Spring Festivities In Volterra

IC Time: Later evening.
Location: Volterra — Principal Plaza
Synopsis: An enjoyable evening in Volterra almost turns ugly.
Submitted by: Stasia

The warm spring evening is alive with festivities, welcoming the more hospitable weather. The night air is filled with the sounds of music from an array of local performers and couples are already dancing in the center square. Here and there are other entertainers: jugglers, acrobats and sleight-of-hand workers. A handful of children watch an marionette show avidly.

Theresa is making her way on into the plaza at Dante's side, her gaze drifts over the performers and tilts her head as she follows after a few things. "Nice a bad crowd." She offers. Its rather nice to get out of the kitchen and relax some.

Dante follows after the women, gaze shifting around them curiously. He rolls his long sleeves up to his elbows as they stroll, a hand idly seeking to link a finger around one of Theresas. Dante eyes the jugglers and laughs, "Honestly.. I could never see myself juggling anything without laughing." He grins broadly, a row of perfect teeth.

Stasia views the activities with a mix of bemusement and caution. Yes, there are plenty of humans about enjoying themselves, music, performing and all sorts of excitement. But there is also that teasing, thrilling scent of their blood on the night air. After recently allowing herself to partake, she isn't sure how far she's willing to test her self control. "That takes talent," she comments, eyes on a particularly dexterous juggler.

Theresa takes hold of Dante's hand and gives it a soft squeeze while they walk along. A chuckle escapes her as she hears him and she grins. "Its now that hard really." She says with an amused tone before she looks over to Stasia, watching her a few moments. She'll have to keep an eye on her out around so many humans.

The italian is vaugely reminded of Lilly's reaction to Gianna, the Volturi's human receptionist, earlier that day as he watches Stasia. He smiles and moves to get inbetween the two women, draping his arms over both and hopefully filling Stasia immediate area with his own scent. "Ahhhh. Volterra in her best moments.." He takes in an un-necessary breath and lets it out with an 'Ah'. "Beats being cooped up in the castle," he mutters.

Connor walks over from Volterra - Public Gardens.
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The warm spring evening is alive with festivities, welcoming the more hospitable weather. The night air is filled with the sounds of music from an array of local performers and couples are already dancing in the center square. Here and there are other entertainers: jugglers, acrobats and sleight-of-hand workers. A handful of children watch an marionette show avidly.

Three vampires move among the people, watching the activity with amusement. Dante walks between the two women, one arm around each of them. The benefit of this is that it partially obscures the tantalizing, thrilling scent of human blood from the youngest of the trio. Judging by the red shade that changes the golden hue of her eyes to a warm vermillion, Stasia has recently partaken. Keeping herself downwind from Dante and Theresa, she seems grateful for the viligence paid by the two older Volturi.

"For you, maybe." She smiles at Theresa, "But I'm sure it took him years of practice." To Dante, "Are these festivities common?"

Theresa chuckles and grins while nodding. "True.. I'm sure it did take him a long time to get that good." She leans against Dante's side, her arm slipping around his back while her gaze drifts after a few passing people. At the question she slips quiet seeing how the other asked Dante.

Dante grins and squeezes both the women tight in a mini hug, remaining where he is to give Stasia a break from the humanly feast aroma. He nods his head to Stasia gently, "Oh yes. Generally when the weather begins to turn for the better. We're a fun loving country after all," the Italian beams. He couldn't remember his human life and he often wondered what he did for fun on nights like this.

Connor is also in the plaza, simply resting against one of the walls. He lets out a yawn every so often even though he does not actually need the air. The crimson eyes are hidden behind a pair of tinted glasses. He seems calm enough as he at least pretends to be a human. He recognizes the unique smell of the vampires, but make no actual overt expression of it. He waits another moment before he says in a soft tone, so that the vampires could hear him while humans would only hear a grunt, "So much food…and yet we can do nothing. Forbidden fruit, as it were…"

Stasia chuckles as she is mini-hugged, unused to such a thing, but finding nothing threatening about it. Refreshing personal contact, imagine that! "A fine way to pass summer evenings… so long as I hold my breath." The latter is dropped to that sub-vocal level. Hearing other words uttered in a similar vein, she looks over to spot Connor. She acknowledges him with a raise of her hand.

Theresa glances towards Connor, the voice is caught without a problem and she smirks faintly as her eyes narrow faintly. "Your get use to it Stasia, an we're be there to help you."

The other vampire is eyed and given a slight polite raise of his chin in greeting but Moretti remains silent to the statement. He memorizes the others face and wonders idly what name goes with it. There were still plenty of vampires that Dante didn't know; he wasn't really a socializer. He glances over at Stasia and grins warmly, "I can always superglue a bottle of smelly oil to your face." He beams her a smile, enjoying that she was relaxing a little and squeezes Theresa's gently with his other arm.

Connor offers a hint of a devilish smile towards Stasia when she looks over. A wink then is added to Theresa before he says in that same quiet tone, "Rather amusing. And if you ever need a snack on the road…go to a blood bank. O negative is delicious." The vampire waits a few moments before he pushes himself off of the wall and heads towards the other vampires.

"Smelly oil?" Ew. Stasia's look of disgust compounded by Connor's suggesting of making a withdrawl from a blood bank. Double ew. Her little nose wrinkles, an expression that would undoubtedly be adorable, if she were human. "I can be careful." She murmurs to Theresa. "I've just always tried to avoid so /many/ people."

Theresa nods to Stasia and offers her a smile while she looks over to her. "I know." She says while giving Dante a squeeze back before se looks over to Connor at his comments and shakes her head slightly. "So.. I see your still hanging around.." She found out about Caius pardoning him after all.

Dante arches a brow idly before patting Stasia fondly on her arm, "You'll be fine m'dear." The italian guard rotates his gaze back to Connor and he purses his lips idly. Gaze swings around them and Dante's phone begins to buzz once more, only this time a little more persistantly. He slips his arm off Theresa, still trying to block most of the human smell from overwhelming Stasis, and checks the color idea. Jaw stiffens and his gaze flicks to Theresa quickly before he answers, "Sir… yes sir… on my way." Speaking of Caius; seems it was time to report at least a little of what he found out of Alex and his entourage. He smiles apologetically to Theresa, "I gotta go.." and gives her a quick kiss before hugging Stasia in one of those Big brother, little sister, kind of ways. "I'll catch up with you guys soon! Won't take long." He gives an absent minded wave to Connor before hurriedly moving off back towards the castle.

A grin comes on his face as Connor overhears the comments on smelly oil. He tips his head a moment before he says softly, "I would like to introduce myself, Connor. Hailing from that little island called England. And yes, our loving government decided to give me another chance when they realized I could be of some use to them." He continues to smile a bit before he takes a deep sniff and says, "I am rather particular in my food selection. I don't find that I am too interested in any of these enough to track them back to their homes…" He seems to be pondering something before he looks back to Theresa and says simply, "I feel like an idiot. I forgot the taste…"

Stasia returns Dante's platonic display of affection in a like manner, but does look a bit concerned at his tone. "Be well, Dante. Thank you." She politely looks away when the Italian kisses Theresa, turning her attention back to Connor. "It's nice to see you again, Connor."

Theresa blinks as she looks to Dante and smirks at his phone. "Its alright.." She says softly while she kisss him back. Well she knows very well that when one of the brothers call everyone had better jump. She lifts her head and watches Dante leave before she looks back to Connor and lifts a brow. "I suggest you keep dreaming about the following them back to there homes part." She says with a shake of her head, that's all she needs.. No not really.

Dante has disconnected.

Noticing Theresa's response, Connor offers a laugh and says in a humored tone, "When I said home I meant their home outside of Volterra. No, I enjoy my existence well enough not to feast…locally." He snickers again before he looks over at Stasia and says softly, "It does get easier. Just make sure you aren't an idiot." Connor seems to be much more relaxed and happier than he had been on his diet. Blood is good.

Stasia nods to Connor. "I haven't…." A pause. "… for many years." She's not a novice to human blood. But then, she also chose to mostly isolate herself from humans in general. Similar to Connor though, the blood has relaxed her as well. "We were enjoying the festivities. You're welcome to join us."

Theresa lets her arms settle behind her as she watches and smirks as she hears Connor. she shakes her head while she looks off back to the festivities as she listions.

Connor merely inclines his head before he says, "Not exactly my cup of tea. No raves, no drugs flowing around or general insanity." He shrugs again before he lets his hands fall to his side, seeming to be okay with pretending to be enjoying himself for the moment.

"Suit yourself." Conversely, she would feel the same about a wild, drug-induced rave. A more sedate evening is much more enjoyable for her. A smile touches her lips, as she watches the acrobats. Undoubtedly, any of them could perform such feats even better, but she seems pleased by the display nonetheless. Of course, absent of her scent-barrier, she is also holding her breath.

Theresa shrugs at this and chuckles. "We don't do a bunch of while rave parties there. They do off in Rome though." She says with an amused tone and shake of her head. Her gaze turns back to the acrobats as they start a different act.

Connor seems a bit amused before he says, "And yeah. I get why we come and many live here…but other cities are so much more amusing. Hmm. Aro and the brothers should create some kind of State Department. That would be ever so amusing to me." The man chuckles a moment before he adds in, "Anyhow, I am just the crazy man. Ignore most of what I say."

Inari walks over from Volterra - Palazzo dei Priori.
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Stasia peers sidelong at Connor, as if not understanding a word he just said. "Other cities are smelly, dirty and noisy." She says slowly. When the acrobats finish their act, she applauds politely, even dropping some money in the plate for them.

Aro has arrived.

Inari emerges from her normal route to the village/town, pausing at the side of the great clock, hand lightly touching the stone. Ignoring the few tourists actually paying attention to the landmark she peers silently into the Plaza, almost wistfully

Connor seems to be losing his interest in the event that is taking place in the city. He lets out a sigh and against his will, he inhales a lot of human. He groans a bit before he covers his hand over his mouth. He catches the scent of yet another vampire before he looks down to the ground.

Aro does not typically make it out in the city during the day. He can barely pass as human, if someone gets close enough. But he's here, albeit in the background. He sits under a colorful fruit stand in the shadows, watching the events and the vampires conversing. In particular, he watches Connor with a flicker of curiosity in his eyes, though he makes no move to get up yet.

Stasia spots the arrival of Inari and raises a hand in greeting. She seems to genuinely be enjoying the music, colors and pagentry. Though if one pays close attention, she's also holding her breath. She is startled to receive an invitation to dance from an eager and delicious-smelling human, but defers the offer, in halting Italian. She does not notice Aro just yet.

Inari makes her way towards the trio, inhaling the nightlife of Volterra as she threads through the various clumps of people between her and them. Finally, arriving, with a smile, exhilarated. Smiling at Stasia, "Thought you might like our quaint little village." A simple touch to Theresa's arm is the thanks she offers the older vampire for her consideration. She says nothing to Connor but isn't exactly being rude just curious - she's seen him before and can't place him in Volterra.

Connor grins a bit as he watches the others, even if he is unaware of the current royalty present. He frowns a bit as he seems to calm him a bit more now that he does not have the scent right in front of him. He waits another moment before he dips his head and says softly, "I fear it is time for me to depart. I feel a trip to Rome, perhaps, may be pleasurable." Another grin is on his face before he turns and starts heading towards the closest city exit.

Aro's gaze remains trained on Connor as he murmurs something and makes his way out. Most interesting. The ancient rises and emerges from his place in the background, still hovering in the shadows, but making his way toward the gathered guard, a soft, unreadable smile on his lips.

Theresa looks to Connor at the talk of him leaving and shakes her head before her gaze turns to Inari and she smiles. "Glad you could join us Inari." She stays close to Stasia hoping ot clam her nerves down as she is around so many humans. Her gaze turns over towards Aro as she catches his scent and she bows her head slightly. "Evening, Aro." The guard says with a polite tone once he is closer.

"Oh, Connor, this is Inari." Stasia makes the introductions briefly. She can't understand why Connor would prefer a rotting city like Rome to this, but she shrugs, lets him go. To Inari, "I am. Thank you for suggesting it." Her voice drops to that subvocal level vampires tend to use when humans are close. "But I am being careful." That bit of conversation took the last of her breath and turning away from the humans to take another, she notices Aro. "Oh, good evening." She dips her head, surprised and pleased to see the ancient out in the village.

Inari quizzically watches Stasia for a moment, almost leaning in to try and catch her words but gives up once she realizes just how low she is talking. Turning abruptly, she blinks at Aro, rather surprised to see him out here. "Hello Master." she smiles at Aro, but says nothing more, mostly surprised to see him outside the Castle.

Connor goes home.
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Aro lifts a brow. "You all seem surprised to see me. Do you think I stay locked up in the castle all day?" he challenges, his eyes watching the human fesitivities. "I should hope you don't think I'm so boring." He glances at Stasia's eyes and smiles, perhaps a bit smugly, before looking away yet again. "Who is this Connor? Why does he come to my city and not visit my brothers and I?"

Theresa blinks and shakes her head. "I'm not surprized at all to see you sir." She knows the brothers go out and about when they wish. "Connor spoke with Caius I know.. His not the most talktive one to say the least." At least not on anything she wishes to hear.

Stasia smiles depreciatingly and drops her gaze, embarassed. "No, of course not, Master." She murmurs. "I'd met Connor briefly before, but I wasn't aware that he hadn't announced his presence."

Inari blinks, frowning, turning to look after the retreating vampire. "That was Connor?" Apparently she never knew his name. "Oh." She giggles and manages a shrug, but says nothing more on the subject. She moves around Stasia and Theresa peering towards the acrobats briefly before she's drawn towards Aro once again. "Yes, Master I'm surprised."

Aro makes a mental note to speak to Caius and glances at Theresa. "Keep an eye on him and report if he comes back." He's itching to ask Theresa about her trip to Forks, but the humans present make sure a question well… out of the question. Inari is shot a somewhat sharp glance, but he says nothing. "Stasia, dear, you're looking much better."

Theresa nods to Aro and knows that look, she wants to talk about Forks, but now is not the time. "I shall sir.." A soft smile is offered to Stasia while she looks to her and winks at her before her gaze drifts back over the humans.

"Thank you, master." Stasia replies, shyly. "I am feeling better." If she caught the look that passed between Aro and Theresa she gives no indication. Naturally, she knows the purpose behind Theresa's visit and appears to be deliberately not asking about it, at least for now.

Inari freezes momentarily as Aro gives her a dirty look, but smiles and shrugs as if to say 'You asked'. She lowers her head demurely afterwards and simply spins around to regard Stasia and Theresa with a curious tilt of her head. "Maybe I should go." She intones curiously, already averting her eyes from those two, back towards the humans. Safer to look there, yes.

"Did you arrange what I asked for?" Aro asks Inari, after she mentions leaving. His tone is to the point, not quite friendly. He straightens his shoulders, still watching the humans, smiling faintly. "How very brave," he says quietly as one 'eats' fire. "I hope the other night helped?" he asks Stasia, glancing at her from the side. He looks to the other two, "Stasia's expanded her diet."

Theresa hums faintly while she looks back to Inari and offers her a faint smile back. She tilts her head pondering what Aro asked Inari to do, not that she would dare ask mind you.

Inari turns to smile at Aro, now there's a safe place for her attention to rest, and she so finds it relaxing. "Oh. Yes, Master. Some of it awaits your approval. The finer details, I will of course continue to see through to the end, or till you reassign me." Her expression is one of thanks. Any work is better than none.

"I believe it did, Master." Stasia replies honestly. It had been years since she indulged and the catharsis brought on by drinking human blood /was/ something she needed very much." She glances at Inari, then at Theresa, before turning her vermillion eyes back to Aro. She has something she wants to say, but waits until his business with Inari is concluded.

Reassign? Aro chuckles, though the humans are doing some very interesting juggling feats, so his laughter could very much be directed there. "It's so difficult for them!" A side-long glance is shot to Inari. "Excellent. Perhaps I'll look at it later tonight. I do have a feeling we're coming close to … needing it," he says elusively, as not to alert the others of the exact situation. He catches Stasia's gaze to each of them and may even sense her tension, but he says nothing. "How's Dante, Theresa? I heard you two have become much closer."

Theresa hums faintly as she lisitons to the conversation between Aro and Inari, very interesting. She ponders some to herself before blinking as her name is said and she smiles while looking back to Aro. "His doing very well. An yes we have sir." Most more then likely know about how Dante asked her to be his mate so she doesn't have a problem talking about it.

Inari watches Aro quietly. Her expression is fairly neutral, calm. She listens to everyone else, however. "Dante? Nice." She comments quietly. Turns away from Aro eventually as she realizes Stasia hasn't really said anything, "You do look much better, Stasia." A brief glance at Theresa and she grins slightly, "I heard…. he asked. Dante."

Stasia gives Theresa a little smile, happy for the two of them. A nod is given to Inari, "Thank you." She replies politely. She refrains from saying whatever is on her mind, patient, as if she has all the time in the world. Her gaze strays to the jugglers, then the dancers in the center of the square.

Inari frowns slightly as she regards the other three briefly. She bows slightly to Aro, giving the other two a slight smile, "I think I will remove myself. Make it more comfortable for you." She's rather used to this, as people stop talking about anything other than trivial things around her. Backing up a few steps, she bumps into a knife jugger. Turning quickly to steady him, she deftly catches two of the knife for him. The other, he catches but manages to slice his finger in the process. Inari quickly closes her eyes and drops the knives to the ground, stepping away from the man just walking/almost staggering in the opposite direction.

"You know how I love happy endings, young Theresa," Aro responds earnestly. His face becomes more morose and he adds: "But they are rare." He smiles — it's difficult to tell if he's being cynical or truly feels Theresa has found happiness. Inari's depature caues Aro to frown after her. Since he was watching her anyway, the knife incident plays out under his watchful eye. Aro's eyes flash as the blood spills — in part because of the ache in the back of his throat, and part in anger. "Foolish girl!" he hisses, swallowing his own thrist and instead whirling to try and keep an eye on all three female vampires at once. This is so not going to be the end of his shiny Safest City awards.

Eyes glistening black, Stasia makes a tiny noise of longing before she pulls her gaze away from the spilled blood with a visible effort. Holding her breath now, she pulls her wrap tighter around her body and begins moving in the opposite direction. Every step is a struggle, as if bearing a great weight while walking uphill against a gale-force wind. Under her breath she mutters something, seemingly nonsense. "Soup."

Theresa offers a warm smile to Aro and bows her head to him. "Thank you sir.. An I know they are very rare." Especially in there lives being what they are. Her gaze turns to Inari as she leaves and she blinks at the sudden movements and takes in a breath while the knives are falling, not that she needs it but by doing so she also is able to stop herself from taking in the scent of fresh blood in the air. She has rather good control over herself when it comes to humans and blood being in the same room, traveling so long on her own before being in the guard helped her. She knows Aro will have no problem with it so she turns moving over to where Stasia is and her back to the where the fresh blood is drifting through the air. "Come Stasia.. Lets go this way." Is said while a slender hand is lifted to touch the others shoulder and help guide her away.

Inari staggers away a few more steps before actually taking in a deep breath, probably an old human reaction. Either way it doesn't seem to bother her at this point, as the sight of it was the biggest problem, for Inari, at least. Opening her eyes she moves more gracefully now and away from the situation, veering towards Stasia and Theresa. A guilty and concerned look on her face as she sees the struggles on their faces. "I'm sooo sorry." She also moves to Stasia side, taking her other elbow and gently guiding her away with Theresa. She does /not/ look back however, as the man begins issuing loud curses at her.

Though he is relieved to see the three making a rather hasty exit in the opposite direction, Aro's usual sunny mood has vanished. His eyes are narrowed and his face is taunt, for a moment, looking every bit his age. He flips the hood from his cloak over his head and it covers his face partially. The ancient then proceeds to follow the three at a quick, human pace. "Go to the countryside. Hunt out there, if you have to," he murmurs to Theresa, perhaps as an instruction of how to deal with Stasia. "Inari, you're coming with me. Shall we head back?" He moves to grab her arm roughly, though a smile is now frozen on his shadow-covered face and his tone is quite polite.

Stasia doesn't resist as the two other vampires take her arms. She also doesn't look at or acknowledge them. Very quietly, she is counting her footsteps, trying to focus on making feet from the blood. If she hears Aro's words, she gives no indication, wanting to do nothing to break her concentration.

Theresa looks to Inari with a friendly glance, her other hand lifting to rest upon her shoulder and she helps guide both younger vampires further away from the now cursing man. Her gaze turns to Aro and she nods. "Yes sir.." She offers softly, her hand lowering from Inari and she watches the younger vampire a moment before she turns her gaze to Stasia. "Come with me my dear." This said while she starts to guide Stasia further from the plaza meaning to take her towards the countryside to find something to take the place of the human scent. Which while she is dealing with rather well it is starting to get to her thanks to her rather good sense of smell.

Inari is grabbed somewhat roughly, almost jerked off her feet. She gives a small surprised yelp, Aro is strong. She gasps a quick response, "Yes, Master." She doesn't resist as she sticks close to Aro, not that she probably has a choice with that iron grip. She watches Theresa and Stasia longingly, wishing she were going that way, rather than with Aro.

Aro pulls Inari close to him. "Now, that was rather clumsy of you, wasn't it? I would think you'd be more careful," he says, still remaining polite and even cheerful, in a menacing kind of way. "Considering what is at risk." Aro leads Inari back toward the castle at a running pace.

Stasia allows Theresa to keep guiding her toward the countryside at a steadier pace. She continues counting her footsteps until the scent of blood is far behind them.

Theresa glances back a few moments to see what is going on with Aro and Inari, she truely is worried about Inari as she knows better then to cross Aro, or any of the other brothers. Without a word and once out of sight she moves at more of a run and once they are out of the city only then does she let go of Stasia.

Aro and Inari head back to the caslte, no doubt to have some strict words with her.

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