Some Stories Are True

IC Time: May 23, 2007. 4 PM
Location: Hiking Trail
Synopsis: Charlene learns that some stories are true.
Submitted by: Charlene.

It's a rare clear day in Forks and Jacob is determined to enjoy it. Fortunately, he doesn't have to work very hard. The trail is busy, it's true, for the majority of visitors to Forks come for the wilderness, but at the moment he and his companion enjoy a lonely stretch of trail. "Forks is weird…", Jacob starts out in a low voice, "It kind of grows on you after a while." He smiles Charlene's way, "For a city girl you're doing really well…", he smiles, teasing lightly.

Well isn't what she would consider it. Charlene has a big stick in one hand and often leans on it, wincing slightly. But this she hides from Jacob and smiles, grinning even. "Well. I like the woods as much as the next girl." She offers with just a hint of sarcasm. Most of her injuries are fast fading, no more swelling anyways and the bruises are fading. The cracked ribs are giving her trouble, however. "I don't see a picnic basket, so what are we doing out here?"

Jacob stiffens just a little, wanting to put off what he has to say just a little longer. "Well, it's a nice day… for one, and that doesn't happen very often here so it's best to enjoy them." He stops, looking you in the eye and taking a deep breath, "There's something you have to know about me.", he begins, standing tall on a badly balanced rock as if it were simply a step. "I don't know if it's too soon but you need to know, eventually… I just.. I just hope that once you know, you won't hate me."

Charlene blinks in confusion at Jacob, before looking around at the surroundings, "And you had to tell me all the way out here?" She shrugs and takes a few more steps along the trail and leans on her stick again with both hands, smiling. "You enjoy very long walks and will make me go with you every time? I won't hate you for that." She sighs and drops the attempt at humour seeing how nervous you are, "You're gay? God I hope not."

Jacob shakes his head, "No, I'm not gay.", he smiles, quite secure in that answer and somewhat amused. "… and I didn't bring you all the way out here to prove that to you, at least not yet.", his eyes sparkle. "After you know… then you can finally make an… informed decision. After a moment's pause he begins again, relating the Quileute legend about the original chiefs of the tribe being descended from wolves. For now, he leaves out some of the story, and you cannot guess at the purpose of those first spirit warriors, but it is a fine story… obviously fiction, but Jacob Black's gaze, and the meter of his speech take on an odd intensity as he relates it.

Charlene listens though it may be the tenor and rise and fall of your voice that catches more attention than the words. Her eyes never really leave your face, even as she absently digs into her pocket and pops a small blue pill into her mouth, swallowing it easily. She doesn't really interrupt, rather content to listen, though she may sense some parts missing, but that's normal with such long stories. In the end her expression is a bit skeptical and she's beginning to wonder what kind of game this is going to turn into, "So you're a wolf, right?" The question is on the mark but the tone is more along the lines of she thinks it's a grand family story to give you noble status of some sort. Like claiming to be related to the Tutors, but the Native American version.

Jacob's eyes widen in surprise. Could that simple answer mean she's accepted it already? He has to be sure. Jacob goes on to explain his family line, and that yes, he is a direct descendant of that line. He returns your gaze, measuringly as he speaks and then finally, very pleased that you have at least appeared to have guessed his ending, he says, simply, "Yes." "But its a secret… that's why we're all the way out here." He shrugs and then waits to see if you really believe him.

Charlene smiles as the story continues, nodding somberly at the grandness of it, though she leans back against a tree, still using her big stick with both hands. "A secret? Awww. That's sweet." She doesn't much seem to mind that Jacob is just a bit insecure and needs this story to make himself look bigger than life. She's curious though and wants to see how he is going to prove this grand status, expecting a rather realistic howl or something. Smiling she nods. "Okay. I get it. You're going to show me? Is it a birthmark or something? I bet it's pheromones, that's why I like you so much!" She tries her best to help him out.

The air takes on a strange charge of expectation — though Jacob Black himself seems a little reluctant yet, "I can… show you the monster that I really am.', he confirms. "But, I can't un-show you. I'm warning you now, it will change your world forever, to know — that some stories are true.' He stands straighter, tilting his head and waiting to hear your answer. "Are you sure? It's not… entirely pleasant to find out someone you care about is… horrible.

Charlene frowns at the seriousness in Jacob's voice. Pushing away from the tree, bringing her stick with her she reaches up to caress his cheek. You can't read her thoughts anymore than Edward can Bella's but they are full of acceptance, even without knowing what it is she faces. "I have a choice? Please. I don't see a choice, Jacob Black, not if I want to get to know you." She reclaims her hand and settles it on the staff with the other. "Show me?" She smiles warmly and waits curiously, eyes on your face.

Jacob nods once, smiling at your courage or perhaps to bolster his own. He takes off his clothes. There is no coy subterfuge in his manner, no teenage awkwardness. He looks completely at ease, tall, lean, and strong. He simply is what he is, more honest, more bare, more vulnerable and real in that fleeting moment of utter humanity than most who only pretend to be. The last look in his eye is a sympathetic and caring one. Almost at once, although it is not instant, the wolf is there where Jacob once stood. It is a wild thing, raw and powerful. He looks at you for a long moment, letting you into the soul of the wolf, dark eyes try to capture yours, hold them — express how much he is… quite simply yours.

Charlene seems very interested in the removing of clothes, if just a bit thrown off by the pure confidence in Jacob's manner sensing something other than sexual activity in the works. When the shift occurs she chokes in a breath of air, gasping and takes a step back, quickly falling onto her butt, clutching the stick in front of her like a shield or weapon of some sort. She's panicked, yes. Trying to scramble backwards and kicking at the dirt she slows and eventually stops trying as those intelligent eyes - Jacob's eyes lock onto hers. She goes still, still panting, blinking. "Oh. Jacob." her voice is strained and full of wonder. Wincing she works herself to her knees, clutching at her side as if that actually helps, her eyes still locked and unable to leave, not that she wants to. "You're a wolf." she says simply, if unnecessarily. "Big wolf." she smiles slightly. "Damn big wolf." She chuckles nervously. "With pretty brown eyes. Almost as pretty as your smile."

The wolf snorts as if amused. He pads over to you lightly, cautiously, lowering his head as if trying to make himself smaller.

Charlene closes her eyes finally, releasing a long shuddering breath and goes very still as you approach. There's a light sheen developing all over her, probably an initial fear reaction that just manages to manifest. With trembling fingers she reaches both hands out towards where she thinks you are, eyes still closed, the big stick clattering to the ground off to the side.
The wolf moves so you can feel his fur under your fingers. It's as new to him as it is to you. Only a very few have been this close for a touch, and most of those who have done this most basic of things, did not live to tell the tale. The wolf yawns a great yawn, displaying an impossibly dangerous looking set of teeth in a completely non-threatening way. Then, he retreats a bit, apparently preparing to… to what, become human again? Something there was always human.

Charlene lets her fingers dig in curling them in your fur. She makes no attempt to hold on as you back away, letting her fingers simply slide through until her hands are held in front of her again, the hot was of your breath blowing across her face as you yawn. Opening her eyes, she seems to know just where to find yours, already looking straight at them. Her heart is racing and she doesn't say anything and simply watches. Her brain is catching up to her heart and can't come close to accepting as easily, so watch she does.

Jacob is himself again. Now that you know what to look for, you realize that some of the wolf remains in him, just as some of him, remains in the wolf. The easy balance he had earlier on the rock, the confidence, even the feeling of slight but palpable danger. It remains. He dresses quickly and speaks, his voice sounding oddly strange after not hearing it for a while, "That's a relief… you have no idea how hard it is to keep secrets from you." His smile is back now, in full bloom and radiant. "You didn't even scream."

Charlene is still on her knees, blinking at you. She drops her hands into her lap almost as an afterthought. "I hadn't gotten that far." She shakes her head, "Screaming that is." She retrieves the stick where it is and begins clamoring to her feet, "Good thing you prepared me." She smiles slightly, looking down, "It's your eyes though, they are the same." She frowns, raising her eyes again, "You have no idea how many questions that just created."

Jacob nods, "I will answer all your questions.", he says "Although you're a special case. Werewolves do not reveal themselves to humans casually, although we do have a purpose and an enemy." "Because I… Imprinted…" What a strange word, "You… need to know as much as I can safely tell you." He sits down and pulls out a small meal to share, "Ask your questions then…"

Charlene moves over to sit next to you,lowering herself carefully. "I… I don't know where to start. There are so many." She peers at the meal and reaches for a drink. "Imprint?" Okay so it's not too hard to pick out a question among the multitudes swimming in her head, especially since it's one that wasn't there initially. "What's that mean? Like a duckling?" She pops open the drink and sips at it, letting it soak away the dryness in her mouth before swallowing.

Jacob nods, "Like a duckling, yes." "Wolves mate for life." "This was not something I chose, or would have chosen — but now that it is, I see how right it is." "I am yours… but you of course, can make up your own mind about that." He grimaces, "Inconvenient for me… but necessary." "I will be whatever is best for you, and whatever you need — when what is best and what you need don't clash."

You say, "So… you're saying you didn't choose me?" She sets the drink between her legs, and reaches for a small bag of chips, "What does that mean? Why is it inconvenient? Does Bella know this?" She manages to get the bag open with a quick jerking motion, "How do you figure out what I need? Do I tell you?" A hand dips into the bag, "Guess that explains what Bella said."

Jacob thinks on your words, digesting them eagerly. He is fully present, aware, and listening to you. "I /am/ only 17.. and a lot of this is new to me." "So, I guess we'll just have to figure it out together." He shrugs. "You are the most important person in my world." The simple truth of it rings in his voice. How can that be.. and yet it is. "It's inconvenient because it would have been easier if you also imprinted on me. I love you… but you don't have to love me back. No, love isn't the word exactly, it's more than that…"

Charlene slowly munches on a chip her hand already in the bag again, "I'm not sure what that exactly means and I'm not sure I like the idea of you being forced to be in love." She sighs, seemingly a bit overwhelmed. "It's not something I am going to worry about right now. I just like having you around." She shakes her head, frowning, "Yeah I am going to dwell on it, but just now now." Just as quickly she smiles, "How about we skip the serious stuff till I have some time to sort it out?" She reaches out and strokes the side of your arm, "Already told you if I'm not in love it's got to be better. It's a nice feeling. Still waiting for it to fade."

Jacob agrees to that wholeheartedly, as you come up with the simplest answer of all, "You're right, let's just skip the serious stuff and… see what happens.", his mind accepts this in part because you wish it. "What did Bella say?", he asks, returning his thoughts to a previous question curiously even as he confirms one of her questions, "Bella knows about me… she knows more than she should." "It's been very dangerous for her."

You say, "Yeah well, she was very very worried about you. And wanted to know exactly how I felt about you, well probing a lot anyways." She lowers her gaze into her lap, "Mostly she wanted to make sure I didn't break your heart, I think. Encouraged me to go find you."


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