Guitars And Affairs

IC Time: May 25, 2007
Location: Forest near Forks
Synopsis: Esme runs into Bella's cousin and two wolves in the woods
Submitted by: Esme

We'll call it mid afternoon on a Friday, just for setting sake. A remarkable decent day, considering the lingering chance of rain in the distance, threatening to break the overcast in a downpour. Local weather stations swear it's a day away, though as afternoon rolls on one can only wonder if the faintly shining sun is not awaiting a much needed departure for the storms.

Still, Spencer in all his anti social charm could not care less it would seem. In fact he's somehow, (likely guided by that ever genius sense of direction of his) found himself in the middle of the forest. It would seem, however, as he lounges about, that he is in no real hurry to find his way home. Seated on one of the areas many mostly clean and less mossy rocks, the teen is busily..busying himself, which is evident to anyone in the surrounding area.

No, you filthy minded people, not that type of busy, though there is a prominent string of noises humming from his direct location. A soft echo of hollow notes strummed lazily from the strings of a recently tuned, acoustic guitar. There's no definite, familiar tune to his motions, but simply the steady flow of notes that eerily enough resemble music. The well-ish played, well taught rhymatic strums of boredom.

Jacob Black arrives, dressed for hiking. He seems to be trying to follow where the music is coming from, curious. He steps lively on the overgrown path, trying to avoid getting scratched by thorns and whatnot. He looks around and finally spots the musician. "Hey.", he says amiably.

Attired in fashionable, clearly designer hiking gear, Esme makes her way through the forest, making her way towards the music at a human's pace. Once she makes her way there she offers a smile towards, well, everyone. "Hello Jacob," she greets with a little wave before she watches the musician for a moment or so. Finally, the woman offers a greeting towards her daughter-in-law's cousin.
Emma isn't on the path and has no fancy hiking gear, she was setting a perimeter of sorts in her head, following a scent. As the music carries through the air, she pauses and begins heading towards it. Stepping out onto the path, or what passes most for it, she blinks at the small gathering. "Beyond the power of Music." she simply says. She doesn't offer greetings though she too knows everyone there.

This section of the forest was chosen for its privacy. An aspect that, up until now, hasn't proven to be much more than just that. Mind you, Bev found him here..and all honesty it's a shere wonder they haven't built a strip mall through this ever private section of woodland.

Regardless, the music stops abruptly at the introduction of a voice that is neither female, nor familiar, Spencer's features twisting slowly before a glance toward Jacob proves that no, it is NOT Kyler lurking about..which does considerable good to relax him. "Yo." Which a poet. Of course, seconds later the expression returns at not only one, but two more strange faces, all with their own introductions..only one of which is familiar. "Uhm..hey?" Again, more introduction. ever looming sense of paranoia, considering he -thought- he was hidden. Regardless he does send the older woman, and the fairly familiar Emma a smirk.

Jacob greets both Esme and Spencer as family. Saying first to Esme, "I'm sorry, you caught me ditching — I really should still be helping Rose but I just had to take a break for an hour or so." He smiles, and then to Spencer, "… I am sorry we haven't had much of a chance to talk since the wedding… I really should get to know you better I didn't even know you played guitar." Emma too, gets a warm wave, being family of another sort.
Esme offers a bit of a nod towards Emma, it's a friendly enough nod that's offered towards the wolf, before she takes a couple of slight steps in Jacob's direction. "How is Charlene, Jacob?" she questions, truly curious as to how the semi-inducted human girl is doing. Spencer, though she would know him to hear of his relations, is someone unfamiliar to her.

Emma stays where she's at for a few moments before moving forward. She skirts around Esme and Jacob, with a slightly smile on her face, which is directed at Spencer. "You don't have to stop." Her nostrils flare slightly as she passes Esme, but she seems unafraid of her. She does glance sideways at Esme and Jake as they seem friendly enough towards each other, they she didn't really expect otherwise, Micah had warned her it was so. "Seriously. Keep playing." she encourages Spencer.

Spencer simply quirks a brow at the interaction, Emma getting a slight chuckle before he strums lazily at the strings..before pausing. Spencer is not one to think completely inside the box, that however isn't always a bad thing, as it sometimes takes a few ticks for things to settle in. Something asked of takes four. "I was at the wedding for all the matter of 45 seconds." He admits with a faint shrug. "To many people. Too much emotion….you know how it goes." Likely not, but that's fine. There are matters a bit more interesting for the moment, "Now, what's wrong with Charli?"

Life Lesson #42: Being a twin does not guarantee a good relationship.

Jacob answers Spencer first, "Nothing… is wrong with Charli.", he says with a sparkle in his eye. "Strangely enough, I know what you mean. It was a very difficult wedding for me too." He turns to Esme, "Not because of anything you Cullen’s did… it was a spectacular event, thank you for inviting me." "Emma's right, you can keep playing if you want to — you know, lots of people who think they can play really can't. But, you seem to be doing well enough Spencer…" He smiles.

Esme chuckles quietly, before nodding. "Yes, please, don't let us stop you," she requests, before offering Jacob a smile. "You know you're always welcome at the house, Jacob. Bella wants to see you," she points out, with a crooked grin. "You should come visit her sometime soon," is noted.

Emma ignores the reunion and grins at Spencer, hopping up onto a nearby rock, crouching, balanced brief before she settles onto her butt, knees drawn up, forearms resting on her knees, hands dangling in front of her. Bare feet planted against the semi-warm stone - what she's doing out here barefoot is a mystery, no doubt. One of which she uses to gesture, "Ignore them. Just play something." Her attention is pretty locked. "Something pretty."

Spencer gives Jacob a slightly understanding nod, though his eyes drift onward toward yonder, far too attractive to be his aunt-in-law (or whatever the title would be). It's depressing really. It's also not something that is permitted to consume his thoughts for the moment. Emma, is a very formable ploy for his attention. Being so demanding and all. Spencer tries with little success to slit his attention, turning his gaze to the strings as he squints. "Something…pretty?" Pardon him for panicking at the thought he even -knows- a pretty song. His taste in music is unrivaled in the bad taste department. Quite literally the very things serial killers are made of. Thankfully he lacks the fine attention to detail and motivation it takes to actually pursue that line of work. "How bout you remind me of something that qualifies as pretty and we'll narrow it down till we find something I know, huh?"

Jacob laughs a little. He likes Spencer's style already. "Bella is asking after me?", he asks Esme, pleased. "She's feeling better then?" "Good!" "Carlisle won't mind me coming over? You know he threw me out that once…" He wrinkles his forehead. Emma gets a bit of a look for her forwardness, "Looks like you made a new friend Spencer.", he chuckles. "Music is a chick-magnet, you know."

Esme chuckles, quietly, as she listens to the interaction between Emma and Spencer, nodding at Jacob's words. "This is what they say, that music can attract a females attention," is offered. "And, yes, Jacob, Bella was asking after you. I don't think Carlisle will mind too much, though. At that moment, everyone was on edge, we didn't know what would happen, nothing, and you're her best friend, your family to me, so, I insist that you come and visit."

Emma purses her lips thoughtfully, eyes staring off into the clouds briefly. "Cannon in D is pretty, even on a steel guitar." She glances towards Spencer. "No? How about: Thorogood…Hendrix?…Queen??…Idol??" She sighs. "Classics, right?" She smiles hopefully at Spencer. Glancing towards Jacob she gives him a dirty look, "Live music is a chick magnet." she corrects. Back to Spencer, she shrugs with both her shoulders and eyes, "If nothing else, there's always Metallica." She says the last more firmly, with no room for questions involved. She reaches up to scratch at one ear as if something bit her, the smile on her face is for Spencer though, still trying to get him to play /something/… /anything/.

Spencer blinks slowly at Emma, his eyes slipping toward Esme and Jacob before he chuckles, reaching to start playing. It's a slow beginning, making it rather obvious that Spencer is not exactly a diehard Metallica fan, despite appearances. He does manage, finally, at least something remotely resembling 'Inner Sandman'..because, that's the most overdone song on the planet. Even he knows it.

Jacob likes 'Inner Sandman' just fine so he appreciates the music, "Hey, how long did it take you to learn?" "I think I'm going to be having some spare time this summer, I'm looking for another hobby after the project with Rose…" He nods toward Esme, "I'll be over at the house to work with Rose tonight. If Bella's around, I'll be sure and say Hi."

Esme raises her hands in defeat at Emma's words. "Okay, live music, I stand corrected. I can't say I've ever had the thrill of being attracted to someone with that kind of musical skill," is noted with a crooked little grin as she stops to listen to Spencer's music. "Bella will be there, especially if I tell her that you're coming over, she'll be bouncing in her seat to see you, I'm sure."

Emma only listens for a few moments before she begins to frown. She reaches out quickly and places her fingers, whose touch is very very warm, against the strumming hand, "Okay. Stop. No Metallica for you." She shakes her head as she rolls her eyes, "That was almost painful." She settles back again, this time hugging her knees with wrapped arms. "You pick." She smiles again, encouraging Spencer. "Make it ugly if you have to, just not painful." she offers worthless advise.

Spencer grins, allowing her to stop him before Jacob's words earn a faint yet thoughtful bite to his bottom lip. "Uhm..I dunno man. My moms a music teacher." He explains with a true lack of excitement at the aspect of music. "Kinda more of a habit than a hobby. I spend a lot of time locked down." Such a sweet word for probation. Esme gets a glance as well, his lips curling into a grin before he lowers his eyes to the strings, "I play piano too. I'm better at it, thankfully. Hate it just as much. I'm ashamed to say I don't have to many speakable talents." He has plenty of -unspeakable- talents. Just ask his uncle. Still, after a moment's thought he does give his hands a long pause before he picks a note. "Maybe bad kitten." It's a tease if nothing more, but it does earn at least some motion from him. No specific song, since they can't seem to agree, but he does strum together something akin to a song for her. Only Spencer would classify something he wrote as 'making noise'. Even if it's not exactly offensive. It earns Jacob a chuckle for the moment as Spencer flashes a glance to him. "You can't please this chick. I swear. She can devour enough fast food to feed a small army, but you can't find one single song to play for her. It's a shame." Even if he only tried one song, period.

Jacob shrugs, looking over at Emma with a smile, "She likes fire.", he says remembering some time they spent together at the La Push bonfire. "I guess I'd better be getting home for something to eat before going back to the project with Rose." He makes a show of looking around and then teases Esme, "Too bad you didn't bring your car."

Esme chuckles quietly. "Can't please everyone, unfortunately," or fortunately, either way, this is noted towards Spencer as she moves to lean against a tree trunk. "No, Jake, I'm leaving my car with Carlisle until he's got his new one," she gives with a snicker and shake of her head as she, again, listens to Spencer.

Emma says, "Fire?" Emma looks confused as she glances at Jacob. "Emma was watching those steaks." She doesn't voice her objection to cooked food, since she really doesn't have an objection to it anymore, simply a preference. She leans forwards during a lull in the music, using it as an opportunity to whisper to Spencer, "Doesn't it sound like they are having an affair or something?" Okay, so she's been listening. She stays leaned forward, even if it is a bit awkward, and studies some more of Spencer's finger work. Her expression is back to being curious and her eyes flick back and forth between both hands as chords change and strings are strummed. Before she knows it, she grinning, captured by the intricacy involved. She does peek up at Spencer, but only once."

Spencer is quite infatuated with the exchange between Jacob and Esme, in fact. He continues the contortion of notes easily, though he does remain completely unaware of the attention it's gathering from Emma. At least, until Jacob moves to leave, at which point Spencer's attention returns to the girl and then down to his fingers. "I'd teach you if I weren't sure you'd rip it apart at the first mistake."

Jacob waves and heads off, "I'll see you Cullen's later. Spencer… we should get together too — things are getting pretty serious between Charlene and I.", he confirms lightly. "At least, so far…" He heads on down the trail.

Esme sends a wave after Jake, before shooting a look at Emma, pretending that she didn't hear her, since she wasn's supposed to be able to hear her, anyway. "Come and visit, Jake, Bella misses you," she calls out, just loud enough for the wolf to hear before she turns her attention back to other wolf and the human. "I should likely be headed off as well, actually."

Emma stands as Jake departs, turning to face where he was and Esme still is. She's quiet a moment before she hops down off the rock. She's rather somber and smiles, "Tell your husband thank you, again, for me. Brian truly appreciated the help." She glances towards Spencer briefly before turning her head back to Esme. "I wish he didn't want to use that help, but Emma won't turn my back on him either." Then she turns back towards Spencer, grinning at him to distract him from that brief confusing one-sided conversation, "I would not break your guitar, /Spencer/." Her playful expression is more along the lines of 'What were your parents thinking?'

Spencer laughs, nodding his goodbyes rather easily before his hands pause to send Esme a long glance, "By pretty lady." He teases slowly before turning his glance on Emma. "You gonna run off too?" It would seem he's not nearly as interesting as he'd once thought. Not really as depressing a thought as one might think it.

Esme sends a wave towards Spencer. "Goodbye," though this is addressed to both Emma and Spence. "I'm sure I'll see you both around town, every now and again," is offered before the plaid clad woman traipses back through the woods, not taking any obvious path, just going through the forest.

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