Playtime At The Cullen House

IC Time: May 26, 2007
Location: Cullen House
Synopsis: The Cullen's have a little fun at home.
Submitted by: Esme

Right now it's a cloudy day but no rain. Carlisle is busy at work washing Esme's car and Bella is sitting on the edge of the porch talking with him. He moves to the drivers side wheel of the car finishing up the cleaning hosing it off he gives the whole car a good rinse one more time. Laying down the hose he picks up a soft white towel and begins to dry the hood working until his back is once again towards the door of the house. "It's no problem Bella. Just gives Esme all the more reason to go shopping." he chuckles lightly, "You'll get used to things in given time. It's good that Edward is taking you out each day."

Bella manages a little smile at his response over the destruction of his shirts. She looks down at her hands as the smile fades, a look of concentration on her features. Trying to remember the conversation with Rosalie. Finally she looks up to him, "What do you want to do Carlisle?" She asks and well perhaps it is an open ended question. The words come out in a rush before looking down again.

Esme stealthily slips out the door of the house, not bothering to shut it behind her before she launches into an all out run, right towards her husband. When she gets close enough she jumps into the air, once she's landed she's got her limbs wrapped snuggly around her husband, a lopsided grin settled upon her face. "Boo," she give in a slightly mischevious manner before she casts her smile towards Bella. "Hi, Bella," is given, impishly.

Carlisle is about to turn to answer the question until he feels the extra weight upon his back. Placing his hands down to grab a hold of Esme's legs he chuckles lightly. "You've been talking to Rosalie huh?" he manages a look towards Bella figuring it had to come from her. Deciding purposely that it's not something he wants to get into right now he let's Esme slip off his back and continues to dry off the car.

As Esme launches over to Carlisle, Bella gets startled and hops up to her feet in a crouch and nearly runs back into the house before the smell of Esme strikes her and then the blurr becomes an Esme on Carlisle's back. Well she is still working on her reactions to being startled it seams. She takes a slow breath to calm herself before looking back to Carlisle, "Well she just …well I should have asked before now. I have been relying so much on Edward that I forgot about you in all of this. You know how to deal with this more than anyone. What we should be doing…" The words come out in a rush and she slides her hands into her pockets, unfortunately with a little two much force and the pockets rip inside. She quickly takes her hands from her pockets and looks rather sheepish.

Esme slips off her husband's back, making sure to place a kiss on his cheek as she goes. "What do you want, my beloved?" she questions, smile still dancing across her lips. "You know, we'll do whatever we can to get whatever you want," is stated, though it's obvious she's in a playful mood, she's also being serious. Really, she's being serious now.

Carlisle looks over at his wife glad to see her mood is better. "I have to go away in about three weeks. The hospital wants me to go speak at a conference." he says as he continues to dry off the car working his way around it slowly. Purposely he's avoiding the question from both of them.

Bella settles back down to sitting as she watches Esme and Carlisle for a moment. Her lips set in a thin stubborn line as Carlisle avoids her questions. Their questions. "Well what do you want me to do?" She finally asks with an air of exasperation that cuts off as he speaks of going away. A look of panic touches her eyes as she looks from Carlisle to Esme and back again, "Leaving?"

Esme smiles. "Of course, Love, there's no one better to speak at a conference than you," she gives, nodding before she places her hands over top of her husband's, in an attempt to still his movements. "Carlisle," her voice is soft and her tone absolutely filled with love for the man before her. "Tell me what you want," she requests before she addresses Bella. "Just for a bit, Bella, the rest of us will be here," is given with a nod, though she doesn't take her eyes off of her husband.

"Just for a week, Bella. I will be back." Carlisle explains once finishing his task. Picking up the hose he then begins to curl it up placing it back where it goes. Shutting the water off he turns around then heads towards a bucket picking it up. "Just heed what Edward teaches you. That's all you need to eb concerned with right now." he looks at Bella before turning again to find a spot to pour out the water.

Bella looks between her parents as they reasure her and she finally settles down again. "Alright…I will listen to Edward…" Bella responds in a low voice, tucking her hands in her lap again to keep them still. She is sitting on the edge of the porch and the parents are out in the yard. Carlisle has just finished washing Esme's car and Esme is out by the car with him. "Ok..I think Edward and I are going away this weekend. Just up north so I can…relax a bit."

Esme scowls gently in her husband's direction. "Carlisle Cullen, please," she requests again, tone as gentle as they come. The woman now simply watches her husband carefully, taking a few steps backwards, tilting her head slightly. Esme's on a mission now, and everyone can thank Rose for requesting that Bella ask Carlisle what he wants. Bella gets a nod of her head and a smile. "I think you two will enjoy the trip, it'll be good for you."

Carlisle pours out the water then turns around back towards the car. Picking up the sponge and then towel he deposits them within the bucket. "Indeed. You both need time away and together." he responds to the topic of the newlyweds going off for the weekend. Walking up on the porch he sets the bucket down then has a seat in one of the rockers staring out into the woods.

Rosalie comes out of the house, closing the door behind her, and turns to bounce down the front steps, tossing her keys into the air and catching them a few times. "Evening everyone. Just running into town to get a tool we need. I'll be back in a bit."
Bella shifts to watch Carlisle as he comes up on the porch, only to see Rosalie come out of the house. She frowns a bit at her elder 'sister' "I asked…" She says with an edge to her voice as she looks to her. Feeling just a little set up she is. "What he /wants/ is to not answer the question." She continues though her lips are twisting such as to try not to smile at that those words. Before she looks over to Esme, then back to Carlisle, "I haven't been a car since…well I suppose it will be…different."

Esme sighs and admits defeat as her husband ignores the question at hand. Thus she moves to sit on the porch steps, not making it there before Rose exits the house. "Rose, you're father refuses to answer," she states, though she doesn't bother saying what, exactly he refuses to answer, since Bella beat her to that part. "Hmm, I bet you'll enjoy your first car ride as a vampire, Bells," she gives with a crooked grin and a chuckle.

Of all the people they decide to tell on him too. "I already told Rose what I want." he insists feeling they should just take him out back and beat him to get it over with. Being who he is he'd never say 'less family drama' out loud to anyone. No that would hurt Bella and Edward. It would probably hurt Esme too so he keeps this to himself. "Be safe Rose…" he comments on her leaving.

"Oh reeeeeaallly?" Rose snatches the keys after the final toss, turning about gracefully to look at Carlisle. The words of the other ladies in the house make her quirk a brow, eyes only on her father. "Because, you know, I thought for sure when you tried to guilt trip me with that little line about how no one ever asks you what you wanted….that meant you wanted us to ask you. But if you refuse to answer, why do you want us to ask?" She grins, wickedly. Yep. She got him back.

Esme listens to the exchange between Rose and Carlisle for a bit. "You know I'll get it out of you, Mr. Cullen. We want to know what you want. /I/ want to be able to give you what you want, but I can't do that if you're not going to share. Of course, I could ask Edward," she points out, turning on the steps so that she can turn her gaze between her husband and her daughter now.

Bella finally rises from her where she was sitting and moves over to Carlisle, "Well thank you Carlisle." She says softly and gives him a peck on the cheek before looking back to the others in the family and heading back into the house, feeling the need to be surrounded by four walls again.

Carlisle looks over towards Rosalie at her words. Before he can saying anything Bella is there thanking him and going into the house. "I want my family to be happy." he says plainly then walks down the steps. "Don't make me get the hose again." he says as he passes Rosalie then walking to Esme's car. Opening the passenger side door he retrieves a few items from the front seat. Tucking a few books beneath his arm he presses the lock button after closing the door.

Rosalie smirks at Carlisle's answer. As he walks past her, she laughs, and hops up to try to get on his back. "Oh, you think so? The hose? Is that supposed to scare me? You gonna beat me with it, then?" If she manages to get up, her long legs wrap around him. "Take me on a horsey ride?"

Esme nods, slightly, at her husband's words, though she makes no comment on the matter at hand. It's clear, at least to her, that it's not something he wishes to talk about at the moment. Instead, she simply watches her family, bemused at Rose's antics.

It seems yet another hops upon his back. Quickly placing the books gently on the porch steps, holds onto her legs then runs out to a clear spot. Bumping along as he goes laughing he then spins around quickly then runs in a circle. Jumping a few times like a bucking horse, "Hold on cowgirl!" Carlisle runs into the woods briefly darting around the trees as he does making a u-turn around one he then heads back onto the driveway spinning again.

Rosalie can't believe Carlisle is actually doing it. She laughs, holding on to him tightly. "Carlisle!! What are you doing?" Her arm goes around his throat. She leans in closer to whisper to him, still laughing.

Carlisle laughs feeling her grip tighten, "You asked for a horsey ride." Listening to her whisper he does slow for just a moment. If he could have tears within his eyes they would be present. "I want our family to have more times like these. Of fun and laughter… No matter where everyone is I'd like us to try and get together once in a while and just enjoy each others company." he admits finally, "I know that you all care about me. You all show it within your own specials ways. I'm sorry if I made you all feel different." With that said he darts off again still holding onto his daughter this time making a lap around the house being careful that they don't end up within the pool before coming back around front.

Rosalie rides around for one more trip about the house, laughing the whole way. Once they are back near her car, she squirms to get down after giving Carlisle a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for the ride. Just don't forget we love you too, and my worry isn't just for me and Emmett, but for all of us."

Esme really can't help the laugh that emanates from her as she watches the antics between father and daughter. "We should get the family together, play baseball," she suggests with a crooked little grin.

Carlisle hugs his daughter offering a kiss to her cheek, "I love you too." Looking over at his wife he nods, "I agree we should all play baseball together." A mischievous grin comes across his face turning back to Rosalie he quickly ducks down planting his right shoulder into her stomach then lifts her up onto his shoulder. "Time to be an airplane!" he laughs offering a wink towards his wife, "You know I washed the car. I think it's time to go wash the daughter. Bet we beat you around back!" he challenges Esme before first spinning around in circles with Rosalie a few times waiting to see if his wife picks up upon his hint about 'washing' and out back.

"Baseball sounds fun. The next storm, we should do tha.." Rose was already fishing her keys out of her jean pocket, preparing to finish her trip into town for the tool. At first, she is confused when she is suddenly off the ground. Wait. Out back? The POOL?! "NOooooo!" Rose squeals and squirms, trying to get free, making a big show of it. "Not in these SHOES. Alice will kill me!"

Esme looks up as she hears the challenge, and grins. "Oh no you don't," she states as she is quick to her feet and racing towards the back. "Make sure Rose gets her shoes off before you throw her in!" she shouts, laughing. "No, really, Alice will /kill/ you, her, us…." she shrugs, laughing as she runs.

Bella is watching though from the doorway, and she looks content and relaxed, a smile on her usually pensive features. A bit of joy at seeing the reverly in the yard. "I think I would like to try baseball." She calls out before finally closing the door. Time to find Edward.

Carlisle only holds on tighter managing to grab the shoes off as she squirms. "Here we go!" he laughs leaving her shoes in front of the house. Taking off around the house he wasn't planning to just throw her in. No! He was going to be fair about this of course. Coming near the edge he leaps into the air holding onto Rosalie both of them crashing together into the deep end of the pool. Letting her go so she can freely swim he surfaces laughing loudly knowing there will be hell to pay for sure.

Uh oh. The shoes ploy didn't work. "The JEANS! These are designer jeans! They don't make them any more! You can't throw me in wearing these JEANS!!" Only, she is going in. And she knows it. She is half laughing, half squealing as she tries to get away, only to splash down at the same time Carlisle does. She surfaces, laughing, and swings her arm in the water so it hits him like a tidal wave.

Esme comes to a screeching halt just at the edge of the deep end of the pool, laughing as she watches the two of them. "Well, at least he saved her shoes," she mumbles with a light giggle. Her face lights up with a smile, watching her family, or, at least, some of her family, horsing around. "Of course, the 'designer jeans' won't stop anyone, Rosalie," she gives to her daughter, whether or not Rose hears her, however, is unknown.

Carlisle wades in the water sending a splash back towards Rosalie. Looking over towards his wife he smirks swimming over. Hold onto the side of the pool he feigns being unable to get out. "A little help?" he holds up his hand for his wife trying his best to keep a serious face.

Rosalie laughs, pushing her hair back out of her face as she swims to the edge of the pool. It isn't until then that she realizes her car keys are in the bottom. "Ugh. I'm going to need a new remote for my car.." But, down she goes, blowing bubbles behind her as she retrieves the keys.

Esme quirks a brow at her husband but she does move to take his hand. "Of course," she gives as she plants her feet firmly onto the ground, she has every intention of pulling him out of the pool. "Carlisle, you should have at least made sure her keys weren't on her," she half-heartedly scolds, less than half-heartedly, even, she's more entertained than anything.

The office building that the corporate division of the hospital is located in is shared with this 'school' where they rehabilitate young people that just got out of prison to give them useful jobs."

Carlisle plants his feet against the side of the pool. As she tries to pull him out, he then reaches up with his other hand capturing it around her waist and then pulls backwards with the intent to try to pull her into the pool with them.

Rosalie surfaces for the second time just on time to see what Carlisle is doing. Oh-ho no. She is getting away from this! She heads for the far wall, reaching to pull herself out in those wet, too tight jeans. Wow. Where is Emmett when there is a sight like that?

Esme lets out a yelp, or something between a squeak and a laugh as she finds herself first going through the air and then in the water, though she offered absolutely no resistance when she realized what her husband was up to. The woman lands in the pool with a loud, and large, splash. When she resurfaces she sends a wave of water at her husband, before she attempts to send one at Rose as well, giggling like the Esme she is the whole while.

Carlisle laughs then lifts himself out onto the side of the pool. "I apologize about your keys," he looks over towards his daughter still smirking. Though squatting to get a good look at his wife, "You didn't think you were going to get away and not get wet did you?" Smoothing his hair back with a hand he sits down pulling off his wet shoes and socks.

Rosalie sits on the edge of the far side of the pool, grinning across at her father. "Eh. It's alright. I'll just hit the BMW dealership and get another. Though it will mean a drive to Seattle. And I have to replace these very rare designer jeans….so that might take a credit card…" She sticks her tongue out at Carlisle, then. "I like seeing you laugh."

Esme offers a crooked, mischievous grin towards her husband. "It was worth a try," she gives as she moves grab at him, if she should succeed, she will, without a doubt, make an attempt to pull him back into the pool, payback and all that. As she hears Rose's words, she laughs. "As if Carlisle could deny you the use of a credit card," she notes, turning enough so that she can cast a smile at her daughter. "Even if he could, you know I couldn't," especially not where rare designer jeans are involved.
"Oh, I know. I'm just teasing anyway. I don't have time to go to Seattle until his car is done. Problem is, I have a feeling that even when the car is done, he won't like it and will want to go buy a new one. You know me.." This is all Rose says. She figures it probably says it all: Ostentatious.

Esme shakes her head at Rose's words. "Of course he'll love it, Rose! A gift from his daughter, what more could a father ask for than something one of his kids took the time to build something for him? Especially when that something happens to be a vehicle. You spoil this family, Rosalie, don't you forget that," she scolds in a teasing tone as she sends some water in her daughter's direction.

Rosalie waves off the compliments with a hand. "We'll see if he likes it. If he doesn't, or just keeps it for a fancy show car, then that is fine too. But I used it as an excuse to outdo Edward's Aston."

Esme quirks a brow slightly at Rosalie's explanation, before laughing. "Oh, Rose," she gives, shaking her head in amusement. "I'm sure he'll like it, at the very least he'll appreciate the thought and the work that you put into it," her smile is broad as she speaks, she's proud, as usual, of her eldest daughter.
Rosalie laughs, reaching up to wring the water from her dripping hair. "Oh, he'll like it. I have no doubt of that." She grins at her father. "But I will understand if he decides he wants to buy an every day car after he sees it. I'll help him pick something out at a dealership."

Esme nods as she listens. "Well, everyone needs at least one ostentatious car, after all," she states with a chuckle as she pulls herself, dripping wet, out of the pool, though she gets no further than sitting herself on the edge, feet dangling in the water.

"Speaking of that very ostentatious car, I need to go get that tool, or Jacob and I are stuck for the night." Rose rises, turning for the house. "I need to change, then I'll be back in a little bit. As long as my car doors will still unlock. If not, I'll take the Jeep."

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