edward takes me hunting." She says as she glances to the house, it seems he has gone hunting before her this time. Taking extra precautions since their first hunt. At the offer of 'fresh' food she looks curiously to Kyler, "I can't go by myself…how far away is the treehouse?" Maybe the food will make a peace offering. She glances up to Jasper as if asking permission.

Kyler shifts uncomfortably, since he has no desire to go into the house, but is rather uncomfortable on the porch without Jasper around. "Ummmmm….Not /too/ far, I guess. I could take you there, but it's not a very good idea. It'd be better if I bring it back." He glances toward the house, and twitches just slightly. "Um. Well. I guess I could hurry and be back in a little while. Could you wait a little while? Maybe like…half an hour or something?"

Bella looks from the door that Jasper went through and then back to Kyler with uncertainty. "I shouldn't leave with you." Bella says as she looks to the man's red eyes, "My control isn't so strong yet that you could stop me…and I am not sure you would." She says in a tone untrusting of him, yet almost wishing as if she dared to trust him. They did smell so sweet. Her hands clench at her sides and she quickly turns toward the house before her control could flicker again. "I should be here." She says through clenched teeth, "I think I will find that nasty blood in the meantime." Her voice wavering with control.

Kyler tilts his head, looking at her with sympathy. "You're better than I was," he comments, trying to be helpful. "Tom…Well. I don't really remember much, but I was told they had to put me in a cage." He wrinkles his nose with distaste at the thought, and tilts his head the other way, for all the world like a kitten considering a possible playmate. "Take care of yourself. I'll be back," he announces, decisively, and in a blur of motion, he's gone again, headed for the forest and his home.
<Public> Mom Esme says, "It's a good thing it was slow at work. Reading Twilight, and at some scenes I'm sitting there, laughing."

At least her cage is bigger and her interment is mostly self imposed, though she is never left alone. She has her wardens. Bella glances over her shoulder at him for a moment at his words. "Not good enough yet." She responds and there she waits in the doorway for him to return. There she stands on the open door of her cage, though with the certainty of knowing Jasper is nearby and Edward will be home soon. Her fingers wrap around the edge of the door frame putting little gouges in the wood before she jumps away releaseing it and looks down at the damage she made. "Oh…Esme will be upset at that…" She murmurs to herself.

Half an hour passes… Then another half hour. It probably seems like an eternity to Bella. Either way, a faint rustling in the bushes at the edge of the yard eventually cues Kyler's return. Although normally he would be silent, the rustling is caused mostly by the rather large burlap-wrapped package that he hauls over his shoulder. It's definitely alive, and has a decidedly Human smell to it. Whether Bella has given up on him or not, the package is deposited on the porch, dropped with no regard for the contents of the package, causing a burlap-muffled grunt as it hits the ground. Just to top it all off, the burlap is held in place by a giant pink ribbon, obviously meant to clarify that it's meant to be a gift.

Yeah, that's definitely not a weasel. Unless it's /lots/ of weasels! That could be exciting, too…

Bella gave up after the first half hour and went inside to find the blood that Jasper told her about. Saved blood, it hardly wetted her appetite. Talk about Tofu! Ick. She finally goes back to the door, and looks over the gouges she put in the door frame not long before and bites her lower lip. Then as she hears the rustle in the leaves she drops down in a crouch on the front porch as her gaze scans the brush for the source of the sound. Then as Kyler aproaches with the bag of 'weasel' Bella's nostrils flares and her eyes go wide with panic which soon is overwhelmed by hunger. There is a pause for a moment and she looks down at the bag at her feet frozen, only a fraction of a second before she reaches down for it. Is that moment enough?

The door of the house flies open, and Edward is standing their in a blur. His eyes lock on Kyler as if he knew he was there. What he did not expect was his wife on the porch. He did not sense her mind. He is standing next to her instantly and reaches out to grab her wrist! He uses all his strength against the newborn. He shakes his head at Bella and does his best to pull her away. He does not speak however…he urges her towards the house.

Kyler grins encouragingly at Bella. His mind is slightly less difficult to read than the last time that Edward met him. Instead of being a bit like looking at one of those 'magic' pictures, where you have to cross your eyes to actually make sense of the image, this time it's like looking into a badly fractured mirror. The information is all there, you just have to make sense of it. He really does think that he's helping, and not in an evil, 'corrupt Bella' sort of way. In a twisted sort of way, he thinks that if she eats evil humans and satisfies her appetite, she'll be less likely to eat the innocent humans. However, when Edward suddenly appears, Kyler's calm is all but destroyed, and he shrinks backward a couple of steps. He crouches, shocked, for a moment, and then shakes his head, "Nononononono… It's okay! He's evil. And she's /hungry/," he adds, with some distress. "You can't just leave her like that…"

Esme arrives from inside the house.
Esme has arrived.
Carlisle arrives from inside the house.
Carlisle has arrived.

Kyler has just dropped a burlap sack full of human on the porch and it is settled between Kyler and Bella when Edward burst through the door and grabs Bella. Passing through the door Esme might notice gouges in the door frame. Bella's nails rake the bag, making strips of the Burlap before Edward grabs her arm. She growls at him, a gutteral angry sound as she looks to him. "Let me go…" She hisses even as she yanks her wrist from his grasp and turns her attention back to the human at her feet. Her feral gaze darts to Kyler as he gives her permission, caught in that moment. He is evil, its ok? It is only a fraction of a second that all this gets processed in Bella's mind and when there is movement in the back well its all on and she reaches for the human once more. So close and caught unprepared. He told her and Jasper he was bringing her a weasel.

Edward 's own growl escapes him, as his eyes shift to Kyler. His eyes flare in anger, as he positions himself inbetween Bella and the human. He is struggling serverly against the newborn's brand new strength. He whispers, "Do not speak. It is awake…" He looks over Bella's shoulder for his parents or anyone in the house who should have heard him running through the house at full speed. Edward grunts loudly against Bella…

To say that Esme is less than happy would be the understatement of the century as she, literally, storms out of the house. "Carlisle, would you /please/ take care of the human," she requests darn near glowering at Kyler, slight hands balled into fists of pure white. "Edward, try to get Bella out of here," the fact that she's so calm as is quite a testament, considering the look on her face, although, she hasn't spoken to Kyler yet, it's likely that she's waiting to speak to him for the tongue lashing to start. She then turns upon Kyler. "YOU!" uh oh, this can't be good. "You are no longer welcome in my house, or on this property. You dare to do this to a human, practically giving us away, and then bring it to the one home you know that we'll do nothing but let him go?! You're endangering ALL of us, by bringing a human to our home, by doing what you did," she's not yelling, persay, but her tone is evident, she is beyond displeased, as in, her family has probably never seen her this infuriated in the entirety of their existance.

Kyler frowns, eyeing Edward with growing mistrust. "You're not being very nice," he comments, bristling slightly. Jasper's going to be just thrilled. Suddenly, he's quite clearly imagining every bully he's ever encountered, wearing Edward's face. He gives a faint hiss. "Oh, don't be an idiot. He already knows about everything, and Bella-Bunny's hungry, so you should just let her /eat/," he says, punctuating it with another little hiss. Then Esme appears and he freezes on the spot, staring at her with suddenly glassy eyes and a deer-in-the-headlights expression. Edward and probably Jasper would be aware of a general growing panic fueled by a general fear of Esme though his face is more open-mouthed shock than anything. Not much of what Esme is saying gets through to him, and in general, he doesn't understand what all the fuss is about, except that everyone seems to be Royally Pissed. "She was hungry," he eventually protests, in a tiny, uncertain little voice, since that's the only defense that his mind can come up with while rapidly chasing its own tail.

It seems a human offering has been left upon the doorstep. Edward is trying to keep Bella under control while Esme has basically barked an order towards Carlisle. He doesn't know this vampire that has brought this human to them, "This family isn't on this type of diet." he says with a stern voice towards Kyler while lifting the human up into his arms. Luckily his leg is feeling much better, not one hundred percent but enough that he can manage to dart away quickly with the dazed human to secure him away from his family.

There is a fevered look to Bella's face, like a shark being held back from a pool of blood. A pool of tasty blood laying just inches away from her. As Edward places himself between Bella and the human her hands go to her husband actually intent of fighting him it seems over the tasty morsel behind him. "Let me have it…it will make the burn go away…" She growls angrily to Edward and her gaze shifts to Kyler as if he was her only ally at the moment to help her get to her food. Her mind is well caught in this fevered state as she tries to push around her husband and succeeds only as Carlisle scoops up the human and runs off with him and well she looks about intent to run after him.

Jasper was busy reheating the leftover grizzly bear blood on the stove when he drops the pot, hot blood spattering the kitchen floor, painting the off white tiled floor in a macabre dark crimson. An intense desire to fulfill a vampire's hunger rips through his gift and he gasps, his own thirst flaring up, parching his throat. A human. Had been brought here. Where Bella was. This is not good, not good at all. The door all but crumples under Jasper's weight as he slams it open and appears out on the porch. He wears a wild eyed expression much like the one Bella does but his grasp on reality returns when he sees Esme and Edward standing off against a rather shell shocked Kyler. When the other vampire had said weasel, he had though of an actual animal. He could have /sworn/ he'd told Kyler no humans. That was why he had been reheating the grizzly bear blood after all. He watches in stunned silence for several seconds as Carlisle quickly reprimands the young vampire and darts off with the human in his arms, hopefully taking him far far away from this place. "Kyler!" Jasper barks out, shocked, sending out an intense wave of calm over the area, doing his best to maintain damage control. "What have you done? Bella is a newborn. She can't be near humans for everyone's sake."

As he hisses, "I am bloody trying Esme. She is stronger then Emmett right now." He growls in anger as he his amber eyes fall on Bella, "Forgive me my love." As he swings himself around Bella. He wraps his legs around her waist and heaves with all his might to slam her to the ground!

Kyler shrinks back and stares at Jasper, then at Esme, and finally at Bella. When his eyes meet Bella's, the shocked expression turns first to one of sympathy, and then vague anger as he turns back toward Esme. He crouches defensively, his lip lifting in a slightly animal snarl, only taking a half step away as she approaches. With the crazy hair and animal snarl, he looks more like a cat backed into a corner than a vampire, his pupils dilated. "You're all /evil/," he hisses back at Esme, with a quite irrational intent to defend himself, rather than try and run. He only gives the slightly glance to include Jasper in that statement. "Only evil people starve babies." Yep. Probably would be a really good idea to get between Kyler and Esme right about now. Bella's desperation only makes Kyler angrier at the people determined to keep her from feeding. And now that even Jasper has turned against him, he's thinking more about the anger than about the fact that he's quite outnumbered.

Jasper quickly places himself between Kyler and Esme. He doesn't know why the calm emotion he's projecting isn't working. His gift has never failed him before. Old habits die hard as Jasper finds himself crouching slightly in a defensive stance, a growl of his own ominously rumbling in his chest, dark and feral in it's intensity. Words seem to be beyond his grasp though it's obvious he's going to defend Kyler despite the younger vampire's mistake. Even if it means coming to blows with his family. His bond with this vampire has already grown strong, strong enough to the point of where he looks after Kyler as though he were his younger brother. Maybe that's why Jasper is so desperate to protect him.

In a a darting speed Carlisle settles the human outside of the local bar. Obviously it would look like perhaps he was simply within a brawl of some kind. Carlisle returns an arm quickly going around Esme's waist a brief look to her is given. "Respect our lifestyle sir as we respect yours. For your sake you should leave." his eyes glance to Kyler and then Jasper as he leaps between them. Being growled at by his own son doesn't sit well with him, "Jasper?" A confused look comes into his eyes. "Esme allow Jasper to handle him." Carlisle says simply not lightening his grip though lest she try to go through Jasper to get to Kyler.

Jasper quickly places himself between Kyler and Esme. He doesn't know why the calm emotion he's projecting isn't working. His gift has never failed him before. Old habits die hard as Jasper finds himself crouching slightly in a defensive stance, a growl of his own ominously rumbling in his chest, dark and feral in it's intensity. Words seem to be beyond his grasp though it's obvious he's going to defend Kyler despite the younger vampire's mistake. Even if it means coming to blows with his family. His bond with this vampire has already grown strong, strong enough to the point of where he looks after Kyler as though he were his younger brother. Maybe that's why Jasper is so desperate to protect him.

She might have tramendous control, but even this was too much for her. The smell of blood, the smell of human so close and noone to hold her back in that moment…then suddenly everyone was there trying to take her food away! Why does everyone want her to starve! How dare they! His words are not noted on a conscious level but something seems to snap as Edward slams her to the ground and she lays there looking up at him anger in her eyes but the focus broken long enough for Jasper's mojo to take the edge of her anger, her frustration, her hunger. It at least gives Carlisle a chance to get away, a chance for the smell to disapate. A chance for the shame to settle in and Bella starts to push away from Edward to run back into the house, pushing past her family members in a rush. If she could cry right now she would, oh for the first time she misses that human emotion. "Lock me up…" She screams as she heads into the house, heading down to the basement.

Edward stands as he himself does feel calm as he looks at Jasper with a raised eyebrow. "I understand you look at him like that Jasper but he is not us. He has the mind of a child. I know you want to protect him but…his "innocent" behavior nearly caused a fatal error for Bella." As Bella continues towards the house, "I will handle Bella." He begins to walk calmly towards the house.

Carlisle's tone is a bit too calm to register on Kyler's radar, though Edward's treatment of Bella does. As Bella goes running back into the house, he growls a bit more faintly, talking to Carlisle, Esme, and whoever else is still listening, though he's wise enough to only peek around Jasper, without actually getting any nearer to Esme. "You're the ones who made her this way, and now you're torturing her." Nope, not an ounce of apology or regret, there. His eyes dart toward Edward, and his snarl dies into a vague whimper. "Jasper…You can't let them torment her like that. She thinks there's something wrong with her, and /they're/ the ones who deserve to be locked up. She's just hungry…"

Jasper looks over at Edward, the pain from that truth evident in his eyes, as he murmurs, "I /know/ that. But he can be taught. I know he can be taught." After all, Tom had tried. If he were still alive today, Jasper is sure that Kyler would be a very different vampire. A more responsible one. "I didn't know he'd bring a human," he murmurs faintly, ashamed now that he didn't foresee such a thing. He glances behind him at Kyler's soft pleading tone and replies to him in a weary tone of voice, "We don't feed on humans, Kyler. That's why our eyes are gold instead of red. We restrain ourselves and are able to live like humans as much as vampires are able." One glance towards Carlisle is all it takes for him to shake his head and add, "We were all in torment for a long while before we were able to restrain our baser urges. It's what makes us 'us'. Do you understand?"

Carlisle watches Jasper a moment and understands where this is coming from. "I trust you," he says to his son before looking towards his wife. "Come on love let's go." he says simply leading her towards her car that is parked within the driveway. "Just let Jasper deal with this." he whispers softly into her ear opening the passenger door for her if she decides to come with him.

Esme is doing her absolute best to simply pay attention to her husband, for the time being. "Just keep him out of my house," she responds, the him either being Kyler or Jasper, she doesn't clarify who, but she can't possibly mean her traitor son. She easily moves with her husband, always keeping a firm hold on him until she settles herself into the passengar's side of her vehicle.

Kyler wouldn't be more responsible if Tom were around, but he'd have had someone to thump him on the back of the head and tell him to respect other people's way of life. And then apologize to the Cullens on his behalf, which is pretty much what Jasper is doing, so there you go. He stares at Jasper with a blank expression, entirely puzzled by the whole thing. "But he was /bad/," he returns, returning to the only thing that makes sense to him. But at least he's willing to listen to Jasper, which is more than he would do for any of the others. Still, he just stares at Jasper with a lost expression. Eventually, he just shakes his head. "Yeah. There's 'us', and there's 'Kyler'. I see." He frowns, but in spite of his words, he still doesn't really understand. He glances toward Esme, and then snarls, unenthusiastically. "I didn't want to go in her stinky house anyhow. I didn't want any part of any of you." And with that he takes off, presumably heading 'home', leaving behind just a few rustling bushes in his wake.

Jasper watches as Kyler darts off quicker than he could follow, or is willing to follow, and stands there with a lost expression on his face. He looks towards Esme and Carlisle before glancing back towards the house with Bella and Edward. Esme's words give him reason to pause but he can guess who they were directed at given the emotion he can feel behind each word. "I'm…going to speak to Edward briefly. Then I'll go see to Kyler." And with that he slowly walks into the house, closing the door carefully behind him.

Edward comes walking out of the basement, with a deep sigh Edward sits in a chair that is in the Foyer. He watches the door of the basement.

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