Werewolf Benefits

IC Time: May 27, 2002. Evening
Location: Black Residence, La Push.
Synopsis: Jacob show Charlene some of what it means to be a Werewolf. Charlene opens up with her problems to Jacob.
Submitted by: Charlene

Charlene pulls up in her Accord. It's not loud or noisy or even silent, just runs fairly well, but is probably very distinctive to Jacob, anyways. Cutting the engine she slips out of the car, in her usual after school dress Something comfie but not out of style either. Closing the door she begins to head for the porch intending to knock on the door.

Jacob grins to himself. She's here! His excitement shows in his smile as he moves to meet Charlene at the door, then, his sense of cool kicks in as he opens it, after a moment's hesitation, and leans on the doorframe, "Hey…", he says, trying to make it sound like he wasn't waiting for the /moment/ she pulled up, even though — his eyes say he was.

Charlene isn't much surprised that Jake is already at the door. He's always already at the door, though she hasn't figured out he can hear her particular car and pick it out of any other. "Hey." she says, smiling as she closes the tiny distance to him, coming to not quite a stop mere inches from you. She always moves close to /him/, not seeming to think much of it, intimate or otherwise. "What are you up to?"

Jacob answers, "Hmm.. I was just about to make a snack, actually… you've noticed how much I eat? Well, I can finally tell you, that's a wolf thing." He blinks, "I was worried that you'd think I was going to become 400 pounds — but trust me I burn it off. Now I can finally explain."

Charlene eyes your body with a slightly nervous chuckles, "I wasn't much worried about that. Wolfie or not. There's no fat on you." She attempt to pinch some at your waist. "See? She tears her gaze away from that and begins to follow you inside, "Snack. Mmmm Hmmm. You make me full just watching you."

Jacob leans into the pinch a little, enjoying the contact, "Hey… you got me in trouble the other day, did you know? Some doc from the hospital thought I beat you up…" "Seemed pretty certain it was me — I tried to tell her about your accident but.." He starts to make some nachos, "You sure you don't want some of this?"

You say, "Dr. Lyons?" as she reaches for a chip and scoops some cheese and onions onto it. "Yeah, well, she thinks she has me all figured out." She takes a bite out of the chip and swallows it before she continues, "She knows it wasn't an accident…" she lets it trail off sheepishly as she pops the rest of the chip into her mouth, averting her gaze."

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Jacob blinks, letting that just hang in the air for a minute. "It wasn't?", he says, inviting her to continue. "I figured it just, ran in the family. Bella is…very accident prone. I know… I know, you know this already. I'm just putting the obvious out there." He grins, enjoying just being with /her/. He starts to say something else, and then stops, blushing a little.

Charlene shrugs, still not looking at you, "It's kind of a long story. Over with now, though." She giggles at the mention of a supposed clumsy streak that runs in the family, "Ahh. Jacob. That's just Bella. Really. She's the only one I know that can find the /only/ branch in a tree that's rotten and will break. Or the one crack in the sidewalk that's thicker than the rest…"

Jacob smiles, "That's Bella…", he says in agreement. "But, Charli… I want to hear a long story. I told you one .. now it's your turn!" Again, he /almost/ says something but stops, eating another nacho instead. "Comeon, you gotta admit it's pretty cool having a wolf in your corner huh?… I am… in your corner. You know that, right?"

You say, "Yeah, Jake, but my corner is dangerous sometimes. I had to get out of it on my own, right?" She frowns slightly peering at you for a moment before her eyes idly roam, "Must have been hard telling me that. I don't know if I can do the same…You won't like it. I really am a monster sometimes."

Jacob softens, "My corner is dangerous too.", he says quietly "But I'm kind of… built for danger.. wanna see?" He grins. "Why not go for broke, right?" Then, he continues, quieter again, "Charlene, you're almost there… almost with me, but not quite. I've been trying to explain… nothing you do can mess this up. I'm here for you. It's like a promise I both have to and want to keep. Nothing you can do… can make me stop caring about you. Nothing."

Charlene shakes her head at you, and briefly scrubs at her eyes, "Yeah. Uhmm that's another problem too. But we'll go over that another night." She moves closer towards you, biting her lip as she takes in a deep breath and lets it out. Lowering her head she begins to tell Jake about her drug habit(s), how they take away a lot of stress. She doesn't really seem able to pin point what stresses her but tries to explain things about her not living p to her parents expectations, her brother, and her relationship with Terry who provided the drugs and release from her troubles. How she didn't really love him, that she's actually doesn't know what love feels like. It goes on and on and she finds it both easy at first then harder and harder as she realizes you are still listening and not rejecting her. Harder because it releases a lot of pent up hurt. And how she split up with him the day after the wedding and he retaliated the next day after school, even thoughs he was expecting Lori to be there, but she never showed. Eventually she just trails off…

Jacob smiles, "I smelled the drugs on you the second time we met." "I've known the whole time.", he confesses. "I hope you're not mad… I was just hoping you'd tell me yourself." He nods, "If you had your choice… would you get off of them?"

Charlene sighs and scrubs at her eyes slowly, "If I had a choice…" she echoes. "I already made a call for some counseling." She drops her hands and blinks at you, "I'll start there anyways. I don't think getting off them is going to help me, till I fix why." She smiles a bit though, "I don't need them when I'm with you. I feel better with you…" She trails off again lost in thought, somewhere far away for a few moments. "Anyways, yeah, counseling. You really won't leave?" Her fingers grip the table steadily as she waits for that answer, knowing but scared anyways, just in case.

Jacob nods his head, "I won't leave.", he promises. "I want to help you — but everybody says, "Oh yeah, you have my support we'll get you off those nasty drugs..' without realizing how complicated it can be." He's been digesting your answer, "I can see that it's complicated. How can I help you most? Do you need, physical protection?" "Someone to back you up in a conversation with someone else?" "I even know a good doctor…"

Charlene rolls her eyes, scrubbing at her red eyes again. "Yeah, Dr. Cullen. No thanks. Don't like him much. He kinda hates me, I think." She frowns slightly, wrinkling her nose at you, "Physical protection? No, you stay away from Terry and his friends. They have guns." She bites her lip and settles back considering, "I honestly don't know, Jacob. I know I can't get off them on my own, not right now." She sighs, both dejectedly and angrily, "Like I said, I'm going to see a counselor for starters."

Jacob agrees, "I think that's a great start… but I need to show you something…" He says, "Maybe two things…" "Don't freak out okay?"
Jacob smiles, after everything, he's still worried you'll freak out? Oh boy.

You say, "Yeah, ok?" She grins at you, excited, forgetting about the other problems for the moment, "Show me what? " She begins watching you closely, curiously."

Jacob goes into the kitchen and comes back with a knife. Before you can stop him he's cut himself on the forearm, pretty badly. He does make some effort not to bleed on things but for the most part he looks completely unconcerned, except for the pain, which is obviously quite real. "Now.. just wait a minute, and look closely.", he says, holding out his arm.

Charlene blinks and grabs at your arm trying to drag you towards the kitchen sink "Jacob! That's not funny!" She gives up on trying to drag you to the sink and turns away briefly to search for something to staunch the bleeding with, settling on a dishtowel which she snags quickly - turning back towards you.

The wound is healing. It's by no means instant, but it is fast enough to be noticeable. Over the course of several minutes the deep cut softens, becoming more like an angry scratch. Jacob does take the dishtowel though, to mop up some of the previously spilled blood. It's clearly not necessary for stopping the bleeding. Jacob smiles, "Good reflexes.", he says admiring your attempt at first aid.

Charlene alternates between watching the healing and glaring at you. "It's still not funny." She lets out a long relieved sigh. "I get it, but it still won't stop a bullet to your head." She mashes the heel of her hand against her chest to try to relieve the painful ache. "Please don't ever scare me like that again?"

Jacob nods, "Okay.. okay… I won't have you shoot me then to prove my second point."

Charlene growls at you, "Damn right you won't." She socks you in the shoulder, flinching slightly. "Did I mention it wasn't funny?"
Jacob says, "I know it wasn't funny… but you need to know I'm not easy prey." "I'm not going to go looking for trouble — I'm not that sort of person but if it finds us — I'll do my best to make sure you stay safe."

Charlene holds her hands out as if to ward off something, "Got it. Bad ass. No problem." She grins at you, with a slight roll of her eyes, "I don't want you hurt, Jake. Yeah Yeah, I know, can't be hurt much." She stomps her foot stubbornly, "Still don't want you hurt." She laughs at the completely ludicrous contradiction between reality and emotion. "See, even when you're not funny, you make me feel good." She closes her eyes and just relishes the feeling.

Jacob opens his arms, offering a hug. "That's the best compliment you can give me Charlene… maybe we'll both make each other's way in this world a little easier." "So far, that's true for me…"

Charlene slips in between your arms, snuggling against you as her own arms try to encircle you, just barely meeting on the other side. Laying her cheek against your chest she shudders slightly. "I'll make your way in my world as easy as I can, Jake."

Jacob says, "You already have. Just think of all the trouble you're saving me… some people go their whole lives trying to find their 'one person.'" He holds you close, warm, and safe. There in the quiet of this plain little house, nothing can intrude. Jake spends his personal sunshine on you now.


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