Inter Pack Hunting

IC Time: May 28, 2007. Night
Location: Forest South of Forks - Round Meadow
Synopsis: Emma, Lorelei and Marshall follow Emma to her hunting grounds only to find others already there.
Submitted by: Emma

Emma is loping along, parallelling the trail, leading the other two towards her favorite hunting spot. Everything thinks Emma is mean and ferocious and probably hunts bears or something, but no, she prefers rabbits. So she's leading them towards a clearing she likes for just that. The trial narrows here, whether you like it or not, so she slows as she approaches it and does so cautiously, making sure there aren't any humans about to see 3 massive wolves passing in the night, however unlikely it might be.

Marshall has got the moving quietly part down pat, slipping through the underbrush, his black coat adding to the darkness as he follows Emma. He pauses every so often, sniffing the ground as he looks around with amber eyes.

Another wolf is at the rear, large paws carry it along quietly through the night air while her nose twitches at the passing breeze while she looks for the scents of any prey that might be around. Lorelei looks towards the two before her slowly down as they do. She gives herself a shake and stretches before glances to Marshall and offers his shoulder a faint playful nip. Even when it comes to hunting wolves can be rather playful in the matter.

Rosalie is, unfortunately for the wolves, laying out here in the little clearing. She is basking in the sun, so rare for this area, but out and shining today. "Emmett…when are we going shopping? I want some new jeans. And a new dress for the club. I need to start looking for a dress for the opening. What do you think? Red? Black? Angelic white?"
"New jeans? A new dress?" Emmett sits beside Rosalie, for once not blood-stained. Perhaps he didn't decide to play with his food tonight! "Is that 'Rosalie-speak' for saying that you need a whole new wardrobe? Because I want to go to Seattle for a few things." After a moment, he looks at her and gives her a grin. "Black, and wear that red lipstick you have." Mmm, yes.

Bella trailed with the happy couple for her hunt this evening while Edward packed for the trip. Another hunt without dessert! Well they will make up for it on their holiday. Their Honeymoon. She comes to the edge of the clearing, blood spattered over her shirt, a few tears here and there and smelling much of deer. No wolves tonight. Except their is a waft in the air and she tenses where she sits on the edge of the clearing, "Emmett…" She calls out in a tight voice.

Emma makes it past the narrowing of the trail not detecting any errant midnight joggers. She picks up speed till she approaches the clearing and slows abruptly as she picks up new scents and they certainly aren't dear or rabbit. Lowering her self she crouches and slowly makes her way forward, almost crawling till she can peer through the underbrush and grass to get a visual confirmation.

There is that scent again, and Marshall crouches down to crawl a bit off to the side and away from the path, his hackles raised and ears pinned back. To Lorelei, Leeches. He watches from the underbrush, his eyes falling on Bella, That girl…she was not a leech before. He can clearly picture Bella from the skiing trip.

Lorelei glanecs around the path a moment before she quickly follows after Emma. It doesn't take to much longer for her to catch the scent of vampires.. She makes a face at the scent, her maw pulling back and ears flicking forward while she listions. A glance is offered to the other two as they push forward and she grumbles before slowly following after them. She crouches down next to Marshall and blinks while her head tilts to the side. /Its Bella../ This 'said' to Marshall before she peers over at him. /She was turned after the wedding or something, at least that's what Jacob was talking about./ She isn't to sure if she wants to deal with the vampires, specially a newborn, even if they sorta know each other. /We should go back the way we came and just leave 'em alone./ Makes sense to her.

There is laughter from Rosalie at Emmett's commentary upon her wardrobe. "No. Not an /entirely/ new wardrobe! Just…a few..key pieces. That's all. And I'll need boots to match, you know. Because you can't wear a little black dress to a club without having the appropriate footwear. Nor can you wear it without a new purse. Or new jewelry. Or new sparkly hair things." She grows still at Bella's words. "It's alright Bella. I smell them to."

Emmett smells the wolves before Bella and Rosalie mentions them. "Key pieces. Right." He's heard this all before. He does stand though, in case Bella needs some restraining. "Are you going to be okay, Bella?" Emmett asks her, eying the bushes for a moment before his bright gold eyes are back to her.

Bella shifts herself in a crouch, her red eyes scanning the forest, her nostrils flaring for a moment and she wrinkles her nose and holds her breath. Her body is tense, like a coiled spring. She doesn't answer Emmett immediately, just still in her crouch before she finally nods. "They smell sorta like Jacob…I wil be ok.." She says with a faint uncertainty. Well she has not met any other wolves since her turn to know if its just her iffinity for Jacob that helps with her restraint.

Hunting with but without a pack is fun. Emma can't hear a thing her two companions are saying in Indian Land. Tilting her head slightly to catch their reactions she shrugs her shoulders a she simply raises from her crouch and peers at the trio in the clearing. A rather large snowy white wolf, Emma lets out a brief greeting howl, before letting her tongue hang out the side of her mouth, panting lightly. She knows Cullens and while some might think her kind of dense she also realizes it must have been Bella's choice. If not, she will correct that later and forcibly.

Marshall glances over to the white wolf, and actually grins. He then slips back and moves, circling around the clearing quietly. /Love. Cirle and surround. Make more wolves than here./ He calls to his mate, his actions likely clear to the white wolf.
Lorelei blinks as she glances to the larger white wolf and then looks to Marshall. She shakes her large head and huffs out faintly. -No.. We should just leave them alone.. Especially Bella, she is a newborn.- Why does no one listion to her? She maks a move to grab at Marshall's taila faint growl escaping her in the process.

"Not all of them. Not completely like Jacob." Rosalie sits up, pulling on Emmett's hand for him to help pull her to standing next to him. "Don't worry. We're fine. See? They are even greeting us." Rose stands waiting for them to make themselves known. "You can come out. We aren't going to attack you. And we aren't looking for trouble. You're safe as well."

With the fine-tuned vampire hearing, Emmett just cants his head as Marshall moves around. "I hope you three aren't trying to circle us," Emmett calls in a rather sing-song voice after Rosalie calls them out. "There's one of those that smell funny," he mutters to Rosalie lowly, but then he looks to Bella with a grin. "It's easy to tell them apart from real wolves. They stink."

Bella looks curiously to Rosalie before tentatively sniffing the air again to take in their different scents, her hands tightening at her sides as the closer smells assault her senses and she quickly holds her breath again. "Yeah…not as good as real wolves." She replies with a wrinkled nose again and she moves herself closer to Rosalie and Emmett. As she feels the presence surrounding them she lowers to a crouch again. The newborn is just a little edgy.

Emma takes a few steps forward towards the ever tightening trio and promptly shimmers. She isn't much taller than her wolf form, while human. Not very imposing at all. Casually she continues to walk forwards, naked. Another difference between her and Indians, she doesn't bring her clothes with her. "What are you doing, Marshall?" She calls out as she continues to approach the trio. "They're not hostiles." Okay, Emma considering any vampire not hostile is news. She finally stops moving forward and simply smiles. "Golfing?" she asks.

Marshall huffs, /Spoilsport/. He growls and grumbles. He was circling, and he doesn't make any bones about it, emerging from the woods. He doesn't shift though, staying the large black wolf. He sits and watches the three vamps.

Lorelei glowers after Marshall before her gaze turns to Emma as she moves out into the open. With a grumble she slowly shifts through the bushes, still in her wolf form and settles back to her haunches. Her bright gaze drifts from one vampire to another while her tail lashes a few times. Seems she's not changing back just yet either.

Rosalie nods to Emmett, realizing that he smells what she does. At Emma's nakedness, not a single word is said. Rose doesn't even look away. She does, however, throw a preemptive elbow into Emmett's ribs to deter staring at said nakedness. "Golfing? Here in the trees? No, not really. We just go to the golf course if we want to do that. If you want to try it, we could likely get you in for a round. Carlisle could make a phone call."

Ahem. Emmett is careful not to look directly at Emma, but he can't help a mild glance as he tries to avert his gaze. He is, however, more sure not to make some kind of expression. Instead, he slides next to Rosalie and drapes his arm across her shoulders now that he's sure Bella isn't going to lose her cool. "What brings the three big, bad wolves to our neck of the woods? Hunting?"

Bella finally makes her way to stand behind Emmett and Rosalie, still holding her breath at the moment as she looks around the clearing as the wolves finally present themselves. Her jaw tightens at the sight of them, muscles growing tense again. She takes another tentative breath to remind her they are more than 'just wolves'. Her hand goes to Emmett's arm, needing a contact there just in case.

Emma raises her eyebrows, grinning "No… never had the patience for golf. Still whipped Dad's ass at it though. Emma is more of a soccer girl." She lets her gaze roam past the two older vampires towards Bella. She simply studies her, quietly and deliberately. "You. Do not look like a happy camper. You chose this?" She flicks her gaze back to Emmett and Rosalie as if to deter them from answering for Bella. Her smile is gone but her curiosity is burning.
Marshall stretches and then phases, nude as Emma, "Just looking for some choice stakes." He looks over Rosalie, then Emmett, and finally Bella. He just shakes his head a little, "I suppose it would be rude to do that right in front of you though." He turns and starts walking back to the woods. "I am gonna go find something to eat." He then phases back to the hulking black wolf and slips into the woods.

Lorelei ears flick forward and back, a faint snort escaping her before she looks over to Marshall and just blinks as he phases and shakes her head at what he says. /That isn't very helpful../ She states once his back in his wolf form, a faint glare offerd after him before she turns her gaze back to the others here. Her head tilts as she watches Bella, picking up on how tense she is and she can only wonder why. Perhaps it deals with her being a newborn, she imagens its rather stressful after all.

Rosalie smirks at Marshall. She, for one, is not looking at his nakedness, but rather his face. "Yeah. Nice. Are we all sharing? Cause we can strip down too, should you want to have a peek. I saw you looking at me, Mr. Wolf." Her arms fold over her chest, letting him go. However, she does not answer Emma. Nope. She is leaving that for Bella to do.
Why let Bella answer for herself when Emmett's right here? Besides, she's kind of hiding behind them. "When you've got a branch through the chest, it's not like you have much of a choice," he drawls, looking at Emma's face. Yes, yes. Her face. Nothing else, honest! "She wanted to become one of us, it just happened sooner than expected."

Bella blinks at Marshall and drops her gaze, "I have already hunted…" She replies in a low voice as she peeks at him, distracted just a little at his nakedness. Tilting her head slightly in a curious look and sniffs in dirision. "Edward is better…" She murmurs before glancing over to Lorelei, then the other naked one as Emma speaks to her. The question causes her to stand up straighter, making an effort to not look so 'feral'. "Yes, I would have chosen this, I made the choice. I am …just cautious right now." Well she is only a couple weeks old give her a break.

Emma knows nothing of treaties, as is a markedly changed wolf from her first days in Forks. She gives Emmett a smirk as he answers for Bella anyways. "Cautious? From lil ole Emma?" she chuckles and begins moving forward to get a better look. Studying Bella a bit more she shrugs. "Would have or did? Which is it?" Her eyes narrow slightly at the contradiction of terms.

Lorelei lifts a brow as she watches Bella, her tail flickin a few times while she takes in a breath and then gives herself a shake. She stretches her form out and just flops down. Her ears perk forward and back, she would change back into her human form but didn't have her clothing with her.

Ooooooh no she doesn't. When Emma begins to approach Bella, Rosalie steps more fully between them, Emmett moving to stand at her side. Both arms go out and slightly back, as if partially encircling Bella behind her. "I think that is close enough. You can talk to her, lil' ole Emma, from right back there." Her face is stern. She isn't playing. Not this time. Not a touch of joking on her features.

Bella gives a sigh at Emma and looks to Emmett and then Rosalie before looking back to Emma. "I made the choice, but not the time. Then we had no choice anymore." Her fingers reach up to touch her shoulder briefly. As Emma approaches, Bella backs away a few steps. "You don't smell nice to me, but I would rather not test things if you understand…I was only turned a couple weeks ago." There is strain in her voice as her protectors take over and provide a barrier between her and the wolves.

Emma ignores Rosalie in so much as she doesn't look at her, pretty intent on Bella and her cryptic answers. She doesn't go so far as to not heed Rose's demands, however. She stops but leans her body to peer around or between or over, under if she has to, to peer at Bella some more, thoughtfully - Eventually just ending in a crouch with her forearms resting on her knees as she considers things. "My gut says to take you out, Bella." Apparently she knows her name. "My head says you're amongst Cullens." She straightens and gives Rosalie an understanding smile, "My heart says I know what it's like to have a pup to care for." She turns and begins to walk towards Lori. "Maybe we should hunt on La Push, if it doesn't piss off Sam."

Lorelei blinks as she lifts her head and looks to Emma, she shifts up onto her paws and moves slowly after her. A faint wruff escaping her as she trys to get Emma's attention. Her gaze drifts towards the vampires and then back to Emma. A faint rumble escapes her as she listions to Emma.. hunting on La Push sounds like a good idea to her personaly. She looks to the others and lowers her head a moment in a slight nod before turning to start leaving once Emma is following her.

The crouch of the wolf causes Rose to do the same, lowering herself slightly, readying herself to spring, should it be needed. She doesn't growl, but she does bear her teeth, not liking this one bit. Bella might not be her pup, but if anything happens, Edward will never forgive her. No one will. Even as they turn to walk off, she remains crouched and waiting.

Bella tenses at Emma's response, her fingers reaching once again to Emmett's arm. Whether to protect her from Emma or the other way around it is not clear. "I have chosen to hunt with the Cullens, as they do. To me it is not a choice but the only right way. I haven't touched a human." Yet. There is an edge to her voice as she looks at the naked moondoggy. As Lorelei starts to move she shifts her stance so she can watch both at once.

Emma watches Lori as she walks away from the trio, having already made her decision to leave them be, but using her reaction to gauge any danger. Laying a hand on Lori' head she smiles at her, "Let's go?" Shimmering smoothly and with ease, Emma drops to all fours and bumps into Lori before springing away slightly to prevent a retag, and takes off in a burst of speed through the woods that parallel the trail.

Lorelei doesn't bother looking back to the vampires as her gaze turns to Emma at the shoulder check. She wruffs and then bounces forward following after the white wolf, a nip offered towards her tail.

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