Bookstore Run Ins

IC Time: May 28, 2007
Location: Bookstore
Synopsis: Esme and Regina talk books
Submitted by: Esme

Regina sits at one of the tables in the general study area. She is plugged into a book on tape, listening, while occasionally sipping at a mocha. Nearby, unobtrusive yet observant, is a big, indimidating looking man in a black suit.

The door to the bookstore opens and the chime rings as the 5'6", pale white Esme Cullen walks in, attired in an outfit of ivory. The woman gives a cheery, perfect little smile to those she knows, and offers one to Regina, she recognizes the (much) younger woman from the wedding.

Being blind, Regina doesn't see the smile. However, even though she's 'plugged in' to the audio book, she does hear the chime of the bell and turns her face toward the sound.

Esme tilts her head as she studies Regina, for a moment. "Hello," she gives, her voice gentle, though, hopefully, loud enough to be heard above the book. The bodyguard gets a nod of her head.
Geoff leans against a wall, arms folded. He returns the nod from the woman, but doesn't smile. It's in his job description.

Regina feels for the "off" button on the player, pushes it. She removes the earbuds. "Hello." She returns, tilting her head as she tries to place the voice.

Esme takes a few very quiet steps towards the younger woman. "You were at my son's wedding, weren't you? Edward Cullen?" she questions, though she's well aware that Regina was there, it's best to attempt to act human when in public.

"Oh yes. You must be Mrs. Cullen." Regina sits up a little straighter. "My name is Regina Quinn. I knew Bella from years ago, when we were both in pigtails. A pleasure to meet you."

Esme chuckles and nods. "One of two Mrs. Cullen's now," she offers, still chuckling as she speaks. "The older, I suppose, you can call me Esme, though, if you wish," she offers. "And it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Quinn. I was curious as to why I hadn't seen you much," if at all, "prior to the wedding."

"Oh, I'd only come back to Forks just a few days prior. My grandmother had the invitation and I was her 'guest'." Regina smiles easily, "Have you lived in Forks long?"

Esme ahhs at Regina's words. "Well, that would explain why I hadn't seen you," she gives with a smile and light laugh. "My family and I have been here for the last few years, we were here before Bella moved here," she gives, not pinpointing an exact time of their arrival.

"I'm hoping to get the chance to catch up with Bella. It's been a long time. But I'm sure the newlyweds are off on their honeymoon and such." Regina comments.

Esme nods, though it's unseen. "Yes, they are, probably having quite the time. We're not expecting them to return for quite awhile, actually, but I can certainly pass the message along to Bella, if you want," she offers.

Regina ahs, chuckling. "Well, good for her. I think every girl needs to have a dream-come-true honeymoon. If you happen to speak to her, please pass along my regards, but certainly, don't disturb them on my account."

Esme chuckles. "Oh, her honeymoon will likely be more than she's dreamed of," when she finally gets around to having the actual honeymoon, instead of being a newborn. "But I'll let her know, next time I speak to her, that you've said hello," she notes. "What were you listening to?"
"The Road, by Cormac McCarthy." Regina replies. "It's a very simple writing style. I can imagine how it looks on a page. But the story is very drawing and eerie. Have you read it, by chance?"

Esme nods at Regina's question, verbalizing her response with a yes. "I have, but I haven't picked it up since shortly after it was released," she gives with a smile. "I can't say I was very fond of it, but, of course, just my opinion."

"I expect there will be a movie before long. Every book, it seems, gets published just so someone can make a movie." Regina shakes her head faintly. "But I am enjoying the book so far."

Esme offers up a laugh. "Oh, it would seem you're correct, like the Harry Potter series, and many comics have made it to the big screen," is offered in a logical manner. "It's good that you're enjoying it, though, it would be horrible if everyone liked the same things, don't you think?"

Regina chuckles, "True… except for authors, I suppose. Most authors would be delighted if everyone enjoyed their books." She leans back in her chair. "So speaking of everyone liking different things, how are you finding Forks?"

Esme hmms faintly, nodding at the same time. "I suppose you've got a point, though really, if everyone liked all the books written, than there'd be no necessity for different genre's or anything, it'd be all exactly the same," is pointed out before she pauses to ponder the question. "I'm enjoying it, it's a nice, quaint little town. What of you? Are you liking it here?"

"Oh, it's very much like I remember it… except for one or two details." Regina smiles wryly. Last time she was in Forks, she could see. "I think this will be good for me." She replies seriously. "It's nice to just be able to /breathe/."

Esme laughs lightly. If only Regina knew just how much Forks had changed. "I suppose that it would be nice to come back here after a prolonged absence, it's a nice, homey place, a place where no one can every really forget you, and you can't forget anyone, either," is noted.

Regina nods. "This is true." Regina chuckles. "I'll be here for a year or so, I expect, while I decide what I want to do." Nearby Geoff stirs, causing his charge to turn her face to his direction. "Time to go, I think. The store will be closing soon. It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Cullen." She feels for the player, getting her audiobook before moving to depart.

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