Mr Head Person Sir

IC Time: May 28, 2007
Location: Forks - Public Park
Synopsis: Carlisle gives Kyler a gift
Submitted by: Carlisle

Forks - Public Park


This park has been fitted into where a logging clearing once was, which is evident by the perfect square cut the clearing makes through the forest, and the remains of old woodchips and hollowed out stumps here and there. To keep the area safe, a painted wooden fence bordered the forest, keeping small animals and wildly growing plants out.

The park offers plenty of recreation for both children and adults. A paved sidewalk borders the entire park, and leads up to a children's play structure and a sporting area for older children and adults.

The play structure looks to be handmade from wood and old tires, creating small look-out areas, shelters, and bridges for the children to romp across. There's a tire swing and a long, twisty slide. There are plenty of benches for parents to sit at while their children play.

On the other side of the park, there's a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and a tennis court. The tennis court has many cracks across its surface; the concrete needs to be replaced.


Another cloudy afternoon has settled upon Forks. The park is filled with the usual runners and walkers along the paths. Kids play upon the playground as parents sit among themselves. Carlisle finds times as these to be very peaceful and often can be found watching from afar. Wearing a long black trenchcoat that is closed and a black hat. Pushing his hands into the pockets he walks along the path slowly tipping his hat towards a couple of different people as they pass.

Kyler hasn't been spending as much time in the park as of late, due to his newfound friend. Jasper has a way of keeping him grounded, but right now the friendliest Cullen is no where to be seen. Kyler, on the other hand, has wandered off in his absence, back to his old haunts. Rather than terrorizing any of the children, however, he has settled inside on the fence that borders the park. He walks it like a balance beam, his eyes focused not on his feet, but on the denizen's of the park, his expression difficult to read. When his eyes fall on Carlisle, his head tilts his a vague gesture of interest, before he hops off the fence, taking a roundabout path that parallels the Cullen patriarch.

Carlisle continues his walk until coming to a bench. This one is away from most of the crowded areas and has become one of his favorite places to sit and just observe. As a gentleman with a young girl approach he smiles brightly kneeling down after a few moment accepting a one armed hug since her other arm rests within a sling. Rising back up he watches the pair walk on before having a seat reaching into his pocket he pulls out his pd and begins to look over his schedule for the next week.

Kyler watches Carlisle hug the girl, though he continues walking. He takes a rather roundabout way to get closer to the man, eventually coming up behind him, watching him play with the strange device. He takes a step closer…then edges even closer. Until eventually he's close enough that he can attempt to see over the man's shoulder, to look at what he's doing.

Carlisle knew that someone is there by the scent. It was one her purposely put to memory because of the activities the other day. "Good afternoon," he says while checking a few more items on the schedule. Moving just a little so Kyler can get a better view. "These things come in handy. Can keep all your daily activities and plans in one place." he explains before shutting down the program and tucking it away.

Kyler flinches just a bit when Carlisle speaks to him, but relaxes once he knows that there isn't going to be a dramatic reaction. "Hm. I dunno. Those little computery thingies seem kind of fishy to me," he responds, with a shrug of his shoulder. After a moment, he sits down on the bench next to Carlisle, peering out at the playground. "Though keeping track of things would be nice. My brain isn't so good for that, sometimes."

Carlisle nods his head taking the pda back out. "Here have a look," he says turning it on for him. "Click that icon to check the calandar and dates you have things planned. Can click on that in case you need to see any contacts you saved. Such as addresses or phone numbers. Only thing I have on it is my schedule that goes through next week. I moved everything over to another source."

Kyler stares blankly at the pda as it's brought back out. He lifts a hand to touch it…but then pulls his hand back again. He glances up at Carlisle, then down at it again. "Well, I know what a click is," he replies, slowly. "But what's an icon?" He pauses, then adds, "And why does it click?"

Carlisle lays it into his hands, "A icon represents a program and clicking on it opens it. Make it easier to use than having to type in commands. Just click and you are there." he demonstrates by clicking on the game icon. "I have a few games on there too. Nothing too fancy. A classic version of pong, solitaire, pacman, and chess."

Kyler doesn't drop it, but that's mostly because he's rather afraid he'll drop it. He holds it cradled in his hands as another person might hold a fragile baby bird. He stares at it, wide-eyed, for a moment, until finally he just shakes his head. "You should probably take it back. I'll just break it," he warns, holding it out toward Carlisle to take back.

Carlisle reaches up his hand then pushes it back towards him. "I would like you to have it." he tells him since he planned to get rid of it anyway. "You said it would help you to be able to keep things straight. So there you go.. Kyler correct?"

Kyler stares at Carlisle with wide eyes for a moment, then down at the thing. For a moment, he regards it warily, as though it might bite him at any moment. Then, cautiously, he starts to experiment with it, copying Carlisle's earlier motions without any real understanding of what's supposed to happen. After a moment, he grins. "Yep. Kyler. That's me." His grin dies a bit, then, as he adds, "Jasper explained about things…but I still don't really understand. But I won't bring any dinners around for Bella anymore. I promise." He glances aside at Carlisle, thoughtfully, then back to the pda. "Did Esme-Lady like her treasures?"

Carlisle drapes an arm back over the bench, "Is great to finally meet you. Treasures?" his head tilts slightly. "Esme normally likes gifts so I am sure she did. I will be sure to ask her about them." For a moment his golden eyes wander over the playground. "No worries about what happened ok. I apologize for the rashness of my wife. Esme isn't like that normally. She was just have a bad day." he tries to explain the outburst, "Jasper is a wise one to listen too. I know he will answer any and all questions. And so will I if ever you need anything."

Kyler looks down at his present, staring at it for a moment in silent. It makes a great distraction while he mulls over what Carlisle had to say. "Well. I wasn't sure she did, but they're hers now. She probably doesn't like /me/, but I suppose it's fine. Lots of people don't like me. It's easier that way." He eventually gives up on getting the pda to do anything else interesting, and lets his hands rest in his lap, still carefully cradling his present. "She just loves Jasper a lot, I suppose. I'm not /trying/ to steal him away, you know," he clarifies, just in case there's any question on that. "But it's kind of nice having him visit so much." He regards Carlisle for a moment, uncertainly, but then looks away, peering over the park. "This is what happens when you stay too long, you know," he comments, distantly. "Things go wrong and there's no one to fix them. Except that Jasper kind of fixes things, sometimes…I don't think that's happened before."

"Jasper is our son. We have a very tightly knit family." Carlisle smiles looking towards him. "He has accepted you as a friend you know. Which is great because we need more than just family in our lives." Looking back over the park he watches a group playing basketball upon the court. "Esme doesn't really know you that well is all. Honestly, I think you are a very smart individual, Kyler. You weren't trying to hurt anyone when you brought Bella the present and I understand that and she does too. It's the thought that counts my friend."

Kyler glances to the side, puzzled. "I'm not smart," he corrects. "I can be lots of things, and they aren't /all/ bad, but none of them are smart." He brightens slightly at the thought of Jasper, though. "Yeah. He's pretty great. It's just people keep coming around telling him to go home. That Rose girl said I was stealing him." That's not exactly what she said. Kyler's being a bit free with his interpretation… But eventually, he just shrugs. "I'm glad she knows. I didn't get a chance to give Bella a better present. I'm still working on it."

Carlisle nods his head, "You met Rosalie his sister. She is just being protective is all. Actually.. I think that Jasper wants to spend time with you is good. Jasper is a one of a kind and I will be sure everyone knows to just leave him well enough to his own devices for a while." Hearing that he is working on getting Bella a better present he smiles, "I am sure she will find that very nice. And I want to say as Head of the Cullen household. Feel free to visit anytime. Just remember our preferences is all I ask."

Kyler smiles a bit, embarrassed. "Well, sure." He glances aside, then away again. "Can't promise I won't mix up something else," he announces, unapologetically. "But…Well, I won't make /that/ mistake again." He quirks a little smirk, vaguely amused as he adds, "I still don't see what the problem is. Really, if you about it… You /could/ just eat humans who kill other humans. Then, even though you killed one human, you actually saved like…10 others. I don't think anyone ever taught Jasper math." Then again, Kyler doesn't always make a very accurate judgement of who deserves to die. Either way, he just shrugs and eventually stands up. He shoots a grin toward Carlisle. "Thanks a bunch, Mr. Head Person Sir. I think maybe I'll stay away from Esme-Lady for awhile. At least until I find a present she'll like better." He glances toward the edge of the park, then back to Carlisle. "I gotta go, though. By, Mr. Head Person Sir." And then off he goes, toying with the pda even as he walks away.

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