Checkmate Again

IC Time: May 25, 2007
Location: Outside the abandoned A-Frame
Synopsis: Fun and games and a heart to heart
Submitted by: Natalia

Outside the house Lev can be seen working upon his motorcycle. Changing the oil never has it's advantages he growls as some of it spews onto his shirt. "Stupid thing!" he smacks it with a wrench.

Natalia hasn't been in the house all day, which isn't horribly unusual. As is common, she's been lurking through the woods, deciding, now, to return back to the house. Gracefully she drops down from one of the nearby tree's and sits, in a bit of a crouch, watching. "And what did it ever do to you?" she questions, a smirk playing at the corner of her mouth.

Lev lifts his gaze towards Natalia, "It spit oil on me." Purposely clanging the wrench against it again he stands up fully. Of course his hands are black with grease along with a few streaks upon his face. Picking up an old white rag he begins to wipe his hands. "What you been up too?"

Natalia chuckles lightly. "It intentionally spit oil on you?" is questioned before she levels an attempt at a glower on the bike. "How very mean of it," is stated in a teasing manner. "Oh, I've just been lurking, the usual. Avoiding humans," or, trying to avoid, it's likely that there's been a few… mishaps… along the way. "What about you? other than cursing your bike."

"Spoke with Carlisle Cullen yesterday. He is the head of the Olympic coven my friend Rosalie introduced us." Lev explains then walks over to where a piper sticks out of the ground. Turning the little faucet on top he then washes his hands in the water cupping up some of it washing over his face.

Natalia nods, leaning up against a nearby tree, arms crossed in front of her. "And what did he have to say?" she questions with an upraised brow. Though her manners don't appear all to caring, the look in her eyes and on her face indicates that she's quite curious as to what the good doctor had to say.

Lev looks up at her, "He wants to talk further sometime. I told him I'm trying to alter my lifestyle." Of course he knew she could probably care less about what the doctor really has to say, so not really wanting to get into it he cups his hands collecting some water. Playfully he sends the handful flying towards Natalia.

Natalia chuckles faintly. "I bet he was pleased with that," she gives, before squeaking playfully as she manages to get hit by some of that water. "Nikolev Krinov," she scolds in an amused manner as she stalks closer towards the vampire. "How dare you, throwing water at me…" she gets a handful of water in his direction.

Lev laughs tossing more, "She used my whole name. I am in trouble now." Watching her he backs up a few steps then stops making ready to run. "Don't make me pick you up and run you to the lake just to throw you in."

Natalia smirks, still a playful one. "You want your full name Nikolev Aleksandrovitch Krinov," she gives, using his middle name as well this time. "You, my dear, are in horrible trouble," and yet, she doesn't make any move to do anything other than stalk towards him, in an almost predatory fashion, with Lev as her prey, or her plaything.

Lev watches her as she stalks forward, "Come on then. Catch me if you dare." Sidestepping towards his left he crouches down just watching now as if waiting for her to make the first move.

Natalia matches Lev, crouch for crouch. Undoubtedly it would look like these two are about to get into a fight, if they didn't know that, for Natalia, at least, this is a form of play. Nat watches Lev for a bit, before she goes for the direct approach, and launches herself towards, her former mate, a bemused laugh following as she does.

Lev leaps to also intercept her in the air his arms meeting around her middle. Though as they land he goes to his back with a playful growl. "So who has got who?" he asks with mischievous look upon his face.

Natalia squeaks as she's 'attacked' mid air. Upon landing she puts up a good, fake fight, for a few moments. "Y'know, I'm pretty sure I have you. I'm on top," she points out with a wicked little grin, that's more mischief than mayhem.

"As you have always liked it." he gives a playful wink before laughing. Lev watches her for a moment, "I don't think I've really laughed in a while." Settling a hand upon either side of her hip.

Natalia offers a light, feral sounding growl before she bites the air just shy of Lev's neck as she places her hands on the ground, one hand to either side of his head. "Laughter, they say, is the best medicine," is given with a wink, accompanied by that crooked grin that signifies a playful mood on her part.

Lev fixes his eyes upon her own. Leaning up he kisses her lips gently, "You are the best medicine for me." he whispers lightly. It doesn't matter to him that anyone can walk by on the sidewalk and see the pair laying out in the lawn of the house. It goes to show they both have changed b y being able to act this way in public.

Natalia offers a little grin, showing off her set of perfectly aligned teeth. "Hmm, than it's a good thing I came back," she gives with another wicked, mischievous smile on her face, though that smile would only be visible to Lev, as her dark hair has fallen down, creating a curtain around her face.

Lev just nods his head, "Yes a good thing! So when you going to let me up." he laughs.

Natalia hmms, thoughtfully, for a moment or two. "You want up, do you?" she questions, still in a playful mood. "I guess you'll just have to make me move, won't you," is given with a wink, though she does move enough so that she's at least upright, instead of leaning over Lev.

Lev grins, "How about I just do this!" he quickly flips them over to where she's on bottom now. "Stay with me.." he looks into her eyes seriously, "Natalia.. Stay with me."

Natalia makes a half-hearted attempt to get free, though not so much that she could possibly think she'd succeed. At Lev's request her playful side gets set aside, at least for the moment, as she looks up at him from her place on the ground. A simple nod is given in response until she can formulate the words she needs. "Of course."

"I told you that I love you. I meant that and I want you to stay with me. As my mate." Lev puts it all out there regardless if he's setting himself up for disappointment or not.

Natalia listens like the good little vampire she is, even though she is held in place, she's not fighting, mind you. "It's a good thing you want me to stay," she states, her red, no longer deep crimson, but red, eyes peer through her long eyelashes. "I'll stay, with you, in whatever way you'll have me. Mate, friend, whatever you want."

Lev looks among her face, "It's not all about what I want. What do you want? Shall we try this again?" he asks.

Natalia tilts her head to the side, undoubtedly getting dirt in her hair. "I want…" she pauses, her eyes a smoldering red now, "I want you, but I don't deserve for you to still want me, for all that I've done to you."

OOC Note: Lev had to depart rather quickly, thus, the scene ends here.

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